Features: Episode Guide: May 2002


The following episode guide has been written (where possible) after re-watching the episodes in question. These episodes are immediately obvious because they feature screen captures alongside. Where there is a guide that is accompanied by images of the title sequence it means that the episode has not been viewed and that alternative sources have been used.




Episode: 263 Transmitted: 01-05-02 (Wednesday) Written by: Andrew Cornish


Billy attends his job interview in London, where there is a practical element to the interview in which he is given charge of the kitchen for a short period of time. He tries to run it Crossroads style but one of the guests complains about the trout which hasn’t been cleaned properly. As a result, it has all gone pear-shaped and he is asked to leave, the rest of the kitchen is more than happy to see the back of him. Later he drowns his sorrows in the hotel bar.


Phil has plans to expand valeting. He clears the air with Mark over their recent spat about Nicola and then asks him if he can use the shed as a temporary storage area for his valeting equipment. Mark agrees to it on the condition that when the new handyman arrives Phil will have to find somewhere else.


Oona is not overjoyed to receive a call from the Estate Agent informing her that the person she showed round yesterday has put an offer in to buy the place. Dave pleges to pay £85k, the other buyer, they learn, has bid £87.5k. However, it does not stop them getting more determined to keep the cafe for themselves, but how long can they hold out?


Tracey receives the results of her appeal hearing and has been freed from the hospital on certain conditions one of which is to not stay in the same room as Jake. She is overjoyed and can't thank Eddie enough for all his help and support over her time there. He's out of there now as well, his promise to Tracey having been fulfilled. Mark arrives to pick Tracey up and take her back to Crossroads where she learns that word got out about where she's been and just about everybody knows now. Kate has arranged for Tracey to stay in her apartment and sharing Mark's room. Tracey is overjoyed to learn that her wonderful offspring Scott knows that his mother is home and is dying to see her.


Jake, meanwhile, is not happy that Tracey has been released, she says that at least now everybody knows exactly what he's like and that she was right all along. Jake himself, meanwhile, is politely informed by Beena (back from her sisters wedding in Wales) that she is not happy with her demotion from Receptionist back to waitressing. She informs Jake that either she gets her old job back, or everybody will know about their fling a few weeks ago at a tribunal hearing. Jake does not believe that she has a leg to stand on but Beena thinks differently.


Meanwhile Scott's body language and attitude towards his father suggests that he is never going to forgive his father for what he's done (wrongly in his eyes) to Tracey, what with the sectioning and everything. Meanwhile Rocky continues his new-found Internet skills and can now send and receive emails!




Episode: 264 Transmitted: 02-05-02 (Thursday) Written by: Carolyn Sally Jones


Tracey decides to pop back to her own flat to pick up her belongings and see Scott. Jake is waiting there and doesn't wait to rub her nose in regards to her offspring. He later gives her a home coming present - a bottle of vodka. Mark sees it and immediately confronts his brother over the decision to give such a gift in the first place. Jake replies that he doesn't believe she's stopped drinking but Mark thinks there is another reason.


Jake continues to talk to his solicitor in order to proceed with a divorce and asks about the possibility of a restraining order to keep her away from Scott. While it is possible, its not easily enforced and even then when it comes to the court case itself, the judge will respect Scott's wishes so there is no definite promise that Jake will get Scott and the courts tend to favour the mother in such a situation anyway.


Scott meanwhile, is doing himself no favours by playing truant from school yet again, keeping himself out of the way in the shed. He's managed to turn it into his own personal space since its clear he expects to spend plenty of time there. Scott is, however, visibly stuck for a reply when Jake questions him about his day at school though. Jake, in his never ending quest to make Scott like him more than Tracey, makes the boy his favourite food but he turns it down, spinning a lie about running round the football pitch and eating at school instead.


Tracey attends an alcohol support group and is pleased to learn that Eddie also attends the group - he was also an alcoholic himself so he was probably the best person to help Tracey out in the hospital. He also reveals that he has a twelve year old son that he hasn't seen for ages and that his family didn't want to know him. Meanwhile Phil manages to win a loan from the bank and is urged by Kate to take care of Nicola.


Oona is pleased to hear that Tom has rejected the offer of £87,500 for the cafe. Dave suggests they bid £90,000 - but it would mean crippling repayments and they are low enough on money as it is. But then again its worth a try. Rocky, meanwhile, is getting more and more out of his journey through cyberspace with the assistance of Ray.


Billy returns home from London and goes straight into the kitchen back to work. He manages to alienate Sarah when she learns that he's home from Kate. So in true style, Sarah confronts him in the kitchen only to be thrown out, along with pretty much everybody else. He gets drunk and thinks he's a loser because of the interview. Rocky catches him in the act and immediately contacts Kate who runs down to see what is going on. He accuses her of being jealous of his and Sarah's relationship.


Passion rears its head, leading to a passionate encounter on a kitchen worktop for Billy and Kate…




Episode: 265 Transmitted: 07-05-02 (Tuesday) Written by: Carolyn Sally Jones


Billy is in a grumpy mood for pretty much most of the day. He feels guilty about betraying Sarah after his passionate fling with Kate. Sarah is upset at Billy's late return home, he claims to have been re-organising the kitchen. It doesn't stop him going off with Sarah though for another session together though, yet there is an air of tension between Kate and Billy now.


Now well and truly into the habit of playing truant, Scott heads off to the shed again to spend the day there. There he discovers Abbie, a girl who, we later learn, has plans to run away to London because of parent trouble. She threatens to tell Scott's parents about his truancy if he tells about her hiding out in the shed. So, as the youth say, the pair "hang out" together in the shed, she phones King's Oak Comprehensive and gets Scott off the hook for two days more truant by claiming he's ill. Later, the pair come close to being caught by Phil and Nicola in a fit of passion.


In fact Scott and Abbie's bacon is saved by Rocky who invites Phil and Nicola to the Knockout Cafe with Ebony, who is now well on the way to recovery after her dogfighting encounter. At the cafe, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Nicola and Phil are stuck together with superglue, they're not apart during their internet session. Rocky also gets back onto the Internet into a chat room with the username that he thinks sums up everything about himself - "Neval". However, another potential buyer is on his way to look at the cafe which prompts a scene of Phil, Nicola, Rocky, Dave and Oona to hide away on the floor behind tables and pillars to convince the buyer that the place is empty!


Abbie tells Scot that she has plans to move away to London. Scott decides to look after her, such is the caring soul that he is, with blankets, food and his own company. Scott manages to convince his father to give him £20 towards a school "camping trip" (which is technically true). He then sucks up to Tracey for more pocket money for the trip, she parts with another £20 which goes straight into his hands. But of course, its all going to go to Abbie.


Beena rubs Jake up the wrong way by talking to his son in reception in eyeshot of him and then informs Sarah that she has hired a solictor in order to take her employer Jake to a tribunal for unfair dismissal and sex discrimination. Meanwhile Tracey sees for herself exactly how much damage her fire caused to the salon and later hears that there are no plans to reopen it.




Episode: 266 Transmitted: 08-05-02 (Wednesday) Written by: Francesca Brill


Today is taken up by the interview process for the sous chef vacancy at Crossroads.


Des has applied for the position and is keen to win the job. He does not have a CV and so has to ask Sarah to help him write one. Unfortunately the only qualification he has is a basic Food Health and Safety qualification which, compared to Nick Hugh's CV (he's another person applying for the same vacancy), looks very weak indeed. Nick has three rosettes you know.


Billy and Kate do the interviews which are nearly held back because Mark is suffering with toothache. Sarah books him into the dentist and shows Nick into the conference room for an interview. He conducts himself marvellously and then goes and spoils it all by getting cocky and dictating how a kitchen should be run.


When its time for Des to have his interview, he doesn't exactly play his cards right in the conference room and is informed by Billy that there is no way he is going to be able to cover for him in the kitchen in such a superior role. Kate informs Des that they are looking for somebody with at least three years experience. He's upset at being denied the opportunity based on lack of experience but doesn't tell this to an interested Phil and Nicola at the reception desk, in fact he convinces them that he's in the running for the position.


Between each candidate, Kate and Billy dig up their past relationship. He reveals that he has never really got over her dropping him for Patrick and she's feeling ready now to move on after her husband Patrick's death last year. Billy upsets Kate when he tells her that Sarah is his last chance at happiness.




Episode: 267 Transmitted: 09-05-02 (Thursday) Written by: Keith Temple


 Dave and Oona spend a pretty tense day at the cafe waiting for news as to whether their bid of £90k is enough to win them the cafe. Tom is holding out in an attempt to win £92k but Dave is firm and sticks with his original offer. His decision turns out to be the right one when they learn that Tom has decided to accept the £90k offer. So an over-jubilant Oona and Dave have won the cafe! They've also been given a present for Holly by Ray of a silver ring.


Scott pours away his breakfast cereal today, a motive that does him no favours whatsoever. Carrying a big thick blanket across the front of the hotel does nothing to distract attention from the new inhabitant of the shed either. Scott confides in new friend Abbie (who will not accept the £40 Scott scraped from his parents) that he blames himself 100% for all the problems in his parents marriage and goes so far as to suggest that if he hadn't been born, the family would have been happier. He feels faint but doesn't take any of it, though a quick chase session does not help Scott's condition.


It is back in the shed that Abbie teases him about his preferred choice of girlfriend and holds his magazine above her head, forcing him to jump up to get it back. That is too much for Scott's underfuelled body so he faints and it's quickly obvious that this is no longer a game. Abbie is therefore forced out of hiding to fetch Jake and Kate, who don't give her the best "Welcome to Crossroads" welcoming in the world (not since they learn she's been living in the shed). Kate changes her opinion later though and offers Abbie a hotel room in gratitude.


The doctor pays a visit to the Booth Apartment to investigate the latest thing to go wrong with Scott and diagnoses that he is suffering from dehydration and exhaustion which would have caused him to faint. The doctor also expresses concern about the boy, due to the sudden change in his behaviour (not eating, not attending school, etc), and then suggests that he sees a child psychiatrist. Jake will have none of it and tries to heap all the blame for Scott's condition onto Tracey. How nice. She has an argument with him which wakes Scott up and he staggers in in apologetic mode.


Tracey herself, meanwhile, ignores Jake's initial call to tell her about Scott's fainting (since she thought it was just an attempt for him to gloat at her again) and earlier informed her husband that she is divorcing him for "unreasonable behaviour". He cannot believe that for a second. Meanwhile Billy takes Sarah to a post restaurant and tells her that this is the sort of place he believes they should have for their own business.


Ray is due to return home today to see his parents in Australia. He reveals to Mark that he's not exactly sure how his parents will welcome him, not ever since his father once held a grudge against him for three months. The problem is not helped when we learn that Ray's father is an ex-soldier and probably will not take too kindly to Ray's military background. Mark drives him to the airport to catch his flight and as they leave the premises, guess who zooms back to Crossroads? It's Joanne, returning with her new man friend on the back of his motorcycle.




Episode: 268 Transmitted: 13-05-02 (Monday) Written by: Keith Temple


Kate exercises her unique ability of being able to tell exactly what's wrong with her precious grandson Scott and what is going to solve it. She is sure that having him seen by a child psychiatrist will be the best thing for him. Tracey is in agreement with this though Jake doesn't look as if he's going to buy this at all. Kate knows how to get her way with her son though so watch this space.


Tracey meets Abbie in room 310 to thank her personally for being around to help Scott after his faint. She learns from Scott's new friend that he blames himself for all the trouble in the Booth family. Abbie is, however, defiant in her plans to move onto London and will not listen to Tracey's attempts to keep her at Crossroads or at least say goodbye to Scott.


Scott, meanwhile, gets on his high horse and a little bit higher than that when he finds out that Abbie has left Crossroads and doesn't hesistate to inform Tracey that she's "spoiled everything again". He starts shouting and slamming doors and doing his by now famous storming-out-of-rooms sequence. However, his mood changes considerably when Kate walks in with Abbie to inform him that she's staying and would work as a chambermaid. So now Scott is happy again, this boy has serious mood swings.


Elsewhere, Joanne (complete with new dyed hair) books into the hotel as a guest with her new boyfriend Sam Delaney who is currently looking for work. He is advised to drop his CV off though and Joanne decides to show him off around the hotel and immediately wins her old job back as Sous Chef. That will please Des no end.


Dave and Oona's celebrations last one night, when they receive a repayment demand on the mortgage which is not what they wanted. Oona suggests that they can build up a cash surplus by running bistro nights.


Elsewhere, Minty gets his wages docked by Kate for taking unofficial time off work and for pretending that he's broken his arm. Dave also informs Minty of the £550 he owns for the pirate radio equipment and suggests a noble way of paying it off - work for Dave at the cafe.


Eddie and Tracey have a heart to heart in the village. Tracey suggests to Eddie that she would be better off out of King's Oak for Scott's sake…




Episode: 269 Transmitted: 14-05-02 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Joanne returns to work in the Crossroads kitchen and also pushes at her boyfriend Sam to find work, if not in the hotel then elsewhere. He demonstrates a flair for mechanics of a motorbike when he helps Phil to get his motor running again.


Oona tries to drum up business for the new bistro night at the Knockout Cafe by handing out leaflets in the hotel. Dave also installs a new gambling machine to the cafe as well in an attempt to help increase profit. Oona is not best pleased when Joanne arrives with Phil, Nicola and Sam for the bistro night but they make up for their bickering. Dave has to throw out some youths who are persistantly hanging around the new gambling machine but gets threatened by them. It's Sam who throws the ringleader out and orders him not to be around his neck of the woods again.


Tracey is fully packed and ready to go, leaving a note for Kate and Scott. Kate catches her just as the cab is ready to leave and persuades her to wait where Kate tries to convince Tracey that running away is not the answer and it would do Scott more harm than good. Mark attempts to convince her to visit a support group.


Back in the Booth apartment, Jake is not slow to start another argument with Tracey and encourages her to go away but she won't give him the satisfaction of that, in fact he puts a bottle of vodka in her handbag in his deliberate attempt to sabotage her recovery. When she gets a cab to an alcohol support group, Tracey discovers the vodka bottle and pours it down the toilet bowl. Later she finally admits to being an alcoholic at the meeting.


Joanne returns as Sous Chef and manages to rub Minty up the wrong way so he runs off to the Knockout Cafe to work off his £550 debt. It doesn't go quite as planned though, in fact he ends up owing more at the end of the shift than he had before starting it. So he quits from that as well and goes back to the kitchen. Meanwhile Beena threatens to tell Tracey about her and Jake's affair.




Episode: 270 Transmitted: 15-05-02 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Scott causes more concern today for his father Jake by firstly not responding to Jake's initial calls (which prompts him to break into Scott's locked room) and then treating his father to a hastily rearranged bedroom in which everything is pushed up the far end and Scott is somewhere behind it. He will not come out for Jake who then fetches Abbie who manages to coax him out easily - offer a computer-mad boy a game on a computer, say you can beat him at it and he'll come out in order to prove you wrong.


However, when Jake returns later to the apartment with Kate, Scott disappears in double quick time back into his room. The next time he comes out is for Tracey, he was worried that she would just leave him behind and forget all about him although in general he is heavily upset on the inside about his parents constant rowing. Reassurance does the trick mind you, until the next mini-drama ensures.


When not reassuring Scott, Tracey likes to spend time with Eddie, he has applied to the hotel as housekeeper, the old position of Doris Luke who retired earlier this year. Jake is firmly against giving Eddie the position for the simple reason that he was Tracey's nurse. Kate and Mark overrule his decision though and will offer Eddie the position despite Jake's constant attempts to recommend another applicant.


Elsewhere, Tracey learns from Beena that she slept with Jake which confirms Tracey's thoughts to some degree but it wasn't at the time she thinks it was though. That doesn't matter however as Tracey gloats to Jake in the office about this and argues that she can use this new development in the custody battle well to win her Scott, although Jake thinks he can use Tracey's adultery to help his case (he has also been recommended by Kate to allow Scott to see a child psychiatrist which would help Jake's case but he's having none of it). Beena has also sniped to her solictor about him.


The other main development of the day is with Sarah and Billy. They investigate potential restaurant locations with Sarah doing all the legwork and Billy just tagging along. She wants to sell her shares to Kate to raise the capital as well. Back at Crossroads, Kate walks in in the middle of a conversation in which she hears that Billy is planning to poach all her staff. This is not true and is a clear indication of what happens when you walk in on the end of something. Billy admits though he's not too sure about Sarah's plans.




Episode: 271 Transmitted: 16-05-02 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Billy is not at all sure about Sarah's plans for her own restaurant business, he's still only putting on a brave face to pacify her. He later reveals that the only reason that he's unsure is because he's been at Crossroads for so long and that he would miss Kate. She later goes and hangs around outside his flat. It is the fact that her car door is almost ripped off by an impatient horn-loving driver that attracts Billy to the window so he invites her in.


Elsewhere, Eddie and Abbie are introduced to the staff of Crossroads, Eddie grateful for a job at all and its Abbie's first job. It takes Jake less than ten minutes to express to Eddie how much scrutiny he'll be under what with his former working relationship with Tracey. She, meanwhile, cannot resist rubbing Jake up the wrong way given half the chance and books an appointment for family therapy which is later thrown back in her face. Jake, meanwhile, continues to persue Beena in an attempt to try and prevent her taking Tracey's side in the court case. Beena herself gets cold feet about actually standing up in court but is persuaded to carry on for Tracey and for Scott.


Meanwhile Jake has a little problem when it emerges that his mother booked an order wrong and that there will be 24 extra sitting so it's down to Kate to sort out the mess. Minty has landed himself another credit card in an attempt to pay off debt caused by the other three he has. Sam suffers Kate and Joane's rath when he is caught stealing in the kitchen.




Episode: 272 Transmitted: 20-05-02 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Kate and Billy have spent the night together and he claims that there are no regrets between them for such an occurance. Sarah is away in London and Kate doesn't hesitate to get into bed with him. However these opinions soon change when Sarah returns from London. She learns that he is not at all keen about her plans for her own business either particularly if its built on the idea of first place loans. He is of course guilty about betraying Sarah in the first place.


Eddie is showered with affection from Jazz and gets introduced to Nicola, Phil's girlfriend. However, memories of the past hit Eddie when he sees a picture of the son he hasn't seen for years in the local newspaper - his 13-year-old son has been picked for the County Squad football team and so he doesn't know whether to be pleased or disappointed at this. Eddie also takes time out to advise Tracey to be strong in her battle against Jake and not to think that she will win nothing.


Having said that however, the latest twist in the Booth Family saga is provided this time round by Scott Booth. Allow us to explain. The divorce papers setting out plans for Jake and Tracey's divorce arrive today, Jake's quick to point out in his fury that her solicitor is still using the term "unreasonable behaviour" in his case and basically tells her where to stick it as well (not in as many words). But he hasn't got time for this, he has to take Scott to school, since the boy can't be trusted in that department at the moment.


Picking up homework, Scott also deliberately picks up the divorce papers and takes them with him. He also steals a bottle of cider from a local corner shop and for a brief moment it looks like he's been caught red-handed but gets away with it. Legging it home, he locks himself into the apartment with his cider bottle and barricades the door with a chair. As Scott drinks this cider to drown his sorrows Tracey-style, he's cutting up the pictures in the Booth family photo album until he's literally sick from the drink.


Meanwhile Jake decides that family therapy would help the family after all but when he phones to find out where Scott is, he learns that his son hasn't been to school today (again). So Jake and Tracey head back to the apartment in case they've missed him but of course they can't get in (remember, he locked himself in). Jake is hence forced to break the door down with a fire extinguisher. Inside they find the snipped to death photo album and an empty glass once holding cider. Breaking again into Scott's room, they find him on his bed with what was once a full cider bottle is now totally empty. Jake quickly calls the doctor out to attend to poor little Scott, unconscious on the bed.




Episode: 273 Transmitted: 21-05-02 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


A new face Niamh Quaid, a city lawyer, arrives at the Crossroads Hotel and causes nothing but grief at the Reception Desk with her constant complaining and nit-picking of everything that has gone wrong on her stay to date at Crossroads. She does not complain about Sam who has started a new job as bar tender though - he is the highlight of her stay so far but of course Joanne continues to eavesdrop on the pair. And then Sam swindles Niamh out of £10. Jo meanwhile starts a fire in the kitchen by ignoring what she was cooking to chat with Sam.


Sarah goes along to the bank in an attempt to get a loan with which to get her restaurant business up and running. All it now needs is Billy's signature to get going. He is still not sure about making such a big commitment though and continues to be passionate all over Kate in one of the guest rooms which, as you'd expect, is entered by Abbie. After trouble with the maintenance contract, Kate asks Phil if he'd be interested in taking it over and being the replacement for Bradley.


Meanwhile, the Booth Family continue to get along or not as the case may be. Jake is quick to inform Tracey that if she hadn't started her own drinking, Scott would never have been inclined to start himself. Scott himself staggers out of his room with his first hangover and cider still in his system. He announces that the reason he doesn't want a divorce the pair is because his mother is an alcholic and that would mean living with Jake who wouldn't let Scott see Tracey ever again. Plus he's also read everything on the divorce papers as well.


Kate has also stuck her oar in and is fobbed off with some excuse from Tracey as to why Scott was drunk in the first place. Unfortunately he blows the cover on that lie in his hungover state and asks Kate if he can live with her. She asks him how he came by the cider. He knows he can't tell his grandmother that he stole the cider, but it doesn't matter anyway as he's saved by Tracey coming in and she informs Scott that she wants to make things right for him after all she's put him through.


Jake puts it to Tracey in regards to divorce arrangements - he suggests buying her a flat nearby and having Scott to stay every other weekend. It is a bit rich from him since he rejected her original proposal of joint custody in the first place. He leaves her the papers to see for herself, however, Tracey later tells a sympathetic group of recovering alcholics at the support meeting about Scott getting drunk and informs them that she is going to fight for full custody of Scott.


Meanwhile Rocky sets himself up with an internet date and has a haircut - it is somewhat difficult to ascertain exactly how much has been cut since there was little there in the first place...




Episode: 274 Transmitted: 22-05-02 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Phil applies to Crossroads for the maintenance contract in an attempt to prove himself. Mark is not sure because of Phil's lack of experience in these matters but Phil looks keen, is keen and acts keen so that's enough in Kate's eyes. Mark informs her that she cannot give the job to Phil just because he is her daughter's boyfriend but it doesn't matter - Phil wins the contract and so he's delighted.


So overjoyed is he, that he immediately tells Rocky about his good luck and also informs the Head Porter that he wants to propose to Nicola to ask her to marry him. Phil has the ring and the wear for such an occasion. He is now waiting for the right moment.


Dave and Oona decide to go out on a night together but they need a babysitter for Holly. They ask Minty and Des to do the babysitting but the pair haven't got a clue what to do. Des contacts Abbie for help while Minty stands there like a lemon with Holly as if she's a doll. Abbie, having younger sisters, is able to look easily after Holly while Des and Minty go down to the pub.


In the pub, Phil is all set and ready to propose to Nicola but there are four obstacles that make this proposal impractical tonight - One, Oona and Dave spot and sit with them until Oona sees the babysitting Minty on the other side of the bar and rushes home with Dave to find a knowledgeable Abbie with a quiet Holly. Number Two, Des and Minty come over to Phil and Nicola. Number Three, Nicola takes Des up on his offer of a game of darts. Back at the hotel Phil tries again to pop the question but Nicola's mobile phone rings - it's Chloe on the other end. Frustrated for one night, Phil leaves the issue.


Tracey wants to abandon the idea of joint custody over Scott - instead she wants to go for full custody. So she tells Kate who tells Jake who decides to pick another fight with Tracey over the issue. He thinks that she has no chance whatsoever, particularly not with her reasoning of "unreasonable behaviour". In other matters Tracey attempts to engineer a meeting between Eddie and his long son Paul, who is 13. This meeting looks like it will be on the football pitch behind the church, though Eddie informs Tracey that the last time he saw Paul the boy wouldn't even look at him.


Meanwhile Sarah continues to rave on and on about her craving for her own restaurant and Billy calms her down by saying that he's only been cautious. So cautious in fact, he's up in Kate's flat rekindling their love. They are nearly caught by Nicola though who is glad to learn that Billy is leaving the hotel.




Episode: 275 Transmitted: 23-05-02 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Kate and Billy are now guilty about their affair behind Sarah's back and make a joint decision - Billy will tell Sarah and Kate will inform Mark and Nicola. Things at Billy's end are not as simple as that - Sarah has got the champagne out. Not for Billy's stunning revelation, even Sarah isn't that dense. Instead she wants to celebrate the fact that the bank have decided to give her and Billy a loan. He's still got cold feet though about the entire idea and tells her that he wants more time to think about it. So she walks out to give him thinking space.


Over at Kate's apartment, she gathers Mark and an impatient Nicola together to break news of her rekindled love for Billy. Mark tweaks on immediately and strongly suggests that this is not the kind of news to break to his sister, but Kate tells it anyway. As you would expect, Nicola does not take it well and still maintains the opinion that said affair was what killed Patrick. So that means Billy will not be leaving after all.


Eddie is urged by Tracey to go and see his son on the football pitch. He goes that far but bottles out and ends up in the pub instead which is where Tracey later finds him during her routine enquiries on his whereabouts. Eddie later confesses to Tracey about his past and how he thinks that his family will not welcome him back with open arms. It is now Eddie's turn to be supported and Tracey's turn to do said supporting.


Jake continues to dig into Tracey by slating her when she covers for Sarah on reception who is chasing after Billy and also digs into his soon-to-be ex wife prior to her rushing off after Eddie. As she leaves, he hands her the divorce petition which he has finally signed. Of course, he still thinks there's more chance of the world ending than Tracey winning sole custody of Scott but who will win custody of the love-torn child remains to be seen.


Minty and Des get slated by Oona when they reappear in the Knockout Cafe to apologise for their antics the previous night. And then Abbie shows up to rub salt into the wound - she gets a £10 cash-in hand bonus for such good work with Holly. Minty is gutted about that which would have taken £10 off the money he still owes Dave for the pirate radio equipment.


Sam offers Phil his help with the maintenance contract and gains some experience covering reception when Sarah's late in first thing in the morning. Of course, he's thrown off sooner or later.




Episode: 276 Transmitted: 27-05-02 (Monday) Written by: tbc


It is a day of arguments at the hotel. Kate has decided to tell Nicola that she is madly in love with Billy. Nicola is not happy at this revelation and tells Kate exactly what she thinks of it. It's pretty clear that she doesn't like it (and still blames the affair as the cause of Patrick's death) and quickly leaves to the Knockout Cafe to describe her mother as a "low-down dirty scheming cow".


Sarah has an argument with Billy as well over his lack of interest in anything whatsoever to do with her. She soon realises why this is when Nicola inadvertently opens her big mouth and lets slip that Billy is having an affair with Kate. He himself has promised Kate to tell Sarah that he will finish with her but gets little chance when Sarah is in this sort of mood. And then Mark gets involved, torn between the two parties and ends up picking up the pieces. Then Kate has her own little argument with Billy when she learns that he hasn't told her. "I've just been through the worst experience of my life" shouts Kate, in regards to telling her daughter about Billy. Sarah also thrashes Billy's kitchen.


In other departments, Tracey continues to talk to Eddie to stop him drinking himself back into the ground. He cannot bring himself to see his son Paul on the footie pitch and then an exasperated Tracey informs him that if he's going to go back down, she's going with him and orders a large vodka to prove it. It has the effect of driving Eddie out of the pub which was one of the aims at least.


Rocky continues to chase up a potential date on the internet, while Phil takes Nicola down by the lake to one of her late father's favourite places. Unsurprisingly, she breaks down to Phil about how much she misses her father Patrick. Phil decides that this is the perfect time and asks Nicola if she will do the honour of marrying him. First time he was thwarted by Mark, but today he managed to get the question in. But will Nicola accept his proposal?




Episode: 277 Transmitted: 28-05-02 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Tracey’s recovery from alcoholism is going well and with her new-found confidence she tells Kate she plans to fight for custody of Scott, though Kate warns her that Jake is not going to give up without a fight. Tracey is in helpfil mood today when the washing machines break down in laundry and a VIP guest needs his laundry urgently. So Tracey rushes it up to the Booth apartment and does it there. It saves Eddie his job.


Kate tries to patch things up with Sarah with no success - Sarah informs Kate that she's welcome to Billy and then shows him up in the kitchen with a big scene and the throwing of raspberry coulis all over the Head Chef. Boy is Sarah furious at this revelation. Minty is informed of the scene by Des, since the Mint-Meister is working all the hours that God sends to pay off his £550 to Dave for the pirate radio equipment.

News of the kitchen scene filters through the hotel and gets back to Jake. He is furious with his mother for such an affair, even more so when he walks in on a get-together between the pair in the Russell apartment. In fact she is saved by Tracey who comes close to spilling the beans on Beena sleeping with Jake in front of Kate.


Nicola informs Jaz that Phil has proposed marriage and is informed that it is to soon in Nicola's life to consider tying herself down. And that is one of Jaz'a more informed opinions as well. Back down by the lakeside, Nicola informs Phil that she doesn't want to marry him - not in a year or two's time, but she wants to marry him now. So she accepts his proposal of marriage




Episode: 278 Transmitted: 29-05-02 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


The stunningly wonderful Virginia Raven returns to Crossroads today after her world cruise and is only back ten seconds before throwing herself back into her old job as the receptionist of Crossroads. She finds Des on reception covering for Sarah after she runs off in a flood of tears (see below), throws him off and takes over. Ever the professional. "I see standards have slipped while I've been away," says Virginia.


She has bought gifts from her cruise for the Russell family, in particular one Patrick Russell. It falls to Rocky to have to break the news to Virginia about Patrick's heart attack, and it also looks like he's going to have to be the one who tells her about Kully's departure, Mandy's death and Doris's retirement as well. Still, there is happier news on the horizon - Virginia is engaged (she doesn't say if this is to Jonathan or not) and shows off her new ring with joy.


Nicola is determined to storm ahead with plans to marry Phil as soon as is practically possible. Phil has a trip up to the registrar office but comes back with news that Nicola needs her parent's consent to be able to marry as she's only 16 and a witness as well. Already we get into slightly dodgy terrority here as Nicola has plans to forge her mother's signature on the marriage consent form. Her experience in these matters dates back to detention slips from school.


Phil informs Rocky about the success of the proposal and also asks him to keep quiet on the matter for the time being as well. Phil is not too sure about the prospect of a registar marriage, we think he wanted a slightly more glamorous wedding. Jaz tries to convince Nicola that she is too young for marriage, after Nicola gets a sample copy of her mother's signature to use for forging purposes at a later date.

Elsewhere, Sarah has nothing more to say to Billy when he comes knocking in order to explain everything. She snaps at him to get lost and then breaks down on reception and runs off in tears. Mark follows her and comforts her as well - they both have experience in regards to loving somebody else then losing them. Sarah losing Billy, Mark losing Louise Dixon. And because they can relate, they get closer together physically in the mouth-to-mouth department.


Minty meanwhile has come up with a foolproof (his words, not ours) plan to clear his debt. He has taken yet another credit card and has plans to sell Aston Villa football shirts with forged signatures on them. Sell them for £25 a shirt and shifting 22 of them will clear a £550 debt. This will be fun, Des is nowhere near confident at being able to pull this idea off at all.




Episode: 279/280 Transmitted: 30-05-02 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


All rejoice please - it's a specially extended episode of Crossroads tonight. And why is (or was) it extended I hear you ask? Well, the following happened:


Brian Noakes arrives back in King's Oak having escaped from prison, or to be more accurate, he escaped while being transported to a jail nearer the court in which his trial will take place. So he comes back to King's Oak for just one thing - his wife Julie. She herself earlier ran to the hotel to tell Rocky, Phil and Nicola this piece of bad news. Rocky, meanwhile, has arranged an internet date with "Maureen28", a being from an internet chatroom. He is just considering which tie to wear when Julie goes into labour with her baby. So Rocky is hence forced to stand his date up.


Phil learns that Julie was in labour all night and so the hospital want to do an emergency caesarean for the health of the baby. Fortunately the baby comes out okay and it's a baby boy. Phil is dead chuffed at the prospect of a new baby brother. While he's gone to break to the news to Nicola, Brian comes into the ward and Julie awakens to find him holding her baby. We learn that she plans to call her new baby Stuart, a name that (fortunately) Brian agrees with.


On the way back to the hospital with flowers, chocolates and balloons to celebrate the new child, Phil hears Brian in the ward and immediately alerts the nearest nurse who contacts the police. He himself throws himself into the thick of the action after Brian demands Julie to get up and dressed after what must be no more than an hour after the operation. So unsurprisingly Phil throws himself at his stepfather but ends up nearly being throttled himself as Brian is too powerful in this situation. In their fight, the ward is scattered with equipment caught as they beat each other black and blue. Brian eventually runs off when the police arrive and Rocky shows up shortly after when an irate Phil tells Rocky that he'll end up killing Brian at some stage.


Elsewhere in Phil's life, he is getting married to Nicola, her who has forged the entire process on her side of the deal. They also take a trip back down to the registery office and make plans to be legally married. And of course Kate still knows nothing about it and according to Nicola, she doesn't need to know.


Minty's plan to sell football shirts at £25 a shirt does not go down well with anybody. He tries flogging them to Dave, Joanne, Virginia (perhaps "how would you like to give your man the best surprise of his life tonight?" wasn't the best sales-pitch line to use), Sam, Phil, and Jake. Jake is tempted to buy one for his son until Scott gets it in his own hands and is quick to deduce that it's a fake. He proves it by easily tearing a great hole in the shirt, but even then he wasn't swayed by the signature. Minty and Des between them manage to sell the grand total of zero. Zilch, nowt, none, nothing. So much for £300 in the back pocket then, looks like continuing to work two jobs to pay that debt off then.


Ray has returned to Crossroads as well. He learns that Sam now has his old job and also his old girlfriend. Needless to say, he's not best pleased but gets an excellent reception amongst the staff. Going down to the Knockout Cafe, he is introduced to Abbie who also gets offered money for babysitting Holly. "It's not about the money, I just like babysitting" replies Abbie when Minty questions her sanity about turning payment down for the babysitting.


Elsewhere, Mark spent the night with Sarah and is then rudely awakened by Kate at seven in the morning. She invites him down to breakfast in the apartment and then sees Sarah and is quick to put two and two together. Mark himself wants more than a one-night stand with Sarah though and tells her that. Downstairs, Kate breaks the news to her favourite (read: only) grandson Scott about her and Billy. This boy is just generally happy about anything that doesn't concern him directly - Scott has no problems whatsoever with Kate seeing Billy, in fact the only drawback is that Billy is a Celtic supporter, not an Aston Villa supporter. However, if it makes his grandmother happy, then it makes Scott happy too.


And finally, Tracey and Jake continue to bicker over who will win custody of their son. Insert 15 reasons here why Jake should win and insert 15 reasons here as to why Tracey should win. Meanwhile Virginia makes peace with Oona at the cafe.


Following this episode Crossroads was not broadcast for the whole of June 2002 – to allow for coverage of the World Cup. It seems that the cliffhanger from 279 would have been too much to bear for a whole month – so the decision was taken to roll 279 and 280 into one bumper episode!














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