Features: Interview with Jack Curtis (Daniel Curtis)


In December 2006 Jack Curtis kindly agreed to answer some questions about his time working as series regular, Daniel Curtis on Crossroads. We are grateful to him for sharing his time with us.


Hi Jack, Can you tell us something of how you came to join the Television Workshop?


Well I was always into acting and my teacher at junior school suggested I audition for this group called “The Junior TV Workshop” so I went along for an audition. I got in and never looked back! Eight years on and I am still an active member. It’s really helped shape me into who I am today.



Jack (left) with screen brother Tom, played byToby Sawyer



While not groundbreaking, the relationship between Tom and Bradley was still unusual subject matter for a daytime TV audience. Do you think the relationship was a help or hindrance to the show?


I thought it was a help to show. I think it was nice to see a more “real” gay relationship on television as opposed to the overused stereotype camp characters that we see “time in time out” on other shows.

You were one if - if not the - youngest cast member on the show. Did you have any idea of the "history" of Crossroads?

I didn’t know much about the history, no. I learned a lot while being part of the show and my parents remembered the original so I learned a lot from them too.


Were you prepared for the savage attacks on the cast and show at the hands of the media?

I wasn’t “prepared” as such – and I had no personal comments made against me so I wasn’t bothered as much as some of the other cast members. However it was still upsetting to read bad press about a project that you are involved in.


Obviously you had to fit in your education while appearing in the show. Can you tell us something of what an average day on set was like for you?

I would usually be in the building for around 9 in the morning where I would get changed into the costume I needed for when I was eventually called onto set. I had a tutor that helped me keep on top of my school work. She was great; I probably learned more with her than I would have at school! When she let me have a break I would go down to the green room and socialize with the other cast members or try to keep on top of my lines for future scenes.


Toby Sawyer as Tom Curtis

Terence Hillier as Uncle Bob

Geraldine Fitzgerald as Aunt Sylvia

Luke Walker as Bradley Clarke


Jack Curtis as Daniel Curtis


Minty (Pete Dalton) takes Daniel to visit his parents’ grave



Did you watch the show yourself?


Yeah, I watched it whenever I could. I often caught the lunchtime showing in the green room on the lunch break.

How did your friends and family react to you appearing in the show?

They were all very supportive. In fact they didn’t really treat me any differently which is how it should be.


Would you have liked to have stayed with the programme for longer?

Yeah, I was a bit gutted when I left. It was more the fact that I’d be leaving all the great friend’s that I had made than anything. But looking back on it I think I probably left at the right time.


Do you keep in contact with any of your former cast members?


Yeah, I still see Kieran (Scott) often as he still goes to the Workshop. Peter Dalton (Minty) is doing big things in the radio world, I’ve seen him DJ several times. A few years back I was in a play called the Musicians by Patrick Marber with Mark Jordan and just the other day I met up with Rhea Bailey and Natasha Marquiss, it was great to see them again!


An artful dodger with an entrepreneurial flair – apparently.




Any funny stories about your time on the show?

When off set, to pass the time I started making a rubber band ball. Over time it just grew and grew until it was nearly the size of my head! Anyway, by accident I discovered that if you bounce it on the floor with a smaller ball resting on top, the smaller ball doesn’t just bounce off, it JETS off, quite possibly exceeding the land speed record! This one time it bounced off about 4 walls faster than the blink of an eye before finally ending its journey in my testicles! I never did it again.


We remember reading in "The Crossroads Story" that your real interest lay in performing magic. How is that going for you?

I’m still really into magic. I reached the finals in the 2004 stage competition at the Magic Circle’s junior day convention when I was 16 which was great. I’m also the resident magician for a Nottingham Culture resource called LeftLion(.co.uk) They put on gig’s regularly in the city.

What are you up to at the moment?


I’m at film school. I still love acting but I have begun to focus on the other side of the camera. I am also really into music production and DJ-ing too (influenced quite a lot by Pete Dalton).


Our heart-felt thanks go to Jack Curtis for giving us this interview.


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Jack Curtis as Daniel Curtis

“Crossroads” 2001


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