Features: Episode Guide: July 2002


The following episode guide has been written (where possible) after re-watching the episodes in question. These episodes are immediately obvious because they feature screen captures alongside. Where there is a guide that is accompanied by images of the title sequence it means that the episode has not been viewed and that alternative sources have been used.




Episode: 281 Transmitted: 01-07-02 (Monday) Written by: tbc


In the real world's long overdue return to King's Oak and Crossroads, things do not change and of course why should they change? This is soap after all.


Nicola opens her big mouth and decides that today is a great opportunity in which to express her feelings to Billy. She accuses him of wanting to replace Patrick, this he denies but then has to sit back and listen to her "second hand [chef] with a dead-end life" insult. It doesn't, however, stop him inviting Kate back to his flat and eventually to his bed.


Jaz sows the seeds of thought in Nicola's mind when she uses the phrase "Non-violent, direct action" in a conversation. It gives Nicola a bright idea, one of which is sure to demonstrate how Nicola's mind works - action first, think about it later. Action this time is to release rats into the Crossroads kitchen to the astonishment of Jaz. It's all a revenge ploy, of course, against Billy for going with Kate in the first place.


Something else that might be considered a revenge act against Crossroads is the wonderfully non-existant singing abilities that Minty holds. In rehearsal for a karaoke competition, he sings into a snooker cue as if it's a microphone. It's part of his latest plan to pay off his debt but of course Des is sceptical about it. Then they hear Abbie singing along to Robbie Williams and try to persuade her to join in with the karaoke, for of course she has a much better singing voice but no confidence and is certainly not prepared to partake even with Minty as a sidekick.


Jake and Tracey continue bickering over who will win their son Scott. Said son puts paid to the argument by screaming louder than the parents. He then tells them to get on with their divorce and this reaction prompts Tracey to suggest to Jake that they should be more open about proceedings with Scott. So they sit him down, explain things and then break the news to the boy that he will have to make a choice soon about who to live with when the divorce comes through. Putting on a 'do I have to?' expression, Scott says he doesn't want to have to make such a decision.


Sarah walks in on Kate and Billy in mid embrace and quickly walks out again, she later brushes off all of Billy's attempts to make peace between the pair. Sam meanwhile manages to knock £750 off the price of a van for Phil and Julie expresses concern about Brian, though Nicola is more concerned about Julie.




Episode: 282 Transmitted: 02-07-02 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


In a clear case of doing before thinking, Nicola has released the rats into the Crossroads kitchen and brags to Jazz about it. Jazz then goes and picks up on every single hole in Nicola's oh-so-well thought out plan, one key area being that rats will not stay in the kitchen, being nosey little creatures and finding a new world outside the kitchen means they will go explore it and the rest of the hotel, which is what they do after they've finished in the kitchen.


The rats spread disease around the kitchen and make a mess as well which Des and Minty get the blame for. Guests fall ill with food poisoning and storm the reception desk and Mark for an explanation and compensation. News travels fast around King's Oak and soon reaches the Knockout Cafe where trade is picking up and news finally reaches the ears of Nicola "I have a brilliant plan to get Billy sacked" Russell.


Her immediate response is to run home and see exactly what her rats have done. Meanwhile Mark informs Kate of the situation and she rushes down to the kitchen.


Minty spies the cause of the trouble and spins Billy round to observe a rat on the kitchen worktop. It's clearly not the best time to notify everybody that he hates the things so Des scoops a rat up in a bag and holds it up in full view of everybody in the kitchen. Billy tells Kate that there were five rats, they've never had rats before and suggests that it was no accident as to how they managed to get inside.


In other news, Jake and Tracey agree to disagree over their spat and decide that they will exhert no pressure onto their son Scott over who he should live with. Scott meanwhile tells Abbie that he wants to live with Tracey and will offer support to her at the karaoke competition that she is now entering with Des. Scott later tells a delighted Tracey about his wishes but can't bring himself to tell his father.


Jake himself is using Scott's favourite pastimes to win him over in the guise of a football video. He gets to see a letter that Scott received from Victor as well which is a photo of Scott and Victor during the archery session, it's a shame, says Scott, that Jake was not in the picture. Jake, meanwhile, starts a mini-debate over the differences between Aston Villa and West Ham. He suggests the latter are the better team, to this he gets whacked with the sofa cushions by Scott.


Kate calls a meeting with everybody and announces that they have to close the kitchen for three days to allow the pest controllers to decontaminate the place. This also means, due to the rats getting onto the first floor of the hotel at least, that the entire hotel will have to be closed down. Nicola prefers a more radical solution - sack Billy.


Des has arranged a date with Abbie but has to quickly abandon it when he thinks he's got food poisioning as well due to the rats in the kitchen. Rocky asks Julie if she'll move in with him when she leaves hospital and also has to stand "Maureen28" up again due to extended duties due to the rat infestation




Episode: 283 Transmitted: 03-07-02 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Pest controllers are at Crossroads not for a stay but to clean the hotel up after the rat infestation. It's a case of all hands on deck and all staff members are required to assist in the cleanup operation to keep to a minimum the hotel's closure.


Poor Des cannot assist in the clearing up - he's come down with food poisioning and so is couped up in his bedroom. Abbie looks after him and learns that he thinks of her as more than just a friend and wants a kiss but Minty walks in reeking of disinfectant and is urged to go shower by Des. His being ill allows Minty to now enter the karaoke competition although Des promises to be well enough by then to attend himself.


Rocky has an attack of nerves when he sets out to meet "Maureen28" in the Knockout Cafe. It emerges that they have army talk in common although Rocky thinks that she's a bit dull, always going on about what her father (who has been deceased for 22 years) used to say. Dave pulls out all the stops to help Rocky out with this date and is the first to want to know how it's going. Maureen arranges another date with Rocky which is dependent on Julie and whether she'll come live with him after coming out of hospital.


Back in the Booth family, Jake has an argument with Kate re: custody of Scott, worried that his son may see Eddie as more of a father figure than him. He accuses Kate of wanting Tracey to win custody and his reasonings of his other half being a drunkard are now beginning to wear thin. Scott has no problem with Eddie, even if he can beat him at his own computer game.


Jake observes that Tracey and Eddie are going out together and is determined to find out where they go and what they do there. Scott refuses to let on despite Jake's pleas. So if you want something doing, you have to do it yourself - he follows Tracey and Eddie in the car to the support group. There he hears how Tracey convinced him to write a letter to his son Paul and then also learns that his precious son, the only thing that he wants more than the hotel itself, wants to live with Tracey after the divorce.


Nicola has "guilty" written all over her face and is horrified to learn that a potential lawsuit for loss of earnings could be filed against Crossroads which would kill the business. No money is coming in due to the hotel's closure which puts extra pressure on everything. Nicola is also given the pleasure of looking after Scott for a couple of hours and takes him down to the Knockout Cafe where conversation about the rat infestation quickly drives her and an ice-cream filled Scott away




Episode: 284 Transmitted: 04-07-02 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


The clean-up operation after the rats at Crossroads is now complete and the hotel can reopen for business. It will be slow but with any luck business will pick up.


The environmental health people have concluded their investigations and confirm that there was no way for the rats to get into the kitchen and that the only explanation is an inside job. Billy suspects sabotage and immediately accuses Sarah of plotting it in order to get back at Billy for breaking off their relationship. She denies it all and questions why she would want to do such a thing when she ownes 30% of the hotel.


Rocky examines the CCTV footage from the cameras he put in last year and the culprit is easily identified on the tape. It's none other than Kate's own daughter Nicola carrying the box of rats. An irate Kate takes the tape to her apartment and gives Nicola one final chance to confess. It isn't taken so the tape is played. The scene ends with Kate putting her foot down and putting her daughter to work (as well as cutting her allowance) in the restaurant area as a punishment for her crime. It's clear to Kate that Patrick would be deeply ashamed if he was still alive to see this twist in the tale. Nicola gets up to protest but gets slapped from a furious Kate, now pushed one step too far.


Jake confronts Scott with the revelation that he wants to live with Tracey and questions such a decision. Scott doesn't know how he found out about that and doesn't know what to do to please everybody. As Scott is on the way out to football practise, Tracey comes in and he knows what's going to happen next so quickly departs. Tracey informs Jake that to listen in on the support meeting was an invasion of privacy, a view shared with Kate. However Jake thinks that Tracey exherted pressure on Scott to come to that decision and declares war.


Victor Barnes, father of four and wonderful grandfather figure, returns on Jake's whim. Jake wants to clear the air and regrets sleeping with Diane as a revenge ploy. Vic doesn't see her anymore, no thanks to Jake anyway. He thinks he's here to help out the hotel though.


A muddy Scott returns home and is delighted to see his grandfather Vic, clearly a firm favourite. Scott confides more in Victor in three minutes than he has confided in his parents in thirteen years and says that he feels that he can't do anything without upsetting either Jake or Tracey. Victor offers him the chance to come and stay with him for a few days "in the big house with the big swimming pool" blurts an excited Scott who immediately begs and pleads Jake to let him go. He says he'll ask Tracey about it first. "Wicked!". :-)

Meanwhile Sam is wandering the corridors of Crossroads at 4:15am. He passes a sleepy Ray, still slightly jealous about him stealing his girlfriend. We later learn that Sam wishes to sell cigarettes and alcohol, a reason why he also wanted the van and has kept the remaining £250 from the van purchase in order to buy stock




Episode: 285 Transmitted: 08-07-02 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Kate sets Nicola to work in the hotel, determined to stamp out her rose-tinted spectacle view of things because of her being spoilt to death by the late Patrick. Nicola confesses to Phil that it was her who released the rats and gets a earful for cutting his business in half and another earful for whinging about having to work in the first place. During the working day the kitchen staff rub her escapades in because there are no secrets in Billy's kitchen.


Also during this time Nicola tells Kate that she is engaged to Phil by revealing her engagement ring. Kate hauls her and Phil into the office to demand an explanation as to why they have gone behind her back and firmly believes that the pair are too young for such a commitment.


At the Rocky residence, Julie returns to stay there for a few days. She is a bit on edge because of her on-the-run husband but settles down shortly afterwards. Phil has to see Kate (see above) and Rocky has to leave to settle his date with Maureen because he forgot to tell her about cancelling it. He has given Julie a locket with a hospital photo of her and Stuart taken last week. Unfortunately Brian breaks in and kidnaps Stuart.


It is also karaoke night in King's Oak. Minty enters as Barry White (complete with outfit, silly moustache and out of key singing. Barry White would be impressed. Not.) Des and Abbie sing their cover version of classic tune 'Summer Lovin' from hit film Greece. Ray also has a go singing a love song and dedicating it to Joanne. He wins the £250 cash prize up for grabs while Des gets more than that by having a passionate kiss instead with Abbie who he likes very much indeed.


Elsewhere Scott discloses just how much he loves being with his grandfather Victor, so much they've gone to a theme park for the day. Nicola also wins an argument with Kate by announcing that she's pregnant




Episode: 286 Transmitted: 09-07-02 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


There is no breakthrough in the hunt for Stuart, which prompts Phil to berate Rocky for leaving Julie alone for a crucial 45 minutes last night during time Brian was able to kidnap the baby. Julie herself blames her being a bad mother for the circumstances.


Brian calls Phil and offers to return the baby. He arranges a meeting-place in a disused warehouse so Phil (complete with Sam) rush to the scene in the van where Brian discloses that he wants to leave to start a new life in Spain. Phil goads him with the phrase "over my dead body" as Sam sneaks up from behind for Stuart. Brian then lunges again into Phil in order to finish him off for good. Sam picks up Stuart, Phil lays into Brian and the pair run off into the van and flee the scene with an angry Brian banging at the passenger door in a scene rather resembling a road range incident.


Meanwhile Billy continues to order Nicola around as part of her job but she does not pull her weight, preferring instead to hide behind her pregnancy excuse as valid reason for not waitressing. Meanwhile Kate hauls her into the office and it immediately becomes clear that Nicola also hasn't thought out her pregnancy announcement either, looking flustered when Kate announces plans for scans, doctor visits and related procedures and dismissing them immediately. For Kate however, there is a chink of light in the works when Billy reveals that she would have to give permission for her daughter to marry at 16 and the solution is simple - don't give that permission. Regular watchers of this show will suddenly be aware that this is not all its cracked up to be.


Des arranges a date with the lovely Abbie but she has to cancel due to babysitting Holly. However she rearranges for the following night instead. Meanwhile Ray wonders what he can spend his £250 karaoke winnings on




Episode: 287 Transmitted: 10-07-02 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Phil looks set to suffer Kate's wrath over getting her daughter pregnant but it becomes clear that even he didn't know this when he learns the news from Kate. She helpfully informs him that he washes cars for a living and that is not enough wage-wise to support Nicola, let alone the baby. As usual in this game Kate berates Phil in regards to the wedding.


Needless to say, news of Nicola's "pregnancy" is soon heard by key members of staff and Phil rushes up to his girlfriend to celebrate the good news. He loves her more than ever and is desperate to be a father to a baby Phil or Philippa. Unfortunately Nicola tells him that she is not pregnant and so Phil, ever a man with morals, says he can't marry based on a lie so calls the wedding off. He also works out (as if it wasn't obvious enough already) that his bride-to-be is only getting married to get back at Kate for going with Billy.


Kate gets an earful off Jake who is desperate to sell the hotel. He rings around potential investors when it emerges that the hotel cannot afford the first repayment on a bank loan. Kate meanwhile has other ideas - she calls the registry office to learn that she did sign the marriage consent form - Nicola forged her signature. Meanwhile little madam lets her mouth run away with her and is cheeky to Kate over the marriage and pregnancy.


Elsewhere, Phil asks Rocky to be his best man at the wedding which is booked for next week. He is delighted and is also in charge of the stag night for Phil. Sam suggests hiring a stripper but Rocky is deadbeat against the idea, so Sam says that if Rocky doesn't book the stripper, he'll do it himself. And then Virginia gets the wrong end of the conversation when she overhears this suggestion and is also frustrated to learn that she is no spring chicken and is incapable of walking into a new job if the hotel closes




Episode: 288 Transmitted: 11-07-02 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


It's Julie's turn to feel neglected and left out when she learns second hand about Phil's marriage plans from Rocky who is booking a stripper for the stag night. She runs round to the hotel to berate Phil, determined not to let him make the same mistake as she did in marrying Brian. Kate also learns of Julie's opinion but doesn't like her tone on the issue. Rocky is still dead beat against the idea of a stripper but has the comforting knowledge that if he doesn't book one then Sam will book something which is ten times tackier.


Kate informs darling daughter Nicola that she is withdrawing consent, but Nicola is also there on a whim from Phil to tell her the truth. This is never said as Kate later changes her mind and decides to leave things just the way they are - she is giving her daughter consent to marry at 16. Oh yeah, and Julie is now informed that Nicola is pregnant which sets her even worse against the wedding. What a mess this has turned out to be and Nicola is still wearing rose tinted spectacles when whining to Jaz about the situation.


Kate is asked by Billy to move in with him and Jake continues his quest to convince everybody to sell their shares and get the hotel sold. Eddie gets berated from Jake for not cleaning the staff toilets even though a) it's not his department and b) the casual staff have been laid off by Jake.




Episode: 289 Transmitted: 15-07-02 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Minty's new idea to win money to put towards his ever spiralling debts is to win a 40 question quiz night at the local pub. His idea is foolproof (so foolproof that Beena points out the holes). He will relay the questions to Des via a mobile phone who will look them up on the Internet in the Knockout Cafe. It works to the halfway point when Abbie wanders in to the cafe and Des is distracted, ignoring the pub quiz to snog Abbie instead. Meanwhile Minty shows himself up and is caught with the earpiece in mid-rant. Des gets his piece back in his ear to hear sounds of his best friend being thrown out.


Kate gets wind of Jake's schemes to get the hotel sold and is not happy with him for going behind her back. Meanwhile she has Billy to deal with when he learns second-hand from Jake that Kate has plans to sell the hotel. So Billy has one of his famous rants, but is still unaware that Kate has given consent for her daughter's marriage. He still thinks she will withdraw her consent. Mark and Kate have a strong desire to keep their family business running, if not necessarily in the family.


Victor Barnes returns to Crossroads with one delighfully happy Scott Booth. He's spent the weekend with his favourite grandfather at his place. Scott's also received a new digital camera which will be handy for nostalgic purposes if the hotel does close. He takes snaps of anything that moves with the intent of feeding it into his little plastic friend. Scott's chuffed with it, even if nobody else understands what it is and what it does.


Kate asks Vic to invest in the hotel after finally realising that they can't hold out much longer. He asks for a guided tour and to look at the accounts before coming to a decision. So is Victor Barnes going to buy out Crossroads and everybody lives happily ever after?


Not quite. He comes back with "I wouldn't buy Crossroads if it was the last place on earth," which does not sound good. "If I was to buy Crossroads as an early Christmas present for Scott, then I think he couldn't run the hotel any worse than [Kate and Jake] have done". What a wonderful comment, that was. Needless to say he moves on and isn't interested which is a real slap in the face for poor Kate.


Meanwhile Rocky gets told off by Virginia for describing the act of the stripper coming tomorrow for Phil's stag night. She is not interested in his "smutty little fantasies". Meanwhile Phil receives a visit from Julie who learns that Nicola is not pregnant but the marriage is still going ahead anyway




Episode: 290 Transmitted: 16-07-02 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


The day before the wedding is by tradition the groom's stag night. Things are no different here of course, the groom is one Phil Berry and the stag night has been arranged by Rocky who is looking unsure about the entire night if one is honest. The stripper, a "Debbie Delight", arrives as booked and turns the heat up on the party and begins her act. Somewhat unsurprisingly, Virginia is still of the opinion that it is tacky smut.


Kate pulls the plug on the strip act after complaints from the guests still at the hotel after recent events. She later blames Phil for the entire stag party, who tells her that her darling daughter is not pregnant after all. Kate runs off for dinner at a more peaceful venue with Billy while Phil informs Nicola of the revelation to her utmost horror.


Virginia, meanwhile, has a shock in store when "'Debbie Delight" turns out to be Helen, her daughter who spent four and a half years in Florida, America with her husband Ronnie, who is looking after her daughter. Needless to say, Virginia is not happy at how her daughter turned out in life, but it appears there has always been some sort of rift between the pair.


Nicola, devastated at the revelation of her not pregnant, runs outside the hotel convinced that the wedding will not go ahead as planned. She just wants to be on her own but is soon joined by Brian who does not lend a sympathetic ear - he grabs her and pulls her into the woods. Phil hears her screams and comes to her aid but is told that to come any closer would result in Nicola's death. Sam hears the screams of an upset Nicola and also rushes to the scene, prior to this he's seen trying to sell cheap booze to Dave.

In the woods the final battle begins. Brian wants to kill Nicola to get back at Phil so throws her at the nearest tree in an attempt to knock her out. He then lunges at Phil to kill him as well by strangling him. Sam sees all this and gets involved as well, just as Phil throws Brian towards a tree, hitting his head in the process.


A tussle starts between Sam and Brian, each trying to win against each other. The former manages to overpower Brian and in his attempt to stun Brian temporarily, Sam kills him instead by hitting his head against a rock on the ground. Shocked at this, he leaves Phil under the impression that he dealt the final blow.


Sam recovers the locket that Brian ripped off Julie last week and drags Brian's dead body away, a scene that none of the witnesses are going to forget in a hurry.


On a brighter note, Des has a date with Abbie by helping her babysit Holly. It goes down a treat but she expresses concern when Des tries to speed things up a bit. Minty meanwhile is not happy at Des costing him the quiz night




Episode: 291 Transmitted: 17-07-02 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


A guilty Sam buries Brian's body in the woods but continues to leave Phil feeling the guilt for murdering his stepfather. Sam attempts to keep things as normal but expresses concern about Nicola who is more likely to confess everything at a drop of a hat. Needless to say all three are deeply upset at Brian's final resting place and it is a struggle to even think about maintaining normality let alone going about it.


It is the big day for Phil Steven Berry and Nicola Katherine Russell - the day they get married. Poor Nicola is devastated at the events of last night and wants to pull out of the wedding ASAP. Fortunately she is persuaded otherwise by Tracey but Kate is deadly worried about her daughter and has thoughts about withdrawing her consent. And then Nicola decides that she does not want her mother Kate to attend the wedding, an announcement that pushes Kate almost so far as to call the registar to cancel there and then. Despite her daugher's wish however, Kate and Mark arrive to witness the event.


Rocky, as best man, decides not to crack jokes during the Best Man's speech but instead pays a quick tribute to the newly-wed couple "because it's an informal occasion and I'm sure you all want to get to the bar" he quips. He has done Phil proud.


Meanwhile, still dumbstruck by last night, Phil and Nicola Berry slip away from the celebrations as their wedding day, which by right should be the happiest day of their lives, turns to devastation when they can't get the image of Brian's dead body out of their minds. It's not a day for celebration so far as they are concerned.


Virginia meanwhile informs Minty, Des and Joanne that Helen, the stripper from the stag night, is her sister and quickly shifts her out of the staff room down to the Knockout Cafe where Helen reveals she won't be staying much longer in King's Oak. Dave, meanwhile, offers Helen the prospect of a new job at the cafe




Episode: 292 Transmitted: 18-07-02 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Nicola has an overwhelming desire to confess everything and is desperate to get the police involved over Brian's murder. It looks, however, as if the game is up when the police arrive at the hotel to speak to Phil, but they're only informing him that Brian is in the area. Sam continues to pressurise Phil and the new Mrs Berry into continuing with normality but pressure is continuing to develop on the three. Sam is rude to Jo and may have put a small crack in the relationship. And we all know what happens to small cracks, don't we?


Meanwhile Dave employs Helen at the Cafe as a replacement for Minty. He goes round, opens his mouth and ends up dropping four revelations. Firstly he berates Virginia's "sister" for taking his job at the cafe. Then he inadvertedly informs Rocky about Virginia's sister. After this are the knock-on effects. Oona learns about Des and his sex-skills with Abbie on their sofa from Tuesday night, and berates Des for such a thing and vows not to let Abie anywhere near Holly. So when said girl arrives to babysit, Abbie soon finds herself unwelcome. And Oona was so near to asking her to move into the spare room upstairs as well for "babysitting on tap". Ah well, never mind. Helen, on the other hand, is a big hit with the male customers of the cafe who leave the till overflowing and so Oona is reluctantly forced to keep her on, so long as she stays dressed.


Nicola apologises to her mother for a pain in the backside recently. Kate thinks tears are because of the fact that the late Patrick didn't live long enough to be able to give his daughter away at her wedding. A happy occasion that he couldn't witness. However one occasion that Patrick might not have wanted to witness is Kate's latest family meeting. She announces that she has reluctantly decided to put Crossroads up for sale.

Elsewhere, Julie decides to leave King's Oak and return to Newcastle with Stuart. She plans to stay with a friend, Maggie. Poor Rocky is visibly heartbroken to see her leave




Episode: 293 Transmitted: 22-07-02 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Jake is convinced through and through that the hotel needs selling to property developers. Kate isn't, more prepared to sell to another hotel chain. Her son tries to convince the other shareholders to see his point of view but does all this in the reception area and so catches Des's flapping ears. He then proceeds to try and spread concern around the hotel. Meanwhile Oona catches him and asks him if he wants to be Holly's godfather at her christening. He agrees to this and then Abbie tells Oona that he was lying about having sex on Oona's sofa last week.


Virginia is delighted to see that her cab driver boyfriend John has returned to King's Oak from Sheffield where he's been with his ill aunt. He gets introduced to Helen at the Knockout Cafe and also learns that Helen is her sister. John says that he's happy to have met Virginia for her honesty, and she's flustering around trying to explain this sister that she told John she hadn't got!


Elsewhere, Jake and Tracey meet a mediator in order to discuss living arrangements for their son Scott. Jake deliberately turns up 20mins late and then sparks off an argument by effectively saying that Tracey is in no fit state for sole custody and that her actions have meant that Scott follows them like a lost sheep.


She started drinking, he eventually starts. She tries to commit suicide and is then sectioned, he stops eating. Jake tries to heap all the blame for Scott's recent actions and events onto Tracey to put her in a bad light. She denies all this but the mediator suggests that Tracey would need to supply proof of where she's going to live after the divorce and how she plans to be able to support Scott, what with no job at present.

Kate offers Phil and Nicola the opportunity to stay in Nicola's room for the time being, double bed still pending ;-)




Episode: 294 Transmitted: 23-07-02 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Kate is still convinced that some good can be done by selling the hotel to a chain. Jake is insistant on handing the place over to property developers who will tear it down and replace it with goodness knows what. Kate believes she's struck a deal to save Crossroads but Jake is not happy at the hotel chain path of events, believing that it makes good business sense to go down the property developers route instead and cost everybody their jobs.


So Kate calls a shareholder's meeting to discuss what to do. Sarah has managed to free 15% of her share of the hotel that was originally given to Louise Dixon so she can have a say in the matter. Mark and Sarah decide that Jake is right so side with him, that's 5%+25%+15% = 45% to Kate and Nicola's 40%, the other 15% still tied up in regards to Jill and the Louise business. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Kate is not happy at this, seeing it as the death knell for the hotel.


Elsewhere, Minty enters Ray into another karaoke competition in an effort to win the £500 top prize to go towards his debts. Ray enters with a Wet Wet Wet song but comes second. He thus wins £200 instead and gives Minty just £20 - 10% commission. Ray's mind, however, is elsewhere as he observes from the karaoke stand Sam exchanging money with a shady looking character.Meanwhile Sam and Joanne's relationship develops more cracks in it today as Sam is more concentrating on his own business.


Oona makes amends with a devastated Abbie who admits to having missed Holly. She is offered payment for her babysitting services as well. Oona later finds Des and withdraws her offer of being Holly's godfather to his horror. When he goes to clear the air with Abbie though she's locked herself in her room in tears on her bed, upset that Des has made her feel like a tart.


After the wakeup call in the mediator session, Tracey considers starting her own beauty business in the hotel which would get her some money to strengthen her case in the custody battle for Scott




Episode: 295 Transmitted: 24-07-02 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Rumour spreads around the hotel that it is to be sold to a hotel chain. But Phil informs the staff that plans are in place to sell the hotel to a property developer. Des raises the old chestnut that as long as the management are happy then the staff don't matter. Phil informs him that Kate and Nicola voted against such a decision but was out against Mark, Sarah and Jake.


Des himself, meanwhile, untangles the mess he got himself into over Abbie and patches things up with her. Oona offers her the chance to come and live with the Stocks (what an opportunity, eh?) but unbeknown to her Dave has already asked Helen to stay there (and she's moved in). He's got a lot of explaining to do it seems.


Elsewhere, Des tries to end the rumours surrounding him and Abbie but ends up stirring things up in the kitchen instead. Tracey hands out flyers to promote her new home grown business and Eddie flirts with Abbie.


Phil receives a tip off from Ray over what could be illegal sellage of cigarettes or alcohol with the van. He confronts Sam over it and threatens to get the police involved until Sam reliably informs him that should said officials arrive, they'll be in search for a certain Brian Noakes instead. Sam also informs Ray to keep his mouth shut.


Mark and Sarah feel guilty about voting with Jake in the shareholders meeting, particularly after hearing the feelings of apathy from the staff they still have. They contact Kate and want to change their vote. However it's too late now as Jake has signed the deal to the property developers. However even he's not prepared for who's now sitting in his office. One Victor Barnes, who last week said that he wouldn't buy Crossroads if it was the last place on earth and also assumed that Scott could run the business better, now owns the hotel.




Episode: 296 Transmitted: 25-07-02 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Further concern is expressed from all areas of the staff quarters over the security of their jobs under the new management. All they know is that the new manager's name is Vic and that he's a property developer. Kate meets up with Vic to try and get out of him some sort of idea of what he wants to do with the hotel, but evidently observes that it's much easier getting blood out of a stone. All Vic will confirm is that 1) he nows owns the hotel, and 2) the only person he's considered to date to take care of is Kate's grandson Scott. Perhaps it goes without saying that all those above Scott will also be catered for but then again Vic does own the business now...


Elsewhere, Tracey dons her salon outfit again and starts her home beauty business which gets off to a flying start despite the lack of guests. Eddie receives a letter that he thinks is from his son Paul but it turns out to be from his ex-wife who basically tells him to crawl back under his stone and that Paul is not interested in him anymore.


Mark and Sarah plan to go travelling but when they inform Kate she likens Sarah to being as bad as Louise, a similie not welcomed by Ms Harvey who is then accused of trying to destroy the hotel. Unsurprisingly none of this goes down well.


Sam sets up a card game for money which gives Minty a new idea with which to try and pay off his debts. Billy encourages the staff to keep their heads up and act as normal and Oona is sceptical about Helen's work in the cafe. Meanwhile John puts it to Virginia that she'll move in with him or they'll sell his house and live off the proceeds





Episode: 297 Transmitted: 29-07-02 (Monday) Written by: Carolyn Sally Jones


Sam organises a game of poker but Billy believes that he's been cheating using a method of chumping and by pre-shuffling the pack. Billy throws Sam against the locker and eventually gets all his money back. Sam meanwhile moans to Joanne about what Billy said about him and she takes matters in her own hands.


Sarah finds a cut-price deal to Peru on the internet and is determined to snap it up so she and Mark can start their trip. Kate expresses her sorryness for snapping at Sarah but doesn't apologise to her. Meanwhile Tracey continues handing out flyers for her home business


Kate invites Vic to dinner in a final attempt to persuade him to change his plans for the hotel. She's keen to push forward a revised plan and flirts with him. Anything to save the hotel. However Vic's not stupid and sees through such motives.




Episode: 298 Transmitted: 30-07-02 (Tuesday) Written by: Karen Brown


Billy is suspicious when he sees Vic Barnes leading a team around the hotel grounds. What does the businessman have in mind for Crossroads?


Beena finds out that Vic is Jake's father. In true Beena style, she spreads the gossip around the hotel and informs Sarah who is not happy at not hearing this news first hand from her boyfriend Mark. So she packs her bags and leaves, ignoring the original arrangements to leave after the staff meeting. Vic, meanwhile, is never too busy it would seem to spend time with Scott, who blurts out the question on everybody's lips - what will happen to the hotel? He reveals to grandfather that he wants to live with Tracey "just that little bit more than my dad but I don't want to upset anyone".


Later, when asked about his reasons to leave Crossroads standing, Vic admits that Scott was part of such a decision. He's also helped Tracey out with her new home business.


Des tries to rekindle his friendship with Abbie and finally succeeds.Meanwhile Phil and Nicola worry when they hear rumours that the surrounding area around the hotel could be redeveloped as well - its where Brian's body is buried!


Vic calls a staff meeting to squash rumours about the future of the hotel and outline his plans. He decides to keep the hotel open with a view to converting it into a luxury hotel and conference centre. This is good for the staff as it means they will keep their jobs. Kate is relieved, yet Jake resigns, not happy that his father is now his boss.  “I wouldn’t work for you in a million years. You can stuff your job” he tells Vic…




Episode: 299 Transmitted: 31-07-02 (Wednesday) Written by: Andrew Cornish


The big story of the day is Scott... Or rather, his residency. Naturally both parents want custody of him so they've gone to court to sort out the residency. At the hearing new information emerges - that about Jake resigning from his position as Deputy Manager that may cast fresh doubt over his ability to live in the hotel now that he doesn't work there, and over Tracey's new house, offered to her and Scott by Vic. To assess this new information the court will adjourn for 12 weeks.


Poor Jake is devastated at the new revelation, believing it to scupper his custody plans and that his father Vic has a vendetta against him. So he confronts him about it and accuses his father of not liking other people if they don't conform to his strict regime. This does not go down well so Vic throws him out and says that he can forget about getting his job back ever. Such an outburst sparks off speculation about who could be getting promotion and Virginia has taken the initiative.


Elsewhere, Phil finds Sam's illegal beer and cigarettes in the back of the van and is not at all happy about it. Meanwhile Kate wants to know exactly why there is so much hurt and anguish between Jake and Vic in the first place.


John is invited to dinner with Helen and Virginia in the Knockout Cafe upstairs flat and from the outset it is immediately obvious that Helen is a stripper. In fact they have too much to drink and John becomes suspicious when Helen's facts about her past don't match up with Virginia's. In the end Helen abandons the cover-up operation and admits that Virginia is her mother. The confession is overheard by Dave and Oona as John walks out on the upset Virginia














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