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Crossroads Episode: 3568: Original TX: 02-02-82

UK Gold Episode: 026: Repeat TX: 09-12-96 - Mon



Ashley Lamont tried to find out why his father Reg gave Sharon Metcalfe such an expensive Christmas present, also why his mother didn’t seem to mind. But no one would give him a satisfactory explanation. Sid Hooper’s obvious interest in Rose Scott prompted his wife Mavis to take a long, hard look in the mirror – and what she saw made up her mind that she would have to do something about herself.  (TV TIMES)


Carole Sands gets a job as a trainee mechanic – and some tough advice from Sharon Metcalfe. Reg Lamont unburdens his heart to Sharon and asks for certain assurances. (TV Times)


Carole arrives at the garage. Sharon reminds her that she is going to have to fight for any training opportunities that she can get. She takes Carole into the workshop to meet her future workmates. “Can’t say that I’ve met many girls that I would call mechanical” says Sid as he fiddles with a piece of a car engine. He argues that it will take twice as long training somebody to the work than doing it themselves. Carole says goodbye to them all. As she leaves she tells Sid to make sure he “gets the gap right” on the part he has been working on.


When Kevin arrives home he finds Glenda downstairs in her dressing gown feeling bored since everyone else is out. She tells him that the doctor has said she will be fine to go back to work next week. “I’m feeling better now” she tells him and leans in for a kiss. “Don’t overdo things on your first day up” he tells her. She asks him if anything is wrong as he seems “a bit distant.” “I’m thinking about work” he replies. She tells him that she is going back upstairs and he offers to come with her. She refuses the offer and says that she is fine as long as she knows that there is somebody in the house. After she leaves Kevin quietly closes the lounge door and makes a telephone call…


At the Coach House Carole Sands picks up the telephone. He asks her if she can talk. Carole explains that the Hunters are out for the evening. She tells him that it seems ages since she last saw him. “Too long” he replies. She asks if he can make it out but he says that since he is the only one at home there is no way that he can.


Just then Arthur arrives home and Kevin changes the topic of conversation. “If I can get over tonight then I shall…I know ‘Harry’ I know….” Carole realises that someone must have come in but she is pleased that Kevin is going to try to get over “Please don’t take any chances” she tells him. He puts down the phone and is immediately questioned by Arthur. Kevin makes up the excuse of a decorating job that he really should take a look at.  “The job won’t fly away if you don’t go out this evening” Arthur replies. He points out that Kevin hasn’t spent much time with Glenda recently. “If you’re determined to go out – for reasons of your own – whatever they are – then I can’t stop you. It’s between YOU and your conscience.”


At the garage Sid is on the telephone speaking to his bookmaker about a horse race. It seems the horse he backed has been disqualified. Sid is shocked to discover how he stands – and asks if he is okay until the end of the week. The conversation is overheard by Mac who continues to work. When he gets off the phone they discuss Carole “She may be alright to look at – but to work with?” says Sid. “Why not?” asks Mac. “I’m not letting her loose on any of this” says Sid gesturing round the workshop. He argues that if it was a lad it would be different – “traditional”. Sid argues that by the end of the week she will be complaining about cracked nails and dirt under her fingernails. “On the other hand she could spend half her time putting on barrier cream like you!” comments Mac.


In the garage office Sharon answers a telephone call. “Hello Mr. Chance – ‘sir’ I thought you’d forgotten us!” she says sarcastically. She explains that things are in a bit of a mess… back in the workshop Sid argues that he doesn’t want to have to spend time looking over anyone’s shoulder. “Bucket of water and a chamois – that’s about her level” he says. “If you don’t like it – you could always jack it in” says Mac persuasively. Sid replies by commenting that it would solve Mac’s problem. Sharon interrupts them to tell them that Mr. Chance will be back with them in the morning. “Better lay a little bit of a welcome for him then – hadn’t we?” says Mac. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) In the boarding house Rose comes into the lounge and finds a made-over Mavis. “What have you done to your hair?” she asks. “Nothing really” replies Mavis. Rose also points out that Mavis has a nice jumper on. She suggests that if Sid isn’t too late home they could all have a couple of drinks – to make up for the ones Mavis missed a few nights before. Right on cue Sid arrives back “Hello ladies” he greets them. Rose suggests that they go out but Sid replies “no”. “Can’t I tempt you?” she asks. “Very probably – but not to go down the pub.” He answers. Rose very quickly gets up and leaves the room. knows her husband only too well and guesses that he has been gambling and is short of cash. She points out that he also owes her the week’s rent. “Haven’t you learnt after all these years? Look at you!” she says. “My luck will change – that’s a mathematical certainty” he replies. “If you have to leave here again…you needn’t bother coming back” she warns him.


At the flat Reg calls on Sharon. He asks if he is intruding. She replies that she has the whole of the King’s Oak rugby team squashed in the kitchen. He hands her  a bottle of Scotch (having noticed she had run out the last time he was round). She offers to get him a glass. On her return he settles on the sofa and tells her it is nice to sit back and relax “without being got at” “Ashley you mean?” she asks him. “Why did he have to come back? There’s no use pretending… We just don’t see things the same way” says Reg. He explains to her that he always wanted to set his son up in business. “He can’t be content doing what he’s doing… Can he?” asks Reg. He asks her whether Ashley gave her a rough time when he brought her home the other night. “Innocence is a great defence” she points out. “I almost think it’s a pity there’s nothing for him to find out” tries Reg.


At the Coach House Carole rushes to the front door. Kevin has been caught in the rain and rushes in. “I’m gonna get a temperature – just like our Glen” he tells her. Carole asks whether Glenda minds him coming out. He tells her that she thought it was a job and insisted he come out. He explains that “half the time I’m not much use to her because I’m thinking of somebody else.” She tells him about her experience at the garage that morning – and that she wanted to share it with someone. “With me?” he asks and she nods. Kevin doesn’t know what to say “Made me go really – Glenda” he tells her. “She’s always sacrificing herself – always putting herself down” On hearing Glenda’s name Carole breaks away from him and offers him a tea. He calls her over to the sofa and apologises for mentioning her name. They hold hands. He tells her that he doesn’t want to hold back – and always tell her the truth about their relationship.  She replies by telling him that they will have to hold back. He explains that he is talking about being honest with her. “I’ve never loved anyone before” she tells him. “I suppose if I tell the truth – then I haven’t either” he replies.


In the flat they are still discussing Ashley. “And while he was going on at me… You know what I kept thinking? If only he had a reason” says Reg. “But he hasn’t – and he’s never going to have” Sharon tells him firmly. “I wouldn’t let another person in the world see me like this” he tells her. “Have you any idea what you do to me?” he asks. “There are times when I would just like to walk away from the whole lot” he says. “You can have anything you like – your terms – and that’s a hell of an offer you’ve got to admit!”

She tells him that if someone had told her a month ago that she would be sitting as they were now – she would have told them they were mad “But I’ve got to know you – just a bit – and I do feel Reg… I feel sorry – and you can’t build anything on that – except maybe a very close friendship” She goes on “Love doesn’t get a look in” (CREDITS)


“Well as long as you don’t expect me to give up trying” he says.


As I suspected, Glenda has reappeared and is being portrayed as “the victim” – It is a nice touch that she apparently insisted that Kevin go out. I’m not sure why Arthur didn’t want to go out. Was he just worried about Glenda feeling lonely – or does he suspect that young Kevin is up to something? It is interesting that Mac is pursuing what I think is an unjustified race discrimination issue while the very real issue of sexual discrimination is only too apparent in Sid’s attitude towards Carole, I nice piece of parallel scripting there. The transformation of “Mrs Overall” Mavis – to “Rose Clone” Mavis has been nicely handled and actually very effective. It is made much more interesting by Sid’s apparent ignorance.  On the subject of Sid – he and Mac seem to be getting on remarkably well considering Sid nicked his job. At last we get some physical contact between Kevin and Carole – they hold hands! In all seriousness though – it is refreshing to watch their relationship grow so slowly. It could have been easy for them to jump into each others beds – but I appreciate the “honesty” and sweetness between them. Carole (who has hitherto annoyed me) actually started to grow on me when she sad that she’d never been in love before. Kevin saying the same thing sounded clichéd – but I suppose equally believable under the circumstances. Where one relationship seems to be getting started, poor Reg is trying every trick in the book – getting Sharon to feel sorry for her, offering her anything she wants and then wearing her down. Sharon – I feel for you. This isn’t going to be easy! Not bad for the “first” Central TV episode – very much business as usual I thought – but it does seem strange not seeing the ATV logo at the end.


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Crossroads Episode: 3569: Original TX: 03-02-82

UK Gold Episode: 027: Repeat TX: 10-12-96


Sid Hooper finds he and Rose Scott have much in common, but her daughter Iris is deeply resentful. Adam Chance fights back when David Hunter gives him a tough ultimatum. (TV Times)


In the garage Sharon is concerned that Sid has not turned up for work. Mac suggests that it is “the rot setting in”. She considers whether to phone up and find out if anything is wrong. Before she has time to think about it, Adam Chance arrives in the office. “Now where have I seen that face before?” she asks sarcastically. “Smiling at you in your dreams?” he replies cheekily. He picks up the phone and asks to be put through to David Hunter. David is out so Adam leaves a message. Mac seizes his opportunity to ask for a word. Sharon persuade him to leave it for ten minutes while Adam settles in. When Mac leaves she reminds Adam that in taking on Sid Hooper he was doing so in preference to Mac. “Ah!” he says – realising his mistake. “That might take a bit of smoothing over – I can cope.” He says. “With the race relations board?” she asks him.


At the boarding house, the “new look” Mavis cooks breakfast. Realising that it is five to nine, Sid rushes in. “Why didn’t you give me a call?” he asks her. He suggests that she is in a bad mood with him because he lost some money on the horses. “What about all the money you owe? Not just me – but everywhere you’ve been?” she asks him. He settles down for breakfast as Rose arrives in the lounge wearing a pink nightgown. Mavis has enough of Sid and his gambling and she storms out leaving Rose to continue making his breakfast. “You understand that a fella needs a little relaxation” he asks her. “I’m an expert at that” she confirms. Iris arrives in the lounge. “Day off?” she asks Sid. He explains that he felt a little under the weather. “ I don’t want to say anything about Mavis – she’s ‘salt of the earth’  but set in her ways.” Iris tells him there are worse things “like being too flash!” – “but you and me Rose, we’re two of a kind” he tells her.


Adam explains to Sharon that when Sid found out Mac’s position was temporary, he made it clear that he was only willing to take the job if it was as foreman” Adam asks Sharon whether Mac is serious in his threat.  She tells him that Mac has completed all the forms – and that there was space for her to fill in as ‘a witness’ “Even you’ve turned against me” he says. He calls Mac into the office and explains that Sid was foreman with two different companies before joining them. Adam explains that he chose Sid because of the work he had been doing and the courses that he had been on. “I would have been a fool if I’d have passed him by” he adds. “This had nothing to do with you being black” he stresses. In recompense Adam tries offering him £10 a week extra – or more. “That’s got to make a difference hasn’t it?” he asks. Mac points out that only three months before Adam had turned down his request for more money. He quotes Adam as saying “You WILL be foreman when you’ve proved you can do the job” and asks Sharon to confirm that those were the exact words. She agrees. Mac loses his temper and points out that Adam had to make a simple choice between he and Sid. “There ARE differences he agrees – you’d have to be blind not to see it!” “There’s got to be light at the end of this tunnel….” suggests Adam. “There is – the train is coming!” says Mac. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) David and Barbara are in Meg’s sitting room when Jill comes in. “Well – isn’t anyone going to ask me if I had a good time?” she asks. “That is NOT the first thing that springs to mind – no.” David replies. He asks her why she hasn’t been in touch for ten days. “You know how I feel about post cards… and what’s the point of going on holiday if you’re going to keep ringing in every five minutes?” she answers. David tells her that they were worried. “Because I was with Adam?” she asks. David tells her that it was because they had no idea where she was. He goes on to say that when he found out that she was with Adam he was relieved “and I never thought I’d hear myself say that!” he scoffs. “Adam rang you” she reminds him (unaware that he didn’t) David makes it clear that he found out that Adam had gone from Sharon, and that she was with him when her neighbour (Mrs Egan) told him. “But I was there when he rang!” she argues. Barbara backs up everything that David said. “We were worried about you!” she tells Jill. Jill is confused – and asks to see Adam before David gets to him. “Of course” he tells her.


Kath is ironing when the doorbell rings. It is Iris. Kath tells her that she looks edgy about something. Iris explains that since Sid has arrived she has been worried about their flirting. “Is that what the row was about?” asks Kath. Iris confirms that it was. She suggests that they have to do something to break up Rose and Sid “before it goes any further”. Iris asks whether Kath would be willing to have her mother back at her house but Kath worries about Arthur. “He’s become a lot more positive lately” she says. Kath considers the request “Maybe I could talk him round… I’ll try.”


At the garage Sharon is looking at a clipboard when Ashley Lamont arrives. “So! This is where it all happens then?” he asks. He questions her as to whether his dad is onto a good thing… She suggests that Reggie would be a better judge of that. He explains that he and his mother are buying petrol and that he has taken the opportunity to cast his eye over the place. She tells Ashley that if enough money were put into the garage then it could get very big. Jennifer finishes her purchase and arrives in the office. She reveals that they are having drinks with the Hunters that evening – and that (as a fan of her books) she is looking forward to meeting Barbara. When Jennifer goes back to the car Sharon asks Ashley what has happened to his uniform. “Day off… Night of too… And as my parents are off galavanting I shall be at something of a loose end” he tells her before asking whether she wants to come over. “No” she replies “You come to me!”


In the sitting room Jill tells Adam that David and Barbara were worried about her. Adam is unrepentant. Doris arrives with a  tray of tea “Welcome back Mrs. Harvey – heard you had a winter holiday” she says. “and very bonny you’re looking for it too. Doesn’t she Mr Chance?” “She certainly does” agrees Adam. “Nice to see you back as well” she tells Adam – eying him suspiciously before leaving. Jill tells Adam that she doesn’t like the idea of the staff gossiping about them just as David and Barbara come in. “Dobson’s pulled his socks up” Adam says to David. “A lesson to us all” replies David. Adam tells them that he owes them an apology “Don’t bother Adam” he replies. Adam asks whether David needs their help running the motel or whether he and Barbara can cope indefinitely. Jill reminds him that she owns 40% of the business – the same as David without Barbara’s share. Adam points out that he owns 5% with the legal right to buy back 5% from David “You won’t get it” David assures him. Adam is not put off. “You can sack me if you like, but as soon as I buy those shares back Jill and I can stop you. All down the line!” (CREDITS)


“Isn’t there a way over this hostility?” asks Barbara

“Yes there is” says David. “Why don’t you just go? Get out?”


So Adam and Jill have finally returned. I for one am glad to see them back. Also making a (less than surprise) return visit is Doris – who (apart from a brief mention the other day) hasn’t been seen since the fire. She waltzes back in with a tray of tea as though she’s never been away. Come to think of it – how does Doris know that Adam and Jill weren’t there anyway? Perhaps she’s been hiding in the cafeteria. Is it me – or is Sid a little bit relaxed when he realizes he’s late for work? If I realised it was five to nine I would have skipped breakfast – never mind sit there flirting with Rose (doing her best powder puff impression) I have to say that I’m not surprised that Ashley has asked Sharon out – a chip of the old block in more ways than he would care to admit I expect. Sharon seems very keen to accept considering it wasn’t so long ago that Ashley was interrogating her about his father. Come to mention it – Could he be chatting her up to keep her away from his dad? I guess we’ll find out. Also – Meg’s sitting room has returned – and I swear those alcoves have got less “peachy” than the last time we saw them.


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Crossroads Episode: 3570: Original TX: 04-02-82

UK Gold Episode: 028: Repeat TX: 11-12-96


Arthur Brownlow puts his foot down about his wife Kath’s plan concerning Rose Scott. Jill Harvey has long waited to hear the proposition Adam Chance puts to her.. (TV Times)


Kath and Glenda hear Arthur’s car pull up on the drive. Kath looks from behind he curtain. Glenda asks what sort of mood he is in but Kath replies that it will hardly matter when she suggests having Rose move back in with them. Glenda reminds her mum of everything Mavis did for her cousin (Iris) and brother (Ron) and suggests that they at least try. She does however point out that the blame for any problems doesn’t just lie with Rose. She suggests that Mr Hooper is old enough to know better, and that Mrs Hooper should be able to keep her own husband! Arthur walks in and they both greet him with a kiss. “What’s happened?” he asks. Kath tells him about Rose and Sid Hooper. “What they’ve actually….?” He asks. “I don’t think so” replies Kath “but there seems every chance that they’ll go off together and that will absolutely shatter Mavis” Suddenly Arthur realises what they are suggesting. “Oh no. No. No” he says. “If Rose comes here….” He says “….Don’t we have enough problems with Kevin?” “What problems with Kevin?” asks Glenda – oblivious to her husband’s attraction to Carole Sands. Arthur covers up his slip of the tongue by pretending he was referring to Kevin being out of work. “We’re in this together – we’re a family” he tells her.


At the coach house Kevin arrives to pick up Carole to start work on the Chester’s flat. She tells him that there is no need as they have been re-homed. She suggests that it is for the best – for them! “I was looking forward to it” he tells her. Carole asks him what he told Glenda. Kevin tells her that he told her what he was doing “There’s nothing to be suspicious of. We decided that didn’t we?” he asks. She asks what he will be doing on Saturday since he doesn’t have to the decorating. She reveals that she will be going on an unemployment demonstration. She asks whether he will go with her. “Do you want me to?” he asks. “We need all the support she can get” she replies – not really answering his question. “Do YOU want me to?” he asks again. “Suit yourself” she answers. He tells her that he believes in whatever she believes in “You’re my politics” he says.


At the Brownlows’ Doris arrives to find out how Glenda has been getting on. “I realised you must be feeling better when I saw you out the other evening” she says. “You and Kevin in Mr Dobson’s little van” explains Doris. Kath looks on nervously. Glenda repeats that she hasn’t been out of the house since she was ill. Arthur and Kath change the subject “How is the rebuilding going at the motel?” he asks. Doris doesn’t let it drop. “I could have sworn it was you in the van with Kevin” she insists. Glenda gets a flash of inspiration and suggests that it was probably Carole – as they were going to do up the Chesster’s flat. “Kevin’s always been a good lad” remarks Doris. Arthur rolls his eyes.


At the coach house Barbara asks David why he didn’t invite the Lamonts for a meal. “I’m not sure I could put up with him for that long” replies David. Barbara asks the purpose of the drinks evening. David explains that since he has bought the garage from Adam he is “on the doorstep” – and as someone with plenty of money – and looking for potential investors “this is an exercise in cultivation – nothing more”. There is a knock at the door and the Lamont’s arrive. Reggie tells them how excited Jennifer has been –and how she is a fan of Barbara’s books. “Me of course – I never pick up a book” says Reggie – except the one he has just bought for Barbara to sign. Jennifer is embarrassed but Barbara agrees. “If you could just make that to Jennifer… and Reg” he tells her. “Who knows – I might persuade him to read it!” she jokes. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) At the flat, Ashley and Sharon relax on the chairs. He tells her that he was not overly impressed with a stroll around a pretty ordinary garage. “But it impressed you?” he asks. She admits that she likes working there. He compliments her on the flat “Fair old place this – wouldn’t say no meself.” He says that he will find it “restrictive” staying with his parents. “Oh yeah?” she replies. He talks about his parents. He describes his mum as being easily pleased – just somewhere to lay her head – and to look over to see Reggie – whereas his dad is “never satisfied.” “Women – that’s his big failing – but you’d know all about that” he says. “Would I?” replies Sharon.


At the Coach House the Hunters and the Lamonts exchange small talk. Reggie asks Barbara about the writing process. Jennifer is pleased to hear that Barbara has been contracted to write two books each year for the next five years. After a while David suggests that Barbara show Jennifer around while he and Reggie talk business. “This is a very nice conversion” says Reggie – Must have cost you a packet. They discuss Adam’s sale of the garage. “It surprised me that he wanted to get out really” says Reg. David comes straight out and asks Reggie whether he would be interested in buying shares in the motel. “Short of cash are you?” he asks. Reggie apologises but says that “sitting next to the driver” isn’t really his scene. “And you would still be the driver  I take it?” “That is the general idea” confirms David.


At the flat, Sharon prepares a coffee. “Lets face it – you’re not in bad nick – bet you turn quite  a few heads” says Ashley. “Very commendable – looking after yourself like that” he jokes. He reveals that he plays plenty of sport and that he is “fit enough.” “What for?” she asks him. “Anything really” he replies. He places an arm in her way. “Spread a couple of stones on you and I would step aside and let you pass” he tells her. “But as things are?.... Irresistible – with you being so defenceless.”  He kisses her. “Out of line sergeant” she tells him. “The last fella that ventured that way without the green light….” “Lets leave Dad out of this” he interrupts her. “Oh you are clever aren’t you?” she asks. She tells Ashley that Reggie has never even tried. “So why don’t you learn from him eh?” she asks.


In the sitting room Jill is on the phone. There is a knock at the door – it is Adam carrying a tray of beef burger and chips and a cheap bottle of wine. Jill tells him that she feels nervous when Doris Luke started putting two and two together about them going away together. “Mind you – it makes me feel young. Fast – but young” she says. “I’ve always been strangely attracted to fast young women” he tells her. “You know – I should have realised a long time ago that you were inevitable… that we’d be together at the end of the day.” “Nothing inevitable about you is there?.. Long term relationship?” replies Jill “Why say ‘a long term relationship’ when ‘marriage’ would do?...If it’s a question of security – why not?” he asks her. “You mean US. Married?” she asks him. “Its inevitable” he repeats. “Is it?” says Jill. “Its happened now. Finally.” (CREDITS)


“Will you marry me?”


Doris Luke – what are you doing? Fancy nearly giving the game away with Carole and Kevin! I have no idea how Arthur and Kath can be so blatant in their suspicions without confronting Kevin. It is almost as though they are on HIS side rather than Glenda’s. I am also surprised that Glenda hasn’t put two and two together – with Arthur and Doris dropping great big clangers! It is fitting that Adam proposes to Jill in her mother’s sitting room – even if it is over beef burgers and plonk. Am I supposed to worry that he is only after her share in the motel. I mean – he wouldn’t marry her for that reason alone. Would he? What do you mean “Wait 19 years?”


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Crossroads Episode: 3571: Original TX: 09-02-82

UK Gold Episode: 029: Repeat TX: 12-12-96


David Hunter’s plan to sack Adam Chance is thwarted by Jill Harvey’s announcement that she and Adam are engaged. Sharon Metcalfe tries to talk Joe MacDonald out of involving the Race Relations Board in his dispute with the garage management.

(TV Times)


“Jill – will you marry me?” asks Adam. “Yes – Yes I will” she replies. “You don’t sound very convinced” he tells her. “I’m just surprised” she answers. “How soon?” she asks. “Its three days to register from tomorrow... and we could take a small weekend honeymoon… How about Paris?” Jill is worried that it is all a bit rushed but Adam tells her he has thought about it in the past – and postponed it. “Well it has been three years” she considers –before admitting that “I think I’d have said ‘yes’ any time in the last three years.” He tells her that he doesn’t want to take advantage of her feeling low. “I don’t get married all that often – lets make an occasion of it” she tells him. Adam says that he is worried that if they get married at the motel, that David might give her away during the ceremony. “I wonder what he’ll say” adds Jill…


“Its necessary that Adam goes – absolutely necessary” is what David is saying to Barbara in the coach house. “For business purposes or your peace of mind?” she asks him. Barbara begins to say that if he were to try to sack Adam “You would vote with Jill against me?” he asks. “Vote with me – and see how quickly he gets the hell out of her life” suggests David. Barbara asks what he thinks will happen when Adam and Jill control 50% of the motel shares. “That’s why its important that we sack him now” David replies.


At the boarding house Rose looks at the pouring rain through the window. Iris and Sid both walk in to the lounge soaking wet. “I’m singing in the rain” sings Sid. “Ladies – this is our lucky day” he tells them – before presenting them with gifts. Iris has a light blue jumper and Rose has a silk headscarf. She asks him why he has bought them presents.  He explains that he won on a race – the horse was called “Scottish Rose and the Jockey’s name was Sid – wearing hoped colours” he tells them. He tells them that soon he is going to pay for them all to go on a sunshine holiday – Iris, Rose, Mavis and him “any day now!” Iris thanks him again for the jumper and asks “Did you get something for Mavis?” – “Something she’s been wanting for a long time – something French…” he tells them “… a non-stick frying pan!”


“The worlds going mad” declares Arthur in the Brownlow’s living room. “We all know that” replies Kath whilst eating her breakfast. He has read about the unemployment demonstration in the paper and doesn’t seem impressed. “Marching wont change anything” he replies dryly. Kevin reveals that he intends to go on the march. “But you’re not unemployed” points out Arthur. Kath asks him how he heard about the march. “As a matter of fact, Carole Sands suggested it” he tells her. Kath noticeably bristles. “She’s a busy young woman – I’ll give her that” says Arthur. Glenda asks Kevin what he will be doing. He explains that he will be acting as a steward. “Be careful not to get mixed up in anything” she tells him, before going out to get more toast. Kath tells Kevin that she doesn’t know what he hopes to achieve by going on the demonstration. “A lot of people argue that unemployment is part of the authority’s strategy against inflation” he says – remembering what Carole had told him the night before. “Do you believe that?” Kath asks him. “This doesn’t sound like you Kevin. Who’s been getting at you?” she says. He storms off. (END OF PART ONE)



(PART TWO) Sid’s good mood continues when he arrives at the garage. Mac tells him that the man from Go-Col is waiting to speak to him about the delivery. Sid cant resist telling Mac the reason for his cheerful mood. Mac asks him how he could bet since his bookmaker had refused him credit. Sid explains that he had been to a different bookies. Mac tells Sid that a man from the bookies had been round asking after him – for money. Sid looks worried and explains that all his winnings are spoken for. Sharon leaves the office and also tells Sid about his visitor. She tells him that personal affairs are best not discussed at the garage “So he’ll probably pop round the house.” At that moment Adam brushes past them and Sid leaves to check on the delivery. Sharon acknowledges to Mac that Sid is not the perfect foreman and asks him to give her some lea-way over his race discrimination case. Mac tells her that his issue is about injustice and that it HAS to be put right. She agrees and goes into the office…


“Are you just going to sit there and let it happen?” Sharon asks Adam. She tells him that Sid was late – and not for the first time. She makes it clear that she thinks Sid will be incapable of holding down the job. Sharon suggests that Adam puts it in writing that Mac can have the job as soon as Sid leaves. “You really think that will do the trick?” he asks her.


In the sitting room Kath is dusting. There is a knock at the door and Doris comes in carrying a large tray. “Is there going to be a party?” she asks. Doris explains that there is going to be a meeting with Mr Chance, Mrs Harvey and the Hunters. Doris mentions that Barbara is looking a lot better than she has recently – and suggests that it is down to the help of her new housekeeper Carole Sands. Kath again looks unimpressed at the mention of her name – and Doris is also unimpressed. “She seems a bit bossy when she’s popped in here”. They briefly discuss Carole before Doris pops her head out of the door to see if anyone is coming… On seeing the coast is clear they both settle in the arm chairs. Doris remarks that she was surprised to see how “bonny” Glenda looked the other evening – and apologises if she upset her with anything she said.


David and Barbara enter the sitting room – Kath and Doris shoot up out of the armchairs – and leave. He speculates what the meeting could be about.


In the garage Sharon looks unhappy. “Weren’t you looking?” she asks Sid. Mac comes in and she tells him that they have four star petrol in the 2 star pumps. Sharon tells Sid to switch the tanks and the prices – and remarks that it will be “an hour down the drain.” When Sid leaves the office she asks Mac to sit down. She sits on the desk (crushing a clipboard) She tells him that she is convinced that Sid wont last until the end of his trial period – and (as manager) she promises him the job. “I’d like to help” he tells her “but its not something I just rushed into.”


In the sitting room Barbara drinks a cup of tea. She agrees that a split would be better now. She tells David that she thinks the motel is more his than anyone’s – after he pulled it through the fire and the building work. “So I’ll vote with you” she tells him. There is a knock at the door. David opens it. Adam and Jill walk in arm-in-arm. “You hardly need knock” he tells her. “We wanted to make a proper entrance” she replies. “Jill and I wanted you to be the first to know…” says Adam. “Congratulations” says Barbara. Even David cracks a smile. (CREDITS)


“I hope you’ll both be very happy”

“We will be David. We will be” says Jill


We all knew Jill was going to accept Adam’s proposal so it came as no surprise whatsoever – still good drama is all about conflict and I’m sure this happy union won’t be happy forever. My favourite scene here has to be Kath and Doris having a sneaky sit down in the sitting room when they think nobody else is looking. Random people popping into the Sitting Room for a sit down? It would never have happened in Meg’d day… Oh hang on – it did! Kevin continues to ‘play it cool’ (NOT!) He really seems to have no concept of how to keep his relationship with Carole a secret. In some ways I have to respect the way in which Kath and Arthur keep their cool whilst suspecting Kevin – but I can’t help thinking that they are far too willing to let things happen than they should be. A beautifully framed shot of Rose looking out of the boarding house window (with rain too!) is a welcome relief – as it feels like we’ve been stuck indoors for ages – I can only hope that we see more of outside soon before I get claustrophobic! And what about the last line? Why is it that people repeat themselves for dramatic effect?


(Site ref 5:5:01:20:00)






Crossroads Episode: 3572: Original TX: 10-02-82

UK Gold Episode: 030: Repeat TX: 13-12-96



Carole Sands secured a trainee mechanic’s job at the garage, an ambition fulfilled. But Sharon Metcalfe warned her to expect opposition from the male chauvinists. Kevin Banks lied when he told Arthur Brownlow he was going out on a job that had suddenly been offered. In fact, Kevin went to see Carole Sands. Reg Lamont quizzed Sharon Metcalfe on what she told his son Ashley about her relationship with Reg. (TV Times)


Reg Lamont expects an evening alone with Sharon Metcalfe, and is jealous when she brings his son Ashley. Glenda Banks decides to join husband Kevin and Carole Sands on a march for the unemployed young. (TV Times)


Jennifer Lamont is reading “File on Julia” by Eleanor Ruskin (Barbara Hunter). She comments on how kind it was of Barbara to sign her copy of the book. “Hmm. Seems quite a nice woman – for a writer” Reggie replies – before commenting that Ashley came in late the night before. “Yes – he was over at Sharon’s” she tells him. “You never mentioned it” says Reggie. “I didn’t know it was important” she replies. On cue Sharon telephones the house. She tells him that the business with Mac and Sid Hooper isn’t going to go away and she requests his help. “Can you call round?” she asks him. He tells her that he is too busy to get there but invites her over to the house later that evening.


Carole arrives at the garage for her first afternoon. Sharon takes her into the staffroom to get kitted out. She introduces her to Nobby and (non-speaking) Jim. Carole is too small for any of the overalls on offer but starts getting changed nevertheless.


Sharon leaves the staffroom to find Ashley Lamont in the workshop – in uniform although he tells her that his call is “strictly social” He thanks her for the coffee and chat the night before “Any time” she replies. He wastes no time in inviting her for a drink that evening. Carole bursts in – Sharon spins her round and pushes her out. “Not even for a quickie?” he asks. “There’s no answer to that” she answers. She explains that she has to go over to Ashley’s parents’ house for work. He volunteers to pick her up and drop her off. She accepts.


Glenda busily cleans the French doors to Meg’s Sitting Room. Doris tells her to take things easy but Glenda replies that she is fine – and that they are going to be busy for the next ten days getting ready for the reopening. Doris suggests that Iris might like to come to the motel to lend a hand. There is a knock at the door and Kevin comes in. He asks Glenda what time she will be finishing and offers her a lift home in the van.


Jennifer is reading her novel when Reggie arrives home from work. He seems anxious and explains that he has had  things on his mind. “Bad day? she asks him. Reggie explains that one of his French contacts has gone bust. He admits that he can create new contacts but “time costs money” Just then the front door opens. “Is that Sharon?” he asks. “Has she got her own front door key?” “Nothing would surprise me dear” she replies dryly. Reggie goes into the hallway to find Ashley and Sharon sharing a joke. Jennifer tells him to get Sharon a drink. Ashley points out that they have already had at least one together. Reggie is in a bad mood. Jennifer blames the French Government. Reggie brings up the issues at the garage. “It cant be that serious” says Jennifer. “Black fella – feeling ‘got at’” says Reggie – taking a large drink. (END OF PART ONE)



Doris arrives at the boarding house to see Iris. She is greeted by Mavis who explains that she is out. Mavis invites her to wait in her room. When Iris arrives back she greets Doris warmly. Doris tells Iris about the temporary job vacancies at the motel. “I wouldn’t mind a job – even if is only temporary” admits Iris. She questions whether people at the motel would welcome her back after she has “been inside”. Doris tells her that it is ancient history. Mavis persuades her and Iris agrees.


At the garage Carole is washing her hands. Nobby and Jim invite her out for a drink but she refuses. “See you tomorrow” says Nobby. “Yeah – you might” she replies. When they leave Kevin takes the opportunity to sneak up on Carole. “How’dit go?” he asks. She explains that the first day has taught her everything that she needed to know about Sid Hooper. He explains that since it is Glenda’s first day back at work he won’t be able to give her a lift. “I didn’t know if you were expecting me” he tells her. “Its alright” she replies. She offers to make him a cup of tea in the staffroom. He tells her that things will turn out okay. “You always get your own way”.


At the Lamont’s Sharon and Ashley discuss going to the pictures. Reggie enters the lounge and reminds them that they should be talking about business. He asks Ashley to go and fetch some more ice for the bar – he agrees – but not before he’s offered to take Sharon to the cinema. As he leaves, Reggie shuts the door.


Ashley is met by Jennifer. “Ice” he tells her – gesturing the bucket. “Oh! I thought there was plenty!” she says. “So did I” he replies. He changes the subject “Mum – you were right about Sharon… She’s a nice girl – there’s no way she’s going to get involved.” She asks him whether she can detect a note of relief in his voice… for himself. Jennifer asks Ashley to invite Sharon to stay for dinner.


“He’ll have to go” says Reggie – acknowledging that he doesn’t want to tangle with the Race Relations Board. He admits that he is on Mac’s side. Reggie’s first solution is to wait until the end of Sid’s three month trial – and then tell him that he “failed to please” but Sharon points out that by then it will be too late. She reveals that he is pressed for cash at the moment and that he owe’s Ross the bookmaker”. “Billy Ross?” asks Reggie “Oh I’ll have to have a word with him!”


In the garage Kevin asks Carole what time they should meet for the demonstration. He tells her that he won’t have the van “Still – we’ll be together on the march”. Glenda bursts through the staffroom door. Kevin and Carole stand up quickly. He kisses her and introduces them. “From what Kevin said – you’re not at all what I’d visualised” says Glenda. “And if he’d told me you worked part time in a garage I’d have been even more wrong about you!” Kevin asks her what she was expecting. “Certainly not someone as young and attractive as Carole” she tells him. Glenda seems concerned that Carole will be going on the march and asks how many people will be there. Carole replies that there will be lots “Did you know that mass unemployment has caused more misery in this country than anything since the 30’s.?” she asks. Glenda asks whether a demonstration will make a difference. Carole puts up a strong argument as to why it should. “Right – you’ve convinced me” says Glenda. “I’ll come with you!” (CREDITS)


“What about your job?” asks Kevin.

“I’m on early turn – we can all go together” replies Glenda.


“Not even for a quickie?” Is this Carry On Crossroads? It seems that Ashley is smitten with Sharon. I’m quite impressed with how his change from suspicion to attraction has been handled here and look forward to the tension that might arise between Ashley and Reggie. Why are they always cleaning that blinkin’ sitting room? Its hardly been used since the last tidy up from Doris and Kath. Glenda’s brave – cleaning the room with the French Doors open – it must be freezing! It feels a little as though the sitting room is surplus to requirements really – I could understand so much of the action taking place there when Meg was around – but now that her private wing is no longer used (or burnt?) it feels as though characters have been “plonked” in there just because the set happens to exist. I am now convinced that the alcoves have been re-painted white now  - Thank Goodness! I have to say that the cliffhanger was a little expected today – but welcome nevertheless – it’s about time that Glenda met Carole –although her suspicions must be fully aroused now. Can’t think why Kevin didn’t describe Carole to her!


(Site ref 5:6:01:40:00)




Crossroads Episode: 3573: Original TX: 11-02-82

UK Gold Episode: 031: Repeat TX: 16-12-96


Barbara Hunter tries to open Jill Harvey’s eyes to the man she’s to marry, Adam Chance. Meanwhile, Kath Brownlow has a warning chat with Carole Sands about her relationship with Kevin Banks.. (TV Times)


At the Lamont’s Reggie is on the telephone to his friend “Mr Ross” who just happens to be the bookmaker to whom Sid owes a lot of money. “I’ll see that you get your money” promises Reg. In the lounge Ashley struggles to remember where he has put his cricket bag. Jennifer points out that it is out of season. Ashley tells her that with the unemployment demonstration later that day he has “self protection” in mind.  Reggie gets off the phone and asks Ashley if he is expecting trouble. He explains that they always expect trouble – and if it doesn’t come they can “breathe out”. “Don’t be a hero” says Jennifer. “I don’t think it will come to that” he tells her.


At the garage Carole watches as Mac and Sid work on a car. Mac is willing to explain what they are doing, but Sid would rather get on with the work. “Maybe I can help” she suggests. “If you want to do anything you can give it a wash down when we’ve finished” Sid tells her before suggesting she cleans up a few jobs that have been left in the corner. “NO!” she tells him in no uncertain terms. Reggie walks in and asks to speak with Mac in the office.


…“Mr Chance is out, and I am in” says Reggie “And I do not like trouble.” Mac tells him that he has no intention of calling off his action with the Race Relations Board. Reggie tells Mac that he has jumped to the wrong conclusion if he thinks there is going to be any pressure. He tells Mac that Sharon has explained the situation fully and he is on his side. “Suppose I told you that by the weekend this is all going to be settled…?” asks Reggie. “What’s the catch?” asks Mac. Reggie explains that there is no catch. Mac asks what will happen to Sid. “Lets just say ‘friendly persuasion’ – I’m very good at that” says Reggie.


In Meg’s Sitting room Jill and Barbara are looking over some paperwork. Barbara says that the Easter bookings are picking up. Jill asks whether David is reconsidering the idea of offering more shares in the motel. Barbara points out that they still need capital so that they don’t have to borrow from the banks. Jill points out that she doesn’t feel as though she will be able to vote against Adam again. They reminisce about Barbara’s wedding to David. “It was foul weather but it was perfect” she says. Jill hopes that they will have better weather in June. She asks Jill whether she is sure “Oh yes – I’m sure. Its only Adam who had the doubts” Jill replies.


Kath arrives in the garage to collect mugs from Mac and Sid. She goes up to Carole Sands and introduces herself as Kevin’s mother-in-law. She asks whether they can have a ‘delicate’ word and they go into the staff room. Carole apologises for talking Glenda into going on the march. Kath points out that it is only natural that she would want to be near Kevin. “She thinks the world of her husband you know” she tells her. “It’s nice isn’t it? To see a happily married couple?” Carole agrees that it is. Kath remarks how generous it was of Glenda to allow Kevin to spend so much time with her – particularly when she was ill in bed. Carole tries to explain something but she is interrupted by Sid coming into the staff room. When he leaves she goes on to say that “When a married man keeps going out to meet an unmarried and attractive young lady – it is bound to lead to misunderstanding.” She suggests that after the demonstration it would be better if she didn’t see Kevin again. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Kevin arrives at the garage to pick up Carole to go on the march. He asks her how things are going. Carole, who is sweeping, says “How’s it look?” He points out that she is lucky to have a job. She agrees and then tells him that Kath came to see her earlier in the day. “She gave me good advice in a nice way” she tells him.


At the boarding house Mavis is looking at her new frying pan – and smiling. Rose bursts in and complains that because of the demonstration it has taken her hours to get back from the shops. Sid also arrives back. Mavis asks him whether he will be eating with them. He agrees and promises to pay at the weekend. Rose tells him that she has something to cheer him up and gets out a selection of holiday brochures. Mavis asks why she has brought them and Rose explains that Sid has promised to take them all on holiday when he gets a good win on the horses. “You can count me out – England’s good enough for me” says Mavis. Sid and Rose leave to get changes for dinner and Mavis can’t help but take a sneaky peak at a brochure… just as Iris arrives.


She reveals that she has been given a cleaning job at the motel. Mavis asks Iris whether Rose is serious when she talks about going away. Iris explains that her mum is “all hot air” – but Mavis looks concerned and points out how similar Rose and Sid are with their plans to leave and see the world.


Barbara and David arrive back at the Coach House. She offers him a drink but he tells her that he needs a clear head to think about Adam Chance. “You’re assuming he doesn’t lover her” says Barbara. “You’re assuming that he does” he replies. David suggests that if he were to sack Adam immediately (thereby losing his role as a working director)then he would lose interest and his view of Jill would change. Barbara hints that she wouldn’t be willing to vote with David on the issue of Adam’s sacking. He questions her further but she changes subject to what he wants to supper – thereby confirming her lack of support.


At the Brownlow’s Kath and Arthur watch television, but her mind is elsewhere. The doorbell rings and Doris calls round “on her way home”. She tells them that her bus was diverted. Arthur begins to complain about the march but Doris tells him that it isn’t only the march – it’s the trouble as well. “It was on the local news” she says. Kath is worried and asks Doris what has happened. Doris tells them that there was fighting and people being arrested. Kath immediately panics about Glenda. Sensing her upset Arthur ushers Doris out of the door and tells Kath not to panic.


Just then images of the trouble appear on the television which adds to the worry. Kevin arrives home alone with blood on his face “What’s happened?” she asks him. Kevin explains that a crowd of trouble makers got involved “Carole’s been hurt” he tells them. “To hell with Carole – Where’s Glenda?” asks Arthur. (CREDITS)


“I thought she’d be here – we got separated in the fighting”

“In God’s name – What’s happened to her?”


I thought Sid was ridiculous when he bought Mavis a frying pan – but the look on her face as she turned it in her hand suggests that he knows his wife only too well. Whether it was more luck than judgment remains to be seen.  It is a little convenient that Reggie happens to know Sid’s bookmaker – but not unlikely – we have seen him schmooze council leaders and superintendents so perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise. Kath was in fine form today – her “quiet word” with Carole was handled really well – its about time Glenda’s parents did something! The tension was built up throughout the episode today – First Rose and then Doris talking about the trouble at the demonstration. It was clever (and financially prudent) to have the clashes happen off screen – and goes to show that good quality human drama doesn’t need stunts and special effects to work – if you care about the characters. And Kevin – when you live with your mother and father in law it is wise to check on the safety of your wife before talking about your girlfriend!


I’ve got a funny feeling that this is the last episode to feature the Sitting Room by the way – I will check.


(Site ref 6:1:00:00:00)






Crossroads Episode: 3574: Original TX: 16-02-82

UK Gold Episode: 032: Repeat TX: 17-12-96



Jill Harvey accepted Adam Chance’s marriage proposal and they decided on a June wedding. The announcement thwarted David Hunter’s plan to sack Adam. Sharon Metcalfe begged Joe MacDonald to drop his complaint with the Race Relations Board. But he refused to do it, even for her. Kevin Banks disconcerted Arthur and Kath Brownlow by announcing that he was going on a march against unemployment. They suspected that Carole Sands had influenced him. (TV Times)


Glenda Banks arrives home from the demonstration distressed but unhurt. Her husband Kevin insists on visiting injured Carole Sands in hospital. (TV Times)


David and Barbara eat breakfast. “Did you see Adam when they announced the wedding? Like the cat who ate the canary” he says. David believes that Jill is about to make a huge mistake “Do you really want to let her?” he asks. Their business talk is interrupted by a telephone call telling them that Carole has been injured in the demonstration and is in hospital.


In the motel office Adam is making plans “When I move in we should convert it to a natural fire” he tells Jill. She suggests a sheepdog as a present for him. “Merryfields is suburbia – a sheepdog would not be appropriate” he says. She asks him why he has never married before. “I preferred life to have a bit of an edge” he replies. She asks him whether he will miss surprises. “I imagine you’ve got a few of those left” he answers. She points out they have known each other for three years. “I am looking forward to everything about being together” he tells her.


At the Brownlow’s Kath nurses Kevin’s injuries. Arthur finishes pacing the lounge and decides to ring the police – just as Glenda arrives back home. Her first concern is for Kevin –but as Arthur points out –he is fine. She explains that she lost her handbag and then couldn’t get a bus or a taxi. Arthur tells Kath to get a hot water bottle ready while he takes her upstairs to bed. Kevin tells them that he is going to go to the hospital to check on Carole. Arthur is furious and suggests that Kevin could phone. Kevin replies that she would rather see someone. Glenda tells Kevin that he must go. He kisses her and leaves.


At the Lamont’s Ashley arrives home late after filling in reports on the demo. Jennifer tells him that she saw it on the television. “You cannot tell me they were the unemployed” she says – speaking about the people fighting. Ashley tells her that it was local hoodlums who wanted revenge against a certain copper. “And they did” he says. He explains how he saw his colleague in trouble, but that there was a girl in the way – who he shoved. “She fell off the curb and went sprawling in the street” he says. Jennifer asks whether she was hurt but Ashley tells her that the girl was still in x-ray when he called round. Jennifer asks whether he will get into trouble. “It all depends on the girl now – her version… Sands her name is…. Carole Sands.”


Kevin arrives in Carole’s hospital room to find her bruised and hooked up to a drip. She is groggy after her treatment. She asks him whether he has seen her brothers or her dad. She is pleased when he says he hasn’t “They would have asked me about you” she says. “We shouldn’t see each other again” she tells him. “I’m alright now – and you’ll be alright – with Glenda.”(END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) In the motel office David talks with Doris and Iris. He asks them whether they know anyone interested in a temporary job at the motel. Doris suggest Rose. David tells them to carry on cleaning the office while he works in the sitting room. “You’re not minding being back here?” Doris asks Iris. She points out that Iris has a different attitude. “All to the good if you don’t mind me saying so”


Barbara is working at the Coach House when Adam calls round with the insurance files. She explains that David wants to make sure that everything is correct before claiming on the policy “Thank goodness for David I say” he tells her. “Do you Adam?” she asks. He tells her that he is glad David is associated to something in which he and Jill hold 50%. “I think we can assume that the 5% transfer will go through” he says. She asks whether he is a bit “previous” claiming the “we” already. He points out that in June they will be married. He asks her whether she will be voting with David. She replies by saying she would prefer not to have to vote too often!


In the hospital a nurse checks on Carole before Ashley enters her room. He asks her how she is feeling. She asks who he is. He tells her that he is a policeman… “THE policeman”. “You’re the one that hit me?” she asks. “Pushed” he corrects her. He apologises. “Does it hurt much?” he asks. “Just go will you – your concern doesn’t interest me” she tells him. She is furious that so many police were drafted in – with the bill going to the taxpayer.. “when there’s real criminals out there getting away with murder.” He tries to explain that what she reads in the papers isn’t always true. “I’m talking about something I know” she tells him. “There’s this bloke – Eddie Lee – He’s stuck inside serving a sentence for something he didn’t do – and the real murderer’s walking round as free as air. “Just down the corridor from you there’s a kid called PC Nicholls. He’s not much older than you but he’s got a hole in his head you could put your fist through. He was set up for that in the middle of your demo – NOT your lot – local villains” he tells her… “Now what’s all this about Eddie Lee?” he asks. Carole turns away (CREDITS)


“You’re gonna have to tell me love – You’re gonna have to back something like that up”

“Go and find yourself some kid to push around”


Some people claim that by 1982 Crossroads was beginning to lose its way, but I have to say that this episode was an absolute masterclass in plotting and scripting. The injuries received by Carole set up the reveal about Eddie Lee perfectly. I had worried that Barbara had taken leave of her senses in telling her about Eddie – but now I see why it was necessary in terms of the bigger picture. I also see why it was important that Ashley hadn’t met Carole before today – despite being the son of the garage owner (and the almost boyfriend) of the manager (I also see why it was essential for Sharon to push Carole back through the door in the last episode). As I watched this I was impressed by how all the threads seemed to be pulling together – and in light of the 2011 riots (supposedly over unemployment) how topical this episode was considering it is 30 years old. This episode was well plotted, well scripted, well acted, modern and relevant. Crossroads has certainly not had its day.


(Site ref 6:2:00:20:00)



Crossroads Episode: 3575: Original TX: 17-02-82

UK Gold Episode: 033: Repeat TX: 18-12-96


Arthur Brownlow has a firm talk with Kevin Banks about his relationship with Carole Sands. Arthur also makes a surprising admission. (TV Times)


Kevin takes some painkillers as he walks into the lounge at the Brownlow’s house. He reveals to Arthur that he is going to the hospital to visit Carole Sands. “What sort of chap do you think I am?” asks Arthur. “A bit dull perhaps?” he suggests. Kevin says “no – nothing like that” Arthur suggests to Kevin that he can’t imagine him as young man – and shows him a copy of his wedding photo from his wallet. “It was a long time ago – but I haven’t forgotten what its like to be a young married man” he tells him. “Everybody goes through a stage when they begin to see faults in their wives or husbands that they haven’t noticed before…. And suddenly… they meet somebody…and the grass looks a lot greener on the other side. But it ISN’T you know. We’ve all been down that road – and we’ve all found that it doesn’t lead anywhere. It’s the most commonplace story in the world.” Kevin doesn’t know where to look “Oh yes – me too” Arthur tells him. “I was lucky” he says. “How?” asks Kevin. “Well Kath never knew – and when it was over I found out that I was more in love with her than ever.” He goes on “Kevin – think very hard. Some things get broken that can never be mended.” There conversation is interrupted by Glenda. Despite their talk he tells Glenda that he is going to see Carole. She tells him that she doesn’t think he should as he is still very shaky – and suggests that she go instead. Kath says that she doesn’t think it is a good idea but Glenda insists. Arthur and Glenda leave to go to the hospital. “Perhaps its just as well that Arthur’s taken her – because I wanted a quiet word with you” says Kath. “You and Carole – its serious isn’t it?” she asks. He insists that they are just good friends but Kath doesn’t believe him. “This is between you and me” she tells him. “YES! I’m in love with Carole” he tells Kath. “So you don’t love Glenda any more?” she asks him. He tells her that he does – but with Carole its different. She asks him how far the relationship has gone. “There has been nothing like ‘that’ between us” he replies. Kath tells him that it will break Glenda’s heart but Kevin insists that he couldn’t do that to her. “I won’t leave Glenda” he tells her. He says that he will stay with Glenda and then the only person that will get hurt is him. She asks about Carole. “She’s young – at her age its probably just infatuation” Kath asks him whether he really believes that. “I have to” he tells her. He tells Kath he couldn’t be with Carole – thinking of the three of them back at home. “What are you going to do?” she asks him – and goes to offer him an arm of support. “Don’t be nice to me” he tells her.


At the boarding house Mavis is showing off a new green two piece suit she has bought for herself. Rose encourages her. Sid arrives in the room and settles at the table. “Are you eating with us tonight?” Mavis asks him. He agrees. Both Rose and Mavis look at him expectantly – but he can’t understand why. “Husbands!... Haven’t you got eyes?” Rose asks him. Mavis tells her to leave it alone. Rose points out her clothes. “Don’t you think it suits her?” she asks. He pretends that he hasn’t noticed because of the light. He gets her to stand up and says encouraging comments. “You’ve kept your figure haven’t you?” he says. “That wouldn’t suit a dumpy woman.” Rose also points out the change in her hair. Sid takes the hint and again makes positive comments. Mavis becomes self conscious and leaves quickly – making the excuse of sending some bills off. “Poor old duck – I don’t know why she bothers really” says Sid. “She’ll always look as plain as a brick wall”. Rose is unimpressed with his attitude. He invites her to the pub for a drink but she turns him down. “She wouldn’t like it – and besides it would be too cruel after she’s made all that effort”. Sid explains that Mavis and he are not suited. “We’re as different as a pig and a pineapple” he tells Rose. She asks him why he married her – and he asks her the same question about her husband. “Wish I’d met you first” he tells her. They are interrupted by Iris, who is back from her shift at the motel. Iris tells her mum that there is a job available cleaning. “What are you trying to do? Keep me occupied so I wont get into mischief?” she asks. Rose declines the offer and Iris goes up to her room “You know what you want?.... or do you?” she asks.


At the hospital Glenda goes into Carole’s room. “Where’s Kevin?” she asks. Glenda explains that it is just her that is visiting. “To tell you the truth – I’ve been really worried about you and Kevin” says Glenda. Carole is concerned until Glenda explains that she means about Carole being in hospital and Kevin not feeling well. She offers to get anything that she needs. “No thanks. Kev…(she corrects herself) my brothers bring things in all the time.” Carole asks after Kevin again. Glenda explains that he is fine – although “he seems to have something on his mind these days” Glenda tells Carole that she thinks it is because the job at the motel will be finishing soon. The bell for the end of visiting time rings. Carole tells Glenda that there is no need for her.. or Kevin to put themselves out visiting again. “Kevin sends his love – I expect you’ll see him in the garage again soon” says Glenda. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Doris takes a tray of empty cups out of the garage office as Sid walks in. “He’s not a bad bloke this Mr. Lamont. What’s all this about him being a heavy?” he asks Mac. Sid asks what Mac has against him. Mac tells him to “leave it”. Reggie and Sharon arrive in the office discussing Ashley “He’s not some thug in uniform that goes around bashing people – you ought to know that” he tells her. Sharon reminds him that the girl Ashley pushed is the girl that works at the garage. “This could be something of an advantage” he tells Sharon. He asks whether Carole is the sort of girl that would ‘do something sill’ like pressing charges. “Maybe I ought to go and have a word with her – to straighten her out on one or two things” he thinks out loud. She asks him whether he takes advice and suggests he leave things to Ashley. She does however suggest that Reggie have a word with Sid. He agrees but tells her to leave them alone “You bring out the honest streak in me” he tells her.


Sharon goes through to the staff room and sends Sid into the office. “What do you fancy in the three thirty?” Reggie asks him as he comes in. He goes on to say that its best left alone “Always assuming you CAN leave them alone?” Sid asks Reggie what he wanted to see him about. Reggie says that Sid is the man to help with Mac’s little problem. “Maths is not my strong point…. Not like Billy Ross (Sid’s bookmaker). He’s an impatient fella… Nice as pie until he’s crossed then…dodgy.” Sid says “I didn’t know you knew him” Reggie takes out a wad of cash “There’s a grand there – six weeks wages in lieu of notice and fifty on the top” Sid eyes the cash. Reggie tells him that the cash will remain on the desk for ten seconds and then it will go “And then you’re on your own sunshine”. Sid picks up the cash. “That is the wisest move you have ever made” says Reggie. “Now don’t do anything silly with it will you? See that Billy gets his money and wipe the slate clean”


Sid goes into the staffroom and collects his stuff without saying a word to Sharon and Mac. “Problem solved” Reggie tells her. “Job’s yours” she tells Mac before suggesting that Mac thank Reggie.


At the Brownlow’s. Kevin and Glenda eat their lunch. He asks her what she wants to watch on telly – since Carole has asked them not to go to the hospital. “She was just trying not to be a nuisance” she tells him. Glenda tells him that (despite what she said) she thinks that Kevin should go and see Carole. Kath overhears this from the hallway. “Please go and see her – as a favour to me eh?” she asks him. Kevin looks at Kath – not knowing what to say (CREDITS)


“What is it Kevin? Is there some reason you don’t want to go and see Carole? Something I don’t know about?” asks Glenda.


This episode should be called “Where’s Doris?” She is literally in the episode for three seconds – taking a tray of mugs from the garage – and then disappears. Still – not many lines to learn I suppose.


Reggie is on fine form today. He knows everyone – and Sid is a gambler. Reggie knows Sid’s bookmaker – Reggie needs to get rid of Sid. They’re not making this up on the spot are they? Good characterisation and back story really pays off in this episode.


What struck me most was that the whole episode consisted of just five continuous scenes. A lot is made of soaps that do “live” episodes these days – and the complexity of bringing in different people into scenes and keeping them interesting. This episode isn’t particularly unusual for Crossroads – which manages it with ease. Anyone that calls Crossroads “am-dram” as an insult should watch this – Not a fluffed line, dodgy camera angle or wobbly wall in sight – and the hospital set looks gorgeous on screen.


Highlight for me was Arthur telling Kevin about the adventures of his youth. Unexpected and welcome – and played beautifully.


(Site ref 6:3:00:40:00)



Crossroads Episode: 3576: Original TX: 18-02-82

UK Gold Episode: 034: Repeat TX: 19-12-96


Reg Lamont does Joe MacDonald an unexpected favour. Ashley Lamont tells Carole Sands he intends to dig deeper into her allegation about Eddie Lee. (TV Times)


In the garage office Sharon tells Reggie that Mac was “in on all the Eddie Lee stuff” “So?” asks Reggie. Sharon explains that he’s frightened. “Of me?” asks Reggie surprised. He points out that he got Mac his job back “at no small cost” to himself. Sharon explains that Mac can’t believe that he’s done it for nothing. She tells Reggie that she has told Mac what a “smashing fella” he can be when he puts his mind to it – but asks if Reggie could try to put Mac at ease. She calls through to the staff room an invites Mac in. Mac thanks Reggie for reinstating him as foreman. Reggie goes over the top “It is ME who should be thanking YOU” he enthuses before saying that they will draw up his new contract straight away. “What happened to Sid?” asks Mac. Reggie explains that he got “paid off” “I look after you – you look after me” he says before bungling him out of the door. Reg asks Sharon if she thinks Mac has been put at ease. “I’d say you’re just a little out of practice” she says.


In the motel office David shows Jill a letter from Adam’s solicitor that forces him to sell back the five percent of shares he is entitled to. On cue Adam comes into the office - having signed for the carpets in the dining room. David shows him the letter. “That mean anything to you?” he asks. Adam tells David that he is being very short sighted. “The day before the re-opening is not the time to discuss this” Jill tells them. Adam leaves.


At the Lamont’s Ashley reveals that he spoke to the “super” about the Carole Sands incident. “Don’t know what she’s going to do yet – she can bring charges any time she fancies” he tells them. He reveals that the superintendent has already spoken to Carole’s father. He tells his Reggie that the disturbance was caused by local “hoodlums” “I don’t like you putting yourself at risk like this” says Reggie. He asks Ashley what Carole is like. “She went on about the way we waste our time” says Ashley “About the villains we don’t catch. Funny this was – she actually mentioned a case…Murder no less!” Reggie’s interest is caught. “Oh?” he asks. “She mentioned a fella’s name…. Lee… Eddie Lee” reveals Ashley. Reggie doesn’t react.


In the office, Jill tells David that Adam is entitled to buy back the shares he is owed. David tells her he is simply trying to protect her business interests until after they’re married. “Are you implying that is why is he marrying me?” she asks. “I suppose it hasn’t crossed your mind that somebody might want to marry me for love?” “NOT ADAM!” he replies. Jill gets upset “Are you trying to drive me out as well?” she asks. Jill leaves and passes Barbara in the doorway. “What did you do?” she asks. “Told her the truth” he replies. “Once the doubt is there, perhaps she will watch him more carefully.”


In the hospital Carole is reading a magazine when Ashley calls in. “You again” she says. He asks her how she is feeling today. She tells him that she doesn’t want to talk to him. “I’ve been thinking” he tells her. “About something you said – about murderers walking the streets as free as air.” She tells him that she was delirious when she said it. “You mentioned a name – Eddie Lee” he goes on. Carole pleads ignorance. “If he’s serving time its checkable” he tells her. “Then check it” she replies. He questions her forcefully. “Leave me will you” she asks. “Sure – you get your rest. I want you fit and well don’t I. So we can have a proper chat. You’ve not heard the last of this love.” (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) In the garage Reggie is concerned. “How did that girl get to know about Eddie Lee?” he asks Sharon. She assures him that it wasn’t from her. “And she had to go and spill it to Ashley! Of all people!” She asks whether it will cause trouble and he points out that he is duty bound to look into it. Reggie says that if it were anyone else he could “Do something” – but in the event all they can do is “batton down.” She agrees. “If he opens this can of beans – trouble is an understatement!” She knows he is telling the truth. “He’s your son Reg. Can you see Ashley letting go?”


In the boarding house, Mavis and Rose are eating supper. Mavis asks how she and Iris are getting on. “Like any two people that met three months ago” she replies. They discuss the other lodgers before Rose compliments her on her cooking. “Even if I do look like an advertisement for headache powder or tired blood.” Mavis wonders where Sid has got to – and on cue he arrives home. “You’ve been to the pub” she tells him. He admits to having had three pints of beer. She is not interested in his reasons for drinking and leaves the room. When they are alone he confesses to Rose that he got fired. He shows her his P45 – and his wad of cash. “Remember what we were talking about?” he asks her “About you and I going away together?” he reminds her. “Well this makes it possible. How about going away somewhere in the sunshine? Just you and me?” She asks him if he really means it. “You and me are two of a kind. We may have some rough times and lots of rows – but we’ll have more fun in one month than most people have in a lifetime!”


David and Barbara visit Carole in the hospital. She tells them that she is getting out on Saturday, so should be able to start back at work on Monday. “I’ve let you down” she tells them. She tells them that she got angry when the policeman visited her. “I got angry because real criminals are walking around free – like you said” she tells Barbara. “You didn’t say anything did you?” she asks. “The name. I said the name ‘Eddie Lee’” she confesses. “Did you mention his connection with Barbara?” David asks her. “This all happened because of something I did – something illegal” she tells them. “Its not Carole’s fault” She tells them that he took what she said seriously. “He’s young, serious, and ambitious. I know” (CREDITS)


“The thing is. If he comes back – what should I say? Anything you tell me to say I will. Only tell me!”


Ashley is seeing Sharon, but investigating Eddie Lee. Sharon knows Eddie Lee – as does Reggie – who just happens to be Ashley’s father. They are both caught up with Eddie somehow. Carole works with Sharon and Reggie, and is also the Hunter’s Housekeeper – she happened to find out about Eddie Lee – who Barbara is also involved with – and therefore David (by association) – just one of the things on his mind along with Adam’s share squabble – which affects Jill – who recommended Carole Sands to the Hunters. Oh yes – Mac also knows Eddie – and remembers Reggie’s involvement – so is therefore wary of Reggie – even though he got him his job back from Sid. Sid has no connection to Eddie. I don’t think.


Okay – not a lot “happens” until the cliff hanger – but each thread of the story moves along at a cracking pace. Some people cite Crossroads as “moving wallpaper” – something that people had on while they had their tea – and didn’t really need to pay attention to. I disagree.


(Site ref 6:4:01:00:00)






Crossroads Episode: 3577: Original TX: 23-02-82

UK Gold Episode: 035: Repeat TX: 20-12-96 – (Friday). During credits v/o confirms next weeks eps on Mon, Tue and Fri



Glenda Banks returned from the demonstration, upset but unharmed. Her husband Kevin, much to Kath and Arthur Brownlow’s disapproval, visited Carole Sands in hospital. Ashley Lamont was the police sergeant who pushed Carole, causing her injury, and he also went to the hospital – to explain his violence at the demonstration. Furiously, she told him the police would be better employed finding out why Eddie Lee was serving a prison sentence for a killing he didn’t commit. (TV Times)


Sid Hooper persuades Rose Scott to go away with him, but her daughter Iris opposes this. Barbara Hunter is worried sick by Sgt Ashley Lamont’s inquiries, and her husband David decides they should see a solicitor. (TV Times)


It is night at the new look Crossroads Motel.


“I thought this whole Eddie Lee thing was just between a hand full of us” Reggie tells Sharon in the garage office. “You’re gonna have to see her. I’ve got to know exactly what I’m up against” he tells her. He is worried that Ashley will work out the connection between himself and Eddie. “I get involved in certain things – that I accept as fair business practices…” “…and they wouldn’t?” she asks him. “For myself I don’t care – but it will wreck the family” he tells her.


They overhear Ashley coming into the garage and change the subject. Reggie decides to leave – quickly.


At the boarding house, Sid and Rose look over the holiday brochures. He suggests somewhere in the South of France. Rose tells him that she is concerned about Iris. “I’m getting through to her – its not much – but it’s a start.” He tells her to start thinking about herself for a change. “She doesn’t need you – and what’s more – she doesn’t even want you” he says. “I’m not going to get a better offer tonight – so I’d better snap up this one” she tells him. He asks when she can be ready and she replies that the day after tomorrow would be ok.


Sid realises that Mavis will be in Birmingham “and we can go away without saying anything.” There plans are interrupted when Iris comes into the room and catches them in an embrace. Sid and Rose separate just as Mavis follows Iris into the room.


“Oh – you still here? Thought you’d be in bed sleeping it off” she says. Iris sees the brochures and asks them if they are planning on going somewhere. Rose tells them that they are going to go on the train to Nice. “That’s right – we’re going to have a compartment to ourselves…. Just the…four of us.” says Sid. Both Sid and Rose leave the room. “Mave – do you reckon they really mean it then?” asks Iris. “Fat Chance” she says “Not that Sid isn’t capable of pushing off without warning.”


In the garage Ashley tells Sharon that he thought his dad looked a bit worried. She tells him that he has a lot to worry about – business wise. “Are you addicted to work?” he asks her. He asks her whether she is hungry – and offers to take her for a meal. He apologises for being late – but explains that he went to the hospital to talk to Carole Sands.


At the Coach House Barbara and David are also discussing Carole Sands. “I’m surprised they’re letting out so soon” says David. “What am I going to do now?” she asks. David asks her how much she told Carole about Eddie Lee. “She knows – obviously – that he didn’t kill Alf Brookes?” he asks. “It will be how she got the information that will interest the police… The police will be pressing her” he.


Barbara feels guilty that she has put Carole under such  a lot of pressure. “She’s put ME under a cloud as the husband of a woman who took in a stray con who had broken parole. This can’t be the sort of publicity you want for your books!” he tells her. “I think its time that we saw a solicitor” he decides.






Kath is standing outside the front entrance of the motel. She sees Arthur’s car and is confused as to why he has parked in the car park.


“I didn’t want to leave it blocking the entrance while I have a look round inside” he tells her. “You don’t think I came down here just to pick you up do you?” he asks.


In the new look, purple reception there is a drinks party taking place. Arthur walks in and is greeted by Doris. He soon finds the snacks… and the complimentary drinks. He asks Kath to give a full guided tour. “Oh go on Kath” says Doris. “Who’s to say anything?” Sensing that it will be a good way to keep Arthur away from the drinks she reluctantly agrees.


A young girl walks into reception and asks for Mr. Hunter. He is busy talking to some journalists – explaining that the bar is still not quite ready. The girl introduces herself as Rashida Malik “from the agency”. He takes her through to the office behind reception.


In the garage Sharon is surprised to see Carole with a doctor’s note. She tells Sharon that she is unable to work. “I should think not – look at you” says Sharon before handing Carole a bunch of flowers. Carole tells her that she is staying at the Coach House for some rest “The Hunters insisted” she tells her. She goes on to say that the “copper that was involved has been pestering me”. “You know who he is don’t you? He’s Mr. Lamont’s son!” says Sharon. Carole is concerned that she will be unable to stay on at the garage once he and his dad put the pieces together.


Carole tells Sharon that she won’t be saying anything to Ashley. “Does that mean you know nothing or you just won’t tell them?” she asks “About Eddie Lee!” On hearing the name Carole is confused. “Eddie worked here so naturally there’s a connection” explains Sharon. “Where do you fit in?” asks Sharon. “Did you know him?” Carole refuses to say anything “Its not just me – its someone else’s secret” she says.


At the Brownlow’s Glenda asks Kevin when he will be seeing Carole again. “I was thinking of inviting her round for a meal quite soon” she tells him. “What’s the point?” asks Arthur. “Just to be sociable, She likes Kevin – that’s obvious – and I quite like her.” Kevin tries to tell Glenda that he won’t be seeing her again but Glenda replies by saying that she will pop into the garage herself to ask.


When Glenda leaves Arthur suggests that Kevin goes to see Carole – to stop her from coming. “Seeing Carole would open up wounds that have just started to heal” says Kevin.


At the Lamont’s, Reggie questions Sharon. “But who else? She must have mentioned someone! This whole thing is going to blow up in my face – I can feel it” he tells her.


They are interrupted by Jennifer who senses something wrong. “Trouble?” she asks. “Not really” replies Sharon. Reggie makes up the excuse of “staff problems”. “I thought you’d solved all that?” she says. Sharon decides to bring up the subject of Carole Sands. “She is the girl that Ashley is involved with” explains Reggie. “It’s put me in rather an awkward situation” Jennifer is confused.


Reggie asks for ten minutes to sort things out with Sharon. “Very well” says Jennifer – and leaves the room. “I can feel the ground beneath me shifting – and if it swallows me up I shall grab at anything – EXCEPT Jennifer – she has GOT to stay in the clear” he says.


At the boarding house, Iris asks Rose whether she is going away. “What gave you that idea?” asks Rose. “Your suitcases are on your bed and some of your stuff is already packed” replies Iris sadly. “The first chance you get to shove off with another bloke you’re away in’t ya?” she asks. Rose says “I tried to get close to you – I tried! I wanted to love you – but you shut me out.” “Does Mave know?” asks Iris. Rose tells her that she is under no illusion that things with Sid won’t last long. “I’ve always needed love and affection – and if I cant give it to the one person I want to give it to then I will have to make do with a poor second best” she tells her. “Even if it does mean leaving you – and for the last time.” (CREDITS)


“You asked me once – not to make you choose between your freedom and me. Well I’m asking. What’s it going to be. Me or him?”


Hang about… What’s this fancy place I can see on my screen? It’s never the Crossroads Motel is it? Dunno – they’ve cut straight from a photo-caption of the motel into a scene in the garage. I mean why? Don’t give me “Half a reveal” – Give me the full thing or not at all! I do like the snazzy off-centre caption though.


Okay – some stuff happens – Reggie’s in a scene – There’s something about Sid and Rose and then…. OUTDOORS! At last we’ve come outside – and I can see flag poles – and Kath Brownlow standing in front of some doors marked Crossroads – and a car – and Arthur is in it. I know! Arthur… outside. Wow! Hang on though – is that it?  I get to see the doors? Shouldn’t I see the whole thing? Shouldn’t we get to see the motel in all its glory? Oh well – perhaps they’re saving the impressive stuff for when we get inside….


…No they’re not. I don’t want to see Doris with a plate of nibbles – or journalists – I want to see the motel. It’s purple. It’s not finished.


Is that it? I’ve waited months for this? I hope Arthur gets to see more on his tour than I did!


Nothing else to say about this really – except the bunch of flowers Carole got from Sharon looks remarkably similar to the ones that David and Barbara gave her the other day.


In all seriousness – what a disappointment – Are the producers embarrassed by the new motel? Why not show it off?


(Site ref 6:5:01:20:00)



More information about the real life location for the “new look” Crossroads Motel is available HERE

A plan of the motel interior as it appeared in the 1982 Crossroads Special is available HERE



Crossroads Episode: 3578: Original TX: 24-02-82

UK Gold Episode: 036: Repeat TX: 23-12-96 – (Mon)


A marked coolness between Jill Harvey and David Hunter makes new receptionist Rashida Malik wonder if she should have moved to the motel. Kevin Banks steels himself to tell Carole Sands that their relationship must end. (TV Times)


At the Coach House Barbara is on the telephone to her solicitor, Charles. Even though it is already dark outside he suggests that they meet up later that evening. She suggests that she brings in a copy of her latest novel since it contains references to the Eddie Lee storyline.


Before the call is finished, Ashley Lamont arrives at the door in uniform asking to have a word. He asks after the whereabouts of Carole Sands. Barbara explains that Carole is staying with them for a rest since she doesn’t get much of one at home. He introduces him as Ashley Lamont “I believe you know my parents”. He asks how long Carole has worked for them. “She said something that interested me while she was in hospital…about Mr Eddie Lee”. Barbara pretends to have only a passing memory of him “Motel garage?” she questions him. “That’s right” he replies. He asks whether Barbara knows any more about him. “Not a thing” she replies. Ashley explains that Eddie is in prison, having broken parole while working at the garage. Barbara tells him that she doesn’t know much since she was away in Japan for most of that time. Ashley asks her about her books. She says that he may not stick at them. He tells her that sticking at things is one of his qualities.


In the garage Mac thanks Doris for a cardigan she has knitted for Benjamin. He tells her that wool costs money “Yes – and so does petrol” she tells him. The cardigan is in repayment for all the lifts he has given her. “You don’t fancy coming back and seeing what he looks like do you?” asks Mac. She accepts. He tells her that now he is a “foreman” Trina wants him to go to the building society to get a mortgage. Doris asks whether that is what he wants as well. “I don’t see the point of rushing” he tells her.


At the Coach House Barbara thanks David for being so supportive. “It must be rotten for you. I wish I could handle it on my own” she tells him. David suggests that they pick up Carole after they have been to the solicitor. She tells him that Ashley had been round to see Carole. David tells her that he can’t have any idea – and that is why he wanted to see Carole and not her. Just as they finish speaking there is a knock at the door. It is Carole – she has discharged herself.


Barbara tells her that Sergeant Lamont called round for her a few hours before. Carole is concerned that Ashley must have spoken to her dad to find out that she was going to be staying at the coach house. Barbara tells her that they are going to go and see a solicitor. She advises Carole not to say anything if Ashley calls back round. As they leave Carole starts to dial a telephone number, but decides against it.


Doris and Mac are filling up his car with petrol on the garage forecourt. He is still talking about getting a mortgage but explains that everything he fancies is out of reach. Doris tells him that being a foreman should help. He admits that the flat (although very nice) can get quite crowded – but asks Doris to stay off the subject of houses!


At the Brownlow’s Kevin makes a furtive phone call to Carole. She tells him that the Hunters are Away and that they wont be back for a few hours. He tells her that he will be round shortly.


When he gets off the phone Glenda enters the lounge drying her hair. He asks her whether she minds if he joins Arthur down the pub. “Enjoy yourself” she tells him. He kisses her and leaves. “Keep an eye on dad for me” she tells him. “Yeah. Sure.” He replies.






Jill and Rashida are manning the new look reception desk. Jill explains the relationship between David, herself and Adam “and actually we’re engaged to be married” she tells her, and shows off the ring. Rashida tells Jill that they have lived in England for eight and a half years and before that they lived un Uganda. She explains that her father had a business out there – until Amin. “Yes of course – that must have been terribly upsetting for you” sympathises Jill.


Adam arrives. “Rashida was just admiring your ring” she tells him. Rashida offers them both her congratulations. He asks her to hand David a file and she goes. “David is going to bring in outside money for this share issue – he’s already tried” he tells her. He explains that they need to find an investor who will agree with them or raise the money themselves. “This is the beginning – for both of us” he tells her.


Kevin arrives at the Coach House. Carole asks what he told Glenda. “I lied didn’t I?” He explains that it was Arthur’s idea that he see her. He tells her that Kath and Arthur “could tell” (about their relationship) “Not Glenda. Maybe she doesn’t look for it.” “I hate it too – but it will get better” she tells him. “I can’t – not me. It’s not what I said when I married her” replies. “Things change” she answers. “You can’t change what you believe when its convenient” says Kevin. She asks how he feels. “Terrible – because I’m losing you – that’s the worst” he replies. “It doesn’t have to be. I love you” she tells him. She starts to talk about them being together in their own place when David and Barbara arrive home. “I was just passing” he explains. “He really cheered me up” she lies.


David and Barbara head for the fridge – looking for something to eat as a “celebration”. Kevin tells Carole that Glenda likes her. “As a matter of fact she was thinking of inviting you over for a meal” he explains. “It would be better if you don’t come.” He leaves as Barbara comes back into the lounge. She tells Carole that they are celebrating as they (or she) is “Off the hook”. David comes in and explains that according to a “loophole” anything that Barbara did is not a crime. “There used to be an offence called ‘compounding’ apparently” explains David “and that’s what we were thinking of” Barbara explains that Eddie had merely forfeited the right to have time off his sentence. David explains that there could still be bad publicity for Barbara if Sergeant Lamont keeps digging.


Kevin arrives back home and Glenda is surprised to see him back so soon. He tells her that he didn’t feel like drinking – and that he didn’t like the thought of her being on her own – especially after having left her on her own when he took on the “extra work”. She tells him there is no need to go on about it. He loses his temper. “Its not going on” he tells her. “Perhaps I should have had a couple of drinks. I feel as though I’ve been through a shredder.


” Kevin – do you really think I don’t know what’s been bothering you?” she asks him. He is worried until she tells him she thinks it is about work. “Its only natural” she tells him “and its only temporary” “I don’t deserve you” he tells her. “Kevin – we’re going to be alright – you’ll see. You mustn’t worry” (CREDITS)


“We’re so lucky – we’ve got each other – and while we’re together – nothing and nobody matters”



Location shooting – at night! We are being really spoilt now. The image of the motel at the beginning of the episode was genuine moving footage – not a still! Even better was the scene with Mac and Doris at the petrol pumps – they even had Go-Col labels on them. If I’m being honest I have no idea what the legal loophole was that Barbara was talking about (so I didn’t bother typing it here) – even she had to read it off a bit of paper! I’m really feeling sorry for Carole here – Kevin has basically led her on – and then dropped her when the heat got too much – but she is starting to sound a bit obsessive. Move on Carole – you’re only 18! What I really want to know is – who is solving all the real crime in King’s Oak if Ashley Lamont is spending all of his time asking questions about Eddie Lee?


(Site ref 6:6:01:40:00)



Crossroads Episode: 3579: Original TX: 25-02-82

UK Gold Episode: 037: Repeat TX: 24-12-96 – (Tue: Christmas Eve)


At last, Rose Scott makes up her mind whether to go away with Sid Hooper. Sgt Ashley Lamont questions Sharon Metcalfe about Eddie Lee. (TV Times)


Jill and Kath are talking in reception about Kevin. She explains that he will probably sign on now that the work at the motel is coming to an end. She returns to the kitchen for “peeling and scraping” as Adam arrives with a copy of a letter from his solicitor to David’s that explains in “polite legal language that he can’t stall any longer” He asks her whether she is pleased. “Yes of course” she tells him. He says that it will make a lot of difference to them. “It will make a lot of trouble” she replies. Adam points out that once the 5% share has reverted back to him that David will have to take notice of their opinions. “What are we going to do with all this power?” she asks. “I can fill the conference centre without a break if I have control of the advertising budget” he replies.


At the Lamont’s Ashley is on the telephone to Victor Lee. “I checked with the conditions of his parole – and one of the conditions was that he’d be working for you.” Ashley asks whether he would mind if he contacted him again. Victor agrees.


In the garage, Mac is checking on paperwork when the telephone rings. It is a call for Sharon from Ashley. He asks whether she is free for a chat. “I dare so I can cope with that” she tells him. Despite her cheerfulness on the telephone, when the call ends she tells Mac that Ashley is on his way over. “He’s liable to ask questions… about Eddie”. Mac asks her what is going on. “I think it might be best all round if we just put the shutters up.” “Is that your way of asking me to lie?” he asks her. “Avoid” she corrects him. “You’re really scaring me – you know that?” he tells her. Sharon points out that if Ashley digs deeply enough he will find out about Reggie’s involvement.


At the boarding house Rose offers Mavis the week’s rent money. “You might as well have it now while I’m still h…. flush” she tells her. Rose tells her that she will leave her rent book out on the side. “Won’t you be in this evening?” asks Mavis. Rose looks nervous “Well you never know” Mavis seems to have something on her mind and asks Rose whether she would like to go into Birmingham with her. Rose tells her that she is busy. “See you tonight then?” says Mavis. As Mavis leaves Rose looks at the newspaper in front of her, she moves it aside to reveal the holiday brochures that Sid brought back a few days before.


In the garage, Ashley questions Mac. “You knew him then?” he asks. “Sort of” replies Mac who is clearly avoiding answering. He makes his excuses and leaves. Mac and Sharon cross in the doorway. “Is he a  bit thick?” asks Ashley. “He talks in mono-syllables”. Sharon asks him what they were talking about. “A fella called Lee that used to work here” he replies. “What Victor? Used to manage the place – terrific fella” she says. Ashley tells her that he means his brother Eddie. “Ah well that’s different” she says. “After we had found out what Eddie had done – certain things fitted” she explains. She tells him that Victor had kept the fact he was on parole a secret “But with Eddie you always got the feeling he was covering something up” she says. Ashley asks whether she ever saw Eddie after work. “Not my type” she replies before asking what is happening. “He’s inside doing his time like a good lad – the thing is – I’m wondering whether he should be!”


At the boarding house Sid arrives back and tells Rose he has the money and traveller’s cheques ready. She tells him that she is packed and he tells her they could be out of there in 5 minutes. “You’ve got to leave a note for Mavis first” she tells him. He scribbles something down and she reads it. “Well – I suppose it will have to do” she tells him. He leaves it propped next to the radio. “Are you ready?” he asks. “Sid – I’m not coming” she tells him. “I’ve changed my mind – that’s all.” He asks her what has brought this on. “All my life I’ve acted on impulse – I can’t change now” she tells him. “I hadn’t made up my mind until just now – when you wanted to slope off without leaving a note for Mavis.” He asks her whether that is all. She tells him that she is worried that as she gets older she will keep running off with one man after another – each one grottier than the one before as she gets more and more “past it”. She also mentions Iris. Sid reminds her that Iris doesn’t want her. “I’ve begun to realise that she needs me – even if she doesn’t want me.” “You know best – cheerio Rose” he says as he leaves. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Sharon arrives at the Lamont’s house with some important news. “I’m always telling Reggie how lucky he is to have such a conscientious ‘Girl-Friday’” says Jennifer. She goes on to say that Reggie is talking to Peter about the Rolls Royce “Which is fortunate because I wanted to have a word with you.” Sharon asks what she wants to talk about. “Reggie” replies Jennifer. “He’s worried about something – he hasn’t slept for two nights – and he wont even begin to talk about it. Now normally I don’t interfere in Reggie’s business affairs – he likes to keep them separate and I understand that – but when something worries him as much as this I feel I have a right to know.” Sharon pretends that she knows nothing. “You’ll have to practice lying a little more Sharon” says Jennifer “What is so awful that I have to be protected from it?” She suggests that Reggie has broken down Sharon’s resistance “It would make some kind of sense” she says. Before Sharon needs to lie any further Reggie comes into the lounge. They exchange chat about a small price drop in petrol. “The news. Is that all of it?” asks Jennifer. “What am I supposed to do? Turn a blind eye? Is that what you want? She knows, you know and I know that something is wrong.” Reggie tries to tell her that it is a business problem. “This is something different” Jennifer says and storms out.


At the Brownlow’s Kath and Arthur enjoy a quiet sandwich on the sofa while Kevin and Glenda are at the cinema. He reminisces about the times during the war when he and Kath used to sit on the sofa “listening to the wireless”. She remarks that she didn’t hear much of it! There is a noise from outside and Arthur complains about kids throwing stuff into next-door’s garden. “I’ll be glad when they sell that place – an empty house is like a magnet for the kids” he says. Kath tells him that she wishes Glenda hadn’t invited Carole over for a meal – because Kevin wouldn’t have had to go over and see her again. “Its just as well she mentioned it” says Arthur “Its given us a chance to head Carole off. Arthur tells Kath that he can’t help feeling sorry for Kevin, and Carole “Can’t have been easy” he tells her. “Supposing I’d have been married when I met you?” he adds.


Mavis arrives home and finds Sid’s note. Her reading is interrupted by Iris. “Sid – he’s gone again” says Mavis. She reads the note. Iris is surprised “He didn’t mention no-one else then?” she asks. Rose arrives in the room – Iris does not expect to see her again. “I just thought I’d nip in and see if I could cadge a cup of tea” She pretends she doesn’t know about Sid. “He’s gone” says Mavis. Rose tells her that she is sorry. “I can’t say I’m surprised” says Mavis. “I knew he wouldn’t stay long. There was nothing for him here.” “Changed your mind did ya?” asks Iris. “I don’t know what you’re talking about” Rose replies. (CREDITS)


“At least he’s left me a letter. He’s never done that before” says Mavis.

Iris smiles at Rose.


Now we’re talking – two non-speaking extras cross the reception of the Crossroads Motel – its just like old times! Although the walls are a lot more purple – the set is basically the same layout as it was before with the desk on the left and the door on the right.


Many things impressed me about this episode – Firstly Rose’s unexpected change of heart – which led to a real show of affection from Iris – which was nice – and long overdue. Secondly was Jennifer questioning Reggie and Sharon – such force and power in her voice make a distinct contrast to the reserve she normally shows. I was also intrigued by Arthur’s question to Kath about whether it would have made  a difference if he had been married when he met her. It’s all speculation – but nice to see a different point of view. Although I was sceptical about the lack of action from Kath and Arthur in relation to Kevin’s affair – on reflection I am impressed by the reserve they both showed – and the way they both dealt with it in different ways – Kath’s “quiet word” and Arthur’s advice – ultimately it adds extra depth and interest to their already strong marriage.  


Hang on – there’s an empty house next door to the Brownlows –and Mac mentioned getting a mortgage? Do I spy a future plot line here?


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