Features: Episode Guide: May 2003


The following episode guide has been written (where possible) after re-watching the episodes in question. These episodes feature screen captures alongside. Where there is a guide that is accompanied by images of the title sequence it means that the episode has not been viewed and that alternative sources have been used. Previous episodes can be found HERE




Episode 079 / 399 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 01/05/03 (Thursday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Lionel Blair as Valentine Starwood and Linda Robson as Wanda Wise


Wanda arrives at Crossroads and badgers Max for £10k, later £12k not to tell Angel that he is Belle's father. Another clause is that the sisters have to have work at the hotel.


Joe gets on his bike and, for at least the third time now, is due to leave Crossroads and for the second time, asks Cleo to go with him. As usual, she refuses to do so, crying on Angel's shoulder as Joe departs.


Valentine is all set for the dance competition but Rio has gone missing, forcing Helen and Vince to go looking for her. Scott captures Helen's reaction at news of her daughter's disappearance on the video camera and later plays it back to Rio when she turns up asking him for money to go home. But of course she thinks he's a dork anyway but Scott walks her back to Helen and Virginia's place.


Valentine however isn't happy at being let down for the sake of the investigation of the disappearance of a family member but then follows a somewhat out-of-place looking dream sequence of waltz dancing in dry ice with the long departed Ethel.





Episode 080 / 400 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 02/05/03 (Friday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Lionel Blair as Valentine Starwood and Linda Robson as Wanda Wise

Karaoke: “The Lady is a Tramp” sung by Valentine Starwood (Lionel Blair)


In another Samson dominated episode, Max gives Wanda the £12k she asked for but is horrified that she's using it to stay at Crossroads. Belle gets £6k of it but gives it back to her father. Angel isn't very impressed at Belle's return to work in the hotel either. She later calls a family meeting but only Ryan attends.


Max is meanwhile in the Cat in the Moon with Kate getting too high on some drink and he wants Kate to be his mistress but she wants something more permanent so refuses his advances as best she can.


Valentine goes to see Helen and Vince and apologises for being a self-centered the last time they met when Helen ruined his competition hopes for the sake of Rio. Valentine later gets up on stage to sing a duet with Helen.


Rio meanwhile gets berated again by Virginia and comes close to enjoying herself at the pub.





Episode 081 / 401 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 06/05/03 (Tuesday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: John Bowler as Ethan Black


Max tells Kate that he is Belle's father to her shock. He then goes and generates another big secret by lunging into passionate kissing wtith Kate and falls asleep at her side. All this despite her please that this cannot go on. When Max later sneaks in, Angel wants to know where he was. Prior to this, Ethan has wandered into the Samson apartment which says a lot about hotel security and informed Angel that he can be persuaded to get Jimmy home.


Rio continues to be a pain towards Helen and sneaks out at some ridiculous hour and ends up paying a visit to Scott. Helen decides that its time that she started school.


Dave and Oona learn that Ethan wants to sell the pub. Like last time, they decide to try and raise capital to buy it. Like last time, we reckon it'll all end in tears. Probably.


Vince has been up all night cooking and needs sleep and so Rocky is drafted in to finish the job off. He falls asleep on the job and on the food as well.





Episode 082 / 402 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 07/05/03 (Wednesday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Linda Robson as Wanda Wise


Angel interrogates Max about where he's been last night but she doesn't believe his story of being with a client, at least not until Kate backs him up. Max pays Wanda another £10k to keep quiet about Belle but ends up telling Angel anyway after she barges in on the pair and confiscates the money. He then tells Angel that Belle is his daughter.


Wanda meanwhile winds Virginia up on reception and later winds Vince up with the meal. His frustration is short-lived though when he learns that the stroppy customer is in fact Lola's mum.


Dave and Oona decide that they will go to the Bank Manager in an effort to borrow the money that they need to buy the pub. They get laughed at, what with their low credit rating. Oh well.





Episode 083 / 403 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 08/05/03 (Thursday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: tbc


Angel goes to Ethan's mansion again in order to bring Jimmy home. She fails and ends up crying into her car's steering wheel. She later sacks the Wise sisters but Belle goes to Jimmy and he then comes home demanding that they get their jobs back or he leaves for good.


The Wise girls decide to go out with a bang and insult and splash Virginia but would they regret it later? We shall see. Max tells Ryan and Cleo that Belle is his daughter in the hope of getting them on his side. That doesn't work.


Helen wants Rio to go to school but she refuses, until her pocessions arrive in the post. Virginia thinks that Rio's nature can be fixed by spoiling her. Vince suggests that school is not a bad thing as long as she thinks of it being temporary.





Episode 084 / 404 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 09/05/03 (Friday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Linda Robson as Wanda Wise

Karaoke: “Mamma Mia” sung by Helen and Vince (Lucy Pargeter and Ben Porter)


Jimmy is found downstairs eating breakfast. Angel gives in to his demand to reinstate the Wise girls providing that Wanda leaves the hotel. Both sides of the bargain are complete although Angel would have been happy had Jimmy stayed with the family as well. Angel learns that Kate was told by Max about his being Belle's fater before she was and declares all out war on Max.


Dave and Oona have a flutter on a horse entitled "The Moon Is Mine" and win £10k. Dave, however, bets the entire winnings on another horse without consulting Oona. Effectively double or bust.


Rio starts school but gets bullied there about her accent and clothes and general her. Scott is the shoulder to cry on but she wants her mum, who is up on stage in a somewhat naff costume singing Abba tunes. The wanting mum thing is off.





Episode 085 / 405 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 12/05/03 (Monday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Linda Robson as Wanda Wise and John Bowler as Ethan Black


Betty wants to settle the long running feud between Angel and Max when the site of the empty childless breakfast table is too lonely for comfort. She has no success.


Angel receives a bunch of flowers from an anonymous person and she assumes it to be Max. When she goes to meet him at the restaurant, it turns out that it wasn't Max who sent them - it was Ethan Black - and thus Angel is tricked into having dinner with him. He asks her to sleep with him. She is disgusted at this. Max meanwhile sends Kate flowers saying "thanks for being there".


It's Belle's 17th birthday party and she's been able to persuade Jimmy to show his face at it. Wanda also shows up and brings a so-called singing policeman with her. At the party in the pub, Tracey is seen drinking orange juice in a somewhat upset state.


Rio is badgering Virginia for an allowance (read: pocket money), but Vince has a suggestion and a job in the kitchen to earn all the allowance she wants. However she and Lola don't get on very well, bickering over some potato peelings





Episode 086 / 406 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 13/05/03 (Tuesday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Paul Shelley as Stafford Wynter


Stafford insists on travelling from the hospital bed to the Crossroads hotel to confront Max for what could be the last time. After taking painkillers and cracking jokes about riding Joe's moped himself, they reach the hotel.


There is a double edged sword. Inside Stafford causes a scene in the reception area, while outside Ryan, Joe and Cleo have their own little scene. The two events convulge into scenes of fisicuffs when Max pushes Stafford to the ground, forcing Joe to smack Max in the stomach. Then Ryan accidentally hits Cleo and Max learns that his old business Stafford Wynter is Joe's father.


Elsewhere, Kate chats to Helen and reveals that she was having a relationship with a married man with three children but didn't say that it was Max... He has learnt that Angel had dinner with Ethan and says that she can't be trusted either.





Episode 087 / 407 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 14/05/03 (Wednesday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Paul Shelley as Stafford Wynter


Joe pays a visit to the Samson apartments but ends up talking to Cleo who wants to know exactly what it is that Joe has against Max. He won't say and neither will her family so Cleo does the next best thing and pays a visit to Stafford. He syas that her father took sole control of their joint business and later sold it for a fortune.


Joe, meanwhile, hands Max a booklet he stole from Ethan's mansion in an earlier raid that essentially says that Cromwell Leisure is worthless. Max, unaware that he is playing into Ethan's hands now, plans to bankrupt Ethan by betting ever increasing amounts for said company.


Rio apologises to Scott for being a nasty spiteful little cow with all her insults towards his mother when she learns that Tracey is recovering from a drink problem. Meanwhile Beena returns to Crossroads.





Episode 088 / 408 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 15/05/03 (Thursday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Paul Shelley as Stafford Wynter


Max visits Stafford in the care home to make his peace with his old business partner. He apologised and so Stafford forgave him. Mr Wynter later saw Joe and Cleo together and asked his son to find Jenny as his dying wish. That was to be the last he would see of anybody as he died in the hospital room.


Dave Stocks is so confident that his horse will win on the races that he's bet all of the winnings from the previous horse on the new runner. Oona is deeply sceptical as Dave wanders off down the bookies and returns with a bunch of flowers as a piece offering. He's lost £10k! Thus, a furious Oona throws a tirade of insults at him, as well as packets of pork scratchings and their container.


Rio persuades Scott to play truant from school and play pool instead. There he learns about hwo she's so good at the game - effectively a lack of childhood. However they are eventually caught outside the hotel on the way back by Helen who threatens to tell Tracey. "I know what 15yr-old boys think about every seven seconds" was Helen's line followed by "Getting a laptop?" from Scott. Great quip. However she won't tell Tracey providing that they don't skip school again.


Vince and Ryan continue to avoid Beena until she manages to trap Ryan in the lift with her to persuade him that she really has changed. He agrees but Vince isn't so sure.





Episode 089 / 409 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 16/05/03 (Friday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Paul Shelley as Stafford Wynter

Karaoke: “Crazy” sung by Beena and Ryan (Rebecca Hazlewood and Luke Roberts)


Cleo informs Max of Stafford's death. He tells Angel who isn't sympathetic and he slates her because the money Max raised through swindling Stafford went on her and the hotel. This puts Angel in a bad mood all day, picking faults with everything and having another tiff with Kate over the standards of room service. Kate wins the argument with a excellent set of put-downs.


Cleo is off helping Joe clear away Stafford's belongings at the care home. She's also bought a picnic as well which they share. There, he gives his side of the story re: the Max and Stafford feud. They later kiss standing on the side of the fountain.


Virginia has found out her pink tracksuit and gone jogging around the area with granddaughter Rio but is heavily worn out halfway through. They later go to some aerobics and Scott wanders in with his video camera annoying everybody with snide remarks. Virginia throws him out by his ears but he returns to find Rio in the spa. She drags him in fully clothed and turns the tables by filming HIM when drenched. Lets see if that makes the final cut!


Elsewhere, Beena reveals that she has a new job in London and sings a final goodbye song at the pub. She also tells Vince to sort himself out and see that she has changed for the better.


Angel decides that its time to smooth things over with Max after being effectively insulted by Kate during the room inspections earlier. Meanwhile Max is in the bar chatting to Kate. They have too much to drink and want to give into their desire to each other but Kate decides its a silly thing to do (too much to lose) but Max has other ideas and initiates a passionate kiss, which is witnessed from the stairwell by Angel.





Episode 090 / 410 – “tbc” (The 1970’s Flashback Week)

Transmitted: 19/05/03 (Monday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: tbc


This episode is largely made up of a two headed scene or three in Angel's apartment with Kate and flashbacks to 1972. If you only get to see one episode of Crossroads Mark III ever, make it this one as it sets the scene for the next few episodes.


Angel has dragged Kate upstairs to explain herself for smooching with her husband in the bar area. She wants to know if Kate is having an affair. "Not yet" was the reply. Kate reveals that she wants to fight for Max, just like she should have done 30yrs previously. After the flashback episodes, Kate decides that she wants to leave Crossroads and go to London.


In 1972 we follow the fascinating story of the young Max, Kate, Ethan and Angel. We see their hangout shack, which used to be a greenhouse, on the side of the mansion. As you'd perhaps expect, vinyl, 45s and 78s are the music mediums of the era, Elton John is a firm favourite with Kate.


Key 1972 facts established: It's around about Easter time, Max and Kate are seeing each other and Ethan has admitted to Max that he has the hots for a girl but this will eventually turn out to be Kate. Angel, a name derived from her real name Angela by chopping the last letter off of it, turns up in King's Oak on the back of a tractor and she wants to go down to London to achieve her dream of being an actress. She is Kate's best friend.


The youngsters are on their way to church where Ethan's father, Bishop Alistair Black, is giving his traditional sermon and Max, ever the troublemaker, is doodling on the back of the head of the bald man in front of him :) Angel interrupts proceedings and finally gets to meet Kate for what appears to have been a considerable length of time. Ethan is himself in awe of his strict father and gets on well with mother Mary.





Episode 091 / 411 – “tbc” (The 1970’s Flashback Week)

Transmitted: 20/05/03 (Tuesday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: John Bowler as Ethan Black


In this fascinating episode Kate decides, for the heck of it really, to visit her childhood den on Ethan's land. She finds Max there who has also apparently gone there for the heck of it. She's gone to see if her diary is still there which it is. When there, memories of the place come flooding back.


Now in 1972, as we know, Kate and Max are in love with each other but all that changed when Angel arrived. Max didn't really love Kate all that much although he certainly showed that he did by climbing up ladders into her bedroom (and later giving Ethan's mother Mary a mini Statue of Liberty figure). Ethan later followed up the same ladder using the excuse that he'd bought Kate's diary back to her (although it was just an excuse to see her).


However, things turn sour when Ethan, armed with Max's video camera, catches Kate and Angel together in the woods and films the evidence. As he and Max are best friends, he doesn't tell an anxious Kate awaiting the return of Max where he is. Back at the Black estate Ethan confronts Max on the affair but Max has worked out by now that Ethan is madly in love and somewhat obcessed with HIS current girlfriend, Kate.


Kate in 2003 has gone to see Ethan - he still has this piece of film (amongst others) and he shows it to her - it is then that she learns about Max's affair all those years ago and just how much she meant (or didn't mean) to him. Ethan is himself somewhat upset that Kate wants to leave King's Oak and even promises to leave her alone if she'll stay. But she doesn't want to.





Episode 092 / 412 – “tbc” (The 1970’s Flashback Week)

Transmitted: 21/05/03 (Wednesday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: John Bowler as Ethan Black


In this highly dramatic episode, we explore the ongoing feud between Ethan and Max, how it came to the head it has. This is pretty tense stuff as well.


In the present day, Ethan has invited Max over to talk business and Cromwell Leisure but they end up discussing the tragic events surrounding the death of Ethan's mother Mary. Today would have been her 65th birthday as well. He blames Max heavily for her death and we see why. Jimmy, btw, has gone to Zurich.


Back in 1972, Ethan and Max decide to become so-called "blood brothers" by cutting each other's arms with the blade from a penknife and holding the two cuts together. Max has also snuck cigarettes and alochol into Ethan's room. The pair are flapping about on the bed like loonies to the camera when Bishop Black comes in.


He sees about the things that Max has bought into the mansion and throws him out by his ear on a whim that he is evil. However, not to be outdone by a bishop in this way, Max and the video camera take a trek down the side of the mansion and ends up filming some quite horrific looking scenes.


In an excellently choreographed sequence showing the action from three different angles, we see Bishop Alistair Black berating and eventually hitting his wife Mary (for trying to save the boy) and throwing their son Ethan around the room. The cause of the fuss? The mini Statue of Liberty that Max gave Mary. The argument in question may well have blown over by itself but Max storms in brandishing the camera, having caught the beating of Mary and Ethan on film. He throws words around that Ethan wants to come live with him in America. Ethan denies this but suddenly changes his mind after Bishop Black lashes out at Max, knocking him to the floor. Ethan does want to get out.


The action moves upstairs. Bishop Black chases Ethan up the stairs as Mary follows, desperate to spare the boy from getting any more hurt. He runs off into his room and Alistair and Mary end up arguing at the top of the stairs. As the argument runs, Max is in position at the foot of the stairs, his camera still rolling and Ethan comes out of his room. Mary is then next seen falling to her death from the top of the stairwell. It has been captured by Max's camera.


In 2003, Ethan considers this chain of events to have been an accidental fall (and blames Max for the death of his mother) but from where Max was standing, it was Alistair who pushed Mary and thus murdered her. Max wants Ethan to make a fresh start but he's too hell bent on revenge to consider and wants the Samsons to suffer just as he did.





Episode 093 / 413 – “tbc” (The 1970’s Flashback Week)

Transmitted: 22/05/03 (Thursday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: John Bowler as Ethan Black


Max asks Angel for forgiveness but she cannot do so. She is earlier seen ranting and raving awaiting two days for Max to show his face to her. They end up flashbacking and later Angel tells Kate that she can have Max if she wants but ends up going back to him anyway.


In 1972, Max is seen dashing around looking for Kate before eventually falling for Angel and making love to her in the den as Ethan spies through the window. He later tells Kate that Max wants to see him with a surprise in the den - Max and Angel. Kate departs quickly in tears.


Max follows her out and tells her about Mary's death. It contradicts what Ethan told Kate earlier about being ill. Max is in two minds as to what to do with the videotape but decides that to hand it to the police is the right thing to do after getting Ethan out. Angel has it for safe-keeping.





Episode 094 / 414 – “tbc” (The 1970’s Flashback Week)

Transmitted: 23/05/03 (Friday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: John Bowler as Ethan Black

Karaoke: “As Tears go By” sung by a couple of hippies


The flashback series comes to a close today and also throws a singalong in in 1970s style for good measure. Unfortunately, 1970s music and 2003 continuity announcers don't mix.


In 1972, Bishop Black convinces Ethan that the death of Mary was accidental and that she was troubled and had not loved either him or Ethan. However Max has other ideas and wants to get Ethan out of the mansion before getting the police involved over Mary's murder. Ethan is not convinced, his running away to America with Max would ruin his and Bishop Black's life if the police came along.


Ethan later saves Max from the onslaughts of Bishop Black alongside Mary's dead body and he gets out the window. Once there, Max meets Angel in the den but has been followed by Alistair who wants Max's film back. She's taking it to the police but they're already outside... Ethan has called them although thirty years on he does not recall ever doing this.


Ethan's father was thus arrested and imprisoned for life. He later hanged himself shortly after being sentenced. In 2003, Max fails in his bid to get Ethan to forget the past - the war goes on.





Episode 095 / 415 – “tbc” (The Final Week)

Transmitted: 27/05/03 (Tuesday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: tbc


Max gives Joe back his room and his job at the hotel, although Angel doesn't agree with such a decision, despite having claimed a few scenes earlier to be united with Max on various matters. Oh yes.


Joe meanwhile has asked Max to be present at Stafford's funeral. Cleo tells Joe that she will help him find Jenny (we reckon she'll find her under the statue). In other Samson developments, Max regrets smooching with Kate in the bar area but she's fallen in love with him again.


Rio gets Scott into, like, really deep trouble when she claimed that he'd made an explicit film of her - in reality she was asleep on the sofa. Helen takes the issue up with Tracey and doesn't appreciate Vince's silly interruptions and Virginia's hanging-around. Scott takes the issue up with Rio. She apologises.





Episode 096 / 416 – “tbc” (The Final Week)

Transmitted: 28/05/03 (Wednesday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: tbc


Scott's camera is confiscated on the back of Rio's allegation of exploitation. She later admits that she made the entire thing up, while Scott is left to fume about being untrustworthy. When Rio owns up though, Vince is forced to apologise for what he called Tracey and Scott. Rio later apologises to Scott, he suggests that she's too unpredictable to hang around with.


Rocky has heard news that one of his old army friends is in the hotel and bought a war medal along with him to show the friend's grandchild. He entrusts it to Virginia, who manages to basically p*ss Betty off by being too smug for her own good. So Betty temporarily borrows the medal, just long enough for Virginia to panic and throw paper everywhere in her search for it. And when Rocky comes, well, the medal's behind her.


Elsewhere, Ryan is dead set against Joe being back at Crossroads but decides that his sister's happiness is more important so makes up with Joe. Angel goes down to see Joe as well and says that she cannot forgive or forget him, despite the fact he won't sleep with her again





Episode 097 / 417 – “tbc” (The Final Week)

Transmitted: 29/05/03 (Thursday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: tbc


Ethan works out that Cromwell Leisure is a worthless duck. However, he can't resist a battle with Max so sends Jimmy out to investigate his father's value. It emerges that Max has bid the lot and would be finished if Ethan doesn't bid again. He leaves Jimmy with a portfolio of information on the Samson family assets and in the situation that he can either finish his own family off for good or side with them and bring Ethan down. The choice is his. What will he do? Who knows?


Dave says he can raise £50k to buy the pub by selling cheap and/or dodgy perfume, although he'd need to sell some £12k of those just to get the deposit back on them. It matters not though when the entire lot falls through the box and smashes on the floor, driving customers away and therefore money-raising hopes away as well. Indeed.


Helen wanders into the kitchen having apparently been mugged. Vince in his usual style makes a song and dance about it but the pair decide to exercise but get totally exhausted doing it so decide not to bother again.


Rio takes exception to Belle talking with Scott and there are signs of jealousy there - Rio fancies Scott. But he doesn't really feel the same way about her, especially after what she said about he'd allegedly been up to with the video camera.





Episode 098 / 418 – “tbc” (The Last Episode)

Transmitted: 30/05/03 (Friday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: John Bowler as Ethan Black

Karaoke: “How Sweet it is to be Loved by you” sung by Helen (Lucy Pargeter)


In the final ever episode of Crossroads:


Jimmy is sorely tempted to commit the ultimate sin and bankrupt his entire family but shreds the portfolio that Max gave him and convinces Ethan to raise his bid for Cromwell Leisure by £50k, thus leaving him open to financial ruin. Jimmy then flees the scene and returns home.


Everybody then goes down the Cat In The Moon pub to see Scott's film about life at Crossroads. Its not exactly Panorama, but it was good. Belle earlier tells Scott that Rio fancies him but not as if he could do anything about it because:


Angel is in reality a checkout operator in Stocks Superstores, working for Dave Stocks! Working alongside her is Katherine and they both answer to Virginia. Rocky is the security guard and apprehends Ethan Black, a wannabe robber who gets locked up in the storeroom and forgotten about!


Ryan works at the supermarket as a geeky supervisor, and there's also Belle, Lola and Phil as well who are attracted to Jimmy. Angela and Katherine are drawn to Tracey Booth, a star of "Crossroads", and get her autograph. Meanwhile the entire workforce is sacked by Dave. Vince and Helen are a couple wearing terribly bright tracksuits shopping at the supermarket, and Mr Samson is buying beer but Katherine has her eye on him. At closing time, it all fades to black...