Crossroads Fans


The following pages contain articles and information written by – and about - fans of Crossroads. It gives some idea of what extraordinary lengths some people go to – to support their favourite programme.


Fan Story 1: Anthony Owen – a lifelong Crossroads fan


Anthony was a fan of the original series, and has appeared on TV several times because of his obsession… but who could have imagined anyone spending thousands of pounds (their life savings) on their favourite programme? Fortune smiles on the brave!


Fan Story 2: Ben Cowell – Competition Winner


In September 2001, Ben entered a competition, and from 20,000 entries he was selected to visit the Crossroads set – and have lunch with the cast. Wow!


Fan Story 3: Norman’s visit to the Soap Awards and the set.


Norman (and friends) were lucky enough to be selected to attend the British Soap Awards in 2003. A few months later Norman visited the Crossroads set.


Fan Story 4: Why did I create this website?


My story. Why did I create the site? How far has my obsession taken me?... and more importantly – how much has it cost me?







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Not everyone is quite “obsessed”…


The Soap Awards 2003


Yours truly – and Mr Smooth himself.

(Matching shirts unintentional)