Episode Guide: Episode Number: 11 (Series 2 – Episode 5)


Written by: John Cleese and Connie Booth

Produced by: Douglas Argent

Directed by: Bob Spiers

Title: The Anniversary

Original TX: 19-03-79




John Cleese as Basil

Prunella Scales as Sybil

Andrew Sachs as Manuel

Connie Booth as Polly




Ballard Berkeley as Major Gowen

Gilly Flower as Miss Tibbs

Renee Roberts as Miss Gatsby

Brian Hall as Terry the Chef





Ken Campbell as Roger

Una Stubbs as Alice

Robert Arnold as Arthur

Pat Keen as Virginia

Roger Hume as Reg

Denyse Alexander as Kitty

Christine Shaw as Audrey




Sign reads “Flowery Twats” – The only “true” anagram. More information HERE








Basil and Sybil’s bedroom in this episode is significantly different to the one seen in “The Wedding Party”


You can find out more about the set changes HERE.




This production of this episode was delayed by a technician’s strike at the BBC – meaning that the actor originally cast to play Roger (Julian Holloway) was unable to take part in the studio recording – despite having already been on location (See photo to the right). The part was re-cast, and Roger was eventually played by Ken Campbell.


This episode features the first and only appearance of Sybil’s friend, Audrey. You can find out more about the guests HERE.


The idea of the husband forgetting an anniversary was used in Episode 1 of the American remake “Payne” – apart from this brief link there is little else in common. You can find out more about the remakes HERE.


During the episode we find out that Sybil and Basil have been married for 15 years, and that their anniversary is 17th April. Since the episode was broadcast on 19th March, it isn’t clear whether the “April” is intended to be April 1979. If it is, we can assume that they were married in 1964.


There is a rare moment of kindness towards Manuel, when it is revealed that Basil has asked him to make his mother’s paella recipe as part of the anniversary celebrations.




Scenes outside the hotel were filmed at Woodburn Grange Country Club

You can find out more about the locations used during the series HERE




Roger: ‘Syb – ill. Bas – well!’

Manuel: MAN – Well!



Opening shot of episode (VHS Release 1984)


Basil pretends that he has forgotten!


Roger – originally played by Julian Holloway -

seen here on location with Una Stubbs.


Roger again – played by Ken Campbell – Same hat and cravat!


The guests gather on the landing…


… waiting to greet “Sybil” (Polly)


A moment of kindness – Manuel cooks!


The only appearance of Audrey


Despite using the idea of an anniversary, the American remake took the idea in a new direction. See HERE