Character Profiles: The KO Cafe


Tom Curtis

(Toby Sawyer)


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Manager of the KO cafe in King's Oak, 28 year old Tom has been left to bring up his little brother Daniel after their parents died in a car crash. He has been going out with Bradley for a year..


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Age: 23 (see quote above!) - Position: K.O. Cafe Manager


Tom never wanted to carry the world on his shoulders, but the car crash that killed his parents has put paid to the singles scene. Instead Tom's left looking after both the cafe and his brother Daniel.

 It was while building the K.O. Cafe that he met Bradley, his first big love. But with a possessive little brother on the scene, life begins to get more than a little complicated.


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Tom left King's Oak after his relationship with Bradley ended, (The course of true love never does run smooth!), however he returned to Crossroads to rekindle his romance and they set off for a new life together away from the hotel.


Interestingly, the "preview" site from Carlton gave Tom's age as 25 - so it's somewhere between 23 and 28!



Toby Sawyer as Tom Curtis



Daniel Curtis

(Jack Curtis)


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Tom's mischievous younger brother, 11 year old Daniel is a bit of an artful dodger with entrepreneurial flair. His best friend and 'partner in crime' is Scott Booth


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Age: 11 - Position: Pupil at King's Oak Comprehensive


Since their parents were killed in a car crash, big brother Tom is all that Daniel's got in the world and he's not about to let Bradley Clarke come between them. The K.O. Cafe is his home and it's important that it stays that way.

 He may feel he's losing his brother, but he's got Scott Booth as a fellow scamp. Their money-making scams combined with his gift of the gab should see that there are plenty of distractions around the cafe.


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Despite a brief custody battle with Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Bob, who felt that Tom and Bradley might not offer him a stable home, Daniel eventually left King's Oak to live with his brother and Bradley as a family


Jack Curtis as Daniel Curtis

Toby Sawyer as Tom Curtis



Chloe Simms

(Rhea Bailey)


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Flirtatious, school-shy best friend of Nicola Russell, 16-year old Chloe works as a part-time waitress at the KO Cafe.


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Age: 16 - Position: Part time waitress at the K.O. Cafe.


Chloe and Nicola have been the best of friends and the best of enemies since their very first day of school. They were both told off for wearing jewellery, but they're not going to let petty school rules get in the way of their boy-chasing ways. She's from a happy family, but is jealous of Nicola's affluence. And with boys moving higher up the agenda, is their friendship strong enough to survive?


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Chloe is from a happy family, but money's always been tight and she knows that if she wants to make something of herself it will all be down to her own work. Her unpretentious and positive attitude means that people find her fun to be around, and she'll never be short of mates.



Rhea Bailey as Chloe Simms