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The following episode guide has been written (where possible) after re-watching the episodes in question. These episodes are immediately obvious because they feature screen captures alongside. Where there is a guide that is accompanied by images of the title sequence it means that the episode has not been viewed and that alternative sources have been used.





Episode: 230 Transmitted: 04-03-02 (Monday) Written by: Carolyn Sally Jones


The agony continues for Sarah when she is told by the police that there is no trace of Adam’s body in the aftermath of the fire.


There’s a fond farewell to Chloe as she says goodbye to Crossroads and begins a new life in Tenerife.


Meanwhile hotel porter Phil begins to tire of his job and wants to set up a car valeting business at the hotel.


And as events in the crypt have obviously heightened emotions between them, Billy amazes Sarah by telling her he loves her.




Episode: 231 Transmitted: 05-03-02 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Sarah confides in Beena over Billy's announcement yesterday that he loves her. It's partly to do with the fact that Sarah thinks she can't love him back in the same light, but because that Sarah thinks to love another human would be being unfaithful to her previous husband Andrew, who died in a boating accident. However she soon makes up for it by finding Billy in the kitchen, apologising for being "a silly cow" and then proceeding to have a passionate embrace with him. Meanwhile Kate confesses to Mark that she is still in love witih Billy, and is distraught to see him with Sarah.


Meanwhile Bradley decides that he has had enough of living in King's Oak and announces that he wants to move away to London. Jake is pleased to hear this when Bradley hands in his notice, but poor Doris blames herself as the reason to why Bradley wants to move away, which isn't really the case at all. Other people believe that the real reason is to escape memories of Tom Curtis, who moved away to Manchester with his brother Daniel last year. This suggestion Bradley snaps at, probably not the right thing to say to him at this time.


Elsewhere Ray and Mandy make plans to move out of the Knockout Cafe and into Oona's old council flat. Oona suggests to the wedded couple that they should go to the Town Hall to get their baby Holly registered and then Mandy suggests that they also go and have Holly Christened as well. Ray snaps at this decision and orders Mandy to stop hassling him, she gauds him with "I reserve the right to put your name on the Birth Certificate". This doesn't stop Ray spending more time with Joanne, however.





Episode: 232 Transmitted: 06-03-02 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Mandy is knocked down by a car.


Mandy is left shell-shocked when Ray tells her he will never love her.


In her highly distressed state, Mandy runs out into the car park only to be knocked down by a car and rushed into hospital. Her condition is serious.


Doris announces her retirement and fondly remembers her early days at Crossroads. But things turn sour when Tracey, drunk again, blurts out news of her failed fling with Bradley during Doris’ retirement speech.


Tom turns up and accuses Dave and Oona of slacking at the K.O café and threatens them with the sack





Episode: 233 Transmitted: 07-03-02 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Everyone at Crossroads is in shock at Mandy’s accident and left wondering whether she will recover.


But while Mandy is in hospital, Ray finds comfort in the arms of Joanne.


Jake harangues Tracey about her drinking and neglect of the salon, pouring a bottle of vodka over her head.


Meanwhile an angry Bradley strongly denies he ever had an affair with Tracey and rekindles his relationship with Tom.





Episode: 234 Transmitted: 11-03-02 (Monday) Written by: tbc


There are mixed fortunes for Ray whose problems with the Stocks family continue when Oona brands Joanne a home-wrecker for having an affair with him.


But there is also relief as Ray is formally discharged from the Australian army – the authorities have fined him rather than deciding to send him to prison for desertion.


Bradley and Tom spend the night together before leaving Crossroads for good.


Sarah and Billy talk about their future together and consider life away from King’s Oak.





Episode: 235 Transmitted: 12-03-02 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Oona and Dave enjoy a special anniversary meal out, but are left devastated upon their return home. Mandy has died from a brain haemorrhage.


Joanne gives Ray an ultimatum saying he must leave Mandy sooner rather than later.


The biological clock is ticking for Sarah who wants Billy to father her children. He fears he may be too old and is worried about the results of a sperm test. But he does now know that he is Holly's father.




Episode: 236 Transmitted: 13-03-02 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Kate breaks the news to Sarah and Billy that Mandy has died. Billy is dumbstruck, having been to see her only a few hours earlier. The staff of Crossroads are all in some form of shock over the death. Mandy's mother Oona takes it pretty badly.


Oona demands an explanation from the hospital as to why they discharged her daughter in the first place. It is here that they learn that Mandy died from brain death due to internal bleeding and the pressure from the bleeding caused the death. Even if they had brought Mandy back, there would have been no guarantee that she wouldn't have died anyway. Poor Oona is left with memories of her darling daughter down the children's ward of the hospital, Dave regrets not spending more time with Mandy as she was growing up.


When Ray arrives to hear what the doctor had to say, he hears what Oona has to say instead. She rips into him and makes her feelings quite clear that she blames him head on for Mandy's death, linking it back to the argument they had prior to the car accident. "You just about murdered my daughter as far as I'm concerned" she says. Ray tries to defend himself and Oona orders him to get out of the house.


Ray confesses his feelings to Joanne and explains that to go running into her arms is not going to look good in light of the current mourning at the Stocks residence. Needless to say, the impatient Joanne is not pleased at this but quickly realises how insensitive she was at this.


Meanwhile a new visitor turns up at Crossroads - Roger Morrissey, an old friend of Kate. And as first impressions are everything, he paints two of them - one for Kate and one for Beena. Kate sees him as a long lost friend while Beena sees him as somebody with limited memory capability and a mobile phone glued to his ear. He turned up claiming to do some fishing and then when he was leaving with his gear completely forgot he was carrying any!


Mr Morrissey later has a drink in the bar and, never one to miss such an opportunity, Tracey joins in and, as you would expect, drinks far too much. Kate finds out that Tracey is flirting with Roger and Jake is drafted in to escort his wife out, she replies by throwing her glass at him as he comes down the stairs. As Jake escorts her off, she has another snide at Beena about the so-called affair going on between her and Jake. Kate tells Tracey off for causing a scene and apologises to Roger.


Minty confesses to Des about how he regrets meeting Jenny so soon, particularly since she slips little "miss you" notes into his kitchen uniform




Episode: 237 Transmitted: 14-03-02 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Tracey made the decision to go to the school's PTA meeting today. As if turning up late wasn't bad enough, she also arrived drunk. This leads to her making a spectacle of herself amongst the other parents, even more so when she dubs the chairwoman as a "stuck-up cow". Mike Kitson is giving a speech on improved facilities at the school and is humiliated to new depths by Tracey's antics. She has an argument with him in front of everybody and then wants to know why everybody's staring at her!


Scott comes out of school and sees Mike and Tracey arguing. He gets the wrong end of the stick and doesn't hesistate to dub Mike as a "Perv" either. After getting hacked off at this public argument which has just been witnessed by his peers, poor Scott runs back into the school with his peers laughing at him.

He comes home early having been in another fight at school. Scott tells Jake about Tracey's public debate in the playground and how he took a swing at his peers over their teasing of him. Jake gets an account of Tracey's escapades over the phoneline and is stunned. After sending Scott away (complete with boy giving mother dirty look as he leaves the office), Kate and Jake have no choice but to tell Tracey that if she can't control her drinking then it would be wise if Scott had no more contact with her. This Tracey isn't happy about and storms out in tears at the idea.


Minty and Sarah listen in on Mr Morrissey and get the impression that he's a DTI inspector. Minty rushes to shut down his pirate radio station, MAD FM, in mid broadcast. Beena, who was on the air at the time, tells him that she's got better things to do with her lunch hour anyway. Meanwhile Minty has also lost his room key, but finds it in his room complete with heart shaped balloons. Jenny had taken it and decorated his room for him in balloons. Minty was pleased. We think.


Meanwhile Ray is ripped into again, this time by Joanne. He tells her that it's not right to sleep in Mandy's old room at this time, a suggestion Joanne is not happy with. Ray walks off and later apologises for this in the kitchen, only to be interrupted by Des who quite clearly tells Ray that if he hadn't had been so interested in Jo in the first place, Mandy wouldn't have had an accident and so would still be here today. So Ray storms off again.


Poor Oona is not taking her daughter's death very well. Ray comes back on the advice of Dave to see Holly and manages to persuade her that he wants to be there for the baby. Oona meanwhile is told by Dave exactly why he left her in the first place - accusations of boozing, womanising and everything else that breaks up a marriage. This revelation doesn't help Mrs Stocks in her grieving for Mandy, however.





Episode: 238 Transmitted: 18-03-02 (Monday) Written by: tbc


The constant rowing between Jake and Tracey is starting to take its toll on Scott and his refusal to go to school sparks Kate’s concern.


Jake asks Tracey if they can wipe the slate clean, but he still wants her to see a psychiatrist.


Minty and Beena worry that Roger Morrissey is a DTI inspector and will find their pirate radio gear, while Minty’s relationship with his number one fan Jenny gets more intimate.


Dave, Ray and Oona discuss arrangements for Mandy’s funeral





Episode: 239 Transmitted: 19-03-02 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Today was Mandy Michelle Stocks' funeral. As you would expect, it's an emotional affair for all involved. During the funeral itself, Dave was prepared to give a speech in tribute to his deceased daughter but broke down at the start and had to sit back down again, overcome with grief. Des makes a moving speech, tears streaming down his face. Oona loved everything he had to say about Mandy during the service prior to her burial. Things don't get any easier for Oona at the after funeral wake, often feeling worn out and wanting to go home. Joanne doesn't make things any easier when she tells Oona that Ray is not Holly's father.


Des admits to Minty that he was wrong all along about Ray and that all those things he said in about the past about Ray not caring about Mandy were not true - at least not if his actions at the funeral were anything to go by. Minty meanwhile is not pleased that Jenny is thinking about applying for a job of chambermaid at the hotel, but is pleased to learn that Mr Morrissey is not from the DTI after all and that he's not on the trail of the pirate radio station. In fact Mr Morrissey was kissing a policewoman in the carpark just as Minty was about to hand himself in.


Things get worse in the Booth department. Scott is worried that Mike will give him detention for dubbing him a pervert the other day, but ends up going back to school anyway. Jake himself goes to visit Mike at school and urges him to get Tracey to agree to visit the doctor. This Mike does and lets slip that he had been talking to Jake. Tracey is not happy at this and throws Mike out of the flat




Episode: 240 Transmitted: 20-03-02 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Kate is worried at the current position of Crossroads' accounts. She calls the bank to ask for another loan but whether she'll get it depends on how the bank access the hotel's past performance. Things are not helped when Kate finds out that the company who perform tasks such as repairing the roof have gone out of business. Kate grimly informs Mark and Jake that Crossroads could go the same way if they're not careful.

Meanwhile Jenny is really keen to go for the chambermaid position but Minty tells her that since it was Mandy's old job, to apply for it now would seem insensitive to Des. It seems to do the job, at least for now anyway.


Things get worse between Ray and Joanne, she packs her bags and walks out leaving behind only her uniform. Ray finds the empty room and the key to the apartment on the bed. He has to patch things up with Oona and tells them that what Jo said yesterday was actually true - he's not Holly's father. However Oona and Dave decide that if Ray wants to help with baby Holly, then he can do so.


Jake invites a doctor to the apartment to see Tracey. She confides to the doctor about her recent problems and how she feels that she's been such a bad mother to Scott. The doctor prescribes some anti-depressants and rejects Jake's claims that there is more to it than that. Prior to this, Tracey was trying to convince Mike that Jake was trying to destroy her and poision Scott against her!




Episode: 241 Transmitted: 21-03-02 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Kate receives news about her desired bank loan, and is pleased to hear that she has been granted what they call "a mortgage holiday". However, it doesn't change the fact that overheads are still too high and that redunancies are needed. She assigns Mark to draw up a potential list of people to make redundant, a task he's not too keen on.


Joanne makes a call to the Crossroads Office in tears explaining where she's gone and her plans for the future. Part of this plan is to leave the country. Kate hurries out to the airport in double quick time to try and convince her to change her mind about leaving and her opinion about Ray, a man Joanne thinks is never going to change. Mark lets slip about Jo when he sees how worried Ray is and he races to the airport just as Jo's plane leaves - with Jo on it. Dejected, Ray comes back to work with Kate, who berates Mark over his broken promise. Jenny, through no fault of her own, doesn't make Ray's hurt any easier.


In actual fact, Jenny went to her interview with Jake in regards to the chambermaid job after taking advice from Des and Minty. They feed her with "tips" on a very religious basis designed to convince Jake not to employ her. Unfortunately for Minty, that same advice landed Jenny the job, an outcome not welcomed at all by Minty.


Tracey decides she wants to return to work in the salon, though having been away from it so long it's a wonder she knows where it is in the hotel. She uses the opportunity to present Jake with a lawyer's card and announces that she is suing him for divorce and doesn't hesistate to inform him that she's got more chance now of winning custody of Scott due to her voluntary treatment for stress. Which means Scott's going to have a whale of a time in the next few months. Not.


Elsewhere, Nicola begs for money to help the planet but Kate suggests that she work for it, an idea not welcomed by the little madam. Mark lends her the money, then cracks a joke about going into the countryside and training badgers to learn the Green Cross Code and pass their Cycling Profiency Tests.




Episode: 242 Transmitted: 25-03-02 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Minty is concerned that Jenny is beginning to stalk him. As if getting the chambermaid's job wasn't bad enough, he is horrified that Jenny prefers to join him in the kitchen as opposed to where she should be. Jenny, meanwhile, is somehow under the strange impression that Minty is going to get engaged to her. Beena breaks the news to Minty, who admits that such an engagement is the last thing that he wants. Jenny, meanwhile, abuses her position of trust to steal items from a guest room.


Redunancies are potentially in order and Ray moves closer to joining the list when he has an argument with a customer over a 50p piece. Mark asks him to start pulling his weight if he wants to keep the job but he's still frustrated over Joanne's sudden departure. Mark also informs Rocky that Phil could possibly be in line to be made redundant, news that Rocky is upset about. Unknown to him and Mark, Phil has plans anyway to quit his job and move into valeting full time. Rocky tries to drum up alternate business for Phil for when the redunancy day comes and drops many hints as the trio sample Rocky's home made baking in the company of the wonderful Ebony. Phil can't bring himself to tell Rocky about his plans, while Rocky has been sworn to secrecy about the potential redundancy.


Poor Scott has been pushed and pulled between Jake and Tracey that often it's a wonder that he's still in one piece physically. Nicola takes the boy to see his mother in the salon, a move that the pair both enjoy. Jake finds them talking together and tries to peel his son away from Tracey. All he gets is a firm "Wait for me in the car dad". Its the first chance in weeks for Scott to smile and boast about his educational gains at school.


After his football practise Scott demands to know about things as they are and doesn't want any of the "protection" his father has been dishing out. Scott demands to know why they can't be a proper family anymore, is not satisified with the reply, nor with the seemingly pocessive attitude that Jake has towards him. In Scott's mind, Jake's "you're not going back to your mother if I have anything to do with it" attitude pushes him closer towards Tracey. Can't a boy have peace and stability in his life in this hotel?


As if to deliberately make things worse, Jake storms into the salon and has a huge argument with Tracey. He finds her new stash of vodka hidden under the towels and proceeds to berate her over it. "Any judge in his right mind wouldn't give you custody" he gloats. Nice to see that nobody in this entire escapade has asked Scott what he wants. Meanwhile Tracey knocks over a lamp in her vodka filled state. It falls onto a towel which is handily placed to spread a fire around the salon…




Episode: 243 Transmitted: 26-03-02 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


In one of those strange ways that always happens in soaps like this, Kate urges Jake to go and check on Tracey in the salon. It is a good job that he agrees because he smells smoke on the way up, and of course, its coming from the salon. Tracey's lamp overheats and the towels have caught fire. She's in the chair having passed out. As the smoke seeps under the door, Jake throws the door open and carries Tracey to safety in the corridor as the smoke alarm system goes off and Kate races up the stairs to see what on earth is going on. She sees the smoke, gets Rocky to vacate the hotel and call the fire brigade as Des and Phil join in with the fire extinguisher.


Later, when we assess the smoke damage, the salon is a mess. Jake makes it quite clear that Tracey started the fire on purpose (which is technically true) and doesn't hesistate to add that it could have been so easy for the entire hotel to burn to the ground. Tracey overhears this and flees the scene in tears and adds that she wished it would burn to the ground, not happy with life there at all at the moment.


Billy and Des advise Minty on how to get rid of his stalker Jenny. Later, Minty arrives in Room 128 for this special surprise with Jenny and finds that she has taken numerous platefuls of food from the kitchen and is also wearing the (unknown to Minty at this stage) stolen low-cut top. All in aid of what Jenny thinks is going to be a proposal of engagement from Minty. She couldn't be any further from the truth if she tried. Then the fire alarms go off. While checking rooms for any guests that didn't hear the alarms for whatever reason, Mark stumbles into Room 128 and doesn't like what he sees. In fact he explodes and pulls the pair of them into the office after the fire brigade finish their enquiries in the salon.


During this office session, Jenny demonstrates how not to conduct yourself during a disciplinary session which leads to her dismissal. No more than 10hrs into her new job, she's sacked in less than 10 seconds. "You're not going to let [Kate and Mark] talk to me like that are you Minty?" pleads Jenny. "Too right I am!" replies the kitchen assistant, taking this opportunity to tell Jenny that he didn't want her to get the job in the first place and to stay away from him. Minty, meanwhile, is given a reprive from Kate after Jenny with her attitude makes it clear the whole idea was hers and that the thefts were hers as well.


Sarah receives a call from her ocean cruiseliner, her previous employment company. They've offered her a job as a bar manager, but she's not sure how Billy's going to take it. When she tells him, he makes it clear that it must be her decision and that if she wants the opportunity, she should take it. Things have not been helped when Beena made Sarah doubt Billy' commitment to her.


Back with Tracey, she's frantically packing her bags in hurt and upset when she's found by Scott. She finishes packing and runs off leaving Scott in the bedroom a bit unsure about what to do. Grabbing his coat off camera and racing outside past the congregation of staff waiting for the all-clear to go back inside, Scott jumps out in front of Tracey's car to stop her. It could easily have been the last thing he ever did. He jumps into the car with Tracey, makes it clear that he's not letting her go on her own and the pair hence drive out of the hotel grounds. Sarah watches them leave.


Jake hears from Sarah about this and then says "if anything happens to [Scott], I'm holding you, [Kate] responsible". He later tries to phone Scott on his mobile, a move thwarted when Scott's mobile rings - from the other side of Jake's room. Tracey and Scott have gone to Mike Kitson's flat, she pours her heart out to him. Mike calls Jake from the kitchen and unwittingly makes things worse when Tracey overhears this and bundles herself, the baggage and her son back into the car. And again, they drive off deeper into the night.




Episode: 244 Transmitted: 27-03-02 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Tracey and Scott have found a new temporary location while they're on the run from Crossroads. It's an opportunity for them to spend good quality time together even if Tracey does rely too much on the drink at times. Poor Scott can't understand the significance of being on the run for more than one night and tries to get his mother to go back home with no success. He wants to go get some supplies but Tracey stops him, thinking he'll use the opportunity to contact Jake. This he denies and promises that he can and will take care of them both. And so after dark Scott travels to the shops for supplies and returns home to find Tracey asleep. He picks up the phone receiver and is sorely tempted to telephone Jake but bottles out, torn between what Tracey wants and what he knows he SHOULD be doing.


Back at the hotel, Jake receives a tip-off from a petrol station owner who thinks that he served Tracey. It's a good sign for all involved but its not a sign to relax totally. Mike Kitson shows up at the hotel and gets to survey the damage to the salon. He tells Jake that because of the affair he was having with Tracey, he has resigned from his position at King's Oak Comprehensive to go to be a cover Deputy Head at another school. He also tells Jake that Tracey overheard the phone conversation they had as well which explains why she disappeared like she did.


Sarah accepts the position on the cruise liner and tells Billy that the only reason she took it was to see if Billy would stop her. He thought she was referring to something else and this was all a simple misunderstanding. Billy apologises, an action he admits doesn't occur too often.


Somebody not in the mood for apologising is Jenny. Not content on nearly getting Minty sacked previously, she tries to ruin his life in more ways than one. A surprise date to the cinema is one, Minty lets her down hard on this. Things get worse when Jenny decides to cover Minty's locker in graffiti in a revenge attack. He explodes and orders her again to stay out of his life, she gauds him with the common "You'll be sorry" routine.




Episode: 245 Transmitted: 28-03-02 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Scott starts the day with hopeful intentions and finally ends up doing what he should have done yesterday. He gets Tracey to promise that she will try to stop drinking for his sake, a promise that lasts about 20 minutes. She takes another mouthful of vodka in the bathroom just as Scott, waiting elsewhere, declares that he's happy she will stick by her promise and that he'll love her whatever happens.


When Scott sees that Tracey has broken her promise already, he snaps at this and speaks his mind, stating that he thinks his mother loves the bottle more than him. He's sick, he says, of having to pretend that he's never heard any of the fights that his parents have had in the past. Later, close to tears, Scott says he wished he'd never been born.


Later still, Tracey says that she knows of a good place for where the pair can go next - Disneyland, Paris. It involves driving and Scott's got the car keys. Obviously he's too young (and Tracey's too drunk) to drive so he denies her the keys. After screaming at him like a child to get the keys, he persuades her to have a nap before driving. She breaks down, unhappy at how she's let her son down, and eventually falls asleep. This gives Scott enough time and gull to call his worried father. The boy has had enough.


Jake meanwhile explores alternate avenues in his quest for his son, aided in location ideas by the lovely Beena. He's not best pleased when he thinks that Kate is accusing him of being a bad parent. When Nicola gets verbally attacked by him, she retaliates and gets her head bitten off. Jake is out of his mind with worry, not so much for Tracey but for Scott. Kate also learns that Sarah has decided not to take the cruise job. Not only that but she's decided to move in with Billy as well. Kate puts on a show of "Yes it's fine by me", although her desk ornaments wouldn't quite agree with that on their journey to Smashville on the other side of the office.


Rocky takes his dog Ebony out for a walk. While he's chatting to Dave who is out with Holly, Ebony runs off. A subsequent search by Dave finds Ebony's collar, the buckle having been undone. Poor Rocky comes to the conclusion that his beloved dog has been stolen. He contacts the police who take a statement. Phil manages to get Minty to put out an appeal on MAD FM. Rocky works out that Phil had something to do with that.










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