Celebrating Crossroads 2001 – The second series of ITV’s hotel soap from Carlton Television





 (Originally from the Carlton Crossroads Site – soon after the launch of the series in 2001)

What was your reaction when you heard of the new Crossroads?


Absolutely astonished - never thought it would come back. I thought it deserved to and it's been great.


How do you feel about how the new series is progressing?


Very well - I think some of the characters are starting to become more established.


Who have you made friends with on the Crossroads set?


I was friends with Tony and Kathy. I've made friends with everyone - when you overlap with other people it's great.

What has been your most enjoyable plot/storyline past or present that you have most enjoyed?


My most enjoyable plot was definitely when I went to Venice on Honeymoon - liked that! That was Adam first time round...


How does it feel to marry Adam for the second time in the programme?


Yes - it's been a bit odd but fine.


Do you think Sarah-Jane will look after those shares?


Well I rather suspect there's going to be a lot of stories about those shares - I really don't know but I think there's going to be some interesting times.


Hi Jane, really sad you're leaving Crossroads so soon, it was great to have you back on our screens. What's next for you now?


I'm very busy. My daughter in real life is getting married - so I'm busy rushing around.


Does being in Crossroads put you off having breaks away in hotels as it must feel a bit like a busman's holiday?


Yes - I haven't thought of that. I ignore all that I just enjoy myself in a hotel.


You have always had an icon status as Jill. How do you feel about your gay following?


I never realised that I was an icon. It is quite a responsibility, but I'm very happy that anybody's watching me so I think it's fabulous.


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