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Welcome to Crossroads 2001. I know what you’re thinking…Why did I make this site? Quite simply because I enjoyed watching Crossroads - I am a fan. As you can see from the picture above I was lucky enough to visit the exterior set after filming ceased - although by then it didn't really look like the 2001 series. You can see more of my photographs in the “Features” section of this site.


Although this site concentrates on the 2001-2002 series, I was a fan of the orginal series. I remember the likes of Adam, Jill, Meg, Benny, David and Barbara Hunter, Miss Diane, - Then later Bomber Lancaster, Nicola Freeman, and Mycroft.


A visit to the set in May 2003…




Although I was only young, I remember the Great Fire of King's Oak - Mum was a fan so I watched with her and I remember thinking how important it was at the time. I come from the West Midlands, and I remember feeling that Crossroads was MY soap - in a way that the Northern Coronation street or Southern EastEnders wasn't.


My favourite characters back then were Adam and Jill and I remember distinctly how annoyed I was in 1988 when Jill left Adam for John Maddingham. Who'd have thought that 13 years later they would be getting married again?


But back to 2001 - My favourite characters? - Still Adam and Jill of course! - but now I had the likes of Kate Russell and Rocky Wesson to add to my list. When I heard the music I remember being really excited - I'd already watched the animation on the official site so many times - and recognised all of the characters.


Ultimately my excitement at the show’s return was not to last, and after only a couple of years Crossroads was once again off our screens – however with the demise of the show came the impetus to document its short history and that was the start of the task that has so far taken over 7 years. Along the way I’ve made some good friends and had the chance to talk with cast and crew about their experiences on the show. It also rekindled my interest in the original series – but that’s a story for another time!


I can honestly say that I thought 2001 was a great attempt at resurrecting Crossroads - and so here is my tribute. I hope you enjoy it.

…and again in 2010


… Meeting Tony Adams  in 2005










This site is modeled on the look and feel of the Crossroads site from Carlton Interactive. It was originally at www.crossroadshotel.co.uk  

It closed down in late 2002.

The images are © Carlton Interactive



This site began in May 2003 as a lycos member page, however we felt forced to move when advertising banners appeared on our pages.

In June 2003 we moved to “Freeserve” and sought permission to use the Carlton images. This later became “Wanadoo”



We registered the domain www.crossroads2001.co.uk in September 2003, but for a long time this merely directed people to the free hosting provided by Wanadoo.



In early 2004, Tony Adams agreed to become our honorary patron, for which we are extremely grateful. We also moved to our own private hosting provided by www.123-reg.co.uk

From 2005 onwards we started to change the site graphics, whilst trying to maintain a link to the original Carlton site.



Between 2008 and 2009 work on the site started to tail off but new features were added at various points.


In 2010 we started a complete re-fresh of the site – supported by our friends at the Crossroads Appreciation Society.

We also started to add material from the Planet Crossroads website.

In August 2012 we bought the old Carlton domain name to add to the site – so once again www.crossroadshotel.co.uk was the best place to find out about twenty-first century Crossroads.







In 2013 we added our Twitter feed to the front page, which led to the semi-retirement of our NEWS page. We continued to add detail to the episode guides and we also started a refresh of the pages devoted to the 2003 series. Not bad for a show that had been off the air for over a decade!


… which is where we are today.



We are always on the look out for new contributors. If you have any information, experiences or memorabilia that you think would be of use to us then please do get in touch using the email address at the top of this page.


Thanks for visiting



November 2013











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