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Props from the Carlton Television Art Department

Filming locations used in Crossroads

The exterior set today. Images from 2013 - 2015

Previous visits to the set from 2001-2012

Video Clips

The Title Sequence and On Screen Promotion

Background details on the original series that ran from 1964 – 1988

The Press Launch for Crossroads 2001

What happened between 1988 and 2001? Crossroads – The Missing Years

Newspaper reports on the relaunch of Crossroads

A collection of news stories covering the whole series

Character profiles: A “whos who” of Crossroads

Interviews with the cast and crew

The life of a Crossroads Fan

Stunts on Location - Behind the scenes: Production documents

Early ideas for the show – based on documents from Carlton Television

Ratings Guide

The story of Crossroads 2001: What went right? What went wrong?

Building the set

ITV50: The briefest of mentions!

Episode Guide

Autograph Cards

The hotel interior

The 2001 archives: The online museum:

An evening with Cindy Marshall Day


Website archives: Sites that are no longer with us

From script to screen: Comparing what was written to how it looked on screen

Flash animations / ecards from the official Carlton site

Information on Carlton Studios, Lenton Lane, Nottingham

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Building the set

The hotel interior at Carlton Studios

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