Features: Episode Guide: February 2003


The following episode guide has been written (where possible) after re-watching the episodes in question. These episodes feature screen captures alongside. Where there is a guide that is accompanied by images of the title sequence it means that the episode has not been viewed and that alternative sources have been used. Previous episodes can be found HERE




Episode 016 / 336 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 03/02/03 (Monday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Kate O’Mara as Lady Alice Fox and Paul Shelley as Stafford Wynter


Lady Alice is selling her stables, estimated to be worth three million pounds. Max wants to strike a deal with her for said stables and arranges for a game of poker tonight. Unfortunately he's out with other people and has great difficulty getting home in time for the start of the game, what with a flat tyre.


Ryan tries to cover the situation up by flirting with Lady Alice but when this runs out he is forced to draft in Dave Stocks to get things moving. Unfortunately Mr Stocks ends up winning a handsome sum, so Ryan and Jimmy are forced to make amends by 'stacking the cards' - ie fixing the outcome. Unfortunately Lady Alice and Dave switch places so her winning stack ends up going to Dave who wins the lot. He rushes home and wakes up Oona with news of his windfall.


Lady Alice finds out that Ryan and Jimmy cheated by stacking the cards, not aware that it was originally intended to make her win and not Dave. But this has no effect on the outcome - Max finally comes in and Lady Alice withdraws her stables from sale to Max's fury.


Elsewhere, Lola gets berated in the kitchen for using squirty cream on Vince's precious pavlova. She and Belle manage to inadvertently destroy it on the floor in a squirty cream fight. They substitute the dish for Jelly in a cover-up attempt but Vince is forced to make other arrangements instead.


Meanwhile, Joe visits his sick father Stafford in a care home. He blames his poor state of financial affairs and poor health on Max and the pair vow to get even with him. Angel later visits Joe asking him to be her friend but he tries to kiss her again and she panics and runs off.





Episode 017 / 337 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 04/02/03 (Tuesday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Kate O’Mara as Lady Alice Fox


Max is angry with Ryan & Jimmy for there cheating last night, while Angel tells Max that Lady Alice will pay for what she said about her family! Max and Angel discuss a way to get back at Lady Alice - get someone to steal her paintings and make it look like an inside job. Angel visits Lady Alice and puts the plan in to action by unlocking her downstairs window. The only problem now is who is going to steal the paintings?


Angel flirts with Joe and rips of her top but when they kiss she turns on him wanting to know what the hell he's doing. Angel threatens Joe with the police and tells him no one will believe that she wanted him, Joe asks what she wants. Max tells him that he's to steal the paintings and replace them with 4 Jack playing cards.


Tracey, Dave & Oona organize a party for Scott at the pub however Scott has been bullied at School again and Kate finds him in the Crossroads staff room. Scott doesn't want to go to the party but Kate talks him in to it. At the party, Scott asks Tracey to make up with Kate, just for him.


Ryan finds out that Dave keeps all his money at the pub as he doesn't trust banks, so Ryan talks Jimmy in to helping him steal Dave's poker winnings back so that Max thinks better of them. They arrange to do it tomorrow while Dave and Oona are visiting their Grand-daughter!





Episode 018 / 338 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 05/02/03 (Wednesday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Kate O’Mara as Lady Alice Fox


"It's blackmail Jim, but not as we know it" is not what Joe cried today when he was asked to steal some paintings from Lady Alice Fox to be used later in blackmailing her to pull out of the deal with Ethan Black for her stables.


Joe is able to commit the crime thanks to some advance planning by Angel on a previous visit to the scene of the crime. Although it nearly didn't happen at all when Ryan "sacked" Joe for calling his sister a coward. Joe is able to get the paintings out safely and quickly, making it look like an inside job. He replaces them with playing cards.


Ryan has other plans to get back the money that Dave won at the poker evening. He knows from previous conversation that Dave doesn't trust banks and so has stashed the money in the pub living quarters. So he gets Jimmy to sneak in and steal it back, while Ryan has it off with Helen in Dave and Oona's bed (they've gone away to see their grandaughter Holly, just turned two). Poor Dave is devastated to learn that his beloved money has vanished but at least he can't blame it on the bank...


While Joe is stealing the paintings, Max is trying to convince Lady Alice to sell him the stables with all kinds of finanical initiatives. When this doesn't work he decides to get all passionate with her rolling around in some hay at the back of a stable. This doesn't work either, but when Lady Alice returns home to find her paintings having transformed into playing cards, she storms back in to see Max. He offers her a deal - her paintings for 50% of the stables.


Elsewhere, Kate receives a call from Scott's school and learns that the source of the fighting is Scott himself, a little rebel indeed. Elsewhere Angel serves up her famous "Angel Delights" drink when assisting Kate on the evening rush behind the bar.





Episode 019 / 339 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 06/02/03 (Thursday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Kate O’Mara as Lady Alice Fox


Dave is not a happy bunny at the idea that his £5,000 in poker winnings has been stolen. He spends most of the day wandering around like a lost sheep, although Oona wandering the shops and scanning through the Argos catalogue for new beds and sofas don't make things easier. He tells Lady Alice that he thinks the money has been stolen.


She suggests to Max that it was pretty low of him to steal back Dave's winnings although he thinks this was Ryan's doing. He is proved right when Ryan comes out with the confession of the stolen money. max is furious at the "dirty work" and orders his sons to return the money.


Lady Alice, meanwhile, has gone down to see Dave at the pub and given him back her original stake. While she's doing that though, Ryan and Jimmy sneak back in upstairs to return the money as per their father's wishes. When Dave returns upstairs he finds the original £5k he thought he'd lost. So now he's even more quids up than before!


Talking of being quids up, Rocky takes Betty out for the evening. They go to a casino where lucky Betty wins £70! Although she has a secret - she used to be a gambling addict. Elsewhere, Lady Alice has signed the deal to transfer half of the stables to Max in return for her paintings.





Episode 020 / 340 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 07/02/03 (Friday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Kate O’Mara as Lady Alice Fox


Max gives his sons £10k each with a challenge to make a profit, biggest profit wins. However they tell Angel about the money involved to her fury. Apparently he started off with $20 and made it into $500 in two months. So there's no reason that they should fail with £10k, right?


The other key development of the day is with Phil, who comes close to giving birth in the reception area. Kate, Betty, Virginia and co rush her into Angel's office as said lady and partner come down the stairs to see the stables Lady Alice has sold them. At said stables, Max decides to roll about in the hay again, this time with Angel.


Back at the hotel, Belle and Lola that their sister Phil is pregnant. A crowd gathers around the scene which Virginia is unable to disperse without Betty's intervention. When paramedics arrive Phil gives birth to a baby boy.


Elsewhere, Oona goes for some "retail therapy" with Dave's windfall. She's still not happy that he hasn't banked the money but is sweetened when she gets the all-clear to order a new king size bed.





Episode 021 / 341 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 10/02/03 (Monday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: tbc


Poor Phil has trouble coping with her new son, to the point of ignoring him and not wanting to hold him, and the look on her face when Betty mentioned breast feeding... Fortunately Belle, Lola and Betty are around to help look after the newborn child. Her sisters can't decide on whether to call the boy Brad or Romeo.


Angel is determined to triple underline the fact that she is running a hotel and not a creche. She tells Kate to sack Phil and to get rid of her. Rather sensibly, Kate decides to ignore this order and tells Phil that her job is safe. Angel decides to come down on Kate like a pile of bricks at this point and informs her at the end of her shift that either Phil goes, or Kate goes. So Kate goes - home for the night with hand gestures of "whittering on" in flow.


Elsewhere, Tracey flirts with Dave and gets the wrong end of the stick about "popping round", for she catches him in the middle of a romantic meal with Oona. Meanwhile Vince promises to introduce his boyfriend Murray to Helen. In the kitchen, Lola inadvertely adds baby formula to Vince's sauce mixture which means it turns into some sticky substance fit for the dustbin.





Episode 022 / 342 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 11/02/03 (Tuesday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Tim Brooke Taylor as Murray Simpson


Phil informs her sisters about planning to have her baby adopted, a decision that prompts howls of protest from them. She goes to see her mother Wanda who is less than helpful when she suggests keeping it in order to qualify for a council flat. After a heated debate (and a not very interested Wanda) Phil decides that she couldn't possibly do any worse than Wanda did with her and thus decides to keep the baby.


While she's visiting Wanda though, Lola is left to look after the baby. So she dumps it on Belle and ends up in a bedroom with Ryan, inadvertedly destroying Jimmy's engineering drawings. Belle herself decides to get up and leave to go have lunch. Unfortunately she gets back with Lola and they find Phil's baby has disappeared.


It turns out that Murray, Vince's boyfriend, came along and took the baby to calm him down. He gives him back to Phil, who berates Belle as it being her fault because, it emerges, she did leave the door open in the first place...


Murray meanwhile is introduced to Kate and Helen, the latter thinks he's "not bad at all". Murray has his uses and calms down Phil's baby (see above). Angel orders Max to sack Kate, but he defies this, saying that the hotel would fall to pieces without her. In any case, his late brother Vic's Will states that Kate would always have a job at Crossroads for as long as she wants. So no sacking of Kate, but Angel has a better idea...





Episode 023/ 343– “tbc”

Transmitted: 12/02/03 (Wednesday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Tim Brooke Taylor as Murray Simpson


Phil has decided, now that she's keeping her baby, that its name will forever more be known as 'William'. She invites Murray Simpson, Vince's boyfriend, to play witness at a baby-naming ceremony. The very idea makes Murray ponder the idea of having a baby of his own with Vince, although the former is not very keen on the offer.


Elsewhere, Angel offers an ultimatum to Kate - get rid of Phil or she'll get rid of Kate. So Kate has to go and inform the new mother to pack her bags and sod off by the end of next week. This is despite Kate's promise previously that her job is safe at the hotel, so Lola and Belle decide to stick by their elder sister.


Later, Kate is met by Max who is horrified at the threat made by his other half and reassures her that her job is safe at the hotel as per the terms of his late brother's will. He invites her to stay the night at the hotel to save trudging back to the Cat In The Moon pub and they go into the honeymoon suite together - seen by Cleo who misinterprets the scene.


In other developments, Jimmy believes he's come up with the best thing since sliced bread so far as his engineering ideas go, but working on the project forces him to miss meeting clients of a conference. After being berated by his father he feels very left out and upset and rebels against Max, saying that he, Jimmy, is in the wrong family.





Episode 024/ 344– “tbc”

Transmitted: 13/02/03 (Thursday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Linda Robson as Wanda Wise


Angel has a change of heart re: Phil and the baby after a chat with Betty. She publically announces that she can stay at the hotel, but also states that it was Kate who wanted Phil sacked in the first place, much to her embarrassment. In private Kate informs Angel that she could tell Max that she (Angel) wasn't pregnant she she forced Max to marry her...


The Wise sisters visit their mother Wanda in prison and take baby William with them. The only real development of the visit is that Wanda suggests using William to get a council flat, which would also be a suitable home for when Wanda gets out of prison. Such an idea goes down faster than a lead balloon.


Phil makes the final decision over William - she can't cope with all of this and decides that adoption of the boy would be good in the long term, but is dreadfully upset at the idea of just leaving William on te doorstep of the social services. Betty offers to take the child to the authorities but she secretly keeps the baby in her room while Lola and Belle berate their older sister for putting the baby up for adoption in the first place.


Scott has got himself excluded from school (apparently he was provoked into fighting) and Dave puts it to Tracey she might want to consider teaching him at home. After a morning of french lessons Scott's had enough and pleads to Dave to get him out of Tracey's lessons. Dave takes him for a maths lesson - keeping track of the scores in a game of darts.





Episode 025/ 345– “tbc”

Transmitted: 14/02/03 (Friday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Tim Brooke Taylor as Murray Simpson

Karaoke: “tbc” by Vince (Ben Porter), Helen (Lucy Pargeter) and Murray (Tim Brooke Taylor)


Phil comes close to a nervous breakdown and decides that she now wants her baby back with her after apparently hearing it cry during the night (said crying, of course, was coming from Betty's room, the baby's current home). She runs off to Betty wanting her kid back only to find out that the boy's not with Social Services, he's with Betty and is now called Keith.


It later emerges that Keith was Betty's son, and he died in a house fire 30yrs ago because she'd left him home alone to go gambling in the casino, he was hungry, decided to do some chips and started a fire in which he perished. Betty and her husband separated because the only thing they could agree on over it was that Keith's death was her fault. William is returned to Phil, and Betty apologises to Phil for what she did.


Elsewhere, seeds of thought are sowed in Cleo's head when she thinks that Max is having an affair with Kate! The reality is that Kate is repaying a monthly installment of her loan to Max, the money he used to pay Ethan Black to get her out of trouble in the first place. Cleo informs Ryan of her doubts but he thinks she's being silly. So rather than let it rest, she informs Angel.


Angel's reaction is then to confront Kate outside the hotel and start a vicious savage catfight with her which ends up in the fountain. Max comes along, and strenously denies the alleged affair, as Kate drips into the hotel with a weary "good evening" to some amazed onlookers.


Dave informs Tracey that he plans to propose to Oona after she dedicates a song to him, and then Vince, Murray and Helen take the stage... Vince decides to adopt, a move that makes Murray happy. Tracey meanwhile is of the opinions that Scott's troubles are due to the fact he doesn't have a father figure in his life after Jake, and the fact he's hitting puberty doesn't help (although Tracey doesn't seem to have realised that her offspring has shot straight through the entire puberty thing...)





Episode 026/ 346– “tbc”

Transmitted: 17/02/03 (Monday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Tim Brooke Taylor as Murray Simpson


Phil made the decision (again) to hand her baby William over to social services. This she does, despite the arrangement of a baby shower party in the staff room organised by her sisters. Belle flies off the handle at news what Phil's done though.


A fashion shoot for Vogue magazine at Crossroads introduces us to Garth, one of the models at the shoot. He takes an immediate shine to Vince, who is worried about being unfaithful to his boyfriend Murray but Garth's come-ons sway Vince anyway and he disappears into Garth's bedroom. Tracey, however, has an eye on Garth.


Scott, meanwhile, continues to mope around taking up space and confides in Dave and tells him that his new school sucks, that he has no friends and also paints a sadly all too familiar picture of being bullied at school. Looks like Scott's found his new father figure then after Jake, and it's called Dave Stocks.


Elsewhere, Angel feels completely humilated after such a public bicker with Kate last time and reluctantly apologises for her actions. Max takes it upon himself to berate Cleo for planting the seed of thought in Angel's mind in the first place. Kate also learns from Dave that he's thinking of marrying Oona.





Episode 027/ 347– “tbc”

Transmitted: 18/02/03 (Tuesday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Tim Brooke Taylor as Murray Simpson









Episode 028/ 348– “tbc”

Transmitted: 19/02/03 (Wednesday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: John Bowler as Ethan Black


Squabbles ensure between the Samson parents and the Samson offspring. The issue is over the general disappearance of Jimmy and who was responsible for it. Max thinks its just a general rant that will blow over, while Cleo and Ryan blame Max and Angel for driving him out in the first place, particuarly after the Suzie business.


Jimmy himself slept in his car and drove around looking for Suzie. He eventually traces her to some high-rise flats but she doesn't want to see him and its clear that she has found new love. Poor Jimmy is devastated at this and turns to drink.


Ryan wants to seek out his brother but is denied the use of the car by his father. So Joe offers to drive him around on the back of the bike. They trace his footsteps but see no sign of him. Dinner that night is thus a strained event although Jimmy's place is set at the table. Jimmy, meanwhile, has decided to end it all and throw himself off a bridge in his half-drunk state. He is caught however by a passing stranger who stops him falling.


Garth has offered Vince a trip to Manhatten and given him the tickets as well. They can go this weekend and Vince really wants to go. Murray, meanwhile, turns up at the hotel with a big bunch of flowers but ends up leaving without them and without Vince when he catches him in a clinch with Garth. Poor Murray is devastated at this and walks out, leaving Garth with one simple instruction: To take care of Vince.


Tracey goes up to see Scott's headmaster at his school with a rather predictable outcome - that the boy's troubles started at home. She almost rips up half his paperwork on the desk and is told to basically sod off and come back in a more civil mood. Indeed.





Episode 029/ 349– “tbc”

Transmitted: 20/02/03 (Thursday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: John Bowler as Ethan Black


Jimmy's saviour turns out to be one Ethan Black. His father was a bishop and he bought his current home from the church. His mother is dead and her portrait, which looks like Kate, hangs on the stairwell. Unfortunately Ethan seems to have little taste when it comes to wallpaper, with green "things" floating around Jimmy's walls.


Ryan has dreams about his brother's location and rushes to the scene of where he last was. He finds Jimmy's car and the photo of him and Suzie and fears the worse. He returns home to break the news about Jimmy's death to his family but Angel is desperately upset at it and refuses to believe that her son Jimmy is dead. Max, as usual, is not very helpful.


Dave goes shopping with Tracey - he wants her to help choose an engagement ring for Oona. Unfortunately Oona assumes that Tracey is having an affair with her husband. Kate convinces her otherwise but it turns out to be true anyway as Tracey is all over Dave in the upstairs room above the pub. So when Oona returns home Tracey has to hide behind the sofa while Dave proposes to Oona.





Episode 030/ 350– “tbc”

Transmitted: 21/02/03 (Friday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: ?


Ethan takes an interest in Jimmy's engineering drawings which pleases him. He finds it in himself to return home where he gets his head ripped off by Max for hurting them! Fortunately Jimmy and Max shake hands and make up. However Belle flies into the Samson apartment prior to Jimmy's return and accuses them of driving Jimmy to his death and starts beating up Max.


Tracey and Dave go to see Scott's headteacher at school where the boy is on the verge of being excluded. It's just as well, therefore, that Dave has seen the man before because he has a secret about him from the past which we reckon has potential to cost him his job. So it's a case of either Scott stays in, or the headmaster is out. Tracey repays Dave by getting jiggy in the sports room (and crushed by falling balls) with him.


Vince pulls out of the trip to New York with Garth, preferring instead to be with Murray - after all, a relationship lasting seven years must mean something. Unfortunately though Vince receives a devastating phone-call informing him that his love Murray is dead, having been killed in a crash.






Episode 031/ 351– “tbc”

Transmitted: 24/02/03 (Monday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Iliria D’Elia  as Scarlet Da Silva


Newcomer to the hotel Scarlett catches Ryan's eye (not literally, that would be silly) and as you would expect, they go to lunch and then to bed together. It emerges that she pontificates around the general desire to pull a fast one involving a casino. Ryan, who seemingly never learns from his previous mistakes, is quite happy to go along with this. The other Samson brother, Jimmy, spends this episode filling in Belle on what he did while he was away supposedly


Elsewhere, concern is expressed for Vince over the death of Murray. Although more importantly the issue of the ball tomorrow (or rather, lack of food for it) is resolved when Vince shows up ready for work, right as rain as if nothing happened. Kate reminds him that he can take time off, and Lola is sorry because she encouraged Vince to go off with Garth in the first place.


Dave makes plans to meet up with Tracey, she wants to keep seeing him again. He's supposed to be in the Spa which is where Oona does indeed find him (but of course much later after he's finished with Tracey for the night).

Meanwhile, Betty is somewhat depressed but the decision is taken to lead her into the so-called "Meg Mortimer Suite" where she has a dance with Rocky.





Episode 032/ 352– “tbc”

Transmitted: 25/02/03 (Tuesday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Iliria D’Elia  as Scarlet Da Silva


After a night of passion, Ryan was totally smitten with Scarlet and agreed to join in her plan. He manages to get Jimmy in on it as well. Meanwhile, having observed the lavish preparations for the ball, Belle, Phil and Lola hatched a plan to gategrash the event wearing masks. And they got away with it as well.


Tracey planned another secret liaison with Dave. But it wasn't what he'd expected: they went shopping! Angel invited Kate to the ball at the last minute, fearing that the rest of the staff would think her unkind. But the plan backfired when Max asked Kate to dance.






Episode 033/ 353– “tbc”

Transmitted: 26/02/03 (Wednesday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Iliria D’Elia  as Scarlet Da Silva


A painfully moody Angel gives everybody the cold shoulder today. Kate thinks its due to a photo published in the paper yesterday that identifies her and Max as being Mr and Mrs Samson! Apparently it isn't that but the general implication that Max danced with Kate in the first place.


Elsewhere, Ryan manages to persuade Jimmy into helping with the casino scam. Jimmy has made this "roulette wheel fixing device" which looks remarkably like a chunky walkie-talkie. Exactly how it's going to work is anybody's guess. Max comes in (like he does) and the sons bluff something about looking for accounts - Max reminds them of his challenge and recaps how he turned $20 into $5,000 in two months, to the (dis)interest of Ryan and Jimmy.


Meanwhile, love is in the air (possibly) - Betty asks Rocky out on a date after encouragement from Phil. Meanwhile Beena expresses interest in Ryan but not in his new "lover" - in fact she has doubts about Scarlet so follows her upon leaving the hotel and finds her getting into a police car.


Finally, Oona plots a surprise engagement party for Dave for Friday. She tells Scott this and invites him and Tracey to it. Unfortunately Scott doesn't appear to have told Tracey this because she invites him to spend some time with her - on Friday night. Scott has been given some new championship darts thanks to his new found hobby.






Episode 034/ 354– “tbc”

Transmitted: 27/02/03 (Thursday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Iliria D’Elia  as Scarlet Da Silva


Angel goes to church to confesses that she's standing by her husband even though she knows he's done wrong (murdering Jenny). Joe overhears her and the pair later passionately kiss.


However, Angel is only just in time to unveil her new magnificent bronze statue of - unsurprisingly - an angel. This follows a speech about forgiveness, so thus Max promises to never let Angel down again.


Elsewhere, everybody is still upset at Kate's outburst last time although she doesn't show her face today and neither does Jimmy. Max meets up with Lady Alice Fox, who turned down his application for a casino license. Apparently she objects to doing business with an American!






Episode 035/ 355– “tbc”

Transmitted: 28/02/03 (Friday) – Written by: tbc

Guest Star: Iliria D’Elia  as Scarlet Da Silva


Angel confesses to Max that she was not pregnant when they married. To her surprise, he already knew (and Kate hasn't told her). Worrying about nothing then? Maybe so.


Elsewhere, Ryan and Jimmy head to the casino to fix the game of roulette. Unfortunately, Max catches them, thus Scarlet loses the game and gets kicked out by Max.


Gossip spreads about Rocky and Betty and why they didn't come home. They turned up,  having treked all the way back,  to inquisitive looks and people think something went on between them...


Dave has a surprise party thrown for him, but this forces him to miss his secret liason with Tracey, who is thus stood up. Virginia, in a grumpy mood all day, has too much to drink at the party and blurts out her true feelings for Rocky, so Betty ups and walks out.