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Crossroads Episode: 3580: Original TX: 02-03-82

UK Gold Episode: 038: Repeat TX: 27-12-96 (Fri)



Reg Lamont asked Sharon Metcalfe to find out from Carole Sands what she told his policeman son Ashley. He was deeply worried that Ashley would discover the connection between Reg and Eddie Lee, as well as other shady matters. David and Barbara Hunter decided to see their solicitor about Barbara harbouring Eddie Lee, and the fact that she knows the real killer’s identity. Rose Scott and Sid Hooper arranged to go away together. But her daughter Iris demanded Rose choose between them. (TV TIMES)


The Brownlows and Kevin Banks are worried because Kevin’s wife Glenda insists on inviting Carole Sands to spend an evening with them. (TV Times)


Jill drives in to the Crossroads motel. She immediately chastises a workman who is in reception and directs him to the bar. Adam reminds her that she should be working on the reception desk. He tells her that he has a meeting with his accountant to discuss ways in which they can raise enough money to buy half of the new issue of shares in the motel. He tells her that the important thing is for them to keep their options open in case David decides to do the same. Jill asks him how he can be acting on her behalf if she knew nothing about it. “I assumed” he replies. She suggests that all the animosity between David and Adam started when they took the holiday together without telling anyone. Adam replies by telling her the real reason is because David sees them as a threat.


Rashida arrives in the middle of their argument and they lower their voices. “You’re shutting me out” Jill tells him. “Perhaps I play some things a little close to my chest – but its something we’ve got to get used to” They are interrupted further by Doris “Lovely ring – everyone’s talking about it” she says.


At the Brownlow’s Kath, Kevin, Arthur and Glenda are eating breakfast. Arthur complains that he had to get up early because of the noise of cats from the empty house next door. “The garden’s like a jungle and all the cats in creation go there to…er… well that’s where they go – and a lot of noise they make about it too!” he says. Kevin tells them that he didn’t sleep very well – which is news to Glenda. Arthur offers Kath and Glenda a lift into work. “What about you Kevin – do you want a…” Glenda stops herself when she remembers that Kevin is not working. She suggests that he ask the Hunters whether they still want their bedrooms redecorating. “I don’t think so love” he replies. As they clear the table Glenda tells everyone that she is going to pop over to the garage to invite Carole Sands for supper. Arthur intervenes by saying that there is no urgency. The women go off to clear the table. Arthur asks Kevin whether Carole would accept an invitation. “She said she wouldn’t – she always keeps her word. What else can I say?” he replies. “Thank you Kevin, from the both of us – for the way you’ve behaved.” He says.


At the Lamont’s the air is frosty. Reggie talks about going out with Ashley as a family – Jennifer stands silently, flicking through a book. He tells her that she is wrong about he and Sharon having an affair. “I was smitten – I won’t deny that – but it never meant a thing to her. You’ve got to believe that – because she needs our help.” “Why is she allowed to know things that I am not?” Jennifer asks him. “Because she has known them all along” he admits. “It concerns a part of her life that she’s not very proud of” says Reggie. “This bloke – Eddie Lee – the one Ashley’s making all the noise about…” he begins. “The one in jail for manslaughter?” she asks. “She used to be shacked up with him for a while” he says, “and if Ash gets to find out about that…” She tells him that there was no need to shut her out of that. “I just went along with what she wanted” he tells her. “I didn’t like it much though – YOU made me feel very fragile” he says – talking about the previous night. “But I always come through in the end don’t I? Do you know why? Because you’re there. Take that away from me – and its curtains!” (END OF PART ONE)




Doris hands Rashida the dinner menus and explains that they need to promote the veal.  Rashida asks Doris whether Adam and Jill have known each other long. Doris explains that even though they have known each other for a few years it has not been a long engagement. “He’s a very charming man” says Rashida. “Oh yes… in his way” acknowledges Doris. She explains that they have had their tiffs – but the course of true love CAN run smooth. Rashida is surprised that Doris should say this and asks whether she has ever been in love. “I’m a spinster – but that doesn’t mean to say that I haven’t loved” replies Doris. Rashida says that she has never been in love “and my father wouldn’t approve of me falling in love every other week – not even once!” she adds. Doris tells her not to leave it too long “I had me chance” she tells her. “Thomas was killed in the war.” Doris explains that there is only one man you should marry – and the others don’t measure up. Jill comes into reception “The veal’s very nice” says Doris. “You mean he’s made a lot of it?” she asks. Doris leaves and Adam arrives at the reception desk to ask whether the conference people have arrived as he would like to show them around the facilities before they have dinner. Jill sends Rashida on her break and asks Adam whether he was able to raise the money for the shares. “I can – but there doesn’t seem to be much point risking it – if you’re not going to be in on it with me” he replies.


At the Lamont’s Ashley is on the telephone to Sharon when Jennifer and Reggie arrive back from a shopping trip. “We’ll be eating late – your father’s been spoiling me” she says. Ashley tells her that he and Sharon are going out for a meal. “Getting to be something of a habit” she remarks as he goes into the hallway. Reggie sees a file on the side. He picks it up and reads the cover – it is all about Eddie Lee. Jennifer tells him not to read it – but Reggie is intrigued and starts to flick through it, but he is disturbed when Ashley returns. Jennifer sees a copy of Barbara’s latest book on the side amongst Ashley’s things and remarks that it isn’t the least like her other novels. “Perhaps that’s why I find it so interesting” replies Ashley. Jennifer goes out to organise Dinner. Reggie remarks to Ashley that the police should be paying him overtime for the amount of time he is spending on Eddie Lee. “Turning out to be a labour of love” Ashley replies before revealing that there is a connection between Eddie and his father. “Couple of years back he worked at the Crossroads garage.”


Glenda arrives home to find Kevin using a typewriter at the dining room table. He tells her that he has tried calling his old customers, but they don’t need anything done. “Its right back to square one” he says. He explains that he will have to take on anything that’s going so that he can start to build up contacts again. Glenda tells him that it is only a set-back and that it is only temporary. “There are two of us. I’ve got a good job” she reminds him. Kevin is unhappy at the thought of his wife supporting him .Glenda asks if it would be okay the other way round “Of course” he tells her. “We are a partnership you and me – through good times and bad” she says. “Do you remember when things went wrong for me not so long ago? I couldn’t have got through it without you…. We’ve got each other. What else matters?” she says. “You’re solid gold – do you know that?” he replies.


At the motel Adam is showing round the conference guests. He arranges to meet up with them around 7 o’clock to look over the facilities. When they leave he approaches Jill at the reception desk. “Shall we talk now or later?” he asks. “The meetings I’ve had to day concern us being together” he tells her. Adam explains that the advice he has been given is to buy half of the new issue of shares. Even if David were to buy the other half they would be no worse off in terms of influence. Jill is worried that she will have to put up her house as collateral. “We know this motel is going to survive” he tells her. Jill is still not happy “I know how mum felt” she tells him. “Where is all this mistrust coming from?” he asks. “Can’t you understand I want what is best for US without any interference from David… I think it is time that I had another word with David. Don’t you?” He picks up the phone. “David – are you coming to the motel this evening? I’d like to have a little word with you.” (CREDITS)


“They’ll be here in a few moments”

“I hope you know what you’re doing”


Praise be – Kevin and Glenda seem to be getting back on track… but in the world of soap there is always something that will go wrong. How long do you think it will be before the spurned woman reappears? Not long if Glenda’s plan to invite her round for tea get any further. Would you believe it? Adam seems to be getting rather too big for his boots – and although he is perhaps my favourite character I know that most peoples sympathy will lie with David – so surely things cant go right for Mr. Smoothie?


(Site ref 7:2:00:20:00)



Crossroads Episode: 3581: Original TX: 03-03-82

UK Gold Episode: 039: Repeat TX: 30-12-96 (Mon)


David Hunter and Adam Chance quarrel bitterly over Adam’s reasons for wanting to marry Jill Harvey. (TV Times)


“What do you think Adam wants to talk to you about?” Barbara asks David as they arrive at the front entrance of the motel. “Jill” replies David “He’s assuming a lot on her behalf lately”. “It’s what she wants” suggests Barbara.


When they enter reception they make their way to the comfortable chairs as Adam approaches. “I’m not being over sensitive about this” says Adam “but as David has undoubtedly told you, I am marrying Jill to feather my own nest.” “Is that an admission?” asks David. Adam accuses David of slander. “Its true. It fits everything I know about your character” he tells him. “I love Jill, and I think we have a great deal to make our marriage a happy one” David repeats his accusation that Adam is marrying Jill just as the business is getting back on its feet. Adam asks Barbara “Do you think he’s right?”. She says nothing. “Well… thank you.” says Adam before walking off. “Perhaps I should have said something to patch things over” suggests Barbara. “Why patch over the truth?” David replies.


At the guest house Rose is applying make up as Mavis and Iris wash up. “A couple of nights before he did his flit, you and Sid were talking about going off to the South of France or somewhere…” says Mavis. “ALL of us going” Rose corrects her – although her eyes tell a different story. “He didn’t say anything to you about really leaving?” Mavis asks Rose. Rose replies by saying that she wouldn’t have taken any notice since he was always talking about getting away to the sun. Mavis is unconvinced. “Hmmmm”. Rose reminds her that in the two years that Sid was away she had run the guest house and had friends. “You managed before… You’ll manage again” she tells her landlady. “So for goodness sake – stop wandering around like a punctured tyre.” Iris goes to chastise her mother but Mavis has to admit that Rose is right. “He gave me a good chuckle now and then – and while he was here I did smarten myself up” “You’re better off now than before he came” suggest Rose. Mavis agrees. “Men! Who needs em?” says Mavis. “I do!” replies Rose.


In reception Jill hands some guests their keys before Adam approaches the desk. “They seem to have cheered you up” she suggests. “Well its getting something off your chest that does that” he admits. “Did you get what you wanted?” she asks him. “Lets just say that positions have been clarified” he replies. Adam says that he knows Jill overheard the conversation with David. “…and you afraid that he’s right?” he asks her. “I don’t understand what you want from me.” she admits. “Trust would be  a start” he answers her. Jill tells him that she isn’t sure. “Marriage is something that you have to be damn sure about” shouts Adam – which is overheard by some guests. “Believe what you like… Believe what you like” Adam tells her as he walks away from her sadly. Jill asks him whether he is having second thoughts about the wedding. “A man doesn’t wait until my age to settle down and take marriage lightly” he tells her. “Jill, the time has come for you to make YOUR position clear”


At the garage Mac is busy finishing off some paperwork while Doris stands by the office putting on her gloves. “… the trouble with Trina is she always gets her own way,” says Mac. “You spoil that girl” agrees Doris. He reveals that he has been to see the manager of the building society – in his best suit  - and that the news that he is garage foreman made the manager take notice. Mac reveals that the money is there whenever they want it. “Fifteen thousand… Just the thought of it makes me shudder!” he admits. Doris suggests that he takes a look at “Stonebank” but Mac points out it was out of their reach before it was done up! Mac tells Doris that he fancies a semi – in a quiet street – near some shops. Doris suggests the house next door to the Brownlows. Mac decides to call round and take a look…


At the guest house Mavis makes her excuses and leaves. Rose apologises to Iris. “I didn’t realise that you hadn’t got over Ron” she admits. “Doesn’t he ever phone or write?” she asks. Iris reveals that she told him not to. “It had to be a clean break” she tells her mother. “Didn’t you love him?” asks Rose. “I miss him – if that means anything” replies Iris. “I didn’t want his pity. I think he did love me – but pity was part of it” she goes on. “I would have only messed up his life – I’m an expert at that.” “It’s a lousy bumpy world, and if two people ar  close together they’re bound to give each other a few bruises,” Rose tells Iris. “Do you still want to go to London?” she asks her daughter. “It was your idea originally” Rose reminds her “even if it was to get me away from ‘you know who’”. Iris asks Rose why she changed her mind about going off with Sid. “I felt more for somebody else” Rose tells Iris. “After everything?” asks Iris. “Why don’t we go off to London – find ourselves somewhere to live… What do you say?” asks Rose. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) At the guest house Mavis and Iris are enjoying breakfast when Doris calls round. “Mr Astley let you in I suppose?… Sometimes I wonder if he doesn’t spend all of his time lurking by that door…” suggests Mavis before making Doris a cup of tea. Iris explains to Doris that it will be the last morning that she will be going to the motel. “Oh they’ve laid you off have they?” asks Doris. Iris explains that she will be going to London this weekend – just as Rose appears at the doorway in her fluffy dressing gown. Mavis approaches the table with a cup of tea for Doris and it is swiftly taken by Rose. “Thanks Mave – you deserve a medal” she declares – while Mavis looks on incredulously.


In the motel reception Barbara is surprised to see Carole. “What are you doing here?” she asks. “Earning my keep” she replies. Carole asks whether Ashley has been in touch with her again (over the Eddie Lee business) “Not recently” replies Barbara. “You’re afraid of Sergeant Lamont aren’t you?” she asks. “Shouldn’t I be?” replies Carole. “Its my problem now” Barbara reminds her. Carole gets upset but Barbara tells her that it is natural that she feels shaky after being in hospital for a few days. “Its not that is it?” asks Barbara. “Do you think Kevin loves me?” asks Carole. “Is it over?” asks Barbara. “I’m just so miserable” cries Carole.


In the garage Mac is telling Sharon about the house next door to the Brownlows. He reveals that there is a room above the extension at the back. “You could sub-let” she suggests. “Don’t think I haven’t thought about it” he replies. Mac reveals that at £22,000 it is out of his price range. Sharon suggests offering £20,000, but even with his £3,500 savings and a £15,000 mortgage he still wouldn’t have enough. Sharon tries to persuade him to offer his maximum “Go on – They’ll bite your hand off” she tells him. Mac asks whether the garage would be willing to offer him an advance. “I don’t know – its not up to me” she tells him.


In reception David finds Jill working on the desk. “I don’t believe that Adam is marrying me for my money” she tells him. She tells him that she will be selling her shares in the motel. “I want to work with Adam where our contribution is valued and appreciated. Somewhere where we have control over our investme….” She is stopped mid sentence by Adam’s arrival in reception. David leaves but tells Adam (with obvious delight) that if he wants to change his mind about the share transfer after what Jill is about to tell him – “we’ll forget it… It will save on the legal fees!” “Adam, I’m sorry… I’m selling my shares – I want out!” says Jill – before running off. “Is she serious?” Adam asks David.

“Shall we call her back… and ask her?” replies David. (CREDITS)


“It’s not over David”

“Oh I’d say it is over… I’d say you were finished here. Through!” 


The episode opens with a dodgy photo caption and then a scene set in a “fake” motel exterior that is obviously filmed in the studio. There are conveniently empty chairs for the characters to sit in and non-speaking extras aplenty. The motel might be purple now, but the dreary guest house and drab garage sets remain firmly in place. It strikes me that not much has changed since the days of Meg – which seem like years ago now. If the intention was to let the series evolve, it isn’t showing many signs of that yet and it does feel as though David, Barbara, Adam and Jill need a “Meg” to sort out their petty squabbles. Certainly Jill needs someone to turn to for advice. As I predicted Mac has taken a look at the house next to the Brownlow’s and it probably won’t be long before he moves in. With the subtlety of a brick there us a mention of “sub-letting” which I am sure is going to lead somewhere… Moment of the episode was Rose stealing Doris’ cup of tea. The expression on Mavis’ face was priceless. More of this please!


(Site ref 7:3:00:37:48)



Crossroads Episode: 3582: Original TX: 04-03-82

UK Gold Episode: 040: Repeat TX: 31-12-96 (Tue)


Sgt Ashley Lamont puts Barbara Hunter and Carole Sands through a very uncomfortable interrogation. (TV Times)



In reception David is on the telephone to Jill. “Have you spoken to your solicitor?” he asks her. “I also suggest you talk it over with Adam” he adds as Rashida enters from the office. “Mr. Hunter, is the motel changing hands?” she asks him. “Some hands, not ALL hands” he corrects her. She asks him about the imminent issue of shares. “Business is good,” she adds “I’m sure many investors will want to buy in” before adding that her father deals in shares. David tells her that the motel would be an excellent place to invest.


As Sharon busily inspects the filing cabinet, Ashley Lamont arrives. “You shouldn’t creep up on people” she jokes. “Last night was nice” he tells her. “Last night was VERY nice” she corrects him. The situation turns colder when Ashley reveals that he is at the garage to see Mac. He asks when Mac is due back “Depends” answers Sharon cryptically. “If you’re black and the fuzz question you… you worry” she points out. “Can’t you leave him alone?” she asks. “Shall I tell you something that absolutely fascinates me?” he asks her…. “Eddie Lee worked here…and nobody knows a thing about him! Don’t you find that strange?” “You had a killer in your midst and nobody knows a thing about him?” he goes on. Sharon points out that as a convicted murderer he was always going to be a loner. “So you wouldn’t say you got to know him then?” he asks.


Back in the motel reception Carole Sands arrives to meet Barbara. “How did your first day go?” asks Barbara. “It was alright” admits Carole. Their conversation is interrupted by Ashley “Lucky at last! I’ve been looking for you!” he announces. He goes on to say that he found it difficult to put down Barbara’s latest novel “Based on a true story!” he says “Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.. Nice twist that!” he jokes. “Dead ringer for the Eddie Lee story wouldn’t you say?” he asks Barbara. Ashley isn’t convinced that it is a coincidence. “A man’s wife kills him, her lover takes the rap... he breaks parole and ends up back inside…” He incorrectly assumes that Barbara got the story from Carole. “What I want to know is where you got it from?” he asks her. “Perhaps what you need sergeant is a little more flair for the obvious?” she suggests. “The book was published last winter. It took me a year to write… and I didn’t even meet Miss Sands until November 81” “Rather cancels you out then doesn’t it?” he admits. Carole nods. Barbara tells Ashley that she found out the story herself from a source that gave it to her in the strictest confidence. “And I have every intention of honoring that” she tells him.


At the garage, Reggie has clearly been listening to Sharon’s story about Mac “So Let him have it” says Reggie – talking about the advance of a thousand pounds. “Just like that?” she asks. “Why not? It’s a loan – not a gift” he tells her. Sharon tells Reggie that his son was round to see Mac again that afternoon. Reggie tells her that Ashley has already been on to him and that he wasn’t to talk about something special. “It scares the hell out of me I can tell you” he confesses. Just then Mac arrives back and Reggie presents him with the cheque. “Its no big deal… You wanted a grand – you’ve got fifteen hundred to be on the safe side” says Reggie “You can pay it back out of your wages at £25 a week at no interest. There are no ties – there are no strings – I am not trying to buy anything” he assures Mac. Mac leaves happy. “If they turn the heat on there’s no way I’m gonna stick around here” he reveals to Sharon.


At the motel reception Barbara introduces David to Sergeant Ashley Lamont. David asks here whether she would like her solicitor present but she says not. “He doesn’t want any trouble – he’s only got a few more months left to serve.” She tells Ashley. “For someone else’s crime” he reminds her. “Is this an official enquiry?” asks David. “No” admits Ashley.  David asks him why he is at the motel. “Call it unofficial curiosity” he replies before leaving. “What did you tell him?” asks David. “Nothing at all Mr Hunter” answers Carole. (END OF PART ONE)




Arthur arrives home to find Iris and Rose enjoying a meal at the dining table. “I’ve left early to get here in time” he announces. “I’d have taken bets that he’d get home in time for my farewell” jokes Rose. Kath gets up and tells him to take his things off “Cos its quiche lorraine for starters.” Iris thanks Kath for organising the meal. “Well its nice to have the family all together – int it?” she replies. Iris agrees “apart from Ron”. “Poor old Ron” adds Kevin. The meal is interrupted by a telephone call, which Kath answers. There is the familiar sound of “pips” from a telephone kiosk – but Carole, who is revealed to be at the other end of the call, decides not to proceed.


Arthur leaves the dining room on the pretext of fetching a new handkerchief, but in reality goes to meet Rose in the hallway. “We’ve not always seen eye to eye about a lot of things” he admits to her. “I’d just like to say that I wish you all the best.” “Its moments like this that I envy Kath” she tells him, before kissing him on the cheek.


Rose arrives back in the dining room. “That took long enough” Kath suggests – suspicious that she and Arthur were out of the room together.


“What was all that about?” Kath asks Arthur as she too meets him in the hallway. He makes the excuse of going for a handkerchief but she has already seen through the rouse and pulls one from his top pocket. “That ones just for show” he blusters. Kath sees lipstick on his cheek and wipes it off. Arthur confesses that he wanted to “bury the hatchet”. Kath too kisses him on the cheek. “You’re an old love” she tells him.


At the Lamonts Reggie arrives home and kisses Jennifer. She tells him that Ashley has been waiting for him to get home. “I was wondering… If you had take sides… between him and me…. Over… anything….Which way would you go?” he asks her cryptically. “Are you worried?” she asks him.


Ashley arrives in the lounge and apologises for keeping his father waiting. “This is all very formal isn’t it?” asks Reggie. “Probably nerves” confesses Ashley. “I discovered something earlier…” says Ashley as Reggie looks on worriedly. “I’m thinking of getting engaged!” he reveals. “Who to?” asks Reggie. “Sharon of course” suggests Jennifer matter of factly. “I’m very fond of her, so I’m glad for you” says Jennifer.


At the guest house Mavis is about to settle down with a cup of tea when Rose and Iris arrive back. “Tata Mave – thanks for everything” says Rose, before going up to pack. “Mum did square up with you?” asks Iris sadly. “Well – I wonder if we’ll see each other again” says Mavis.


“I don’t want to go” Iris confesses. “You’ll be alright together, mark my words” Mavis assures her, before sending her upstairs to pack. “Go on… I’ve got things to do” she says – visibly distressed. “Tarra Mave”  (CREDITS – SAD THEME)


Mavis picks up the room keys from the table and smiles.


Rashida’s father is a potential investor? There’s a stroke of luck.


In textbook Crossroads fashion there is some “business” with some non-speaking extras to cover the fact that Ashley is required in two consecutive scenes, but it works reasonably well. Carole, Rashida, Glenda, Kevin, Barbara, Jennifer and Mac only appear in the most fleeting of scenes today but their presence adds something to the feel of the episode (well – everyone except Glenda and Kevin– who just sit and have tea. Are we paying them for this?


The scene at the Brownlows between Kath, Arthur and Rose is expertly choreographed – even more impressive when interrupted by the cutaway to the callbox. The timing and staging is pitch perfect and feels more like a well staged French Farce (and I mean that as a compliment! The hustle and bustle of the rather cramped working class living room is offset well by the cut to the Lamont’s impressive drawing room and I like the comedy twist involving Ashley’s proposal – We then visit the dingy guest house and some real heart felt drama to get a complete cross-section of life associated with the motel. Everything about this episode emphasises what a well structured programme Crossroads is. Neatly plotted, well scripted, beautifully performed.


(Site ref 07:04:00:57:40)


Crossroads Episode: 3583: Original TX: 09-03-82

UK Gold Episode: 041: Repeat TX: 01-01-97 (Wed) - ?????? Needs verification


Kevin Banks has what he desperately hopes will be his last meeting with Carole Sands. Ashley Lamont gets a heartfelt confession from Sharon Metcalfe. (TV Times)


 In reception David leaves the new office, collects some post from the girl on the desk and joins Barbara in the old office. One of the letters is from Rashida’s father, Afif Malik, who is expressing an interest in purchasing some of the soon-to-be released shares. Barbara questions whether it might be a way of securing a promotion for his daughter. Somewhat relishing the idea David suggests that she could take over Adam’s job. They are soon joined by Jill. David tells her that he and Barbara have talked over her offer of her shares. “I wasn’t aware that I offered them to you formally” replies Jill. “The other directors have the right to buy them in proportion to their current holdings” he reminds her. “You are going to buy them then?” Jill asks. She tells David that she knows he has the power to block anyone else coming into the company. David points out that he cant stop Adam buying them. “Of course it wont be Adam, we are BOTH leaving the motel” she assures him. Jill realises that she is over sensitive about the issue and she leaves for the sitting room. When the coast is clear David tells Barbara that even though Jill thinks that Adam is no longer interested in the motel “Adam told me his intentions were otherwise… Jill has quite a few surprises coming!”


At the Brownlow’s Kevin is busy on a typewriter as Glenda comes into the lounge. She asks him what he is up to. He tells her that he is writing to people about potential work. “Is Carole Sands back at the garage yet?” asks Glenda. “How should I know?” replies Kevin. “I though she might have phoned you up during the day” she answers… “to turn on the charm.” Kevin is worried that Glenda has found out about their relationship, but she is merely joking that Carole may have persuaded him to do up another house –or go on another demo. Kevin is furious “Don’t be so stupid” he shouts at her. She is taken aback but believes his temper is due to his lack of work “If you keep at it something is bound to turn up sooner or later” she assures him.


At the garage, Carole is indeed back, and she sneaks into the office to make a telephone call. “Kings Oak 7570” replies Glenda – at the Brownlow’s when she answers the call. Carole hesitates but puts down the receiver at her end. “Who was it?” Kevin asks. “Wrong number… seem to be getting a lot of those lately” replies Glenda “… unless of course you’ve been telling your girlfriends to hang up if a woman answers” she jokes. “Or it could be the milkman’s wife, ringing up to see if he’s still here” he jokes back. Glenda kisses him and leaves for work.


Back in the motel office Barbara is typing a letter as David returns. “Darling, tell me its alright…” she asks him. “There are no spelling mistakes” jokes David. Barbara makes it clear that she is talking about Sergeant Lamont. David points out they have to say nothing unless the enquiry becomes official. “Don’t you think I’m doing wrong… whatever the law might say?” she asks him. “You’ve a great deal to lose from the publicity.. or the image, as a writer of wholesome books for women” he reminds her.  “Think about what Eddie’s lost… Years of his life in jail because his mistress killed her husband.” David points out to her that clearly Eddie is letting sleeping dogs lie – and asks her to do the same. “We’re quite a family for bending the law” she replies before saying that it all goes back to “dirty little favours” and that ultimately it comes down to “Yvonne (Eddie’s mistress) – and a murder.”


Back at the Brownlow’s Kevin is on the telephone about a job… but there isn’t one. No sooner does he get off the phone when Carole (this time on the payphone in the garage) makes another call. “Darling… Kevin…. I have to talk to you” she tells him. “We’ve been through all this. We said we wouldn’t meet each other. Its over” he reminds her. “Its important. Its vital” she tells him. He reluctantly agrees to meet her at the garage after work. “Alright – but this is the last time. It’s not doing either of us any good.”


In the garage office Ashley stands waiting for Sharon while she rushes in – in the middle of a telephone call about a missing part that Nobby has been sent on a wild-goose-chase for. “What sort of system are you working for heavens sakes?” she asks. After the call Ashley jokes “I don’t think I’d like to be on the receiving end”. “What do you want?” she asks him. “Becky Foster… do you know her?” he replies. Sharon points out that she does, but that is obvious since she used to work at the garage. Sharon gives Ashley her contact details. “Is she a nice kid?” he asks. “Very” replies Sharon. “Her name cropped up in connection with Eddie Lee. Worth looking into… Wouldn’t you say?” (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) At the garage Mac and Carole discuss the work for the afternoon whilst Ashley makes a phone call… unsuccessfully. “The operator says this number is not available” Ashley tells Mac. Mac takes a look at the piece of paper that Sharon gave him earlier and reveals that he knows that she has moved from that address. Sharon enters the office “I must have forgotten” she tells Ashley. Mac leaves to get on with the work. “You knew she’d moved then?” Ashley asks Sharon. “It just slipped my mind – that’s all” she replies. She asks him whether he intends to track her down. “I don’t think there’s much that Becky can tell you about Eddie” says Sharon… “I don’t think she knows”. “Unlike SOME people?” asks Ashley. “Yeah…” confesses Sharon. “You’ve won. You ask the questions – I’ll answer”


In the office Jill is surprised to find Barbara working late. “So are you” points out Barbara. Jill replies by saying that Adam has got a business dinner. “He doesn’t spend much time here, and this business isn’t motel business – we know that” says Jill. “I thought Adam was interviewing potential buyers for the motel shares…?” asks Barbara. “Now?” asks Jill – shocked. Realising that she may have said too much, Barabra tries to cover “No… of course not” and then changes the subject. She asks Jill what her plans will be when she leaves the motel. “I thought we’d just spend a bit of time together” replies Jill. “I want to make sure he has something fulfilling… emotionally” she adds. “Marrying Adam is going to be the best thing that I can do”


At the flat, Sharon and Ashley begin their conversation. He asks her whether she was in love. “He certainly bowled me over. He was so different to anyone I’d ever met.” She replies.  “Looking back, I cant quite remember when I changed my mind about him” she adds. “When Victor first brought him I was very ‘anti’” “He was so wild, so fond of himself. I used to hate that”. Ashley listens on. “There came a time when I found myself going the other way…” “And what about Vic?” Ashley asks her. “Predicably he was very protective towards me… Poor old soul” she replies. “That’s a bad thing is it? Wanting to protect you?” asks Ashley. The conversation continues… “One of the conditions of Eddie’s parole was that he hung onto the job at the garage” Sharon tells him. “Victor gave him the choice – give me up… or get the bullet. Eddie called his bluff and lost… he made a run for it” Ashley asks “Why didn’t you go with him?” “One or two things got in the way.” She replies. “Cant say I’m not glad” adds Ashley. Sharon completes the story and reveals that she could no longer look Victor in the eye, and that she felt compelled to leave. “And there you have it Sergeant Lamont. All the pieces of a jigsaw”. Sharon tells him that she was hoping to keep the information away from Ashley as she could see it doing damage. “I know you’ve had a tough old time” he assures her… “But it would take a hell of a lot to damage what I feel for you.”


At the garage it is five past seven. Mac and Carole have both earned an hour’s worth of overtime, but he calls it a day. As Mac leaves to wash, Kevin Banks arrives for a word with Carole. “Be my guest” Mac tells him. She embraces him and Kevin realises that everything she had said on the phone to get him there was an excuse. “I can’t do without you” she tells him. “We have to” he replies. “Kevin you’re everything to me. I can’t live without you.” she tells him again. “I said it – and I meant it. Stay away from me” he answers – before leaving her alone in the garage.(CREDITS)


“Its not over Kevin. “I won’t let it be”


Check out David “two offices” Hunter. What he was doing in the hitherto unseen office behind reception is anyone’s guess. It does seem strange that they are still using the old office when the rest of the motel has been so updated.


Where’s this proposal I’ve been waiting for? Ashley Lamont must be the slowest mover on the planet. He told his parents yesterday and (despite having spent most of the episode with Sharon) there is still no sign of him going down on one knee. What a swizz.


Good juicy stuff from Carole “Fatal Attraction” Sands. What HAS she got planned? Although I have to say I was a bit annoyed by the “jokes” between Kevin and Glenda over imaginary affairs – as yet again it makes Glenda seem rather simple not to have noticed.


(Site ref 07:05:01:17:55)



Crossroads Episode: 3584: Original TX: 10-03-82

UK Gold Episode: 042: Repeat TX: 02-01-97 (Thu) - ?????? Needs verification


Reg Lamont’s anxieties are increased by what son Ashley tells him of his investigations into Eddie Lee. David Hunter puts Arif Malik in the picture about the motel business. (TV Times)


Mac walks up to the reception desk and hands Rashida the keys to two cars belonging to motel guests. Doris walks past carrying a tray of tea things. Mac tells her that he is pleased to see that the garage are not the only ones that don’t bring their cups back. Mac tells her that he took his wife, Trina to see the house next door to the Brownlows, and that she loved it so they have made an offer. “Have you told Kath and Mr Brownlow yet?” enquired Doris eagerly. He admits that he hasn’t – for fear of jinxing the sale.


Rashida’s father arrives in the motel reception “You’re early” Rashida tells her father, “And you’re always behind yourself” he replies – before telling her off for leaving without kissing her mother that morning. “Its you she wants – and you’re always working” she tells her father. “Everyone in a family has a role. Mine is to provide” he replies.


David Hunter arrives in reception and greets Mr. Malik. David asks Rashida to oragnise some coffee and biscuits “You know what your father likes” he says before leading Mr Malik to the office. Rashida watches them go.


At the Lamont’s, Reggie is on the telephone to Sharon. They are talking about Sharon’s confession to Ashley in the previous episode. “Did he buy that?” he asks. “So he accepts that all the evasion was just because of you and Eddie Lee? Well that will certainly get me out of a bit of a spot.” Reggie tells Sharon that he is thinking of going into the garage but she tells him that she wont be there. The telephone call goes no further as Jennifer walks into the lounge. Reggie ends the call but tells Jennifer that Sharon has filled Ashley in on all the details about Eddie Lee. “He seems to have taken it very well” she points out. “He bounces back then!” says Reggie. “Like father, like son” agrees Jennifer.


As she leaves she runs into Ashley in the hallway. She says goodbye and leaves. “Mum seems chirpy enough” Ashley says to his father as he enters the lounge. “She was saying the same about you” replies Reggie before inviting his son for a round of golf. Ashley declines and reveals that he has already arranged to give Sharon a ring. “She wont be there” Reggie tells his surprised son. “She has got a meeting that will take up most of the day.” “I take it you knew about her and Eddie Lee?” asks Ashley. Reggie replies “Yes” Ashley asks whey his father hadn’t said anything before. “I could see which way the wind was blowing – that was up to you wasn’t it?” replies Reggie before adding “She was worried about that”. Ashley is confused “She spoke to you about it then?” he asks.

“Off and on” replies Reggie. “It’s understandable that she wouldn’t want to do anything to ‘spoil the image’” he adds. Ashley tells his father that it would take a lot to do that. “So that’s it is it? The Eddie Lee mystery solved?” asks Reggie. “Some of it” agrees Ashley. “What do you mean? Some of it?” Reggie asks. “That’s the thing about my job isn’t it? You get the answer to one question – and you’re on to the next!” replies Ashley.


Back at the motel, Mr Malik talks to David about his past. He tells him that it was easy to leave Uganda, as it had been to leave Pakistan. “Would you find it easy to leave England?” asks David. “Yes – the ‘situation’ was extraordinary” agrees David. Mr Malik assures David that he is committed to Britain and that any investment in the motel would be a “long term one… longer than Mr. Chance certainly!” “You’ve done your homework” acknowledges David. “The existing parters… Why would THEY not buy the new issue?” he asks. “We’re all pressed – it’s a question of liquidity” admits David. They go on to discuss Adam’s reliability until the conversation is interrupted by Jill’s arrival in the office. David introduces them to each other. “You must be Rashida’s father…. She’s working out very well” Jill tells him. Mr. Malik thanks both Jill and David for their time (22 minutes) before leaving. Jill is amused by Mr. Malik’s reference to 22 minutes and David admits that he looks at his watch a great deal. “I’m surprised he has time for a social call. Or wasn’t it a social call?” she asks. “He’s interested in the new share issue” admits David. He asks Jill whether she is sure about selling her shares in the motel. “Have you talked to Adam?” he asks her. “No. There wasn’t time – the right sort of time” she replies. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Arthur is disturbed from reading his paper as Kath Brownlow arrives home. He complains about the cold are being let in but doesn’t realise that Doris is with her. Doris asks how Iris and Rose are getting on. Kath tells her that Rose has got a “job in a club or something” and that Iris is working as a dispatcher on a mini-cab radio. “Oh that’s nice” replies Doris. Kath goes to make a tea. “You women and your tea!” jokes Arthur. “THAT from a civil servant” replies Kath. Before she goes she tells Arthur that the “FOR SALE” sign on the house next door. has been replaced with an “under offer”. Arthur jumps up and looks out of the curtains. He points out that since it has been for sale for so long, the owners will be glad of any sort of offer. Doris, who knows that the offer is from Mac, says nothing. Kath states that it has to be better than the house being a magnet for tramps and such like “Up to a point” argues Arthur. “I’m sure they’ll be very nice people” says Doris. “I hope you’re right… There are some sorts of people we wouldn’t care for as neighbours,” replies Arthur.


At the garage, Mac is surprised to find Ashley behind the desk. “What are you doing here?” he asks. “Waiting… for Sharon” answers Ashley. “She’s gone into Birmingham” Mac tells him. “Is that a fact?” replies Ashley. “What are you looking in there for?” asks Mac, indicating a file full of documents. Ashley comments that the file, which contains work documents for the last three years is like a record of Mac’s life. In particular he asks about a piece of paper which shows work on a twelve hundredweight van. “A right little souped up number eh?” he asks. “Belonging to… Eddie Lee no less!” “I only did bits and pieces. It was Eddie’s baby” says Mac nervously. “Going in for formula one racing was he?” asks Ashley. “Mac tells him that Eddie was selling it on to somebody that wanted a fast van. “And why do people want fast vans Mac?” Ashley asks. Mac pretends to know nothing. Ashley leaves, but takes the file with him. “Oh and Mac – next lot of questions – see if you can have a few straight answers eh?.. Cos I’d say you were getting in a little deep.”


In the motel office Jill tells David that he has been needling her recently – when Mr Malik was at the motel the day before, and when he and Barbara were talking about buying her shares. He apologises. “You talked as though you weren’t sure that Adam was selling his shares?...Isn’t it safe to assume that he’s going to follow my lead?” she asks. David points out that without her shares he would be very much in a minority – “despite that he told me that he wasn’t” David reveals. “I think he thinks that he can persuade you to change your mind” he tells her. She asks David whether he intends to buy her shares. He tells her that he would need time to think it over. Jill gets upset that she could end up stuck at the motel without a potential buyer. “I know someone who would be glad of that” he points out “Yes! Adam” Jill realises.


In reception Mr Malik is cross that it is past four o’clock and that the next receptionist hasn’t arrived to relieve his daughter. “I told you not to pick me up” she tells him. Just then Adam arrives back and asks after Jill, who arrives in reception. “I’m sorry I’m late,” he tells her. “Was your journey in a good cause?” she asks. “Let me guess – you’ve been out trying to raise money to buy the new shares.” “Look Jill, I want you to have all the options open to you when the time comes to decide” he argues.


At the desk, Mr Malik points out to his daughter that it is now two minutes past seven. Jill tells Adam to look at him. “David’s got him interested in those shares,” she tells him. “I thought we were going to plan things together?” he asks her. “Oh no you didn’t. You started talking to your accountant” she points out. “You’re avoiding the issue!” he tells her. “The point is… Can I trust you?” she asks him? (CREDITS)


“If that is the question – there is only one answer” he replies, leaving Jill distraught.


Adam and Jill appear to be “on the rocks” before its even started – although it has been apparent to everyone except her that he has an unhealthy obsession with getting his hands shares in Crossroads. Funny to think that 20 years later it would be a similar story…


What is it about people in TV programmes that see the need to dry their hair AFTER they have put on their clothes? Surely if Ashley’s hair really was so wet that it needed drying for 10 minutes after he came downstairs, then his fetching black tracksuit must have been soaked? Speaking of Ashley – I still can’t weigh up whether I like him as a character or not. We shall see.


There are hints at the uneasiness that will follow when a black family moves in next door to the Brownlows, and I have to say it wasn’t comfortable viewing. Although Arthur’s thoughts are ambiguous, there is definitely an undercurrent there that I don’t like – especially from a “main” character. I know times and (some) attitudes have changed, but it still felt very wrong. On the reverse side, we see a very successful businessman that just happens to be from Pakistan and his daughter – who – in my opinion has been a welcome addition to the cast. It is a shame that Mr. Malik’s “characterisation” appears to be a fascination with time-keeping which does get a little tiresome.



Crossroads Episode: 3585: Original TX: 11-03-82

UK Gold Episode: 043: Repeat TX: 03-01-97 (Fri) - ?????? Needs verification



Kevin Banks tried to reassure Arthur Brownlow that Carole Sands wouldn’t be coming to supper. Reg Lamont told wife Jennifer about Sharon Metcalfe’s affair with Eddie Lee and the likelihood of Reg’s policeman son, Ashley, finding out. Adam Chance defended himself to Jill Harvey against David Hunter’s accusation that he was marrying Jill for her money and motel shares. Adam phones David for a showdown.


Arthur Brownlow tries to dissuade Glenda Banks from inviting Carole Sands round for the evening. Reg Lamont gets disturbing news and orders Sharon Metcalfe to burn certain evidence.. (TV Times)


Rashida walks towards the motel with her father. He is unhappy but she explains that it is only one day that Mr. Chance has asked her to do overtime. “It was your day off. Your mother had made some plans” he explains to her. She introduces him to Doris, who is busy sweeping the pavement outside the main entrance. Mr. Malik reminds his daughter that she is going to be late so Rashida leaves them alone. “Very lovely girl” Doris complements him. “She likes to work… There’s no need really… No need for her to leave the home.” “Well she has to learn to do something before she gets married” suggests Doris. “Until then she could stay in the home. We are not poor – but she prefers it” he tells her.


At the Brownlow’s Kevin arrives downstairs. Kath asks if anyone would like anything while she is out shopping but Arthur is preoccupied with his newspaper. “If there’s nothing else – you might pick up some of those rubber floor mats for the front seat of the car” he suggests. “I noticed yesterday that the ones I’ve got have lost all their pimples” Kath asks him where she can pick some up from in the village. Kevin offers to pick some up for him. Glenda asks Kevin what he is going to be up to during the day. He tells her that there may be a job going at a firm in King’s Hill “Its better than going rusty round the edges” he adds. “Never mind Kev… I’ve got a feeling this is the day your luck changes” she tells him supportively.


Glenda drops the bombshell that she is going to invite Carole Sands over for supper on Tuesday. “Oh. She’s going to come then is she?” asks Kath, before adding “Do you really think it’s a good idea?” “She’s a very nice girl. I feel sort of sisterly towards her” Glenda replies, before leaving the table. “She realises the situation.. She won’t come” Kevin reassures his mother and father in law.


At the garage, Carole takes a phone call for Sharon as Mac enters the office. He sees that she has hurt her hand and helps her with a plaster. As he finishes Glenda enters and asks for a word… “I was having a word with Kevin about you this morning…” she begins. “We were wondering if you’d like to come to supper next Tuesday?” she asks. Carole is confused. “Did you talk to Kevin about this?” she asks.


In the motel reception Jill is speaking with Rashida. “Did your father have a successful meeting yesterday with Mr. Hunter?” she asks – fishing for information. “Do you think he will be buying into the motel then?” asks Jill. Rashida tells her that she doesn’t know, but that she knows that her father would be unhappy with her working for a business he owns.


They are interrupted by Barbara and Rashida goes for her break. Jill tells Barbara that Rashida is unhappy at the thought of her father buying into the motel. “And you’re not either?” Barbara enquires. “Is Adam selling?” Barbara asks.  “Its up to him now” replies Jill. “Men! All they think of us is as part of themselves” despairs Jill. “We’re not even married yet and he’s taking decisions about my money.” Barbara resists the temptation to tell her that David told her that would happen. “He didn’t come home last night” reveals Jill. “How serious is it?” asks Barbara.  “ I don’t know” replies Jill.


At the Brownlow’s Kath and Arthur arrive home. Kevin is typing application letters on the dining room table. “Did you get the feeling that Doris Luke knew something about the people that want to buy that house next door?” he asks. “What is she trying to keep from us?” he asks. They ask Kevin how the job hunting is going and he seems positive about work at “Stapletons”. “I do hope it comes off Kevin” Kath tells him.


Glenda arrives home and tells them that she managed to invite Carole for supper. Arthur says that it is a pity that Carole wont be able to come. “Why do you assume she refused? She said she’d love to come” says Glenda. “She’s looking forward to it… especially when I said you were keen on the idea Kevin”






In the garage things are stressful. “Is there anything on the files?” he asks Sharon. “The work sheets for Eddie’s van” she replies. “THEY were on file?” he asks incredulously. Sharon admits that they were… until Ashley took them. “Where could it lead him?” asks Mac. “Right up to my front door son” replies Reggie. He then asks Sharon to burn the duplicate copies of the paperwork – and tells them he plans to do the same with the copies Ashley has at home. “Bit desperate!” says Sharon.  “I’m clutching at straws aren’t I?” replies Reggie desperately.


At the Lamont’s Jennifer is busy reading Barbara’s novel when Ashley comes in. He kisses his mother. “I’ve had one hell of a day” he tells her. “Why? What happened?” she asks him. Ashley reveals that his superintendent has reprimanded him for asking too many questions about Eddie Lee – it seems that someone has been speaking to his superiors… “Who would have made a complaint about that?” she asks. “The Hunters at a guess” he replies. Ashley tells her that his boss is also annoyed because the “investigation” has been unofficial. “When I handed this lot over I wanted it to be ‘cut and dried’ just to show them I could do it.” He admits.  “Super says ‘come up with something solid and make it official…or drop it’” His conversation is interrupted with a phone call from “Wormwood Scrubs” to tell him that they have fixed up a meeting with Eddie Lee!


At the Brownlow’s things are tense. “I still don’t know how you could let this happen” Arthur tells Kevin as Kath looks on. “You told us that Carole understood and that she wouldn’t accept the invitation” she says. Arthur suggests that Carole may have agreed to come to placate Glenda and that she will ring up later with an excuse not to. “She’ll come. She just wants to be with me” Kevin tells them. “IF she comes here and spends the evening with us.. I’m liable to give the game away about the way I feel” he confesses. “Is there no way of stopping….” Arthur asks but he doesn’t get a chance to finish the sentence before Glenda arrives in the room. “Stopping what?” she asks. “We were having a political discussion and I think its high time we packed it in” Arthur lies.  Later he changes his mind “We were talking about Carole Sands. We don’t think it’s a good idea her coming round here” he tells her. He makes up the excuse that since Carole is the housekeeper for the Hunters… and that since people think staff make up gossip about them… the Hunters wont want her coming round and talking about them behind her back. “Dad that’s nonsense” Glenda tells him. “Its too late now. I’ve asked her. She’s said ‘Yes’ and she’s coming”


In the motel office Adam is looking over some files when Jill enters timidly. “You wanted to see me?” she asks. “Am I allowed to ask where you were last night?” she continues.  “Fairlwawns. I had to go somewhere” he tells her. “Do you think I opened my little black book and renewed an old acquaintance?” he asks. “I couldn’t book in here. I don’t want to broadcast our arguments” “I thought you’d gone for good” she tells him. “What do you want me to do?” he asks. They discuss the sale of the shares. “I’ve got to get out” she tells him. “Well then its over…” he declares. “There comes a point when two people have to trust each other completely” he tells her. “I want you… but I want to get out as well” says Jill. “The TRUTH is that you don’t trust my ability” he replies. She tells him that she thinks it would be better if he were to spend the night at Fairlawns again.


Stress is also on the agenda at the Lamont’s Reggie rubs his eyes with exhaustion. “This country is going the dogs” he declares, before suggesting that they get out and sell up “While we’ve got the chance.” “You’ve had a hard day. It will be ‘all systems go tomorrow. I know you” Jennifer replies. She tells him that Ashley was also on a low when he came in that evening. She tells Reggie how Ashley’s superior had told him to ‘shelve’ the case he had been working on. “Did he?” asks Reggie with a slight smile. The happiness is short lived as Jennifer adds that Ashley also had a phone call from the prison and that he is now “over the moon”. Reggie looks scared. (CREDITS)


“I’ll say this for Ashley – you have to admire how he sticks with a thing. Don’t you?” she asks.


Things go from bad to worse for Jill and Adam – although you can see that Adam is chancing his luck at every stage – trying to wrong-step Jill and get to think his way. The performance is subtle but expertly done.


Another masterclass in acting from Reggie – again with the subtle expressions. The faintest smile on his lips when he hears that Ashley’s super has been on at him is plain to see (as we are led to believe that Reggie has “had a word”) but it is soon wiped away when Jennifer reveals the impending visit to Wormwood Scrubs to see Eddie. I can really start to feel the pressure building up for Reggie – this has been a slow-burner of a storyline but it is starting to pay off now.


My only criticism of this episode is the flower-bed in front of the sign shown in the opening caption. It clearly hasn’t been weeded for months. If you are going to take images to use on a long term basis then surely you’d make sure the “motel” was looking its best. Either that or Archie Gibbs hasn’t been pulling his weight I suppose!



(Site ref 8:01:00:00)




Crossroads Episode: 3586: Original TX: 16-03-82

UK Gold Episode: 044: Repeat TX: 06-01-97 (Mon) - ?????? Needs verification



David Hunter received a letter from Arif Malik. Rashida’s father, to say he’d like to buy shares in the motel. David Hunter insisted that wife Barbara say no more to Ashley Lamont about Eddie Lee unless the inquiry became official. Sharon Metcalfe told Ashley all about her relationship with Eddie Lee. Kevin banks had what he hoped was his last meeting with Carole Sands. He told her it was over between them. But she wouldn’t accept that.


David Hunter is concerned to know if Jill Harvey and Adam Chance have broken off their relationship. Joe MacDonald firmly tells Sharon Metcalfe he won’t lie to Ashley Lamont about his father Reg. (TV Times)


David is in the motel office when he receives  a telephone call from Arif Malik. David congratulates him on making an “excellent decision” and invites him round later that evening. David reminds him that the rest of the board will be at the meeting as they will have to vote on the sale of the shares. Glenda brings in a tray of coffee for Adam who she tells David is busy talking to Rashida outside. As she leaves the office Adam comes in. “Morning,” says David “Lucky for me you chose today for one of your visits” he adds sarcastically.  Adam responds by saying that he wasn’t aware that there was a ‘clocking in time’ for directors. David asks him how long he intends to remain a director as he “doesn’t like uncertainty.” Adam says “I keep forgetting that you’re such a delicate flower David”. “Are you going? Jill says that she is definitely going whatever you say to the contrary” he asks. “I’m not sure what my plans are…. They’re fluid” responds Adam. They begin discussing exactly what Adam could do with his  small remaining share in the motel. David asks whether he would block the issue of new shares. “Its academic isn’t it? Or do you have a buyer?” asks Adam – who is already aware that Mr. Malik is interested. “Would you block the sale?” asks David. “When is it going through?” enquires Adam. David admits that he has arranged a meeting for that afternoon which delights Adam as it means he has not observed the correct procedure and it could mean he has to miss the vote. David asks whether Adam will allow Jill to vote on his behalf. “Hasn’t Jill told you? I’ve moved out of Chimneys” he reveals. “Is it a definite break?” asks David. “You’d better ask HER” replies Adam.


At the garage Doris calls in to see Mac. He reveals that his offer on the house next door to the Brownlow’s has been accepted and that Trina is ecstatic. Doris is pleased for them.


In the newly opened motel bar Ashley fetches a drink for Sharon. She is unhappy that Ashley didn’t ask her before removing a file from the garage containing details about Eddie. “Its only a bit of paper love” he tells her. “Do you know much about it?” he asks her. “No!” she replies flatly. “Do you remember him working on it?” he asks again. “Vaguely” she replies – even more bluntly. “Okay. Eddie had a van. He and Mac put hours in on it – turned it into a rocket – and there you have it.” They continue to discuss events from the past. “I’m jealous of anyone that knew you before I did. Jealous as hell.” He confesses. “Will you tell me something…I’m getting pretty deep into this case… deeper by the day. Is there anything in this that could worry you?” he asks her. “Its an old wound you’ve opened up that I thought had healed” she tells him.


In the motel office there is a silence between Jill and David. “Is there anything wrong?” she asks him. “I saw Adam” he confesses. “He told me… he’s moved out.” “Yes… well its only temporary. Well at least I hope so” she replies. “You don’t blame me?” he asks her.  “Not directly” she answers. “He thinks I’ve let him down… I don’t trust him…. I love him… I don’t want to lose him” she reveals.


In the motel bar Ashley tells Sharon that he has had no luck with Eddie’s ex Becky Foster as she has gone abroad to Canada on a “ban the harpoon march or something”. He goes on to say that it is something of a coincidence that Becky lived in the same flats as Sharon when Eddie was around. He also reveals that he found a worksheet for his father’s Rolls Royce. “I didn’t know he had any connection with the garage before” “Passing trade” she answers. Ashley considers this. (END OF PART ONE)




Kath and Glenda clean the motel bar. “If some people drink as much as they spill they’ll be fit for nothing in the afternoon!” says Glenda.


In reception Rashida’s work is interrupted by Doris bringing a query about 15 people that are booked in for dinner. Doris tells her that even though 6 people specified vegetarian, Shughie has received a note from someone saying that they all want the same meal and he is working himself into a state.


Glenda approaches Doris and asks whether she would like to join Carole Sands at their house for a bit of a party. Kath steps in to remind Glenda that they aren’t sure that Carole will be coming. “What do you mean?” asks Glenda. Kath tells her that Carole may still change her mind, but Glenda disagrees. “There’s nothing I like better than a nice quiet evening with friends” says Doris. Kath doesn’t look too sure.


Jill arrives back at Chimneys and is surprised to find him already there with a full suitcase. “I thought it might be best to call in while you were out” he tells her. “Have you finished?” she asks him. He tells her that he has left most things “Is that alright?” She says that it is – although she would prefer to know if this is to be the end. “Perhaps we should say goodbye now?” he asks.  Jill reminds him that the company rules require a full directors meeting.  “Cant we give it some time?… See how we feel when all this is sorted out?” she asks.


In the garage Ashley is looking for Sharon. Mac tells him that she has gone to the dentists. “That’ll please her” says Ashley. Ashley returns the paperwork about Eddie Lee’s van and reveals that he has taken a photocopy. He also tells Mac that Eddie Lee’s van was found abandoned and full of camera lenses following an anonymous tip-off. He invites Mac to sit down… “or you’ve got trouble.” He conducts what seems like a mini-interview. “Let’s look at the facts shall we eh? You and Eddie put in a lot of hours souping up a van that’s found abandoned a week later. Now Eddie’s doing his little bit to overcrowd Wormwood Scrubs and here you are… foreman of the garage and going home every night to your lovely wife and kid.” “I don’t know anything  about anything” Mac tells him. “It wouldn’t have been you that gave us the whisper about where to find the van?” Ashley asks him. Mac denies knowing anything. Ashley asks Mac to make sure that everything is clear in his mind – as the investigation will become “official” in a few days.


In reception Kath returns a key from Chalet 22 to Rashida. Doris comes up to the desk to find out what meals Shughie will need to prepare. Rashida reveals that since the motel has had a new telex machine installed she was able to contact them and ask for written confirmation. Sadly they have cancelled their booking! “Shughie will have more strokes than Big Ben” jokes Kath.


Sharon returns to the garage to find Mac distressed. “He’s got me carrying cans already” says Mac. “Rubbish” replies Sharon. “There’s no way they’re going to pin anything on you! You’re clean!” she says. “In a couple of days he’s going to make it official.. and he’s gonna have me in!” reveals Mac. Sharon looks shocked. Mac goes on… “He may have given me a job, but he hasn’t bought be body and soul…. You can tell him that from me!...  And the next time that fuzzy friend comes round here asking questions – I’m gonna spill the WHOLE LOT! I’m gonna tell him about his dear old dad!” Sharon goes to speak but Mac carries on “Lets see how he feels about those questions when he sees how close to home they get!” (CREDITS)


Ooh – the new motel bar is open for business – and it looks as though the producers have learnt from their previous launch – not only do we get a scene set in there – we also see the empty bar after lunchtime drinking so that we can take it all in… in all its purple and navy majesty. Not sure I like the colours much but it does make a change not to have scenes in the reception. Ashley has the perfect opportunity to propose to Sharon in the bar – and he bottles it. Will this proposal ever happen?


Speaking of the boy in blue…I’ve made up my mind about Ashley – I don’t like him. I can sympathise with him wanting to find out more about the Eddie Lee case… but since this is an unofficial investigation at present, the pressure he puts on Mac is too much. I do like the cliffhanger though.


Also nice to see the Chimneys set again – Have you noticed though that we only ever see one room in the office now? The back office has all but disappeared I think.



(Site ref 8:02:18:20)


Crossroads Episode: 3587: Original TX: 17-03-82

UK Gold Episode: 045: Repeat TX: 07-01-97 (Tue) - ?????? Needs verification


Jill Harvey makes a heart-felt admission to Barbara Hunter about Adam Chance. Carole Sands spends a strained evening at the Brownlow home. (TV Times)


“If you do that you mess up a hell of a lot of lives” says Sharon “And if I don’t I mess my life up. As I can see it… No contest Sharon!” replies Mac. Sharon picks up the telephone. “This whole thing may have gone beyond the point of no return, but if it hasn’t Reg is about the only one that can bail you out!” she tells him. Unfortunately when she calls the Lamont’s house it is Jennifer that picks up the phone. Reg has gone to London on “urgent business”


Back in the garage Mac hands Sharon back the cheque that Reg gave him as an advance on the new house. “Mac you are talking about one of the most important things in your whole life, a home for you…and Trina…and little Ben.” Sharon tells him. “It’s a price I’m not willing to pay Sharon” he tells her. “I was there when he gave you the money. Right?” she asks him. “Did he make a big fuss? Did he make a big deal? You couldn’t keep it out of your eyes that you were being bought off…. And it was NOTHING of the sort” she argues. “It’s a straightforward loan. It’s a side of the man that I see all the time.”


At the Brownlow’s Kevin is on the phone talking about work while Kath lays the table. “I suppose you haven’t heard from Carole?” she asks him. They are interrupted by Arthur who arrives home in his bowler hat. “What are you doing here?” Kath asks him. “I’m your husband. I live here” he replies. Kath tells Arthur that Glenda and Doris are working overtime and guesses that Carole will actually make it there before them. “Well Kevin – you’ll just have to watch yourself with Carole… That’s all” she advises him. Arthur is too calm for Kath’s liking but he suggests that there is nothing wrong with being calm. Suddenly Kevin gets up “Its work. I’ll tell you about it later… But I shouldn’t worry too much about tonight” he assures them.


In the motel office David, Barbara and Jill are gathering for the shareholders meeting. “Perhaps I should have tried Fairlawns” suggests David, referring to Adam’s absence. “He said he would try to make it” Barbara tells him. “If I saw as much of Adam as his accountant does we wouldn’t have this trouble communicating” jokes Jill half heartedly. David decides to check on Adam, who has 25 minutes to spare until the meeting. Jill suggests that Mr. Malik might be late “He consults his watch more than the mad hatter” jokes David as leaves.


“You’re caught in the middle aren’t you? It must be exhausting” says Barbara. Jill tells Barbara that she was “willing to give in” to Adam when she saw him earlier that afternoon. “…and then I stopped myself because it all seemed too abject” she goes on. Jill reveals that she would never know whether he was marrying her for love – or for the business. “If he doesn’t come back – it means that David was right” admits Jill.


“You went where?” asks Sharon in the garage office. “The Scrubs” says Reg. He reveals that he was too late to meet Eddie this week. “I’ve got contacts. I’ll get word to him” he tells her. Sharon tells Reg that Mac has been “cracking under the strain”. “He was all for giving you your cheque back” she tells him. “What’s that got to do with it?” asks Reg, “I don’t know” admits Sharon. Reg calls Mac into the office. “I hear that my little lad has been having a go at you?” he asks. “Now listen to me son. Listen loud and clear because I’m only going to say this the once. There were NO strings attached to that loan. SO if they come here and ask you questions again you can tell them anything you know. Hmm? Anything that you KNOW! NOT what you’ve heard – NOT what you think.” Mac nods. “Now then. You KNOW there was a supercharged van and that you did work on it. You do NOT know what it was going to be used for.” Mac agrees again. “What did Eddie tell you about me?” asks Reg. “That you gave orders” Mac tells him. “What kind of orders? Did he say?” asks Reg. Mac tells him that he didn’t want to know any more. “So you don’t really KNOW anything do you?” Reg asks him. “If they put you in the witness box I have got a lawyer that will make you look like a gibbering idiot in 2 minutes – and they’re not going to risk that” says Reg confidently. As Mac leaves Reg tells him to stick the cheque in the bank – “so that if things do get fouled up” – he will still be alright. Mac thanks him and leaves.


“I’m not worried about Mac. Its Eddie. You’re very vulnerable when you’re inside you know? The police know that – and they’ll use it”  “What can you do?” she asks. “Make a few plans – contingency plans.” (END OF PART ONE)




“What time is it?” asks a nervous looking Kath. “What was it the last time you asked?” replies Arthur. “Quarter past” says Kath. “Then its sixteen minutes past” he answers. The doorbell rings and they both stand up nervously. Kath opens the front door and Carole is stood there holding a bunch of flowers. Kath shows Carole into the lounge and introduces her to Arthur. Kath leaves to find something to put the flowers in and Arthur invites Carole to sit down.  “I thought that Kevin told you not to accept this invitation?” he asks her. “Glenda wouldn’t take no for an answer” she replies.


David, Barbara and Jill are gathered in the office – evidently still waiting for Adam to make an appearance. The intercom buzzes at exactly 6:30 to announce Mr. Malik’s arrival. “This is embarrassing” admits David just before the office door opens. He introduces Arif to Jill and Barbara. “Unfortunately Mr Chance has been detained in Birmingham” says David. Mr. Malik says that it is unfortunate. David admits that it IS unfortunate since the company rules state that all company directors need to be present before a deal can be made.


At the Brownlow’s there is an empty place at the table as Doris, Carole, Kath and Arthur gather for their meal. Kath explains that Kevin is finding out about work. “Why did he have to pick tonight to go out?” asks Glenda. The telephone rings and Glenda jumps up. It is Kevin on the other end of the line. He tells her that he is at his parents’ house. “What are you doing there?” she asks him. “Its a long story and its about business. I’ll tell you when I get home” he replies. He tells her that he will be staying overnight. Glenda is disappointed. So is Carole. Glenda tells him that he must apologise to Carole himself but he puts the phone down before she can get there.


The doorbell rings “What now?” asks Arthur. It is Mac – in casual knitwear. “Good evening everybody.” He says. Mac reveals that he is going to be their new neighbour and that he and Trina are busy measuring up for carpets and curtains. Arthur does not look impressed. “That just rounds the evening off nicely” says Arthur under his breath.


In the office there is still no sign of Adam. David offers to let Rashida go early so that Mr. Malik will not have to wait around unnecessarily any longer. David shows Mr Malik out. Barbara pours a drink. Jill confesses that she is worried about Adam. Right on cue – with precision timing – the phone rings. It is Adam. Jill offers to call back Mr. Malik but Adam rings off. “He wont be in tomorrow” Jill tells Barbara and David (who has returned) “He says he’s got a lot of things to do.” “When you sell out – when he no longer has your backing… I fire him” David declares furiously.


Sharon seemed a little worried on the telephone. Was there any need?” Jennifer asks Reg in their lounge. He replies “no” but clearly doesn’t want to say any more. “Why the sudden dash to London?” she asks him. “Business” he replies “I er…. I shifted some capital… into the Swiss account”. This is clearly a code that they both understand. “I see… Much?” asks Jennifer. “Most of it yeah,” replies Reg. He tells Jennifer that it might be a good idea if she were to round up her jewelery. “Its to be quick and painless then is it?” she asks him. “Listen my darling… Things have not been going to well for me recently – and they have left me in a position where I can’t do very much about it.” “Am I to know what its all about?” she asks. “If you have to” he tells her. “If we stay on… What would happen?” she asks him. “Trouble. Quite a lot of it. Maybe even starting all over again from scratch” he replies. “So I think it would be a good idea if we were to just ‘cut and run’” (CREDITS)


“Its to do with Ashley isn’t it?” asks Jennifer.

“Yeah. We got a right mixture there. He’s as clever as me – and as honest as you. With odds like that against me – how can I win?”


A whole episode without the purple reception or bar set! Seems a bit strange now. Maybe it’s to make room for “Kevin’s parents’ house”… On second thoughts I doubt it! A painting, a table and a phone… Not since “Arthur’s office” a few months ago have we seen such craftsmanship as that. I really don’t know why they bothered building it to be honest – the usual voice-over on the other end of the phone would have done. I am not going to comment on how absurd the idea of Carole going for tea is. Oh I have. Well it is – isn’t it?


So Mac and Trina finally move in next door? I found Arthur’s disapproval amusing today, but clearly this is the precursor to a far more sinister plotline. It will be interesting to see how the neighbourly relations work out between them.


It also looks as though the Eddie Lee mystery is going to catch up with Reg. Jennifer’s acceptance of the situation was brilliantly written and superbly played by both actors. It is pleasing to see this story going somewhere finally – and the dramatic irony of knowing that Ashley’s investigations will eventually lead back to his own family is interesting.


What is not interesting though is Mr. Malik and his watch / time obsession. Is the sole reason for this part of his characterisation so that he can be annoyed that Adam didn’t turn up for the shareholders meeting? I’ve got an awful feeling that it is!


(Site ref 8:03)


Crossroads Episode: 3588: Original TX: 18-03-82

UK Gold Episode: 046:


Arif Malik, who wants to buy into the motel, is incensed by Adam Chance’s behaviour. Arthur Brownlow gives Carole Sands a piece of his mind. (TV Times)


Mr Malik is enjoying an orange juice in the motel bar when he is seen by Barbara. He explains that even though David has told Rashida she can leave early, she has decieded that she would like to stay until exactly seven o’clock. He comments that good timekeeping is not a habit that Mr. Chance has cultivated. Barbara reminds Mr Malik of the situation. “That he is leaving? That is no reason to ignore his commitments” he says. Mr. Malik is also concerned that Adam is drawing a salary. Barbara points out that until recently he has earned it. Mr Malik says that he fears for the future of a company with so much conflict. Barbara points out that she, David and Jill will be eating together in the restaurant “So you see – theres not too much conflict” she tells him.


Kevin arrives back at the Brownlow’s. Arthur tells him that Glenda and Kath have already left for work. “What possessed you to go off like that without saying anything?” asks Arthur. “It was better than me being here with Carole” he answers. Arthur tells him that Glenda was cross with him for missing last night’s meal “I cant blame her” replies Kevin. Arthur reveals that “since the evening was a total disaster, Glenda didn’t notice that Carole was so upset and tense.” Arthur gives a few more details about the night before, before revealing that “Macdonald from the garage” is going to be their new neighbour. Kevin seems pleased about this. “And if that wasn’t bad on its own – they’ve got a noisy baby. I don’t know what the district’s coming to!” complains Arthur. “Black babies don’t make any more noise than white ones dad” Kevin reminds him. “I never said they did! Nobody can accuse me of racial intolerance. I’m a civil servant!” replies Arthur crossly. “What can we expect? Steel band parties and reggae music at all hours?” Kevin points out that with a small baby next door it is unlikely. Arthur changes the subject and points out that their main problem is still Carole. “I think I’ll speak to her myself” he says.


At the Lamont’s Reg is on the phone to Sharon “You have the power to sign cheques, sign contracts, make decisions and pay the accounts for the next six months.” He tells her that although he isn’t leaving the country by the enxt aeroplane, he doesn’t want to leave a mess behind if they do have to leave. He gets off the phone and asks Jennifer whether things went ok at the bank “Yes, perfectly” she tells him. She smiles and tells him that she had forgotten how lovely some of her jeweley was. Jennifer asks whether there has been any sign of Ashley. “No,” admits Reg. “I must admit he is getting me a little bit on edge” he confesses. “Where are we going? Or don’t you know yet?” she asks him. “Malta” he replies. “Ashley has got to do one or two things before he can make anything stick” he assures Jennifer. “And if Eddie Lee stays silent I don’t think there’s too much the lad can do!” Jennifer looks around the room “I’d become quite fond of this place” she tells Reg.


At the Brownlow’s Arthur has called Carole round to the house. Carole asks where Kevin is. “He’ll be here, don’t worry” replies Arthur. HE then changes his mind and says that Kevin’s absence might make it easier for him to say what he has to. “Are you really aware of what you’re doing?” he asks her. “I’m not doing anything. I’m in love with Kevin – that’s all,” she replies. “How many times have I heard people say that as if it were a magic spell – that gave them the right to do anything they liked?” he asks her. “At your age you’ve only the faintest idea of what love is” he says. “Before you forced your way into Kevin’s life he was a happily married man… They were a man and a woman – with a man and a woman’s love – NOT a kid’s infatuation.” “Kevin’s not happy now – but he could be if only he’d face up to the truth” Carole tells him. “Nothing can break up a happy marriage – but I could make him happy” she goes on. “We love each other. I know you tried to make that sound cheap – but theres no other way to say it.” Arthur pauses. “I hoped it wouldn’t come to this…” he says. “Can’t you guess why Kevin didn’t turn up last night? Its because he doesn’t want to see you again!... He’s had enough and he wants you to stop pestering him” “I don’t believe a word of this” says Carole meekly. “I wont believe a word until Kevin tells me himself.”  (END OF PART ONE)




In the Lamont’s lounge Reg is pacing nervously when Jennifer comes in. “Well did he say anything?” he asks. “As I understand it – criminals are notorious for not co-operating with the police” she replies. Reg gets more anxious and asks what Ashley is doing upstairs. “Writing up his notes” she replies. “It doesn’t take him half an hour to write ‘No Joy’ does it?” he asks – suspecting the worst. Jennifer plucks up the courage to ask a question “This man Eddie Lee is in prison for manslaughter… Does that in any way concern you?” “Oh come on… You know better than that!” he tells her. “Eddie Lee was having it off with a married woman. Now… He got rumbled – the husband tried to sort him…and things got a bit out of hand….Eddie is a pretty violent fella.” “In what way does that concern you?” she asks him. “Eddie was out on parole for the manslaughter job. Now he and I did a little business deal together.. It was a little bit ‘close to the wind’” “And he is not to be trusted?” she asks. “About as far as I could thrown him – and he’s a very big guy!” he replies.


Before the conversation can continue Ashley comes into the lounge. Jennifer asks him whether he is hungry but he tells her that he has already eaten on the train. There is an uneasy silence as Ashley sits down. After what seems like an age, Reg asks Ashley how his trip went. “A laughs our Mr. Lee. Sees no evil, Hears no evil, Speaks…. Nothing” “Oh well – that’s a pity isn’t it?” Reg asks happily. “So it was a wasted journey?” Jennifer asks him. “Not quite” admits Ashley. “I had a look through the prison records – and they made quite interesting reading!” he reveals.


At the Brownlow’s Arthur continues to talk but is interrupted as Kevin returns home. He is shocked to see her there – although he pretends that he and Arthur have planned the meeting together. “Your father in law said that the reason you stayed away last night was because you didn’t want to see me. Is that right?” she asks. “Yes. That’s right!” he tells her. She asks him whether it is true that he doesn’t love her. Kevin agrees. “Maybe I thought I did but you’re just a….” “Why are you doing this to me?” she asks him. “Carole – there’s no future for us – so leave me alone!” he tells her. Carole is visibly devastated and leaves. “I still don’t believe this. As far as I’m concerned it will never be over” she tells them.


Barbara walks into the office to find Jill making telephone calls. It seems Adam has checked out of Fairlawns. “Perhaps he’s gone back to chimneys?” Barbara suggests. Jill phones her home “Its engaged – so that means he must be there” she says. They don’t have any longer to investigate as Rashida comes into the office with a message for Adam from an airline. “to confirm his flight”. Jill is shocked and rushes out.


At the Lamont’s Reg, Ashley and Jennifer discuss how grim Wormwood Scrubs looks on the television. Jennifer goes out to make supper for her and Reg, leaving the two men alone. “Dad… it would have helped me if you’d have come clean from the beginning” says Ashley. “Why keep up this pretense of not knowing him?” “I don’t know him. I met him…in passing” says Reggie. “I would say that visiting him on three separate occasions in prison makes him rather more than a passing acquaintance” suggests Ashley.


At Chimneys Adam places a note for Jill on a table and replaces the receiver on the telephone. He puts some airline tickets into his pocket and turns to leave… just as Jill bursts through the door. “You know how I hate farewells” he tells her. “I thought our marriage would be fun. This isn’t is it?” he asks. “The essential thing is missing. Trust.” She picks up the letter, which she is surprised to find gives her power to vote on his behalf. “I thought a larger share in the business might be more attractive to you if you do want to move on. You can send me my dividends and consider me a silent partner” he tells her. “I’m sorry. I’ve got it all wrong haven’t I?” she asks him. She blames David for making her jump to the wrong conclusions about his motives. “Stay – there’s no reason for you to go now” she tells him. “I do trust you Adam. Please stay!” (CREDITS)


“What are you doing?” she asks

“Calling the airport. Canceling my flight”


Thank goodness for Arthur – taking a pro-active role at last. It seems that Kevin was never going to sort out Miss Sands. Let us hope she takes notice this time. Is it me or is everything to do with Adam’s departure expertly choreographed to make Jill come round to his way of thinking? Seems to have worked. Seems strange though – the phone call about the airline, the neatly placed letter, coming into the lounge with his suitcase… If I didn’t know better I’d sweat that Adam Chance was up to something! And one more thing – the Crossroads caption was off-centre at the start of the episode to fit in with the shot of the bar. Attention to detail like this makes the whole programme look more polished.


(Site ref 8:04)




Crossroads Episode: 3589: Original TX: 23-03-82

UK Gold Episode: 047:



A delighted Joe MacDonald told Doris Luke that his offer for the house next to the Brownlows had been accepted. The Brownlows were unaware who their new neighbour would be. Ashley Lamont questioned his father Reg about Eddie Lee and the hijacked camera lenses, warning Reg that the inquiry was to become official and that he’d be called in to make a statement. Glenda Banks invited Doris Luke to supper at which Carole Sands would be present.


Adam Chance charms Arif Malik into a change of heart. Reg Lamont tries to talk his way out of a tricky situation with son Ashley. Jill Harvey gives David Hunter and Adam Chance an ultimatum. (TV Times)


Jill and Adam enter reception with smiles all over their faces. Jill can’t wait to tell Rashida that Adam has cancelled his flight. They take two menus into the bar to celebrate. “This was a good idea” exclaims Jill. “Good” says Adam. “Things will be different now” Jill tells him. Mr. Malik walks into the bar and Jill tries to hide behind her menu. “He’s not very pleased with you” she tells him. “He doesn’t know me” he argues. Mr. Malik walks over to them and Jill introduces him to Adam. Adam asks him whether he is still interested in the shares. “I don’t change my decision because of one disappointing meeting” he assures him. Adam tells Mr. Malik that (despite what he may have been led to believe) they both intend to stay at the motel. “This must be quite a relief to Mr. Hunter of course” suggests Mr. Malik. Adam tells him that they only decided an hour before and then begins to charm his new partner. After a brief discussion on Mr. Malik’s intentions, Rahida enters the bar to collect her father and they leave. “You were very smooth” Jill tells him. In reception Rashida asks her father what she thought about Adam. “I don’t know why everyone says he’s a difficult man”. Clearly the charm has worked.


At the Lamont’s Reg is trying to explain his actions to Ashley. “They were formal visits. You don’t get to be on friendly terms with them you know?” he says. “You carry on your investigations, you will find that I have visited several people in prisons – here in the Midlands, London and Liverpool. I don’t like to make a song and dance about it – I just like to try and do a bit of good in my own quiet way,” he says. “Eddie Lee has got no-one. You know that?” asks Reg. “He’s got a brother, Victor” Ashley reminds him. “It was talking to Victor that put me on to Eddie in the first place – and it all kind of grew from there” says Reg. Ashley gets up to make himself a drink. “Alright – so I suppose I should have told you… I’ve always tried to keep that side of things a bit quiet” he adds. “I don’t want to get labelled with the trendies” “I was conducting an investigation and you knew that” Ashley points out. “There wasn’t a single thing that I could tell you that would be of any use to you” Reg replies. Jennifer enters the lounge to tell them that supper is ready. Ashley tells his mother that he is unable to join them as he has got work to do. “What’s wrong?” she asks. “I didn’t tell the boy here that I knew Eddie Lee” Reg tells her. “Listen son, you go on searching all you like and you’ll find that I’m right” he tells his son.


Arthur arrives back home.  Kevin asks how Carole was on her way home. “Well she was pretty upset – as you’d expect” says Arthur. He tells Kevin that she didn’t see him following her home to keep an eye on her. “I don’t suppose I can even guess how you feel” he tells his son in law. “I feel sick with myself – what I just did to her” says Kevin. “The trouble is dad, I love her.” “And you don’t love Glenda?” asks Arthur. Kevin explains that he does – and that is the problem. “I have to make a choice – and Glenda’s my wife” “You’re a good lad Kevin – I’ve always liked you” Arthur tells him. Kath arrives home and is shocked when Arthur reveals that Carole has been round. “Its alright – I asked her to come” he tells her. They tell Kath what happened. “Perhaps she’ll take it to heart now and leave you alone” she suggests. “Doesn’t matter if she does try to see me… I’ve taken care of it” says Kevin cryptically.


At the Lamont’s Jennifer is talking to Reg “But he didn’t believe you” she tells him. “Of course he didn’t believe you. Did you see his face?” says Reg. “It’s a hell of thing to see your own son looking at you like that” “Perhaps when he’s thought it over a little longer, he may leave it alone?” she suggests half heartedly. She asks what harm it could do. “You push the end domino and the whole row falls down” he tells her. Reg suggests that Jennifer try talking to Ashley – to make him see the damage he could do. “If he realises that  - he’ll have to think again – wont he?”


“Isn’t life difficult for youngsters nowadays?” Kath asks Arthur as she lays the table. She suggests that people were more faithful to one another when they were younger. Arthur looks shifty at this suggestion. “Maybe it was just a lack of opportunity?” he replies. Glenda arrives home from doing overtime at the motel. “I’m gonna need all my overtime money to buy a new pair of feet” she jokes. Kevin arrives downstairs. “There’s something I want to tell you all – it wont take long” he tells them. “You’re not going to like it Glen… I’m leaving” says Kevin. He explains that he asked his father to pull some strings, and that he has arranged some work in the Nottingham area – and that he starts next week. Kath suggests that Kevin and Glenda might like to be alone. Glenda is appalled that Kevin has asked for help after everything that he said in the past. “What’s wrong with having a good job? Earning decent money at last?” he asks. Glenda tells him that she is against the idea 100%. “Kevin please don’t go” she begs him. (END OF PART ONE)




Reg is visiting Eddie Lee in prison. Eddie laughs. “I tell you – I haven’t stopped laughing” he tells Reg. “Your kid? One of the boys in blue! You went a bit wrong somewhere didn’t you?” “Have you told anyone in here about him?” asks Reg. “What do you take me for?” Eddie asks. Reg asks him how long he has to serve of his sentence. Eddie tells him that it is 42 days. “Wouldn’t say no to a little bonus would you?” asks Reg before turning the topic back to Ashley. “He’s not flash – but he’s thorough. He’ll get there in the end no matter how long it takes…. Silence. That’s what I want from you.” Reg tells Eddie that he might be able to explain away the van and the ‘sudden interest in photography’ “I don’t want him getting anywhere near Yvonne Brookes” Eddie warns Reg. Eddie asks exactly what kind of bonus Reg was thinking of “I don’t deal in peanuts do I?” says Reg. “Mum’s the word” agrees Eddie. Reg smiles.


Glenda enters the lounge at the Brownlow’s. Kath explains that rather than wake her, she felt it would do her more good to lie in. Kath tells Glenda that she woke up a few times in the night and that she heard her and Kevin talking until well after one. “We went on a lot longer than that. Even when we did stop arguing I couldn’t sleep” says Glenda. “He’s not leaving you – its only temporary” Kath assures her. “And I expect he’ll be back weekends.” Kath tries to explain that Kevin probably feels upset that they go off to work everyday while he stays at home. “It diminishes his confidence and his self respect” she says. “I thought marriage was supposed to be a partnership” says Glenda. “I think what Kevin is doing is pretty brave and decent – and its all going to work out for the best you know” says Kath. “For you… and your marriage.”


Adam opens the door to the motel office to find David at work. They greet each other. “Anything wrong?” asks Adam. “If I don’t seem to have been pulling my weight before – I shall be now” he tells David. David is intrigued why Adam is not (as he was led to believe) somewhere abroad.  “It was convenient of your airline ringing here – when you were staying at Fairlawns” points out David, clearly suspecting Adam has been up to something. “I checked out of Fairlawns on my way to the airport” Adam tells him. David tells him he feels that his “timing was spot on” “David… What are you trying to say?” asks Adam. (CREDITS)


“I’ve already said it. You’ve planned this whole thing”


David is a sharp cookie – Glad to see my suspicions have been backed up by someone else.


Some magnificent camera work today – high angle shots of the motel reception and prison set make it look as though a bit of money is being spent on the show. It does look very fresh.  It’s a shame the supporting artistes move with the naturalism of a clockwork robot.


At last we get to see Eddie Lee in prison – the man at the centre of the plots. Mind you – Are we really supposed to believe that Reg would even try to pretend that he has been visiting Eddie out of the goodness of his heart? His son is honest – but not stupid. Not even the world’s most gullible person would fall for that. Having said that, it seems as though the threads are joining together nicely – but that can only mean the climax to the Eddie Lee story is coming soon….


(Site ref 8:05)



Crossroads Episode: 3590: Original TX: 24-03-82

UK Gold Episode: 048:


Eddie Lee makes a threat. Carole Sands is deeply hurt by Kevin Bank’s attitude to their relationship. Ashley Lamont’s persistent questioning extracts an important admission from Barbara Hunter. Eddie Lee makes a serious threat. (TV Times)


“David what are you trying to say?”

“I’ve already said it! You’ve planned this whole thing!” (TITLE)


David and Adam’s conversation is interrupted by Jill who enters the office. “Did you hear what he accused me of?” asks Adam. “No but I can imagine” replies Jill. “Look David we are all in this together so will you please just stop rocking the boat?” she asks. “Adam and I have decided to make a fresh start” she tells him. “Yes I hear congratulations are in order” says David. “You undermined my confidence in myself” she tells him. “I am willing to forgive that – and Adam is willing to forgive – well…” “Slanders? Believe me that’s not too strong a word David” he suggests. “Is it going to stop?” Jill asks. “I certainly hope so” says Barbara, who joins them in the office. Jill explains that Adam has already started to smooth the waters with Mr. Malik. “So you see, I have come round to the new idea of the share issue” says Adam. “Summer bookings are looking quite good – we have a thriving business here if we spend more time running it instead of quarelling” says Barbara. “I’ll be in the sitting room if you need me” Adam tells them as he leaves. Jill also leaves – for the cafeteria.


“So what happened?” Barabara asks David. “Adam got his way. He and Jill are here for the duration” he replies. David points out that the new shareholder will be responsible for the balance of power following the new share issue “which is why Adam took such pains with Mr. Malik” he suggests.


In the garage Mac and Carole are busy working on a car. When Sharon leaves the office she can instantly see that Carole is unwell. “I didn’t sleep very well last night” Carole tells her. “Join the club” Mac replies. Sharon takes Mac into the office where they discuss the problems with the car they are working on. Glenda arrives at the garage and tells Carole that she has been in the village doing some shopping and that she has “popped in to say hello” Glenda reveals that she spent most of the night arguing with Kevin.


Carole and Glenda walk into the garage rest room. “What was the argument about?” she asks. “Kevin’s leaving home” reveals Glenda. “Why exactly?” asks Carole. Glenda tells her that Kevin has a job in Nottingham and that he will be living there for a while. Carole asks how long it will be for. “I don’t know to tell you the truth” answers Glenda. “I’ve tried everything I can think of to talk him out of it” Glenda tells her. She tells Carole that her mum has said it is a “brave decision” and that it will “work out best for our marriage”. “I don’t understand it” says Glenda.


They both walk into the workshop. Glenda leaves and Carole asks Mac whether she can make a personal call. He agrees. In the Brownlow’s lounge, Kevin answers the phone. “Is it true that you’re leaving?” she asks him. She asks whether it is because of her that he is going. “Yeah. That’s part of the reason” he admits. “It’s not over. If it was you wouldn’t be running away” she tells him. He hangs up on her and she hangs her head on the phone. Mac re-enters the workshop to find her looking unhappy. He goes to talk to her but she storms out “Leave me alone!” she declares as she walks out – leaving Mac and Sharon confused.


In the motel bar, David and Barbara are interrupted in their conversation by Doris, who tells them that there is a policeman in reception asking to see her. “I thought I made it quite clear that this perpetual questioning is bordering on invasion of privacy” David fumes at Ashley Lamont when they meet him in reception. Barabara takes a more calm approach and tells David to return to the bar. She and Ashley sit in reception. “Eddie Lee WAS known to me. I WAS aware that he was breaking parole” she confesses. “He visited me several times at home and I visited him at a flat he was using in Castlewitch” she goes on. He asks her about any associates he might have had. “My association was purely professional – and if he was engaged in any petty criminal activities I didn’t know” she tells him. “Mrs Hunter – we both know that a major truth is being evaded” Ashley tells her. “And you know that I wont stop until its been brought to light” “If Eddie Lee didn’t commit that crime then somebody else did” he says. Ashley asks her for “the truth”. “There was this woman… Yvonne Brookes….” Begins Barbara. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Ashley’s questioning of Barbara continues in reception. “And you definitely heard her say that?” he asks. “It was in front of Becky Foster – a girl who was working here at the time” she admits. He tells her that she should have owned up to the knowledge before now. She tells him that she promised Eddie in good faith that she wouldn’t tell anyone. “What happens now?” she asks. “I’d like you to come down the station and make a statement” he tells her. “And Yvonne Brookes?” she asks… “Will have to face the music” he answers.


Barbara walks up to David who is checking stock in the motel bar, She tells him that she is going to go down the police station to make a statement. “Are you sure that’s the right thing to do?” he asks her. She nods.


In reception Sharon sees Ashley and they arrange to meet back at the motel for a date later that evening. She is shocked to see Barbara accompany him out of the building.


In the garage rest room Mac invites Carole to sit down – before she falls down. She tells him that she is feeling alright. He offers some of his sandwiches but she declines. “Its not just feeling feint is it? You’ve got problems?” he says. “There’s nothing worse than for a girl of your age to be having fella problems” he tells her. “So what is it? Doesn’t he care?” asks Mac. “I love him. I can’t bear to think about being without him” says Carole. “If you ever need someone to talk to – someone that is not involved – theres always me or Trina” he tells her.


At the Brownlows Glenda surprises Kevin when she tells him that (following a talking to from Kath) she has decided that it may be a wise decision. “Why don’t I go with you?” she suggests. “We’d be together and that’s the main thing” she goes on. “Two of us? In bed and breakfast? Eating meals out all the time? That would really cost us” he argues. “I think its best if I go off on my own and see what I can find” he tells her. “Alright. I’ll hang on here and see how it goes” she agrees, reluctantly.


In the prison waiting room. Ashley waits for Eddie Lee to appear. “This gonna be a  regular thing is it eh? You and I mates?” asks Eddie when he is escorted in. “Runs in the family… My old man’s seen you often enough” points out Ashley. “41 days – that’s what I’m sweatin’ on… middle of May…” answers Eddie, ignoring Ashley’s lead. “Yvonne Brooks” says Ashley. “What about her?” asks Eddie. “Turned out to be most helpful” replies Ashley. “Got the lot out of her…. Full confession” Ashley tells him. Eddie gets angry. “I did time for that. Your old man isn’t it? He set this lot up?” asks Eddie. “You tell him from me… He’s marked his card. Right?” “Next time you come to visit – it will be to see your old dad” says Eddie (CREDITS)


“When I’ve spilt it about him – he’ll do ten years” warns Eddie.


Oooooh. Threats from Eddie. If only we didn’t have to wait another 41 days… I have the feeling that Ashley’s Bombshell will have quite a few far reaching effects very soon and it is good to finally be getting to the bottom of the Eddie Lee saga.


I think Kevin’s decision is a bit drastic if I’m honest – Nottingham? Really? Mind you – Carole seems to be going a little bit “Fatal Attraction” so perhaps its wise. I’ve had enough of the story really.


(Site ref 8:06)



Crossroads Episode: 3591: Original TX: 25-03-82

UK Gold Episode: 049:


Sharon Metcalfe is very concerned over Carole Sands and gets Barbara Hunter to agree to specific action. Doris Luke is perturbed by an anonymous man’s inquiries about her. Ashley Lamont drops a bombshell in the family. (TV Times)


Barbara enters reception from the office and asks Rashida whether she would be able to stay on reception as her relief is running late. “I can’t phone my father, he’ll be on his way. He’s always exactly on time” she replies. At that moment the ever punctual Mr Malik arrives and Rashida makes her apologies. “Anything wrong?” he asks. He offers to read his evening paper in the bar so that Rashida can cover for 15 minutes or so.


Barbara orders Mr. Malik some coffee from a passing waitress and joins him in the bar. She tells him that she and David are about to speak to someone regarding a conference booking. “I hear you met our Mr. Chance?” she asks him. “He was so easy to get on with – not what I had expected at all,” he replies. “He has a great deal of personal charm” she agrees. Mr. Malik asks Barbara whether Adam’s change of mind regarding leaving the motel has created any problems for her or David. “No – it solves them. Adam knows the work here” she tells him – sounding a little unconvinced. She makes her excuses and leaves.


At the garage Carole says goodnight to Sharon, who is shocked to discover it is half six already as she has been busy with the accounts. Carole explains that she has to go and cook at the Hunter’s, and with a final wave to Mac she leaves.


Mac follows Sharon into the office and reveals that he is a bit worried about Carole. Sharon assumes he is talking about the hours that Carole is working. “What is she like as a mechanic?” she asks. “She’s OK” answers Mac. There is a pause and Sharon asks what else is on Mac’s mind. “Its an old fashioned way of putting it – She’s got a broken heart” he reveals. “Did she tell you who it was?” asks Sharon. “No. But I can guess” reveals Mac. “Even if I can’t guess who it is – I can guess what SORT of man it is” she replies. Sharon asks Mac whether Carole really is up to the work demanded by the garage. He tells her that she is – although he suggests that she ISN’T up to working at the Hunter’s as well. Mac suggests that she is made of iron! “I think I’d better have a word with the Hunters before she cracks up with metal fatigue,” says Sharon.


Rashida is busy, and very flustered on reception. She asks Doris whether she has seen the motel diary as it is missing and she has had to book a party of four into the restaurant without checking. Doris reminds her that Shughie has a group of friends on the very same table already. Kath walks into reception and reveals that they haven’t yet ordered. Rashida points out that the mistake was made as a result of the missing diary. Kath realises it is she that has moved it and hands the book back over. Kath is stressed following an altercation with a rude guest. She tells Doris that she is going on her break. Doris asks her what they are to do about table 8. “I don’t care” is Kath’s reply. They both leave. Mr. Malik, who has been listening it to the conversation goes up to his daughter. “You don’t look very happy” he points out. “Did that woman complain about a guest?” he asks. “The guest was being rude” she replies. “You have to accept that this is a buisiness” he tells her. “You’re not our boss yet you know” she snaps angrily. “This business is not run the way I thought it would be” he complains. His grumbling is interrupted by a telephone call. Rashida answers it but tells the caller that Miss Luke is busy. She offers to take a  message and asks who is calling, but the line goes dead. “Rudeness must be catching” scoffs Mr. Malik abruptly.  (END OF PART ONE)




Barbara is busy at the office desk when there is a knock at the door. Sharon apologises for interrupting work. Barbara explains that she is merely jotting down story ideas for a future novel. Sharon gets straight to the point and tells her that Carole Sands is doing too much by trying to keep both jobs going. Barbara assumes that Sharon wants to sack her from the garage, Sharon explains that she is young, keen, intelligent and willing – and therefore that she would like to take her on full-time. Barbara points out that it would mean that Carole would have to give up working at the Coach House. Sharon explains that she came over to find out how Barbara felt about the possibility. “I know she’s set her heart on working in the garage – and I wouldn’t stand in her way” answers Barbara.


“There’s another reason I think she’ll be better off full-time in the garage” says Sharon. “I think she’s having a spot of boyfriend trouble”. “Ah” replies Barabara. “You don’t sound surprised” says Sharon. “I suppose you know who it is?” she asks. Barbara nods. “I must walk round with my head in a bag” replies Sharon incredulously. Sharon suggests that being around people in the garage full time might help Carole to take her mind off things a bit. “Go ahead and make the arrangements – and tell her that David and I will stand by her – whatever decision she makes,” agrees Barbara.


At the Brownlow’s Kath reveals to Arthur that she has brought Doris home for super. “I didn’t think you’d brought her to sweep the chimney” he jokes back sarcastically. Kath goes to make the tea while Arthur discusses Kevin’s job in Nottingham with Doris. He explains that he wont be living at home for a while. “It doesn’t seem right for Kevin to go an leave Glenda on her own like that” she says. “If you ask me he made the right decsission” replies Arthur defensively. Sensing the uneasiness Kath changes the subject. “That man who rang a couple of times – did he ever get you?” she asks.  Doris reveals that he hasn’t. The Brownlows speculate who the mysterious caller could be but Doris points out that it is unlikely to be anyone offering her money! “Come to think of it – it IS a bit strange” she ponders.


Barbara enters the bar and apologises to Mr. Malik. She reveals that she will take over reception as the missing receptionists has yet to arrive. Mr Malik points out that the motel seems to have a lot of staff trouble – referring to the conversation he overheard between Kath and Doris. “I don’t know what to say – its certainly not usual” she says.


Barbara and Mr Malik walk through to reception. “Your father tells me that there was a problem with one of the staff?” she asks. Rashida explains that the issue has been sorted out but reveals the double booking in the restaurant. “We’ll muddle through” declares Baraba as the Maliks leave. Just as they go, Carole rushes up to the reception desk  in a very flustered state. She asks for Barbara’s keys and explains that she has left hers in the garage. Barbara is concerned for Carole and asks whether she has eaten at all during the day.

They are interrupted by the very late receptionist, who apologises on her arrival. Barbara takes Carole over to the sofa area for a talk. Carole is worried that Barbara is going to give her the sack. Barbara reveals the content of her earlier conversation with Sharon. She tells Carole that Sharon is willing to take her on full-time at the garage. “I’ve been happy at the Coach House” says Carole. “Not lately” answers Barbara. Carole points out that it was for “personal” reasons but that it is now over.


At the Lamont’s, Reg arrives home. He tells Jennifer that he has spoken to their driver Peter about leaving the country. He talks about the life abroad – no rain! “We’ll be alright out there” he suggests. He asks Jennifer whether she would try to talk to Ashley about leaving the Eddie Lee case alone. They are interrupted when Ashley arrives back. He tells Reg that he has had another meeting with Eddie. “Send his regards did he?” asks Reg. “Rather more than that” replies Ashley. Ashley reveals that Eddie blew his top when he found out that the woman he was serving the sentence for had confessed. Ashley tells them that Eddie made threats about he and Reg.  “A con in a temper would say anything. Eddie Lee has got nothing on me and he knows it” states Reg confidently. Ashley looks back at his father. (CREDITS)


“He reckons he can get you ten years”



(Site ref 9:01)




Crossroads Episode: 3592: Original TX: 30-03-82

UK Gold Episode: 050:



Adam Chance and Jill Harvey were reconciled. She introduced him to Arif Malik who couldn’t understand why Adam had a reputation for being difficult. Kevin banks upset wife Glenda with a surprise announcement – he has taken a job in Nottingham which his father found for him. Reg Lamont saw Eddie would give no information to Reg’s son, Ashley. Jill Harvey intervened in the quarrel between David Hunter and Adam Chance. Feuding must stop, she said.


Glenda Banks has trouble with a customer, so Barbara makes a bright suggestion. (TV Times)


Ashley and Sharon arrive back at the flat after a meal out together. Sharon takes the opportunity to ask Ashley about life as a Lamont. “What was your childhood like?” she asks him. “Average” he replies. Sharon asks him for more details. “Nice mum, nice dad, not a lot of trouble.” He goes on to say that it was probably down to his mum. He talks about how Reg was a great one for treats and how he made sure Ashley was the first kid with everything. Despite the intimate conversation Sharon is clearly worried about Asjely. “If Eddie said all those things he means them you know?” she asks him. “If he gets it into his head to do something he’ll do it” “I’m in a hell of a position aren’t I? Sometimes I wish I’d never started it all,” he confesses. “It looks like dad’s in it up to his neck in all of this. What am I supposed to do about it all?” he asks.


In the restaurant, Glenda busily serves guests while David and Barbara look around. “I didn’t realise the restaurant was doing so well” she declares. David reminds her that she has seen the figures. “Statistics aren’t people” she points out. Glenda comes over to take their order and they make their selection. Out of the corner of his eye, David spies Adam at the door. “Do a little fervent eye-gazing” he tells Barbara – in a poor attempt to ignore their occasional business partner – or the “Ancient Mariner” as David describes him. Too little too late it seems. Adam grabs a chair from a nearby table and positions it alongside the Hunters. Almost as an afterthought he asks them whether he minds if he joins them. “Are you sure you don’t mind? You looked a little preoccupied?” he asks. “I was quoting a little poetry” quips David to Barbara’s amusement.  Adam asks Glenda why it is so busy. Glenda tells him that it has been busy regularly lately and that a few over-bookings haven’t helped.


The small-talk on their table is interrupted when Glenda shouts “Get off will you?” to a guest who has grabbed her arm to attract her attention. David instructs Adam to go and have a word with the guest. “Why me?” asks Adam. David tells him that he is much better at being charming than he. It is a lie that Adam falls for – and Barbara is stunned by David’s ingenuity. “Makes ME wonder what you charm me into without realizing it!” she jokes. “You know what this place needs?” she asks him. “A bouncer? Tranquilizers in the water?” he suggests. “A head waiter” is her suggestion.


At the Lamont’s Jennifer is clearly concerned when Ashley arrives home. He tells her that Sharon is convinced that Eddie will carry through his threats. “That rather takes things out of my hands” he tells her. Jennifer asks Ashley what he feels for Reg. “He’s my father” he replies. “If he were to die tomorrow would you weep? I would” she tells him. “Can you look back and see him leading a double life as an out an out villain?” she asks. “If Eddie Lee says he can get him ten years, then we’re not talking about minor indiscretions are we mum?” Ashley points out. She tells her son that all Reg needs is a chance “You can leave the rest to me” she assures him. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Mr Malik enters reception with his daughter and bumps into Jill and Adam. Adam tells him that they are to hold a board meeting later that day. Mr Malik asks whether his intention to purchase the new share issue is on the agenda. Jill confirms that they will be voting on the issue later, but that it is only a formality. Mr Malik is clearly delighted at the news.


In the office David reads a list of notes for a whodunit made by Barbara which include “Kill Adam”. “I particularly like the idea of killing Adam” he jokes. “I’m all for a happy ending!” Barbara chooses this moment of jollity to reveal that Carole will be leaving their employ. Jill enters the office as they begin to discuss the vacancy for a new head waiter. “It’s the first I’ve heard of it!” she complains.


In the garage Mac and Sharon discuss his imminent move into the house next door to the Brownlows – and Arthur in particular. “You don’t think we’re going to have any problems with him do you?” asks Mac. He confesses that he is still unsure of taking money from Reg for the deposit – when he “knows what I know”. Sharon points out that “Reg may be a lot of things to a lot of people, but he’s very good to his own.” They change subject and discuss the possibility of taking Carole on full-time. Mac agrees as he refuses to be seen as male chauvinist. They call her into the office and  Mac gives her the good news.


In the office David is unhappy with Jill’s refusal to advertise for a head waiter. Jill points out that his idea of working together happily is him – waiting for everyone else to tell him how right he is. Adam brings in the mail and suggests that there might be one or two things they all need to discuss.


In reception Rashida seems concerned when a receptionist hands her a telex for David. Rashida rushes to the office.




“Well that’s an unexploded bomb we’d forgotten about” says Barbara

“And its just started ticking!” adds Jill.


Oh dear oh dear oh dear, It sounds like J. Henry is very unhappy about the possibility of missing out on buying the Crossroads shares. I know that just a few months ago he missed out on buying the motel when David withdrew his offer to sell up – but viewers to the UK Gold repeat might wonder who on earth this very rude man sending telexes actually is. The point raised by the shareholders still stands though – why on earth would a multi-national businessman want a small share in Crossroads? I guess we will have to wait and see!


I can’t help feeling sorry for Mr. Malik though – mind you – they do say ‘pride comes before a fall’ and he is clearly strutting around like he already owns the place.


One thing that struck me watching this episode is the large number of sets – the reception, the office, the Lamont’s, Sharon’s flat and the super shiny new restaurant! It is good to see that the vivid purple of reception has not been carried through to the restaurant and its lovely olive green colour. It IS a little creaky I suppose – a customer gets nasty with Glenda so they now absolutely NEED a head waiter – I spy a new regular character coming this way soon…


(Site ref 9:02)




Crossroads Episode: 3593: Original TX: 31-03-82

UK Gold Episode: 051:


A man who describes himself as ‘just a friend’ asks for Doris Luke, and Kath Brownlow has misgivings about him. Eddie Lee seeks a showdown. (TV Times)


“How on earth could we have forgotten J Henry?” asks Barbara. Adam points out that the last time J. Henry wanted to buy into the motel he wanted the whole thing, and this is merely an issue of a minority share. “Well J. Henry’s interest in anything is NEVER minor” Barbara points out. “He’s up to something.”


In the restaurant Doris and Kath discuss the need to have someone for the waitresses to call on – like a head waiter “Well – as long as he’s not foreign. I can’t be doing with these Italians” says Doris. Kath suggests that he could be French. “Oh that would be worse” Doris complains. “Perhaps Mr Hunter could find someone from Yorkshire” suggests Kath. “That would be the day – a Yorkshireman waiting on tables!” scoffs Doris.


In reception an older gentleman arrives at the desk. Rashida asks whether she can help. “Miss Doris Luke? I understand she works here…” enquires the man. Rashida explains that Doris is off duty and the man turns to leave. She offers to phone through to the kitchen in case she is still there. Rashida asks the man who she should say is calling. “Just a friend” he replies. At that moment Kath enters reception carrying a tray. She tells Rashida that Doris has already gone and offers to tell the man. The man gets up and leaves without leaving a message.


In the office, the shareholders meeting is taking place. “We have managed perfectly well without a head waiter for five years” Jill reminds David and asks for a single reason why they should have one now. Barbara reminds her that the restaurant is now bigger and better than it was before. For once Adam, David and Barbara are all in agreement.


The second item on the agenda is to discuss J Henry’s offer to buy shares. Adam declares that he is not in favour of the idea. David assures Adam that there is no chance of him becoming a majority shareholder. “You underestimate him” Adam replies. David remains convinced – and points out they do have a moral obligation to sell him the issue. “That is YOUR obligation David. YOU made the first offer, and YOU withdrew it” Adam reminds him. “While we’re on ‘moral’ issues – what are we going to do about Malik?” asks Adam. He points out that they also made an offer to Mr Malik – and that he is more straightforward than J. Henry Pollard. David proposes that they put it to a vote whether to offer shares to J. Henry or Mr. Malik. David and Jill vote for J. Henry while Barbara and Adam vote for Mr. Malik. Since the majority shareholders vote for J. Henry, it is he who is nominated by the board. “Why did you vote for him Jill?” asks Adam. “I rather like Mr. Pollard” she replies. “Well I think it’s a mistake” adds Barabara. “He’s up to something… You’ll see” replies Adam. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Kath sneaks into reception but cannot seem to see what she is looking for. She goes to the desk and asks Rashida whether Doris’ gentleman caller from earlier has returned. Rashida tells Kath that there has been no sign of him – but – intriguingly he was also the man who had telephoned earlier in the week. “There’s something a bit fishy there – you know I think I’d better warn her!” says Kath. Their conversation is interrupted by Mr. Malik, who has arrived at the motel expecting to hear about the share issue. “Nothing has been signed you know” Rashida reminds him. “ A gentlemen’s agreement” he replies.


In the office Adam points out that Pollard is a director of many multi-national companies. Barbara agrees that she finds it difficult to understand J. Henry’s motives in wanting to buy into the motel. The telephone rings to announce Mr. Malik’s arrival. “What do we tell him?” asks David. “Oh no – this is all YOUR doing – YOU can tell him” replies Adam.


At the Lamont’s Jennifer answers a call at the front door. When she opens it, Eddie Lee is stood on the step. He tells her that he is there at Reggie’s request to discuss business –and she invites him in. He charms Jennifer by complimenting her on the house. “What line of business are you in?” she asks him. “Insurance” he replies. “Travel?” she asks. Eddie grabs onto this information “You thinking of taking a little trip somewhere?” Pleasantries continue until Jennifer asks for her visitor’s name. “Mr. Lee… But my friends call me Eddie!”


Mr Malik has joined the directors in the office for what he believes to be a celebration. David reveals that there has been a “change in our plans” and that they are unable to give him an answer at the current time. “What is to stop us signing a contract here and now?” asks Mr. Malik. “Since you spoke to Mr. Chance this morning we have had another offer for the shares” reveals David. Mr. Malik offers to increase what he is prepared to pay for the shares by 6% but David has to decline again. “I tell you quite frankly I am surprised. Very surprised. I thought of myself as a good judge of characters. I do not think I should be treated with such discourtesy by English ladies and gentlemen.” Mr Malik is furious and points out that the law is on his side. “We shall be hearing from each other again. I should think – quite soon” he threatens as he leaves the office. “I have a very nasty taste in my mouth” declares Adam as soon as Mr. Malik has left.


At the Lamont’s Eddie is admiring the ornaments on the mantelpiece. “Too much class. That’s it in a nutshell innit?” he asks. “As soon as I saw it I said to myself now whatever has Reg done to deserve all this lot?” Jennifer remains silent. “Got taken in by a bit of rough did ya?” he asks her. “I apologise – way out of order that” he corrects himself. “What do you intend to do?” she asks. “Intend doing…?” he ponders. They hear a car pull up outside. Eddie tells Jennifer to sit very still and very quiet. “That is my honest advice to you” he tells her. “You do that and maybe we can come to some sort of a deal!”. Eddie hides behind the lounge door and waits for Reg to open it. “Want to buy a camera Reg?” he asks. (CREDITS)


“Do you mind if I help myself to another (drink)? They’re a bit mean with the Scotch down the Scrubs.”


Now THIS is an episode worth waiting for – Eddie Lee’s quiet menace at the Lamont’s was played beautifully. Jennifer’s obvious fear on hearing her visitor’s name was superb. Whereas I felt sorry for Mr. Malik yesterday I found his dialogue rather overplayed today, at times talking about honour, and gentlemen’s agreements made him seem rather two dimensional.


Now it seems Kath and Doris know all about the plan for a head waiter. If it REALLY is that desperate – why haven’t we heard it before now? Usually Crossroads is quite good at planning ahead and dropping “subtle hints”.


Speaking of subtle hints – I am slightly intrigued by the mystery man who has been calling for Doris, although I think I can guess where this story is going… If only Doris were being used slightly more than she was. It seems she only pops up to give the odd line at the moment.


Highlight of the episode? Has to be the non-speaking extra assigned the role of “clerk” who sits at the front of the board meeting with a note pad. Was there ever a more pointless addition to a scene?