Features: Episode Guide: June 2001


The following episode guide has been written (where possible) after re-watching the episodes in question. These episodes are immediately obvious because they feature screen captures alongside. Where there is a guide that is accompanied by images of the title sequence it means that the episode has not been viewed and that alternative sources have been used.




Episode: 065 Transmitted: 01-06-01 (Friday) Written by: Pippa McCarthy


In reception, Tracey reads in the paper about Nicola and Phil and offers Kate her support – but Kate knows that Jake and Tracey are not doing well either. – It seems both women suspect there is someone else behind Jake’s desire for a separation and both of them look in Sarah Jane’s direction. Patrick arrives back from looking for Nicola. Both he and Kate are exhausted. They start to blame themselves for her disappearance but neither of them know why she hasn’t rung them.


Somewhere in Kent, Phil and Nicola arrive at a Motorway service station. The bike has run out of petrol and they don’t have enough cash to buy any more – but as Nicola points out – it is better than being in the squat. Later, with £2.16 to their name they queue for a cup of tea and reminisce about when they first met. Nicola suggests that Phil ask a lorry driver whether they can hitch a ride to France.


Des finds Mandy loading a washing machine in the laundry and tells her off for bending down. “We’ve got a baby to think about.” He tells her that he dreams of playing footie in the park with their son. Mandy tries to tell him that the baby isn’t his but she cant bring herself to admit the truth. Des promises that he will look after her.


In the office Jake secures a block booking for a conference and seems pleased with himself until Kate walks in and reminds him that he isn’t an adolescent. Jake says he has tried for 11 years to make his marriage work. Jake and Kate argue about families. “All I want is some space” he says. Kate calls his bluff and tells him that if he really does want space and there is a custody battle for Scott, then she will back Tracey.


Whilst Phil is taking to the lorry drivers, Nicola phones Kate. DS Garland encourages her to keep talking - and it works long enough for them to trace the call.


Sarah Jane arrives in the salon carrying a gift from Jake – “Have you come to gloat?” Tracey asks. Sarah Jane reveals that it is addressed to Tracey. “He obviously wants to kiss and make up”. Tracey rushes up to apartment. Jake surprises her and tells her that he is sorry. He somehow manages to blames Jill’s death and Nicola’s disappearance for his appalling behaviour towards their marriage. “When I thought about what I had to lose I couldn’t bear it,” he tells her.  She falls for it – despite it having more to do with Kate’s ultimatum.


Phil returns from speaking with the lorry drivers – unaware that outside the local constabulary are checking out the bike. He and Nicola leave the service station and are chased by several police officers. Eventually they are caught and he is arrested on suspicion of murdering Jill Chance. 




Episode: 066 Transmitted: 04-06-01 (Monday) Written by: Pippa McCarthy


DS Garland has contacted Kate and Patrick and they are busy making preparations to go and collect Nicola. Patrick asks Mark to watch over a conference much to Jake’s annoyance. Kate is in a rush, but Patrick tells her to calm down as she’s hardly likely to attempt a jail break – although on recent performance Kate isn’t so sure.


Phil is in an interview room with his solicitor. DS Garland comes in and sets the tape recorder going. He asks about Phil’s mum and they discusses her problems. When the subject turns to Phil’s father he becomes agitated. Garland insinuates she has had a “string” of boyfriends – some of them violent. Garland then brings up the subject of the time Phil spent in a young offenders institution. He then discusses Phil’s attack on Minty but Phil protests that it was Minty’s fault for making accusations.  On the subject of why they had to leave the hotel so quickly Phil offers the tantalising response…“We had no choice…”


Back at the hotel Mark is looking for some missing conference brochures but Jake is being obtuse. “I’m not the conference manager” he declares. In the staffroom Minty invites Des “on the pull” before Beena bursts in to announce that Phil has been charged with Murder. “That’s ridiculous” shouts out Rocky


Later, Billy comes into the staff room to find Mandy crying. “It can’t be that bad can it?” he asks – little knowing that their one night stand is the cause of her grief. He tries to find out what it is that is upsetting her and she nearly caves in… until they are interrupted by Doris and Bradley who are discussing the possibility of Bob and Sylvia taking Daniel away.


At the police station, Nicola is relieved when her parents arrive. She greets them with a hug. “Did he hurt you?” asks Patrick. They want to take her home but the police won’t allow her to leave until they’ve asked her some questions. “Phil didn’t force me to do anything” she tells the police. Nicola stresses that she was with him all day and that there was no way they could have been responsible for Jill’s murder. DS Garland asks whether they walked through the hotel. She admits that they were separated for a few minutes and that she met him by his bike. “You’ve been very helpful,” he tells her – his suspiscions aroused…


Kully and Mandy discuss her pregnancy whilst cleaning a room. Kully asks about the father “It is Des?” she asks. Feeling as though she can’t reveal the truth, Mandy agrees. Nicola arrives back at the hotel with an “official” greeting from Virginia. Jake reprimands Nicola over the worry she has caused to her parents. Rocky asks Kate for news of Phil but she doesn’t want to know.


Minty knows that something is wrong with his oldest friend and he asks Des what the problem is. Des can’t tell his friend that Mandy is pregnant and that he thinks he’s the father – after all -  he has promised. However the stress of the situation gets too much for him and he breaks down “It’s a mess” – he confesses.


Adam arrives in reception having heard about Phil’s arrest. He is relieved that there is going to be a conviction. He asks Sarah Jane whether they can be friends. “We had so little time together” he laments – and it seems they are united in grief for Jill. “We can both see she gets justice.” he adds.


Back at the police station Phil stresses that the reason they ran away was because Kate and Patrick didn’t want him and Nicola together. DS Garland shows Jill’s rings with the news that someone answering his description was reported trying to pawn them. Things get worse for Phil when Garland brings up the fact that Phil was heard threatening to  “kill” Jill. The evidence continues to mount when he brings up the baseball bat attack on Phil’s step-father. “I had no choice,” states the confused Phil – digging himself an even bigger hole.


At the hotel, Nicola is forced to attend a family meal in the restaurant with her parents and brothers – to put to rest any rumours going round the staff. Sarah Jane interrupts the meal to ask about Phil. “Did Phil kill my mother?” she asks. It seems the police don’t need to ask – they have already got enough evidence to create a watertight case. Unsurprisingly they charge him with the murder of Jill Chance.




Episode: 067 Transmitted: 05-06-01 (Tuesday) Written by: Keith Temple


Things are fraught in the hotel kitchen. Nathaniel the kitchen hand drops pans all over the floor much to Billy’s annoyance. “Late night was it chef?” asks Minty. Indeed it was – it turns out the randy Scotsman hasn’t been home since last night and therefore needs to borrow Des and Minty’s shower.


Nicola, Kate and Patrick arrive in reception on their way to school. She has a face on. Even though her school is willing to give her a second chance, she doesn’t want to go. Patrick is incredulous. Chloe is in reception to meet her. “Everyone is talking about you,” she says – This is not what Nicola wants to hear.


Des invites Minty to the pub as he needs to talk about Mandy’s pregnancy but Minty is still upset that Des didn’t trust him. Des feels as though he has let everybody down.


Kate decides to have a quiet word with Nicola. “I know what you’re going through” she says. Nicola stresses again that Phil didn’t commit murder. Kate discusses how the Nicola situation is just history repeating itself “I was young when I got pregnant by a boy – and I thought I loved him. I would have done anything for him. I really wanted his baby but he didn’t stick around and it took me years to get back on my feet.” – so the story of Jake’s parentage is revealed.


After his shower Billy bumps into Mandy. She tries to talk to him but he is busy and promises to make time for her later. This is all Mandy wants to hear and she misreads the situation completely. Later when Mandy and Kully are working in the laundry, Mandy reveals that she is going to keep the baby. Although she doesn’t go into her reasons it appears that she thinks Billy’s promise of a conversation means that he will stand by her.


Doris is unhappy with the standard of applicants for jobs in the laundry. “Not too much to ask is it?... To have a brain of sorts.”  She reveals that one of the previous applicants was allergic to detergents! The next one through the door is Oona Stocks (mother of Mandy). This comes as a complete surprise to Mandy. “Can’t I ever get away from you?” she asks. Mandy is worried that if her mother gets the job she will find out that she is pregnant.


Things between Jake and Sarah Jane remain frosty. In an attempt to take the pressure of his mum and Patrick he asks her asks her to put all calls through to him. She reminds him that she doesn’t have the luxury of a family to fall back on. “I care” he says – but she wants nothing to do with him.


“How does it feel knowing you’re going to be a dad?” Minty asks Des. Next he teases him that its twins. “Have you thought about what you’re getting yourself into?” – Des can only see the positives. After all – he has dreamed about having a real family for as long as he can remember. “I’m gonna be the best dad ever.” he declares… If only he knew…


In the café Tom receives a visit from Uncle Bob and Aunt  Sylvia. Tom tells them that he is busy and they give him the news that they are staying at the hotel and looking for a house in the area. They enquire where Daniel is, but Tom makes the excuse that he’s out for tea… This would be fine – except that Daniel turns up a few minutes later and contradicts his brother. Also in the café Chloe and Nicola are taking a break from revision. Nicola asks Chloe whether she will accompany her to Phil’s remand hearing – even though it will mean missing revision tutorials. Chloe agrees. Despite this she still arrives home in a mood as people have been staring at her and talking behind her back all day.


Meanwhile, at the police station, Phil’s solicitor meets up with him to discuss the case. She tells him that things are looking grim even though most of the evidence is circumstantial. They discuss whether he will get bail or go to a detention centre.


Mandy finally catches up with Billy in the staff room. He asks her what she wanted to talk about but she doesn’t want to talk in such a public place. She invites him to her room but he gets the wrong idea and immediately responds by telling her that it wouldn’t be a good idea “What happened before can never happen again” he says. “You’re a really great kid – but it was a mistake… No harm done.” If only he knew…




Episode: 068 Transmitted: 06-06-01 (Wednesday) Written by: Keith Temple


It is the day of Phil’s hearing and he wakes alone in a police cell. Mark, on the other hand is up bright and breezy – despite the late hour he got in the previous night – all in the course of duty (of course) He was quad biking with the conference party. Kate is pleased that her youngest son is enjoying his responsibility. Nicola’s morning does not start off as positively as Patrick bans her from attending Phil’s remand hearing.


Chloe arrives at the hotel. Kate has asked her to promise to make sure that Nicola makes it to school – but Nicola points out they’re only going in for tutorials and after a little arm twisting Chloe agrees to accompany her to the hearing.


Jake asks Rocky about the AV equipment for the conference. Rocky assures him that it is all stored securely. Therefore it comes as something as a surprise when Mark gets a call from the conference organiser telling him that the equipment no longer works. Surely Jake wouldn’t have sabotaged the hotel’s equipment…. Would he? Either way he and Tracey are off on a romantic day out…


In the staffroom the girls are taking a break. Beena can’t be bothered with work today – whereas Mandy feels sick. Beena sees this as yet another reason why Mandy shouldn’t keep the baby. Clearly Mandy doesn’t know what to do for the best.  Later, Beena apologises for being grouchy and asks Mandy whether she is going to keep the baby. Mandy tells her that Des has offered his support and is being “nice”. Beena replies “Is nice enough?” Later still Mandy admits that Des is smothering her and that things would never work with him. “What am I going to do? I’m so scared” she cries.


In court Doris and Rocky arrive for the remand hearing. Rocky is there to offer his support whereas Doris is clearly on the other side. “Could you move your coat please - I’m a friend of the dead woman’s family” she says to another onlooker. Adam Chance also arrives looking exhausted.


In the hotel reception, a group of young people arrive from the university with loads of conference equipment. Mark has done them a deal in exchange for the student union having their Christmas party in the hotel – the conference is saved and Patrick is impressed by his youngest son’s resourcefulness. On returning from his trip Jake is genuinely surprised that the day went so well.


Mandy goes to an abortion clinic for some advice. The doctor talks to her about a termination and tells her that it is essential that she is sure it is what she wants. He then talks the issue over with her and after many questions he agrees to book her in.


At the hearing Sarah Jane arrives and sits next to Adam. Phil appears in the dock and gives Nicola a smile. The prosecution set out Case 10768. They very quickly refer to  Phil’s history of violence and petty theft and then, just when things look like they cant get any worse, Brian (his step father) arrives to give evidence against him. Despite Rocky’s offer of somewhere to stay, bail is refused and Phil is remanded in custody for 8 days.




Episode: 069 Transmitted: 07-06-01 (Thursday) Written by: Tankita Gupta


In the apartment Patrick looks at a report of the remand hearing in the newspaper. He tells Nicola that she needs to concentrate on her exams and not worry about Phil. It seems she is towing the line when she tells her parents that she is going to be late back so that she can do some revision at Chloe’s


Minty is also reading the paper as Oona Stocks starts her first day at work. During her break she reveals that she won a small fortune at bingo the night before. Mandy looks longingly at her mother’s bag. After being refused an advance on her wages it seems that the bingo win could be her only way of paying for a termination. Later Mandy sneaks into the staff room and heads straight for her mother’s bag. She pulls out a wad of 20 pound notes and stuffs some of them into her tunic.


In the café Nicola tells Chloe that she is going in to Birmingham to visit Phil. “Are you mad?” asks Chloe. She agrees to cover for Nicola even though she is due to work in the café after school.


In the hotel Adam is in the bar talking to Patrick. For obvious reasons they are both relieved that Phil was not given bail. “To think he murdered her for a few trinkets.” says Adam. He then tells Patrick that he must make sure Nicola stays away from Phil. Adam reveals that he was upset when he saw Nicola at the hearing. This is (of course) news to Patrick…


Oona is devastated when she looks in her bag  to find her winnings gone. Mandy overhears how upset she is and confesses to taking the money – but not why she needed it. Beena comes in at the eleventh hour with a story to cover. Later Beena asks Mandy whether she really wants to go through with the termination. When Mandy tells her that she does, Beena offers to lend her the money from her “cosmetic enhancement fund”.


Adam asks Sarah Jane about Jill’s funeral arrangements and suggests working together. He complains that she is shutting him out.


In the café Chloe is bored – and then stunned when Patrick turns up. He asks her about their supposed “study session” Chloe tries to make up an excuse for Nicola but Patrick isn’t listening.


Nicola arrives at the remand centre but it is not the reunion she wanted – she and Phil aren’t even allowed to hug. When the session ends, Nicola is stunned to see Patrick and Kate waiting outside. They argue and Patrick lays down the law “I don’t know if I can ever trust you again.” 




Episode: 070 Transmitted: 08-06-01 (Friday) Written by: Tankita Gupta


The day starts off with Patrick reading Nicola the riot act –She will either be at home or at school – and if necessary they will organise taxis to move her. Even meetings with Chloe will have to be supervised at the hotel. Patrick tells her that he doesn’t care how she feels – all he is interested in is that she does well in her exams. Nicola tries pleading with Kate but she doesn’t want to hear either.


Mandy arrives in the staffroom with a face on – Oona thinks it’s an “imaginary teenage crisis” – but its far more than that. Mandy asks Doris for some time off to go to the termination clinic but obviously can’t give anyone at the hotel the real reason.


Bob and Sylvia arrive at the café. They tell Tom that they have found a house to buy nearby with four bedrooms and a big garden. They suggest that once they’ve moved in they could have Daniel over at holidays “to start with” – Tom takes this the wrong way. Bob says “Daniel might be fine – but have you ever stopped to think he might be teased at school?”


Adam has a meeting with “Harry” (a debt collector) in the hotel bar. It appears that he has been putting off repaying a loan for months and his word no longer holds good. Harry tells him that “Mr Jensen” won’t be happy if he can’t pay up. Adam claims that his money is tied up but that he is about to get a share in the hotel. Harry gives him two weeks to find £10,000.


Brian arrives at the detention centre. Phil is furious that he gave the police evidence against him. Brian taunts Phil over his mum. “She deserved everything she got – and more” he gloats – but there is little Phil can do about it.


Adam sidles up to Sarah Jane and offers her a peace offering – a photo album containing pictures from the past which he claims to have found in Jill’s sock drawer when she left him the first time. She looks at one photo in particular “I remember that being taken. Mum and Dad took me to London Zoo – She was terrified of snakes” After the meal he offers her financial advice. Adam suggests that it might be a good idea to get away. Next he mentions “that share” and offers to buy it. Suddenly she realises what the attention has been about. “There’s no way you’re getting your hands on the share,” she tells him.


Mandy arrives at the termination clinic. She tells the doctor that she wants to go ahead with the termination…




Episode: 071 Transmitted: 11-06-01 (Monday) Written by: Helen Eatock


Mandy is in bed feeling low. It seems her trip to the abortion clinic has taken its toll emotionally, as well as physically. Nicola is also in bed, distraught at being separated from Phil.


Doris is annoyed when Oona refuses to contribute to Jill’s collection, but Mandy does the honorable thing and puts in for the both of them. Kate and Patrick offer the use of the hotel for the wake – free of charge… An offer which is readily taken up by cash-strapped Adam.


Adam meets with an associate and asks for longer to pay back a loan. The businessman is not happy about this and threatens to pass on the debt.


Sarah Jane prepares the death notice for the local paper:


“Chance – Jill, nee Richardson, formerly Harvey, born 23rd October 1945, died tragically on 18th May 2001.


Local hotelier, beloved daughter of Meg and mother to Sarah Jane. Jill will be sadly missed by her family and friends.


Funeral service will be held on15th June, King’s Oak Crematorium.”


Beena attends the clinic for a check-up before her “surgical enhancement". Despite being given the telephone number of an experienced photographer by another aspiring model, she is horrified when the surgeon finds a lump in her breast.


Des asks Mandy to marry him. She says that she doesn’t love him and reveals that she has had an abortion. This does not please Des at all.




Episode: 072 Transmitted: 12-06-01 (Tuesday) Written by: Andrew Benhardt


Since it is a teacher training day, Tom agrees to let Daniel spend time with Bob and Sylvia. Daniel confides in Bradley how much he misses his mom and dad.


There's an argument on reception as Sarah-Jane falls out with Virginia.  Sarah Jane reminds Virginia that she is now an owner… not just a worker!


Beena visits her GP, who talks her through what will happen regarding the lump in her breast. The GP tries to reassure Beena, but Beena fears the worst…


A heartbroken Des effuses to get out of bed, but chef Billy sends Minty back to their room to fetch him. Minty convinces Des to tell Mandy how he is really feeling about the situation.


Mandy's mum Oona flirts with Billy. Mandy will love that given her history with the temperamental chef


Beena confides to a sympathetic Tracey about her fears over the lump in her breast.


A heartbroken Des confronts Mandy and tells her he'll never be able to forgive her for having an abortion. One moment he was offering to marry her, now he doesn't know if he'll ever be able to look her in the eye again!




Episode: 073 Transmitted: 13-06-01 (Wednesday) Written by: Andrew Benhardt


Tom lets Daniel go out with his Aunt and Uncle. His Uncle lets it slip that he thinks it will be good for Daniel to get some “normal” company. Tom is furious.


Des tells Minty he's going to leave Crossroads to put the heartache of Mandy's abortion behind him. Minty is distraught at the prospect of being separated from his lifelong friend.


Patrick tries to win Nicola over by promising her a dream holiday in America – Although she is initially keen, she says she won't go because Phil needs her. Dad's not too pleased about this rejection.


Tom decides he won't let Bob and Sylvia see Daniel again after Bob reveals his true feelings about Tom's relationship with Bradley. Faced with the prospect of being denied access to his nephew, Bob warns Tom that he and Sylvia will fight for custody of Daniel.





Episode: 074 Transmitted: 14-06-01 (Thursday) Written by: Paul Mousley


Sarah Jane confesses to Doris that she doesn’t have many memories of her mother. Doris reminds her of a day trip where it rained, and an umbrella that she loved as a child.


Mark visits Phil in the remand centre to take him a letter from Nicola. After a heart-to-heart with Phil, Mark begins to share Nicola's belief that Phil is not the one who murdered Jill Harvey. But Sarah-Jane is horrified when she discovers where Mark's been. Can she trust either of the brothers?


Tom fears Bradley's promiscuous past could jeopardise his battle with Bob and Sylvia for custody of Daniel.


Sarah Jane lets it slip to Jake that Mark's been to the remand centre. Jake leaps on this chance to ruin Mark's growing reputation with the Russells so he quickly lets slip to Kate and Patrick. This leads to a blazing row between Mark and Jake.





Episode: 075 Transmitted: 15-06-01 (Friday) Written by: Paul Mousley


Jill's funeral sees emotional outbursts from Adam, Sarah-Jane and Nicola. It seems as if even in death Ms Harvey means trouble.


Minty gets his big break on local radio and uses the opportunity to make a heartfelt appeal for Des to stay at Crossroads.


Tom and Bradley make up after their row over Daniel and Beena goes in for tests on the lump in her breast.


The mourners at the wake are also stunned when Phil Berry walks in. They are aghast that the person they believe is responsible for her death strolls in as if invited.




Episode: 076 Transmitted: 18-06-01 (Monday) Written by: Nandita Ghose


Phil has made himself at home on Rocky’s sofa… Rocky wakes him on his first morning of freedom with a lovely cooked breakfast – much nicer than at the detention centre. Mind you – Virginia isn’t yet convinced of Phil;s innocence.


Nicola seems to be playing along with her parents wishes… although the appearance of Phil, hiding behind her bedroom door soon dispels any pretence. It seems that Phil's alibi came from crucial CCTV footage that revealed he and Nicola were miles away on the fateful day of Jill's murder. Whilst Phil may have his freedom back, being reinstated as the Crossroads porter still seems unlikely for the teenage runaway.


Adam invites Sarah Jane to a ceremony to bury Jill’s ashes in the grounds of the hotel – but she refuses. This looks mighty suspicious to Virginia.


Bob and Sylvia arrive at the café to visit Daniel – it seems they want to let bygones be bygones – but their suggestion of having a few family photos around upsets Toms – who flatly refuses.


Beena visits the clinic to get the results back from her biopsy – despite some initial confusion it is good news – the lump is benign.


At the burial ceremony, Adam breaks down. He is comforted by Kate and Patrick. Adam doesn’t have long to get over his grief as the police arrive at the hotel to continue their investigations. The inspector returns Jill’s rings to Adam.


Bob and Sylvia give Daniel a photograph of his dead mother – he immediately hides it in case his brother sees it.


Sarah Jane seems keen to leave the area following the appearance of the police, but this would be inconvenient for both Jake and Adam, who both want to get hold of her shares. Jake makes sure that Sarah Jane is warned not to leave the country. Could it be that she is now suspect number one?





Episode: 077 Transmitted: 19-06-01 (Tuesday) Written by: Alison Watt


Sarah Jane arrives late for her shift – much to Kate’s annoyance. Kate warns her that if she becomes a problem – she will be replaced.


Phil asks Rocky not to fuss over him quite so much, this is hard for Rocky as he is pleased to have his young friend back… and hes not used to house guests. There is good news for the teenage jailbird later, when his solicitor arrives to inform him that Adam Chance has dropped all remaining charges that were linked to the theft of Jill’s rings.


The police continue to ask Sarah Jane questions – particularly relating to an ex-boyfriend “Mick”. Sarah copes with the questions… just, but the police don’t seem convinced.


Nicola visits Phil and the get close on Rocky’s sofa… She convinces him that with the charges dropped there should be no reason that he cannot get his job back at the hotel. Patrick flatly refuses.



Billy seems unwilling to celebrate his birthday, but during a conversation with Ray he lets slip that he is a great poker player. This appeals to the barman, who is struggling financially.


Adam runs into Phil outside the hotel. Adam asks him whether he tried to sell Jill’s rings. Phil admits that he did. Adam and Phil both know the rings are fakes. Adam warns him that if he mentions anything about this he will reinstate the charges against him so fast that his feet won’t touch the ground.


Adam suggests to Sarah Jane that Jake could be involved in Jill’s murder. Her relationship with Jake is already on the rocks without more suspicion being thrown in her lover's direction.


Patrick warns Rocky that his job's on the line if he does anything to help Nicola and Phil to see each other.


The hotel staff prepare to meet in the pub for Billy’s birthday. Minty sees Jo and Ray’s engagement ring in Ray’s room and Ray picks it up for safe keeping before they head out. Later Jo is embarrassed when the subject of the engagement is brought up in the pub.




Episode: 078 Transmitted: 20-06-01 (Wednesday) Written by: Alison Watt


Bradley finds Daniel sitting in the park, looking at the photograph of his mum. Daniel tells him that having the photograph is stopping him having nightmares.


Adam talks to a friend and tries to contest the share certificate now that Sarah Jane is becoming a more likely suspect. His advisor tells him to wait for the time being.


Kate offers Beena a holiday from the hotel following a suggestion from Kully.


Under pressure from the police, Sarah-Jane reaches out to Mark as she no longer feels she can trust Jake. Kate's younger son and the daughter of Jill Harvey find that they're both surprised to discover how attracted they are to each other. They nearly kiss but they are interrupted by a phone call.


Adam warns Sarah Jane that she has no capital to fight a legal battle and offers to buy Jill’s share. Sarah Jane refuses to sell. Perhaps her reluctance to sell is a little hasty…


Ray, desperate to make money, gets a lesson in gambling from Billy. Minty isn’t convinced.


The police hunting Jill's killer reveal that they have discovered some dark secrets from Sarah-Jane's past and she's arrested outside the hotel and led away.





Episode: 079 Transmitted: 21-06-01 (Thursday) Written by: Gupreet Bhati


The race for Crossroads hotted up when Sarah-Jane announced her plans to sell the shares she inherited from Jill. Both Jake and Adam were determined to seize control of the hotel. Kate just wanted Sarah-Jane to stay as far away from her hotel as possible.


The chances of Adam buying the shares seem slim though. Phil tipped off Sarah-Jane that the rings he stole from Jill - bought for her by Adam - were in fact fakes.


Adam's web of deceit seems to be breaking all around him and that 'cash-flow' problem is just getting worse.


Meanwhile Jake and Tracey had more urgent worries to deal with when little Scott collapsed and was dramatically rushed to hospital.





Episode: 080 Transmitted: 22-06-01 (Friday) Written by: Gupreet Bhati


Mark visits Sarah Jane in her room. She has decided to give her mothers possessions to charity. “Why are you being so nice?” she asks Mark. She thanks him for bothering  and for being a friend. She goes to kiss him but he pulls back. “I’m your friend – nothing more” he tells her.


Jake arrives back from visiting Scott in the hospital. He tells Tracey that Scott will be fine and that Sarah Jane is selling her share in Crossroads. Tracey speculates whether it is before the police can arrest her again. Oona arrives at the door to ask whether Scott is ok… and to ask for a job in the salon.


Adam meets a man outside the hotel. He gets into the car – “Do I have something to celebrate?” he asks. The man gives Adam a cheque for £500,000 – enough to buy the share in the hotel. Meanwhile in reception Jake tells Sarah Jane that he will have the money for her by the afternoon. They arranges to meet in the Lake Room later.


Ray has been reading “How to play poker and win” as he and Billy have a poker game booked for the afternoon. Billy organises the game for room in 306. Later, Ray introduces himself to fellow players Lewis and Terry, but the £5 minimum bet suggests that this game just might be out of Ray’s league…


Jake is clearly worried and offers Sarah Jane a cheque, claiming that it is all the bank will give him. He then offers to top Adam’s bid but she is upset that Jake hasn’t asked her how she’s coping. Jake genuinely has no idea what she is thinking. He pleads with her not to sell to Adam, but when Adam turns up at the room it seems like a done deal…


In the kitchen Joanne is throwing away her pastry – she is trying to do too many things at the same time. Billy’s night off is having its consequences. Facing up to consequences is a theme in room 306 where the poker game continues and things aren’t going well for Ray as he steadily loses more and more cash. He decides to play a complex hand but rather than fold he puts down the engagement ring as cholateral.  He feels confident when he puts down a full house – but billy has a Royal Flush –which beats him.


In the Lake Room, Adam presents Sarah Jane with a cheque for £250,000 – He gives her his pen to sign over the shares but just as she goes to sign the contract she asks “Why did you do it?...Why did you marry her again?” Sarah brings up the cheap paste rings that Adam offered Jill and throws them across the room before ripping up the contract.  Upon seeing this he breaks down “You promised” he wails…


Things continue to get more and more fraught. “NOW SHUT UP” he shouts angrily. Suddenly she realises what happened to Jill. Sarah Jane accuses him of killing her. Adam strangles her but she pushes him off – he chases after her and catches sup with her in the lift. She hastily presses the down button but he gets in – with Adam not far behind. He stats to throttle her….


In reception the lift doors open and Jake spies the attack – Adam runs off and out of the hotel. Jake catches up with him and pulls him to the ground. Adam confeses…“She shouted – we argued – she would not listen – something just snapped – I hit her – she banged her head – she was dead – I know she was dead. I loved that woman.”





Episode: 081 Transmitted: 25-06-01 (Monday) Written by: Robyn Charteris


Sarah-Jane is still in a state of shock after Adam's attack and confession to be responsible for Jill's death. Luckily the handsome Mark is around to offer her sanctuary at Crossroads. And there's more consolation for Sarah-Jane when she discovers that her Crossroads share dividend is worth £60,000!


Joanne is furious when Billy reveals to her that Ray lost her engagement ring in a card game. She wastes no time in tearing a strip off him – right in front of several guests and Kate Russell.


There's bad feeling among staff as Mandy's mum Oona takes every opportunity to wind Virginia up (easily done) and Rocky is deeply offended when he discovers Minty and Phil seemingly making fun of his military memorabilia – so much so that he suggests that Phil leave his house.





Episode: 082 Transmitted: 26-06-01 (Tuesday) Written by: Chris Dunn


Patrick arrives in reception with a quote from a new wine supplier “I hadn’t realised how much Adam was charging over the odds… still I suppose that’s the least of his crimes” he quips. Kate is not impressed by the reminder of Adam Chance – as her thoughts inevitably drift to the arrival of Sarah Jane in the hotel the night before – she wonders whether they are pushovers and if it is really going to help matters.


Tracey does her best doting mother impression, and brings Scott some soup. He tells her that he would prefer ice-cream. Jake appears in the apartment eager to shower. Tracey wonders whether he is making a special effort because Sarah Jane is back. “It was Mark’s idea – him and that spineless stepfather of mine” he assures her.


In the staffroom Oona is keen to quiz Rocky on his “date” with Virginia. He tells her that he was round the house to fix a window and that she is a friend – nothing more. “Good,” replies Oona. “The she won’t mind if you and me go to the hairdressers’ dinner tonight will she?” “What do I know about hairdressing? Look at me!” he protests. “Its not what you’ve got – its what you do with it that counts” she reassures him.


Rocky arrives back at his house and is surprised to see Phil still there. Rocky invites him to unpack and stay. In exchange Phil invites Rocky out for a meal. “That’s the second offer I’ve had today” he says. Phil tries to convince Rocky to go out with Oona – stating that Virginia may not take him for granted if she knows he’s had “other offers”.


In the Russell’s apartment the family discuss Sarah Jane. Mark reveals that Sarah has received her annual dividend. “Now she can smell money, wild horses won’t get her out of here” snarls Jake.


Phil arrives at a pizzeria looking for work, but is too late as the manager has already hired a pretty young girl as a waitress. Instead he offers Phil a job as a delivery driver.


Feeling guilty about standing Virginia (and her window repair) up, Rocky writes her a note to explain his absence… presumably also to make her feel jealous. Later, Oona sneaks into the porter’s lodge and retrieves the note, which she promptly screws up and throws into a wastepaper basket


In the kitchen, Jo is approached by someone from a catering agency who discusses the potential of a new job in a restaurant in Birmingham.


Minty, Chloe, Nicola and Phil meet up for an evening out in…Bradley’s shed – something that does not go down well with Nicola, who has bad memories of it. Phil is shocked to discover a lit candle… “There’s petrol in there – do you have any idea what could happen?” he asks. “Ok – Ok – I get the message,” says Nicola. (As do we – in what must rate as one of the least subtle lead ups to a plot in the history of soap) Minty entertains everyone with a horror story about “The ghost of Jill Harvey” The mood deepens further when Chloe lets slip that Nicola has turned down the trip to America so that she can stay with Phil.. Later he tries to convince her to go. “It sounds like you want to get rid of me” Nicola complains. “Your parents hate me enough without giving them more reason” he points out.


At the hairdressers’ ball Jake spies a Sarah Jane lookalike at the bar – and offers to buy everyone a drink. While he is gone, Tracey intercepts a call from Sarah Jane on his mobile “I need to see you – can you get away? I’m sure you can think of a good excuse” she asks. Tracey is visibly shaken, but is left alone as Oona and Rocky are busy dancing the night away. Later Kate arrives to find out how the party is going and Tracey fills her in.


“Not disturbing anything am I?” questions Kate as she bursts into the Lake Room, much to Sarah Jane’s surprise. “Nobody wants you here” declares Kate. “Your two sons seem pleased to see me – and your husband come to that” she taunts back. “You’d do well not to underestimate me” Kate warns her. “We understand each other” replies Sarah Jane. It seems the battle is about to get tougher…





Episode: 083 Transmitted: 27-06-01 (Wednesday) Written by: Paul Mousley


Above the café Tom is clearly stresses. Bradley offers to help him remove a chewed up video from the player, but he would rather do it himself. The root cause of the stresses are little brother Daniel’s bad dreams “Its nothing” declares Tom, but Bradley isn’t convinced.


In the staff room Rocky gingerly approaches Virginia. He asks whether she received his note explaining why he would be unable to fix her window the night before. She tells him that she didn’t. The Raven is clearly fuming – especially when he reveals that he was roped into going to the hairdresser’s ball with Oona. She looks at his bald head disapprovingly. “All we did was sit all around all night – I’m not big on dancing!” he explains – although Virigina has already experienced dancing with Rocky…


Ray asks Billy whether he would be willing to give back the ring that he gambled in the poker game. “Don’t know how I can help you” replies Billy.


In the office Kate tells Jake that Tracey had answered a call on his mobile the night before and that she was left under the impression that there was something going on between he and Sarah Jane. Kate tells him that he will have to try to convince Tracey that there is nothing going on.


In reception Oona approached Virigina. She yawns (more for show than anything else) “That Rocky’s a good dancer… I had no idea” she gloats. “He went all night – I couldn’t get him to sit down” she continues. Virginia is visibly furious that Rocky would “dance” with Oona, having stood her up a few weeks before. Oona leaves reception. Virgina asks Kate “Do you really think that Oona is ‘front of house’ material?”


Patrick is busy in the office, slaving over the VAT returns when he is uinterrupted by Sarah Jane, in her tightest, most revealing pink vest. “Looks like fun!” she teases. Seeing an opportunity to get more involved in the business (under Kate’s very nose) she suggests that she could do the work for him in her room. He agrees!


“There is nothing going on” declares Jake to Tracey. “Stop lying to me” she answers back. “There is nothing an no-one that comes before my family” he tells her. She looks into his eyes, desperate to believe him.


Sarah Jane invites Mark out for dinner, as a way of thanking him for convincing her to come back to the hotel. “Come and grab me when you’re done then!” she invites him. The double entendre is clear… Later Kate invites her son out to the cinema – and she is less than impressed when he reveals he has already got a date with enemy number one… Sarah Jane Harvey! “She was after Jake.. and now she’s moved onto you” Kate tells him. “Everywhere I turn she’s got her claws into my family… my hotel.”


Jake knocks on the door of room 214 (The Lake Room). Sarah Jane answers. “Where are we? What’s happening? What’s not happening?” he asks her.


In the café Chloe is rushed off her feet. Minty spies an opportunity to impress the girl of his dreams, and offers to take over babysitting Daniel.


Having been turned down by Mark, Kate tries to invite Nicola to the cinema. “I’m studying” lies Nicola… which is pretty obvious considering the amount of effort she is putting into her appearance. In an attempt to throw her mother off the scent of her relationship with Phil she agrees to go to America. Kate is pleased.


Rocky tries to make amends with Virginia and offers to look at her window. “Showing up would be a big step… Telling the truth would be another” she tells him. “I can accept being stood up…. You’ve done that before.”


Thinking that Mark is now the target of Sarah-Jane’s attention, Kate apologises to Jake “I think  I got you all wrong about ‘the phone call’” she tells him. Jake (of course) loves this… until Kate tells him that she thinks Mark is her next “avenue of attack”


In the flat Minty asks Daniel whether he is thinking about his mum and dad. Daniel confesses that he is having dreams where he sees them. Minty reveals that he had similar dreams when he was first put into the childrens home. Minty tells a story of a time he went to a football match with his dad, and a Newcastle United scarf that he stole – that still reminds him of his parents. Daniel tells Minty that he has nothing to remind him of his parents… except the photo that Aunt Sylvia gave him. “I just want to talk to her” Daniel tells Minty. Later Minty tells Tom that he is concerned about Daniel. Tom doesn’t want to hear it.


In the kitchen there’s a rush on… some customers want some steaks cremated (Billy cant watch so gives this job to Joanne) and another table want some fish (Nathaniel is stressed) “I’m doing well aren’t I?” she asks him. “Of course – as always” he reassures her. “I think you have the makings of a very good chef…” he goes on.


Patrick goes to the Lake Room to retrieve the VAT work. He reveals to Sarah Jane that Jake is working late. Sarah Jane is intrigued. She offers to do more work in the office “Things that Kate might not notice…If that’s what you’re worried about” she assures him. Patrick is unsure. They are interrupted by Mark, who is clearly excited about his date with Miss Harvey. Unfortunately she blows him out – telling him that she isn’t in the mood… but that isn’t entirely true… Minutes later she is in the office, coming on to Jake. “You cant play me… I wont let you.” He tells her. She turns and leaves… but she knows he cant resist her.


In the kitchen Joanne is clearly becoming bored with life at the hotel. She tells Oona that there may be an offer of a job at “Chez Leon”. Oona is impressed.


In their apartment, Tracey is on the phone telling whoever is on the other end that it is Jake’s night off. He comes in and offers to get the phone ripped out. “You said that family was important to you… come and prove it” says Tracey, dragging him into the bedroom by his tie. “You know me… never could say no” answers Jake.





Episode: 084 Transmitted: 28-06-01 (Thursday) Written by: Annie Bruce


Tracey brings Jake some breakfast in bed. “What have I done to deserve this?” he asks. “I think you know – last night was brilliant” she tells him. He is less complimentary and asks whether she has put on weight… Later Tracey goes to the gym, where she meets up with Bradley, who offers to show her the equipment…


Sarah-Jane's still working overtime on all the men. She arranges for a romantic meal with Mark, and gives Patrick a bottle of wine. Kate appears to be a little suspicious following the arrival of Diane, an old flame of Patrick's. She seems unconvinced that Diane’s motives are purely “friendly” towards her husband.


Bradley realises that Tom hasn't even begun to deal with his parents' death and needs to do so for Daniel's sake as well as his own. Daniel, on the other hand, is helped by Minty, who takes the young boy to see his parents’ grave – for the first time.


Mark and Sarah Jane enjoy a drink in the hotel bar. She apologises for wanting to spend the evening in – rather than going out. “You’re the boss” he tells her. Techinically – she is! Sarah Jane reveals that she has been speaking to Doris about Meg Richardson (Sarah’s grandmother) “Some of the old customers still talk about her” reveals Mark. He later invites himself into Sarah-Jane's room for a coffee… which starts with a passionate kiss in the lift… an event that is watched by Jake with jealousy.





Episode: 085 Transmitted: 29-06-01 (Thursday) Written by: Marvin Close


 It's obvious that Sarah-Jane's pressing all the right buttons with Mark who's fast becoming besotted. She's also gone out on a blatant spending spree, buying a car with her shares' dividends. She announces that she intends to play an active role in the running of the hotel.


Joanne is practically offered the job in the restaurant in Birmingham, but the offer is withdrawn following a bad reference from Billy. Some arguments later, she admits that maybe he's right - she's not ready to be a chef yet.


Jake is frantic to find out what went on between Sarah-Jane and Mark. In his anxiety he lets slip that he's had an affair with Sarah-Jane. Tracey and Scott overhear and a distraught Scott runs to Bradley's shed to escape. In his upset, he accidentally spills some petrol and then reads a comic by candlelight, only for hot wax to run down the candle and burn his hand, forcing Scott to drop said candle onto the puddle of petrol which then causes the shed to become an inferno.


Phil comes to Crossroads to see Nicola but Minty is unable to get him into the hotel through the kitchen. As he prepares to leave, he is forced to hide behind a wall to avoid being seen by Patrick and Jake who are doing some external hotel security checks. It is then that Phil sees smoke and hears Ebony barking like mad. A rush across the car park finds the shed on fire with a choking Scott trapped at the back of it, screaming for help. Phil wrenches the door open and rushes Scott out fireman style. Phil then collapses from smoke inhalation as Jake and Patrick turn up to investigate the source of the smoke.