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The following episode guide has been written (where possible) after re-watching the episodes in question. These episodes are immediately obvious because they feature screen captures alongside. Where there is a guide that is accompanied by images of the title sequence it means that the episode has not been viewed and that alternative sources have been used.





Episode: 148 Transmitted: 01-10-01 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Scott, in his ever loving nature, plans to organise a birthday surprise for his mum Tracey. Enlisting the help of his grandma Kate, he plans to keep it a secret until the big day. In the salon, Scott gleefully announces he's made the football squad at school and secured a date with mum for this bash he's engineering for her. He loves his mum, as you can see :-)


Jake, on the other hand, is seldom interested as per usual in Tracey and her birthday. He plans to travel to London to find Louise and hence attempt to get the 100,000 back. Further more he tries, without success, to hide the 30% share from Sarah but the police have already tipped her off about it. Kate tells Jake about Scott's plans for a birthday bash but he, as per usual, is not interested and plans to bring something back from London.


In the Booth apartment, Tracey tells Jake exactly what she thinks of their marriage - it's a sham. The fact he's off to London as well doesn't help. Jake is forced to sleep on the sofa tonight while Tracey gets the nice comfy bed.


In other news, Mandy's dad Dave has done a runner, leaving Oona to foot the oversized bill. Mandy thinks she scared him off with news of her pregnancy but Oona puts it down to his normal nature. Likewise, Louise may have already run-off but Mark is still bitterly upset. He is in the middle of a clean-up when Sarah comes round to pick up her stuff. She and Mark end up in a passionate kiss on the sofa. 





Episode: 149 Transmitted: 02-10-01 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


In an argument over the bill that Dave run up, Oona is promised the usual pack of lies from him about giving her back her money tomorrow. But then Dave drops the bombshell that their daughter is pregnant. Oona is understandably delighted but Mandy goes bright red in the staff room when her mother bursts in and announces the news on her behalf. Des is astonished, he could swear she had an abortion.


Bradley, after advice from Tracey, tries to make amends with Tom, who claims to be making a fresh start. Bradley finds out just how much of a fresh start he wants and hence there's no room at King's Oak for Bradley any longer.


Virginia confesses all to the taxi driver John about 'Jonathan' who doesn't actually exist. No, she made him up. Fortunately the taxi driver is honoured to accompany the delightful Virginia on her date to meet Arthur and Doris. Arthur invites Doris to reveal all about her but she's somewhat reluctant.


Elsewhere, Des and Minty win 600 on the horses. Billy's tip was useless and lost but Minty took Dave's tip and hence pocketed a win. He rubs Billy's nose in it later and gets put on potato peeling duty in the morning. Meanwhile Mark and Sarah regret last night's moment saying it was a mistake and continue to snipe at each other. Nice to know some things never change.





Episode: 150 Transmitted: 03-10-01 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


It's Tracey's birthday but you'd never know. Jake has left no messages on the answerphone for her. Only Doris and Bradley have brought her presents. Tracey invites Bradley to bunk off work for a few hours in the pub and they both drink too much. Back at the empty Booth Apartment Tracey realises she's wasted the last 11 years of her life with Jake and breaks down. Comforted by Bradley, they kiss and she persuades Bradley to come to bed with her...


Meanwhile Mark plans to go away for a bit in an exchange of the honeymoon tickets. Kate is unhappy at this though and just thinks that Mark needs more time to get along with Sarah after the Louise business.

The entire hotel knows about Mandy's baby. Ray is over the moon at the leaked news. Not. After discussion with Mandy he decides to pretend that its his baby and its the result of a one night stand six months ago.


Des confronts Mandy who spins him this story. Joanne sees right through it though, while Des blows his top and gives Ray a good hard smack round the head.


In other news, Doris questions her suitability for Arthur and also regrets her interference with Bradley and his relationship with Tom, fearing she made it worse.





Episode: 151 Transmitted: 04-10-01 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Bradley wakes up next to Tracey in bed. He's uncomfortable about this and panics when there's a noise outside the apartment (its the morning papers being delivered). He thinks its Jake returning (he's on the way home from London) or Scott (on a sleepover at Daniel's place) and hence runs off. Later Tracey catches him but he escapes again when Jake comes along.


Jake meanwhile shows no sympathy for missing Tracey's birthday and is more interested in his wasted journey to London in relation to Louise Dixon. Tracey encourages him to play along with the birthday if only for Scott and the do he's been planning for mum, but as usual he's seldom interested.


Elsewhere Mandy upsets four people today - Beena (for not using her money to have the abortion but Mandy has invested it for her), Joanne (for continuing to state that Ray is the father of the baby), Ray (for getting him even deeper into this mess which means he now can't deny being the father) and Des (for making him think that the baby was his in the first place). This suggests that Ray cheated on Jo when they were engaged earlier this year.


After a meeting with Kate, Des is told he should be sacked for gross misconduct over his punching of Ray. But she relents and insists that he apologises to Ray. Meanwhile Oona tells Virginia that 'Jonathan' never existed in the first place to her shock.





Episode: 152 Transmitted: 08-10-01 (Monday) Written by: tbc


After the shock revelation that Oona made Jonathan up in the first place, Virginia is upset. She talks to Rocky who encourages her to show Oona what a real lady looks like. It turns out Virginia is afraid of what people are saying about her in the staff room but Rocky is a real gentleman and although he's experienced in a lot of things he wasn't prepared for what happened next.


After Virginia attempted to patch things up with Oona (an attempt that failed) she tries again later. A cat fight ensures between the two after a verbal slanging match and a slap. Guests gather round to witness the fight on the floor before Jake puts a stop to it. Unfortunately for Virginia her fight with Oona has been seen by John, the taxi driver.


Des, after a trip around the internet, attempts to persuade Mandy to have a DNA test to find out who the real father is of her baby. She refuses and is backed up by Ray, but Des has now threatened to take her to court to force her to have the DNA test.


Tracey accuses Jake of being a bad husband and a bad father to Scott. She puts him in a bad mood for the day so she goes shopping. Later she is flirting with Bradley who's maintaining the smoke alarms in the hotel.


In other news, Mandy and Ray have another argument in the corridors of the hotel as guests look on. She wants to start afresh somewhere else but he's not interested. Ray is also not happy about the interference from Des.





Episode: 153 Transmitted: 09-10-01 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


After yesterday's fight in Reception, Virginia apologises to Jake about her actions. Jake accepts the apology and she retains her job (Only because "I don't want to have to go through training another receptionist" said Jake). Oona on the other hand refuses to apologise to Virginia and so Jake refuses to employ her anymore. She threatens tribunals, courts, legal action and so on but Jake knows exactly what right she has or hasn't got. Unfortunately for Oona, nobody seems to care that she's off.


Bradley takes Daniel swimming (all 24 lengths of it as well!) and is promised a pizza by Tom but for Tracey to turn up. She's been given some birthday money by Jake to get her own present so she invites Bradley to join her since Jake'll be off elsewhere with Scott. Bradley is near to a panic attack now what with Tracey following him around.


Phil Berry has returned to Crossroads and learns about Sarah-Jane and Sarah-Jane, Patrick's heart attack and the weddings. Patrick gives Phil his job back with Rocky, who later overhears Virginia turn down John's advances on her.


After much persuasion, Mandy finally agrees to the DNA test if only to shut Des up. But she will not have it until after the birth. Des is happy with this, only to find out later that Minty spent the 600 horse winnings on a camper van so it looks like Mandy won't be having a DNA test after all. Fortunately Minty has the idea of doing up the van to sell on but Des couldn't care less, more interested in why he wasn't asked about the camper van in the first place.





Episode: 154 Transmitted: 10-10-01 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Ray is upset that somebody has blabbed to the Immigration authorities about him and his marriage to Mandy. He vows to find out who it was. Mandy meanwhile is preparing to become a mother to her baby making buggie preparations. Ray hits the roof at the price of the things.


Rocky meanwhile berates Virginia over her lack of attention towards John. Rocky calls her a snob for good measure. His words mean something to Virginia and eventually, after John comes into Reception for business reasons, she says that she will go to Lunch with him after all.


Jake, with the common cold, encourages Tracey to go down the gym and even gives Bradley the afternoon off to take her. After excuses, Jake forces him out, much to Tracey's delight. They go down the pub afterwards and she makes advances. Bradley, clearly very uncomfortabe with this turn of events, resists her advances and quickly scarpers back to Tom where he stays the night.


Meanwhile Dave slags off the founders of the King's Oak cafe unaware that they (Tom's parents) are dead. Dave is later found round at Oona's house unaware that she's been sacked. Eventually he moves too fast and Oona tells him to get lost. The past is not something Oona wants to go back to, not with Dave's track record anyway.





Episode: 155 Transmitted: 11-10-01 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Bradley breaks the news to Tracey that he and Tom are back together, this she takes badly. She follows Bradley down to the shed and they kiss after locking up. Unfortunately Tom comes round the corner to surprise Bradley at the wrong moment and has now got the wrong end of the stick about Bradley and Tracey.


Ray draws up a shortlist of culprits for who tipped off Immigration about him. Possible culprits are Des, Billy and Joanne. Meanwhile Kate decides to support Ray and Mandy but warns them that the hotel's reputation has to come first.


Virginia is charmed by John at the lunch. He thinks that they have a future together but she is hesistant in taking a close relationship with him, not after she bottled out of her last wedding.


In other news, Dave goes round to re-tile Oona's kitchen while she trapes up and down the High Street looking for a new job, but she soons sees through this scheme of his. Elsewhere Mandy breaks down when Sarah tells them about her experience with her friend who pulled the marriage thing. He got deported and his "wife" went to jail. Mandy is upset that this could happen to her.





Episode: 156 Transmitted: 15-10-01 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Virginia spends a romantic night with John but oversleeps. Kate gets Sarah to stand in for her while Virginia is in bed with John at her house. Kate rings her many times with no success and Rocky fears the worst, but he's now upset that Virginia is getting along with John.


Tracey has sunk into a depression over Bradley and her behaviour is worrying Jake, particuarly when she snaps Scott's head off over his inability to open a little box. He smiles it off in his normal manner but dares not go back to her at the end of the day. Kate tries to talk to Tracey who thinks that Kate is accusing her of being a bad mother. Mind you Tracey then slags Kate off for having Jake in the first place which upsets her.


Used to his father being the one that invokes all the arguments, Scott is somewhat bewildered as to how to complete his Domestic Science homework as it involves use of the Kitchen. He feels he won't be able to get the homework done with Tracey in her current mode, but Kate catches Scott in the reception area, finds out what's on his mind and leaves him with Billy. So that's one Booth member happy at least today.


Elsewhere, Ray and Mandy get support of Oona and Dave in the quest to find out who blabbed to Immigration. They ask Des, Joanne, Virginia and Billy who all deny blabbing. Dave encourages Ray to stand up to Billy but does a runner.


Bradley is upset over the current state of his life. Not content with Tom catching him kissing Tracey last week, Tom seems to have disappeared. Doris thinks that he'll return because of his legal obligation to get Daniel to school. But according to Scott this isn't the case, Daniel wasn't at school today. So where have Tom and Daniel gone and why was Daniel not at school?





Episode: 157 Transmitted: 16-10-01 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Happy Virginia is persuaded to take a weekend off to treat John as a way of thanking him for being with her. Unfortunately John tells her that he's going on a three month cruise around the Carribean. Unhappy Virginia is now upset at this breaking news that she asks him to leave.


Meanwhile the salon is forced into being run by an extra, what with Tracey's hangover from last night. Jake snaps at her to act like a proper mother to the poor, bewildered Scott. Jake can talk of course, he has let Scott down himself time and time again so Scott won't know what to think anymore.


Nicola returns from her holiday and Phil tries to make amends with her after the revelation that he was also sleeping with Chloe. Nicola only wants to settle for friendship with Phil at this time, still smarting over the entire Chloe business.


A weekend of hell for Bradley is over as he finds out exactly what happened to Tom and Daniel. They'd been up to Manchester for a bit and liked it so much they stayed a bit longer. Tom again questions what there is for him in King's Oak anymore and offers Bradley the opportunity to come with him and Daniel to Manchester





Episode: 158 Transmitted: 17-10-01 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


John attempts to persuade Virginia to join him on his cruise, by offering to pay for her. She turns the offer down, upset that John didn't tell her about his cruise earlier. John leaves the offer open but will Virginia change her mind?


Oona and Dave do a mock Immigration interview with Ray and Mandy. Ray is convincing enough but Mandy falters at every stage. She runs off in tears, but Dave knows that they'll make it through the Immigration interview.


Bradley is bombarded by phone calls and text messages from Tracey to tell Tom about their relationship.

When Bradley eventually confesses, he not only tells about sleeping with Tracey but also about another one night stand they had at the start of the relationship. Needless to say, Tom flips at this and Bradley learns that there is no place for him, Tom and Daniel in Manchester. Which is just as well as Doris would miss her nephew anyway.





Episode: 159 Transmitted: 18-10-01 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Ray and Mandy practise answering their questions for immigration but Mandy is unable to take in all the information but its too late anyway - Immigration are here. They grill Mr and Mrs Dobbs like nobody's business. Fortunately, Mandy keeps her cool which is more than can be said for Ray who bluffs his way through. The challenge now is to see who will back them up when Immigration start interviewing other people.


Rocky admits to Virginia that he loves her - "always have done" he says. He attempts to ask her to join him on a trip to the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham but she thwarts him at every attempt. Eventually she tells Rocky that she is going on the three month cruise with John, this news zombifies Rocky who was convinced there was trouble between her and John.


Mark returns from his travels and immediately gets into an argument with Jake. So much for brotherly love then. Mark has softened his attitude towards Sarah which pleases her. He admits, he may have had a lucky escape with Louise.


Meanwhile Tracey learns from Bradley that he won't be going to Manchester with Tom after all. This leaves the way open for her to stalk him again. Meanwhile Jake runs round the hotel looking for Tracey who has her mobile switched off. King's Oak Comprehensive School have phoned - Scott has been taken ill. Tracey is hence forced to get down there and pick him up.





Episode: 160 Transmitted: 22-10-01 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Virginia leaves today for her three month cruise with John. Rocky organises a collection for a leaving present but people are not generous. After throwing an extra 40 in himself, he purchases some flowers, a vase to put them in and a card. Nothing can hide the fact, however, that he's devastated to see her go. At the very last minute, Virginia thanks him for his support and friendship and promises to send him postcards and to write. This cheers him up.


Somebody else in need of cheering up is Scott Booth. The schoolboy has come down with mumps and is cooped up on the sofa in the Booth apartment. Unfortunately, his mother leaves him home alone. Jake later finds Scott asleep and Tracey absent so he calls the salon (which is where she told Scott she'd be) with no success. Later, after Scott is put to bed for a good night's sleep, a drunk Tracey tells Jake that she slept with Bradley.


But Jake's not the only one to get a shock. Ray finds a police car outside the hotel and panics - he thinks they've come to deport him. They haven't, they're investigating a theft. Meanwhile Mandy pleads with him not to go and has to listen to a monologue over Immigration.


Tracey was drunk above because she left Scott home alone to see Bradley in the shed. He snaps at her requests to just be friends, saying that "sleeping with [her] was the worst mistake of [his] life". Because of this, she hits the bottle, starting in the presence of her ill son who isn't that ill to see what's going on.





Episode: 161 Transmitted: 23-10-01 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Scott, who is ill with mumps, wants to go to school today! He says he wants to see his mates but one would rather argue that the home atmosphere between his parents is not one to enjoy. Jake catches him in school uniform and sends Scott back to bed. Meanwhile Jake and Tracey are still bickering. He goes to ask Bradley about this affair he's supposedly been having with Tracey but to no avail. It does not stop Jake suggesting that his marriage to Tracey will continue, but in name only. That is, they lead separate lives but stay married and living together.


Oona applies for the running of the cafe when Tom leaves and attends an interview. Unfortunately she's rather too honest when Tom asks her what she would do to improve the cafe which cuts the interview short. Chloe does not want Oona as the boss and so tries to apply herself, but Tom says that she is a bit too young for such a position. Needless to say, Chloe storms off.


Ray finally attends the antenatal classes but nearly throws up at the birthing video stage. However, when he feels the baby kick inside Mandy, it all seems so worthwhile. He's still worried about Immigration of course.

Des is still unhappy about the camper van. Phil offers to do it up and sell it, with 20% of the profit going to himself. Des only wants the money of course for the DNA test for Mandy so agrees to pay Phil the 20% of the sale price, assuming it is sold for more than what Minty paid for it.





Episode: 162 Transmitted: 24-10-01 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Tracey is upset to hear that Jake still doesn't believe her sleeping with Bradley storyline and more so when Jake spent the night away. In an attempt to patch things up, Tracey cooks dinner but Jake, determined to enforce the marriage by name clause, goes walkies.


Scott, after creating a huge mess with the blender machine, confesses to his dad that he's worried about Mum. He hasn't missed much but its clear for all to see that even the schoolboy knows what's going on and as usual, seems more concerned about his mum than his dad does. Fortunately Jake helps Scott create his super dish which cheers Scott up.


Kate is delighted to see the return of Diane. Not. She finds Patrick in the bar where Diane manages to get Patrick wrapped around her little finger. Again. Of course when Kate finds out what they've been talking about she's not impressed at all.


Tom selects Dave to be the new Cafe owner. Oona is frustrated and starts a slanging match. She informs Dave that should Tom check out his references that Dave provided, he'll be talking to the owner of a hot dog stand as opposed to his successor of a posh cafe. He offers Oona a job but she throws it back in his face and storms out.





Episode: 163 Transmitted: 25-10-01 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Oona applies for a new job at a beauty salon. She puts down Crossroads as a reference but then claims to have been the salon manager. It impresses the person doing the interview and Oona gets the job but this is subject to the references being suitable in the first place. That could be tricky.


Phil catches up with Nicola and Chloe in King's Oak but is snubbed. He is later found tinkering with Minty and Des's camper van ("[The engine] go for the first ten miles but after that, who knows?") which is when Nicola apologises for biting his head off. Things are not easy between them.


Jake hears that Tom is moving to Manchester for a new job there. It surprises him that Bradley is not going as well until he finds out first hand that Tracey and Bradley actually did sleep together. She has a quick argument with Tom about it. Its not the reason why he's going but she doesn't know that.


Tom manages to persuade Daniel quite easily that Manchester is a fresh start for both of them. Daniel is happy to go but it means leaving his school, his relatives and his best friend behind. Daniel goes to see and say goodbye to his best friend Scott. The two boys talk and swear to write to each other because if they don't, Daniel will lose his precious photo of his parents and Scott's favourite football team, Aston Villa, will be relegated from the Premiership. Scott then confesses all and says that his parents think that their son doesn't know what's going on between them whereas in fact he knows too much. He asked dad earlier about mum but was fobbed off. The situation is starting to worry Scott.


In other news, Doris is charmed by Arthur who dedicates his tunes to her. She is a bit bewildered to be allowed into the bar area at all but turns down a grasshopper drink because of it's colour ("I can't drink green cocktails", she says).





Episode: 164 Transmitted: 29-10-01 (Monday) Written by: tbc


The day has arrived. The cafe is now in Dave's hands as Tom boards the taxi ready to travel to Manchester to start his new life with his younger brother Daniel. It's a bad moment for Bradley, who tries to get Tom to stay to make the relationship work, but its too late anyway. Neither are happy to part ways, but life is so cruel sometimes.


Bradley meanwhile no longer has a good working relationship with Jake. Well, not since he was found to be sleeping with Tracey anyway. He finds just how much of a miser Jake can be as he sets the handyman numerous tasks, all to be completed before the end of his shift and before he can have any lunch. He tries to sneak away once to bid farewell to Tom but is stopped by Jake who just lumbers him with more tasks.


Meanwhile Mandy and Ray receive the results of their Immigration interrogation. Ray is in the clear and can stay in the UK! Oona utilitises the cafe computers via Mandy to write a fake reference. But Mandy had to sneak around the office to get some Crossroads headed notepaper and is caught by Sarah who thinks the paper is for Ray to write to Immigration with to thank them.


Elsewhere Des and Minty's campervan is sold for 800 and Phil takes a 20% cut as agreed. Unfortunately the buyer comes back with the engine having blown up so he demands his money back. Phil refuses to part with his 160 from the sale of the van so Minty is forced to give back the 640 cash with a cheque for 140. This passes the buyer off but Des is upset when he hears Minty might not have 140 in his account...


The staff hear about the new bar rules and the 10% discount and are pretty chuffed about it, particularly Tracey. The staff are encouraged to thank Sarah for it and they do just that.





Episode: 165 Transmitted: 30-10-01 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Dave, unhappy with the current range of food at the King's Oak Cafe, introduces changes to the menu that turn it into a greasy spoon. He later orders Chloe around but refuses to help out when the success of his new food availability range takes off. The cafe is full and Dave does not help out. He does however find time to pat her on the backside which upsets her, but he thinks its part of her nature.


Dave is later visited by Oona who tells him she landed a job at a beauty salon in town. He knows she faked her references having pulled them up from the computer yesterday but then Dave knows all about faking references. Don't you Dave?


Tracey walks in on Kate visiting at the Booth apartment but ends up having another domestic row with Jake in front of Kate and Nicola, who turned up to see Scott. Tracey tells Kate exactly what she thinks of Jake as well. He snaps and orders Tracey not to embarrass him like that again. However, Mrs Booth really doesn't care anymore what Mr Booth thinks and Master Booth can still hear every word in the next room.


Kate gets wind of the 25,000 that Patrick lent to Diane and goes through the roof. The cheque is what she owed him plus interest. Patrick is forced to explain and admit that he lent it out, without asking her. Diane had earlier organised a wine tasting session that went down well, it did not help that Patrick decided to bulk buy from Diane with a 33% discount as well, against Kate's wishes. So now Kate's on the warpath.




Episode: 166 Transmitted: 31-10-01 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Tracey chooses a moment to announce that she might be pregnant by Bradley. Jake is not happy and asks Tracey to abort it if it should be true. She says she'll have it. This has the knock on effect that Jake immediately goes and berates Bradley over his lack of presence in the hotel all morning. Fortunately for Bradley, he has a couple of witty come backs to take Jake down a peg or two.


Jake introduces a new Crossroads Motivation scheme to award workers with pay rises. Kully rises to the challenge and does everything asked of her and more. An increase of 25 in the pocket is better than nothing... Minty needs at least 160 to ensure his cheque doesn't bounce and he's now worried about what the van owner will do if the cheque does bounce.


Kate is not a fan of the motivation scheme and neither's Billy who is livid to learn that his name is on the list. Kate rips it up and throws it at Jake. She's still upset at Patrick's 25,000 loan to Diane, of all people. But then Kate learns exactly what Patrick used to get the 25,000 loan - the Life Insurance Policy. Their future and their last financial lifeline, used to bail out an old flame. Poor Kate doesn't know what to think anymore.


Meanwhile Tom phones up the cafe to see how its running. Chloe isn't happy with things but Dave continues to assure Tom that although he's changed the menu, things are looking better. He plans to send a copy of the accounts to him. Still Dave continues to fail to lend a hand around the place and is unable to even hand out the menu without pointers from Chloe. This girl is at the end of her tether, what with being called "Chlo" which she hates.














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