Celebrating Crossroads 2001 – The second series of ITV’s hotel soap from Carlton Television





 (Originally from the Carlton Crossroads Site – soon after the launch of the series in 2001)

How did you end up being cast in Crossroads? What were you doing before?

I was with the Carlton Junior workshop for 3 years: everyone was given the opportunity to audition. I first auditioned for the part of Mandy, but when I was recalled I auditioned for Nicola.


Are you still studying at present and if so how has being in Crossroads affected your studies?

I am still studying - English and French 'A'-Levels. I'm now a part-time member of my college in
Solihull, which I attend on my days off. I also have a tutor on the set when I'm filming. It's hard work, but I enjoy the variety.

Is Phil (played by Neil Grainger) a good kisser?

Oh yes!

Do your characters plan on making up in any of the episodes? If they do will they forgive and forget or still bear a grudge?


They have been best friends for ages, so there is always the chance that they will make up - but it won't be an incident that Nicola will forget easily. They will have to work very hard to maintain their friendship in the future.


Is it fun being a member of the Crossroads cast? Is it hard work working on a TV programme?

We have great fun working on the show. We all work very hard, but there is a great team spirit, and we have fun on and off screen.


Has anything like the Phil/ Nicola/ Chloe storyline ever happened to you in real life? For example, have you ever fallen out with a friend over a bloke?

No - cliché as it is - I tend to think that friends are more important.

Who's your favourite pop star?

I don't really have a single favourite, but I like acts like Robbie Williams, Destiny's Child, Bon Jovi, Ash - there are too many to name!


Do either of you have a boyfriend and if so do they mind you snogging Neil?!

I don't have a boyfriend at the moment. 





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