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Adam and Jill – Together Again!

Star Interview

Tony Adams aka Adam Chance


In April 2004 Tony Adams kindly agreed to answer some questions about his time working on the show. We present here his responses to our questions along with an original interview from the Carlton TV site.


Tony was one of only three returning actors from the original series.


How did you find out about the return of Crossroads?


They asked to see me.



Was it a difficult decision to return?


No, not at all.


Did you find it easy to slip back into Adam's shoes?


Adam is always there waiting!


Is your character the Leslie Phillips of the soap world? (Roy E)

When I saw myself on TV the other night in Crossroads I said exactly the same.


What is your secret to keeping so youthful? You still have your charisma! (Karen & Pearl)

Being happy inside!


How does being in the new Crossroads compare to being in the old Crossroads?
(Pauline McGinty, Jodie Wafer, Pam Price, Diane Quadling, Caroline from

You can’t compare - they are both of their time.


How does it feel to be reunited with Jane Rossington and Kathy Staff?
(Albert Griffith, Nick from Hammersmith, Squiggler)

We’ve always kept in touch. I love Jane and Kathy Staff is one of the most special people I’ve ever met.


Out of all the cast who is the joker and who is the grumpy one? (Sheila)

Fortunately no-one is grumpy and the scheduling doesn’t leave time for jokes.


Did you ever think you would have been asked back to play Adam in a remake of Crossroads? (Robert Williams)

No - it’s unique for a soap that’s been and gone to come back again and who would have thought that.


What have you been doing since the last series ended in 1988? (Miss S J Lone, Andrew Barton, J Morphew)

Stage work with odd TV cameo’s like in the Upper Hand and The Grimleys.


What has been the most enjoyable plot, past or present that you have been involved in? (D Upchurch)

My first honeymoon with Jill going to


Would you buy wine from this man?

What did you imagine was going on in Adam's life before being "called up" to play him again? Was it anything like the current scriptwriters have penned? (John)

Yes - except now he’s more desperate than I thought he would be.


Is your moustache real and have you ever though about going to the salon for a facial from Tracey? (Julia from Birmingham, Anna Duval, Andrea)

Nothing about Adam is real and there’s no way I’d go to Tracey for anything!









You've seen many changes both in front and behind the cameras over the years. Do you prefer the modern character-driven shows, compared to the plot-driven shows of the sixties and seventies? (Lew Stringer)

I prefer the modern but everything relies on good storylines.

What do you think the producers got "right" about capturing the "Crossroadsness" of Crossroads?

Crossroads had moved on - I wasn't mad about the kitchen scenes, they worked much better in the original.

Which of the newer actors did you enjoy working with?

Jo Farrell

Do you think Adam still loved Jill or was she his last chance and merely a meal ticket?

Adam was a Gemini. He loved who he loved and believed it at the time.

What was the most satisfying scene to film?

In the bar, when he took someone else's tip, paid for the drinks and told the barman to keep the change!

Do you think we've seen the last of Crossroads?

Yes, without a doubt.

If Crossroads was to return to television would you take up the "Chance" to go back to it?

Without question. I loved Adam. He's a ba****d!

Have you got a message for fans of the show and visitors to www.crossroads2001.co.uk ?

I am delighted to be honorary patron of this website. I spent many happy years in the original "Crossroads" and was thrilled to return in 2001 in my original role as Adam Chance.

I am always amazed at the loyalty of "Crossroads" fans which is proved by the existence of this thriving website. The show played an important part in so many people's lives over the years and it is obviously greatly missed. It has certainly left a big gap in my life.

Enjoy the website and it's great to know the show lives on!


Our heart-felt thanks go to Tony Adams for giving us this interview.


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