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The following episode guide has been written (where possible) after re-watching the episodes in question. These episodes are immediately obvious because they feature screen captures alongside. Where there is a guide that is accompanied by images of the title sequence it means that the episode has not been viewed and that alternative sources have been used.





Episode: 167 Transmitted: 01-11-01 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Kate is still upset over Patrick's attempts to go behind her back in lending Diane £25,000 in the first place. She decides to tell Nicola (who is sympathetic towards Patrick), Mark (who is not sympathetic towards Patrick) and Jake (who is more upset at being the last to know). The issue is controversal because it was the hotel's survival net and would have developed into a nestegg of £250,000 had it been allowed to mature. Kate runs to Billy again to get support.


Elsewhere Kully continues to race around trying to earn stars on the staff motivation scheme. Her speed makes Mandy look like a snail. Phil cleans Jake's car as well. Jake has never had it so good, he wonders why they didn't introduce this scheme before.


Minty hits on the idea of converting the oh-so-unsellable camper van into a studio base for a pirate radio station. He researches the idea on the Internet just as Chloe is about to unplug and dispose of the computers in the King's Oak cafe under Dave's orders. Chloe herself is not happy with all the changes and the lack of attention Dave is paying to the cafe but nobody seems to be listening to her.


Mark causes a scene in the reception area when he confronts his father Patrick about the investment of the policy. He says he's ashamed of his father now which is not good news for Patrick at all. It isn't good news for Kate either, she didn't want the entire hotel to hear what's going on (but then it's too late now anyway). 





Episode: 168 Transmitted: 05-11-01 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Doris decides to agree to go on a date with Arthur. Its all booked and everything but Doris is caught off guard by an irate Bradley who storms out of the hotel. Doris decides to abandon the date to chase after her nephew, who has had another falling out with Tracey and her drunken passes towards him.


Jake plans a weekend away and Tracey isn't coming with him. She shows him up at Sarah's cocktail evening by making constant reference to Bradley and is already blind drunk less than ten minutes into the evening. She then attempts to flirt with Dave who is then dragged away down the pub by Ray. Kate and Patrick witness the entire escapade, not sure what to believe anymore.


Mandy panics when it's about to turn midnight. She's ill and her husband Ray is out boozing down King's Oak with Dave and is already too drunk to get home. Mandy hence runs off to Sarah and Beena because she says she's bleeding...


Kully meanwhile gets her first star in the Crossroads staff motivation scheme after Doris shows Jake just how thorough Kully has been in cleaning the bedrooms. Needless to say, Kully is now over the moon and estatic at this and plans to get another four stars to win a £25 bonus.





Episode: 169 Transmitted: 06-11-01 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


After being rushed to hospital, Mandy is given the all clear. Her baby will be fine. Ray doesn't even know the actual terminology for Mandy's trouble but Doctor Des does. He goes to see Mandy to check that she's okay and Ray is guilty for not having checked on Mandy before going out boozing with Dave. Billy also admits to Mandy that it wasn't he who confessed to Immigration about Ray and Mandy and she believes him, even if Ray doesn't.


Talking of Dave, he bumps into Tracey in the reception area and remembers her from the previous night. She's horrified at his presence and quickly tries to get rid of him while her son Scott looks on, confused as to why this man is here at all with a Bangers and Onion Ring sandwich stinking the place out...


Scott has not had a good day either. Desperate to get out of the tense atmosphere in the Booth Apartment via school, his escape is denied by an irate Jake who burnt his shirt with the iron. Scott later finds Tracey fiddling around on the top of his bedroom wardrobe and has a look for himself. He is gobsmacked to find that there are booze bottles all over the top of the wardrobe. It dawns on him that his mother's drinking problem is quite serious now and he tries talking to Tracey with little success. He's also worried about lack of friends now that Daniel has moved away to Manchester.


Its trick day at Crossroads between Sarah, Kully, Minty and Des. They play a trick or two on Jake including the incredible self moving trolley (pulled by cotton by Beena and Des, both out of sight of the security camera) and the "person in room 208 wants you, Jake" trick which ended up with Jake covered in water. Doris gave him the original message so he blames her when she's found outside Room 208. Jake blamed Bradley for the self moving trolley and automatically assumed his aunt Doris was responsible for the Room 208 escapade.


Arthur is seen in the Laundry by Kully without any trousers on! There is a plausible explanation in there - Doris offered to clean Arthur's trousers to match his suit and then hopped around behind the laundry only for Kully to wander in! Hence one very flustered Doris, clearly not used to men removing their clothing... ;-)

Later, Jake decides to spend time with Scott with a motorised remote control car (to which the remote has been lost). Scott asks him about the possibility of divorce which Jake skips over and begins rummaging around on top of the wardrobe looking for the remote. As Scott tries to stop him, Tracey's booze bottles fall out onto the floor and now it's Jake's turn to see how serious a problem with drink his wife has.





Episode: 170 Transmitted: 07-11-01 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Kully is tempted into playing a practical joke on Jake which involved swapping the telephone connections over. It fails because she's too slow and Jake falls over her on his way to the back area. Sarah quickly turns up and rescues Kully from the heat of the moment with a bit of quick talking but it doesn't look like Jake will see the funny side of it.


Minty's cheque for £160 to the van purchaser has bounced. Minty and Des are forced to borrow the money in cash from Beena who strolls out and pretends to be their personal fianance manager. she gets rid of the van purchaser and his boxer friend which can only be good news for them all.


Meanwhile Billy has contracted mumps, presumably from Scott. Evidence that Billy is not well starts when he is short of breath and finally drops a pot full of potatoes all over the floor. Sarah books him into room 132 for the night and Kate plays the nurse, anything for her old friend.


Tracey is aghast when Jake confiscates her purse and what he thought was left of the booze. Little does he know that she has more of the product in reserve. It is later that Scott finds out mum's been drinking after she's sprawled all over the sofa. She snaps at him to get lost (this is after she works out he's been silently crying over the entire issue and calls him a big baby which he doesn't like), but he comes back when Tracey's out, hunts down her stash and pours the entire lot down the kitchen sink. It paints a picture in his mind that what he's done will help both him and his mother.


It doesn't work quite like that though, Tracey works out what went on when Scott made a poor show of covering his tracks. He's hidden the bottles in his bed but she storms in, realises it was he who poured the booze away and then proceeds to shake and finally slap him. Scott runs off in a panic and Tracey collapses in tears, ashamed at what she's just done.


Elsewhere, Jake reveals to Beena that he's been planning to give her a star on the Crossroads motivation scheme while Scott listens in from the stairs, getting the feeling that his father doesn't care about Tracey's drinking problem hence why he decides to do something about it himself.





Episode: 171 Transmitted: 08-11-01 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Dave persuades Mandy to move into King's Oak Cafe so that he can look after her. Unfortunately she refuses to move unless her darling husband Ray comes along with her. Dave is surprised that Ray is moving in as well but Mandy likes the idea and they move in the same afternoon. Chloe isn't happy, afraid that it would just de-generate into Dave spending all his time with Mandy and not on the cafe.


Kate continues to nurse Billy back to health. Its clear he's back to his old self when he tells Joanne off about the food she brought him. She complains about Des and Minty doing little work but according to Billy it's part of their job to skive off.


Kate later leads Diane into a wine tasting session which Patrick loves and later Diane finds out from Nicola that Patrick cashed in his life insurance policy to cover the loan. Diane tries to make amends by offering cash but Kate has had enough. She gives Diane a furious response and throws her out of the office.

Tracey begs Scott not to tell Jake about her hitting him. She's in a good mood and will do anything to buy his silence. So she gets him a new computer joystick, a black cap with the word "DAD" on it for Jake and buys herself a new dress - "something short and very sexy" she boasts. Scott beams with happiness again, happy that all is right between his parents.


Meanwhile Beena sees an advert for receptionist job and decides to apply for it, after Jake says that there's no reason why she shouldn't get it.





Episode: 172 Transmitted: 12-11-01 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Nicola is overjoyed to hear that her friend Todd from America has invited her to stay over during the Christmas holiday period. She pleads her father Patrick to allow her to go as it is revealed Todd's parents will pay for everything else bar her flight out. Patrick agrees to this.


This goes out the window immediately when Kate announces news of a cash crisis at Crossroads, with a need to tighten everybody's belts or force staff to take a salary cut. "Luxuries like holidays are out of the question" says a determined Kate when Nicola questions her about her Christmas period vacation in America with Todd. So Nicola runs off, furious.


Beena and Kully fight it out for the receptionist's job. Kully hardly gets a look in bar a quick meeting with Jake, while Beena firmly has her foot in the door already and is then asked by Jake to babysit Scott for the afternoon. Kully is not happy at all.


Scott is therefore supervised by Beena for the afternoon and he kicks her butt at computer games. She asks the boy to show her how to use the basics of a computer and Scott is only too happy to agree. He suggests putting some music on, until Beena picked up the Tweenies CD that just happens to belong to Daniel...


Jake notices a step in Tracey's stride and asks Scott about it in case there's something he's missed. Later on Jake is seen in a highly heated row with (drink-fuelled) Tracey. Scott jumps in to try and split it up but is firstly shoved away by Tracey and then pulled back by Jake. He asks his son about Tracey's mood.

The unfortunately placed Scott is now trapped in the biggest decision he's probabaly ever had to make. Jake asks him if Tracey has ever hit him. Unsure what to say, he freezes, flicking his gaze between his parents. He doesn't know whether to keep his word of silence to his mother or keep his word of total honesty to his father. In the end he admits that Tracey slapped him. It prompts a furious reaction from Jake who is then seen seething in Scott's bedroom packing the boy's clothes. Tracey rushes in soon after, shouting "You can't take him away!".


There is a struggle and Tracey lashes out at Jake. He flies into the bedroom wall and hits his head off the corner of one of the shelves and falls to the floor, unconcious. Tracey is aghast at what she has now done and Scott can do nothing but look on in complete terror. He's just witnessed the mother of all his parent's arguments. His vision of complete harmony once again between his parents has been totally shattered.





Episode: 173 Transmitted: 13-11-01 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


The unfortunate Kully can't seem to do anything right to get her much prized stars. Having already lost one she makes an effort to get it back by working in the kitchen. Joanne asks Jake if its worth a star, which it isn't according to him because it is a disadvantage to her own department. Kully storms out muttering "What do I have to do around here to get a star?".


Beena might be able to offer a few tips. She has named a cocktail after her boss (the Jakeashake) which earns her a star. A star for babysitting Scott (he rewards her with Madonna information off the internet), a star for trying too hard last week and now a star for the Jakeashake. Kully doesn't know what to do anymore to get a star.


Arthur comes into the laundry to see Doris. She tells him she isn't going to the cocktail evening because everybody is teasing her over her being in the laundry last week with a trouserless Arthur. Kully comes in, cracks another joke and Arthur snaps. He tells Kully that if anybody has problems with Doris or does another wisecrak, they'll have him to answer to.


Tracey hits the bottle again today over Jake's attempts to take Scott away last night. Jake meanwhile has a chat to his son Scott and tries to persuade him that it would be better to move out. At first he grabs the wrong end of the stick but learns that Jake is planning to move into a real house without Tracey. Scott, ever the caring little soul that he is, replies with "I can't. I have to stay here to help mum get better. She can't do it without my help".


A cocktail evening has been arranged and this is where Beena makes her Jakeashake. Its mexican evening and the party is in full swing when Minty pulls Phil away to the staff room. There, he finds his sobbing mother who has been beaten up again by Phil's stepfather. Phil is aghast at this, particularly when she claims she had nowhere else to go. He's worried that his stepfather will come looking for him.

In other news, Rocky encourages Phil to show his face more in reception and Minty helps out with the car valet service after throwing a sickie in the kitchen (he runs off pretending to be sick at the sight of some fish). Doris confronts Jake about problems at home, he says he just wants a stable environment in which to bring Scott up.





Episode: 174 Transmitted: 14-11-01 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Ray pulls more than pints behind the bar when his flirting with a glamorous guest lands him a night of illicit passion in a hotel bedroom. So much for room service then. Meanwhile, Mandy is exposed as a malingerer when an annoyed Chloe puts her under covert video surveillance (read: camcorder) to see if she’s as ill as she’s been making out. It turns out that of course Mandy isn't that bad but Chloe keeps the evidence.


Des and Minty try to set up a meeting with the shadowy "Big Tony", the mystery man who is meant to be sorting them out some pirate radio hardware. They succeed in contacting him and he'll be round next week. Dave wants it all hush hush though.


Rocky agrees that Phil’s mum Julie can lodge with him while she recovers from the latest beating her violent husband Bryan has given her. Phil is worried that Bryan will come a hunting hence the trip to Rocky's place.




Episode: 175 Transmitted: 15-11-01 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


After a passionate night in Room 313, Ray is pleased he stayed there. He is almost spotted by Kully on morning duty but thinks she saw him. Every attempt he makes that day to have a quiet word to explain the situation is twarted.


Jake today does interviews for the receptionist's post - he interviews Kully and Beena. While Kully is clearly the more suitable candidate, Jake decides to go with Beena. Kully is not happy at all and tries to find out more about why Beena got the post and not her.


Phil catches his mother Julie and assumes that she's phoning Bryan. In fact she's phoning Bryan's sister which upsets Phil at his mother's inability to understand the function of the 1471 service. Rocky says it doesn't work from his line but that's not the point. Phil is worried that Bryan will come looking for Julie soon. In fact he's having a go at his mother when Rocky throws him out, encouraging him to be more sympathetic towards him.


More trouble is coming in the Russell family - Patrick has ran off to Diane after an argument with Kate over a weekend away. Diane is asked by Patrick to find investors for the hotel and she suggests the same people who setup her vineyard. Patrick is happy with that and will consider the offers.


Kate, meanwhile, is with Billy. She eventually gives into her passion for Billy and says that she wants to pick up where she left off on the previous relationship from many moons ago. Billy is against it but that doesn't stop him starting a passioniate kiss between them.





Episode: 176 Transmitted: 19-11-01 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Kully has a row with Jake over the receptionist position. She's not happy that Jake chose Beena because of her flirting when its quite clear that Beena doesn't know the first thing about computers when she manages to completely wipe the file of whos staying in the hotel. And so Kully quits her job at Crossroads.


Des and Minty seal a deal with 'Big Tony' over the pirate radio equipment and they now have a month in which to pay £550 for it which is £500 for the gear and £50 delivery. Its just fortunate that Beena is paying for this in exchange for a slot on the station (but Beena doesn't want a breakfast slot).


Billy goes for a checkup at the surgery and learns that the mumps he has may have rendered him infertile. He tells Kate that he wants to take the relationship between them further and also takes time out to remember the previous romance of some 17 years ago. They kiss again in the pub.


Scott returns to school today after his recovery from mumps. Tracey tells him she's going shopping but he's worried that she will just end up in the pub. Scott's worst fears are realised when he returns home to an empty apartment which fills him with upset. He confides to Beena who then tells Jake who asks Scott who gives Jake an upset stare and walks off without saying anything.


Jake subsequently investigates and sure enough, his wife is in the pub getting drunk with another man. As Jake tries to take her home she slaps him hard in a drunken rage in the full vicinity of the onlookers - very embarassing indeed.





Episode: 177 Transmitted: 20-11-01 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Phil lets slip to his mother Julie that her husband Bryan gave evidence against him when he was up on trial for the murder of Jill Harvey in May. She continues to be wrapped up in herself until this news and immediately plans to leave Brian for good. Whether this is what will happen will be revealed in good time.


She can't believe that her husband would do such a thing - "he's gone one step too far this time" she says.

Talking of going too far, Oona loses her job and then suffers heartbreak. She was sacked because of an accident with bikini wax, but Dave says that she can always come and work for him (she of course told him where to stick the offer but maybe its her who has to go fishing for it now?). The heartbreak comes because Oona thinks she hasn't been a good mother and hence invites Ray and Mandy to move back in with her.


They decline the offer but she persists and eventually gives in and leaves the cafe empty handed.


There are more Booth Blues between Jake and Tracey. An early morning argument results in Jake thinking Tracey's too far over the limit to drive Scott to school and so ends up doing the job himself. Not that Scott cares who gets him to school just as long as he gets there before the bell, though after today's charade it may as well be quicker to just walk in future.


Later, Jake suggests to Tracey that their feuding isn't doing their offspring any good at all - "when was the last time you heard [Scott] laugh really sincerely?". Jake suggests that he and Tracey go away on their own for a few days to call a truce for Scott's sake but she isn't interested at all. However Jake sees an opportunity to get Tracey to agree when a nosey Scott is seen wandering around asking when they leave. And so Jake and Tracey leave Kate in charge of Scott as they part on their temporary vacation.


Kully returns today to pick up her cheque and P45 and receives an extra bonus. Doris encourages her to aim high for a hotel in Paris to which she'll be invited no doubt :) Doris is also charmed by Arthur and his catchphrases ("Just a quickie" was one. I kid you not) with a date thrown in for good measure.





Episode: 178 Transmitted: 21-11-01 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Head chef Billy Taylor, recently off sick after a spate of mumps contracted from the grandson of his best friend, has returned to work. He returns early and is in great spirits. In fact he's so happy he's seen juggling the vegetables in the kitchen and then leaves early to the bewilderment of Joanne and Minty. Phil and Minty later spot Billy getting into a car with Kate and wonder just what is going on.


Phil, meanwhile, introduces his mother Julie to Nicola. Its not a very successful meeting at all, to be honest. When Julie returns to Rocky's house she finds him polishing his war medals for a regiment dinner. Just as he's about to ask her to accompany him, Phil comes in with the tea.


Oona finds Doris asleep in the laundry after her night out with Arthur. Dave later offers Oona a job in the King's Oak Cafe and she accepts, if only to be able to be near her daughter. "But if anybody asks, you begged me [to work here]" says Oona. A jobs a job after all.


Patrick meets up with Diane who has found potential investors for the hotel - they would be sleeping partners which basically means they will invest but not have anything to do with management which is just what Patrick is after. The name Victor Barnes comes out and with any luck he'll be able to provide a cash injection.


Beena is letting her new position go to her head and shows it by interferring with a private conversation between Mark and Sarah and boasting in the kitchen. Perhaps Kully was better after all.





Episode: 179 Transmitted: 22-11-01 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Kate finds out about Phil's valeting service after spotting activity in the car park. She puts a stop to it but Mark offers to make it an official Crossroads service for Phil - he agrees but as long as he gets 40% of the profit made. Minty managed to put a great big scratch in a clients car today but managed to hide it from the owner until after he'd paid and drove off.


Elsewhere in Phil's life, his stepfather Brian has turned up. After drinking himself silly with tea in King's Oak cafe, he finds the Crossroads hotel about three seconds after Phil leaves with Rocky and Julie. They've gone on a weekend dinner break to London for Rocky to meet up with old army comrades that he hasn't seen for well over 20 years. Julie is pleased to go as is Phil. Brian has other ideas and will end up hanging around the hotel waiting for Phil to return.


Rumours are now circulating around the hotel that Kate is having an affair with Billy. Patrick hears it from the Kitchen Staff and then confronts Kate about it. She denies that there's anything going on between them but doesn't deny that she did indeed go out with Billy yesterday afternoon - to drop him off in town.


Elsewhere, Oona settles into her new job by having a quick argument or two with Dave. She's not happy when Dave asks her to give up her £8 worth of tips and he's even more infuriated when it turns out she'll only get 20% of the final tip tally anyway. 50% to Dave, 30% to Chloe, "the head-waitress" and 20% to Oona.





Episode: 180 Transmitted: 26-11-01 (Monday) Written by: tbc


It hasn't been a good day for Des White at all. Initially shocked by the sight of Mandy in her work uniform and blantly going against doctor's orders to rest, Des insists on helping Mandy out all day. It gets him in trouble with all those above him in the hotel chain. Joanne tells him off for being absent during lunchtime and then Mark tells him off for being in the laundry. Then to cap it all he loses a star from the motivation scheme and has to peel a huge sack of spuds in the kitchen.


Minty takes delivery of the radio gear from Big Tony and Beena fails to lend a hand, preferring instead to just watch. They try connecting all the various bits together and find the manual, only for it to be written in a foreign language. Tony just dumps the gear and runs off, only to return for his money in a months time.


Kate sneaks away with Billy for the afternoon but on her return her daughter Nicola spots the pair sharing a passionate kiss on the pavements just up from the hotel. Things are not helped at home when Patrick suggests a list of investors for Crossroads and Kate finds out they're from Diane. She rips the list up - "that's what I think of Diane and her investors". Kate's unhappy because Patrick's gone for financial help from the woman who got them into this mess in the first place.


Brian tricks Mandy into letting him into Phil's room by telling her he is a friend of Phil's (which is technically correct). Mandy's concerned at this but lets him in as long as he doesn't let on that it was her who allowed him into Phil's room. He then goes through Phil's stuff looking for evidence that Julie has been around. Dave inadvertedly lets on that Julie and Rocky have been together which gives Brian more of a clue as to Julie's whereabouts. He later finds out from Mark that she's in London with Rocky and Phil.





Episode: 181 Transmitted: 27-11-01 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Billy and Kate have been off with each other again. They dine at the new restaurant that's just opened up nearby and have mixed opinions about its range of service. When they return to Crossroads, Billy tells Kate: "I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you". In other words, he wants her to leave Patrick for him.


In other news, Brian has found Phil and the two are delighted to meet up again. Not. Brian only wants Julie, Phil only wants Brian to get lost. Rocky turns up which persuades Brian to go away for the moment but Phil doesn't want Julie to know that her husband has finally shown up.


Beena nags Sarah about her sex life on the reception desk and gets her own way. Sarah tells about the time when she had a one night stand with Mark when she first came to Crossroads. Minty brushes up on his Russian when he learns the radio equipment documentation is that language and Rocky reveals more about his army days during the Falklands war.





Episode: 182 Transmitted: 28-11-01 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Brian, continuing on his quest to find Julie, follows Phil back to Rocky's house and invites himself in and is heard banging on the front room door. Julie assumes its Brian and panics. Phil manages to get rid of Brian and admits that its just money that Brian is after, the plan being to bribe Brian to get lost.


Des and Minty have an argument over the motivation scheme and agree that it's causing friction. Des lost all his stars today and Bradley picked one up - because Des left the sink blocked and it overflowed onto the floor. Billy is not happy that Mark is throwing his weight around in the kitchen either.


Diane confronts Kate when it is learnt that the latter ripped up the investor list supplied by the former. Diane is unsure as to why Kate is so stubborn and tells her so. Kate just accuses her of wrecking her marriage to Patrick. "From where I'm standing there isn't much of a marriage left to wreck", replies Diane.


But of course, Kate has been with good old Billy again and he again asks her about last night. Kate has made up her mind and says she will leave Patrick for Billy but doesn't say when she'll tell Patrick the news. Sarah persuades Kate to allow Christmas decorations to go up in the staff room with minimal effort.


Mark allows Phil to move his valeting equipment into Bradley's shed but decides to review the share of payment to Phil. Minty asks Billy to ask management about the motivation scheme and Des is late again for work with the excuse "I lost track of the time".





Episode: 183 Transmitted: 29-11-01 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


After hearing that the only language Brian talks is money, heartbroken Rocky decides to help Phil out. He does this by selling his Bravery in the Field war medal which earns him £3,000. He gives this to Brian, who agrees to accept the money and get out of King's Oak.


Rocky later tells Julie what he's done and she is horrified at the news and even more horrified seconds later when Brian breaks down the door and punches Rocky to the floor. He lies there while she cowers in the corner with Brian approaching her.


Minty makes a speech to the Crossroads workteam about the general rubbishness of the Crossroads Motivation Star Scheme. They agree with him and all decide to go on strike should the scheme not be scrapped. Minty later takes his complaint to Mark who is not convinced that the threat of strike action is genuine.


Kate tells Billy that she can't leave Patrick yet. Billy is furious to hear that for her to leave Patrick could take another two years. Patrick himself meanwhile is lured into more wine tasting by Diane, who herself later apologises to Kate for the outburst last night. "We must all be friends if we're going to be in business together," she says. Kate says "Correction. You and Patrick will be in business together".


Nicola has a go at Kate saying that she clearly doesn't care about Patrick after a heart attack and is so much more interested in Billy after the mumps. Its all Kate can do to listen to this outburst. Meanwhile Oona in the cafe is amazed at Dave's taking a break when he hasn't done anything all day.










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