Features: Episode Guide: September 2001


The following episode guide has been written (where possible) after re-watching the episodes in question. These episodes are immediately obvious because they feature screen captures alongside. Where there is a guide that is accompanied by images of the title sequence it means that the episode has not been viewed and that alternative sources have been used.




Episode: 131 Transmitted: 03-09-01 (Monday) Written by: tbc


An astonished Patrick vows to find out more after a contact in the legal profession tips him off that Sarah-Jane is withdrawing the statement incriminating Adam in her mother’s murder. It looks like Jill is still going to cause trouble even though she died some 16 weeks ago now. Patrick, meanwhile, is prepared to pay whatever it takes to stop the wedding between Mark and Sarah-Jane. Meanwhile Kate and Mark organise the seating plan for the wedding after Kate notices that since nobody on Sarah-Jane's side is going to turn up, it would be pointless to use only one side of the church so decides to spread all over two sides. Needless to say, Mark's not that interested.


After the revelations that her best friend has been sleeping with her boyfriend, a furious Nicola vents her rage on both Phil and Chloe. In this eternal love triangle, there can be no winners. Chloe and Phil confront each other outside the Russell apartment and then Nicola overhears Chloe telling Tom how spoilt Nicola is (that didn't go down well) and later reveals that she and Phil slept with each other six times! Later Nicola dumps Phil in the Staff Room in front of Oona, Des, Beena and Mandy.


Oona and Des are suspicious when Virginia boasts about the extraordinary delights of her secret romantic date. Oona set her up so there was no date at all, but Virginia seems unswayed by this. Did she really have a date or is she making this up, even going so far as to receive flowers from this "date"?


Elsewhere, Tracey vents her frustration at Oona's inability to operate in the salon and Virginia flirts with the lawyer helping Patrick. Tom ventures down to the cafe and tells Chloe off for banging about.




Episode: 132 Transmitted: 04-09-01 (Tuesday) Written by: Keith Temple


Mark is shocked when Kate gives him a £10,000 wedding present. “We did the same for Jake” she tells him. Patrick is also somewhat surprised that his wife is being so generous with their money… especially as half will end up in Sarah Jane’s pocket once they are married.


Later, Mark enters the office while Patrick is on the telephone to a “Mr. Brookes” Patrick offers his son some advice about keeping things in the open… and then deals a body blow by revealing that Sarah Jane has decided to drop her statement against Adam Chance. Mark is shocked. Patrick points out that this just happens to have coincided with the time that Adam has stopped feeding them details about Sarah Jane from his contacts in prison.


Ray receives news that the only available date for his wedding to Mandy is September 21st – the same date as Mark and Sarah-Jane’s. Mandy is worried that no one will come to hear her vows - for some reason she wants witnesses to her sham marriage. Mark is equally as upset with Ray “You better not let me down” he tells his Australian friend.


Mandy demands an engagement ring from her Antipodean suitor. He’s not keen to part with the cash for a woman he doesn’t love. Later she finds Joanne’s engagement ring in Ray’s room and gets the wrong end of the stick. She assumes that he has bought it just for her.


Speaking of engagement rings – Mark and Sarah Jane splash out in an expensive jewelers – She asks for an inscription “Love, truth, honesty” – Mark is worried that these are not traits held by his fiancé. Later Sarah-Jane manages to convince Mark that she has changed her statement about Adam Chance so that he wouldn’t be a threat to their future when he was released.


Tracey offers Virginia a full makeover in the beauty salon for her date to “Marco’s” with the lovely Jonathan, but Virginia doesn't seem very willing to go along with it. How long is she going to keep this up for?


Meanwhile Phil is still upset that Nicola is no longer talking to him no matter how long he hangs around outside the Russell apartment. He's frustrated and upset that the matter came to this, and Rocky is somewhat bewildered to hear of Virginia's new man.


Mark is cross with Patrick for attempting to interfere with his love life. “You’ve just got to let go” he tells his father. Patrick promises to try. They are interrupted by Virginia bringing “Mr. Brookes” into the office. “Kids eh?” quips Patrick.


It turns out that Mr. Brookes in a private investigator that Patrick has instructed to check up on Sarah Jane “We’ve seen the way she operates” says Patrick. “Dig up some facts… give substance to my suspicions” he asks. “You never know what I might dig up… something you wont like… something you never imagined” answers  Mr. Brookes. “Give me the dirt… I don’t want this woman marrying my son” states Patrick, full of anger. “She’s picked on the wrong family this time… I’m gonna bury her!”




Episode: 133 Transmitted: 05-09-01 (Wednesday) Written by: Francesca Brill


Mandy can’t wait to go into the salon to show her mother the ring she found in Ray’s room. Oona is impressed, and quite forgets about a customer who is in the middle of having her hair washed. When she does eventually return to the poor woman, she puts conditioner on. Mandy isn’t so sure that she should do it without asking. Oona decides the time is right to criticise Tracey’s organisational skills in the salon… just as Tracey walks in! It ends with a slanging match between the two women. “The sooner I get out of here the better – I cant stand it another minute!” screams Oona. Tracey obliges “You’re sacked!”


Patrick and Nicola discuss the dreaded wedding reception. Nicola points out that it is odd that none of Sarah Jane’s old friends or family will be coming. Their conversation is interrupted by Oona, complaining that she has been sacked – and asking to move back to the laundry.


Bradley and Tracey discuss his and Tom’s relationship problems in the salon, he is upset that they are no longer talking. Tracey offers a friendly ear and they discuss their own problems. Bradley talks about how he felt when his mum got ill. “I always knew more than anyone thought” he recalls. The sadness is broken when the tap he has been repairing springs into life… and covers them with water!

Their laughter is interrupted by Patrick. Unfortunately for Tracey, she is asked to take Oona back until Friday when she will make the switch to the Laundry on the Monday.


In the staffroom Mandy shows off “her” engagement ring, little realising that Joanne is taking a break. She apologises, but Jo tells her that she is no longer interested in her ex fiancé. “He’s not good enough for me – or you!” she points out. Oona give Jo a closer look at the ring. She storms out…straight into the bar. “You’re sick” she tells a gob-smacked Ray. “I keep your ring next to my bed if you must know” he admits. She is not convinced. Later Ray confronts the lovelorn teenager in her room and demands the ring back, leaving the poor girl in tears. 


Virginia is still waxing lyrical about her romantic admirer. She’s so convincing that Oona and Des are starting to think that she must have met someone after all, even though they invented her boyfriend in the first place. Rocky has no trouble believing that Virginia has men falling at her feet - he’s one of them! Still, she's very reluctant to allow this man meeting everybody else in the hotel so either she's a very good bluffer or there really is a boyfriend!


Sarah-Jane asks Patrick if he'll give her away at her wedding. He feels awkward about it.


Ray has a go at Mandy for stealing the ring “This wedding may not be real but you cant just pick me up and put me down when you feel like it. She tells him.


Phil tries to talk to Nicola about his indiscretion with Chloe. Understandably she doesn’t want to talk about it. “It just happened. I never stopped loving you” he tells her. Hmmm. Unlikely to work that one! Later, he and Rocky discuss the sorry state of their love life.


Nicola embarasses Chloe in the cafe by hurling verbal abuse at her and shouting at the top of her voice "You slept with my boyfriend!” Later she says “He can go to hell as far as I’m concerned… and you can go with him”.


Bradley invites Tom out for a drink and tries to bring up the subject of how Tom’s behaviour might be affecting Daniel. This plan backfires on Bradley when Tom does his famed storming-out-of-rooms routine.


In the Russell’s apartment Sarah Jane visits Nicola to see how the bridesmaid dress fits. Nicola is rude to her future sister-in-law. “No wonder Phil did what he did. Who would want a spoilt brat like you?” she asks.


Ray turns up to apologise to Mandy with the promise of an engagement ring. “I know I’m not much to look at but I’m doing this for you” she tells him. “I know this isn’t an ideal marriage – but you and me – we’re going to be alright” she tells him 




Episode: 134 Transmitted: 06-09-01 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


After trying his utmost to talk to Nicola (with no success), Phil has taken two weeks compassionate leave generously granted by Kate. This follows after Bradley left Phil to accidentally flood the floor of a room by a sink blockage and a broken tap. Rocky stepped in to help out after Phil was only going to make it worse.


After a huge argument with Patrick, Phil stormed off and later Rocky found him packing his bags and persuaded him to ask Kate for leave to sort himself out. So now he's off on his motorbike staying with friends but will he be back? Nicola thinks so


Bradley left after Chloe phoned him up to go sort out a power cut at King's Oak Cafe, caused by a short circuit. After the handyman fixed it, there was a little scuffle in the cafe area over spilt drink that Tom backed out of dealing with. He says he's getting better and stronger, but is he?


Mark blew his top at his wife-to-be when he learnt that Sarah-Jane plotted to buy the house they're living in. It's not so much the house buying that's the issue, more the fact that she went ahead without asking him first. In other matters, Mark took more interest in his wedding and went to choose the photo style, album and other intricite wedding details.


Virginia continues to string along everybody about her date but feels guilty about it all when Rocky complements her outside the hotel. In reality of course she has got nowhere to go and promptly leaves with a takeaway.




Episode: 135 Transmitted: 07-09-01 (Friday) Written by: tbc


Mark was still upset with Sarah-Jane for making plans for their wedding present money without him. But she managed to get back into this good books when, in front of his whole family, she said she didn’t want the money if it was going to cause trouble and that instead she was going to sign half of her shares over to Mark when they were married. Sarah-Jane inherited 30% of the hotel from her mother Jill and so Sarah-Jane will sell 15% of the share to Mark after the marriage.


However Mark may find it difficult to believe that Sarah-Jane is genuine about anything if Patrick tells him the latest secret to emerge. Patrick's private detective has found out about her past: her first husband is dead, and he died in suspicious circumstances. Married in 1996, he was found in an overturned boat during a holiday in the Scottish Highlands and it is believed that Sarah-Jane had something to do with his murder.

Tom is still refusing to go out and Bradley is coming ever closer to the end of his tether. He tried to convince Tom to go away for a break to Norfolk with him but Tom refused, sending their relationship even further down hill. Having spent hours on the Internet booking the place and sorting out the cafe and getting Doris and Chloe to work overtime, it was all thrown back into Bradley's face. The two friends nearly had a full scale confrontation but it was averted. Tom says he could have organised it, but Bradley says "you couldn't even arrange the cutlery draw in your state".


After all the confusion earlier, Ray eventually gets Mandy a ring, if only to shut her up for a bit. Unfortunately she asks him to get down on one knee and propose to her to marry him. She's loving every minute of this, Ray probably wished the earth would open up and swallow him.


In other news, Oona finishes in the salon and Virginia dithers her way through explaining what happened at last night's "date". Jake attempts to gather material for his best man speech and Kate has a mother-to-daughter chat with Nicola about Phil. She still won't tell her mother why she's fallen out with Phil in the first place.




Episode: 136 Transmitted: 10-09-01 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Sarah-Jane made the (later regretted) offer of inviting Patrick and Kate round to dinner, but this fell flat on its face when Patrick, in a somewhat worrying state, told Mark that the death of Sarah-Jane's first husband is suspicious. He produces a death certificate as well. Kate frantically rushes him out but Mark says he's "had it up to here with you and your lies" which makes things worse between them. Looks like Patrick finally got through to Mark this time.


Mandy is trying to get Ray to take their wedding more seriously, but she’s not having much success. Every time she mentions it to him he looks terrified. But Mandy seems oblivious to the fact that Ray considers marrying her to be a fate not that much better than death. Ray thinks that Mandy has forgotten the real reason why he's marrying her in the first place.


Mandy asks Beena if she'll be a witness at the wedding, but Beena tells her exactly what she thinks of the entire escapade. Still, Beena gets her just desserts when she offers to be the witness, Mandy tells her to get lost. Doesn't stop Des and Minty forming an opinion over the entire wedding though.

Bradley and Tom have made some steps towards reconciliation. After Bradley treated him to dinner, Tom agreed to go make the effort to go to Mark’s stag night. They are now getting on again and the Curtis household is quiet again.


Elsewhere, Kate invites Chloe round for dinner in an attempt to cheer Nicola up and then Kate finds out that the reason she and Chloe have fallen out is because of one Phil Berry.




Episode: 137 Transmitted: 11-09-01 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


NOTE: The evening installment of this episode was transmitted on ITV2 due to the blanket news coverage of the terrorist attacks in America. The ITV1 early afternoon showing was interrupted half way through.


Rocky offered to take Virginia out for dinner in the absence of her new man Jonathan, but Virginia declined. Oona couldn’t resist getting her big wooden spoon out and winding Rocky up about Jonathan’s intentions, which she claims may be dubious.


Mark has finally started to worry that Sarah-Jane is not being completely honest with him. But she has told him that her last husband was cruel to her so she got the marriage annulled before he died. Good old Mark was very understanding, and it looks like she may just have got herself out of trouble, again.


Kate tried to reconcile Nicola and Chloe but Nicola was not having any of it and told her mother just why she and Chloe had fallen out. It doesn’t look like Ms Russell is ready to forgive and forget just yet.


Sarah Jane is surprised to see Mark up and dressed and heading into work. “I’ve got clients to see.. besides I don’t want to let mum and dad down” he tells her. Sarah Jane asks him “What about me?” Her reluctance to talk about what happened to her first husband is clearly going to be a problem for him. “What kind of marriage are we going to have if I cant even trust you to tell me the truth?” he asks her. Mark wants to know why Andrew died 12 days before the marriage annulment.  “You have got to stop living a lie” he tells her. “What do you mean?” she asks nervously. “Either you stop lying… or the wedding’s off!”


In the café Chloe is discussing a trip to Ayia Napa with Des and Minty when Nicola walks in. Things are still decidedly frosty between the two of them. Nicola is cross that the boys knew about what happened between Chloe and Phil, and that they didn’t stick up for her. “It wasn’t like that” argues Des. “That’s exactly what Phil said” answers Nicola. After she leaves, Chloe reveals that Kate has invited her round for dinner that evening. It looks like there may be a very frosty evening ahead.


Outside the hotel Patrick apologises for his behaviour the previous night. “I don’t want to fall out with you dad. I’m sick of arguing” Mark tells him. Patrick talks to his son about his first meeting with Kate, and how she left him on their first date at 9:30 so she could get back for the baby (Jake) without giving him a reason… and how they agreed never to have secrets from each other. Their conversation is overheard by Sarah Jane. When Mark leaves she reveals herself to Patrick “That was quite a performance last night” she tells him. “I think there’s a lot more you’re keeping from us Sarah Jane… And I’m going to get to the bottom of it” he threatens her.


Kate reveals to her daughter that she has invited Chloe for dinner. “I could see you were upset” says Kate.


In the staffroom Des tells Mandy about his plans to go on holiday. He invites Mandy along. She reminds him that she is about to get married. “What you want to do is LIVE a little” he tells her. Later Mandy visits Kate to enquire about married quarters for her and Ray after the wedding. “You are making an enormous mistake” Kate tells her – clearly concerned for her young employee’s welfare. “Mandy – what happens when you want kids and Ray doesn’t?” she asks. “Life as a single mother is very, very tough. Believe me. I know” Kate tells her.


Oona offers her daughter some support following the meeting with Kate. “You stick to your guns. You know what you’re doing” she tells her daughter. In an attempt to cheer up Mandy, Oona offers to organise a hen-night. “You can have a male stripper if you like”


Kate talks to Ray in the bar. “I’ve had Mandy in the office asking about married quarters” she tells him. “I cannot condone your actions” she continues.


In the laundry Oona begins an offensive, emotionally blackmailing Kully into being a witness for her friend. “You’re the one person she really wanted to be there” says Oona, laying it on thickly.


In her cottage Sarah Jane is frantically searching through a box of photos and documents. One photograph, that of a young woman with curly hair and a young man falls onto the floor. Sarah Jane looks at the photograph for a while then picks up the phone. She asks the international operator for a ship to shore connection to the cruise-liner “bluebird”.


In the staffroom Rocky offers to make a cup of tea for Virginia. She declines and says that she would rather get into an aromatherapy bath. She tells him that although her mystery man, Jonathon is away, he rings every night. Rocky offers to “stand in” and take her for a meal, but Virginia refuses… in case she misses his call. Later Oona tries to convince Rocky that Jonathon must be the jealous type – to stop Virginia going out with her mates. When Rocky leaves Des is cross with Oona for making Rocky believe that Jonathon is real. She is unrepentant.


Chloe arrives in the Russell’s apartment and tells Kate that she doesn’t feel that it is a good idea that she is there. Kate (not knowing the real reason they have fallen out) doesn’t think there is an issue. The trouble intensifies when Chloe volunteers to cover some shifts in the hotel “Nice one. See how far you can worm your way in” says Nicola.


“Are you ready to talk?” Mark asks Sarah Jane when he arrives home. Sarah shows him the photo of the girls and the man. “This might help” she tells him. “Who’s that?” asks Mark. “Andrew (ex husband) and his sister Louise” she answers. Sarah Jane tells Mark that after they had married, Andrew became possessive and violent towards her. She reveals that when he died they were estranged and that she had applied for an annulment on the grounds of mental cruelty. Sarah goes on to say that she didn’t think to cancel the annulment and that the certificate was sent after Andrew had died in a boating accident. “I was so ashamed about what had happened I didn’t want anyone to know about it” she tells him, with tears in her eyes. “Tell me you still love me” she pleads with him. “I do love you” he reassures her.


The meal is going badly. Patrick and Kate try to make small talk, but things have clearly not improved between the two girls, despite their best efforts. “You haven’t got a clue what she’s really like” complains Nicola, before revealing that the reason they fell out is because Chloe slept with Phil. Nicola storms off and Chloe runs out. Kate and Patrick are stunned!




Episode: 138 Transmitted: 12-09-01 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Sarah-Jane and Mark are still not speaking and it is looking increasingly unlikely that the wedding will go ahead. Not the best time for the vicar to visit and counsel them that dishonesty and secrets have no place in a marriage. Still, at least they can laugh about it in front of the vicar.


Oona has booked Ray and Mandy a honeymoon in Blackpool. Ray was horrified when he found out, but Mandy still thinks that so long as she loves him their marriage will be blissful, even if he can hardly bare to be in the same room as her. She still seems incapable of seeing the real reason for this marriage. Kully was asked by Oona to be a bridesmaid, something Kully is now regretting. Ray meanwhile tells Mark that he doesn't think he can go through with the wedding to Mandy.


Not content with stealing Nicola’s bloke, Chloe in also invading her home now. Kate has given her a job as a waitress in the hotel, and she’s proving to be a very popular addition to Billy’s team. Billy is impressed with her past experience and gives her to Joanne so she can learn the ropes. Needless to say, Tom isn't very happy at all now.


The police visit Tom at the cafe and tell him that they've charged a man for the assault on him, but Tom is not happy that the man has been released on police bail. They suggest he attends counciling as does Bradley, but this doesn't go down well.




Episode: 139 Transmitted: 13-09-01 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Sarah-Jane packed her bags and was ready to leave as relations between her and Mark worsened. However when she told him that her first husband committed suicide as a final act of cruelty towards her, Mark relented and predictably forgave all. Unfortunately, they found themselves locked out of their house...


Jake has been looking a bit down recently, certainly not his roguish self. He gave Mark and Sarah-Jane two tickets for their honeymoon as well. Later, on hearing through Nicola that Sarah-Jane is not having a hen night and will therefore be home alone on the night of Mark’s stag, he cheered up remarkably. What can he be up to?


Nicola has told Chloe that she wants to make a fresh start, and it looks like that peace has been declared between them... for now. Nicola wants to act "all grown up" and forget the arguments she's had with Chloe which is a wise move as they'll be spending more time together in the hotel now that Chloe's working there.


Joanne gets wind of the fact that Ray and Mandy will get their own room in the marriage quarters and goes to have it out with Kate. Joanne says "it's not jealously" as well, but then it always has been hotel policy to give married staff members their own quarters.




Episode: 140 Transmitted: 17-09-01 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Ray and Mark's stag do predictably ends in disaster when Ray and Billy start to fight. During the struggle, Ray's shirt is torn revealing his regimental tattoo to the onlookers. Jake threatens to report him to the authorities for desertion but Ray pores out his story about how he ran away and Rocky offers support - then tells Ray he made it all up!


Bradley meanwhile waits up for Tom to turn up to the stag night, but is stood up. He calls Tom at the cafe and expresses his anger on the answer machine at how the situation is turning out, he can't stay in this scenario for much longer.


Elsewhere in the stag do, the party people drink rather too much and challenge Mark to a dare. Well, it's either that or end up handcuffed to some traffic lights with little on... Fortunately Rocky, Oona (who failed to get to go out with the girls) and Patrick help him out and hence Mark avoids being locked in the fluffy 'cuffs!

Rocky tries to track Virginia down on her date to return her scarf that she has left, but when he reaches the restaurant she had claimed she was dining at, he sees her walking down the street with a takeaway pizza. Has she made the mysterious Jonathan up?


Jake sneaks away to meet with Sarah-Jane and pleads with her to call the marriage off. She harshly tells him that their relationship was nothing more than a fling: "enjoyable at times". Patrick spots them and assuming he has interrupted a liaison between them, angrily flies at Jake in a drunken rage. Sarah-Jane and Jake then look on horrified as Patrick collapses to the floor, clutching his chest in agony.




Episode: 141 Transmitted: 18-09-01 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


As Patrick lies unconscious after his heart attack, Kate, Tracey and Mark are after some answers from Jake. Jake lies about what led up to Patrick's collapse but is found out when Kate cross-examines others, in particular one Sarah-Jane Harvey who comes straight out: "he said he wanted me and he'd leave Tracey right there and then". Kate is furious that Jake has been so deceitful but equally she is relieved to find out that it looks like Patrick will make a full recovery. Now he wants to see Jake, but Kate is worried that after what happened to get him into this mess in the first place it won't look good.


Ray tries to convince Oona that Mandy's father Dave should be at the wedding, but Oona still hasn't forgiven him for walking out on her and Mandy many years before. Later, Mandy and co. return from the hen night in a rowdy mood, but Oona is confused - why isn't her daughter drinking to celebrate? (answer: she's several months pregnant). Virginia attempts to put paid to the hen night but only succeeds in silencing the rendition of "Gimme Gimme Gimme". Earlier she's seen bluffing her way through her 'date' with Jonathan.


Bradley has had enough with Tom and his panic attacks and after a quick argument Bradley decides to move out and stay the night with his aunt Doris. Later Bradley catches Tracey who's brought a new book which is supposed to help her keep her husband Jake. Only read the first three chapters, mind!




Episode: 142 Transmitted: 19-09-01 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Mandy opens up to Ray and tells him that she is several months pregnant but its not his baby. He is somewhat upset and frustrated now but Mandy knew she can't hide her pregnancy forever. Ray doesn't need this what with three days to the wedding that keeps him in the country.


Patrick is recovering well and the doctors say he'll be able to get to the wedding in good health. Underneath however, he's still plotting how to stop this wedding between Mark and Sarah-Jane and is on the phone to his private detective digging up more dirt. Jake is questioned by Patrick over his presence at Sarah-Jane's flat but this is abandoned when he hears that Sarah-Jane is account fiddling.


Later Patrick reveals how he thought that this heart attack was the end of his life and vows to make the most of whatever time he has left. Tracey, on the other hand, is now on Chapter 8 of her book and she says "it [Patrick's heart attack] made me realise just how much we take life for granted". She is earlier seen shrugging off Jake's attempts at being the perfect husband and doesn't seem to give two hoots that he'll be late back tonight!


Rocky makes details about Virginia's "date" up off the top of his head when Oona started and offers to give Virginia a lift to her next destination, which of course is a shopping trip with the taxi-driver shunting her to and from these dates.




Episode: 143 Transmitted: 20-09-01 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Still reeling from the revelation that his bride to be is pregnant, Ray is full of doubt. Not content with having to prove to immigration that the marriage is authentic, he now has to play happy families which was not part of the original deal. Later on he has rather too much to drink which doesn't help when Mandy calls to try and tell him her side of the story. This just blows up into an argument and Ray storms off.


In an effort to help things along, Tom packs Bradley's bags for him, but Bradley sees this as a sign to get out ASAP. Daniel is upset that Bradley is moving out and doesn't see why they can't all be friends - after all, it was him who agreed to Bradley's moving in in the first place. Bradley assures Daniel that they can still have good times together but it's not going to be the same for Daniel anymore. Bradley and Tom agree to remain friends but parting is such sweet sorrow.


In a moment of wierdness, Sarah-Jane snaps when Jake asks her about the catering accounts and her cooking of the books. He's kept Patrick informed about Sarah-Jane's transactions and the company she charged them to doesn't exist. Patrick's private detective is now digging up more dirt on Sarah-Jane in his continuing drive to halt the marriage, but Jake finds a simplier motive. She wants a £100,000 tip-off from the Russells in order to not marry Mark.


Arthur, a local piano tuner, charms Doris with his rendition of Frank Sinatra tunes on the piano so artfully "bashed" by Oona on Mandy's hen night. But is Doris attracted to the music or Arthur?




Episode: 144 Transmitted: 24-09-01 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Sarah-Jane continues to demand the £100,000 to stop her marrying Mark, but Jake manages to strike a deal. If he gives her the £100,000, she will hand over the 30% share that she inherited from her mother Jill.


The ever caring Scott attempts to make up for his absence at the hospital by sending a home made card to his grandfather via Tracey. This cheers Patrick up no end, until Jake tells him about the "deal" he struck with Sarah-Jane. Patrick has no choice to re-morgage the hotel to get that sort of money to use to tell her to get lost. In his haste, he collapses with high blood pressure.


Talking of weddings, Al and Dingo, two friends of Mark, turn up for the wedding and take a shine to Joanne and flirt with Kate until they realise exactly what relation Kate is to Mark. Des and Minty get it into their heads that the way forward is to travel.


Mandy finds out from Chloe and Beena that Ray has gone walkies. Mandy's pleased to hear that her dad Dave is coming to the wedding but breaks down over Ray's disappearance. In reality, he's blind drunk and gate crashed another wedding, telling the groom not to make a mistake! Ray is eventually arrested, confesses all to the police officer who laughs it off and locks him up for the night.




Episode: 145 Transmitted: 25-09-01 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


After telling herself that the wedding was not to be due to Ray's absence, Mandy is overthrilled that Ray finally shows up after his release from the police station. He tells Joanne that he really wanted to marry for love and not for the sake of a visa. At their wedding, Mandy is overthrilled that her father Dave has made it, albeit only just. Oona looked upset that he managed to make it at all.


In the other wedding of the day, Tracey spots Jake sidling up to Sarah-Jane Harvey and wonders what he's up to. Nicola has to scold Scott over his preparations for the wedding as he's more interested in getting to the next level on his video game than putting his hat on.


Sarah-Jane gets wind of the £100,000 from the hotel re-morgage and, as promised, hands her 30% share to Jake. Also as promised, she leaves. Mark meanwhile is left standing at the altar as is a slightly disgrunted group of guests. After Kate phones up to find out what happened, he blames Jake - "You never wanted me to get married in the first place, did you?" he bellows as he pushes Jake to the floor. He storms out followed by Al and Dingo.


Brookes chooses this moment outside the church to drop a massive bombshell on Jake. He reveals a woman who claims to be the real Sarah-Jane Harvey. This comes as a massive surprise to him - who has he just paid £100,000 to?


In other news, Tom finally ventures out of King's Oak Cafe (pleasing Bradley in the process) to attend Mark's wedding but due to the unfolding events wishes he hadn't bothered. He drags Daniel along who really doesn't look as if he wanted to go at all, but when Scott drags him away he brightens up. Fortunately for Tracey and Tom they show back up at the church but all Scott does is fidget.


While preparing the cake, Minty and Des drop it and break the upper stand. Fortunately Minty has an idea when he sees that Ebony is in the back office. While Virginia is distracted, he takes Ebony and leaves her by the cake so it gets Des and Minty off the hook but Ebony takes all the blame for destroying the cake.




Episode: 146 Transmitted: 26-09-01 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Jake introduces Brookes and Sarah-Jane to Kate. They explain that Sarah-Jane ("Oh please, call me Sarah, I never liked the name Sarah-Jane anyway") is the real Sarah-Jane. Kate doesn't believe it until the passport is dished out. Sarah reveals that 'Sarah-Jane' is actually Louise Dixon, a friend of Sarah's. An interesting little insight this, for Louise has been after Sarah-Jane demanding about the death of her father to feed Mark!


Later Kate finds out that Louise has been bribed to get lost. To do this required re-morgaging the hotel for £100,000. Hardly surprisingly, Kate blows her top at this, just another stop in the long path of behind-my-back deals done by her son.


Doris greets Sarah and then finds out that she doesn't know about the death of her mother Jill. With Kate's help, they break the news to her. Unfortunately for them, Mark comes in and hurls verbal abuse at Sarah. He does not believe that Louise is a fraud Sarah-Jane and vows to set out and find her.


Closer to home, Dave has too much to drink and tells Ray how not to have a wedding. Being as discreet as possible, Ray tries to slip away until Mandy's favourite song is played by Minty on the decks and he's forced to stay back and dance. Mandy says she loves him but to Ray it's obvious that she's taking this way too seriously at this time.


Meanwhile Scott and Daniel start a little argument over arguing parents. Scott should know, having two of them. Daniel can't remember his own parents ever fighting. Talking of which, a furious Mark comes in looking for Jake screaming about killing him. It unsettles Scott but gives Daniel a flashback. Tracey sends them into the bedroom to watch videos and then takes Mark downstairs. She has too much to drink and tries to patch things up between Bradley and Tom and will probably have a huge hangover tomorrow.




Episode: 147 Transmitted: 27-09-01 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Patrick returns home from Hospital and looks fit to suffer another relapse when he hears the cost of Brooke's private investigations. Kate puts her foot down and says that there is to be no more expenses on this private eye. Meanwhile Jake runs Sarah down to the police station but they seem seldom interested.


Mark apologises to Sarah for what he said the previous night, but gets thrown out when he pushes his luck too far and tries to ask too many questions about Louise.


Ray persuades Mandy to delay the holiday to Blackpool so that she can spend more time with dad. Oona isn't happy having paid for it and all and storms off. Mandy later tells her dad Dave that she's pregnant and that he is going to be a grandfather.


Arthur has returned. Not for the piano you understand, but for Doris. He invites her for dinner, but she refuses based on recent circumstances. Virginia and Oona try to get her to change her mind.














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