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The following episode guide has been written (where possible) after re-watching the episodes in question. These episodes are immediately obvious because they feature screen captures alongside. Where there is a guide that is accompanied by images of the title sequence it means that the episode has not been viewed and that alternative sources have been used.





Episode: 196 Transmitted: 02-01-02 (Wednesday) Written by: Chris Dunn


It is New Years Eve at Crossroads and the kitchen staff have the honour of preparing the food and so on for the big party bash that is planned tonight. Billy is in a bad mood over Kate's reluctance to continue her relationship with him and takes it all out on Joanne, to the amazement of Minty. He tells Joanne to file a complaint with Kate and says that "If you don't go to see Mrs Russell, then I will". This she does and as a result Kate pops down to the kitchen where Billy says that "You may still be grieving for Patrick but I'm grieving too. For you."


Mark has made an appointment with Victor Barnes to discuss his potential ideas to convince Mr Barnes to invest in the business. Jake decides to tag along to Mark's horror and ends up stealing Mark's thunder when he says more than Mark would have wanted him to, even going so far as to imply (if not directly say) that Patrick was Jake's father! Victor says he'll think about Mark's proposals which is better than nothing.

Back at the hotel, Nicola continues to make remarks about why Kate isn't in the kitchen with Billy (since she was with him when Patrick died). Phil gets his head bitten off when he tries to help out, however Nicola later apologises for that.


At the party, Tracey has had far far too much to drink. She makes a drunken pass at Bradley to try and seduce him. He pushes her away which spills her drink. Outraged, she screams at Jake to sack Bradley for assult, a wish Jake has no intention of fulfilling. "Why don't you get another drink Tracey? With any luck you'll have passed out by midnight" says Jake mockingly. He walks off after this while Tracey screams at him to come back and throws her glass with fury into the floor, causing a scene. Fortunately their son Scott is not around to witness this chain of events, preferring instead to be with friends.


Nicola is enjoying a quiet drink with Phil and as midnight approaches she spies Kate and Billy kissing in the corner, less than three seconds into 2002. She confronts the pair and tells Kate that it was Billy who told her (Nicola) that her telling Patrick about Kate's affair with Billy caused the stress which eventually killed Patrick.


Elsewhere Oona thinks she has a burglar in her kitchen which she doesn't, it's Dave making a quick escape after he planned to finish tiling her kitchen as a surprise. But she returns too early and he scarpers as she enters to see him flee and screams. She later convinces Dave to stay the night at her place in case the burglar comes back. Sarah, meanwhile, is charmed by Adam in the cafe but of course she doesn't know who he is! 





Episode: 197 Transmitted: 03-01-02 (Thursday) Written by: Chris Dunn


A couple of ex-school acquaintances from Chloe's school have arrived in King's Oak. She doesn't like them much but they flirt with Nicola, to Phil's horror. They persuade Nicola and Chloe to go bowling on a night out and afterwards offer a lift home. Chloe thinks that the car has been stolen or is at least going on a joyride, but it doesn't stop Nicola clambering in and the drivers screeching away, leaving worried Chloe at the car park.


Elsewhere, Doris is preparing dinner for her sweetheart Arthur. The doorbell goes and there's Adam Chance, which gives her a fright. Although she tries to slam him out, he gets his foot in the door and so gets invited in. Inside he tells her that his new friend in prison (which he's currently out of on bail) is God. He asks her not to tell anybody about his visit to Doris' place.


Kate gets to hear about it though and is worried at what Adam is doing back in the area anyway. After this, when Billy comes in, she tells him that their relationship will not work and decides to terminate it there and then because she doesn't want to lose her daughhter. Billy doesn't want to loose her though.


Arthur eventually shows up for his dinner with Doris and things go to plan until 9 o'clock when its time to watch Inspector Morse! Arthur is less than thrilled to join her. He persuades her to turn the TV off and to chat instead, but she's indecisively nervous about the date all together.


Dave persuades Oona to let him stay the night in case the "burgler" returns but she has no intentions of letting him into her bed even though he has started to finish doing the kitchen tiling.


New Year's Day in the Booth Apartment and Tracey continues to use her unhappy son Scott to score points against Jake. She seems somewhat perplexed that Jake is trying to be the perfect father despite not seeming to care in recent years, while he can't believe 2002 is only a few hours old and she's started already. Scott continues to try to be the middle man, not liking all this fighting.





Episode: 198 Transmitted: 07-01-02 (Monday) Written by: Gemma Dobson


The solicitor shows today to read out Patrick's Will to the family. As the reading progresses, it emerges that Nicola, Mark, Kate, Tracey and Scott have all been left something. Nicola and Mark get 5% each of Patrick's 45% share in Crossroads, with Nicola's share to be held in trust until she's 21. Kate inherits the remainder of the share while Tracey inherits material possessions and Scott gets a set of encylopedias!


Jake is not happy at all that he's been left nothing in the will and storms out to the Booth Apartment where he does some research on Scott's computer. What he finds is interesting developments on Victor's main business - he buys up the company in financial trouble and liquidates (close down) them and resells them on. It is later that Victor says he has no such plans for Crossroads - but Jake gives his go-ahead to demolish the hotel for housing redevelopment anyway in a fit of revenge against Patrick. However Victor is seemingly impressed at the professionality of the portfolio of ideas, even if they have been presented and arranged by 12 year old Scott Booth!


Phil is not happy when he finds out that Nicola was out joyriding the night before. The entire incident is captured on CCTV and then Nicola would have been caught. Her bacon is saved when it is learnt that the CCTV tape that would have collared her ran out during the night. Kate is, however, not happy at waking up at 3:05am to find her daughter still not home.


Back at the hotel Mike Evans, who is Scott's school teacher at King's Oak Comprehensive, meets with Tracey for some reason. However he's distracted by his guest so plans to meet Tracey over lunch, a proposal she is keen to accept.


Elsewhere Oona and Dave have some fun in Oona's household, just like old times. He plans to change his ways but then again how many times has Oona heard that?





Episode: 199 Transmitted: 08-01-02 (Tuesday) Written by: Tracey Brabin


Jake has been in contact with Victor Barnes again and convinces him that his plans to destroy Crossroads for a housing development are going to go down well with the rest of the family. He breaks the news to Kate and Mark by telling them that Vic's flexible loan into the business would enable them to expand into a golf course and conference centre and that the loan would be repaid as and when they can afford it.


In his attempt to get his own way, he pours out a story of investing for his son Scott's future so that he'll have something to thank Jake for when he's older just like Patrick and Kate did for Mark. Mark isn't too happy at the idea but Kate says that they'll have to take risks to safeguard the future of the hotel.


In other news, Tracey meets up with Mike again, concerned that he wants to see her over Scott's schoolwork. This is not the case since "Scott is a bright boy, [his home circumstances] are not showing in any of his schoolwork, although they may contribute to his recent withdrawn nature at school". Mike has come to ask Tracey if she'll join the Parent Teachers Association at the school. Eventually she gives in and hopes for more than a professional relationship with Mr. Evans.


Meanwhile Jake spies Adam in King's Oak, his presence there is a breach of his bail regulations and so he's whisked back to prison. Kate gives Diane what Patrick has left her in his will - "It'll make a great doorstop" she says in response to the inherited heirloom. Meanwhile Billy pays a visit to the fertility clinic.





Episode: 200 Transmitted: 09-01-02 (Wednesday) Written by: Tracey Brabin


Kate makes plans to see Victor in order to sign the paperwork that would allow Jake to develop his secret plans to demolish Crossroads. However she soon changes her mind when she actually sees what this Victor Barnes guy looks like. Kate tells Jake to pull out of the deal without explaining why, a decision he's not happy at all about.


Elsewhere Mark meets up with Victor and breaks down during the meeting, the strain of his father's death and business all too much for him to bear. He tells Victor that Jake isn't Patrick's son and this prompts him to tell Jake to seriously reconsider what he's actually agreed to.


Elsewhere Beena asks Joanne if she'll move out to Mandy's old room so that Sarah can move in with her. Joanne agrees and Sarah gets Billy to help move all the boxes and even persuades him to have a drink afterwards.


Minty is a bit concerned when a phone-in listener drops hints that she may be stalking him. He thinks Beena put the caller up to it though, a claim she denies.


Elsewhere Chloe is not happy at the miniscule amount of thanks she gets for the amount of work she actually does, while Dave and Oona relive old times together.





Episode: 201 Transmitted: 10-01-02 (Thursday) Written by: Colin Steven


Totally frustrated by his mother's inability to explain why she wants the deal rejected, Jake engineers a surprise meeting between the two to get them to communicate to get the deal he so badly craves. With the help of Diane and Mark, the surprise meetup happens and the two go into the office.


However, a different kind of business is discussed - Kate knows that Victor's real name is Tony, and she's gave birth to his son at the age of 15. Vic thought the child had been either aborted or adopted but neither scenario applies here - for Jake is Victor's son!


In other developments, Sarah makes plans to attempt to woo Billy with a sexy outfit with the help of Beena. She has spent most of the day passing messages school-style between Billy and Kate.


"Big Tony" wants his money for the pirate radio gear from Minty and Des. Des says he won't have anything to do with it and Minty doesn't have the 500 he guaranteed Tony he'd pay back. Things are not helped when Des suggests that they sell the gear.


In other matters Phil and Chloe are at loggerheads over Nicola, unsure what to do to help her. She doesn't want them poking their noses in while they can't stand her bleating over how good a time she's having with the two friends from Chloe's school days.





Episode: 202 Transmitted: 14-01-02 (Monday) Written by: Andrea Clyndes


Frustrated that Kate is ignoring his calls, a desperate Victor storms into the office to see her in person. He wants to know more about Jake and also demands the right to let Jake know who his father is. However, Victor is horrified to learn that Jake doesn't know about his own past in regards to Kate's original intent to have him adopted. She makes it perfectly clear that she does not want Jake to learn his father's identity, even more so now that he's the originator of the all new deal to help save Crossroads. Jake and Mark themselves are still unhappy as to why "no agreement has been reached".


Elsewhere, a piece of mistletoe is still literally hanging around. Ray and Mandy have returned from their Christmas vacation to Manchester and bring a pack of photographs as well which pleases Bradley. He is also happy that Tom has asked after him. Ray confesses to Joanne that he was worried about her particularly after the hostage situation. Beena, Jo and Sarah take it in turns to kiss Ray under the aforementioned mistletoe, with Mandy catching Ray's kiss to Joanne. Mandy herself is visibly less than impressed with a peck on the cheek as opposed to the mouth version Jo received.


Sarah asks Billy out on a drink, an offer he initially turns down. However he decides to wind Kate up by agreeing to go with Sarah on the drink after all. They get drunk and wind up back in Sarah's room where she manages to seduce him into bed. Sarah has dropped hints all day about getting nearer to Billy, but he's worried about his fertility particularly after his catching mumps.


Tracey arranges a meetup with Mike Kitson to discuss her joining the PTA. Scott is horrified to find his form tutor has turned up at the one place he thought he could guarantee to be teacher-free - his own home. Things are not helped when Jake turns up to literally drive Mike away after Tracey's suggestion to join the PTA. Sensing things weren't going well, Scott tries to stop his father driving Mike off with no success. He knows it's not going to help things between his parents at all.





Episode: 203 Transmitted: 15-01-02 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Ray, in a heart to heart with Joanne, tells her that his marriage to Mandy is not all its cracked up to be. She learns that Mandy's baby is not actually Ray's after all and that the marriage is actually a sham. Ray and Joanne have a passionate kiss in the Staff Room and, as you'd expect, Mandy interrupts them. She is not happy that this is the second day in a row her husband is snogging the sous chef and has a go at him. Jo jumps to his defence having heard his side of the relationship. So Mandy storms out, her day not having been helped earlier by Oona poking her nose in during an early morning argument.


Dave is persuaded by Mandy to wine and dine Oona in an attempt to re-kindle their former marriage. It might work, it might not. He persuades her to join him in the restaurant in formal dinnerwear and with a bunch of flowers. Mandy is hence pleased to see them together.


Elsewhere Jake goes to see Victor. Vic is increasingly desperate to tell Jake that he is his father and makes conversation along those sorts of lines and Jake is hence suspicious. However, they have a working lunch, and Kate is not happy at being stood up for lunch herself by her own son.


Meanwhile Sarah is late for work after her night of passion with Billy. Jenny, who is Minty's mystery caller at his pirate radio station, MAD FM, continues to call the station to chat to Minty on the air. Dave, meanwhile, continues to pressure Minty and Des about the 500 loan due to "Big Tony" and is not humoured when Des suggests handing the equipment back ("He won't accept it now that its second hand").




Episode: 204 Transmitted: 16-01-02 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Arthur decides to take things one stage further. He sends Doris a huge bunch of flowers (she gives them to Mandy after worrying about the potential danger of pollen on front room carpets). Arthur then invites Doris to his house where he wines and dines her. However, she decides to leave rather quickly which throws Arthur off-guard. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, Arthur gets down on the floor (which causes Doris to panic for him) and asks her to marry him! Naturally, she's shocked at this. Will she marry him?


Other marriages continue to go from worse to ... well, even worse, really. Ray is not happy about the state of his marriage to Mandy, particularly after she told Oona about it all who stormed down to Crossroads and caused a scene over that kiss that Ray and Joanne shared in the staff room yesterday. It involved lots of shouting and was very embarassing for Ray, at least. He later storms down to King's Oak Cafe later to tell Mandy exactly where she can stick her idea of marital bliss. He then tries to walk out of the relationship but she tries the blackmail approach - "If you want to spend the next five years in an Australian military camp, then walk out".


Tracey meets up with Mike Kitson at King's Oak Comprehensive in regards to the PTA. This is the last thing on her mind as she tells Mr Kitson that Jake beats her up regularly and that she only stays in the relationship for the sake of her son Scott. Sir sympathises with Mrs Booth, to the point of a passionate kiss. This is however interrupted by Jake who telephones to asks Tracey to take care of Scott while he (Jake) attends a meeting.


Scott continues to witness more of the same bickering and snide comment remarks between his parents before persuading Jake to let Beena come and help him with his homework. In preparation, Scott coats his hands in hair gel and feeds them through his hair to generate a fringe that won't sit down on his head! Oh how Jake and Beena silently mirth at this. Beena, however, is no great influence on the schoolboy. Well, not after she tells him that she cheated at her schoolwork anyway. It's a great thing to tell a 12-year-old boy, isn't it Beena?


Elsewhere, Nicola and Chloe despair as Josh and Steve continue to flirt with Nicola. They have a bet on who will get off with her first. Phil isn't too impressed at their preence around the girl he loves and gets laughed at when he tries to take control. Chloe is not impressed when Nicola announces that college sucks but then Nicola is happy hanging out with Josh and Steve anyway.




Episode: 205 Transmitted: 17-01-02 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


After a day of two completely unrelated revelations getting mixed up together, Jake is finally ready to explode. He thinks that Vic told Kate about the demolishing the hotel plot while Kate thinks that Vic told Jake that he was his father. And so when Jake challenges her she thinks its about Jake's father and tries to explain away only for him to tell her that this wasn't what he was challenging her about. A horrified Kate realises she's just put her foot in it and has no choice to admit it to Jake that Victor is his father and this is the reason why she won't go through with Vicro Investments (Vic's company).


Meanwhile "Big Tony" continues to pile on pressure to get his 500 back. Minty can't pay so Dave is reluctantly forced to take some money from the cash register to fund the repayments. He warns Minty not to screw him around when it comes to repaying him as he won't be happy at all.


Oona buys Mandy a braclet engraved with "I love you" as a present to make up for interferring in their marriage. Mandy passes it off as being from Ray and hugs and thanks him in the staff room in front of Jo. Ray is totally oblivious to this present he's supposed to have brought and wonders what he's done to deserve this attention.


Arthur returns to Crossroads to ask Doris if she will indeed marry him. Unfortunately for him she has decided against it but lets him down gently. Arthur is greatly disappointed at this, he even bought a ring in order to propose to her properly as opposed to the half baked proposal laid down last night. Bradley thinks his aunt and the pianist would make a great couple and is thrilled at the idea of marriage for his aunt, just a shame she doesn't see it that way, really.


In other news, Tracey rushes off to the PTA again (read: Mike) and passes high level of praise for Mike's teaching ability and Beena's assistance with Scott's schoolwork.




Episode: 206 Transmitted: 21-01-02 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Jake walks quickly out of his home this morning, not telling Tracey where he was going. Kate, still upset over her row with him on Thursday, is anxious to know where he is. Jake has gone to Victor's home address where he meets the lovely Lucy. Victor returns home shortly afterwards with his new girlfriend Diane, the same old flame of Patrick's! The two men take a guided tour where Jake learns more about his father after telling him that he knew.


Kate, meanwhile, continues to have a rift with her wayward daughter Nicola after receiving a letter from the college informing her of Nicola's attendance (or lack of it). So Kate decides that if she's not going to go to college, then her daughter must pay rent and go without an allowance. "Welcome to the real world, Nicola" says Kate. However, Nicola manages to scrounge 30 off Mark after he asks her to get a present for Scott's birthday, she returns with no present and self clothing. She has also had her bellybutton pierced, a decision not liked by Kate or Mark come to that.


Meanwhile Sarah buys a new dress to entice Billy and buys him a present of a lamp. He scoffs about the poor soul who has to receive it, unknown that it was for him... Meanwhile Mark has printer trouble and Minty wonders what to do about sending a photo to his radio admirer Jenny.




Episode: 207 Transmitted: 22-01-02 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Jake spends the night at Victor's place, a decision not favoured by Kate back at Crossroads. He is the attracion for Vic's daughters Lucy and Hannah but they don't know what relation he is to them yet.


Meanwhile Kate turns up and reluctantly tells Jake that he was put up for adoption and that he spent the first three months of his life living with the adopted parents. Needless to say this was not well received by Jake, who storms off out of the mansion. Matters were not helped when he accidentally found out that Victor was going to move out to Boston, USA on business which allows Jake, ooh, about three days to find out about his long-lost father.


Meanwhile Sarah fakes an interest in horse racing to impress Billy. She then asks him to explain why the odds on a horse winning change frequently, and then wishes she hadn't bothered. Billy is more interested in getting some shut eye though, but Sarah's interest in Billy isn't waning yet.


Elsewhere, Tracey meets up with Mr Kitson who is supposed to be helping Scott with schoolwork. Instead he is in the bar with Tracey which is where he admits that he loves her. He says that should Tracey be a teacher, she'd have no chance against a class of hormone driven schoolboys. She replies that Jake would throw her to them given half the chance.


One schoolboy potentially hormone driven is Scott Booth, who comes straight out with Beena as his preferred choice of tutor for the day. Tracey puts paid to that by telephoning Mike Kitson to come over (she ends up in the bar with him, see above). Somewhat frustrated at not being able to gaze at Beena as opposed to the maths books (more the former than the latter we think), Scott runs off to Kate to get a second opinion but she tells him to get the studying out the way first and then have fun later.




Episode: 208 Transmitted: 23-01-02 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Jake returns today from his time with his long lost father Victor and decides that today would be the perfect day to take his son Scott to meet his new grandfather. However Scott won't go unless his mother comes along too. At Victor's mansion everybody gets on like a house on fire and Scott gets to have a go at archery. He's no Robin Hood yet, but Vic says that Scott has potential. The day concludes with a swim and a game of Monopoly and Victor continues to advise Scott on how best to win lots of money on the game - buy Mayfair. Meanwhile Jake uses this family gathering to announce to everybody that Victor is his father, an announcement Victor was not too keen on Jake making.


Back at the hotel, Nicola confesses to her brother Mark about how much she misses her father and breaks down. Mark can sympathise, saying he's felt much the same way since the death. Meanwhile elsewhere in Crossroads Minty continues to worry about to do about Jenny, while Billy continues to show an interest in Sarah to make Kate jealous.


Kate earlier explains to Jake why she did what she did 30 years ago, an explanation that has been long overdue. He tells his mother that now its his business as to whether he goes to see Victor or not.




Episode: 209 Transmitted: 24-01-02 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Jake's sudden announcement that Victor is his father does not go down well at all particularly amongst Victor's daughers and Tracey. Scott is the only one pleased to discover that Victor is part of his family. Vic is irate and says that the reaction of his offspring was the reason why he didn't announce it sooner - because he knew that's how they would react.


Lucy tells Jake that she is adopted and that Vic is not her real father. She insists that she doesn't really mind not knowing who her birth parents are and that, as far as she's concerned, Victor is her real father. But there is a spark between Lucy and Jake and "It's just as well we're not brother and sister" says Lucy. The pair embrace.


Meanwhile Tracey and Scott return home where Kate drops in on them to see exactly what Jake and Victor have been saying. Unfortunately she hears it through Tracey's version of events which makes out that she was the one embarrassed by such an announcement and that he dragged her all the way out there to show her up. Such a revelation does not go down well with Scott who storms out with Kate forced to follow him, not happy that Scott should be the upset one over this.


Meanwhile Rocky sent Julie some money through the post and she contacted Phil to ask him to thank Rocky on her behalf. In fact she goes further than that and invites the pair to Newcastle for the weekend. Rocky is thrilled at this but Phil thinks he may be reading things into this that aren't there. However Rocky is not happy that Phil tried to stop him going.




Episode: 210 Transmitted: 28-01-02 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Hilary finds that Jake and Lucy spent the night together and doesn't think too much of it, really. Jake runs off quicker than ever just in case Victor returns. Lucy tries playing matchmaker and suggests that Jake has another go at making amends with Vic, while also suggesting the same to her father. Vic reveals to Jake that he was fatherless so he can sympathise with Jake's plight and then invites him on his trip to Boston.


All this doesn't stop Hilary telling her father about Jake and Lucy's frolics last night in the bedroom, though.


The trip to Boston is clearly off as Vic throws Jake and his belongings out of the house, an action that leaves Jake in tears on the doorstep.


Meanwhile, Mike brightens Tracey's day with flowers, but she's not happy with her life at present and wants it to be quieter. Mike says that he is "free realtionship wise" and so they go into the bedroom and have fun in there. It must be good, since Mike wants to know if he can see Tracey again.


Other relationships are simmering nicely. Billy tells Sarah that he's not prepared for a relationship with Sarah at the moment, it doesn't stop them kissing though. The other relationship here is at the beginning stage as Minty is worried about whether to send admirer Jenny a picture or not, until Des reminds about the 550 debt. "She'll accept you for who you are" reminds Des. Dave doesn't agree with his suggestion of sending Jenny a picture 100% - he suggests sending a picture of somebody else instead!




Episode: 211 Transmitted: 29-01-02 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


It's the day of Adam's trial. Mark asks for time off to go to the court to the dismay of Kate. At the hearing, greed is put forward as the motivation for Adam to murder Jill and the prosecution push for life imprisonment. Unfortunately the judge has other ideas - he's got no choice but to acquit Adam on lack of evidence. This makes him a free man. Mark, not happy at this sudden turn of events, calls out, branding it an outrage and Adam of blackmailing Louise to retract her statement. He gets removed for contempt of court.


Outside the courtroom, Mark pursues Adam and witnesses him being kidnapped by important looking men who turn out to be baliffs after a debt. He offers 20, which is all he has on his person, and is dumped at the side of the road with a threat to get the rest of the debt ASAP. Kate, meanwhile, is not happy to hear the news of Adam's release but puts it all behind her to plot Scott's 13th birthday party. Prior to this, Kate gives Jake a photograph of Victor and Kate but wishes that he was adopted instead, ripping the photo in half.


Tracey decides to dig her claws into Jake for not phoning, dubs him as "losing it" and mocks his family announcement. It has nothing to do with her. "Oh like hell it doesn't, Jake!". Mark receives an earful of Jake's 'couldn't give a damn about Kate or the hotel' ranting and tells Nicola and Mark that Kate put him up for adoption when he was a baby. Mark confirms the story from Kate, who suffers Nicola's wrath for it later.


Meanwhile Beena is not happy about the miniscule amount of fan mail she is receiving in comparision to Minty. Sarah tries to make amends, but Beena storms off. So Sarah, Des and Minty make a fake call to the radio station while Beena's on air to make her happier. The problem is that she overheard them discussing it, and sees right through the call on air.




Episode: 212 Transmitted: 30-01-02 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


It is Scott's birthday - he's 13 today. His presents include vouchers from best friend Daniel, cards and a football from Jake. Turns out he's had 40 worth of vouchers and learnt about a romance at school in the form of Laura Dawson who fancies him :-)


And so when its time for the party, Tracey is already drunk and causing friction. Scott comes home early having been in a fight at school - apparently he told Laura Dawson that she was ugly and such a comment didn't go down well with her older brother who hit Scott. That aside, there are new pressies for him including a laptop from Victor! Jake not sure about such a pressie since Scott's up to his eyeballs in computer stuff as it is without this. But then Scott's happy so that's that.


Unfortunately, things go completely pear-shaped when a drunk Tracey announces to Jake and Mike that she plans to leave Jake for Mike. Scott overhears, the expression on his face says it all. That was a great present, that was. He's bundled out by Jake to Kate's apartment and Jake tries to explain the situation to his son. "Do you think I'm stupid? Look, I'm 13, not three," says an impatient boy. He admits concern of a looming divorce and is worried about having to live with Tracey.


Mark informs Sarah that Adam is free, she doesn't react one way or the other. Mark can't understand that. Billy, meanwhile, invites Sarah out on a date and leads Kate up the garden path re: a cake for Scott's birthday. The chef produces one later of a motorbike. "[Scott]'s a bit old for Mickey Mouse. You should have known I wouldn't have let Scott down". Kate also plans another party to celebrate the opening of the hotel three years ago.


Nicola invites Josh to apply for a waiter job at the hotel. Kate does the interview asusual but unfortunately rejects his application. This has the knock-on effect of upsettting Nicola. Ray and Jo book into a B&B and revel in old times.


Mandy goes on the hunt for Ray and is taken short in the corridor when she goes into labour. Des finds her on the way back to his room and takes her in. He desperately wants to go and get help from somebody else but Mandy won't let him go...




Episode: 213 Transmitted: 31-01-02 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Des scrambles for his mobile to call an ambulance with. He makes the call but its too far gone for the paramedics to get there in time. Therefore Des is foced to play at being midwife. He encourages Mandy to push and manages to deliver the baby succesfully just as the paramedics arrive to cut the cord, guided in by Rocky who goes to the wrong room initially! Des later phones Oona and Dave to tell them to tell them that Mandy's had a baby girl. Of course, he still thinks that he is the father. Oona and Dave miss the answerphone message that Des left due to their commitments in the bedroom department.


Jo admits that it was her who told Immigration about Ray, a revelation he's not happy about and has a huge argument with her - she replies that he should have been marrying her and not Mandy! They later hatch a plan to run away together forever. Unfortunately news of Mandy's birth filters through to Ray via the original answerphone message and he's rushed down the hospital by Dave hence forced to abandon his runaway plan with Jo, left standing at the meeting place on her own.


Jake, still livid at Tracey's well-placed revelation that ruined Scott's party, returns home to pick up his things to stay in a guest room while Scott stays the night at his grandmother's place. Jake isn't happy at what the implications of the revelation will do to Scott.


Meanwhile Phil isn't happy that Nicola is drunk with Josh. She returns home at some ungodly hour while Kate can't sleep and wanders the hotel, ending up watching late-night TV with Rocky. Mandy decides to call her baby 'Holly', not liking Oona's suggestion of 'Jade'.










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