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Considering the names of the episodes have gone down in history, it might be surprising to learn that when originally transmitted, the individual episodes had no on-screen titles.  The ones used below were first used for the VHS release of the series in 1984!


Before the video releases, the titles were often known by different names – i.e. “Mrs Richards” for “Communication Problems”. Sometimes the scripts featured working titles, and sometimes TV listings would have alternative titles.


Production of the last two episodes was disrupted by a strike of BBC technical staff, which resulted in the recasting of the role of Roger (the wisecracking friend of Basil and Sybil) in "The Anniversary". It also delayed the episode's transmission date by one week. Roger was originally to have been played by Julian Holloway, but following the change in production dates, the role went to Ken Campbell.


Between Episodes 4 and 5 of Series 2, “Gourmet Night” was repeated on 19.03.79


There was a seven month gap before the final episode was screened, in October 1979




Episode 1: A Touch of Class

Original TX: 19.09.75


Episode 2: The Builders

Original TX: 26.09.75


Episode 3: The Wedding Party

Original TX: 03.10.75


Episode 4: The Hotel Inspectors

Original TX: 10.10.75

Episode 5: Gourmet Night

Original TX: 17.10.75

Episode 6: The Germans

Original TX: 24.10.75

Also known as “Fire Drill”



Episode 1: Communication Problems

Original TX: 19.02.79

Also known as “Mrs. Richards”

Episode 2: The Psychiatrist

Original TX: 26.02.79


Episode 3: Waldorf Salad

Original TX: 05.03.79

Also known as “The Americans”

Episode 4: The Kipper and the Corpse

Original TX: 12:03.79

Also known as “Death”

Episode 5: The Anniversary

Original TX: 26.03.79 (delayed by 1 week)


Episode 6: Basil The Rat

Original TX: 25.10.79 (7 months later!)

Also known as “The Rat”





BBC Video Logo from the original release in 1984


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Original video sleeves – BBC 1984