Features: Interview with Peter Dalton

(Minty Sutton)


Peter Dalton was interviewed by the Planet Crossroads website about his time working as series regular, Minty Sutton on Crossroads.


We are grateful to Planet Crossroads for allowing us to republish the interview here.


Whose idea was it for you to audition for Crossroads?


Carlton Television Workshop leader Ian Smith. He was sent the character breakdowns for all of the young characters and he put me forward for both Minty and Des.


Did you audition for Minty or did you just turn up, audition and hope you got any character?


Well, the breakdowns were quite ambiguous at that time. They knew they wanted either Minty or Des to be black, but it didn't matter which one. In the end I auditioned for both, but it was decided that I was best suited for Minty!



Peter Dalton as Minty Sutton



What was the first day of filming like for you? What was your first scene that you shot?


First day of filming wasn't nerve wracking at all - the first cast read through/meeting a week previous was the nerve wracking time! As we had the luxury of a week in which we did character exploration and team building exercises (piss ups!) etc... everyone knew each other and when it came to filming, we all had each other so... The first scene I filmed was in the KO Cafe with Jack Curtis, Kieran Hardcastle, Marc Jordan and Toby Sawyer. It was the one where Des & Minty had had their booze stolen by the two kids for the party they threw at the end of the week. The first day of filming was also the day everyone got to meet Neil Grainger who had JUST been cast as Phil!


What input do you have into the character of Minty? He has shown two sides to himself in the show - a very outgoing guy (at the parties!) and yet very caring (like when Minty took Daniel to see his parents grave). Do you have any say over this?


I don't really have any say over what happens to Minty. If I have any ideas for him, I am more than welcome to pitch them to our producer and our storyliners and script editors, and if they are good then they will be used. They wrote the DJ storyline for me as I am a DJ in real life, so I do and I don't if you know what I mean. We have a great team that does most of the hard work for me!


Do you like the way the character of Minty is going in Crossroads? If not, in which direction would you like to see him go?


Minty is a great character to play, and I'm delighted with the way he is going. He has, as you've said, many sides to him, and I think we've only scratched the surface. I've got some excellent stuff coming up, so you'll have to watch and see!


Who do you get on best with amongst the cast and why? In particular, do you get on well with your "boss" and "best friend" (aka Gilly Gilchrist and Marc Jordon respectively) both when filming and off-set? In an interview with Kieran Hardcastle, he says that you crack him up laughing - you're not corrupting him with naughty jokes I hope!


How can I corrupt the corrupted?! Let's just say Master Kieran Hardcastle is not as innocent as you'd believe!


I am in a blessed position as I work with an excellent cast who are not just excellent actors, but also great to go out and get slaughtered with! It's clichéd and crap sounding but I get on with everyone - we're like one big happy family with arguments and everything! In particular, as you asked, Gilly is an absolutely amazing bloke and he always gives me loads of advice. I've known Marc for years and he's a great laugh - very devoted to his girlfriend, so he's not the best to go out on the pull with!


If you weren't playing Minty which other Crossroads character would you most wish to play and why?


I love Colin's character of Jake - he's just so smooth! I doubt whether I'd be able to pull it off, but he's got some really really good stuff coming up; but ultimately, I'm really happy with the way Minty is developing.


How long have you been acting for and what was your first acting job? Also, if you could star in any TV show ever, which one would you choose?


I've been acting since I joined the Carlton Television Workshop aged 7 and my first two jobs were as a shepherd in the nativity play in the Boon Christmas special and as Rabbit Robert in a stage production of Wind In The Willows. As for the star in any TV show ever, I have to go back to Desmonds. That programme still makes me laugh today. There are a million and two other shows & films I've watched and thought 'I'd love to do that', but Desmonds was the first into my head!


Minty celebrates with Beena Shah

(Rebecca Hazlewood)


Des, Minty and Dave


Superfan Jenny meets Minty


Partners in Crime, Des White

(Marc Jordan) and Minty Sutton




How do you feel about Crossroads being dropped on Fridays and only being renewed for 4 months instead of the expecting year?


Well, contrary to what the press will have you believe, all ITV programmes bar a couple have only been recomissioned for a short period of time due to the massive drops in commercial television advertising revenue and no longer broadcasting on Fridays not only eases the pressure on the production but also means that we've got more eps 'in the can' - so as we hip-hop DJ's say 'its all good'! It shows that ITV have faith in us because, lets face it, they could have axed us instead of giving us 4 months. Also, the fact that we are currently the UK's 4th highest rating soap means that we are doing very well in terms of viewers!


Do you go online much and read what the fans say about Minty Sutton/Peter Dalton? If so, how do you react to what you read?


I do go online and read the forums, so do most of the other cast members - its the best way to find out what the viewers think. Some things that people say are really amusing. For instance one bloke said that I wasn't human, I was merely an animatronic shell housing Bob Carolgees and Spit the dog! Others can get very vitrionic and to say that I'm not hurt at all by what some people say would be a lie, but I suppose that if you put yourself in such a public forum, you have to expect some sort of critiscism. People would say things about me if I was skinny!!


If, and when, your time at Crossroads comes to an end what are your plans for the future - both professionally and personally?


I don't know what the future holds. I hope to continue acting, but also I've got my music thang and also I've just written the script for a short film and hope to go to film school. Who knows?


Do you enjoy filming for Crossroads? What would a normal day be like?


I love filming Crossroads, but there's not much time for much else. A normal day for me on set will involve having to learn anywhere between six to sixteen scenes the night before, arriving into work for wardrobe at 7.00am, make up at 7.15, grab some breakfast and be on set for 8am. We can finish anywhere between 6-9pm of an evening, but it has been known to finish at 1am.


Are you anything like Minty in real life?


I was lucky in many ways that my upbringing didn't mirror Minty's. I'm blessed to have two parents, 2 aunties, cousins and a grandfather that love me and who can ask for anything more? As for other similarities between me and the Mint meister, apart from looking alike, we both DJ, we both (unsuccessfully at the moment) chase beautiful ladies and I suppose I'm as likeable as him!


Did you ever see any of the original Crossroads production? How do you think that production matches up to Carlton's interpretation of the show? Would there have been any place for your character in Old Crossroads?


I don't think Minty would have fit in the old crossroads, neither would any of the other characters as because of the nature of soap, all the characters are reflective of today's society, and I don't have to tell you that a hell of a lot has changed since 1988!


Exactly how much do you know about your character Minty?


I was given his full back story, but as to his day-to-day exploits, the producer lets us know about a month in advance if we ask nicely!


Which storylines have you enjoyed the most and why? Have there been any interesting or unusual cock-ups that you can tell us about?


I've really enjoyed all I've done so far, but if I had to choose, the Daniel grave storyline, the Chloe/Phil/Minty love triangle, the Des/Mandy pregnancy stuff and the Aston Villa stuff has been my favourite to play because they have given me the chance to show my range. Cock-ups happen daily, so you'll have to watch it will be alright on the night for them!


If you could change one thing about Crossroads what would it be?


Time slot. We'd perform well in a later one, I think.


What hobbies do you enjoy away from Crossroads?


My music. I produce music and also DJ at a hip-hop night called 'Bring The Noize' every second Thursday of the month at a nightclub called The Bomb in Nottingham. More details about my musical exploits will be revealed in time!!


Minty Sutton and Des White –

Cooking up trouble!


DJ MINT – Peter Dalton’s love of music

transferred to his alter ego Minty!


Karaoke in the hotel bar!


Minty helps Daniel come to terms with

the loss of his parents.


… but there’s always time for a party!



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Since appearing in Crossroads, Pete has (amongst other things) starred in BBC Three’s Trexx and Flipside and is also a successful DJ. You can read a BBC interview with him HERE and a profile of his character HERE