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Cindy Marshall Day was interviewed by the Planet Crossroads website about her time working as series regular, Tracey Booth on Crossroads. We are grateful to Planet Crossroads for allowing us to republish the interview here.


Whose idea was it for you to audition for Crossroads in the first place?


My wonderful agent, Caroline de Wolfe, submitted me for the part. and Sally Fincher, the casting Director, who I've known for many years.


How did the audition process work?


I was in LA when I got word from my agent that they were interested in me playing a role on Crossroads. A couple of weeks later an audition was arranged and I flew over, I wasn't sure how well I'd done and the next week I got a call back. This time it was also with Series Producer Sharon Bloom. Thinking that was it I flew back to LA arriving on a Saturday. Early Monday morning the phone rang, it was my London Agent, Caroline, saying they wanted to see me again on Wednesday that week - panic set I'd only been in LA for 36hrs! It was decided that I should get on the first plane back that day, which got into London on the Tuesday, in time for me to get a bit of kip before the audition on the Wednesday. I remember being so nervous, I even called Tony (my husband) at 3am LA time to go over lines and get encouragement.



Cindy Marshall-Day as Tracey Booth



Who else was up for the part of Tracey?


Not a clue except for one of the girls on "Family Affairs".


Did you have to audition alongside Colin Wells and Kieran Hardcastle to check out that the chemistry between the two of you was right?


No. I met Colin and Kieran, and the rest of the cast, for the first time at the read through.


How long did the audition process take?


Too long! I was assured that I'd hear the next week, following network approval.


Every day I called my agent and waited for the phone to ring...this went on for ten days and I was always told "we should hear tomorrow". I was going crazy, so Tony hopped on a plane and whisked me over to Paris for the weekend to get my mind off it. We still hadn't heard, so to distract me he dragged me down to Brighton, where every 5 minutes I'd check my mobiles voice mail. Finally at the very end of the day I called my agent up and she told me I'd got the part. By this time I was a total wreck!


Then the reality hit us that I'd now be living in England, whilst Tony's business was in Los Angeles!


Was there a 'bonding' period for the cast before filming began? If so, exactly what happened and how long did it last?


The bonding period took about two weeks during the first rehearsals before we actually started filming. Most of the actors weren't local so we were all put up in a hotel in Nottingham which helped us all to get to know each other.


What was the first day of filming like?


Scary for me! I was so nervous as the first scene I had to do was with Jane Rossington herself. I was doing her nails in the salon. I was totally in awe, but she was wonderful to work with and put me totally at ease.


What input do you have into the character of Tracey? She has changed quite a bit over the months - was that you or the producers / directors?


The Producers and Storyliners are really in control of Tracey's character, though they do take into account my abilities, like working out etc. I love the directions Tracey is going in and they give me a real opportunity to act a wide range of emotions, plus I love all those fab clothes! Just wait and see, Tracey is quite a little firecracker!!!


How far in advance do you film and what's your schedule normally like?


We film 6-8 weeks in advance. I work anywhere from 14hours a day, 5 days a week when I have a big storyline...then I may get a week off!


Who do you get on best with amongst the cast and why? In particular, do you get on well with your "husband" and "son" (aka Colin Wells and Kieran Hardcastle respectively) both when filming and off-set?


I love Jane Gurnett and Sherrie Hewson the most, also Colin and Kieran as we work so much together. In fact all the cast get on really well together, perhaps because we were all thrown into the unknown at the same time.


If you weren't playing Tracey which other character would you most wish to play and why?


Beena, if I were 10 years younger, or maybe Dianne!


How do you feel about Crossroads being dropped on Fridays and only being renewed for 4 months instead of the expecting year?


As far as I know all ITV projects are only getting renewed for 4 months at a time... the rest I can't worry about. Que Sera, Sera! Let's face it life is a soap opera enough without having to be on one ;-)


Do you go online much and read what the fans say about you? If so, how do you react to what you read?


I used to read them, and I don't mind constructive criticism, but sometimes people said such awful, mean things that I got too upset. It's one thing to attack the character and another to attack me personally. However, there were also some very nice supportive people which I greatly appreciated. My husband still keeps in touch with some of them and only lets me know the good bits!


Do you have any pets?


Yes! A very beautiful little Bijon Frise called "Princess Topanga" who loves to come to the studio and play with Sherrie's dog "Charlie"!


If, and when, your time at Crossroads comes to an end what are your plans for the future - both professionally and personally?


I have no idea. One door closes and another opens. I would love to do Crossroads for at least 5 years! Have a baby? Bring out my own skincare line? Life should be an adventure not a journey.

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Kathy Staff as Doris Luke

Cindy Marshall-Day as Tracey Booth



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Not all 4 star luxury for Tracey




If you could have your time all over again what would you have done differently in your life?


Nothing, I'm having a wonderful life!


What's your great ambition in life?


Being happy, doing a fab soap, happily married and living in the country with dogs and horses...wait a minute, I have all of that except the horses!


If you could change one thing about Crossroads what would it be?


If we could go out at around 7:30pm.


Do you enjoy filming for Crossroads? What would a normal day be like on set?


Yes, I love it...get up at 5am...make-up at 6:15am...on set at 8am...lunch 1-2pm...wrap at 7pm...home...bath...eat...learn lines...sleep!


Are you anything like Tracey in real life?


Yes and No. I love the clothes, the make up and looking good...but apart from that we're very different people.


Do you believe in love at first sight?


Yes! My husband fell in love with me the minute he saw me at a party at the British Consulate General's house in LA. He remembered me and it was three years later that he tracked me down, and nine months later were married.



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In 2006 Cindy Marshall-Day became patron of the Crossroads Network. You can find out what happened when she met the fans HERE.


Cindy now runs a successful Horse Treat business. You can visit the site HERE.



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