Features: The Exterior Set: Building the Set


In February 2004 it was announced that Carlton Studios in Nottingham would be closing as part of a cost-cutting measure by ITV plc. Originally opened by HRH Prince Phillip in 1983, they were the home of Crossroads Hotel in 2001 - and ideally formed the exterior location as well as providing a base for the massive studio sets.  



The exterior at the back of the studios before construction began


Behind the ladders is the fire escape on which the entrance was built


The set was clearly built to last





Extensive landscaping work added to the look of the hotel.


Plants were added to the traffic island outside the entrance.


The plants would also create the

impression of a rural location.



A “fake” wall was built in front of the studio wall. It would be covered by…


…red bricks that matched the studio walls.


Behind the workers is the Central

News East newsroom.




The set nears completion


Ready to receive the first guests…


Filming begins.




Other famous shows that were made at Lenton Lane include:  Bullseye, Blockbusters, Family Fortunes and Supermarket Sweep.


The final installment of Central News East to come from Lenton Lane was broadcast on February 4th 2005. The news team are now based in Birmingham, with a small newsgathering facility elsewhere in Nottingham. In 2005 the studios were bought by The University of Nottingham to form the basis of a new campus.


Some images on this page taken from “Crossroads: The Comeback” from Carlton TV