Features: Episode Guide: March 2001


The following episode guide details events that occurred on-screen during March 2001. 



Episode: 001

Production Block: 1 - TX: 05/03/01 (Monday) - Written by: Deborah Cook


Kate and Rocky count down to the start of the day. Rocky explains that he’s a porter down – but he’s not complaining! Virginia is refusing to give Carol the bridesmaid a room before 12 noon – it’s hotel policy… But Jake comes to the rescue – anything for a pretty girl…


Jake is waiting for a courier package from his solicitor, with the contract to buy 30% of the shares in the hotel. Kate is proud of her son for wanting to join the family business – just as long as he remembers who the boss is!


A mysterious young man (Phil) is on a motorbike – but is almost out of petrol; he panics when a police car goes by.


Patrick goes off to the wine merchants without solving Rocky’s porter problems. He tells Rocky to use his initiative to find a porter on his own.


Mandy asks Kully whether he thinks Ray fancies her. Minty asks Beena for a date this coming Friday – she says no, it’s her 18th birthday.Later, Des steals a bottle of champagne for Friday, and hides it. Des and Minty eventually hide the stolen champagne in their room, and we see a whole stash of booze ready for Friday.


Nicola and Chloe decide to gatecrash the wedding, but Ray sends them away. Chloe thinks Nicola is all mouth about boys – so Nicola asks Phil for a snog! He kisses her roughly and then tells her to get lost.


Bradley catches Phil stealing some petrol from his shed. Rocky and Bradley interrogate Phil, who offers to work off the payment for the petrol. Later, Phil makes a phone call, telling someone he’s OK but can’t go back.


At the wedding buffet, Billy is accused of carving the beef to thinly and storms off. Kate gets Joanne to take over the carvery and she starts making the meringues. Later she uses her tact and diplomacy to get Billy to return to work.


Carol flirts with Jake. Tracey catches him and warns him not to play away from home again…

Carol and Jake slip off to Carol’s room. Tracey takes a call from the solicitor for Jake – he’s (mysteriously) not answering his mobile. Jake emerges some time later from Carol’s room, and is seen by Beena.


Rocky tells Phil he has paid off the petrol and can now go – he wants to stay and earn some extra cash.


Patrick returns from the wine merchants and asks Nicola to carry wine to the cellar – she is shocked to discover that Phil is now working at the hotel, but makes him do it instead.


Jill Harvey arrives in reception. She has decided not to sell her Crossroads shares and wants her luggage placed in the executive suite.







Episode: 002

Production Block: 1 - TX: 06/03/01 (Tuesday) - Written by: Deborah Cook


Despite her father’s refusal to let them borrow a porter, Nicola and Chloe get Phil to row them to the island in the boating lake and then have the nerve to leave him hanging on for hours on end while they take photographs for a school project.


Hotel owner Kate discusses life at the hotel with Jill, which starts off amicably enough but hends up with Kate telling Jill that she will fight her if she has to. Jill tries to get back into contact with her estranged daughter Sarah-Jane, but has no luck.


Des and Minty found themselves on the wrong side of fierce head chef Billy again when their attempts tp defrost the freezer go very wrong. Meanwhile it appears that the sous chef Joanne and the barman Ray have a relationship that is more than just professional…


When their boat is sent floating across the lake, Phil is forced to wade out to rescue it. To make up for it, Nicola offers to dry Phil's uniform in her apartment. Unfortunately this leaves him with nothing but a towel on – just as Kate and Patrick come home…






Episode: 003

Production Block: 1 - TX: 07/03/01 (Wednesday) - Written by: Gupreet Bhatti


The news of Phil’s appearance in the Russell’s apartment without clothes spreads around the hotel – although uncharacteristically Virginia the hotel gossip appears uninterested in this latest piece of trivia. Only Nicola's brave intervention saves Phil from getting the sack.


Jake gets a nice surprise when he finds out that Jill is penniless and wastes no time in cutting up her useless credit card. When Jake orders Beena to work on the night of her 18th birthday, little does he know he's opening up a can of worms. An upset Beena reveals to Jill about Jake's recent indiscretion with that bridesmaid…


In an attempt to entice Beena to their party, Des and Minty set about stealing a bottle of Tequila from the hotel stores.


Jill has no hesitation in bringing up Jake’s “meeting” with the bridesmaid when he challenges her about her unpaid bill. Their blazing row is witnessed by most of the staff - including Tracey herself who says that this time Jake's gone too far.




Episode: 004

Production Block: 1 - TX: 08/03/01 (Thursday) - Written by: Jenny Lecoat


Jake is busy trying to sort out the fallout from Jill’s revelations the night before. Tracey is having none of it and another row ensues – this time overheard by their emotional son, Scott. It appears the only respite he has from his turbulent family life are his mis-adventures with schoolmate Dan. This time their plan involves holding Des and Minty’s party booze to ransom – a scheme that first amuses and then frustrates the hapless kitchen duo.


Jill sets out to see her estranged daughter Sarah-Jane but having failed to pluck up the courage to get on the train she finds herself distracted, as ever, by the bottle. One long session later and she's in a bad way. Handsome handyman Bradley spots her tottering out of the pub and takes her back to Crossroads, although this is something he may just regret…


In the hotel reception Jill meets Jake and Tracey who miraculously appear to have patched things up and are celebrating their anniversary with a family meal.


The extremely drunk Jill gets into an acrimonious confrontation with Kate and Jake over her unpaid bill. It appears that someone else wants to book the executive suite. It is possible that a sober Jill may have been able to talk her way out of this, but the drunk one just slaps Jake around the face. Understandably Kate asks her to leave as soon as possible







Episode: 005

Production Block: 1 - TX: 09/03/01 (Friday) - Written by: Jenny Lecoat


Jill wakes from the night before as fresh as a daisy – if only her actions could be so easily forgotten. She finally gets enough courage to visit her estranged daughter Sarah-Jane but it's not the happy reunion that she had hoped for. Jill is heartbroken on her return to the hotel at not having had the chance to see Sarah-Jane. She is further upset when Kate repeats her demand that she leave the hotel immediately.


Having agreed to Scott and Daniel’s demands, Des and Minty regain their alcohol in exchange for an invitation to the party. It turns out to be just as dramatic as any good drunken occasion should be, although Daniel's joy at being there is shortlived when his brother Tom spots him.


During the party Des and Minty are distraught to find Beena in a steamy clinch with hotel chef Billy – she was after “something different” – and it appears that she found it – although “Prawn Cocktail crisps” was first on her list. Mandy is even more distraught when Ray and Joanne admit they are engaged.


The party is brought to an abrupt end when a concerned Kate sends Patrick to find out why there is no staff and why there have been complaints about noise from the hotel guests…





Episode: 006

Production Block: 2 - TX: 12/03/01 (Monday) - Written by: Alison Watt


Kate finds Rocky sorting papers on reception and tells him to be on stand-by to collect Jill’s bags – she’s leaving today.


Patrick warns Nicola that he doesn’t want her mixing with the staff – especially Phil!


Beena arrives with room service for Jill, but can’t get an answer. Doris uses her pass key and finds Jill unconscious in the bathroom – she sends Rocky to get Kate.


Jake and Kate rush to the executive suite and Jake calls an ambulance. They find the empty vodka bttle and realise what Jill has done. Both feel guilty.


Des and Minty discuss Billy and Beena – They lament their lack of success with girls.


Paramedics arrive and take Jill to hospital.


Jake and Kate discuss the need to keep quiet about the overdose but the staff are already gossiping. Jake, ever the opportunist, phones his solicitor to find out what will happen to the shares if Jill dies. He tells Kate and she is disgusted.


Patrick asks Rocky to find out more about Phil.


Des and Minty persist in trying to chat up Beena, but she’s not interested.


The hospital phones, asking for derails of Jill’s next-of-kin… It doesn’t look good!





Episode: 007

Production Block: 2 - TX: 13/03/01 (Tuesday) - Written by: Peter Milligan


Episode opens on Jill, unconscious, wired up to loads of monitors etc. Kate is racked with guilt. Jake has been unable to contact Jill’s daughter but tells his mother to forget her for a while.


Des and Minty discuss how they are going to win their bet with Beena and get a date with a girl.


There is tension between Joanne and Beena. Joanne is being pious about the storeroom incident.


Kate gives Billy and Virginia a pep talk to try to stop rumours about Jill spreading round the whole hotel.


Beena sees Phil looking shifty on the phone in reception, while an irate guest is reporting the theft of her purse. She observes him putting something into his pocket and jumps to conclusions. In hospital, Jill regains consciousness.


Aisling, one of the members of the Irish tour party, takes a shine to Minty – who doesn’t realise.


Patrick suspects Phil for the recent spate of thefts and tells Rocky to step up security. Phil becomes aware of the staff gossip about him and takes a swing at Minty when he makes a comment. Ray pulls Phil off but Minty is disappointed when Des doesn’t take his side.


Aisling tries unsuccessfully to see Minty but Virginia throws away the flier she leaves for him with her telephone number on it.


Sarah-Jane turns up at the hotel, and kate fills her in on Jill’s recent behaviour. Jake offers Sarah-Jane a lift to the hospital where she puts on a show of concern for Jake’s benefit. Jill’s glad she came. Sarah-Jane (looking at Jake) is glad she came too!






Episode: 008

Production Block: 2 - TX: 14/03/01 (Tuesday) - Written by: Lisselle Kayla


Bradley is installing a CCTV camera in the staff room under Rocky’s supervision. Over breakfast, Tracey quizzes Jake about Sarah-Jane… She obviously feels threatened.


At reception, there is speculation about who will be the new housekeeper. Virginia is dismissive when Rocky suggests that Doris is the obvious candidate.


Phil helps out with room-service breakfasts, but there is still tension between him and Minty.


At the hospital Jill has to intercede when Doris tells Sarah-Jane off for being insensitive to her mother’s trauma. Jill asks Doris to leave.


Antagonism against the CCTV cameras breaks out at lunch time in the staff room, and Billy throws something over the camera to cover it – general approval of the staff.


Patrick overhears Rocky tell Phil that he has put himself on the line for him.




Episode: 009

Production Block: 2 - TX: 15/03/01 (Thursday) - Written by: Charles Lambert Hewitt


Kate plans to challenge Billy about his spending in the restaurant.


Patrick pursues his suspicions about Phil and wonders whether anything has turned up on the CCTV cameras. Kate tells him not to jump to conclusions.


Scott is worried about his forthcoming auditions for Twelfth Night and is comforted by Doris.


Rocky is surveying his monitors and sees Virginia prancing round in Beena’s camisole. Doris and Bradley see too – and word spreads.


Virginia is initially oblivious to the gossip about her.


Kate confronts Billy about the restaurant overspending and tells him that spending will have to be cut or the restaurant will be bankrupt. Patrick takes over the ordering.


Jake’s charm offensive on Jill hasn’t worked – She tells him that she is going to give her shares in the hotel to Sarah-Jane.


Virginia finally realises that she has been filmed by the CCTV cameras and makes a hasty exit from all the teasing in the kitchen. She confronts Rocky and exits through Reception, close to tears, pleading a migraine.


Mandy prepares for her date with Des and is not enthusiastic.


Sarah-Jane makes it plain that she finds Jake attractive whilst Tracey is giving her a  massage. Sarah-Jane flirts with Jake and he offers her a room – free of charge. Meanshile, Des is walking Mandy home when they have a confrontation with a drunk. The drunk backs off when he sees a PC but Mandy doesn’t notice this and thinks that Des has scared him away. She is suddenly very impressed with him.


Kate is furious about the room and tells Jake to retract his offer. He delivers the bad news to Sarah-Jane, who has started unpacking. He is worried that Sarah-Jane will leave  the hohtel, but she has other plans.





Episode: 010

Production Block: 2 - TX: 16/03/01 (Friday) - Written by: Charles Lambert Hewitt


Kate. Patrick and Jake discuss the situation with Jill. Her bill continues to rise and – as her cards have been cancelled – there is little chance of getting a payment through. Jake insists he discusses the matter with Sarah-Jane.


Rocky has set up a system of graphs and charts, but Patrick is disappointed to learn that Phil is not a prime suspect in Rocky’s eyes.


Billy goes ballistic when the next delivery of food arrives – it’s all cheap. Kate informs him that Patrick has taken over the ordering until costs can be brought down. Billy refuses to co-operate.


Sarah Jane confronts Jill with the hotel bill but Jill insists that she has a special arrangement.


Virginia has rung in sick after yesterday’s embarrassment. Kate tells Jake that he will have to take a turn on reception. With no sign of his share still, Jake feels that maybe it is time to move on.


Rocky calls in on Virginia and apologises. He offers her a box of chocolates on behalf of all the staff.


Virginia accepts Rocky’s apology and takes the chocolates. She is quite touched, but she shuts the door and leaves poor Rocky on the doorstep.


Back at the hotel, the St. Patrick’s party is in full swing, with Jill getting stuck onto the vodka. Things turn sour between her and Sarah-Jane.


Jake co-opts Sarah-Jane into doing a stint behind reception and is impressed by her skills.


Des and Minty are filmed on the CCTV cameras, skulking about with a bowl of soapy water (see ep. 11!)


Sarah-Jane is preparing to leave, when Jake tells her that Jill is planning to sign over her share of the hotel to Sarah-Jane.






Episode: 011

Production Block: 3 - TX: 19/03/01 (Monday) - Written by: Fred Lawless


Rocky looks decidedly sheepish as he enters the hotel office. Virginia is discussing another theft with Mr. Russell … This time petty cash from behind reception. Patrick is unimpressed with Virginia when she reveals that she left the key in a drawer –Rocky is quick to leap to her defence and offers to go through the CCTV footage. He also has the ulterior motive that Phil was on duty the night before – and is therefore Patrick’s number one suspect!


Whilst visiting Bradley in the shed, Minty sees an advert for a hotel football league. The idea for “Dynamo crossroads” is born.


Jake agrees to accompany Tracey on a shopping trip. Tracey is relieved that with Virgina’s return to work there will be no need for Sarah Jane to cover any shifts on reception. “I’m sure she’s very willing” quips Tracey.


In the executive suite, Jill goes through some papers and finds her hotel bill. She does what anyone down on their luck, and struggling for cash does… She screws it up and throws it into the bin.


Later Mandy goes into the executive suite accompanied by love-struck Des. Rocky sees them on the CCTV and rushes off to catch them up to… whatever it is that young people get up to in hotel rooms. Des launches himself onto the bed “Care to join me?” he asks. Mandy is unimpressed and refuses, before finding the discarded bill in the bin… just as Rocky enters the room. The head porter swoops on the bill and rushes off with it…


In reception Patrick is in a flap as Jake has sold the wine that has been ordered for a Rotary Club meal. Patrick intends to pay special attention to the Rotarians in the hope of securing a place on the committee. When the replacement wine delivery arrives – it is brought by Adam Chance (ex-husband of Jill Harvey). “You know I’ll never let you down – not my style” he declares. Adam asks Patrick whether he can pay cash for this delivery since his PA has already made up this month’s bill. Patrick agrees and asks Adam to call back later. Doris is stunned when she sees Adam in reception.


Sarah Jane arrives in reception and Kate asks to speak to her in the office. When Kate hands her the bill she claims that she “must have dropped it”


In the laundry Kully asks Doris whether it is true that she has applied for the housekeepers job – but before they can continue Virginia arrives in a very unhappy mood… The guest in room 174 has creased sheets! “Maybe we should get somebody else in to do it” teases Virginia. Doris is having none of this and suggests that Virginia should try doing the laundry. “I wouldn’t be seen dead working in a place like this” she scowls.


In the restaurant Beena the waitress is chatted up by a Rotarian, who gives her the details of a modeling agent friend.


During his break, Rocky buys flowers for Virginia – in a further attempt to cheer her up. Instead of handing them to her, nerves get the better of him and he dumps them on reception. Virginia starts to imagine that she has a secret admirer – and first on her list is suave Adam Chance.


Rocky and Phil return to studying the CCTV and they are stunned to see Minty sneaking behind reception on his hands and knees. It appears they have caught the hotel thief red-handed… and of course, they can’t wait to show Jake Booth their discovery.


Back in their apartment, Patrick and Kate discuss the day’s events. Sadly it seems that his dreams of getting on the committee are not to be – although on the positive side the Rotarians have booked again for next month “Jake isn’t the only go getter” he claims. Kate tells Patrick that Jake is feeling down following Jill’s refusal to sell him her shares. Kate suggests that they sell a third of their shares to him instead.


Adam arrives back at the hotel for his cash… and catches sight of Jill. He rushes off – stunned that she has returned. 




Episode: 012

Production Block: 3 - TX: 20/03/01 (Tuesday) - Written by: Tankita Gupta


Des tries to get Minty to stir from his bed, but the threat of dismissal following the CCTV images implicating him in the hotel thefts is enough to make him hide away under his Aston Villa duvet. Des tries the threat of Billy’s wrath, but Minty knows the CCTV evidence must be convincing – even if the truth was they were planting a bowl of water on top of Rocky’s door.


In their apartment, Patrick is busy mulling over Kate’s suggestion of selling Jake a share in the hotel. Reluctantly he agrees and Kate is overjoyed – on the condition that Nicola and Mark inherit the rest.


On reception Rocky speaks to Virginia who is busy looking at her flowers – little realising they are from the shy porter himself. Virginia believes she knows who it is – the lovely Mr. Chance!


In the office Billy talks with Jake. It seems that he has arranged a better deal with his meat supplier. They discuss the evidence linking Minty to the thefts. Billy asks whether the sacking can wait until after lunch as he needs him in the kitchen! Later Kate comes in and tells Jake that Patrick is willing to sell the shares. Jake is stunned.


On hearing the news that she needs photographs to show the modeling agency, Beena hunts round the hotel for a likely photographer and luckily Bradley offers Tom’s services. Her next port of call is Tracey, where she asks whether Tracey can make her hair “cool” – like Sarah Jane’s. “Well in that case… book yourself into a dog parlour!” Tracey fumes.


Ray and Bradley ask Billy to join in the football team but he refuses - leaving Bradley as captain, coach and one man team. Later Billy is embarrassed into joining the team when Kully teases him that he is probably too old anyway!


Adam arrives at the hotel and speaks to Virginia. Despite having to let her down about the flowers – she reveals to him that Jill’s husband John has died and that she is at the hotel with Sarah Jane. Later he engineers a “surprise” meeting at the bar…


Des returns to his room “Billy is going ballistic” he tells Minty. Des tries to persuade him to go and see Mr. Booth but Minty is having none of it. Later Des tries going to see Jake himself but he is not willing to listen. “The longer he stays away the guiltier he seems”


In the office there is a family celebration to welcome the new partner in the hotel – “To Crossroads, the Russell family and our new shareholder” declares Kate.


In the laundry Doris shows Bradley her interview letter – “Its years since I had an interview” she worries. Bradley tells her that she will be fine but she isn’t convinced. To change the subject Doris talks about Virginia “She should have got married and had children…” Bradley knows this a pointed message for him – if only Doris knew…


In the café Chloe is busy discussing her upcoming date with Phil. Her excitement reaches new heights when Phil comes in looking for Minty – Although from the furtive glances it  seems that he is more interested in Nicola.


In reception Mandy is dressed up, and looking beautiful ready for her date with Des – but when he arrives he has to call it off – it seems that Minty has disappeared and he needs to look for his friend. Meanwhile Minty sits in the hotel shed - Cold and hungry.




Episode: 013

Production Block: 3 - TX: 21/03/01 (Wednesday) - Written by: Tankita Gupta


In the Russell apartment, Kate, Patrick and Nicola are looking at a postcard from Mark who is “busy doing nothing”. Nicola is unimpressed.


Somewhere in Walsall Sarah Jane stands outside her apartment block. She pulls out her mobile phone and makes a call… Meanwhile, back at Crossroads Jill looks through old photos - until she is brought back to earth by the sound of the phone… It’s Adam making absolutely sure that his ex wife will still be meeting him for lunch.


In the staffroom Des apologises to Mandy about standing her up the night before. “We can do it another time,” she suggests. Des tells her that he is going to see Mrs Russell in the hope that she can save Minty’s job. Ray bursts in - having been for a jog round the lake. Des tries suggesting that Phil is guilty rather than Minty but Mandy is too busy looking  at a half-dressed Ray. “It’s a shame Des isn’t as fit as Ray.” she later tells Kully.


In the office Minty goes to see Jake, but rather than this resolving the situation – a cornered Minty snaps… “I quit” he declares. Jake isn’t entirely unhappy with this result. “You’ve got 48 hours then I want you out.” he replies.


In her flat, Sarah Jane grabs cash and a savings booklet before stuffing clothes into a suitcase. Just as she leaves the phone rings but she ignores it. Finally she throws her door keys onto the bed.


Jill is busy trying on clothes for her lunch-date with Adam when Doris comes in with some fresh towels. “The sight of Adam puts me in a state” she admits.


Outside the hotel Rocky asks Phil about his date with Chloe. Phil admits that he switched off after a while. Later, at the café, Chloe’s version of events sounds a lot different. “I had a great date with Phil,” she swoons.  “I felt as though he was listening to every word I said – he didn’t jump on me like most blokes.” When Phil conveniently enters the café there are yet more snatched glances between he and Nicola. Later still Phil tries to sort out Rocky’s love life when he tells Virginia that the flowers were from his friend – “I don’t think so” she replies.


Jill’s lunch date with Adam goes well. He clearly enjoys talking about his financial success although her decision to use a previous surname confuses him… “Why Harvey? Not Chance?” he asks her.  “I always liked the name Harvey” she tells him. Sarah Jane arrives back at Crossroads in time to see Adam and Jill arrive back from their date.


Beena arrives back from her meeting with the modeling agency with bad news. They don’t accept “snapshots” – Fortunately however they can offer her a deal on some studio shots and all for the bargain price of £250.


In her interview Doris handles the questions really well – her experience shining through. Kate is clearly impressed – even if she did put your age down as “56” on the application form!


When walking down a hotel corridor Phil is just in time to catch Nicola Russell coming out of a guest’s bedroom. It seems that Patrick should have looked a little closer to home when it came to the hotel thief!




Episode: 014

Production Block: 3 - TX: 22/03/01 (Thursday) - Written by: Tim O’Mara


Things are looking up for Minty when Des bursts into the café with the news that there has been another theft at the hotel – putting him in the clear! Minty is unsure that he wants his job back, but after a hearty breakfast he changes his mind.


At the hotel, Phil tries to speak to Nicola about seeing her sneaking out of a room, but before he can arrange anything Patrick arrives on the scene to send his daughter to school and Phil off to work. Patrick and Kate then discuss the latest hotel thefts. “That clears Minty” says Patrick.


At the café Dan continues to sulk that Scott has been chosen for the school play. Tom suggests that Dan help out with the lights – but Dan points out is for dorks. Later he receives good news when it turns out that one of the cast members is ill and he is needed as an understudy.


Kate reminds Jake that being a good boss is about earning the respect of your staff… a piece of advice that seems to have passed him by when Minty arrives at the hotel. “It seems you got it wrong” Jake accuses Minty before trying to persuade him that he should have stuck to his guns instead of throwing in the towel.


Kate and Patrick discuss the whereabouts of Sarah Jane Harvey. Patrick assures Kate that she promised him the money for Jill’s bill would be arriving shortly… Kate is less than convinced – so when Sarah Jane arrives she nearly has to eat her words – until Sarah reveals that she only has enough cash to pay half of it… for the time being.


Kate goes into the kitchen to tell them there has been an extra booking for a party of twenty for the evening. She welcomes Minty back with a smile – and a reminder that an Aston Villa shirt is no substitute for whites. As she leaves Mandy arrives to congratulate Des on playing his part in getting Minty his job back. Des takes the opportunity to rearrange the missed date – Mandy agrees but looks less than happy about it.


Jake is presiding over the reception desk as Sarah Jane walks past. He teases her over the expense of the executive suite but she is quick to point out that part of the bill has been settled. Jake takes the opportunity to remind Sarah Jane that one solution to the Harvey family cash flow problems would be to sell him their share in the hotel. Sarah Jane points out to him (not that he needs reminding) that with his current share – and Jill’s share – he could be the majority shareholder in the hotel. “Where does that leave me?” she asks.


Rocky tells Phil that he has relieved a phone call from an anonymous yet abrupt caller. Phil doesn’t seem interested. “Is there anything you want to get off your chest?” asks Rocky, but Phil doesn’t want to say anything. Later Rocky receives another call. Phil again refuses to speak but eventually tells Rocky that the caller – Shaun – is hassling him because they had planned to get a flat together before Phil pulled out.


Sarah Jane goes to see her mother in the executive suite to inform her that she has paid half the bill. As Sarah Jane is quick to point out, Kate is hassling them for the rest. Jill wants them to stand “shoulder to shoulder” but at the moment Sarah Jane is more concerned by the fact that Adam Chance is sniffing around. “Have you told him about your share in the hotel?” she asks. Jill and Sarah agree that it’s best if he doesn’t find out… although Adam seems to be something of a fixture at the hotel. He and Patrick discuss the Rotary Club and pressures of work…Inevitably the conversation turns to the Russell’s sleeping partner – a certain Jill Harvey! “I take it she’s a shareholder then?” he asks nonchalantly.


At the modeling agency, Beena and the owner look over her professional shots. “Shame,” declares the woman “You’re not right”. Beena is upset that she has paid for the photos but that she will get nothing from it. However, as the woman points out – there is always the option of glamour modeling – if only Beena could “build on her assets” Beena is tempted…


In the bar Adam walks up to Sarah Jane. “The last time I saw you I was 8 years old, in a bridesmaid’s dress” she tells him. “I don’t think we’ve got a lot to talk about… do you?” Adam tells Sarah that he has been thinking about Jill and he suggests that she take a flat in the area. Sarah assures him that she has no intention of leaving Jill on her own.


Rocky and Phil call in at the café for a snack. Chloe pounces on Phil to ask when they are going to go on their next date. “Its me he wants to talk to…” gloats Nicola. “Something very important!”


Patrick goes into the kitchen with the news that a conference is running late. He asks Billy whether he can stay on to cover the extra 40 guests in the restaurant. Billy reluctantly agrees and informs Des that he will have to stand Mandy up again… Des is understandably unhappy with this so Patrick arranges with Phil to cover in the kitchen – much to Des’ relief… and Minty’s annoyance.


On the reception desk Kate and Patrick reminisce over their first conference – and the carefree life they could be leading. They decide on a date – chips and a film – followed by the evening in a posh hotel…


If only romance wasn’t quite so lacking for Des and Mandy either. As they leave the restaurant on their way to the bus stop he puts his arm round her before lunging in for a kiss. She is not impressed.


Back in the kitchen the inevitable argument develops between Minty, Billy and Phil – resulting in punches being thrown… just as Patrick comes in…




Episode: 015

Production Block: 3 - TX: 23/03/01 (Friday) - Written by: Tim O’Mara


Rocky gives Phil a talking to. Joanne tells Rocky that everyone was to blame for the fight. Jake tells Virginia off for not checking a guest’s phone bill.


Beena reveals to Tom that the agency told her she would only be good for “personality” modelling. Sarah-Jane asks Jake if he could find a job on reception for her. Phil and Billy make friends again. Kate asks Beena about the modelling career.


Before Kate hoes away for the weekend, she gives Patrick the share papers for Jake. She also suggests that she will give Doris the housekeeper’s job. Phil follows Nicola when she realises the CCTV has been taken out of service. As they argue, Patrick sees them.


Jake broaches the subject of the receptionist with Kate. Virginia goes to see Jake and he tells her that he has another job for her – as housekeeper!


Ray and Joanne get all smooch as Mandy comes into the bar. Ray gives Mandy a drink on the house.


Jake goes to see Sarah-Jane to offer her the job of receptionist.


Beena tells the girls that if she wants to succeed as a glamour model, then she will have to consider surgery on her boobs.


Patrick is angry with Jake for not consulting him over the receptionist’s job. He admits that he didn’t want Jake to be a shareholder.


Wendy has a retirement party in the conference room. An announcement is made about the new jobs. Doris is stunned. Kully and Mandy support Doris, who is close to tears.


The CCTV is now repaired and Phil spots Nicola walking down a corridor where she shouldn’t be. He makes the screen go blank and rushes off.


Adam rings the bell at reception and is surprised to see Sarah-Jane. Meanwhile, Phil spots Nicola going into a guest’s room. As he enters the bedroom, he sees Nicola help herself to stuff from the dressing table. A guest tries to enter the room, but the door is jammed. Rocky rushes to the scene. Phil chases after Nicola in the hotel grounds. She apologises to Phil and then they kiss. She pulls away and Phil calls after her.







Episode: 016

Production Block: 4 - TX: 26/03/01 (Monday) - Written by: Kieran Palmer


One person who’s not full of the joys of spring is Kate Russell. She’s come back from a conference and is furious at Jake’s new staffing arrangements what with Sarah-Jane on Reception and Virginia in the Housekeeper's position. Sarah-Jane’s ousted Virginia from reception, which in turn leaves Doris without that well-deserved promotion. The cheek of it.


Following that hot clinch between Nicola and Phil, he’s dumped Chloe. Could it be that true love is in the air for the upstairs-downstairs couple? And how is that going to affect Nicola’s bestie-friend status with Chloe?


Sarah-Jane’s considerable charms have not only managed to get her a place on reception, it’s also got her bed-and-board. She’s sweet-talked Patrick into letting her move into Mark’s unoccupied room in the Russells’ flat. Oh the cheek of it. Although it’s only a temporary measure, Kate is not thrilled.






Episode: 017

Production Block: 4 - TX: 27/03/01 (Tuesday) - Written by: Kieran Palmer


Rocky's Mrs Marple-like antics (seraching staff bedrooms and the like) in pursuit of the thief have caused righteous outrage amongst the colleagues. But it's not only the workers who come under his magnifying glass - the search is being extended to management quarters. Phil races to warn the light-fingered Nicola who manages to stash away the swag just in time in a rather handily provided laundry bag.


Mandy finds some of the loot in the laundry bag and rather naively decides to sport a necklace from the haul. Patrick spots her and she becomes the latest in a long line of suspects.


It's not as if Patrick doesn't have enough tension in his life as Sarah-Jane's residence in the Russell family apartment continues to cause friction. Tracey's seen off many a strumpet in her time and isn't about to let Sarah-Jane break the Booths. She gives Ms Harvey a warning in no uncertain terms. Jake, however, has a mind of his own






Episode: 018

Production Block: 4 - TX: 28/03/01 (Wednesday) - Written by: Davey Moore


Mandy is devastated to be sacked for thieving. Phil urges the real culprit Nicola to do something to help her. As time passes, the guilt factor creeps up on Nicola but can she stop it from forcing her to own up?


Patrick’s made a big boob in accusing Mandy, but Beena’s got other boobs on her mind. Following the words of advice from that dodgy modelling agency, she’s now after a quote for a surgical enhancement to her chest.


Dastardly Adam Chance is pleased to hear that Jill is looking forwards to a future at Crossroads as she settles into the Lake Room. They celebrate with a glass of wine in the hotel bar. The cheeky scamp steals a tip from the bar to pay for the wine and then has the audacity to tell Ray to “keep the change”. Cheeky… but smooth!


Jake "my wife understands me" Booth is all set to make his move on the delectable Sarah-Jane Harvey. But lo, his plans are foiled as step-brother Mark Russell makes a surprise return from his travels to find her in his room. Jake probably won't be happy to see Mark, but for Sarah Jane it’s a welcome addition to the hotel. Her reaction clearly shows that she thinks he is gorgeous!






Episode: 019

Production Block: 4 - TX: 29/03/01 (Thursday) - Written by: Keith Temple


Mark is asleep in the Russell’s apartment. Patrick wakes him and he asks about Sarah Jane. Later Mark tells Sarah Jane that she can stay in his room until her room is ready – much to the annoyance of Kate.


Beena gives Kully a top that she no longer wants – but asks for £10. Joanne and Ray go house hunting at the estate agents.


Adam invites Jill out to dinner at a friend, Roger Wood’s house. Jake sees Mark and Sarah Jane share a joke and is not pleased. Mark later introduces himself to Phil.


In town, Nicola bumps into Mandy outside a clothes shop. Mandy is crying. Nicola feels guilty.


Doris chats with Scott and Daniel about learning their lines. Later the boys tell Doris that they can manage on their own. Scott feels guilty and asks Doris whether she would help him with his costume instead.


Beena asks Virginia for more shifts.


Joanne tells Sarah Jane that she is hoping to have the spare room in the staff wing – so that she and Ray can be together. Sarah Jane likes this idea.


At the meal, Nicola is bored. Patrick tells Nicola that she has changed since Phil came on the scene. Nicola and Patrick argue. She stuns him when she admits that she is the hotel theif.







Episode: 020

Production Block: 4 - TX: 30/03/01 (Friday) - Written by: Keith Temple


Kate asks Jake to contact Mandy. Nicola overhears her parents discussing her. Patrick is determined that Nicola will not get away with the thefts and Kate agrees. An excited Jill has something to tell Doris – She overheard Nicola’s confession! Kate goes to see Nicola. She insists that Nicola apologise to the owner of the necklace. Kate hopes that they decide not to press charges. Meanwhile, Mandy goes to see Patrick, who apologises for the misunderstanding and immediately reinstates her.


Adam comes in looking for Jill. Mandy tells Ray and Beena of her reinstatement. Beena and Mandy go into the kitchen to tell everyone else. Mandy then goes to see Kate, who apologises again. Mandy asks if she could move into the staff wing. Feeling guilty, Kate agrees.


Jill tells Adam about overhearing Nicola’s confession. Adam says that Sarah Jane doesn’t seem to like him. Adam invites Jill out to lunch… again. Later, Jill asks Sarah Jane to join her and Adam for a drink. Sarah Jane tells Jill that Jake has bought into the business. Jill goes to see Kate and Patrick – she is angry that as a shareholder she hadn’t been told about Jake being a co-owner too. Jill just happens to mention what she overheard at dinner the night before.


A security man for the pop-group STEPS arrives at reception to discuss arrangements.


Ray tells Joanne that she should check with Mrs Russell before moving into the staff quarters. Rocky enters with a notice declaring a staff meeting.


At the staff meeting, Patrick apologises about Mandy. Everyone wants to know who the real thief is. Nicola appears and admits it.


Kate tells Beena that she has promised the spare staff bedroom to Mandy – not to Ray and Joanne. Later she also tells Jill that she could help in the salon – as a way of keeping her busy.


Adam has a drink with Jill and pretends that he didn’t know about her shares in the hotel. He dissuades her from handing over her shares to Sarah Jane. Later Sarah Jane tells Adam that she knows what his game is…