Features: Episode Guide: July 2001


The following episode guide details events that occurred on-screen during July 2001. 

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Episode: 086

Production Block: 18 - TX: 02/07/01 (Monday) - Written by: Colin Steven


Tracey confronts Sarah-Jane over her affair with Jake and gives her a good slap, before forcing Jake to make a public apology for his philandering. There's more bad news for Jake as Kate warns him that if he does eventually split with Tracey, she will back Tracey's bid to win custody of Scott.


Meanwhile Phil is hailed a hero after saving Scott from the burning shed. Scott piles on the cuteness factor (and shows his new authoritarian side) by telling Phil he will get a job back at the hotel. Aw bless.


Bradley is told he'll have to pay for the damaged shed if he's to avoid the sack - he discovers the truth about how the fire started. And Patrick arranges a date with Diane, his old college flame.






Episode: 087

Production Block: 18 - TX: 03/07/01 (Tuesday) - Written by: Philip Gerard


Beena is charmed by Richard Mason, a wealthy, good-looking businessman, who flirts with her when he dines in the hotel restaurant. And all this without here having had to go through cosmetic enhancement surgery after all.


Patrick orders Ray to spy on Phil and Nicola. It seems like Phil saving the life of Scott wasn't quite enough to redeem him in his girlfriend's dad's eyes.


Phil meanwhile is dismayed to discover his new job is as Bradley's assistant. And Billy gives Joanne some encouragement.




Episode: 088

Production Block: 18 - TX: 04/07/01 (Wednesday) - Written by: Frank Wintle


Kate wants Nicola to talk at mealtimes – not spend her time reading books. Patrick encourages his daughter – much to Kate’s annoyance but this simple disagreement is hiding the truth that Patrick is excited about his dinner date with an old girlfriend while Kate seems decidedly uneasy…


Tracey calls into the café to invite Tom and Bradley for dinner. Tom accepts but Bradley wants to know whether the invitation is from Jake as well. During the meal they discuss Bradley’s travels but Jake couldn’t be less interested. As Tom and Bradley leave, Jake instructs him to fix a leak under one of the sinks in the morning.


Diane welcomes Patrick with a kiss. “You smell wonderful!” she declares – which considering the amount of aftershave he has soaked on himself is probably an understatement. After dinner they reminisce about university life, hotel chains and getting locked in a store room. Later they discuss Patrick’s brother (Jack) who died from a heart attack 7 years previously. (Jack Russell? Really?)


Back at the hotel Kate stays up as Patrick gets more and more drunk – Dianne makes the moves “IF you were mine I wouldn’t let you out of my sight!” Feeling lonely, Kate goes down to the kitchen to visit Billy who is making himself a meal. They also reminisce and finish the evening with a night cap.


Following Patrick’s refusal of her advances, Dianne tries calling a taxi – but it seems that every cab is booked until three “Sleep Here” she says – “You’ll be quite safe.” Patrick calls home but there is no answer. Kate returns to an empty apartment – her mind racing. Nicola asks “Where’s Dad?” Where indeed?....




Episode: 089

Production Block: 18 - TX: 05/07/01 (Thursday) - Written by: Terry Kyan


A dishevelled Patrick arrives back at the hotel – Sarah Jane greets him. It seems that she wants to discuss her role in the hotel. Back in the apartment Patrick can’t bring himself to explain that he stayed at Diane’s house. Instead he claims that he slept in the car. I drove a bit then pulled over. “Have I ever given you cause to doubt me?” he asks.


At the café Daniel speaks to Bradley and reveals that he went to see his parents’ grave with Minty. “I feel better since I went.” He says. He asks Bradley not to speak to Tom but later he does. “You can’t keep avoiding it you know… Why lock grief away?” he asks.


Virginia talks to Mark about the annual staff outing. She asks whether she could organise the outing. Mark couldn’t be less interested and agrees.


In the hotel office, Sarah Jane is clearly super-efficient at organising Patrick’s business affairs and she asks him again about her role in the hotel. It seems that she wants more responsibility. Patrick fobs her off but this doesn’t look like a topic that is going anywhere…


Mr Benson from a design consultancy arrives in reception to discuss hotel changes with the “owner” – Clearly Sarah Jane has become pro-active in changing her role. Jake overhears Mark booking a table at a restaurant for he and Sarah Jane… Later, Jake goes to see Sarah Jane with “a serious business proposition” – in an attempt to dissuade her from spending the evening wirh Mark.


Ray sees Patrick about their arrangement. It seems that he doesn’t feel comfortable spying on Nicola and Phil. Patrick threatens Ray over his visa which leaves him with no option but to comply.


Richard visits Beena in the hotel to say “hello” – much to Jake’s annoyance. He charms her “I can tell that youre not happy here”. He gives her his card.


After meeting Jake in the bar, Sarah Jane fails to show up for her date with Mark. Jake says that “with mum out of the picture you can get what you want”


Patrick returns to the apartment  where Kate is clearly hurting. She wants honesty from her husband. They discuss Sarah Jane’s continuing interference and he agrees to speak to her. Later, Sarah Jane makes her position perfectly clear… “In my opinion Crossroads is in urgent need of new blood. I intend to have  MAJOR say in the running of this hotel.” She tells him. “You’ll be the first to go!”




Episode: 090

Production Block: 18 - TX: 06/07/01 (Friday) - Written by: Helen Childs


In the Russell apartment, Mark is still seething from being stood up by Sarah Jane the night before. It seems that Patrick is also unimpressed with Miss Harvey’s attitude. For a brief moment hostilities between Kate and Patrick are suspended “I think you were right about her” he tells Kate - but this truce doesn’t last long and they are soon arguing again.


Des and Minty press ahead with their plan to sell their prized Villa shirt so that they can buy a set of decks. Part of the reason for Des’ desire to escape is his increasingly frosty relationship with Mandy. Phil is quick to remind Minty that they all owe money to replace the burnt out shed – at least £400. Later at the auction they set a starting price of £25 so they are both stunned when a bidder offers £300.


Nicola sails close to the wind when she tries kissing Phil in public – Phil – still wary of Patrick’s dislike for him is less keen to be so open about their relationship. Later they meet in Des and Minty’s room. The love nest is a tip and certainly not what either of them had in mind. Nicola in particular is less than impressed but tells Phil that she wants to “make the most of it”. Outside the room Des and Minty return from the auction and give the good news to Ray – who looks decidedly troubled when he sees the two love birds emerge.


In the staffroom Beena tries phoning Richard to arrange a date. Later Jake reprimands her for drinking in the hotel bar. Outside the hotel everyone is very happily drinking and playing football – Richard turns up in his posh car much to Minty’s amazement. Kully and Nicla swoon over Beena’s new man.


Sarah Jane apologises for standing Mark up the previous night. She invents a story about visiting her solicitor – Mark goes easy on her and ends up apologising himself! Eventually she offers to make it up to Mark so it comes as something as a surprise when a few minutes later she agrees to go to bed with (his half brother) Jake. Later Jake learns about her plans to call a shareholders meeting and is furious. Sarah Jane tells him this will be a perfect opportunity for him to prove which side he is on.




Episode: 091

Production Block: 19 - TX: 09/07/01 (Monday) - Written by: Leslie Hills


In the Russell apartment Patrick and Kate discuss Sarah Jane’s plan to call a shareholders meeting but the conversation soon returns to Patrick’s night at Diane’s. Kate still refuses to believe that he spent the night in his car.


A motorcycle delivery man arrives in reception with a package for Beena – it turns out to be boyfriend, Richard in disguise. The package contains an expensive necklace and she thanks him with a kiss. “I know these courier lads expect a tip but that’s taking it a bit far isn’t it?” asks Rocky.


In the office Kate sees an invitation to the meeting. She is furious that her name is missing although as a non-shareholder she isn’t technically eligible to attend.


Oona offers Rocky some cheese and pickle sandwiches – It seems she may have set her sights on the head porter. Outside the hotel Bradley asks Phil for money to cover the shed damage. Later Phil asks Minty and Chloe for their share – and they reluctantly agree. Nicola (on the other hand) pleads poverty… before buying herself a new top.


Diane turns up at the hotel to meet with Patrick. “I hope he didn’t drink you out of house and home” Kate jokes when they meet. Next she tries to find out the truth about Patrick’s sleeping arrangements – it seems she doesn’t believe him about sleeping in the car. Diane catches on and dismisses the subject. It seems that she has come to the hotel to ask Patrick some business advice.


Sarah Jane gives Kate the agenda for Friday’s meeting. “Item 2” is the extra involvement she would like in the running of the hotel – all Kate’s responsibilities. It seems Sarah Jane wants her out!


Kate drops in at the salon to pamper herself but is shocked to find Diane already there. It seems Patrick has insisted that she indulge herself.


At a meeting to talk about the staff outing, Virgina shares her plans to visit Stratford Upon Avon – although nobody is interested and they suggest Bournemouth, Skeggy and Blackpool instead. Later Oona discusses the outing with Sarah Jane. Sensing an opportunity to flex her muscles she offers to have a word with Mark Russell.


Back in the Russell apartment, Patrick offers to make dinner but Kate is quietly seething and it seems that the meeting with Diane in the salon has tipped her over edge. Patrick can only apologise (again) but it seems their problems aren’t going to go away any time soon…




Episode: 092

Production Block: 19 - TX: 10/07/01 (Tuesday) - Written by: Philip Martin


In the Lake Room Sarah Jane is visited by Jake on the pretext of a “fire drill inspection” – but he really wants to know whether Mark stayed the night.


In the staff room Virginia reveals that their outing will cost £30. It seems that it will be out of reach for most of the employees until Sarah Jane glides into the meeting and declares that she will take over the organisation – much to Virginia’s annoyance.


Virginia complains to Kate who asks Patrick to sort out the disagreement. He fully intends to take a hard stance but when Sarah Jane reveals how much she has saved the hotel by installing new systems and procedures he ends up agreeing to subsidise half of the cost of the outing.


In her room, Sarah Jane looks at Jill’s wedding outfit. Mark walks in and is understandably concerned to see her vulnerable side – “I didn’t like her when she was alive and now I miss her so much. I never took the time to tell her I love her.” says Sarah Jane. Mark reminds her that he is there for her – but it seems small comfort


Whilst driving Virginia back from a dental appointment, Bradley runs over Rocky’s dog, Ebony. Rocky is left distraught while Virginia seems more concerned over the fact she will have to walk back to the hotel. Later Rocky gets the good news that Ebony will be fine.


Following the accident, Virginia is late for another meeting about the staff outing. Sarah Jane reveals Patrick’s generous offer – with a little bit of spin in her favour and everyone eventually agrees on a trip to Blackpool. Virginia is furious that Sarah Jane has taken responsibility for the trip and can’t resist mentioning to Kate Patrick’s generous offer – which of course comes as a complete surprise…


Kate doesn’t know what to do – It appears that Sarah Jane has ensnared her husband, put her job on the line and Mark is literally sleeping with the enemy. She talks to Patrick about Mark but yet again it dissolves into an argument – and in the heat of the moment she decides to move out “I might as well be on my own” she declares whilst reaching for an overnight bag…




Episode: 093

Production Block: 19 - TX: 11/07/01 (Wednesday) - Written by: Andrew Fowler


Mark wakes in the Lake Room after spending the night with Sarah Jane. Mandy walks in on Kate who pretends she is checking a hotel room but it is obvious that she spent the night. Later Mandy spreads this gossip with Virginia – who can’t resist mentioning it to Tracey…


Bradley repairs a fuse in the laundry for his aunty Doris. She asks how Phil is getting on as his new assistant.  Bradley isn’t in the mood to talk as he is still upset about knocking over Rocky’s dog. He suspects that he is public enemy number one as far as Rocky is concerned.


Beena leaves the hotel in order to meet her boyfriend, Richard. At the shops they discuss the art exhibition they have just visited. She buys him a postcard – he buys her an expensive dress. Seems fair.


Patrick begs Kate to come home but she stands her ground. Patrick is worried about making their problems public. He apologises (again)  – which only makes Kate more angry. It seems he cannot win.


Jake arranges a meeting with Patrick and Kate to organise a family meal –to allay the suspicions of the hotel gossips. Meanwhile Bradley drops in on Tracey to arrange a gym trip. He complements her on her buttock clenches.


Nicola returns to the hotel with some shopping to find Kate moving more of her stuff from the family apartment.


At the family meal Jake toasts the family motto “united in the face of the enemy”, but things go from bad to worse. Patrick is drunk. Jake offers them a chicken satay with peanut sauce. “Grind the nuts yourself did you?” slurs Patrick. Seeing her drunk husband, Kate quips “at least you won’t have to drive home.” Clearly she’s not going to let the Diane thing drop.


Mark goes to Sarah Jane’s room – he is stressed about his parents problems. Sarah Jane is intrigued to hear that Kate has moved out. She suggests cooling things between them but he tells her that he will sort it. “I don’t want to make you chose between me and your family” – she declares.


After the meal, Nicola finds Patrick asleep on the sofa. She calls her mum but Kate leaves it to ring and she is left alone in her room…




Episode: 094

Production Block: 19 - TX: 12/07/01 (Thursday) - Written by: Helen Brandon


Patrick is nursing a hangover – which doesn’t get any better when he is questioned by Mark over Kate’s absence. Mark tells him that he has got to get it sorted. Patrick is more concerned with sorting his headache. Meanwhile Jake takes Kate breakfast in to her room and tries to convince her that there can’t possibly be anything going on between Patrick and Diane. She changes the topic to the impending shareholders meeting. She wants to know whether her husband has looked at the papers from the accountant. He hasn’t.


When Kate makes it down to the office she finds Sarah Jane going over the accounts – despite the fact that they were addressed to Patrick. Later, Joanne asks Kate to check the menus but (for once) she shirks the responsibility and decides to take the day off. She goes to the salon to book an appointment – and to apologise for Patrick’s behaviour the night before.


Virginia buys a rubber bone for Ebony but Rocky is troubled. It seems that he is worried that his relationship with Phil has been forgotten. Virginia can’t resist bad-mouthing Phil but later does the right thing when she encourages him to spend time with his old friend.


Back at Kate’s room Billy invites himself in. She offers him a glass of wine and breaks down. Meanwhile Patrick is convinced by Jake and Mark to go and speak to his wife – and following their drinking - very nearly catches Kate sharing a lingering kiss with the hotel chef. It seems they have “been here before” and judging by the lingering looks it’s only a matter of time before they’ll be there again…


In a pub beer garden Bradley and Tracey discuss relationships. Tracey reveals that Jake was brilliant with Scott when he was born. “Have you always known you were gay?” she asks. Bradley reveals that he has “played the field” and even had one or two girlfriends in the past. Later Jake arrives just in time to see Bradley letting Scott beat him in an arm wrestle.


Still in Kate’s room, Patrick is surprised when Beena arrives with tea and cakes – “Compliments of chef.” He is furious that Kate has shared her personal problems with Billy and they argue. The truth is that Kate knows Patrick is lying – It is “Written all over his face” apparently. During the argument she catches him out and he is forced to reveal that instead of staying in the car (as he has been protesting all along) – he stayed on the sofa at Diane’s.


Patrick admits that lying was stupid. Kate is not finished with him and the argument turns to his laziness in terms of running the hotel. She asks him whether he has looked at the accounts. (He hasn’t) “If I gave you a role”(in the hotel) she fumes “You’d put butter on it.”


“I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t slept on the sofa.” fumes Patrick. “I care about our marriage – or I did….” 




Episode: 095

Production Block: 19 - TX: 13/07/01 (Friday) - Written by: Judy Forshaw


Kate starts the day with an appointment in the salon. Tracey tries boosting her ego as well as doing her hair. This is all in preparation for the shareholders meeting which is due to start at 11. Later when Kate sways through reception, she gets a wolf whistle from Billy. She thanks him for being there. “What are friends for?” he asks. Sarah Jane can’t resist asking Kate what she wants to do about the bill for her room. It seems Sarah Jane will look for any opportunity to get one over on Kate.


In the staff room Minty is clearly unimpressed with Des’ efforts on the decks. It comes as a relief to everyone when Billy draughts him in as a stand-in waiter- at least he wont be murdering any more tunes.  In the café Minty asks Choe for advice on how to tell Des he’s hopeless. Chloe advises him to come clean.


In the board meeting Sarah Jane makes it very clear that she intends to take on a greater share in the running of the hotel. Jill’s “sleeping partner” role is not for her. Kate points out that Sarah Jane has minimal experience. Sarah Jane proposes that the rest of the meeting is shareholders only. Feeling confident that her son and husband will back her, Kate asks them to vote – Patrick supports his wife but Jake supports Sarah Jane. He calls it “business” and “just a formality” – but there is clearly much more to it than that.


Nicola and Phil enjoy a pillow fight in a vacant room after she manages to steal a key card – but in the excitement they break a lamp. Nicola (as usual) is not bothered by a little bit of damage – but he takes it seriously. Later, when play fighting over his shoes they both collapse into an embrace on the bed. “Are you sure you want to wait until I’m 16?” she asks. Phil nods. “It’s only a few more weeks” he tells her.


Rocky interrupts the shareholders’ meeting with the lunch trolley in time to hear Jake discussing Kate. “Mum isn’t getting any younger,” he states. “You’re not getting Kate’s job” Patrick tells Sarah Jane before offering her his own as catering manager.


In the restaurant Beena and her boyfriend discuss Rocky and Virginia’s relationship until Des manages to drop butter on his shoe. Despite this Richard offers him a £20 tip – which Des unhappily hands over to the kitchen collection jar.


Virginia asks Rocky whether they need any more refreshments in the meeting but Rocky puts her off. Virginia asks him what the atmosphere was like. “It was fraught” he admits – but refuses to go any further.


Outside the hotel Richard pulls up. It turns out he has got to be at a meeting in half an hour. He tells Beena that he could cancel – but there’s 1.5 million at stake. He offers to book an executive suite later than night but she puts him off as she is working.


Following the meeting Virginia has a huge list of messages for Kate – but Kate has her mind very clearly focussed on Jake’s betrayal. She calls him over and lets him know just how furious she is by slapping him across the face in front of Patrick, Billy and Des.




Episode: 096

Production Block: 20 - TX: 16/07/01 (Monday) - Written by: Karen Brown


In the Booth apartment Jake is avoiding Kate following his betrayal the day before. Tracey reassures him that it will blow over but Jake clearly hasn’t told her the whole truth and  covers it by blaming Kate for getting stroppy over “ a technicality” during the meeting.


Chloe finds Minty and asks him whether he would like to be the DJ at a friend’s birthday - obviously without Des. Minty understandably jumps at the chance of a paid gig. Later in the staff room Des invites his friend  clubbing but Minty wants to practice. “Its not as if you’ve got anything to practice for!” says Des – oblivious to the situation.


In the kitchen there is speculation as to what Sarah Jane has been doing in order to get promoted from receptionist to catering manager. Jo claims that she is better qualified – Everyone is agreed that what she DOES have is “Deputy Manager Experience.” following her not-so-secret fling with Jake.


Tracey calls in on Kate in the office – to tell her that Jake wants to apologise. When Kate reveals the truth about the meeting Tracey is stunned and jumps to the obvious conclusion that it was an attempt to ingratiate himself with Sarah Jane.


In the kitchen the talk is all about the pleasure beach at Blackpool. Sarah Jane swans in to officially greet “her team” – Billy asks about her knowledge of food and beverage and stock control. This takes the wind out of her sails and she slopes off to learn more about her new position.


Kate calls in on Rocky who clearly has something on his mind. He tells her that he has been thinking about a conversation he overheard in the board meeting. She reassures him that she will not be losing her job. Rocky tells her how proud he felt when he saw Patrick standing up for his wife against Jake and Sarah Jane. Kate smiles.


In the café Minty and Chloe discuss the music set for the party. She reminds him that it is not a date and then asks him what Des said about going solo. Minty has to admit that he hasn’t yet mentioned it…


In the Salon, Tracey asks Beena about her new Man. Beena reveals that he hasn’t been in touch since she put him off a few nights before. She then goes on to say that one of the reasons that she didn’t want to sleep with Richard because she felt awkward with her body since finding the lump in her breast.


Patrick arrives back at the family home to find that Kate has moved back in and is organising stuff for America. Kate reveals that she knows Patrick stuck up for her. Patrick is pleased that she finally believes in him. Mark overhears Patrick and Kate talking about Sarah Jane and he is annoyed. Later they drop a bombshell. “You can’t have it all Mark – make your mind up…Us or her?”




Episode: 097

Production Block: 20 - TX: 17/07/01 (Tuesday) - Written by: Judy Meewezan


With domestic harmony restored between Kate and Patrick, they set their sights on convincing Mark to give up the “poisonous” Sarah Jane. Ever the softie Mark admits that he won’t be able to make any decisions today – Not on her first day as Catering Manager. Later, in the office, Billy and Kate hatch a plan to put pressure on Miss Harvey in more ways than one. It seems a fully booked restaurant with no staff is going to be Sarah-Jane’s baptism of fire. Kate suggests that Billy hand over all non-cooking duties to the new catering manager.


Thinking that Minty is going on a date with Chloe that evening, Des advises him not to seem to keen. It seems that Minty still hasn’t plucked up the courage to admit he has a paid DJ gig. Beena enters the staff room in a foul mood. She claims that she has been dealing with complains all morning – although in reality it’s more likely the fact that she hasn’t heard from Richard that is the cause of her bad temper.


Back in the office Sarah Jane takes a last minute booking for a party of twelve for Lunch. If only she’d checked with Billy first! In the kitchen she does manage to sort out several “issues”  and things seem to be going well until she owns up to the booking. Billy is furious and suggests in no uncertain terms that it is up to her to sort things.


Richard finally calls Beena, and despite pretending otherwise she is obviously relieved. He makes the excuse of being in the States on business – but as Joanne points out – they do have phones in America.


When the lunch party turn up at the hotel, Sarah Jane tries to suggest that they eat at separate times. The customer refuses on the grounds they are at the hotel to celebrate his wife’s birthday… a point he is quite willing to forget when she offers him a free bar. Later the customer asks Kate to thank “her boss” for organising this. Kate is not amused and tells Sarah Jane that the £313 will be coming from her wages.


For the first time in several weeks Patrick and Kate relax on the sofa and laugh about the situations they have engineered for Sarah Jane. Patrick admits that he isn’t missing the catering manager’s job as he wanted to concentrate on the financial side of the hotel anyway. Sadly their cuddle is interrupted when a porter arrives with a gift from Diane to thank Patrick for his business advice.


Chloe turns up at the hotel looking fantastic in pink. She is not amused when she finds out that Minty still hasn’t plucked up the courage to tell Des the truth about the real reason for their “date”.


At the end of the shift, Mark goes up to Ray to discuss the day. Ray suggests that Sarah Jane has been doing her best but that she is out of her depth. Ray tells Mark that she needs him but the words of his parents are going through his mind. Eventually it seems that he goes to Sarah Jane’s room to split up with her – but he can’t resist her charms. The next morning he tries to slip out. “How weak are you?” she asks him – before delivering the crushing blow “Your mum will be expecting you!” 




Episode: 098

Production Block: 20 - TX: 18/07/01 (Wednesday) - Written by: Leslie Darbon


As usual the hotel staff are discussing the staff outing. Oona declares that it will be the best ever but Virginia remains unimpressed with the idea of going to Blackpool. Meanwhile Beena arranges to meet with Richard despite it being the trip.


In the office Kate and Mark start by discussing the upcoming conferences but the conversation soon turns to Sarah Jane and he reveals that he has finished with her. Kate says she is sorry but reminds him that family comes first. Mark refuses to see that and complains that he has been forced to choose between Kate and Sarah Jane. He storms out just as Jake comes in to office to discuss the hotel management arrangements before Kate goes away on holiday. He asks her to bring him up to speed – but she isn’t ready.


Sarah Jane enters the kitchen to remind Billy about a party that is booked in, but he tells her that being experienced he wouldn’t make such a mistake. Mark overhears this and tells Billy to give her a chance. Later, in the office Mark walks in on Sarah Jane. He tries to apologise but she is still smarting over him sleeping with her before breaking off their relationship. The thought of him dumping her to please his mother doesn’t work either and only proves how spineless he is in her eyes.


Rocky tries to persuade Virginia to go on the trip. He tells her that he would miss her. Virginia is having none of it and accuses him of being wrapped around Oona’s finger. Rocky persuades Virginia that they need someone like her to get them organised – then in a perfect example of reverse psychology gets her to agree to come.


Having found out about Sarah Jane and Mark’s break-up, Jake arrives at her room “You owe me” he says. He reminds her that she has nobody else and he tries the old routines. She calls him arrogant – he likes it. They kiss…a lot but she wipes the smile of his face when she tells him that she wants Mark back –


Outside in the car park,  Phil is busy attaching  metal bars to the shed windows. Having finished the job he goes in to check the quality of his work just as Bradey sees the padlock and closes it. Phil, who is listening to music doesn’t realise. Nicola arrives at the café expecting to be picked up. Nicola and Phil are supposed to be enjoying their final night together before her trip to America – but with the unfortunate lad still locked in the shed she feels as if she’s been stood up. 


Kate calls an emergency staff meeting and the staff begin to speculate whether it is about yet another hotel scandal. When she does arrive she discusses the special arrangements for the hotel while she is away; Patrick will be in complete and total control. Jake is livid – which get worse when she appoints Mark as “Acting Deputy Manager. “


In their apartment Tracey tries to make Jake feel better about the situation by telling him that he matters to her. However Jake has thought of another way of avoiding the embarrassment of working for Patrick (and yet another rejection from Sarah Jane). He decides to go off to a tourist board conference. In reception Sarah Jane arrives just in time to overhear him on the phone to “Melanie” – whoever she is. It seems that this conference may be more “pleasure” than business…






Episode: 099

Production Block: 20 - TX: 19/07/01 (Thursday) - Written by: Veronica Henry


Nicola exercised her unique strop-throwing ability today and refused to go on the staff outing, as she didn't consider being locked in a shed an adequate excuse for Phil standing her up.


So Chloe and Phil were left to their own devices. After the coach broke down on the way to Blackpool, Crossroads descended on a nearby dog track. The romantic atmosphere was all too much for the youngsters, and they ended up snogging on the back seat of the bus.


Back at the hotel, Patrick persuaded Kate to join him for lunch with Diane. The wife and the old flame combination made for an interesting meal, during which Kate told Patrick that he was not allowed to invest in Diane's business venture. But she's off to America for three weeks whilst Diane isn't going anywhere.





Episode: 100

Production Block: 20 - TX: 20/07/01 (Friday) - Written by: Peter Milligan


Kate tells Patrick that she’d rather be just told her if he was going to invest in Diane’s chateau idea. Dianne wants £50,000. Mark tells him that it is a bad idea to go into business with an old friend. Patrick tells him that he will take his advice.


Oona takes Mandy a cup of tea. Mandy is upset and ends up breaking down in tears, clinging to her mother. Oona offers to give her a makeover, which cheers Mandy up. Beena has a makeover and looks stunning but Oona bonds with Mandy by telling her that she looks better. Beena has slept with Richard and tells Tracey that it really meant something.


Nicola is relieved when Chloe tells her that Phil spent the whole outing with her and not some “other girl”. Nicola apologises to Phil for her selfishness yesterday and they declare their love for each other. She asks him to come for a drink with her and Chloe later and says she is going to ask Chloe to keep an eye on him whilst she is away which makes Phil uncomfortable. Nicola toasts Phil and Chloe as her two favourite people in the world. Chloe and Phil can’t look at each other.


Mark tells Ray that he is still crazy about Sarah Jane. Sarah Jane tries to get Ray to use cheaper wines at upcoming functions to get back some of the money she lost with the free bar the other day – but he refuses.


Sarah Jane pulls Mark into the laundry. He tries to resist but she tells him that she loves him and he succumbs to her charms.


Minty asks Chloe and Phil where they disappeared to at the dog track. They lie.


Oona compliments Mandy on her hair and is the loving mother. However, Mandy remembers that Oona told her she was an accident and that she can “keep her loving mother routine!” Mandy accuses her of driving her father away. In a fit of anger, Oona tells Mandy that she’d better stay away if that’s how she feels.


As Kate and Nicola are leaving, Diane turn up to demand an answer to her business proposal. Kate is angry when Patrick doesn’t turn her down straight away and storms off to the airport. Patrick tells Dianne that his answer is no but she starts blatantly flirting with him.


Beena goes to Richard’s flat and is upset when another woman wearing only a bathrobe answers the door.





Episode: 101

Production Block: 21 - TX: 23/07/01 (Monday) - Written by: Alison Watt


Beena is not a babe to be messed with, and after finding a half-naked woman at Richard’s flat she has had enough of his explanations. Unfortunately for him, there was a bowl of Hollandaise sauce to hand when he came calling, and Beena wasted no time in upending it over his head, to hilarity of the Kitchen staff.


Not to be deterred, he sent the offending female round to tell Beena that she is just an old friend and that it is Beena whom Richard adores. Deep down Beena always knew that no man could resist her charms, and is left happy in the knowledge that Richard is under her thumb where he belongs.


Elsewhere, Kully believes Mandy is suffering from guilt over her abortion. She informs Des who bangs on Mandy's door. Mandy goes to tell him to get lost but accidentally ends up telling Mr Russell to get lost.

Talking of Patrick, he's now demanding (from Ray) details of every breath that Phil takes, firmly intent on driving the two lovers further apart. Patrick himself is still dining with Diane, who is obviously trying to take advantage of Kate's holiday in the US.


Phil was furious when he found out that Ray has been spying on him and Nicola. Ray responded that cheating on Nicola with her best mate wasn’t the nicest thing to do either. So Phil hit him. Temper, temper Mr Berry





Episode: 102

Production Block: 21 - TX: 24/07/01 (Tuesday) - Written by: Colin Steven


Diane’s been doing an efficient job of twisting Patrick around her well-manicured little finger, but Sarah-Jane thought she might need encouragement in wrecking the Russells’ marriage. She told her fellow scheming blonde that Kate had gone away to escape from her marital problems. Diane’s eyes lit right up.


Sarah-Jane is attacking the Russell stronghold on two fronts having lured Mark back into her clutches. They have decided to keep it a secret from Patrick, but she probably won’t keep it quiet for long.


Phil and Chloe have tried to be just friends but they simply can’t stop snogging in public places, which might make it difficult for them to keep their little secret under wraps. Meanwhile Minty is pretending that HE is dating Chloe, to hide his burgeoning DJ career from Des. Never mind love triangles, this lot have managed to get themselves into a love pentagon.


Oona finds out from Kully that Mandy had an abortion. Mrs Stocks confronts Mandy about it, before storming off to King's Oak with the intention "that's the last time [Des] fathers a child". However, she hears his side of the story and has another word with Mandy later. These two are never going to get along, are they?





Episode: 103

Production Block: 21 - TX: 25/07/01 (Wednesday) - Written by: Francesca Brill


After fainting and knocking herself out on a washing machine, Mandy had to be taken to hospital. And the doctor soon discovered what Mandy had known all along. Namely, that she never went through with the abortion and is now several months pregnant. Oh dear, there'll be great wailing and gnashing of teeth in the laundry when this comes out. Oona irritates the doctor and quickly leaves.


On a lighter note, Rocky finally got Virginia round to his house for dinner, to watch a classic movie amd to dine. Rocky is about to start the tape, but Phil turned up and spoilt the atmosphere, causing Virginia to disappear off into the night. Poor Rocky, perhaps that’s the closest he’ll ever get to a date with the chilly Miss Raven.


When Richard stood her up, Beena had lunch with his friend Colin, who offered her £200 to go on a date with him. It’s a strange friend who offers his pal’s girlfriend money for company, but maybe it’s all perfectly innocent. Maybe.


Tom advises Chloe to think about what could happen when Nicola finds out her best friend is playing with her boyfriend. Chloe says "well it was her who took [Phil] off me in the first place". Next thing we know, Chloe and Phil are in bed together, laughing and joking. Lust or love?





Episode: 104

Production Block: 21 - TX: 26/07/01 (Thursday) - Written by: Nandita Ghose


After a successful date, reunited Ray and Joanne were looking for somewhere with a little privacy when they made an unexpected discovery. Sneaking into a supposedly empty guest room, they walked in on Diane and Patrick having an intimate tête-à-tête and quickly flee.


To be fair, Patrick had been behaving himself. Diane had drunk too much at dinner (that old chestnut) and decided to stay the night. She made it clear what she was after, but Patrick had managed to resist her advances. Whether his resistance will last until Kate comes back is another matter.


Chloe and Phil are glad that they spent the night together, but Chloe worries she’ll get dumped on Nicola’s return. She and Phil are well aware this is getting dangerous now, but still they continue to be all over each other when possible. Elsewhere, Beena has decided to go on the date with Colin for £200 and Jake is trying to come between Sarah-Jane and his little brother. Again.


Virginia berates Phil for being " hours late for dinner last night", and Rocky's upset at his inability to work a video recorder. We learn that Mandy is now 18 weeks pregnant and an abortion on the NHS is now out of the question for her. Oona drops a bombshell on Mandy by saying "You're coming home with me, I'll look after you". Mandy does not want her mum to find out about the pregnancy, but at 18 weeks gone, how much longer can she keep it a secret?






Episode: 105

Production Block: 21 - TX: 27/07/01 (Friday) - Written by: Nandita Ghose


Pregnant teenager Mandy threw herself down the stairs in despair at her predicament. The pressure of her secret has got too much for her, and Oona’s not much help with her too-little-too-late maternal instincts. She went to clean Mandy's stuff out so her daughter could come live with her, but Mandy caught her and put paid to that dream, later Mandy stormed out the Staff Room.


Sarah-Jane moved out in to an apartment to give her and Mark more privacy. Spurned Jake was left out in the cold as the happy couple played house together. With both brothers at her mercy, Sarah-Jane has never looked happier.


Patrick finally realised that his "friendship" with Diane was causing people to gossip, so he invited her to lunch in the Russell apartment away from prying eyes. He’s still pretending it is all strictly business, but if it is all innocent then why has he sworn Joanne and Ray to secrecy about discovering him in a guest room with dangerous Diane?


Chloe is not happy that Minty has still not told Des that he makes a rubbish DJ. She's even more livid when it's found out that Des thinks that Chloe and Minty are dating. Chloe has more on her plate - she really likes Phil, Phil really likes her, but what will Nicola say?





Episode: 106

Production Block: 22 - TX: 30/07/01 (Monday) - Written by: Keith Temple


After her paid date with Colin, Beena reassured Richard that she only has eyes for him. He showed his affection by handing her a wad of cash. Looks like he is trying to prove that money can buy him love, but Joanne warned Beena to beware of his intentions.


Mandy is physically unharmed from throwing herself down the stairs, but mentally she is far from fine about her pregnancy. Her behaviour is giving cause for concern - is Mandy trying to kill her baby because it's too late for an abortion? The doctor certainly thinks so. Mandy of course denies it. Oona is trying to help the situation but their particular mother-daughter bond has never been conducive to cosy little chats. She is still under the impression that Mandy has indeed had an abortion. And Des is now on about wanting to visit Mandy, still unaware of course that it’s not his baby...


After weeks of heavy-duty eyelash-batting from Diane, Patrick finally caved in (after being taunted by Jake that Patrick "doesn't have the guts to say no to Diane's business proposal") and said that he would invest in her vineyard venture. Kate will be over the moon at this news.


Mark is still hanging out with Sarah-Jane but is forced to abandon his date. Not to worry, he has something better than a date up his sleeve for Jill Harvey's daughter.




Episode: 107

Production Block: 22 - TX: 31/07/01 (Tuesday) - Written by: Frances McNeil


Minty won tickets to a Judge Jules gig. Des finds out and thinks that he and Minty are going. Minty has to tell Des that the tickets are real, that he is going, but the other ticket is not for Des, it's for Chloe. Unfortunately for Minty, he is turned down by Chloe, but goes back to try again where he finds Phil and Chloe all over each other in King's Oak. Needless to say the gig is off.


It’s not just Patrick’s money that Diane’s after, and she made her romantic intentions towards him clear today. Patrick managed to turn her down, but it’s still a long time until Kate comes back. Sarah-Jane told Mark where to go when he asked if he could move in with her. The girl likes her space, and Mark following her round like a lovesick puppy is obviously not what she’s after. Mandy went for a scan as she began to come to terms with her pregnancy, and Billy warned Ray not to mess Joanne about again after telling him to "get out of my kitchen". Nice to know some people never change their catchphrases.


Doris poured out her heart about her past life and Mandy was able to relate - Doris has never been married and at the age of 62 is somewhat regretting it. She says she'd give a baby twice as much love to make up for the father's lack of presence. But she'd never have an abortion. Unbeknown to her, Mandy is taking her advice re: her own baby, much to the delight of her doctor. One only wonders what the Crossroads staff will say in 18 weeks time when the baby arrives.


Beena had another date with Richard - she brought him a gold pen as a present with the money he gave her for the date with Colin. But is Beena supposedly about to become a tug-of-love between the two men?