Celebrating Crossroads 2001 – The second series of ITV’s hotel soap from Carlton Television






There are currently many great websites out there dedicated to the 2001 series of Crossroads. However since the series ended there have been several that have “come and gone”. This page is an attempt to link to various sites so that you can revisit online fandom from days gone by.


Some sites are archived versions from the Wayback Archive and others are recreations made by us here at Crossroads 2001. It is not our intention to claim ownership of any of the material – merely to provide links to archived versions of exisiting pages. Happy surfing…

The official site made by Carlton Interactive on which this site was modeled. This version is held by the Wayback Archive.

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Crossroads Online was one of the first sites openly dedicated to both the new and old series. There are several versions held by the Wayback archive, but this one is a recreation made by us because unfortunately many of the graphics had not been archived.

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In August 2000, Carlton Television produced this website to advertise the imminent return of Crossroads. The pages were not archived by the Wayback machine but we saved them “just in case”. The content has been embedded in our pages but the site remains as it was 5 years ago.

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This site (unmissable tv) gave viewers a brief history of the “old days” and lots of glorious images from the new series. These pages have been recorded by the wayback archive.

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The “holding page” still retaining the 2001 orange colour scheme was our first glimpse of the 2003 series logo. For  a long while it redirected visitors to a BBC page before the series III site came on-line.

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This website is unofficial and not connected to Carlton TV in any way. Certain images are copyright of Carlton TV and must not be copied or reproduced elsewhere without their express permission.