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It started off so well.... Initial press reaction to Crossroads 2001 was on the whole positive. Ideas and suggestions of how it should look, how it should sound and who should be in it ensured that the revamped Crossroads was never far from the entertainment sections of the national media. You can also check out some of the news reports about the return of Crossroads HERE


Before Crossroads hit the screens on Monday March 5th 2001, a special press launch was held on February 14th (Valentine’s Day) at The Great Eastern Hotel on Liverpool Street in London. 200 journalists were invited to a special screening using a “Do Not Disturb” card. Click HERE to see a copy.


Tony Adams who played Adam Chance recalls "The lights went down and the theme music started and the whole room cheered."


The 15 minute promotional video used in the press launch opened with Frank Sinatra singing "The best is yet to come...." Then the Crossroads title sequence started, and was followed by a compilation of scenes from the first few weeks of the series.




"This is heady stuff, and it's terrific....The performances too are impressive - these people can act;....It's well made, well written and well performed." (Jaci Stephen "The Mail on Sunday")


"The new Crossroads is sizzling and steamy. This is a confident, pacey, funny, sexy little soap which could wash the BBC's tired old Neighbours down the plughole." (Charlie Catchpole "The Mirror")


"The new Crossroads has got success written all over it." (Gary Bushell "The Sun")


But not everyone was impressed. BBC News Online's Darryl Chamberlain had this to say...


"Despite all the hype about younger stars helping revive Crossroads, the real star of the show was a balding 50-something head porter with a love of watching security cameras.


Step forward Rocky Wesson (Roger Sloman), an oasis of calm in the new-look hotel's sea of hormones.


But despite his calming influence, it's obvious from the glimpses of flesh in the opening credits (together with re-worked theme) that the inhabitants of the new Crossroads have just one thing on their minds."




You can check out the “glimpses of flesh” in the opening credits HERE


You can view news reports about the return of Crossroads HERE


You can watch the Press Launch video (youtube) HERE



The Great Eastern Hotel, London


An invitation to the Press Launch


Press Pack given to journalists


Press Launch video