Features: Interview with Kieran Hardcastle

(Scott Booth)


In October 2001 (then 14 year old) Kieran Hardcastle was interviewed by the Planet Crossroads website about his time working as series regular, Scott Booth on Crossroads. We are grateful to Planet Crossroads for allowing us to republish the interview here.


How did you get the role of Scott?


I was given an audition by my Drama Group teacher, Ian Smith. He runs the Carlton Junior Television Workshop. We were all given scripts to learn - [these were portions] of the first episode. We had to learn [the script] and then act it out in front of a director and a cameraman.



Scott is not impressed when his mum

starts seeing his teacher!



What was the first day of filming like for you? What was your first scene?


The first day was a rehearsal day where you found out more about your character. We went through scripts and stuff. The first scene we shot was at the KO Café I think.


What input do you have into the development of your character?


I think that I help create the character that he is as well as everyone else, but the stories can't be changed by me and sometimes its difficult to change [Scott's] nature. To be honest it’s the director that tells me how to play the dialogue and everything.



When Tracey has a breakdown,

Scott saves the day.



I would prefer him to grow up more, so I try to do that as much as I can. It is mainly the choice of words (eg. "mummy", "daddy" [and phrases like] "Can you read me a bedtime story?") that make Scott not as grown up - I mean he is supposed to be 12, and I don't know many 12 year olds who still say those things!


Who do you get on best with amongst the cast and why? In particular, do you get on well with your "parents" (aka Colin Wells and Cindy Marshall-Day respectively)?


I would most probably say that its Peter Dalton and Marc Jordan, because they have me laughing all day. Colin Wells is another person I get on with and Cindy too. I'm always working with them - they are both very good to me.


If you weren't playing Scott which other character would you most wish to play and why?


I didn't audition for Scott, I went for Daniel. Luckily I got [Scott]. I would definately pick the role of Jake if I was his age. His stories are so good and I enjoy his attitude to everything so much.


How do you feel about the decision to not show Crossroads on Fridays?


It is annoying because all the Friday cliffhangers are now in midweek, so that has not made them as dramatic.


Do you go online much and read what the fans say about you/Scott? If so, how do you react to what you read?


I am always on my computer looking for what the people say. It is their opinion so it doesn't particularly bother me, but I do get a little mad when there is someone [bad mouthing] me.


What is it like having to juggle your education, work and social life at such a young age?


You would think that its an easy life, I mean not having to go to school everyday, lots of money and just generally walking down the street showing off and acting dead cool. You can trust me when I say that its nothing like that! When everyone is at school, I have to have a tutor - just me and her in a room for 2 or 3 hours.


What is it like to work alongside such talented actors such as Tony Adams (Adam Chance) and Roger Sloman (Rocky Wesson)? Have you ever asked them or other cast members for advice/help to improve your own acting ability?


I have never asked for advice but you can definitely tell who the experienced ones are.


How long have you been acting for and where did you start your acting career?


I have been part of the [Carlton Junior] Workshop for four years and that was the start [of it all] really. My first ever [role] was a walk-on in a small childrens programme called Bernards Watch.


What hobbies do you enjoy?


I am really into music - garage, rap and hiphop. I'm always listening to something. Of course [I'm into] football. NOTTINGHAM, NOTTINGHAM, NOTTINGHAM!!!!!!!


Do you enjoy filming for Crossroads? What would a normal day be like on set for you?


It can be really stressful but I would never like to stop filming. [The idea] comes into my head once in a while but that's only when I'm in a bad mood. I have never had a normal day being as everything is so different each day.


Are you anything like Scott in real life?


Well Scott enjoys football and I do too. That is about it. I reckon that I'm more like the character Daniel Curtis


Are any other members of your family actors/actresses? Are you an only child?


I have a half brother that doesn't live with me. I often go to see him. My mum is very busy and always likes performing places with her singing. She sings mainly Opera and Classical Music though. I reckon that's why I'm so confident about it all.

If, and when, your time at Crossroads comes to an end what are your plans for the future - both professionally and personally?


I would stick to the acting career or stay with the business. I love everything to do with it. I haven't really any personal plans yet.


What's your great ambition in life?


To make it big really and to be very successful. Isn't that what everyone says?




A considerable amount of time has passed since this interview took place. Kieran has appeared in many more television shows – including “Waterloo Road” – but a special mention must go to his performance in “This Is England”. Further details of his achievements and success are available HERE


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Life isn’t easy for Scott.


Colin Wells as Jake Booth

Kieran Hardcastle as Scott Booth

Cindy Marshall-Day as Tracey Booth


Kieran as Scott –

with his beloved Football!


Kieran with the launch cast

Christmas 2000