Features: Video Clips


This page contains links to some selected video clips that are available to watch on YouTube.

If you find a clip that you think would be worth adding then please do get in touch usig the address at the top of this page.  



The video shown to journalists at the press launch – direct from Carlton TV

A trailer advertising the launch – shown at the end of “Popstars” on ITV

Speaking of trailers… The CITV one!



One of the more impressive Prime Time trailers used to advertise the show

An example of Carlton Continuity – featuring the opening titles as well.

Crossroads was also cross-promoted on other programmes.



Patrick’s death


Out-takes 1

Out-takes 2



Jane Rossington discusses the show as part of ITV 50

And again – on Central News

A visit to the set in 2007



A clip from Episode 123 (Scene 5)

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