Features: The Exterior Set 2001 - 2012


The following pictures show how the exterior set changed between 2001 and 2012 – For images of what the set looks like today click on Page 2 HERE


September 2001


In September 2001 a competition started on the Official Crossroads website. The prize on offer was a visit to the Crossroads set at the Carlton Studios complex on Lenton Lane in Nottingham The competition was won (out of 20,000 entries) by Ben Cowell from Newcastle. His photographs originally appeared on the “Planet Crossroads” website. Thanks to Ben for allowing us to publish them.




The main entrance to the hotel, built onto a fire escape. (September 2001)

The water feature (September 2001)

Sign detail (September 2001)




May 2003


In may 2003, just before the final episode of Crossroads Mk III aired I was lucky enough to visit the exterior set at Carlton Studios in Nottingham. My thanks go to the staff at the (now closed) studios for their generosity and time – especially John who was never anything other than friendly, approachable and above all proud of the series.



By 2003 the set had been changed to match the “glam” version of the series


The magic of television – walls held up with scaffolding poles….

… which were designed to hide the studio walls from view.



“We shall find peace, We shall hear angels

We shall see the sky, Sparkling with Diamonds.” – on the plinth


Plants had been removed after filming

Building materials dumped inside.



The back of the entrance lobby walls. No need to remove the 2001 blinds as they wouldn’t be seen.

The doors had been sold off

Thanks to the staff at Carlton Studios.




June  2003


Just a month later and the “rot” is clearly visible…



The heart has become more tarished and the pump removed.

The statue has now gone and the grass been allowed to grow.

A far cry from the way it appeared on screen.




January 2005


In early 2005 ITV prepare to move out before the site is sold to the University of Nottingham. Phtotos courtesy: ITV Central



Just as ITV move out…

That water looks decidedly green… and the heart fountain has gone!.

Most of the statue base has also been removed, along with the stepping stones.





The site is now owned by the University of Nottingham, who have worked hard to transform the site – although traces of Crossroads linger on! A video of this visit is available on the features page.



Not much has changed here in 2 years – Don’t worry – the fountain is still there!

The garden has grown considerably. This is the same site as Ben’s 2001 picture above.


All traces of the statue base have now been taken away



The fire escape on which the entrance was built.


Just visible in the foreground is the university’s landscaping.

Parts of the exterior set still remain.



The raised bed in front of the office window.


More render has fallen off. The switch has been removed and the stone cracked.


The footprint of the 2001 and 2003 canopies. The block paving remains.




April 2010


In April 2010, nearly 10 years after the Crossroads set was constructed at Carlton Studios in Nottingham, I took a return visit to the site to see how things had changed. The staff at King’s Meadow Campus (as the site is now known) were as friendly, polite and helpful as ever



Note the growth of the plant up the wall of the brick tower. Much higher than my previous visit.

Random potted plants have been left standing where the 2001 water feature used to be.

The Crossroads garden is now a lot more mature – the plants would now be much higher than the reception set.




Fans of Central will be sad to hear that the cones on top of the grey building have lost their rainbow colour scheme and are now “University Green”

Here is an unusual shot. It is inside the brick tower. In Crossroads, the window would have been the one in Kate’s office.

The distinctive V at the top of the tower hides some skylights. The stairwells are extremely bright and airy.



Some of the Crossroads 2001 wooden louvre blinds remain.

The “Crossroads” corridor – with the windows visible at the end.

The King’s Meadow Campus staff were fantastic yet again, and I would like to thank them for their help and hospitality.



 April 2011


In April 2011, a decade after the Crossroads set was first seen on screen I returned to the location for another look round.



Yet more growth on the ivy that is slowly climbing up the tower.


The raised flower bed that was visible in 2007 is now almost completely obscured by the plants.

The “view” from the main doors shows that the trees are a lot more mature these days.



The fountain wiring – exposed to the elements.

Definitely no chance of a repeat of the fountain cat-fight. Very green looking water!

The harsh winter has had a devastating effect on the trees at the back of the hotel garden.



 April 2012


In April 2012, nine years after filming finished, I returned to the Crossroads Hotel for another look round. Time has now taken its toll on the set and very little resembles the once impressive set. As ever I would like to thank the staff at the University of Nottingham for their help and patience!



The ivy has now almost reached the top of the tower – I wonder how impressive this would look if it was still on TV?

From a distance there doesn’t seem to be much different from my previous visits, but on closer inspection…

More render off the raised bed and the bins clearly visible in the background.



Although it’s a wet, dark day the trees add some well established greenery to what would have been the view from the doors.

This raised bed is now almost completely covered – which does actually serve a purpose…

…as it hides the awful damage to the fountain from the office windows. I suspect a vehicle has been involved…



As I saw last year the palm tree suffered badly, although there is some encouraging new growth near the bottom!


Terrible weather and a sorry looking fountain. I suspect that (unless something drastic happens) this wont be here for long!

The hotel garden – wild and overgrown.



For images of what the set looks like today click on Page 2 HERE


Thanks to: ITV Central, Carlton Television, John Revill, John Astill and the University of Nottingham for their continued help.