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The following episode guide has been written (where possible) after re-watching the episodes in question. These episodes are immediately obvious because they feature screen captures alongside. Where there is a guide that is accompanied by images of the title sequence it means that the episode has not been viewed and that alternative sources have been used.




Episode: 184 Transmitted: 03-12-01 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Jake and Tracey have returned from their break in Stratford with about as much joy showing on their faces as there was before they left. Scott wants to know all about it but is sidetracked by new video games. During their vacation, Jake and Tracey decided to stay together for Scott's sake and neither of them are particularly happy about it, but Jake said "family comes first".


Although if you ask Scott, it's everybody for themselves as of late. He's told a list of Jake's faults by Tracey and sympathises with her, even going so far as a hug and a reassurance that it isn't anything to do with him. None of this happens when Jake gets chance to talk to his son. Scott says "Can you be a bit nicer to mum please dad?" which makes Jake more irate with Tracey and accuses her of trying to turn Scott against him.


Minty and Des set up their pirate radio station by connecting all the various bits, plugging it in and hooking it up to the aerial they've dumped on the roof. They then use the power supply of the shed to keep the system running and then ponder over the name of the station. Beena, on the other hand, brags to Sarah about her radio show which goes against everything she was sworn against in the first place.


Brian and Rocky have a fight in Rocky's front room and this quickly ends when Julie calls the police and Brian runs off. When Phil gets wind of it, he curses himself for not getting money to pay Brian off with. Phil asks Julie not to go back to Brian and she agrees, but only if Phil agrees also to not go after him. 




Episode: 185 Transmitted: 04-12-01 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Upset that his wife Julie is not dead chuffed at going back to Newcastle with him, Brian hits the bottle. He has a drunken fight with his stepson Phil witnessed by a horrified Joanne. She calls the police who are unable to radio a squad car because of interference from a pilot transmission of Des and Minty's radio station. Brian then takes over and drags Joanne up the stairs to the roof followed by Phil, Ray and Sarah, all unsure as to what to do.


Des and Minty start a pilot transmission of their station and unknown to them their signal is interferring with police radio. Beena is doing a test transmission as an agony aunt. She handily forgets the name of the station and is totally insistant on getting her voice heard first on the airwaves.


Minty has also made his voice heard and echoes the staff's wish to strike should the star system not be scrapped. Kate hears the wishes and makes it so that Jake spends a week with the crew seeing exactly how hard they do work. He's not happy with it but that's what will happen. So now there will be no strike amongst the staff this close to christmas.


Nicola confronts Kate about her affairs with Billy and Kate denies that she's having an affair with him. Kate then tells Billy to take things slowly but he's reluctant. Patrick and Diane meet up again, he's not happy about things between him and Kate.


Brian gets out onto the roof and threatens to throw Joanne off it which would almost certainly kill her. Its all Phil can do to watch on in horror as his stepfather drags Joanne nearer the edge...




Episode: 186 Transmitted: 05-12-01 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Ray saves Joanne's life up on the Crossroads roof, something she's really grateful to him for, particularly after all those times he'd let her down in the past. He goes round the long way to get to the other end of the roof and sneak up behind Brian to get at Joanne and pull her to safety. Brian then slips off the roof as Ray moves in but is saved and pulled to safety by Phil.


Brian is then arrested and dragged away by the police who have now turned up, a motion that gives Phil no end of pleasure to watch. Joanne goes to the doctor with Billy, Ray and Sarah rest - and Patrick and Jake are arguing over a dinner service and a few pennies. Kate puts paid to it by ordering Jake into the kitchen, Patrick on reception and Mark on the bar.


Nicola tells Mark about her seeing Billy and Kate kiss and the suspected affair but he's still not totally convinced. She sings Phil's praises for his action up on the roof and Joanne thanks Ray for his actions as well.


One person who won't be getting any praises tonight is Jake Booth. After working in the kitchen all day, he gets into a row with Tracey. Scott overhears and wanders out of his bedroom to see what's going on. Tracey spots him and puts on an act of being battered by Jake which prompts Scott to jump to his mother's defence and get between his parents to protect her. She said she'd get the boy a DVD Player which was all part of her plan to suck up to Scott so he'd like her better than Jake. So far it seems to be working.


Des and Minty are horrified when they realise that it was their pirate radio station that intereferred with the signal to the police cars in Joanne's original 999 call.




Episode: 187 Transmitted: 06-12-01 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


After last night, Scott is sure that he knows what he saw and thinks Jake has been beating Tracey. Scott is unsure what to do in response to recent events and runs off to see grandma Kate, who also doesn't know what to think. She confronts Jake (who managed to drop an entire crate of wine in the bar area) who then makes attempts to convince Scott that he didn't see what he thought he'd saw, and demonstrates his point with a card trick and wrestling references. Eventually Scott believes him but Tracey continues to pile the scorn factor onto Jake and charm Scott.


A media reporter is in the hotel to capture events of last night. He finds Ray who tells him to get lost. A good journalist doesn't give up easily and ends up finding Mandy who is honoured to give him a photo of the hero for the paper. She asks Ray about it only to be told "They're your photos, Mandy, do what you like with them". So she does. Ray is on a heart to heart with Joanne, playing snap.


An irate Nicola confronts Billy in the kitchen about his affair with Kate. Of course, he denies it but is upset to hear that Nicola caught them kissing together the other day. So having confronted the two halves, Nicola still doesn't know what to think anymore.


Julie has decided not to press charges against Brian, and predictably Phil isn't happy at this. In fact he's livid when Julie reveals that she is already three months pregnant and suggests that she gets rid of it, this request falling on deaf ears.


In the Russell household, Patrick asks Mark if he'll talk to investors for Crossroads, but Mark isn't too sure. He eventually agrees which frees up Patrick to try and patch up his marriage to Kate.




Episode: 188 Transmitted: 10-12-01 (Monday) Written by: tbc


After handing over the reigns of responsibility to his son Mark, Patrick wants to make amends with Kate to rekindle their romance. He orders a special lunch but Kate is not inclined to eat, still of the belief that the marriage trouble has gone too far. Patrick offers the lunch to Nicola instead who has sadly eaten.


Nicola later drops a bombshell on Patrick by telling him that she saw Kate and Billy kissing and that she thinks they're having an affair. Patrick cannot believe it and doesn't know what to think.


Phil Berry decides to have nothing more to do with his mother Julie after she refuses to rule out an abortion for her baby. Rocky decides to step in but makes things worse when he says "some people aren't fit to become parents" which Julie thinks is aimed at her and so tells Rocky to leave her alone.


Elsewhere, Jake is glad to accept the offer of help during his shift - from none other than his own son Scott. Tracey finds them in the laundry and tries to lure her son away with little success. Scott's enjoying doing the laundry with dad and invites mum to join them, an invitation she declines. And then its all work experience for little Scott anyway so it's not a complete waste of time.


Minty gets wind of the fact that Beena has been blagging about her radio slot and is then dealt a whammy by Des who says he can't go ahead any longer with this pirate radio lark after the guilt from blocking an emergency call last week.




Episode: 189 Transmitted: 11-12-01 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


After last night's news, Patrick leaves the hotel at a late hour and spends the night asleep in his car, a motive which worries Kate and Nicola as they don't know where he is. Mark learns that Nicola told Patrick about Kate and Billy, which explains why Patrick went off in the first place.


On his return, Patrick takes it upon himself to punch Billy in the face in the staff room and then to sack him on the spot, a move which angers Kate. She then admits to Patrick that she is in love with Billy and threatens that if the chef goes, then Kate will go with him. Mark learns about this news from Sarah who then gets her head bitten off by Mark who accuses her of trying to be part of his family.


Doris has got another date with Arthur and he's concerned that he's monopolising the relationship so offers Doris the chance to pick where they go on a date tomorrow night, a choice which is agonising for her as her only likes are watching TV and drinking tea, hardly material for a good date. After going through some leaflets, Doris decides on an art gallery in the end and why not?


Phil tells Rocky that he has had enough of talking about Julie and her baby and vows to disown it completely. Julie turns up on the car park expecting lunch between Rocky, Phil and herself and hears Phil expressing his feelings on the issue. Rocky blows his top at this and sorts it all out by giving a lecture and urges Julie to go to the police to give a statement against Brian, this she promises to do.


Mark meets up with Diane's potential investor, one Victor Barnes. The initial meetup gets off on the wrong foot when he is insensitive towards Patrick's recent heart attacks but apologises. And so Mark pushes Crossroads to him but Mr Barnes decides to take it away and have a closer look and decides he'd like to meet Patrick next week as well.




Episode: 190 Transmitted: 12-12-01 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Doris and Arthur have their date in the art gallery and realise that neither of them particularly enjoy art and so they abandon that and go to the pub instead that they passed on the way in. Doris admits that she didn't know where to go and only chose the gallery because it was one of a number of leaflets given to her by Kate the previous day.


Elsewhere, Mandy is thrilled that the local rag has reported on the rooftop siege but Ray is not happy that the picture of him from his wedding day photograph was used without his permission and thinks that since he's an Australian Army deserter, this could be used to track him down. A row with Mandy in earshot of Joanne flares up. Meanwhile Mandy has upset Des again by mentioning that her baby is Ray's while Des continues to believe that it's his. He bangs a snooker cue down and leaves.


Patrick has a heart to heart with Diane who suggests that he re-employs Billy at the hotel despite sacking him 24hrs earlier. Patrick doesn't know what to do but Kate has threatened that if Billy goes, she goes. He can't afford to lose his best chef, nor can he afford to lose the love of his life. And so Billy is reinstated, to the fury of Nicola who thinks that since Kate is not with Patrick, she must be with Billy (which, incidentally, she is) and has a rant at Patrick saying that he doesn't love Kate which is why the marriage broke down.


It is then that Patrick collapses on the floor of the Russell apartment having suffered another heart attack. Nicola screams down the phone to Sarah who calls an ambulance and races up to give first aid and heart massage to Patrick while Nicola tries frantically to get hold of Mark. The paramedics arrive and carry on the first aid while Nicola sobs in the corner comforted by Sarah and Phil. Unfortunately, the heart attack is fatal and a GP is called out to certify death.


Nicola storms off to Billy's room persued by Phil. She almost bashes his door down, walks in and announces to Kate that "your husband is dead"




Episode: 191 Transmitted: 13-12-01 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


As expected, the entire hotel is in shock at the news of Patrick's unfortunate death. The family have requested no flowers but charity donations as well but Doris suggests the idea of a wreath paid for by donations from the staff. Mark is allocated the job of organising the funeral for his father but Jake steps in and tries to take over.


Poor Kate doesn't know what to do when Nicola snaps her head off about the funeral on an off-chance remark about the availability of the kitchen staff for the funeral date. The daughter storms off downstairs late at night and throws all the pots and pans all over the floor in a rage against Billy. He rushes in and then accidentally tells Nicola that it was her who caused Patrick's heart attack by telling him about Kate and Billy's affair and now Nicola is upset at this.


Tracey tries to stop her beloved son Scott from going to school because of Patrick's death, and tells the boy not to listen to his father, particularly when he accuses his wife of using Scott as an "Emotional crutch". Scott agrees but asks dad anyway who lets him go. An irate Tracey confronts Jake in reception, totally convinced that he is brainwashing his son against her! Look who's talking! She's later seen chasing after Bradley again but he departs as quick as he possibly can.


Scott has put an early picture of him with Kate and Patrick up in his room within a picture frame entitled "Good Times" and Jake finds this when he wanders into Scott's room after finding Tracey asleep on the sofa. Scott wakes up soon after and is worried about so called traditional burial rumours fed to him by the boys at school. He says he wants to "remember grandad when he was alive" and continues to worry himself about the relationship between his parents.


Julie invites Phil and Rocky to a potential Christmas trip to Newcastle, an event to which Rocky is thrilled to have been invited. Phil thinks that there could be a hint of romance developing between his mother Julie and the head Porter at Crossroads. Rocky isn't too sure but when he thinks about it begins to think that it could be possible after all...


Elsewhere Sarah sympathises with Kate over her loss having been there before with Andrew. Bradley is upset that Tom doesn't seem to want to have anything to do with him anymore, even more so when he finds out that Ray has gone to Manchester to spend Christmas with Tom. Mandy doesn't know that this is where her husband has gone and so is a bit worried as to his whereabouts.




Episode: 192 Transmitted: 17-12-01 (Monday) Written by: tbc


An unwitting Diane breezes into Crossroads and asks to see Patrick, a request that flounders Beena on reception. Kate comes out, takes Diane into the office and breaks the news to her that Patrick has died. Naturally she's devastated at this piece of news and Mark fills her in on her questions.


Diane then tries to do something useful by arranging a meetup between Mark, herself and Victor Barnes, the potential investor. Mr Barnes says he's not happy with the current financial situation at the hotel but Mark says he can draw up a full list of potential incentives to bring business into the hotel and then Victor will consider then seriously before making a final decision. Its a long shot but its what Mark promised his father before the fatal heart attack.


Patrick's death has caused friction between Kate and Nicola. Nicola is upset that Kate has not cried yet over the death and thinks that this is because mum never loved dad, preferring instead to spend time with Billy while her husband was dying.


Minty and Beena cause friction between each other when their proposed transmission schedules don't match on the pirate radio station. Beena is totally intent on getting a peaktime slot whereas Minty had her booked in for breakfasts and 6am starts. So to get her way she uses the old "who's paying for this radio station lark?" trick again.


Rocky has high hopes of romance with Julie and persuades her to come out on a date with him to the Crossroads bar. She has given him an early Christmas present to make up for the war medal he sold for her. He's happy to accept the soldier jar and meet her on a date, which falls apart when she gets the idea into her head that she's hopeless at everything. A disappointed Rocky can only look on.




Episode: 193 Transmitted: 18-12-01 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Tracey manages to completely ruin Scott's day in more ways than one. She puts paid to his TV viewing and wants to talk to him about his grandfather's death, but Scott doesn't want to talk about it, preferring his video game instead. She snatches it off him which leads to a squabble overheard by Jake. Scott leaves to get dressed, completely ignoring his mother's attempts to return his video game.


Scott is later pleased to receive a visit from Beena at the apartment, she gives him an early Christmas present of an Aston Villa mug and he also starts to open up to Beena about how he feels now that Patrick has gone. Tracey puts paid to this by telling Beena to basically get lost and back to work on Reception. A furious Scott retaliates with "Why do you have to spoil everything mum?" complete with famous storm out routine. Unfortunately for him it doesn't end there, he later finds his precious Aston Villa mug has been smashed to pieces by a drunken Tracey who denies it but then staggers to the kitchen knocking off everything on the table. It would appear that all this hate she directed at Jake through Scott is about to come back on herself through her son if she's not careful.


Jake meanwhile is horrified at the cost of Patrick's funeral, what with the hotel in a current cash crisis. Mark cannot believe that Jake can stand there and say such a thing and informs him that the hotel is in safe hands with him. Jake is increasingly suspicious about this so called potential investor and finds out more about it from Kate who pleads with him not not to get involved.


Julie attends the solicitor's office today accompanied by Rocky. She gives a statement in exchange for a restraining order for Brian, but is not happy at what she's done. Rocky attempts to convince her otherwise, a motive that does the trick and stops her bottling out at the last possible minute. However Rocky later asks Julie if she'll do him the honour of moving out of Newcastle for good and moving in with him on a permanent basis. He wants to look after her and be a good father to the baby. It's the last thing Julie expected. What will she say?


Meanwhile there is trouble at the King's Oak cafe. Anita breezes in to see Dave and gives him some stick. During this Oona finds out that Dave was lying about his moving out from Anita, it was true that she did kick him out. Shortly afterwards all hell breaks loose between Oona and Anita with a verbal slanging match and a fight. Oona manages to get Anita to "Bog off" as she so politely put it by pushing and shoving her out of the door.




Episode: 194 Transmitted: 19-12-01 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Today was the funeral of Patrick Russell. All the arrangements have been made by Mark but as he's rattling them off Nicola snaps and storms out, convinced that her brother is more interested in showing off his managerial skills. She gets ready to leave but is almost ready to bottle out at the last minute. She would have probably turned round and fled given half the chance but little Scott, putting on a brave face, gently takes her hand and walks out with her.


The funeral proceedings go relatively smoothly and Mark, overcome with emotion, pays a warming tribute to his father to the congregation. When it comes to the lowering of the coffin into the ground, Nicola collapses with grief, totally convinced that it was her who killed her father on account of her telling him about Kate and Billy. She then tells her mother that she (Nicola) hates her.


There's more trouble brewing at the after funeral lunch when Tracey turns up late having slept off her hangover. Jake, fearing that what she has to say shouldn't be heard by the offspring, encourages Scott to get more food and pushes him away out of earshot. Tracey then accuses Jake of failing to wake her up on purpose and of trying to take Scott away from her. The argument is overheard by Scott who is then taken away by Doris and Arthur. Tracey laters apologises to Kate for missing the proceedings but Kate isn't interested, saying that she's not happy with Tracey's behaviour as of late which is putting a black mark over the entire family.


Scott, clearly a boy with bottled up emotions, releases more of his feelings to a sympathetic Arthur who is able to side with Scott. Arthur himself lost his wife three years ago but she hasn't gone totally from him and will always be in his mind and his heart. He then tells Scott that the same thing will happen to him and that its natural to be upset and wanting to remember Patrick when he was alive.


Kate is dead pleased when Diane turns up at the lunch. Not. She invites her into the office where Kate basically tells Diane to get lost for a second time this week. Its the fact that she's turned up at the lunch that worried Kate, not so much the funeral itself. Diane tells Kate about her attempts to seduce Patrick with little success, because he loved Kate so much. Kate doesn't want to hear it and throws her out.


Away from the funeral, Julie has been deciding what to do about Rocky's offer of moving in with him and has decided to decline it, preferring instead to move back to Newcastle. Phil admits that was him who built up Rocky's hopes of romance with her.




Episode: 195 Transmitted: 20-12-01 (Thursday) Written by: Helen Brandom


The staff Christmas party (complete with fancy dress) gets underway in the Staff Room and the staff let their hair down. Everybody has rather too much to drink and Sarah has the idea of taking the party upstairs where there's more room. So everybody forms a party chain with the cha-cha and goes upstairs to the bewilderment of Jake. Normally he would just cancel it all there and then but as its Christmas he lets them and their festive spirit into the bar area and gets the drinks in.


Rocky has some bad news and then some good news. Julie leaves to go back to Newcastle as she promised and Rocky's upset at this. He cheers up when Sarah gives him his latest bit of post - a present from Virginia.


Kate grieves for Patrick. She is sorting out his old clothes out and finds a present in one of the pockets. Unwrapping it, it's a ring with a card that expresses just how much he loves her. Its enough to set her off and she later tells Mark that she doesn't want to lose the love and support of him, now that Patrick's gone and Nicola isn't supporting her. Mark earlier hears Kate admit that Nicola was right when she said that Kate was with Billy when Patrick died.


Julie has gone back to Newcastle, but before that she went to see Brian in prison. He tries to win her back without success and she tells him that their relationship is finished and that he can have his wedding ring back. With this she walks out leaving Brian behind and returns to Newcastle on the train.


Sarah has too much to drink and pops outside to get some fresh air albeit in a rather drunken state. She begins to kiss everybody who enters the hotel and wishing them a Happy Christmas. A taxi pulls up and out steps Adam Chance complete with beard. Sarah doesn't know who he is and gives him a drunken kiss before being dragged away back into the hotel by Beena. So Adam's back at the Crossroads Hotel for Christmas. Welcome back Adam!










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