Media and Research Work


Over the years we have been asked to provide help and assistance to a number of organisations. Sometimes we are actively involved in creating stories ourselves, such as when the original motel location was rediscovered, although most often we asked to work on behalf of the Crossroads Appreciation Society. For media enquiries, you can contact us using the email address at the top of this page. The following samples should give you an idea of the sort of information we can provide:





In early 2015 we were asked by the Crossroads Appreciation Society to promote the repeat screening of Crossroads on Big Centre TV. For this we travelled to Walsall to appear with David Hamilton in a short series of promos. We also brought along a selection of props, which were used in the scenes.



In 2015 we wrote and produced several short features for Big Centre TV which looked at filming locations used during the original series of Crossroads. Click HERE to view them.



In November 2014 members of the Crossroads Appreciation Society, including John from C2001 were interviewed by Andy Bevan from ITV Central as part of a feature on the fiftieth anniversary. You can find out more about the event HERE



In 2010 we provided information and assistance to the producers of “The One Show” on the ending to Crossroads 2003. This included sourcing video clips and providing information.





In November 2014 we worked alongside journalists from the Sutton Coldfield Observer to produce an article about the fiftieth anniversary. We were able to provide text and photographs for the article, which appeared online and in print.



In August 2010 we worked with the Shropshire Star on a series of articles about the filming location used at the beginning of the original series, way back in 1964.This prompted a number of readers to get in touch with their own memories. Again the stories featured online and in print form.



The Sunday Express also picked up on the story above – and we were featured in the article.




In 2016 John from C2001 appeared on the Vic Minett show on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire to talk about Meg and Hugh’s wedding from the 1975 episodes.