Features: Episode Guide: April 2001


The following episode guide details events that occurred on-screen during April 2001.



Episode: 021

Production Block: 5 - TX: 02/04/01 (Monday)

Written by: Chris Fewtrell

Directed by: Peter Rose


The hotel is set up for the “Weight Busters” conference. Phil watches Rocky arrive on an old motorcycle. He is surprised when Rocky offers it to him. Jake tells off Rocky for being at work with an oil stain on his uniform. Later, Doris tries to clean the oil off Rocky’s waistcoat. He pecks her on the cheek as a “thank-you” – just as Virginia appears. Later Phil shows Nicola the bike – They have a good time until they crash and Nicola hurts her arm.


Jake tries to talk to Sarah-Jane but she isn’t interested. Jill and Sarah-Jane arrange lunch together.


Mandy catches Ray in his bathrobe. She apologises to him for taking the room. Kully helps her to settle in. Joanne asks Ray who he would like to invite to the wedding from Australia.


Kate tells Jake that she has given Jill the salon receptionist job. Jill surprises Tracey when she reveals that they will be working together. In the office Tracey gives Jake a hard time about Jill’s appointment.


Bradley and Mark rope Jake into joining the hotel football team. Bradley can’t understand why hardly anyone has turned up for the healthy meal he has prepared. Billy reveals steak and chips, which Bradley reluctantly accepts.


Adam joins Jill in the bar before their date. During a walk around the lake, Adam tells Jill he’d always hoped that she would return. He tells her that she always meant a lot to him. Jill is drawn in. Adam takes her hand…





Episode: 022

Production Block: 5 - TX: 03/04/01 (Tuesday)

Written by: Paul Mousley

Directed by: Peter Rose


Mandy catches Ray in the shower.


Billy tells Joanne to lighten up about the wedding. Nicola and Phil kiss in the corridor, just before Ptrick emerges. Patrick is suspicious of Phil.


In the porter’s office, Bradley asks Rocky why he didn’t turn up for the team meal. Rocky says that he will join them in the afternoon – Bradley tells him that it will be for a 5 mile run! Later, Billy winds up Des and Minty about the run. Phil tells Rocky that he doesn’t think that he will be able to make it. Rocky, keen to get out of it, says that he will swap with Phil. Phil (who has other plans) won’t change his mind.


Jake greets Tracey and asks if she is ready for Jill. Later Tracey shows her the ropes in the salon. Sarah Jane asks Jill how she is doing in the salon – just as Adam appears. Later, Jill takes the salon towels to the laundry and has a chat with Doris. Virginia catches them and Doris gets another telling off. Virginia complains to Kate that Doris is not pulling her weight in the hotel, but Kate defends Doris.


Sarah-Jane sees Adam taking some money in an envelope from Jake. Adam leaves and Sarah-Jane confronts him about his cash-flow problems – which he denies.


Joanne has words with Ray about going out the night before. Ray is having second thoughts about the wedding.


Later the football team is assembled – and they set off on their run… Jake and Mark go very fast… After they have parked their car near the finish, the boys sneak onto the path and start running again. Minty ends the race impressively. Rocky finally finishes – a complete wreck!


Nicola makes her way to Phil’s room. Someone knocks on the door so Nicola hides under the bed. Phil opens the door to Des, Minty, Mandy and Mark. Mark notices Nicola’s scarf on his bed…






Episode: 023

Production Block: 5 - TX: 04/04/01 (Wednesday)

Written by: Phil Gladwin

Directed by: Peter Rose


Beena asks Virginia for some more shifts – to raise money for her cosmetic surgery. Joanne asks Beena whether she would mind staying with Mandy for the night, so that she and Ray can be together. Joanne asks Beena to pick up a birthday present for Ray from the local shops.


Adam hurries through reception and into the bar. He is looking for someone. Ray is trying to fix the glass washing machine, and starts to get agitated – but not as furious as Adam, who is cross with Adam for not passing on a message to his client. Adam looks for Jake and complains about Sarah Jane. Later, Jake gives Sarah-Jane a ticking off about Adam’s lost client. She apologises. Tension increases between the two of them again. Mark and Scott appear. Sarah Jane asks Mark to stay for a drink after she finishes work. After the drink she kisses Mark on the cheek – this is witnessed by Jake.


Virginia mentions to Doris that she needs a new dancing partner. Doris asks Rocky if he can dance.


Beena tells Kully that she looks a bit dull. 


Nicola persuades Phil to come to the Russell apartment. They kiss and then go into Nicola’s room. They hear the main door open. It is Mark. He quizzes Nicola about Phil. Later, outside the hotel, Kully sees them kissing outside the hotel.


Scott is scared about his school play. Jake tries to reassure him. Later Scott can’t sleep and tells Tracey that he feels sick. He is having nightmares about the play. Tracey falls asleep on a chair and Jake comes in. She asks Jake if they make him happy. He says that he loves Scott.


Ray goes to Joanne’s room. She gives him the gift wrapped present. He opens is and holds up a shirt – It is hideous – and not the one Joanne had asked for. Ray tells Joanne that he is not hungry – just tired. Finally he plucks up the courage to tell her that he doesn’t think they should be married. He isn’t ready…





Episode: 024

Production Block: 5 - TX: 05/04/01 (Thursday)

Written by: Pippa McCarthy

Directed by: Peter Rose


In the staff quarters, Kully has hair problems – She has put a spray colour on her hair and can’t wash it out, Virginia tells her that she cannot wear a scarf on her head to cover it. Meanwhile the STEPS fans are gathering outside. Kate questions Kully about her hair. Tracey offers to help Kully…


Joanne is tense when Rocky asks her about what happened with Ray. Later, Ray and Joanne have words in the kitchen. Later Ray apologises to Joanne, and says he still wants her to be his girlfriend. She gives him the engagement ring back.


Scott is searching for his costume for school play. Jake promises that he will be there for the big night.


STEPS are due and everyone is on standby. Virginia tells Kully and Beena to get on with their work. Mickey (STEPS’ security man) rushes into the kitchen. The band arrive the back-way and get into the lift/ Kate is annoyed that the band sneaked in round the back and that she wasn’t able to welcome them. Tracey and Kully appear – her hair now back to normal. Kate tells Kully that STEPS have requested more towels. Kully grabs the towels and rushes off – much to Kate’s amusement…


…As Kully reaches the room, Virginia comes out. She has already given them more towels.


Kate, Mark and Tracey are about to leave for the school play. Jake walks in. The phone rings – Sarah Jane needs him back in reception. At school, Scott realises that Jake is not there. He forgets his line and is prompted by Doris.


Jake and Mickey argue over STEPS security arrangements. Mickey threatens to remove the band. As Kully clears the suite, Lee comes back in for his mobile – Kully is gobsmacked.


Jake snaps at Sarah-Jane. She reminds him about Scott’s play. Later they argue. He grabs her arm – they kiss passionately but she pushes him away.  Sarah Jane walks out of the hotel with Jake following. A car door slams – Scott, Mark, Tracey, Kate and Patrick emerge. Scott asks his father where he was…








Episode: 025

Production Block: 5 - TX: 06/04/01 (Friday)

Written by: Carolyn Sally Jones

Directed by: Peter Rose


The staff throw a surprise party for Mandy’s 17th birthday. She decides to celebrate in her own inimitable style by making a drunken pass at the newly de-engaged Ray. She gets knocked back in a gentle fashion and then seduces Billy by the boating lake.


Tracey stuns Jake by suggesting they could make a fresh start somewhere else, far from the Crossroads Hotel. Jake can’t leave it - it’s his life, his work, his family. And then there’s the small matter of the attractive Sarah-Jane Harvey (he doesn't tell Tracey this). He tells said temptress that he can’t stop thinking about her.


Jake’s half-sister Nicola is still enjoying smooches with Phil Berry. Her supposed best friend Chloe is non-too happy on finding this out.






Episode: 026

Production Block: 6 - TX: 09/04/01 (Monday)

Written by: tbc

Directed by: Steve Goldie


Mandy is not feeling full of the joys of love - more like regret and a great big hangover after last night’s drunken romp with older chef Billy. Her mood is not improved when he makes it clear that it was nothing more than yet another one-night stand: "we had sex that’s all... there is no us".


The path of love is not running smoothly elsewhere at the hotel. Sarah-Jane is left bewildered when Jake makes a pass at her and then backs off. She’s generally not a happy bunny as she’s fed up with living in the cramped Russell apartment and is thinking of leaving King’s Oak all together. But her mother urges her to stay and persuades her with hints that remaining at Crossroads might turn out to be to her advantage. (tip: the shares.)


Other living arrangements come under scrutiny as Bradley talks Tom into them living together. Bradley informs Tom: "you couldn’t be straight if you had lessons".






Episode: 027

Production Block: 6 - TX: 10/04/01 (Tuesday)

Written by: tbc

Directed by: Steve Goldie


Phil found out his mum had been rushed to hospital after being beaten by her husband and sought comfort in Nicola's arms, little realising their passionate embrace was captured by the ever mischievious Scott Booth and his best friend's camera.


Tracey plotted to have Sarah-Jane removed from the Russells' apartment, beginning to become suspicious of her and Jake. However much Jake tried to cover it up, the cracks are now beginning to show surely.


Daniel was unhappy about the prospect of Bradley moving in with Tom. "I like it with just you and me, Tom" he says trying to play the sympathy card with little success. Dan hates change.






Episode: 028

Production Block: 6 - TX: 11/04/01 (Wednesday)

Written by: tbc

Directed by: Steve Goldie


Kate and Patrick fell out over Jill's radical plans for the salon, not happy that she's only been back five minutes and is already sticking her nose in where it's not wanted. Tracey is not happy to shut the place down for this so called relaunch.


Mark and Ray's dates with a couple of glamorous french girls were derailed major big time by Joanne who managed through idle chit-chat to get them to pass on their dates.


The hotel football team played their first match - and were soundly thrashed by local pub The Manor. Bradley's boys weren't helped by the absence of star player Phil, who was late returning from Newcastle.

Phil urged his mother to leave the man who had hurt her when she finally admitted her husband Brian was responsible for the attack, but she begged him not to do anything about it.






Episode: 029

Production Block: 6 - TX: 12/04/01 (Thursday)

Written by: tbc

Directed by: Steve Goldie


Love is in the air as Bradley and Tom celebrate their one year anniversary and Tracey does a little matchmaking between Sarah-Jane and Mark. The Booths and the potential lovebirds go for dinner at a Thai restaurant, but Sarah-Jane seems more interested in Mark’s older brother. There’s talk of astrology, which Sarah-Jane uses as an opportunity to comment on Scorpio Jake’s eyes to which Tracey inadvertently interrupts with the question: "more hot sauce anyone?". There’s definitely some of that by the loos, as Sarah-Jane and Jake embrace yet again.


It’s dates a go go as Adam and Jill have dinner together, and Mandy goes to the pub with Des. Elsewhere relationships are frostier. Chloe’s yet to forgive Nicola. Joanne is still sniping at Ray with the put-down "you’re a free agent. A scumbag, but still a free agent."


Kate agrees to Jill’s business proposals for the spa. Tracey is the last to know, only informed by Jill’s patronising "Kate and Patrick decided it was time someone took it in hand". Tracey loses her cool and accuses Jill of being all over her business and her daughter of being all over her husband. One only wonders that if Jill had a grand-daughter would she be all over Scott?






Episode: 030

Production Block: 6 - TX: 13/04/01 (Friday)

Written by: tbc

Directed by: Steve Goldie


Billy finally finds out why Mandy is so upset by their drunken encounter. She was a virgin. Despite Mandy’s misery, she still doesn’t confess to a caring Joanne who jumps to the worst conclusions on seeing her tears. Jake is for once in agreement with Tracey over the spa proposals. But he changes his tune when he realises that if they start charging membership for non-guests, there will be a 120% increase in revenues.


It’s Rocky’s chance to impress Virginia as the day of the tango demonstration dawns. But when he arrives at the hall he’s confused by the line dancing going on and so runs away. Virginia is stood up and is furious.


Patrick loans out his kitchen table to schoolboys Daniel and Scott who are doing a school project with the pictures they took. Patrick stumbles across Scott’s photo of a canoodling Nicola and Phil. He hits the roof at the sight of this daughter-and-porter combo. He rushes around to Phil’s room where he finds them both.


He rolls up his sleeves ready to punch Phil who goads him with the words: "let’s see how well that goes down at the tribunal when you sack me".






Episode: 031

Production Block: 7 - TX: 16/04/01 (Monday)

Written by: tbc

Directed by: Garth Tucker


Much as he’d like to be a patriarch, Patrick doesn’t seem to be very good at imposing his will on his family. He’s still in shock at discovering that Nicola has been seeing Phil Berry on the sly, yet him and Kate are at odds on how best to deal with their wayward daughter.


But after the failure of all his entreaties, Patrick is amazed when Phil agrees to finish with Nicola so long as he can keep his job at the hotel. Dad may be pleased but daughter is heartbroken when Phil tells her it’s all over. And Phil will have to cope with Patrick watching him like a hawk.


The other Russell child is not much happier. Patrick says he’s fed up with him loafing around in that good-looking way of his and so tells him to start pulling his weight. And that means joining the kitchen staff in some sweaty toil by the cookers. Mark isn't happy, he knows deep down he's not cut out to be a kitchen assistant. Rocky meanwhile is having problems persuading Virginia to forgive him after the tango humiliation.






Episode: 032

Production Block: 7 - TX: 17/04/01 (Tuesday)

Written by: tbc

Directed by: Garth Tucker


Daniel gets bullied on his way home from school and Bradley decides to prove he’s as handy with words as he is with his tools. He confronts the girls behind the roughing up and warns them to stop picking on Daniel.


Unfortuately they think their victim grassed on them and hence make his life worse. Big brother Tom is not happy with this interference from Bradley. He fails to spot the classic signs of bullying when Daniel asks him for more money after the first load disappeared in less than four hours (Dan used it to pay the girls off).


Ex-best friends Nicola and Chloe finally bury the hatchet and make up after falling out over Phil. Chloe goes so far as to offer Nicola a shoulder to cry on as she gets over being dumped.


Another woman scorned, Tracey, is not going to give up. She plans a romantic evening in a deux complete with champagne and oysters. Jake does his best to resist his wife’s advances and takes full advantage of an opportunity to slip away and spend some smoochy time with Sarah-Jane.






Episode: 033

Production Block: 7 - TX: 18/04/01 (Wednesday)

Written by: tbc

Directed by: Garth Tucker


Billy throws his temper around once more at Mark’s ineptitude and offers a piqued it’s-him-or-me ultimatum. So fed up is he that he hands in his notice - again. Tracey is telling the world (including a furious Sarah-Jane) that she and Jake are trying for another child. Jake’s quite happy with just the one, although said child wouldn't quite feel the same way about that. And she manages to exact revenge on Sarah-Jane for flirting with her husband by telling her she’s got "nasty bags" under her eyes and giving her a facial that brings out a rash on her cheeks.


No thanks to Bradley, Daniel finds himself pinned to the climbing frame in the local park by the bullying schoolgirls who run off with his coat. Bradley has learnt from the ever-caring-about-my-friends Scott that Daniel’s being bullied because of his brother’s sexual preference. Our handsome handyman steps in, despite having been told not to interfere by Tom and gets external aid to get Daniel's coat back and to put a final stop on the bullying - the father of the ringleader of the gang. Without their ringleader, the other bullies abandon Daniel.


The plot thickens where Adam is concerned. He’s got disgruntled vintners on his back, demanding thousands of pounds and Jill’s never been to his flat or office.




Episode: 034

Production Block: 7 - TX: 19/04/01 (Thursday)

Written by: tbc

Directed by: Garth Tucker


Adam is being super-smooth to Jill, but his charms aren’t working on the daughter of his object of affection. Sarah-Jane finds out that he’s been down the bookies, putting money on a horse called, appropriately, 'Close To The Wind'. She’s even more dubious as to his motives when she finds him and Jill cosying up to a video of their 1983 wedding. This proves to be the last straw and she loses her temper at this outrageous romanticising of the past.


Sarah-Jane is also being stand-offish to Jake after being told by Tracey that he was hot stuff following the oysters. Jake is irate to hear that Tracey’s been blabbing about their plans to expand the family and threatens: "If I find you’ve come off the pill, I’ll make sure we sleep in separate beds. OK?"


All's well in the kitchen as Billy is persuaded to stay. He’d packed up his knives, but Kate's heartfelt plea melted his resolve. She’s his best friend and he doesn’t want to lose her.





Episode: 035

Production Block: 7 - TX: 20/04/01 (Friday)

Written by: tbc

Directed by: Garth Tucker


Parents are having a rough time of it at Crossroads. Phil and Nicola defy Patrick’s orders and get back together, with him admitting that he loves her. Kate and Mark clash once more over his lack of ambition and he becomes even more truculent when he hears that Jake’s now got a part-share of the hotel.


But all of them have it easy in comparison to Jill, who’s given a list of her faults by Sarah-Jane. She blames her mother for her own unhappiness, citing the divorce, being packed off to Germany and never getting birthday presents in the process. Jill retaliates with the wounding "you’re incapable of loving anyone". This of course leaves Sarah-Jane vulnerable to Jake’s charms. He exploits this in a laundry-room clinch and the promise of a more private assignation.


Doris has always been like an extra parent to poor little Scott. But this may all end as he burns himself on an iron while in her care. Admittedly it was his own fault for playing with the thing in the first place (and turning too quickly to look innocent when Doris came back into Laundry) but the entire episode doesn’t stop both Tracey and Jake laying the blame at her door and telling her she’s too old for the job.





Episode: 036

Production Block: 8 - TX: 23/04/01 (Monday)

Written by: Chris Chibnall

Directed by: Stephen Moore


Doris can’t face going into work after Friday’s showdown and with good reason. When she finally steals into the hotel Tracey gives her another earful. Virginia proves to be an unlikely knight in shining armour, telling Jake that he has to apologise "or you can find yourself another housekeeper". The whole matter is sorted out by Kate, much to Doris’s relief who admits that Crossroads "means the world to me".


Nicola and Phil face being rumbled once more as they’re caught together at the bowling centre by horrid Greg. He’s a pupil at Nicola’s school and a slimy piece of work. Love is always a fixture - Jill admits that she threw Adam’s wedding ring into the Aegean, while Joanne is chuffed at having pulled Fred with the cute smile at a club in Birmingham.


A Mr and Mrs Bryant have booked Room 311 for the week. But this is just a ruse by Jake to ensure that Sarah-Jane and him get some privacy. Sure enough, they escape to the room and he puts a very necessary ‘Do not disturb sign’ on the door...





Episode: 037

Production Block: 8 - TX: 24/04/01 (Tuesday)

Written by: Chris Dunn

Directed by: Stephen Moore


Bradley is beginning to lose patience with Tom over the living together debate, even suggesting that "maybe we should cut our loses and end it now". In the end, Daniel agrees a wager. If the Crossroads team beat The Castle in the footie, then Bradley can move in. Uh-oh, The Castle are Man U to Crossroads’ Torquay United. Which is the exact reason why Daniel agreed to this wager - so Bradley doesn't have to move in!


Fred with a cute smile phones Joanne and they’ve got a date. Meanwhile, Jill is denying that there’s anything more to her and Adam than the revival of an old friendship. Jake and Sarah-Jane make another little visit to Room 311 for a romping session that is, in her words, "short and sweet".


Horrid Greg is going to tell his dad about Phil and Nicola unless she can make it worth his while not to. Through the wonders of a Wap phone, Nicola manages to fight blackmail with blackmail and all is safe.

Patrick is furious to get a phone call asking him to bail out a drunken but impoverished Mark from a local bar. But Mark is surprised to find that his dad uses the opportunity for a long overdue heart-to-heart.





Episode: 038

Production Block: 8 - TX: 25/04/01 (Wednesday)

Written by: Candy Denman

Directed by: Stephen Moore


Bradley goes all out to prepare his team for the match that means he can move in with Tom. But all the food lists and stamina-building exercises aren’t enough. Jake scores a goal, but poor goalkeeping from Minty means that The Castle triumphs 2-1. All is not lost though. When Daniel hears about Bradley seeing off the bullies, he agrees to him moving in.


Off the pitch, there’s also loads of action. Nicola speaks for many women when she says of Phil "look at those legs… gorgeous". Joanne’s date Fred is playing the field, as he chats up Beena and others, despite having a wife and three kids.


As the big salon opening nears, Tracey and Jill continue to bicker. Luckily Adam is giving Jill all his support. Perhaps Tracey ought to concentrate her efforts on her marriage as her husband and Sarah-Jane continue getting it on in Room 311. Billy sees to it that Fred stands Joanne up again - intervention that’s not appreciated by the woman in question. She wonders why he’s quite so keen to make sure she doesn’t date - "are you jealous or something".







Episode: 039

Production Block: 8 - TX: 26/04/01 (Thursday)

Written by: Helen Childs

Directed by: Stephen Moore


The salon opening hits a hitch when Jill discovers an omission on the canapés: "a party’s not a party without vol-au-vents" she bleats. She sweeps to command with a fantastically smug speech, that Tracey manages to interrupt and take over. Everybody seems pretty pleased with the spa, though Patrick’s enthusiasm is dampened when he sees quite how over budget Jill has gone.


Tracey is suspicious of the Adam and Jill show, convinced that he’s after more than just Jill’s heart. Jake steps in to give Jill a little warning about her suitor’s true intentions so that when Adam tries to kiss her, she runs away. Tracey chooses this moment to confront him with her opinion that he’s just "a sad old has-been who’s living in the past".


Mark and Kate fight once more, but this time he packs his bags and leaves. Jake and Sarah-Jane mix business with pleasure as they discuss the hotel in bed. They realise that with Jill’s 30% and Jake’s 25%, they could become majority shareholders




Episode: 040

Production Block: 8 - TX: 27/04/01 (Friday)

Written by: Marvin Close

Directed by: Stephen Moore


Sarah-Jane and Jake are sailing very close to the wind. There’s all that public flirtation and then sneaking off to Room 311. Things become very dangerous when "Mr and Mrs Bryant" win the spa raffle and Tracey comes round to deliver the prize. In French farce fashion, Jake has to give Tracey a ridiculous excuse about the power shower, while Sarah-Jane is hiding in the cupboard.


Things aren’t harmonious in the Curtis household. Daniel throws a strop about Bradley eating his breakfast cereal, which wasn’t part of the deal. Adam orders a romantic meal for Jill in her room. The smoked salmon salad and chardonnay are, however, put on the salon’s tab. This doesn’t stop him asking her to marry him. Jill’s shocked - it’s so soon after John’s death.


Our young lovebirds Phil and Nicola finally get some time together, but Nicola is adamant that she’s still not ready for them to go all the way. Phil is totally understanding and mature about this. He’s distracted, however, by the arrival of a friend from the past.





Episode: 041

Production Block: 9 - TX: 30/04/01 (Monday)

Written by: Marvin Close

Directed by: Michael Kerrigan


The so-called friend of Phil’s turns out to be Sean, an old mucker from Newcastle. He’s a reminder of the past that Phil’s desperate to leave behind - complete with stolen cars and criminal types. Three heavies are on Sean’s case because he owes them a grand. They end up threatening Beena, only to be sorted out by Phil who gives them the money in question. Phil is hailed as a hero, but Nicola’s not happy with the way things are turning out.


Love is, as ever, tortured. Mandy and Des finally kiss, but Sarah-Jane is busy warning her mother off Adam Chance. Especially when she gathers that Adam’s actually proposed. Jake’s none too pleased to hear about this development either, as it means bang go 30% of the hotel shares.


Virginia and Doris talk about their past romances - one month going out with a soldier in Doris’ case. Doris thinks Bradley and Tom are just flatmates - they won’t be that much longer given the problems they’re encountering