Character Profiles: The Harvey / Chance Family


Jill Harvey

(Jane Rossington)


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Jill Harvey is the daughter of Meg Richardson, the original owner of Crossroads. She still owns 30 per cent of Crossroads and Jake is desperate to get his hands on her shares. She is broken-hearted about the recent death of her husband and her estranegement from her daughter Sarah-Jane. Jill Harvey is down on her luck financially and drinking rather too much - but she is still not to be under-estimated.


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Age: 53 - Position: Ex-manger and 30% shareholder of Crossroads.


Jill left King's Oak in a blaze of glory and a sports car in 1987, ready to build a new life abroad. But when her husband died, all she was left with was a 30% share of Crossroads, an estranged daughter and a drink problem.

She hasn't lost her common touch or her taste for drama as the new owners may well find out. The executive suite has her name on it and from there she'll be ideally positioned to make Jake and Kate's lives very tricky indeed


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She returned to Crossroads to try to get her life back on track, but after several altercations with the Russells she made a failed suicide attempt. Whilst she was recovering her daughter Sarah-Jane came to visit and Jill tried to rebuild their relationship. She embarked on a whirlwind romance with Adam Chance and soon married him for a second time. Tragically she disappeared hours after the wedding and was found dead in the hotel lake. Jill had been murdered by Adam, her husband of just a few hours, after signing her share of Crossroads over to Sarah-Jane.


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Jill's body was identified by Sarah-Jane impostor Louise Dixon - leading to several fan-based conspiracy theories. Is Jill still alive? An email from producer Peter Rose claimed "she is dead and will remain so."

 The name “Jill Harvey” was technically incorrect for this character since at the end of the original series she was still married to Adam – so she should be Jill Chance – OR – she herself claims that husband John has just died – so shouldn’t she be Jill Maddingham?


Adam Chance

(Tony Adams)


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Adam Chance still resents losing his chance to become Crossroads owner after Jill walked out on their marriage. He is now a wine-merchant who supplies the hotel. Always a charmer, he looks flash but actually has little money.


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Age: 55 - Position: Wine Supplier and Importer


Adam supplies the hotel with wine and his unique charm, but is there more to this dealer than meets the eye? Ex-wife Jill Harvey left him for another man back in 1987, and he's now living in reduced circumstances. Getting his hands on the hotel would solve all his problems in one fell swoop.

 As robust as a French vin du table and as sharp as Chardonnay turned to vinegar, Adam's learnt some bitter lessons in life. Is he about to act on them?


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Smooth talking Adam Chance has been trying to get his hands on Crossroads since he first married Jill in 1983. He lost his chance the first time when she walked out on him four years later, but he wasn’t going to let another opportunity pass him by.
A failed entrepreneur, Adam was in desperate need of Jill’s share to get him out of financial trouble. Wooed by his roguish charm, she agreed to marry him for a second time, and he thought he'd nabbed 30% of Crossroads. When she revealed that she had signed the share over to Sarah-Jane he couldn’t control his rage. They argued and he pushed her body into the lake. Sarah-Jane provoked him into confessing to the murder and he had been languishing in prison plotting revenge.
Adam has recently been granted bail before his trial and has been skulking around King's Oak. He still claims to be innocent and a born again Christian. But his spying on Sarah seems to be less than holy...


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Adam confessed to killing Jill following an argument over Sarah-Jane and the hotel shares. The stress of the murder drove Adam to the brink of madness. He kidnapped the real Sarah Jane and tried to burn them both alive in the church crypt. She escaped but his body was never found...


Sarah Jane Harvey / Louise Dixon

(Joanne Farrell)


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Jill Harvey's sexy and manipulative daughter. 25-year-old Sarah-Jane sees the hotel as her birthright. She and her mother have been estranged for many years. She is a shrewd operator - another Meg Richardson in the making.


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Age: 25 - Position: receptionist


Sarah-Jane's home at last - at the hotel her mother made and away from her bitter father in Germany. It should be happy families, but since when did that game involve a matriarch on the brink of self-destruction and a daughter hell bent on revenge?

 She's an astute manipulator who's used to a bit of turbulence - should make her ideally suited to the world of King's Oak. She's damaged, but she's not going to get damaged again...


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It was later revealed that "Sarah-Jane" was really Louise Dixon - an impostor intent on swindling as much cash out of Jill as she could. Jill's death gave Louise the chance to inherit 30 per cent of the hotel. She was eventually persuaded to leave the hotel when Patrick offered her a large sum of money to abandon his son Mark… on their wedding day.. of all days. How could she?




Jane Rossington as Jill Harvey


Memorable moments:


Turning up at the end of episode 1

Getting drunk in reception

Getting married to Adam (again)

Finding Nicola and Phil in the Jacuzzi


















Tony Adams as Adam Chance


Memorable moments:


Turning up unexpectedly

Getting Married to Jill (again)

Throttling Sarah Jane

Coming back with a beard

Going mad in the crypt