Features: Episode Guide: March 2003


The following episode guide has been written (where possible) after re-watching the episodes in question. These episodes feature screen captures alongside. Where there is a guide that is accompanied by images of the title sequence it means that the episode has not been viewed and that alternative sources have been used. Previous episodes can be found HERE





Episode 036 / 356 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 03/03/03 (Monday) – Written by: Steve Matthews – Directed by: Steve Finn

Guest Star: John Bowler as Ethan Black


To say that Max is furious in regards to his son's scam attempt is putting it mildly. Breakfast at the Samson apartment is a cocktail of silent chewing and storming out.


Elsewhere, Joe is devastated to learn that his father is suffering from lung cancer and has only months to live. He swears revenge on the man responsible (i.e. Max). Unfortunately his revenge has to be put on hold as he has jobs to do… He spends all day fixing the jacuzzi.


Joe later has a drink with the Samson clan (who have patched things up over a drink in the bar) but rapidly leaves when Max claims never to take advantage of somebody when he's down.


Tracey has a go at Dave, painting a sorrowful picture of having waited for an hour in the cold for him to turn up when all along he was at Oona's surprise engagement party. Oona herself is trying out her new wedding veil and now wants the wedding to be bought forward. Dave is secretly reluctant to do this.


Meanwhile Rocky offers to cook Virginia lunch, while the Wise sisters remain convinced that Betty is the right girl for Rocky. They convince Betty that it would be in her best interests to help Rocky prepare his romantic meal.


Over the course of the day, Ryan gets a suspicious phone call from a man with a muffled voice. He is invited to a meal at the Pomme d’Or restaurant. Ryan initially refuses, but the mention of suspicious activity at the casino convinces him to accept. Jimmy also receives an invitation to eat at the restaurant. It is from Ethan Black. Both boys keep the invitation secret from their father.


Later, Angel tells Max that he needs to return to their apartment. There has been a delivery – a wreath – and on it is a card “Max Samson RIP”. On the reverse is an invitation to the Pomme d’Or at 1:30….”









Episode 037 / 357 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 04/03/03 (Tuesday) – Written by: Helen Crawley – Directed by: Steve Finn

Guest Star: John Bowler as Ethan Black


Angel is still upset at the wreath received yesterday, but Max is determined to meet his old enemy, Ethan Black.


When Max arrives at the restaurant it soon becomes clear that Ryan and Jimmy have also been booked at the meeting place for the same time and they're all sharing the same lunch.


Eventually the boys are sent packing – but not before Ethan has the chance to gloat about saving Jimmy from his suicide attempt. The spat between Ethan and Max rises to the point of Ethan threatening Max and his family. Ethan resents Max for telling the police that his father was responsible for the death of his mother (thus maxing him an “orphan”. Max informs his old enemy not to threaten his own wife and children as they are his biggest strength.


Meanwhile, Virginia tells Rocky that she will be unable to join him for supper so he is forced to bring forward their date to a lunchtime one. Virginia reels off a list of raw ingredients that she doesn't like. Unfortunately Rocky has got every single one of them!


Rocky asks Lola for help (for the sum of £10, providing that he doesn’t mention anything to Phil). When Betty finds out, she agrees to help her friend and orders Lola to return the money.


Betty arranges for the meal to be served in the (extremely cold) orangery. Virginia is impressed – until she finds out that the food has been cooked by Betty Virginia then claims to have indigestion. Rocky suggests a big burp will help.


Elsewhere, Joe is still playing around with the Jacuzzi and also bites Cleo's head off in the process. She meanwhile receives a necklace from her mother Angel.


When Ryan and Jimmy return from the lunch, the former has to contend with Beena gawping at him from the reception desk. She seems to be making it clearer than ever before that she has her eye on Ryan… but unfortunately he doesn't have his eye on her.


Later that evening, some sense of harmony appears to have been restored in the Samson family. Max promises Angel that he will continue to be a good husband and father…









Episode 038 / 358 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 05/03/03 (Wednesday) – Written by: Davey Moore – Directed by: Steve Finn

Guest Star: John Bowler as Ethan Black


Max an Angel decide it is time to tell their children about the bitter rivalry between their father and Ethan Black. Max reveals that he, Ethan, Kate, Angel and (half brother) Vic were once friends. Max tells them that in the 1970s he spoke to the police concerning the suspicious death of Ethan’s mother – believing that his father was responsible. He also reveals that Ethan’s father killed himself while in prison.


Elsewhere, Virginia speaks with Betty about the meal she shared with Rocky the day before. She calls the food bland and fatty (fully aware that it was Betty that had cooked it!)


Rocky however decides that he should give Betty a card to thank her for her efforts.

Virigina is forced to retract her comments when Rocky reveals that she knew that Betty was the cook. They discuss the fact that it was cold in the orangery. “Warmth doesn’t just come from blankets and cardigans Betty” gloats Virginia. “No – an extra layer of fat helps” Betty retorts under her breath!


Joe reveals to Phil that he has feelings for Cleo, and that he is considering leaving the hotel, rather than carrying out his promise to get revenge on the Samson family.


Ryan, Jimmy and Cleo are sharing a family drink in the pub. Beena tries to gatecrash, but Ryan informs her that it is for family members only. Later, Cleo finds Beena crying in the toilets and she confesses that she is in love with Ryan.


Lola and Beena bicker over Ryan, the latter jealous, for want of a better word, about the former's friendship with him.  Ryan returns from the pub and tells Virgina and Beena that he is going to the Jacuzzi for some “double bubble” – i.e. the Jacuzzi and champagne! Lola is just about to go off duty and decides that it would be a great time to go for a quick soak as well! Beena is inevitably jealous and decides to follow her…


Beena finds Lola in the jacuzzi with Ryan. She pretends to Ryan that there is a phone call for him and he leaves. The two women argue over Ryan - and Beena gets pulled into the Jacuzzi fully clothed. They fight. Water goes everywhere. Kate rushes in…..








Episode 039 / 359 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 06/03/03 (Thursday) – Written by: Lindsey Hill – Directed by: Steve Finn

Guest Star: John Bowler as Ethan Black and Paul Shelley as Stafford Wynter


Angel and Kate discuss the events from the previous day – more specifically the fight between Beena and Lola. Angel tells Kate that she will leave all staffing decisions to her.


Lola admits to Betty that she has enjoyed the security of working at Crossroads, and that she will miss it if she is forced to leave. Beena walks into the staffroom sporting a bruise to her face. She tells Lola that Angel is unimpressed.


Later Beena tells Ryan that Lola attacked her because she is obsessed with him. Ryan falls for the deception and tries to let Lola down gently. Later he thanks Beena for her advice and agrees to go for a drink with her.


Joe has made up his mind to leave Crossroads - under the impression that getting revenge on Max would turn him into a clone of the man he hates so much. He goes to the health spa to speak to Cleo,  but can’t find the words that he needs. he tells her that she can keep his coat from a few days before. He does manage to say “goodbye” to Phil who informs Cleo second-hand.


Cleo decides to follow Joe on her bike. Her journey takes her along a muddy path, where she is splattered by a passing tractor. She eventually finds Joe and is all set to tell him exactly how she feels about him when he is called away to see his father Stafford in hospital, leaving her stuck on the top of a big hill with only her bike for company.


Rocky tells Betty that he doesn’t feel worthy of a relationship with Virginia, since he is neither sexy, clever or rich. She tells him that he doesn’t need to be Don Juan, Bamber Gascoigne or Richard Branson – and that he is lovely just as he is.


Kate has a meeting with Lola and Beena. They get to keep their jobs.


Stafford and Joe discuss Max Samson again. Staffod tells Joe that revenge can only be a bad thing. He asks Joe to leave so that he can get some rest. As Joe leaves Stafford’s room, he is approached by Ethan Black…










Episode 040 / 360 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 07/03/03 (Friday) – Written by: Pete Turner – Directed by: Steve Turner

Guest Star: John Bowler as Ethan Black and Paul Shelley as Stafford Wynter

Karaoke: “From a Jack to a King” sung by Roger Sloman as Rocky Wesson


Oona is on the telephone to Tracey – which scares Dave half to death – worried that the truth about their affair might come out. As it turns out they are discussing preparations for his wedding to Oona. Although she is excited by a winter wedding, he seems less keen.


Beena sits down in the staff room, and proceeds to tell Lola that she is going to go out for a drink with Ryan. Lola is unimpressed. If anything she appears to feel sorry for Beena.


Outside the hospice Ethan reveals that he knew Stafford as a young man, and that Stafford and Vic Barnes were friends. He tries to convince Joe that getting revenge on Max Samson would be the right thing to do…


Ryan tells Cleo that he is going for a drink with Beena, and that he will drop her if a better prospect comes along. She tells him to be nice.


Betty and Phil discuss their love life. Phil asks Betty whether she thinks she will find someone else. Betty doesn’t think that she will. Later Phil is surprised to find that her friend Joe has returned to the hotel. He seems harder following his meeting with Ethan and is particularly rude about Phil’s baby, William. Phil tells him that she was sad at the prospect of him going, but even more sad that he has returned.


At the pub, Dave and Oona continue to discuss the wedding. He seems less keen than ever. Meanwhile Rocky suggests to Virginia that since they already share a house, they should consider sharing a bed. She appears appalled at the suggestion. Beena and Ryan’s non-date goes well. Whilst Ryan is at the bar, Beena steals a handkerchief from his pocket. Rocky does a “turn” at the karaoke.


Later, without warning, Beena stands up to leave. Ryan suggests that she stay – clearly the sight of her in her little black dress has appealed to him… She refuses to stay and pecks him on the cheek.


Oona finally twigs that Dave is not as keen on the wedding as her. She begins to cry.


Back at her room it is revealed that Beena has created a huge shrine / fire hazard to Ryan Samson complete with candles.  She places the freshly stolen handkerchief on the shrine and kisses a poster sized photograph of him goodnight.









Episode 041 / 361 – “tbc”

Recorded 17/02/0209/01/03 / Originally scheduled for Transmission: 03/03/2003

Part of Shooting Block 9 (Episodes 41-45)

Transmitted: 10/03/03 (Monday) – Written by: Alan Pollock – Directed by: Brian Morgan

Guest Star: None


A shifty looking Dave makes a sharp exit from Tracey’s room at the hotel…. He arrives back at the pub just in time to cover himself with a blanket before Oona comes downstairs. She believes his story that he has slept on the sofa and tells him to go upstairs where it is warm. Oona tells him that the delivery is going to be late and suggests that they have half an hour spare…


At the hotel Ryan offers Beena a copy of his room card. The obsessed receptionist takes him up on the offer… and then takes his watch while he is out! Obviously this is to be another souvenir for her strange shrine.


Vince arrives back at Murray's home prior to his death. When he walks in he sees a message “If you get back before me, don’t forget to water the plants” It begins to hit Vince hard now about his boyfriend's death and a visit from the gas man doesn't help matters either – especially when the unwitting gasman wipes off the handwritten message.


Back at the pub, Oona causes Dave further upset when she invites Tracey over to discuss the wedding. As Tracey tells Dave, she is Oona’s friend – what else can she do?


Helen returns to the hotel following her trip to Florida with gifts for Vince and Murray (baseball caps!). Vince verbally attacks Helen for lack of support.


At the pub, Betty overhears Oona and Tracey talking about Dave’s lack of interest and she suggests that she make her grandmother’s love potion to spice things up. Tracey doesn’t look to happy about this suggestion, but it gives rest of the women something to laugh about.


Elsewhere Cleo tells Ryan she's worried about Angel what with Max being away in Amsterdam.


Vince turns up at the pub to apologise to Helen. He suggests that it should have been him in the car, not Murray.












Episode 042 / 362 – “Something Wicked This Way Comes”

Recorded 17/02/0209/01/03 / Originally scheduled for Transmission: 04/03/2003

Part of Shooting Block 9 (Episodes 41-45)

Transmitted: 11/03/03 (Tuesday) – Written by: James Stevenson – Directed by: Brian Morgan

Guest Star: John Bowler as Ethan Black


Joe catches sight of Angel as she leaves to play tennis. She has to keep herself occupied whilst Max is out of the country. He suggests that there are other ways of keeping occupied – more “interesting” ways. It seems that Angel has had similar ideas and agrees to meet him later…


Such is Angel’s preoccupation with the prospect that she doesn’t see Kate approaching the hotel – neither does Kate see Angel’s car – as she is too busy looking at a mysterious Black Mercedes that is parked up outside. She later discovers that the car belongs to Ethan Black.


When Kate does eventually make it into the hotel she is met by Helen, who is worried about the disappearance of Vince following his alarming admission the night before.


Ryan tells Beena that his watch has gone missing (unaware that Beena is in fact wearing said timepiece). He suspects one of the wise sisters – and asks Betty to question them. Betty is unimpressed by this request but agrees to do it – more tactfully. She does this 0 but still manages to upset Phil in the process.


Vince visits Murray’s grave and breaks down – admitting that his fling with Garth meant nothing.


In the hotel, Oona asks Betty whether she is ready to make her love potion – Since Betty is carrying a mysterious leather bound tome with a pentagram on the front we assume that she is! Rocky overhears their conversation and asks whether Betty would be willing to make some for him so that he can give it to Virginia. Betty tells him that she is not going to help him any more.


Kate isn't happy to see Ethan Black hanging around outside Crossroads – after several months.  She gets into his car and discuss their previous relationship. There is a suggestion that they were once young lovers. Ethan tells her that he is glad that Max gave her the money to pay him off – since the debt might have got in the way of their friendship. He invites her for dinner. She refuses, but he tells her that she will be there…


At Murray’s house, Vince prepares to swig alcohol and take handfuls of pills until he feels Murray’s hand on his shoulder. He immediately feels more settled and calm. He later turns up at the hotel and reconciles with Helen. He tells her that he and Murray wanted her to become a surrogate mother for a child.


Elsewhere, Joe and Angel get it on in Joe's room but after the event she informs him not to breathe a word of it.


Kate returns home to her room at the pub and is devastated to find Ethan has let himself in. She is shocked to discover that he in fact owns the pub. His behaviour is predatory and threatening but he does eventually leave. On his way out he introduces himself to Helen – and tells her that they will meet again…











Episode 043 / 363 – “Sex, Lies and a Videocamera”

Recorded 17/02/0209/01/03 / Originally scheduled for Transmission: 05/03/2003

Part of Shooting Block 9 (Episodes 41-45)

Transmitted: 12/03/03 (Wednesday) – Written by: Paul Farrell – Directed by: Brian Morgan

Guest Star: John Bowler as Ethan Black


Ethan Black is hanging round outside the hotel. He is just in time to see Kate arriving. Kate accepts a deliver from the postman. Meanwhile Betty is rummaging in amongst the bushes for various herbs and leaves.


When Kate arrives in reception, Virginia reminds her that all packages should be delivered around the back of the hotel. Kate points out that it is a (late) birthday present for Scott (from Jake) and that it made sense for her to sign for it. Just then Betty arrives looking disheveled.  “And here’s another package that should have been delivered round the back” quips Virginia.


In the staff-room, Joe apologises for not meeting Cleo for coffee the day before. (He neglects to mention that he was busy sleeping with her mother!)


Meanwhile, Oona catches up with Tracey in reception. Tracey is shocked when she asks her to be her bridesmaid. Scott appears and Tracey hands him the gift from Jake – which turns out to be a video camera. Scott seems angry that Jake is trying to make up for being absent by buying expensive gifts.


Oona next goes to visit Betty to find out whether the love potion is ready. Betty tells her that she will need to wait. Rocky is also desperate for a few drops of the mixture – to help him and Virginia…


Scott is playing truant in the pub – with Dave’s blessing it would seem, since they are playing darts together. Dave somehow manages to persuade Scott to go to school in exchange for the opportunity to make some money filming his upcoming wedding. As Scott leaves, Ethan Black returns to the pub. Ethan sees the poster advertising Helen’s karaoke nights. Dave introduces Ethan to Helen and she apologises for throwing him out the night before.


Helen and Ethan later share a bottle of champagne and he asks her to sing in his nightclub.


In the health spa, Ryan shows off his muscles to Cleo and Beena. Beena tells him that Joe’s six-pack is better – which annoys Ryan. Cleo points out that if she continues to show Ryan the cold shoulder it will make him desparate to be with her.


In the pub Kate is impressed when she sees a bunch of flowers that has been delivered for Helen from her “new man” – They are apparently her favourite kind. She is even more jealous when Helen reveals that she has been invited to the opera to watch “Carmen” – This is apparently Kate’s dream date!

In the back room of the pub Scott asks Dave and Tracey to pose – as if they were getting married so that he can practice filming. Dave tells Scott to phone Jake from the telephone in the bar. Scott is grateful and puts down the camera… Unfortunately he forgets to switch it off and it records the two illicit lovers in a clinch…








Episode 044 / 364 – “Boil and Bubble”

Recorded 17/02/0209/01/03 / Originally scheduled for Transmission: 06/03/2003

Part of Shooting Block 9 (Episodes 41-45)

Transmitted: 13/03/03 (Thursday) – Written by: Tom de Ville – Directed by: Brian Morgan

Guest Star: none


Helen is on a high following her date the night before. She is humming music from “Carmen” and dancing around the bar.


Outside the hotel Joe catches up with Angel, who gives him the cold shoulder. She tells him that she is capable of cutting off dead wood. He gets the message and decides to change tack in his vendetta against Max…


Vince arrives at the pub and invites Helen to a special lunch at the hotel restaurant. She agrees. Later Vince asks Helen whether she would be willing to go though with the surrogacy…


Dave goes into the back room of the pub and discovers Oona on the telephone to the wedding florist. She is canceling the flowers. She tells Dave that she doesn’t want to go through with the wedding if it is going to upset him. Dave also apologises for not being very active in the bedroom. Oona tells him that she is working on that department…


Cleo and Joe arrange to meet up later in his room. Cleo looks through Angel’s wardrobe for something to wear. Angel is thrilled that her daughter is showing an interest in boys. Cleo reminds her mother that the last boy she fell in love with was cruel enough to sleep with her mother. Angel doesn’t yet know that she has just unwittingly repeated the offence with Joe Lacey!


Oona and Rocky are both thrilled to discover that Betty’s love potion is ready – since it has turned from its alarming green colour… into an alarming pink colour.


In Joe’s room, Cleo tries to act sexy. Things are going well between the two of them. Cleo lets her guard down and begins to reveal her true feelings towards Joe. He decides that he can’t hurt her and shouts at her – telling her that he can’t be trusted – This forcing Cleo to leave the room. A visibly distraught Joe collapses on his bed.







Episode 045 / 365 – “That Old Black Magic”

Recorded 17/02/0209/01/03 / Originally scheduled for Transmission: 07/03/2003

Part of Shooting Block 9 (Episodes 41-45)

Transmitted: 14/03/03 (Friday) – Written by: Julie Everton – Directed by: Brian Morgan

Guest Star: Roger Sloman as Hilary Wesson (Scripted as Leslie Wesson)

Karaoke: “Young Hearts Run Free” and “All by Myself” by Shauna Shimm as Phil Wise.


Cleo catches Joe’s eye as he works in the gardens around the front of the hotel – but she is upset at the way he treated her the night before – unaware that he was trying to protect her from his wish to hurt Max.


Inside the hotel, Betty reveals to Phil that she is going to be taking a break, since she has had enough of trying to attract Rocky. Later Betty goes to the pub to present Oona with a sample of the love potion she has been preparing. Oona then returns back to the hotel to share it with Rocky…


In the pub, Ryan offers Helen the chance to go with him to watch Craig David perform at the NEC. Helen turns him down – she has a better offer – a charity dinner with her mysterious new man. Ryan is not too disappointed – he then offers the tickets to Beena – who mistakenly sees this as a sign that they are soul-mates (since Craig David is apparently her favourite artist).


Joe apologises to Cleo, and tells her that he is in love with her. She is not impressed. Later Joe telephones Ethan Black…


Oona plans a romantic meal for Dave (with secret ingredient in his wine). Dave has already arranged to meet Tracey and slips away before the drink has any effect – leaving Oona distraught. We can only presume that by the time he arrives at Tracey’s room it IS having the desired effect…


The love potion also fails to work properly on Virigina, who is too busy watching Phil perform at the karaoke to have a drink. Rocky walks off, believing that he has no chance with the object of his affections – however he later realizes his mistake and returns to the pub… only to find Virgina a little excited and in the arms of his twin brother, Hilary!











Episode 046 / 366 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 17/03/03 (Monday) – Written by: Chris Fewtrell – Directed by: Ray Kilby

Part of Shooting Block 10 (Episodes 46-50)

Guest Star: John Bowler as Ethan Black / Roger Sloman as Hilary Wesson

Karaoke: “Cry Me A River” sung by Lucy Pargeter as Helen Raven (in Ethan’s club)


Dave arrives back at the pub after an evening away with Tracey. Despite the late hour Oona is waiting for him. He is terrified when she tells him that she knows what he has been up to, but soon relieved when she accuses him of gambling his money away. He goes along with it – It is clearly a better option than telling her the truth.


In the staff room, Virginia apologises to Rocky for leaping on his brother the night before. Rocky returns the apology and is forced to admit that he added some of Betty’s love potion into her drink.


In the spa, Helen and Ryan share a Jacuzzi. She admits that she is loving the lifestyle that goes along with her mysterious new boyfriend…


Rocky and his brother, Hilary,  share an uneasy cup of coffee in the bar. Hilary promises Rocky that he wouldn’t have gone anywhere near Virginia if he’d have known that Rocky was interested. Rocky tells Hilary that he is tired of having to apoligise for his actions.


After her spa, Helen asks Kate whether there is a possibility of getting her nails done for her singing spot at her boyfriend’s club. When Kate hears that the club is called “Noir” (i.e. Black) she puts two and two together and realises that Ethan is trying to get at her through Helen – It makes sense – her favourite flowers and an evening at the opera… Helen doesn’t listen to Kate’s warning and suggests that she is in fact jealous.


At the club, Joe Lacey tells Ethan that he has no intention of working for him. Ethan suggests that Joe has got a little too close to Cleo – and tells Joe that he will wait for him to come round.


Rocky asks Tracey for advice on how to woo Virginia. Tracey suggests that he try to be a little more like Joe – mysterious, handsome and biking… Rocky is enthused by this idea. Later he suggests to Virginia that they go somewhere tomorrow. She agrees.


At Virginia’s house, Hilary goes round stealing items of jewelery and cash.


Ethan presents Helen with a white satin dress and diamond necklace for her performance. He also suggests that Helen wears her hair up. A little too controlling perhaps…?


Oona decides to tackle what she suspects is Dave’s gambling, by spending all of his money on an expensive holiday to the Maldives.


At the end of the evening, Helen and Ethan share a kiss…







Episode 047 / 367 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 18/03/03 (Tuesday) – Written by: Chris Fewtrell – Directed by: Ray Kilby

Part of Shooting Block 10 (Episodes 46-50)

Guest Star: John Bowler as Ethan Black and Roger Sloman as Hilary Wesson


Helen wakes after a night at Ethan’s mansion. She crosses the bedroom and looks out over the extensive grounds. Her happiness is not to last. He tells her to leave immediately, leaving the expensive necklace and white dress in the room. When she goes up to change she sees an old photo of Kate wearing the same (or similar) dress and necklace.


Virginia is less than impressed when she finds out that Rocky’s idea of a grand day out is a loan of Joe’s bike to take them to her favourite restaurant. Virginia refuses on several grounds – not least the fact that Hilary will be left home alone. She tells Rocky that it will need to be a table for three – or a table for one. He has no choice but to comply.


Proving that love doesn’t run smoothly in King’s Oak, Tracey is horrified to discover that Oona has booked a romantic holiday for herself and Dave. Needless to say he gets an earful as soon as Oona isn’t around. Helen arrives back at the pub – upset at how she has been treated by Ethan. Kate looks after her.


It seems that three is most definitely a crowd – and Rocky is very unimpressed by the way that Hilary has gate-crashed his date – and that he seems to be much more successful at wooing Virginia!


Ethan sends a bunch of white lilies to Kate at the pub, and she is forced to telephone Max – could she be about to  reveal just how involved she once was with his nemesis?...







Episode 048 / 368 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 19/03/03 (Wednesday) – Written by: Brian Marshall – Directed by: Ray Kilby

Part of Shooting Block 10 (Episodes 46-50)

Guest Star: Roger Sloman as Hilary Wesson


Responding to Kate’s phone call, Max storms into the pub, through the bar and into her room. Ryan is surprised to see his father, and furious to discover that Ethan has upset his friend Helen. He is desperate to take revenge but Max convinces him that this would be a bad idea.


Hilary persuades Virginia to show him an example of her signature under the pretence of carrying out some handwriting analysis. It is clear he has another reason for seeing it – when he starts practicing it in the bar!


Betty returns to the hotel and sees Hilary present Virginia with a “friendship” ring. She assumes that it is Rocky presenting a ring for another reason.


Vince continues to pressure Helen into making a decision about surrogacy. She is furious with him for his lack of compassion and slaps him round the face.


Helen turns up at Ryan’s room to find him just coming out of the shower. They kiss.


Dave promises Tracey that he will tell Oona that he is not going to go on the romantic holiday to the Maldives.


Beena lets herself into Ryan's room where she finds that Ryan and Helen have been in bed together. She thus retreats to her room and destroys the shrine built to him… before breaking down…







Episode 049 / 369 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 20/03/03 (Thursday) – Written by: Justin Villiers – Directed by: Ray Kilby

Part of Shooting Block 10 (Episodes 46-50)

Guest Star: Roger Sloman as Hilary Wesson


Brothers they may be, but close family they are not. Hilary and Rocky continue to argue over Virginia – although it seems that she has fallen hook, line and sinker for his charms.


Dave is suffering from affairs of the heart. He answers a phone call in the pub. It is Tracey – demanding that he tell Oona about their affair immediately. He agrees, but is distracted when he walks in on Oona looking at photographs of old holidays. It stirs up memories of family holidays with their daughter, Mandy. She tells him that she loves him. He tells her that he loves her too.


Cleo berates her brother Ryan over his “indiscretion” over Helen. She tells him that Beena is in love with him and urges him to apologise to her. Reluctantly he agrees, but is pleasantly surprised when Beena takes it positively. In fact she seems fine with the situation!


Betty catches Virginia and Hilary canoodling by the statue. She mistakenly believes that it is Rocky with a strange accent and a Virginia inspired makeover. Later she discovers that he is Rocky’s brother. Hilary spends the afternoon writing himself cheques from Virginia’s account.


Kate is still suffering following Ethan’s renewed presence in her life. Max is supportive and tells her to take the rest of the day off. Angel is unhappy about this and goes to visit Kate. She cant understand why Ethan would be out to get Kate – after all, Max was the one that told the police about Ethan’s mother’s murder.


Rocky tries to apologise to Virginia over his recent behaviour over Hilary – and all seems to be going well until she tells him that Hilary has given her one of their mother’s rings. Rocky knows that this is a lie – and loses his temper. Later he finds Hilary in the pub and warns him off…










Episode 050 / 370 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 21/03/03 (Friday) – Written by: Justin Villiers – Directed by: Ray Kilby

Part of Shooting Block 10 (Episodes 46-50)

Guest Star: Roger Sloman as Hilary Wesson

Karaoke: “Something Stupid” performed by Luke Roberts as Ryan Samson and Lucy Pargeter as Helen Raven


Early morning in the Raven household… Rocky catches Hilary leaving early. He becomes suspicious and follows his brother to the local post office, where it becomes clear that Hilary has been stealing money from Virginia. Eventually Hilary confesses that he needs the money to pay off some rather dangerous people. Rocky agrees to let him keep the money if he agrees to leave Kings Oak. Later, Rocky transfers £2000 of his own money into her account. Unaware of this, Virgina is devastated to find that Hilary’s clothes are missing from the house. Needless to say she blames Rocky for running his brother out of town.


At the pub, Dave and Oona are preparing for the holiday. Oona shows off two new swimming costumes, and presents Dave with a replica of the shirt he wore on their honeymoon. Tracey has had enough of waiting and gives Dave an ultimatum. He MUST tell Oona that he is not going on holiday with her. Dave tries his best, but leaves it until the taxi is outside the pub to fake a back injury. Oona has no choice but to agree to cancel the holiday. Dave has succeeded – but nor for long…


Beena catches up with Ryan and Helen over the course of the day and suggests that they all go to the pub that evening as friends. Could it be that she is “over” seeing the two of them together? Not likely!


Virginia receives a telephone call, warning her to stay away from Hilary – it is from a woman that sounds suspiciously like Kate Russell, but it is not shown who it really is… maybe Hilary’s real life partner? We’ll never know. Virginia asks Rocky if they can get back together – she can be his again. Rocky tells her that the only good thing to come out of Hilary’s visit is the realization that she was never “his”.


Ryan, Helen and Beena arrive at the pub, and the two friends sing “something stupid” on the karaoke. Beena is clearly raving mad – and starts slashing Helen’s new jacket.


Scott comes round to the pub to sit with Dave and they watch the footage that he has filmed so far. Dave falls asleep before the incriminating evidence of his and Tracey’s affair is shown on screen – but Scott is most definitely not amused…









Episode 051 / 371 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 24/03/03 (Monday) – Written by: Jeff Dodds – Directed by: Stephen Moore

Guest Star: none


Kate is emotionally wrecked. She has been receiving silent calls on her mobile all morning. Eventually she can’t face answering it again and hands it to Beena. This time there is a voice on the other end – an engineer explaining that there is a fault. Later she is spooked and feels that someone is watching her from the bushes as she takes a break. Actually it is Scott – playing with his camera again.


Max catches up with Kate and tells her to stay strong. She tells him that it is difficult since Ethan owns the building she lives in. Max gets onto a contact and arranges somewhere to stay in an apartment that he owns. He offers this to Kate, but she sees it as an attempt to buy her – which makes him no better that Ethan in her eyes.


Helen is furious about the damage that has been done to her new jacket – unaware that the vandal was Beena. Ryan offers to get his friend to fix it – he is good with leather apparently! Jimmy sees the funny side anyway. Once the jacket has been fixed Beena asks whether she can borrow it. Helen agrees, but Beena merely continues the damage she already started. The shrine to Ryan has also been repaired. Her infatuation is far from over…


Scott catches Dave and Tracey in each others company several times – which makes his discovery of their affair on his video camera even worse. He dwells on it and watches it over and over again. Each time he gets more angry at the deception.


Angel is unhappy to discover that Cleo has feelings for Joe. Max doesn’t seem bothered, but she takes matters into her own hands and warns him off. She threatens to tell Cleo that she has slept with him if he doesn’t call things off. There is nothing he can do but agree, later telling Cleo that he doesn’t have feelings for her.


Jimmy and Belle bond over some old movies – not exactly a date, but romantic nevertheless.


Scott confronts Dave and Tracey over their affair – the video evidence is damning and undeniable.


Kate again refuses Max’s help. he is furious that she has turned him down again. Max tells her that from now on she is just another employee…






Episode 052 / 372 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 25/03/03 (Tuesday) – Written by: xxx – Directed by: xxx

Guest Star: xxx


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Episode 053/ 373 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 26/03/03 (Wednesday) – Written by: xxx – Directed by: xxx

Guest Star: xxx


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Episode 054 / 374 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 27/03/03 (Thursday) – Written by: xxx – Directed by: xxx

Guest Star: xxx


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Episode 056 / 375 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 28/03/03 (Friday) – Written by: xxx – Directed by: xxx

Guest Star: xxx


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Episode 057 / 376 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 31/03/03 (Monday) – Written by: xxx – Directed by: xxx

Guest Star: xxx


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