Episode Guide: Episode Number: 1 (Series 1 – Episode 1) – Pilot


Written by: John Cleese and Connie Booth

Produced by: John Howard Davies

Title: A Touch of Class

Original TX: 19-09-75




John Cleese as Basil

Prunella Scales as Sybil

Andrew Sachs as Manuel

Connie Booth as Polly




Ballard Berkeley as Major Gowen

Gilly Flower as Miss Tibbs

Renee Roberts as Miss Gatsby




Michael Gwynn as Lord Melbury (Room 21)

Terence Conoley as Mr. Wareing

Robin Ellis as Danny Brown (Room 7)

David Simeon as Mr. Mackenzie (Room 12)

Lionel Wheeler as Mr. Watson


Martin Wyldeck as Sir Richard Morris

Pat Symons as Lady Morris


Dennis Plenty and Ian Elliot as Policemen




Sign reads “Fawlty Towers” – although the “s” is about to drop off. More information HERE








This version of the hotel features a green lino effect in the reception that is never used again. The proportions of the set are slightly different to those that appear later.


Linking nicely with the following episode, there is no door to the kitchen and the drawing room door is in place, immediately facing the cameras. Inside the drawing room there is a gold coloured curtain and a table visible.


The barometer fits neatly on the walls of the stairway pillar.


There is a bear holding several walking sticks.


The stair carpet extends onto the floor of reception by about 18 inches.


Outside the front door there is a backcloth featuring a painting of a large fir tree.


You can find out more about the set changes HERE.




This episode was recreated by the German broadcaster RTL in 2001 for a pilot version of the series. John Cleese was a consultant on the show. Many of the shots were replicated exactly – and the set was a pretty good replica too! You can find out more about the foreign remakes by clicking HERE.


This episode features the first appearance of actor, Terence Conoley. He would later appear in Series 2 as a different character – with hair! You can find out more about the guests HERE.




Scenes outside the hotel were filmed at Woodburn Grange Country Club

Scenes outside the bank and jewelers were filmed on Cookham High Street

You can find out more about the locations used during the series HERE




MANUEL: Not ‘on those trays’, No sir ‘uno, dos, tres’


* * *


MR WAREING: A Gin and Orange, a lemon squash, and a scotch and water, please!



Opening shot episode (VHS release 1984)


Guest Star: Robin Ellis as Mr. Brown


Guest Star: Michael Gwynn as Lord Melbury


Guest Star: Terence Conoley as Mr. Wareing


A fleeting appearance from the ladies!


Basil realises he’s been conned!


Green floor, narrower set and  missing doors!


Episode recreated by Germans CLICK HERE


Location scenes filmed: Cookham High Street.

CLICK HERE for location details