Features: The Exterior Set – Last Updated April 2017


The following pictures show how the exterior set has changed since February 2013. For the most recent images, from my visit in early 2017, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.


NOTE: The site is now owned by the University of Nottingham and is a busy campus.  We are grateful for their continued assistance. For details of how the set looked between 2001 and 2012, please visit the earlier gallery HERE.


February 2013





From a distance the familiar sight of the “Crossroads Tower” and the mirrored glass wall, hidden behind the specially planted trees.

However this shot shows a massive difference to the same time last year. As I suspected the fountain could not be saved, and as you can see… It’s gone!

A tarmac reminder for years to come!




The other “footprint” – that of the hotel canopy is still there, despite what seems to be a new cable that has been laid – you can see it snaking up the wall!

Some more evidence of the newly laid cable – and another image of the ivy now overtaking the tower! – Visible on the grey wall is a portion once painted for the hotel.

The back of the curved flower bed, which has been weeded and tidied since 2012.



Better news here – the render that was falling off has now been completely removed – showing off the 2001 brickwork underneath.

The hotel garden still growing strong- the tree damaged by the cold weather (see previous report) has many new shoots at the bottom.

My now customary “view from the hotel” shot shows the remaining evidence of the fountain and canopy…




February 2014




As you can see, the ivy has finally reached the top of the brick tower! It has only taken since 2000!

I was warned there was some building work happening before I arrived…

…and possibly some gardening too by the looks of things. Bradley has left his spade behind!



A close up view of the tower showing the continued growth of the ivy - first planted during late 2000.

The “new” fountain tarmac has started to blend in with that around it.

The raised bed on this side has also been tidied up since last year – although it’s a bit difficult to tell!



On the old studio wall you can just make out the work “CENTRAL” from when the building was constructed in the early 1980s.


The fire escape doors are just visible in this shot… This is actually where the hotel entrance led to!

The Crossroads garden – still doing well after all these years. There are even bark chips still on the ground.




April 2015


This visit to the site showed that there were still traces of its former life as the Crossroads Hotel… I wonder how many students at the King’s Meadow Campus realise the building’s illustrious history?


For details of how the set looked between 2001 and 2012, please visit the earlier gallery HERE.




Yet more growth to the ivy on the tower. It is actually looking a bit out of control at the moment!

The landscaping done in 2000 is really looking good now.

The 2003 toppers have been removed from the flower beds, returning them to their 2001-2002 state. An improvement!



First time I’ve taken a picture of this – the foundations for the fake “kitchen” walls that were built around the studio walls.

Metal drainage covers from around the “lounge” area – Cracked.

Now blending in with the surrounding tarmac – the traffic island / fountain footprint.



Another view of the flowerbed – showing the remains of the 2001 trellis supports.


Screw holes in the wall show where the English Tourist Board sign used to be.

The block paving from under the hotel canopy still remains.



April 2017


In early 2017 I was again given permission to visit the old set at the former television studios in Nottingham. As ever, I am grateful for the continued support from everyone at the Kings Meadow Campus and the University of Nottingham.


For details of how the set looked between 2001 and 2012, please visit the earlier gallery HERE.



Kate would definitely struggle to see out of these windows now!

The block paving survives here as a semi-permanent reminder of the hotel…

…although parts of it have been removed for safety. (They were loose last time!)



Amzing landscaping in the middle of a city – it looks so rural now.

Current owners keeping an eye on the hotel gardens – and doing a great job!

…and a view from the “spa” reception area – louvre blinds still in place!




Thanks to: ITV Central, Carlton Television, John Revill, John Astill and the University of Nottingham for their continued help.