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Destination Crossroads: Features – The 1985 Title Sequence


In 1985 the image of Crossroads changed forever, as the soap gained its first full-length title sequence. It featured various locations – tracing the journey of a red MG Maestro from the hustle and bustle of Birmingham to the quiet and relaxing countryside of Kings Oak and the Crossroads Motel. You can view the title sequence on YouTube HERE.


The Journey Begins…


The first shot is the A38(M) from above. Just where it crosses over Aston Hall Road. (Aston / Birmingham) In the background you can make out this ASDA store, which has since been demolished – along with various factory units. Further on there is a railway line, with a train ever-so conveniently running on it…. The camera pans right until we get to….

Busy Roads…


…The following view. This has actually changed much less since 1985.The sign still runs over the A38(M) in exactly the same place.


This is followed by various countryside shots with very little to identify them – but I promise to keep looking!


After the famous “vertical blind” wipe, we come to…


Magnificent Archway


… this magnificent archway, which is actually the former East Gateway to Umberslade Hall (Hockley Heath). It would be impossible to recreate the shot from the title sequence though – as the road has been diverted and the area fenced off. In fact it was virtually impossible to find a “real life” image that I could match – apart from this one. It is near where the B4101 (Pound House Lane/ Spring Lane) crosses the M40.

Turn Off…


Next our trusty MG Maestro takes a left turn off Alcester Road – directly opposite the “Cross and Bowling Green” pub.  (B98 9DR). This is actually not far from Tanworth In Arden – the location used for Kings Oak…



…before driving through the grounds of, and up to what was then called the Penns Hall Hotel in Sutton Coldfield. It is now the Ramada. (B76 1LH)


The information given on this page is given in good faith – and every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy – however, mistakes do happen. We are not responsible for any losses or inconvenience caused if you choose to use this information to go location hunting yourself!