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As you may have read in the press, Crossroads is expected to return for a  special one-off anniversary episode later this year! The project is being masterminded by long-time fan of the show, Glen Allen, in conjunction with ATV Network and the Crossroads Appreciation Society.


The episode is being partially funded by donations on the Kick Starter website – available HERE. Fans are being offered the opportunity to help pay for the episode by making donations – with the promise of special rewards in return. These range from a thank you on the official Twitter account of the “Return to Crossroads” project, to the chance of appearing in a scene as an extra with a member of the original cast.


Several actors from the series have signed up to appear, including Jane Rossington, Tony Adams and Cindy Marshall-Day – with even more special appearances from other cast members from classic Crossroads, stretching right back to the 1960’s!


The episode is currently in pre-production, with the script being finalised, additional actors signed up, and locations secured.


Fans of the original series will be thrilled to find out that the project has the support of the Ramada Hotel in Sutton Coldfield – the location used as the motel from 1985 – 1988.


We at Crossroads 2001 have been shown an exclusive look at the script, and we can confirm that there are some major surprises planned. We’ve also heard the theme tune, which has been arranged by 2001 series arranger, Tony Flynn.


To become involved, please visit the RETURN TO CROSSROADS site HERE

Or visit the KICKSTARTER site to donate.


Read about the project on the Sutton Coldfield Observer website HERE.





Fans of classic Crossroads will be pleased to hear that episodes are now being shown on Big Centre TV – available on Freeview Channel 8 in the West Midlands, and on across the country and worldwide!


Visit the website above to find out more about this great local initiative – and of course, to watch episodes!


You can find out more about how we helped film some special trailers by visiting our page HERE




Fans from across the country have celebrated 50 years of Crossroads. More information on this special milestone is available on our dedicated page HERE.




Crossroads 2001 is sad to report that another piece of the show has been lost forever – although in this case it is probably a change for the better! As regular visitors to this site will know, we have taken yearly visits to the King’s Meadow Campus of the University of Nottingham to take photos of the exterior set.

In 2012 it was sadly obvious that the days of the traffic island / fountain were numbered as the brickwork was falling off and several large cracks had appeared.

Our visit this year HERE reveals that the fountain has now been demolished and is only marked by a large circle of tarmac. Our set report shows that other areas have been cleared up and look a lot better than in recent years!

The image below gives some idea of the changing state of the hotel fountain – Thanks as always to the staff at the King’s Meadow Campus.






After many years featuring a holding page the domain has returned to the Crossroads family.

In 2001 Carlton Interactive (with design elements by Liquid TV) launched a fantastic online site based on the show – on which the styling of C2001 was based for many years. Images of the original Carlton site are available HERE.

After a few months the url was “retired” and site moved to when itv created a unified home for all of their online properties. It was designed to integrate, as well as Granada and Carlton's websites. At the time those services generated over 20 million page impressions per month and the move created one of the UK's top ten entertainment sites.

Since 2005 the url has been in private ownership but recently became available and we are pleased to announce that it now points to Crossroads 2001.






We are pleased to announce that a recent ebay sale of a Crossroads cast photo and prop badge has raised £46 to pay for the continued hosting of this site. Thanks to everyone that continues to visit – and of course to the eager ebay buyer!




SITE VISIT 2012 (20-04-12)


Crossroads 2001 recently took our annual visit to the former home of ITV in the East Midlands – the (ex) Carlton Studios in Nottingham – now owned by the University of Nottingham. Photos of our visit are available HERE






Virginia Raven actress, Sherrie Hewson is to join the cast of ITV1 comedy “Benidorm”.

She will make her debut when the show returns for a fifth series next year playing forthright, experienced hotel manager Joyce Temple-Savage, who plans to shake up the Solana resort and make it a four-star hotel.

"I am absolutely thrilled about joining Benidorm, I have watched and loved it from the very beginning," the actress said. "I am so excited about being part of such an iconic show and working with an amazing cast."






Tony Adams and the Crossroads Appreciation Society appeared with Vic Minett on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire to talk about Crossroads. Tony was a hit with Vic and the listeners – and has agreed to become a ”friend of the show”.


After the interview Vic read out a message from the editor of this site, and plugged the C2001 url.


It is understood that Tony will be reunited with Jane Rossington on the same show in a couple of weeks. The show is available to listen to over the internet by visiting the BBC CW website.






Jo is due to appear in “Doctors” as Lucy Vaughn on 11th Feb.






Our friends at the Crossroads Appreciation Society / ATV have just forwarded the Press Info for “Doctors” – the popular daytime soap from the BBC. Neil McCaul (aka Patrick Russell in Crossroads) is scheduled to appear in the series in Week 2 of January 2011.

Neil will be playing Howard Bond in the MON-TUE-WED episodes.

The Press Release states: “Simon’s dad turns up (Howard) and it’s clear that Sue isn’t happy to see him, but they try their best to be civil. Howard starts finding pointless DIY tasks to do but can’t help questioning him about what happened. Sue arrives back and isn’t happy to find Howard questioning Simon. Simon says it’s no one’s fault but his own. They all try and get along but Sue and Howard can’t help themselves and start to bicker.”




MAX BROWN – SPOOKY! (18-09-10)


Ex Crossroads actor Max Brown (aka Mark Russell) will shortly be seen in the ninth series of “Spooks” – which is due to start on BBC1 this coming Monday (20th September). He plays the character of “Dimitri” – a piracy specialist, and fourth generation Greek. Max has had several high-profile roles since leaving the character of Mark Russell behind in late 2002, including appearances in “The Tudors”, but this role is something of a new challenge for him. “For me it was the first time that I'd been offered a character like this - alpha male, special forces, spy - which I think is always a dream of every man to play.”






The ending to Crossroads 2003 featured on “The One Show” yesterday in a feature about TV endings. Soap Expert Chris Stacey was interviewed about the dream sequence that closed the series in 2003. A Crossroads 2001 coffee cup can be seen briefly during the clip as he and Carey Grant discuss the show. We were pleased to work with the One Show production team and Crossroads Appreciation Society to locate the Crossroads footage and provide information about the series. The show is currently available on the i-player CLICK HERE to view the episode.





Following our re-discovery of the most iconic of all motel locations from the original series, we got in touch with local newspaper “The Shropshire Star”. They ran a feature on the discovery of the site and reported on the current redevelopment of some of the buildings. CLICK HERE. We were pleased to help provide the images and background details to the show.

This has prompted several readers to get in touch and offer their memories of filming the show during its earliest days – in particular, stories from 1965. CLICK HERE


On Sunday 22nd August the story was picked up by “The Sunday Express”.



Hopefully this will prompt more viewers to get in touch and reveal more stories from Crossroads’ past.




Last night the Crossroads Appreciation Society was able to reveal the location of one of the most iconic images from the original series – the “motel” with the red sign.

The exact whereabouts of the location had been lost as much of the production paperwork went missing from the ATV archive following changes in the structure of ITV. Many possible locations have been suggested over the years, from “Cherrytrees Motel” in Alcester to “The Longshoot” in Nuneaton, and it is more than likely these places did feature in the series. However, the location has now been revealed as “Walford College” in Shropshire.

The location was re-discovered by the creator of this website after extensive research. Members of CAS are said to be shocked that the building still exists as many people feared it had been demolished since no record could be found.

For more information on the discovery, and to trace the final days of the search you can visit the Destination Crossroads site HERE


Proving once again that us Crossroads fans are a dedicated lot, a recent ebay auction for a Crossroads branded coffee cup and saucer finally ended with the item selling for £46

The same seller also recently sold a prop plate for £21


Crossroads ex-producer Yvon Grace has revealed more details about the proposed, but sadly never realised return of Adam Chance to Crossroads in the 2003 series.

On her facebook group page she answered a question from one poster who asked about the return of the smoothie himself…

“Yes its true that we were considering bringing back Adam Chance because in our re-vamped version we wanted only to bring back characters from the 2001 revival that had some sort of sex appeal. I know Adam Chance's sex appeal is a moot point (!) but in our rather heightened re-vamp of the show, Adam Chance would have played Rasputin to Angel's Catherine the Great...(we had in mind a storyline that would take Angel down the obsessed route and Adam into meglamania territory)

We would not have brought back Jill as the remit we had from ITV when we took on the revamp of Crossroads, was to do something entirely different with the show and not hark back to original storylines. That is also why we did not want to get involved in filling in any storyline gaps from the previous revival like the (SARAH JANE / LOUISE DIXON)  imposter storyline…

We attempted to keep the 'old school' viewer happy by creating characters like the dancing master Valentine played by Lionel Blair and at the point of being axed, we had confirmed Liz Smith to play Callista, Angel's mother and had created a wedding-planner character called Evelyn Moon for Rosemary Leech.”

She also talks about the preparation time the team had to work on the re-vamp

in television drama production, there is never enough development time (pre-production); the pressure for a drama producer is to get the show on air as quickly as possible so it can start earning it's keep! I think I had about 3 months to find my crack script team and start generating storylines, to sign up a stable of good writers who were put to script writing immediately and to cast the key roles.Basically a kick bollock scramble but it is always thus (in ITV land at any rate)



According to DIGITAL SPY the DAILY MAIL has accused that the popular Channel 4 programme “Come Dine With Me” of deceiving viewers during some of their “celebrity” editions after admitting that occasionally contestants have been given rented properties to cook in.


Producers of the cookery show have hired out properties on occasions when stars did not want their real homes shown on TV, the Daily Mail reports. In a recent Christmas special, Crossroads star Sherrie Hewson reportedly hosted a dinner party in a rented property because her real home in the north-west was too far away from the other contestants.


It has been reported on several websites that the character of Eve Birch is to return to Emmerdale shortly. Crossroads actress Raine Davison played the part during 2001 and 2002, returning to the show briefly in 2006 alongside Crossroads 2003 star Anne Charlston. It has been confirmed that the character has been re-cast and is now to be played by ex-“hearsay” singer Suzanne Shaw.


A post on the Official Fan Club forum alerted us to a forthcoming reunion of Crossroads stars at the NEC in Birmingham on Saturday 28th March 2010.

Guests scheduled to appear include Jane Rossington and Tony Adams. CLICK HERE for further details.

 NEWS ROUNDUP – 25-01-10

Rebecca Hazlewood (aka Beena Shah) is appearing in BBC1’s daytime series “DOCTORS” this week. Visit the official Doctors page on to watch the most recent episodes.

Several signed photographs of cast members are currently for sale on ebay, including Colin Wells and Cindy Marshall Day.

Actress Sherie Hewson and friends recently picked up a NATIONAL TELEVISION AWARD for ITV’s popular “Loose Women” programme.


Lucy Pargeter (Helen Raven) is currently appearing in Emmerdale. CLICK HERE

Sherrie Hewson (Helen Raven) appears regularly on ITV’s Loose Women CLICK HERE

Jane Gurnett (Kate Russell) can currently be seen on stage in Mamma Mia (London) CLICK HERE

Colin Wells (Jake Booth) returned to hotel life in the 4th series of Hotel Babylon CLICK HERE




Fans of hotel bad-boy Jake Booth – aka actor Colin Wells got the chance to see him back in action in hotel-land at the end of July, with an appearance in the fourth series of “Hotel Babylon”. The episode is still available to watch on the BBC i-player. CLICK HERE to watch.


Colin follows “Adam Chance” himself, Tony Adams, who appeared in a spoof episode of HOTEL BABYLON for Children In Need in 2007. A clip of that appearance is available HERE


Incidentally, it has been announced that the producers of Hotel Babylon are auctioning off the contents of the set. More information is available HERE