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Crossroads wasn't always the 4 star hotel that we saw in 2001. It started out as a Motel - way back in 1963. It was owned by Meg Richardson, played by series star Noele Gordon.


Meg ran the hotel with the help of her daughter Jill (Jane Rossington) and son Sandy (Roger Tongue).


The name "Crossroads" comes from the fact that the motel stands on the crossroads of a spur road, off the motorway, between Birmingham and Stratford upon Avon - with Coventry to the East and Redditch to the west.


The motel was in the village of King's Oak, near to the town of Heathbury, and events there were first broadcast to the general public on November 2nd 1964.


Probably the most famous storyline of all involved the motel fire of 1981, in which Meg was believed to have died. Audiences had to wait a whole week before it was revealed that Meg had left the motel to start a new life. A tearful Jill waved her mother off aboard the QEII.


Notable Crossroads characters included Doris Luke, Adam Chance and Jill Richardson (Harvey) – who all returned to the show in 2001, but others included Benny Hawkins (played by Paul Henry), David Hunter (played by Ronald Allen), Barbara Hunter, (played by Sue Lloyd), Nicola Freeman (played by Gabrielle Drake), Shughie Mcphee (played by Angus Lennie) and Tommy Lancaster (played by Terence Rigby).


The series famously ended in 1988 – but contrary to popular belief it wasn’t axed by ITV. Central Independent Television, the company that made the show decided that they no longer wanted to produce it – despite the fact that they had just invested in a partial relaunch that had seen the viewing figures steadily increase.

Crossroads was created by Hazel Adair, Peter Ling and Reg Watson (the creator of Neighbours). The theme tune was composed by theme tune legend Tony Hatch (also of Neighbours fame).



Crossroads Landmarks…


1964 – Crossroads first broadcast

1967 – A wartime bomb explodes and the motel is rebuilt.

1971 – David Hunter becomes General Manager and Jill marries Stan Harvey.

1972 – Sandy is crippled in a car crash. The series is fully networked.

1978 - Adam Chance arrives at the motel to help Meg.

1981 – The motel burns down.

1983 – Jill marries Adam.

1984 – Crossroads celebrates its 4000th episode.

1988 – Monday 4th April – Final episode transmitted.


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More information about the original series of Crossroads is available on the Crossroads Appreciation Society’s website HERE. We are proud to be their recommended series II site.



Photographs on this page courtesy the Crossroads Appreciation Society



Noele Gordon as Meg Richardson

Roger Tonge as Sandy Richardson


Celebrating 1500 episodes in 1971



Jim Baines, David Hunter, Ed Lawton

Carney, Diane Parker, Benny Hawkins

Stan Harvey, Vera Downend and others


The Crossroads Cast in 1977



Tony Morton as Carlos the chef

Noele Gordon as Meg Richardson


Somethings cooking in 1966