Features: Episode Guide: May 2001


The following episode guide details events that occurred on-screen during May 2001.  



Episode: 042

Production Block: 9 - TX: 01/05/01 (Tuesday)

Written by: Rick Waghorn

Directed by: Michael Kerrigan


Although Phil is very much the “hero of the hour” after seeing off the intruders, the new found heroism seems to have had little effect on Patrick who demands a full report from he and Rocky. Nicola is pleased when Phil tells her that Sean has left the hotel – but this is more like wishful thinking than a statement of fact. Sean decides to take a sight-seeing trip around the hotel and stops off in the bar to liberate a bottle of whisky.


It appears that Adam Chance isn’t as well off as he’s been leading Jill to believe – He uses a “Doctor On Call” sign to avoid paying for parking, and has his credit card refused in the local florist. Sarah Jane gets further information about Adam’s cash flow situation when she overhears a conversation with his financial advisor. It seems her suspicions about his motives for trying to get back with Jill are true.


Jake spies an opportunity to spend more time with Sarah Jane when Patrick asks him to look after the hotel for the weekend while he takes Kate on a romantic birthday trip to Prauge. He engineers a trip to Euro-Disney for himself, Tracey and Scott – although he has no intention of actually accompanying them.


Sean persuades Phil to join him on a plan to scam some cash and run off to the delights of Ibiza. A whisky-addled Phil agrees to it, while poor Nicola is left waiting for him in his room.





Episode: 043

Production Block: 9 - TX: 02/05/01 (Wednesday)

Written by: Terry Kyan

Directed by: Michael Kerrigan


Sean and Phil wake from their boozy night celebrating. On returning to the hotel Phil is all ready to hand in his notice when Rocky reveals that his probationary period is over, and as a full National Insurance paying member of staff he tells him that he is truly beginning to make a new life at Crossroads. This is enough to remind Phil of the life he wants to leave behind. Sean gets angry when his oldest friend says no to Ibiza.


In the King;s Oak Café, Bradley and Daniel aren’t finding it any easier to live with each other, especially since the handyman’s hair takes so long to wash. In an attempt to get him out of the bathroom Dan sets of the fire alarm. Bradley can take consolation from the fact that Doris reckons he’ll make a wonderful dad one day.


The Chance charm offensive continues, with the hotel smoothie now luring Jill into marriage with some lush honeymoon brochures offering Caribbean beaches. Sarah-Jane gets wind of this and accuses him of faking being rich to her mother.


Jake’s devilish plan for a whole weekend with Sarah-Jane continues to work when he agrees to “shadow” Mark at the hotel although he is racked with quilt over his plans to send his family off to Paris. Scott sees is as a rare opportunity to spend some quality time with his father. He says "Can we go on the rollercoaster? Just you and me, dad?” Jake is forced to agree.




Episode: 044

Production Block: 9 - TX: 03/05/01 (Thursday)

Written by: Jonathan Evans

Directed by: Michael Kerrigan


In the Booth household Scott is devastated when Jake breaks the news of his "conference" to Tracey and Scott who then explodes with "I knew it was too good to be true, I KNEW this would happen."


A nervous Adam arranges to meet with Jill. In an attempt to stop Sarah Jane from revealing the extent of his financial difficulties he tells her a story about an unpaid consignment of wine. By appeaing as the “honest victim” he can admit his cash-flow diffulties without looking like a crook. The resulting conversation works out massively in his favour when Jill takes this as a sign that Adam is a changed man. He never would have opened up like this in the old days.


Phil’s friend Sean is still lurking in the hotel and discovers a memo advertising casual work in the laundry. He forces Nicola into getting him the position by pretending that he and Patick are old family friends. Naturally Virginia falls for this. Nicola is furious about this and becomes more distrustful of Phil’s mysterious past.


There is much to-ing and fro-ing about the weekend’s conference. Jake’s determined to stay behind to help with it (and spend time with Sarah Jane of course); Mark decides that he is ready to take on more responsibility at Crossroads and is determined to handle it on his own to prove himself to his parents. Eventually Jake wins out and Mark is made to feel small.


Adam gets the opportunity to turn the tables on Sarah Jane when he finds our about her romance with Jake...







Episode: 045

Production Block: 9 - TX: 04/05/01 (Friday)

Written by: Ian Puleston Davies

Directed by: Michael Kerrigan


Sean continues to cause trouble for Phil. He hasn’t even started work and has already decided to have a lie in. Later he “accidentally” bumps into Nicola in King’s Oak which is enough to frighten her into demanding that Phil do something about the situation.


Jake manages to make things up to Scott when he arranges for Daniel to accompany his son to Euro Disney. Tracey is less thrilled about being a babysitter but knows that it will make her son happy…


The art of romance is truly alive at Crossroads. Kate is thrilled when Patrick reveals that their weekend away is in Prague.


Meanwhile Adam ends up making great progress with Jill, who is pushed into his arms by an argument with Sarah-Jane. At last, by one of the benches outside their (conveniently closed) favourite restaurant, Jill accepts Adam’s proposal of marriage.







Episode: 046

Production Block: 10 - TX: 07/05/01 (Bank Holiday Monday)

Written by: Ian Puleston Davies

Drirected by: Nic Philips


With Sarah-Jane and Jake still enjoying the delights of each other’s company, Tracey has every right to be sceptical about how hard he’ll be working on the hotel while they’re away. With this in mind she decides to surprise her errant husband by returning from EuroDisney a day early to the mild disgruntlement of her son.


Tracey is not the only one baying for a fight with Jake. His brother Mark is angry that he’s trying to take the credit for all the hard work on that important conference that was held over the weekend.


Others in the hotel have marriage on their minds. Sarah-Jane is absolutely furious when she discovers that her mother has accepted Adam’s proposal of marriage. And Phil’s sinister friend Sean tries to get Chloe on his side. His continuing presence is putting a strain on Phil’s attempts to build himself a new life away from his dodgy dealings in Newcastle.





Episode: 047

Production Block: 10 - TX: 08/05/01 (Tuesday)

Written by: Carolyn Sally Jones

Directed by: Nic Philips


Kate and Patrick get a nasty surprise when they return Prague to find Sean has managed to get a job in the hotel laundry. Kate seems especially shocked when Virgina reveals that he came with a personal recommendation from none other than Nicola Russell herself. Still in shock from Sean’s less than professional welcome, Kate and Patrick argue with Mark when they find him taking a nap in their apartment. Little do they know that Mark has been working all weekend while Jake is nowhere to be seen.


In the laundry Kully seems to be struggling with her biology revision. Despite Doris’ best efforts she can’t even remember where the bile duct is. How would Doris know? Elsewhere in the laundry, new girl, Suzanne seems to be after anything in trousers, be it hotel guests, Phil or even Bradley. Doris – keen as ever to see her nephew married off encourages this and even fakes a problem with a washing machine so that Bradley can meet her. Needless to say the only way Bradley can ward off her advances is to reveal that she’s not exactly his type…


Kate finds Tracey upset. It appears that Jake hasn’t bothered contacting her at all while he has been away.


An apologetic Patrick finds his hardworking son in the hotel bar and makes things up to Mark by congratulating him on the plans for the forthcoming Mexican night. Patrick is then stunned when smooth talking Adam Chance asks him to be his best man.


Chloe’s date with Sean seems to be going well until his advances get too forceful. Fortunately Rocky is there to rescue her.






Episode: 048

Production Block: 10 - TX: 09/05/01 (Wednesday)

Written by: Robyn Charteris

Directed by: Nic Philips


An irate Billy causes a scene in reception when the peppers don’t arrive for the Mexican night. Mark impresses his parents by placating Billy, organising some replacements and negotiating a refund. It seems Mark has it in him after all.


Des and Minty are shocked when they find out that Beena has been modeling in a life-drawing class to earn some extra cash to pay for her cosmetic surgery.


Bradley realises that he has tell Doris that he and Tom are more than just flatmates waiting for the right lady. Doris takes the news badly but knows that living a lie to keep others happy would ultimately be the wrong decision for her beloved nephew.


Tired of his old friend’s malign presence round the hotel, Phil attempts to pay off Sean – but will this be enough to send him on his way?


Jill is unhappy that Adam seems to be rushing them towards marriage, but not as unhappy as Sarah Jane who refuses to believe anything good about her future step father. Things come to a head when Adam chooses the middle of a staff meeting to announce that the wedding is next week – and everyone is invited!





Episode: 049

Production Block: 10 - TX: 10/05/01 (Thursday)

Written by: Gupreet Bhatti

Directed by: Nic Philips


Jake arrives back from his trip away with a gift for his son – but nothing for Tracey. Does he never learn? Tracey gets upset and turns to drink for comfort.


Mandy is impressed by Des when he manages to rustle up a candlelit meal for two in the hotel kitchen. Even chef Billy seems to be feeling in a romantic mood when he offers Des some chicken from the bottom of the fridge – “it will only go off” after all…


Jill is furious that Adam has planned the whole wedding without her although she soon comes round to the idea of becoming Mrs. Chance for the second time. The old smooth talker assures her that a quick wedding would be best… He has been waiting for 13 years to get back together…


Tom reassures Bradley that he has done the right thing by finally revealing the truth to his Aunt Doris. Despite things being out in the open, relationships are still rocky at the King’s Oak café. However things begin to settle down when Daniel asks Bradley to help him with his Design Technology project – an all singing, all dancing games console holding chair.


Jake starts to worry that balance of power at the hotel is tipping away from him. He taunts Adam that the hotel business is a young man’s game – but Adam takes the wind out of his sales by declaring that experience counts for everything. It seems the battle for supremecy has only just begun…





Episode: 050

Production Block: 10 - TX: 11/05/01 (Friday)

Written by: Gupreet Bhatti

Directed by: Nic Philips


Things are clearly moving on for Adam and Jill when he spends the night with his ex wife / wife to be. Despite their relationship moving up a gear she still hasn’t seen his apartment – strange when she intends to move in after the wedding. His latest excuse for not showing her around is a business appointment – although things look decidedly quiet for the (not very prosperous) wine supplier as he settles with a whisky…

Sean hasn’t taken the hint and is still hanging round the hotel after all. It seems that Phil’s money was not enough to get rid of him – although he might as well not be there for all the use he is. Rocky ends up doing all the work himself. Later Sean frightens and threatens Nicola in the hotel grounds.


Mandy tells Des that although she enjoyed last night, it can’t go any further. Later she collapses in the laundry in front of a concerned Virginia. Could it be that Des has given her food poisoning?


Tracey’s drinking appears to have annoyed Jake – Ironic since he is the cause…


Jake tells Sarah Jane that he is ready to divorce Tracey and be with her. She doesn’t want to be responsible for breaking up a family but he urges her to join forces with him and take control of Crossroads.







Episode: 051

Production Block: 11 - TX: 14/05/01 (Monday)

Written by: Jenny Lecoat

Directed by: Stephen Butcher


Sarah-Jane and Adam continue to spar. She manages to get her mother to go crazy on his credit card in the bridal shop, while he tells her mother about the affair with Jake. Jill is shocked as only a woman about to embark on a fourth wedding can be.


Jake keeps trying to talk to Tracey about a divorce but is thwarted at every turn. Sarah-Jane is sceptical about him doing this, and isn't sure if Jake wants her or just her mother's share in the hotel.


Pampered princess Nicola is shocked by Phil's apparent ease with violence. He eventually confesses to having beat up his mum's boyfriend and talks of the violent environment he comes from.


The rest of the hotel is getting in a lather about the wedding. Kate's presented Adam with some different budgets, of which he only presents the cheapskate option to Jill. Virginia's got a favourite outfit, but unfortunately Rocky's dog Ebony mistook the elegant pink slingbacks for a chew toy.





Episode: 052

Production Block: 11 - TX: 15/05/01 (Tuesday)

Written by: Jenny Lecoat

Directed by: Stephen Butcher


Jill spends a restless night worrying about Adam’s revelation that Sarah Jane and Jake have been having an affair. She confronts her daughter in the hotel office. Sarah Jane at first denies it outright, then admits to having had a brief fling with Jake but swears that it’s now over. Jill believes her. Later Jake tries to make Sarah Jane jealous by flirting with an attractive hotel guest – it seems to work and he is spurred into action. This can only mean bad news for wife Tracey…


Later Jill speaks to Kate about the buffet option she has seen for the wedding. It all seems a bit simple for her tastes. Kate realises that Adam must have shown her the cheap option and asks Jill to speak to her fiancé. Slippery Adam manages to convice Jill that since most of the guests will be hotel staff anyway it wouldn’t be worth laying out anything fancy. Reluctantly Jill agrees although there is some good news for the bride to be when she asks a thrilled Doris to be a witness at the wedding.


Things seem to be progressing between Bradley and Daniel when the handyman spends the whole night making a prototype chair. His efforts are rewarded when Dan receives a B+. To celebrate Bradley buys his new family pizza – its just a shame that Tom has promised him sausage and mash.


Mandy is distraught when she finds out the result of a pregnancy test. She is pregnant. Tracey is even more distraught when Jake announces that he wants a divorce.







Episode: 053

Production Block: 11 - TX: 16/05/01 (Wednesday)

Written by: Lisselle Kayla

Directed by: Stephen Butcher


Tracey refuses Jake's request for a divorce and is suspicious about him and Sarah-Jane. Poor little Scott overhears them discussing it and runs away, distraught. His ultimate fear regarding his bickering parents has finally reared its ugly head.


Meanwhile our lissom receptionist is still causing problems between Jill and Adam. Mr Chance has problems of his own. Jill gives in to the cheaper wedding option but is surprised to learn that Adam has delayed payment.


Mandy visits a nurse who gives her the stark choice about her pregnancy: keep the baby, adoption or termination. Beena has a boost to her surgical enhancement funds when she puts money on a horse tipped by Rocky. This irks Billy who thinks of himself as king tipster.







Episode: 054

Production Block: 11 - TX: 17/05/01 (Thursday)

Written by: Liselle Kayla

Directed by: Stephen Butcher


Although preparations for the wedding are in full swing, Sarah-Jane is still trying to get Jill to call it off. Jill’s vulnerable to persuasion as she’s perturbed by his repeated mentions of her share of the hotel.


A pre-nup dinner with Kate and Patrick degenerates into a slanging match between Sarah-Jane and her prospective stepdad.


Tom is finding the unexpected visit of his aunt and uncle difficult to deal with. They don’t know he’s gay and are making unwelcome comments about the way he’s bringing up Daniel.


The eve of the wedding turns into farce when Jill discovers Nicola frolicking with Phil in the salon Jacuzzi. She snitches on them to a furious Kate so it looks like the sack (yet again) for our handsome porter.





Episode: 055

Production Block: 11 - TX: 18/05/01 (Friday)

Written by: Tracy Brabin

Directed by: Stephen Butcher


Preparations for the wedding are in full swing although Patrick is bemused by the fact that all the guests are hotel staff members. Doris calls round to visit Jill just to make sure that her old friend really is making the right decision. Sarah Jane tells her mother that if she pulls out – even at this late stage she will stand by her.


Still reeling from the discovery of Nicola and Phil in the hotel Jacuzzi, Patrick has sacked Phil – but does he really want to make an enemy of his daughter’s boyfriend? Nicola decides she would rather be with Phil and the young couple decide to run away from the hotel together…


Jill is clearly still feeling uncertain as to Adam’s motives and arrives late for the wedding. She hesitates over her vows but goes through with it. Could it be second time lucky for the new Mr and Mrs. Chance?


While her new husband’s speech is in full swing, Jill goes off to find Sarah Jane. During their heart to heart Jill reveals that she has decided to sign her share of the hotel over to Sarah Jane as a way of making up for lost time. In the new air of open-ness between them Sarah Jane admits that she initially came back to Crossroads for the money. An upset Jill runs back to the reception. Her new husband is furious when he discovers that his chance to get the hotel has slipped through his fingers once again. Jill is seen hesitating whether to complete the transfer forms…


Phil and Nicola’s hunt for money has proved fruitless. How will they afford their new life together? Phil goes to visit Jill – still furious that she was the one responsible for telling Patrick about him and their daughter. Jill is nowhere to be seen but he finds her discarded wedding ring on the bedside table and takes it.


Adam is seen scouring the hotel grounds for his missing wife. Has she run out on him yet again?





Episode: 056

Production Block: 12 - TX: 21/05/01 (Monday)

Written by: Nandita Ghose

Directed by: Judith Dine


Tensions are running high all over the hotel. As Adam waits for a sign from his missing wife, their wedding presents remain unopened. In the Russell household neither Patrick or Kate can relax as they wait for news of their missing daughter who is having to learn to “slum it” in empty buildings – not quite the 4 star luxury she is used to.


Jake attempts to get Tracey interested in renting a small house in King’s Oak – all part of his plan to clear the way for Sarah Jane. However Tracey doesn’t seem interested in moving out just at the moment. Later both Scot and Tracey end up in tears in the bathroom. If Jake was expecting an easy separation he can think again…


At the King’s Oak café Tom and Daniels Aunt and Uncle call in for a visit – yet another set of relatives that are unaware of Tom’s sexuality – and while Tom and Bradley are grateful for the odd spot of babysitting – it can only be a matter of time before they find out.


Jake persuades Sarah Jane to look for the share – transfer document in a “last ditch” attempt to stop Adam from claiming any right to Jil’s 30% share in Crossroads. She finds the form in the wardrobe but hides it from Adam who is busy phoning round Jill’s friend for clues to his wife’s whereabouts.





Episode: 057

Production Block: 12 - TX: 22/05/01 (Tuesday)

Written by: Helen Eatock

Directed by: Judith Dine


Mark arrives in Newcastle looking for clues about his missing sister’s boyfriend. Phil’s stepfather wastes no time in revealing the news that the young runaway has been in trouble with the law many times before  –most recently for attacking him with a baseball bat.


Tensions reach breaking point between Adam and Sarah Jane as he accuses her of forging Jill’s signature on the transfer documents – but since we didn’t actually witness them being signed we will never know.


There is some good news for Doris who is temporarily promoted to “Acting Housekeeper” while Virginia fills in for Sarah Jane on reception.


Nicola and Phil move out of the abandoned building into a B&B, which although grotty is still a step up from the night before. It is just a shame there’s only enough to pat for a single occupancy and the bathroom is down the hall…


Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Bob continue to get in the way at the King’s Oak café but it enables Daniel to make mischief as Tom tries to keep his relationship with Bradley under wraps.


Adam continues to wait for news from Jill, whilst on a night out, Kully, Des, Minty and Beena are devastated to find something white floating in the lake…





Episode: 058

Production Block: 12 - TX: 23/05/01 (Wednesday)

Written by: Helen Brandom

Directed by: Judith Dine


Kate accompanies Sarah Jane as she formally identifies the body found in the lake as her mother. On

returning to the hotel she gives Adam - who is busy looking at proofs from the wedding album – the

awful news. For one brief moment they are united in grief.


Nicola and Phil get themselves jobs in a greasy spoon making beefburgers, although the café owner is far too busy at the bookies to spend any time showing them the ropes. Nicola angers Phil, when despite his best efforts to save the precious cash they have, she goes out and buys a top. Old habits die hard for a rich girl. Later Nicola worries about how her parents are feeling when she reads about “The Lady in the Lake” being discovered in a local newspaper.


Mandy becomes tired while clearing a bedroom and has no choice but to confesses to Kully that she is pregnant.


In an attempt to throw them off the scent – Tom introduces Bob and Sylvia to “girlfriend” Beena. Bob seems impressed with his nephew’s taste – even if she is from foreign climbs (well Solihull actually, but Syllvia won’t hold that against her)





Episode: 059

Production Block: 12 - TX: 24/05/01 (Thursday)

Written by: Peter Milligan

Directed by: Judith Dine


The police are called in as Kate and Patrick continue to panic over Nicola’s disappearance.


DS Garland begins to interview Adam and Sarah Jane about Jill’s death. Des and Minty take advantage of the situation by putting their feet up after their session with the police. .


Bob and Sylvia – now staying at the Crossroads Hotel deliberate over what to buy Daniel as a present. Doris can only suggest a cricket bat but reveals more than she should when she congratulates Tom’s relatives about being so “modern” – much to their confusion. Bradley is concerned that his aunty has unwittingly revealed his and Tom’s secret.


Mark lets slip that he knew about Phil’s biolent past. Patrick can’t believe that his son has kept this vital information from him and takes a punch. Kate is devastated as her family continues to fall apart.





Episode: 060

Production Block: 12 - TX: 25/05/01 (Friday)

Written by: Peter Milligan

Directed by: Judith Dine


Jake and Tracey finally seem to be talking sensibly about their separation as they share a late night drink on the sofa. In the heat of the moment they share a kiss. Maybe there is something there to save…


Bob and Sylvia say their goodbyes as they leave Dan in the care of his big brother once again.


Billy is furious that the temporary staff drafted in to cover while everyone else is at the inquest fail to show up. Ever the practical one – even in times of personal stress, Kate suggests that she, Patrick and Jake do their fair share in the hotel kitchen. Needless to say Billy enjoys the opportunity to lord it over Jake just for once


During the inquest into Jill’s death, Kully, Adam and Sarah Jane all give evidence. Adam produces a stunning performance that would convince even the most hardened judge that his wife had been driven to suicide – but the testimony from the coroner puts a stop to this theory – as well as the water in her lungs, Jill had suffered signs of a struggle before her death. In his opinion it appears that she was murdered.





Episode: 061

Production Block: 13 - TX: 28/05/01 (Bank Holiday Monday)

Written by: Chris Fewtrell

Directed by: Peter Rose


Following Jill Harvey’s murder, the hotel is besieged by journalist and murder squad detectives. The news is clearly bad for business and it is all Jake can do to stop the remaining bookings from canceling – even the offer of  a 10% discount takes a while to convince some worried customers.


Doris and Sarah Jane reminisce about Jill and life at Crossroads while Rocky delivers Adam his newly printed wedding album. Things seem to be weighing heavily on Adam’s mind – could this final  link to his wife tip him over the edge?


Meanwhile Phil and Nicola are finding things tough living in a squat, but not as tough as Tom who seems to spend all of his time defending himself from well meaning Bob and Sylvia – who have recently bought Dan a set of “blades”. A nervous Tom points out that they forgot the safety gear!


DS Garland asks for the use of a conference suite to interview the hotel staff about the murder of Jill Harvey. During discussions with Patrick he suggests that there could well be a link between the disappearance of Phil Berry and the murder. Things are not helped when Rocky lets slip that Phil isn’t the squeaky clean young man he would have everyone believe.





Episode: 062

Production Block: 13 - TX: 29/05/01 (Tuesday)

Written by: Chris Fewtrell

Directed by: Peter Rose


DS Garland continues his investigation into Jill’s murder and Phil’s disappearance – convinced that the two events are in some way linked. His suspicions are roused when overhearing Jake and Sarah Jane talking – could they have more to do with events than they are letting on?


The teenage runaways are not enjoying life on the road – the squat is hardly the most hospitable of environments and the temporary job they have found washing plates in a café doesn’t pay well. Feeling guilty about having left her parents with no contact, Nicola goes to a telephone box but chickens out at the last minute.


Beena and Kully continue to speculate as to who might be the father of Mandy’s baby while Adam speculates that the signature on the share transfer form may not be genuine – His lawyer tells him that it is his only hope of gaining control of Jill’s share from Sarah Jane.


Tom’s fears about Daniel’s new blades appear to have come true when the young boy suffers cuts and bruises to his hands following a fall. In an attempt to cheer up Daniel, Bradley buys a whole range of safety gear – and even blades for himself. Daniel is impressed until he realises that Bradley will be muscling in on time he wanted to spend with his brother.





Episode: 063

Production Block: 13 - TX: 30/05/01 (Wednesday)

Written by: Rupert Laight

Directed by: Peter Rose


After a row with Tom, Daniel phones his Uncle Bob and Auntie Sylvia. While not directly spilling the

beans about his brothers’ relationship he does unfortunately let slip that Tom and Bradley spend a lot of time snogging.


Rocky loses his temper over some rubbish that has been left in the car-park. The truth is that he is missing Phil and is annoyed that everyone else seems to be blaming him for the murder.


DS Garland convinces Kate to make an appeal on television in an attempt to jog peoples memories or convince Nicola to contact them. Kate and Patrick reveal that Nicola is missing to the hotel staff. In the discussion that follows it appears that Phil has the support of several staff members including Sarah Jane Harvey herself.


In a café Nicola and Phil see Kate’s emotional TV appeal, but things get worse when the news reader reveals that Phil is prime suspect in the murder of Jill Chance.


Dan’s shock revelation leads to an unexpected visit from Sylvia and Bob. They are clearly not happy that their young nephew is being brought up in such an environment.





Episode: 064

Production Block: 13 - TX: 31/05/01 (Thursday)

Written by: Richard Davies

Directed by: Peter Rose


Yet again Kully and Beena try to guess the identity the father of Mandy’s baby. Neither of them believe the story that it is just a random bloke from King’s Oak –its hardly Mandy’s style after all…


There’s good news for Mark when Kate and Patrick offer him a promotion as a birthday present. Finally the wayward son has settled down it would seem. Just as well considering Nicola’s absence and Jake’s extra marital affairs…


In the Russell’s apartment the police monitor all phone calls in an attempt to trace Nicola. DS Garland informs Sarah Jane that the forensic teams are studying Jill’s signature on the Share Transfer document as the first test has proved inconclusive. Sarah Jane later tells Jake that she has had enough of their fling. Could it be that she has set her sights elsewhere?


Des has a shock when he overhears Kully and Beena talking about Mandy’s baby. Reeling from the discovery that Mandy is pregnant, Des quizzes her about the baby - but she can’t bring herself to tell him that Billy is the father and he naturally ends up believing that the baby is his.