Celebrating Crossroads 2001 – The second series of ITV’s hotel soap from Carlton Television





 (Originally from the Carlton Crossroads Site – soon after the launch of the series in 2001)

How did you end up being cast in Crossroads? What were you doing before?
I was one of the last people to be seen for the part of Chloe. I was auditioned with four other girls who already knew their parts - it was my first audition and their fourth, so I was really nervous. I did the audition with a guy who was auditioning for Phil. I felt quite confident about it. I found out that I'd got the part a few days later - I was at college learning about iambic pentameter when I got the phone call! I started screaming and unpacked everything from my locker, ready to go!


Are you still studying at present and if so how has being in Crossroads affected your studies?

I finished studying after Easter. Before I started on Crossroads, I was at college in Leeds doing a BTEC in Performing Arts. My time at Crossroads counted for the practical part of my course, but I still had to do a paper on the technical side of things.


Is Phil a good kisser?
Yes - he's very sweet and romantic - he always puts his arm around you, and never eats anything gross before he kisses you!


Do your characters plan on making up in any of the episodes? If they do will they forgive and forget or still bear a grudge?

I think that Nicola will always bear a grudge, but ultimately they need each other. They're both users really, Chloe enjoys being in the hotel with Nicola, and Nicola enjoys Chloe's streetwise-ness.


Is it fun being a member of the Crossroads cast? Is it hard work working on a TV programme?

It's hard working on a soap, because it's so full-on and demanding. If you have a busy storyline, then you can be working a 12 or 13 hour day. It's loads of fun when there are a few of us in a scene, because then you can all have a bit of a giggle.

Has anything like the Phil/ Nicola/ Chloe storyline ever happened to you in real life? For example, have you ever fallen out with a friend over a bloke?

Probably when I was about 12…we always used to fancy the same boys, but we never used to chase them.


Who's your favourite pop star?

I listen to loads of different kinds of music - Soul, Garage, Gospel - everything from Lauryn Hill to Britney Spears. I saw Britney in concert, and think that she's a great performer.


Do either of you have a boyfriend and if so do they mind you snogging Neil?!

 My boyfriend didn't mind when I had to snog Neil. He knows that it's not real - there are 25 people stood around watching! He doesn't mind - but he doesn't like to watch either…

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