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Planet Crossroads was an unofficial website with no official connection to ITV or Carlton Television. It was the brainchild of (fan) Neil Jones and was launched on September 17th, 2001 at midnight. The Planet Crossroads message boards were initially a place where fans of New Crossroads could meet and discuss the daily goings on in the show but fans of all eras soon became members. When the programme finished in 2003 the site continued to flourish, taking joint responsibility for hosting the “Crossroads 2003 and beyond” fan written episodes.


Planet Crossroads was the first site to have had an email interview with (Scott Booth actor) Kieran Hardcastle. Other highlights included extensive picture galleries, a weekly caption competition and a “video shelf” where visitors could watch clips from the show.


From documents from the production office, we know that the cast and crew regularly visited the site to get a “fans” perspective. In a letter that Jane Asher (Angel Samson) sent to fan Norman Hayes in June 2003, she said “I do look in on Planet Crossroads now and then to keep up with any news... Please pass on my good wishes to any Xroads fans you see - I miss it SO much!”


Sadly other commitments meant that Planet Crossroads was “mothballed” in 2005 and the forum was replaced by the Crossroads Network (See Links) but the site remained online as a record of the series.


In early 2011 Neil Jones contacted Crossroads 2001 to ask whether we would be interested in hosting some of the exclusive Planet Crossroads content when the site hosting expired. We (of course) jumped at the chance to make sure that the information contained on the Planet Crossroads remained accessible.


On the left hand side of this page (underneath the main navigation buttons) you should see a “Planet Crossroads” logo. This indicates that the content on the page has been copied directly – or adapted for use within the Crossroads 2001 site.


The content has been added to various sections within the “FEATURES” section of this site, but you can also find direct links to the content here.




An interview with Kieran Hardcastle (Scott Booth)

An interview with Cindy Marshall Day (Tracey Booth)

An interview with Peter Dalton (Minty Sutton)




Anthony Garton – obsessed with Crossroads (adapted material)

Norman Hayes – A visit to the set and the Soap Awards 2003

Ben Cowell visits the set in October 2001




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