Features: Episode Guide: August 2001


The following episode guide has been written (where possible) after re-watching the episodes in question. These episodes are immediately obvious because they feature screen captures alongside. Where there is a guide that is accompanied by images of the title sequence it means that the episode has not been viewed and that alternative sources have been used.





Episode: 108 Transmitted: 01-08-01 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Beena agreed to see Colin again when Richard told her that a big business deal depended on it. This time though, Colin was looking for more than just company and tried to force himself on her. She managed to escape, but what does his behaviour say about Richard’s choice of friends?


After turning down Diane’s romantic advances, a guilty looking Patrick told her he was withdrawing from the vineyard project as well. Hell hath no fury like a Diane scorned, and in revenge she tried to poach Billy from the hotel. She also convinced Patrick to lend her £25,000, which he’s convinced he'll see again. Kate will be pleased. Not.


Phil and Chloe’s popularity in the staff quarters plummeted when Minty told Des about their affair and accused them of betraying him. The big man must get the girl, a girl, any girl one day surely, but Phil got her this time. Meanwhile Minty says he'll tell Nichola about this love triangle, much to Phil's horror.




Episode: 109 Transmitted: 02-08-01 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Patrick was furious when he found out that Diane has been trying to lure Billy to France. He confronts her in her room where she tells him that even though his wife is on another continent, Kate has still got Patrick wrapped round her little finger. Elsewhere, Billy is enjoying being a man in demand, and has told Diane that she has to wait for his answer. Whether his loyalty to Kate will override his ambition remains to be seen, and the same could be said for Patrick as well. Diane says she will pay 25% more and will pay "whatever it takes" to get Billy to work for her. Or is she just bluffing?


Phil tried to break off his affair with Chloe, but self-control has never been his strong point. The lure of Tom’s empty flat proved too much for him, and while Nicola remains away it looks like her boyfriend and best mate will continue to play. It's obvious there's chemistry between them, but overshadowed by Minty's threat to tell everyone he knows (including Nicola), the affair might not last beyond Nicola's return, let alone Phil's relationship with Nicola...


Nothing stays a secret in Crossroads for long. Beena (after hiding it all day) eventually told Joanne about creepy Colin and the heavy bruising on her arm, but begged her not to tell anyone for fear of losing her job and Richard. The possibility that Richard might have had something to do with his friend’s lechery appears to have escaped her notice.


Ray sees an opportunity to get one over Patrick's blackmail attempts. Maybe he could drop hints to Kate about what Patrick and Diane have really been up to, and how Billy could be on the way out. Be nice to turn the tables.


Mark and Sarah-Jane are not talking to each other after the falling out re: Mark's moving in. Jake's stirring does not help matters at all. It would appear he only has to get up out of bed in the morning to cause trouble.





Episode: 110 Transmitted: 03-08-01 (Friday) Written by: tbc


What is that woman up to? One minute Sarah-Jane is throwing a wobbly because Mark wants to move in with her, but one argument with Jake later and she’s agreeing to marry the younger son.


Mark got down on one knee today (twice for the log) and asked Sarah-Jane to be his wife. Although it looked like Sarah-Jane still has feelings for Jake, she seems to think that marrying his younger brother is a good way of getting over him. However when the happy couple announced their forthcoming nuptials to Patrick, yet another revelation came to light.


Having been to visit a bitter Adam in prison, Patrick learnt some useful information about Sarah-Jane. Thus armed, when Mark made his big announcement Patrick countered with one of his own. He accused Sarah-Jane of already being married. How is Sarah-Jane going talk her way out of this one?


Elsewhere, a delivery guy to the kitchen spots DJ Mint and compliments him on his DJing. Des later finds out that Minty has done not one but two DJ gigs. He's even more livid when it emerges Chloe had a say in one of them. Apparently Minty didn't tell Des because he's no good at DJing.





Episode: 111 Transmitted: 06-08-01 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Sarah-Jane swore that she is not already married and persuaded Mark to believe her. When Patrick told her that the information source was Adam, she laughed in his face. But if she has nothing to hide, why has she visited Adam in prison and agreed to change her police statement? He's found out a lot about her from a "neighbour" of hers called Rob.


Kate is coming back early from America after Jake called and told her about Sarah-Jane and Mark. She obviously doesn’t trust Patrick to handle the situation with the necessary delicacy, and she’s probably right. Patrick is desperately trying to cover-up the mess he has made with Diane before his wife returns. He begs with Diane to return the £25,000.


Beena told Richard that Colin tried to force himself on her, but Richard seems more concerned about his business deal. He has promised Colin another crack at Beena and it looks like the feisty waitress’s flash boyfriend has some seriously ulterior motives for romancing her.


In other news, Des and Minty fall out with each other and Des separates the room with the washing. You can cut the atmosphere with a knife between these two.





Episode: 112 Transmitted: 07-08-01 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Kate returned from her holiday today to find her youngest son Mark engaged to the enemy and her husband’s first love still hanging around the hotel. She’s taken the news of Mark’s engagement remarkably well on the surface, but Sarah-Jane knows that Mrs Russell won’t let him marry her without a fight. Kate says "it's a long time to the wedding - enough time for him to change his mind".


Patrick blustered something about business when Kate mentioned Diane’s continued stay at Crossroads. He said that he had kept his distance from her during her time there, but Kate saw Diane kiss him goodbye and could be forgiven if she didn’t take his explanation at face value.


Love-rat Phil thought that Nicola was back when he saw Kate, and dumped Chloe immediately. When he discovered that Ms Russell wouldn’t be back for another week, he tried to get Chloe back for those seven days of grace, but she quite rightly told him to get lost. "I'm not just your bit on the side" she says.

In other news, Des and Minty continue to bicker, Minty forced to ask Joanne to get his CDs from Des' side of the room and Des has decided to label all his things, and asked Jake if he can move rooms, to which he was denied. Honestly, little Scottie's probably got more maturity in him than these two at the moment.


Patrick's gone back to see Adam Chance to get more dirt on Sarah-Jane but he's been clammed up by Sarah-Jane. Kate thinks Mr Chance was lying in the first place. Is there any truth to this story in the first place or is Adam spinning a pack of lies?


Tracey congratulated Sarah-Jane on her engagement, and also said that "Jake and I still love each other very very much". This does not tie in what Sarah-Jane was told - apparently she heard the only reason that Tracey and Jake are still together now is because of their son Scott.





Episode: 113 Transmitted: 08-08-01 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Kate took Patrick to task over his continued contact with Diane. He told her that he had been tempted by Diane both romantically and professionally, but had resisted as he didn’t want to upset "the status quo". Kate was less than impressed at being thus described. Not to be outdone, she tells him that she has been tempted as well by other men!


Patrick finally realised that he had to do something drastic to save his marriage so he told Diane to stay away. She’s a clever one though, and got ineffectual Patrick to write off his £25,000 loan to her in return for her silence.


After Minty was invited to DJ at Aston Villa everyone was suddenly his best friend, apart from Des who wasn’t talking to him over Minty’s secret DJ gigs. Minty got himself in a tiz after promising everyone they could have a ticket, but Des came to the rescue with a plan to auction them off, the proceeds going to a charity to give children free holidays they wouldn't otherwise have had. So now Des and Minty are best pals again.


Elsewhere, Richard tempts Beena with photos of his Villa and Phil is still trying to seduce and see Chloe through drinking himself silly with coffee. Daniel was given a new mobile phone by Sylvia and Bob, much to Tom's annoyance. "I wish they'd asked me first" he moans.





Episode: 114 Transmitted: 09-08-01 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


It seemed like it was all too good to be true... and it was. Beena’s rich Richard turned out to be little better than a pimp. He told his beautiful girlfriend that if she slept with Colin his deal would be secure and the two of them would live happily ever after in the lap of luxury.


But Joanne confessed all to Jake when Beena made a mess of serving the two men, eventually spilling drink over Richard. With Beena as bait, Jake snared Colin in room 128 and made him tell all. It seems that Richard always uses girls as sweeteners for deals, and that Beena was just one of many who had been duped by his generous charm.


There was more trouble at the Russell’s when Kate abandoned the softly softly approach and threatened Mark with disinheritance if he married Sarah-Jane. His reaction was to move in with his bride-to-be to escape his parent’s clutches.


Elsewhere, Des and Minty reset the room and auction two of the football tickets to Villa Park. The auction battle is between Jake and Sarah-Jane, and Sarah-Jane takes them for £40 while Jake was interrupted on the phone. Somewhat annoyed, he donates an extra £20 anyway for the charity.





Episode: 115 Transmitted: 10-08-01 (Friday) Written by: tbc


Ray popped the question for the second time today. Far from being once bitten, twice shy, Joanne jumped at the offer to be Mrs Ray Dobbs. Lets hope that this time round they manage to get to the altar. So the picnic in the hotel grounds did mean something after all.


Mr and Mrs Russell shot themselves in the foot when they tried to put the kibosh on their son’s nuptials by producing Sarah-Jane’s marriage certificate. The resourceful Ms Harvey had an annulment certificate on hand to prove that she had been married for only a fortnight. However, although she’s never have been married in the eyes of the law Mark may find it more difficult to forget that she has pledged her troth to another man.


The gig at Villa Park was a monster success, raising nearly £47,000 for charity! Unfortunately Minty and Des fall out (again) but make up for the final photoshoot with the cheque. During the gig Minty missed out on meeting Villa players but eventually got his wish. Elsewhere, Sarah-Jane is collecting autographs for Scott and Beena didn't want to go in the first place and wanted to leave before it had started.


Fellow diners spotted Tom and Bradley kissing and mocked them, much to Tom's annoyance. It was Daniel's last weekend with Bob and Sylvia so Bradley suggested making the most of it. Unfortunately for Tom, he made the mistake of staying behind after Bradley went to collect Minty and Des from Villa Park. Tom was followed by the thugs who mocked him during dinner. He was attacked in an alleyway, but the thugs ran off when sirens wailed.





Episode: 116 Transmitted: 13-08-01 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Tom is in a bad way, having been assaulted by homophobic yobs outside the KO Café on Friday. There are lots of flowers on the ward next to Tom - including collective ones from everybody in Crossroads and the three members of the Booth family. Tom hates being made a fuss over though, and Bradley doesn’t know what to do to cheer Tom up.


Daniel is back from his trip away with Sylvia and Bob - new phone, new clothes, new boy. Good as new is Daniel. Bradley breaks the news about Tom's attack to him. He doesn't take it badly, he just assumes "Tom doesn't want to see me" and takes that badly instead.


Never one to enjoy seeing children suffer, Tracey offers for Daniel to stay with her, Jake and Scott for a few days. Jake is less than ecstatic about this. According to Tracey, Scott "is very excited about Daniel staying" which seems to suggest Scott doesn't get out much.


In other news, a tanned and made-over Nicola returned from the states and Phil was unable to resist her charms. He dumped Chloe, as she had expected him to do all along, and took back-up with his little princess. Chloe is easily upset and leaves, behind her the sound of Phil and Niola catching up on three weeks of kissing.


Patrick and Kate were furious that Sarah-Jane had told the newspaper reporter that she and Mark owned the hotel, although Sarah-Jane denies that she said anything of the sort. That girl is not doing anything to endear herself to her future in-laws, but then where's the fun in being nice?





Episode: 117 Transmitted: 14-08-01 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


After Minty’s success at Aston Villa he has been spotted by a talent scout and offered a DJ residency in Greece for the rest of the season. But it’s a bittersweet triumph: Kate can’t hold his job open for six weeks ("I'd be bankrupt by now!" she laughs) so Minty may have to leave Des and Crossroads forever. He's not happy about it, but it is a once in a lifetime chance.


Ray went to ask Patrick for a pay rise but Billy has been whispering a few words in Patrick’s shell-like. Patrick now thinks that Ray is responsible for spreading rumours about him and Diane around the hotel and has told Ray that he won’t help him with his application for a work permit. It looks like the Aussie may have to leave Joanne and return down under.


Tom is still a mess after his ordeal at the hands of the yobs and he confessed to Bradley that he was terrified of being beaten up again. After another shipment of flowers, he discharges himself from the hospital to the horror of Bradley who finds him upstairs in King's Oak.


In other news, Phil is still trying to date two girls at the same time and Nicola works alongside Chloe in the cafe to help her out. Tracey gives a facial to Bradley (which he seemed to enjoy anyway) and then was berated by Jake for said facial. Moving on, Tracey remember something Bradley said - that if Sarah-Jane does marry Mark, it would help Tracey to keep Jake on tabs - Tracey fires this at Jake who accuses her of urging Mark to marry, but she replies with "you don't want Sarah-Jane to marry Mark - you want her all for yourself, don't you Jake?". Nicola throws another strop at her father because he stopped Phil contacting Nicola in America by letter. Little madam appears to have lost this 'trust' she was supposed to had had from dad.





Episode: 118 Transmitted: 15-08-01 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Sarah-Jane has managed to get her own way yet again. She mentioned to Kate that Mark was thinking of moving abroad to escape from his family. Kate capitulated and agreed to sanction, and pay for, the wedding to avoid driving her youngest son away. Patrick is not at all happy - he continues to vow that Mark and Sarah-Jane are not going to get married right up until literally the last second.


Mark came up with a brilliant idea to allow Ray to stay in England - marry Joanne. Jo may not be too happy about taking part in a marriage of convenience though, so Mark’s solution is simple - don’t tell her. Ray really loves Joanne and manages to steal a quick moment of passion outside the hotel before Billy put a stop to it.


Minty had hoped that Des would come with him to Corfu, but the canny kitchen hand realised that he and Minty can’t be joined at the hip forever and decided to stay under Billy’s protective wing.

In other news, Nicola tells Chloe about Todd, a boy she met during her holiday to America. She reveals to Chloe that she snogged him ("Only once mind - he knew I was seeing someone else") and says she plans to keep in touch. Unfortunately for Phil, he's stuck in a rut between Nicola and Chloe. Half of him wants Chloe but the other half wants Nicola. This will be fun.


Tom told Bradley that, after being beaten up, he didn’t want to stay in King’s Oak any longer and was thinking of selling up and moving out. Bradley catches him packing his bags with plans to take himself and Daniel well away from King's Oak. It's clear he's doing this out of panic and frustration and hasn't thought of any of the knock-on effects for him or Daniel.





Episode: 119 Transmitted: 16-08-01 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Ray tried to get Joanne in the wedding mood by taking her round to Sarah-Jane and Mark’s for drinks. But Joanne informed them that she didn’t want to get married for at least six months, by which time Ray will have been well and truly deported. He made many hints even going so far as to marry tomorrow but after the trouble of last time Joanne doesn't want to rush. Ray has only six weeks left on his visa before he gets deported.


Des has made it crystal clear that Phil and Chloe are not invited to Minty’s leaving do after Chloe broke the big lad’s heart. Phil gave Chloe that classic romantic gift, a compilation tape made by his own fair hand. He’s sticking with Nicola for the time being, but her constant harping about her trip to the States (and this Todd guy) is pushing Phil and Chloe closer together.


One of the thugs that beat Tom up came round to the KO Café. Bradley threw him out and told him that if he ever turned up again Bradley would beat him up. It seemed to do the trick, for now.


Elsewhere, Sarah-Jane tells Mark that Kate agreed to pay for the wedding. Sarah-Jane tells Mark who tells Ray and then Jake overhears at the bar. Outraged, he confronts Kate who defends her stance. He says that Mark's marriage won't last five minutes, and she reminds him that "it was only a few weeks ago you wanted to terminate your own marriage for Sarah-Jane" before reminding him that Kate went through all this support and encouragement for Jake's wedding to Tracey (and that was only because Tracey was pregnant).


Talking of Mark, he's asked Tom if he will be his best man at his wedding. Cheering up somewhat, Tom agrees, but only if he's feeling better. I should think so, it'll be a good couple of months yet. Looks like he won't be leaving King's Oak after all.





Episode: 120 Transmitted: 17-08-01 (Friday) Written by: tbc


Sarah-Jane is definitely up to something. She’s convinced Mark, her fiancée, to have Jake, her ex-lover, as his best man. The speeches at this wedding are going to be very interesting indeed. Tom has now backed out of being best man. Kate's happy as well, seeing it as an opportunity to bring them closer together. Sarah-Jane asks Kate if Nicola will be a bridesmaid.


Minty’s off to Greece to seek his fortune, where he’ll be sorely missed by Des. They rallied round a collection to buy Minty a camera to remember them by. Of course, to start his DJ career off, he was the DJ for his own leaving party. Afterwards, Des gave Minty another present - a framed photo of him and Des as children in one of Bradley's spare frames. According to Kate, Minty can have a job back if there is a vacancy upon his return.


It wasn't all sweetness and light at the leaving party though. Billy told Ray that if he didn’t play his card’s right he would tell Joanne that he needs to get married quickly because his visa is running out. As if blackmail from Patrick isn't enough, blackmail from Billy is all Ray needs.


Nicola and Phil went out on a disastrous date and she stormed off. Despite his best intentions Phil ended up snogging Chloe again. They won’t keep their affair a secret for long if they keep kissing in the middle of the KO Café. This is fun, isn't it?


Elsewhere, Aunt Sylvia is back at the Cafe, as is Daniel who spent the week living with Tracey, Jake and Scott. Sylvia has come to "look after Tom" even though he practically tells her to get lost. It doesn't help that she and Bradley have a quick intense argument over Bradley's attendence (or lack of it) to Minty's leaving party, forcing Tom to storm out of the room. Another disscussion later catches the flapping ears of Daniel who immediately wants to know why we're debating the non consumption of dinner.





Episode: 121 Transmitted: 20-08-01 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Phil finally decided that he and Chloe were the best combination and resolved to dump Nicola. But before he could do so, Nicola did the job for him and told him that she didn’t think that things were working out, what with her constant droning on about Todd in America. Chloe’s doing her utmost to ensure the split remains permanent, but neither Nicola nor Phil seem too happy to be apart. They keep thinking about each other, but the reason they spilt was because they kept arguing.


Tom is still refusing to go out, but ventures downstairs after closing time. Bradley is annoyed that Tom actually seems to like Sylvia more than him at the moment. Sylvia is a good aunt and a great source of alternate parentage for Daniel. She gets him to tidy his room and then gets him a new computer game. Then one of the thugs who beat Tom up threw a brick through the window of the KO Café, the glass going over the unfortunately seated Daniel.


Elsewhere Des tries to get Mandy into football and his style of jokes, with limited success. He is missing Minty, but Billy has offered to promote him into the big lad’s old job, and Ray is angry with Mark for telling Billy about his visa problem, but they make up later.


Kate and Patrick rush round booking churches, sorting out wedding cakes and organising the reception for Mark's wedding. Mark, on the other hand, suggests to Kate to do everything and "I'll just turn up on the day". They've managed to book September 21st at St Michael's church, but a conference guest books the entire hotel out for a 2 day conference on the 21st and 22nd. So now Patrick has to either re-arrange it or cancel it. Family comes first, according to Kate.





Episode: 122 Transmitted: 21-08-01 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Ray took Joanne for a champagne and salmon picnic in the park. He convinced her that they should get married quickly, and told her that they could be married at the Registry Office in 15 days time! Billy may not be able to keep his mouth shut when he hears about this.


Sylvia took Bradley and Daniel to the police station to make a statement, but the officers seem seldom interested according to Sylvia. Daniel has gone to stay with Bob and Sylvia to keep him out of harm’s way. It's his third house move in two weeks. Tom decided to go to the police, and was furious when Bradley confessed that he had already taken his fists to one of the thugs himself.


Beena and Mandy have convinced Des to take Minty’s old job - why would Minty be back when a glittering DJing career lies ahead? They take Des out and end up going to The Oak, a pub in town where he and Minty used to hang out together. Its here where Mandy finds out that Des has only two likes: Football and Minty.


Elsewhere, St Michael's church is booked for the 21st of September. Kate is going into overdrive, sorting out the catering, the reception, the cards and the guests. Mark does not look at all interested, even preferring to use email to invite people! Kate tells him to "look in your address book, if its empty, email them, get an address and then invite them properly". She also told Mark "don't die of excitement".


Sarah-Jane doesn't seem to want to invite anybody to the wedding. She says she wants to forget the past. Jake is able to relate to Kate's fussing - she did it when he and Tracey were married.





Episode: 123 Transmitted: 22-08-01 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Billy has woman problems. He’s being very cagey about exactly what the problems are, but he’s sleeping in the staff quarter to avoid somebody. Des is glad of the company to fill the large hole in his life left by Minty though. The housewarming party is them getting drunk.


Patrick is organising a party to (hopefully) celebrate Nicola’s exam results. He invited Phil who declined (he made up an excuse about helping Rocky move some furniture) and Nicola was forced to tell her dad that they had split up. But Phil was happy to accept an invitation when Nicola asked him herself and it seems that there still might be a flicker of spark between them. Unfortunately, Chloe overheard them in Phil's room on her way to see him and made a quick departure so the classic love triangle continues to stand.


Ray has convinced Joanne to keep their shotgun wedding a secret on the grounds that he thinks people will consider her to be too good for him. She believes him so far, but she must start to suspect soon. No-one’s that gullible, are they?


In other news, Patrick also invited Mark and Sarah-Jane to the celebratory dinner for Nicola and Kully also prepares to get her GCSE results (or CEGs as Doris dubbed them).


Daniel ran away from his aunt and uncle's residence, eventually banging on the cafe door at well after midnight in a state of some distress. Bradley was all prepared to smack him with a wooden bar after thinking the intruder was one of the thugs. Questions will be asked tomorrow about this.





Episode: 124 Transmitted: 23-08-01 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Phil went for dinner at the Russell’s but unfortunately his attire for the evening was ill advised. Having failed to borrow a suit from Ray, Phil ended up wearing a seventies number of Rocky’s, only to find that the Russell clan were all in casual dress. He left the dinner early for a secret rendezvous with Chloe, but things between them seem to have cooled.


Despite running away with Phil just before her exams, Nicola has done brilliantly in her GCSEs (getting 3 A*'s, 7 A's and a B) and Chloe has done all right (2 B's, 5 C's and 3 D's). Kully’s parents organised a surprise meal at the hotel to congratulate her but Kully cracked under the pressure and confessed that she had failed most of her exams. She got 5 D's and failed the rest. Now she knows she won't get into law school with that and blames her parents by saying they only want to brag about her being a lawyer.


Des attempted to keep up with Billy’s drinking on a night out, but got punched in the stomach by a stranger intent on finding the fast-living Chef and ended up sprawled on the floor. What's all this about then?


The fight over Daniel continues - after returning home at well past midnight, Bob and Sylvia have come to collect him. Tom wants him to go, but Bradley steps in. After a heated debate in which Bob tries to play the "this is no place for a boy" card about four times, he loses and storms off. Daniel is pleased that he can stay with Tom - "you weren't really going to let them take me away, were you Bradley?". Unfortunately the entire debate has upset Tom again.





Episode: 125 Transmitted: 24-08-01 (Friday) Written by: tbc


Billy overheard Beena and Joanne arguing about Ray’s plan for a secret wedding. When Ray refused to tell Joanne the truth about his visa situation, Billy wasted no time in telling her himself. She was understandably livid and dumped the hapless barman on the spot. His lies having caught up with him, Ray has now lost the love of his life and his passport to staying in the country.


Nicola has convinced Chloe to have a joint birthday party with her, paid for by Kate and Patrick. But which one will have Phil as a date for the evening? He’s now seeing both of the teenage beauties but he’d better make his mind up before the festivities commence. Kate suggests to check the funds but Patrick jumps - remember the £25,000 he gave Diane?


Des is beginning to regret letting Billy stay in his room. Not only has he been beaten up for his troubles, but Billy does not seem at all grateful for his hospitality either. It emerges that Billy doesn't have his own house as was first thought - he lives in a boarding house! If Kate finds out that Billy is sleeping in Des' room, they will both be in so much trouble.


Kully is still upset at the results of her grades - it doesn't help that Nicola and Chloe rub it in, then feel guilty when they realise how badly she has done.





Episode: 126 Transmitted: 27-08-01 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Ray got himself into a spin over Joanne's sudden dumping of him and packs his stuff ready to flee to Amsterdam, much to Mandy's horror. She seems to be the only one defending him while everybody else claims to Joanne that he was just using her. Needless to say, Mandy is not the popular girl in the Staff Room. Ray later confronts Billy in the Kitchen, but bottles out and he storms off, somewhat upset.


Billy exploded in the kitchen again when a temp from the agency is, in Billy's words "an amateur" and Billy fires him. It later turns out Billy is in a bad mood because of Sarah-Jane's inability to re-order stock. Talking of Sarah-Jane, she's found a costume for the honeymoon, while Mark still hasn't sorted out his suit for the wedding yet.


Since the wedding is going to cost quite a bit, Kate decides that now would be a good time to check the hotel accounts, much to Patrick's horror. Pretty soon she finds that £25,000 is missing and gets onto the bank about it, and the advisor comes tomorrow.


Ray explains the visa situation to Mandy - basically he can stay in the country for one year if he marries. Then he can reapply to the Home Office and if the marriage is successful, he can stay in Britain indefinitely. He wants to stay in Britain because he "did something in Australia I'm not very proud of". Mandy, who's always had a crush on Ray, offers him a way out - by marrying her.





Episode: 127 Transmitted: 28-08-01 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


It’s useful if your bank manager is also an old friend. Particularly if you are trying to hide the fact that you have lost £25,000 from your wife. Patrick managed to convince the man in charge of his finances to tell Kate that a bank error was responsible for the sudden disappearing reappearing thousands. However now Patrick has to pay back the high interest loan which he took out to return the cash, and he plans to cash in his life insurance to do so. Being soap land, if he does this he'll soon find he needs the life insurance.


Ray agreed to marry Mandy in a desperate attempt to stay in the country. She was over the moon, and told Oona who told Kate. Ray told Mark who told Sarah-Jane who told Nicola (and Joanne) who told Chloe. Phil overheard and he told Des who confronted Mandy as did Joanne. Conclusive proof that nothing stays a secret in Crossroads for long no matter what you do.


Unfortunately for lovesick Mandy, Kate told Ray that she would sort out his visa. He called off the wedding, whilst Kate had a go at Patrick for keeping yet more hotel secrets from her. Seems Patrick can't do anything right at the moment.


Elsewhere, Chloe explains to Nicola that men make the same mistake twice (don't worry Nicola, you'll understand later) as they arrange their birthday bash, despite Chloe turning down all of the friends Nicola wants to invite, and Nicola turning down all the friends that Chloe wants to invite. Looks like they'll have a great party, just them on their own.





Episode: 128 Transmitted: 29-08-01 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


It’s proving to be a week of ups and downs for Ray. First he’s marrying Joanne, then he’s marrying Mandy, then he’s not marrying anybody at all. But it looks like his hopes of getting a marriage-free visa have been dashed after Kate told him that there just wasn’t enough time to sort out a work permit before his visa expires in 23 days time. Needless to say he wasn't happy at all.


Chloe’s been rather grumpy lately, particularly since Nicola and Phil have started getting on well again. Nicola was suspicious when Chloe couldn’t muster any enthusiasm for their joint birthday party, but Chloe managed to talk her way out of it, for now. She tells Nicola exactly what she thinks of her, but Nicola seems not interested in the truth.


It looks like Tom has decided to move out of King’s Oak and go live in Leamington Spa where he used to holiday with his parents. Whether or not Bradley will go with him and Daniel remains to be seen. It's obvious that Tom's just made a snap decision without thinking of the knock-on effects for himself and Daniel and the cafe. Bradley doesn’t want to leave Doris on his own, but he may have to choose between her and Tom.


Elsewhere Tracey scolds Oona for using the wrong shampoo on a client and Virginia also berates Oona for being in the laundry room. Then Oona berates Ray for stringing "our Mandy" along re: the wedding.




Episode: 129 Transmitted: 30-08-01 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


What's Sarah-Jane doing visiting the man accused of killing her mother in jail? Changing her story it would appear. Adam has obviously got hold of some rather unsavoury information about her past. So unsavoury that she has agreed to change her statement to say that Adam was not of sound mind at the time of Jill's death, just to keep him quiet. So what happens now? Adam thinks that Roy and the other people behind Sarah-Jane's past will ensure that her marriage to Mark will not last long, but what exactly does he know to be able to blackmail her like this?


Billy's bit on the side (Monica Bradley) came to see him at the hotel to inform him that her and her husband, Adam, are getting a divorce so he (Billy) could move in with her. Not too happy at the thought of co-habitation, Billy let her down gently and told her to go back to her husband. Ever his saviour, Kate has found him a flat so Des will be spared from his sleeptalking. Fortunately for Des, Minty has come back from Greece!


Ray doesn't give up on his stupid ideas very easily. Now that Kate has told him that she can't get him a visa in time, he has asked Mandy to marry him again. Mandy thinks she has found her Prince Charming and was happy to say yes, then wrapped herself round him, ever so happy she is. But how long will it last?


Elsewhere, Nicola complains to Phil that he and Chloe are being incredibly stroppy as of late, showing little interest in the joint birthday party. Phil reckons its because Chloe feels awkward that Kate and Patrick are paying for the bash, but we know better, don't we?




Episode: 130 Transmitted: 31-08-01 (Friday) Written by: tbc


Having got taken for everything he had in Greece, Minty has returned to Crossroads, making Des very happy. As Des has taken his job it looked like there might not be a place for him in the kitchen anymore. However, he didn't count on the persuasive powers of Nicola. In return for him playing a set at her party she told him she would get him his job back. And she did just that by telling S-J that she would wear the bride's choice of bridesmaid dress (a deep purple coloured one) at the wedding.


Virginia is riding for a fall. She's got on the wrong side of Oona, which is never a good idea. Oona is determined to humiliate her and has started by sending her on a blind date. The problem is that Oona made up the man that she was supposed to go on a blind date with. Virginia will not be happy at being stood up, not after last time with Rocky.


Oona hears that the wedding between her daughter and Mandy is back on and Jake makes another pass at Sarah-Jane during the party. Today is Nicola's birthdady and she's 16 which makes her the ultimate youngest in the year and as its Chloe's birthday next week that makes her the oldest. Mind you it doesn't help the celebrations when Chloe turns up and tells Nicola that he and Chloe have been sleeping together.


She's not happy anymore at being treated second best and so decided to blow her cover after acting grumpy all week.














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