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The following episode guide has been written (where possible) after re-watching the episodes in question. These episodes are immediately obvious because they feature screen captures alongside. Where there is a guide that is accompanied by images of the title sequence it means that the episode has not been viewed and that alternative sources have been used.




Episode: 214 Transmitted: 04-02-02 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Ray is unsure what to think when he's faced with the dilemma of playing happy families with Mandy or starting a new life with Joanne. The former is not happy that Ray wasn't there for the birth of the baby and assumes that he was with the latter, while the latter is not happy that Ray stood her up over his plans to run away.


Elswhere, Phil sees Nicola and Josh thieving a bottle of vodka from the hotel bar and has too much of it to drink. Josh tries to make a move on Nicola while in a car, his hand getting rather too close to her cleavage, a motion she's not happy with. She fights him off but Phil is still not happy at Nicola seeing Josh at all.

Adam Chance does not have a good life at the moment, he's forced to scavenge fodd from litter bins in the park. He goes to see his solicitor George who gives him the number of a hostel and informs him that he does have a valid case for ownership of the Crossroads Hotel because his wife Jill died inestate. Adam recites various religion verses from the Bible, which doesn't go down too well with George.


Kate calls a meeting with Jake and Tracey over her announcement of a divorce from Jake. It's final, as far as she's concerned and that's the end of the matter. "It's not a case of whether we get a divorce, it's a case of When?". Kate later expresses concern over the effect that a divorce will have on her grandson Scott when he's forced to make a decision over who to live with. Jake later phones Diane asking to see her, clearly something important.


In other news, Dave persuades Oona to continue living in with him at the cafe, while Beena is horrified to learn that Greg was not a practical joke call made by Des or Minty, particularly when they turn up phoneless while Greg's on the line... Meanwhile Jenny phones up having seen Minty's "photo" and asks to meet him. Mandy has discharged herself so that she can be at home with her new baby Holly.




Episode: 215 Transmitted: 05-02-02 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


A poor distraught Nicola flees from Josh's car after Josh's attempted attack and flies straight into the arms of Phil, held up for a few vital seconds in the car park showing a guest to Reception. Phil punches Josh to the ground and he runs off. However Phil has to further warn Josh off when he catches him in Nicola's apartment threatening her. Nicola tells Phil that she cannot report the incident to the police and is fearful of her mother finding out.


Elsewhere Jake meets up with Diane and ends up telling her that he never knew that Victor was his father and that he can't bear the thought of him being away in Boston. Then Jake and Diane fall into a passioniate clinch, a move which is certainly going to pleasse Victor when he finds out. Not.


Elsewhere an undercover newspaper journalist tricks Sarah into revealing her opinions on Adam Chance being acquitted, but Billy smells a rat over all these questions and finds out that the reporter is Peter Warren. He throws him out and Sarah can't believe that she fell for it.


Meanwhile Mandy and Ray have another disagreement, she wants commitment but Ray isn't really interested. Kate suggests that it's better if Scott stays with her for the time being as his parents not talking and his father living down the corridor isn't exactly going to do the schoolboy any good. Tracey herself jumps too quickly when she suggests she and Mike get a house and move in together, Mike wants to take things slowly between them.




Episode: 216 Transmitted: 06-02-02 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Kate celebrates three years at the Crossroads Hotel


Today is when Des booked a DNA test for him, Holly and Mandy so that he can prove that he is the father of her baby. To fund this test, it costs 500 and the plan was to use Minty's new credit card to fund it. That plan was dashed when the card was found to only have a credit limit of 500 a month and Minty wanted to use it towards the 550 he owes Dave. However Minty gives Des the 500 for him to have the DNA test and Dave will have to wait another month. The DNA results will not be known for another fortnight though.


Kate decided to throw a party today to celebrate three years of the hotel opening. There is a good atmosphere, complete with Oona playing a party piece on the piano! Afterwards, Kate gives a speech thanking everybody for their work and dedication. The night goes well for Des, who has rather too much to drink and has a drunken boast at Ray and Joanne over his parentage to Mandy's baby. Billy decides to have another public kiss with Sarah in front of Kate, a sight Kate was not too keen to have seen.


Earlier she received a phone call from the police about Nicola's attack and is horrified that Josh is wanted for attempted sexual assault. The event causes Nicola to admit that she has been acting like a "right cow" since Patrick died and apologises for that. Fortunately Kate is ready to forgive - it is her own daughter after all.


Making up is not the key issue for the Booth family at the moment, Jake and Tracey continue to have their little snides at each other. Jake's going to the hotel party, while Tracey is off out with Mike. Scott, after telling Kate that Des thinks she has nice legs for a woman of her age, tells Kate that Jake hasn't taken him out to buy new clothes for the party, but she suggests wearing the new clothes he had for his 13th birthday party last week. Later, a frustrated Scott "I'm not thick" Booth tells Jake that he doesn't want the pair of them to split up, but blames Tracey's fling with Mike Kitson as the reason for the planned divorce. "She shouldn't be with Mr Kitson, she should be with you. It's all her fault".


Jake, meanwhile, is not helping the divorce situation by meeting up with Diane again at the party, they share another kiss and Vic phones on the mobile. Apparently he'd be furious if he knew what was going on between the pair of them. Talking of relationships, Dave gets down on one knee at the hotel party and asks Oona if she'll marry him as her favourite song plays in the background. But will she accept?




Episode: 217 Transmitted: 07-02-02 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Jake gets revenge on Victor in the way he knows best - he sleeps with Diane. So when Victor calls, Jake answers the mobile and mocks Vic. Diane is not at all happy now that Jake used her in the way that he did and reveals that Victor will have nothing to do with her now. She refuses full stop to partake in any more of this charade and she will not talk to Jake again.


News of Adam's release is in the newspapers, and the man himself has booked into a hostel. After dumping the papers for Mark's sake, Kate gets wind of Sarah speaking to the media and worried about Mark due to references to Louise Dixon. He himself accuses Sarah of making light of the fact that he nearly married a con artist. Sarah denies all these allegations though and confides in Billy. Adam himself turns up at Crossroads to express concern over the loss of Patrick last year. He's not here for Jill's shares (so he says), but he is awfully keen to get to know Sarah though.


Josh stalks Nicola and blackmails her into withdrawing her statement against him in regards to his attack on her. She arrages to meet in the Knockout Cafe, but wants to get Phil to come along with her. At the meeting, Josh makes up a lie for the police withdrawal, but Phil threatens to make Josh pay anyway, to which Josh threatens himself to take Phil to court for ABH.


Dave, Oona and Mandy dine at Crossroads, the father decides to shell out for champagne but not at 85 a bottle, he goes for second best! Dave makes an announcement to the entire bar area that Oona has agreed to remarry him and proposes a toast. Ray quickly leaves after Oona and Dave embrace. Mandy later expresses disgust at this public show of affection and thinks that Ray doesn't love her since he won't hold her hand.




Episode: 218 Transmitted: 11-02-02 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Jake visits an old solicitor friend to see what rights he has when the divorce comes through, and is not happy to hear that Tracey is more likely to win everything which includes the one thing that Jake wants more than anything else - his son Scott. However Jake learns that if he can prove from a reliable source that Tracey is in no fit state to win custody, then it could work for him and stand more chance in the custody battle.


Meanwhile Tracey is overjoyed to see Scott on his way out to school, but he quickly declines her shows of affection. Later, Scott is trying to blag a free trip into Birmingham to attend a computer fair in order to upgrade his plastic friend that sits whirring and beeping in the corner of his bedroom (that is, his computer). Jake won't take Scott, so he tries Nicola who won't take him either. However he catches Beena on reception and she says that she'll take him to the computer fair which pleases the computer-mad schoolboy and Beena sees it as an opportunity to suck up to Jake Booth via Scott.


Elsewhere Minty has made arrangements to meet up with Jenny. She arrives and sees right through the fake photograph but it doesn't bother her, more inclined to accept him for who he really is. Towards the end of the date they kiss. You'd never know that Minty was worrying about the date all day after this, would you?

Kate is not happy to hear that Nicola plans to drop the charges of sexual assault against Josh. It was either that or have Josh report Phil for assault. Kate goes mad and blames Phil for pressurising her daughter in order to save his own skin. However he later sees Kate and tells her that he agrees with what she said earlier and plans to go down the police station and make a statement in support of Nicola. It is here that she lays down the law and announces that she just wants to forget about the entire incident.


Adam is hanging around Crossroads Hotel in search of Sarah. He finds her in her room with Beena and waltzes in to announce that he is "carrying out your mother's wishes. I want to be a proper stepfather to you". Sarah replies to this by throwing Mr Chance out of her room.




Episode: 219 Transmitted: 12-02-02 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Poor Scott is not a happy bunny at the moment. Having built his expectations up for 24hrs over a trip to the computer fair in Birmingham with his favourite female Beena, those expections are destroyed in 24 seconds when his mother Tracey causes a scene in the Reception area.


It all started when Scott made the arrangements before school, bleeping his laptop over the front desk. Then while he was at school, Jake took the necessary steps of arranging to tag along (this Scott wasn't happy about, trying to see it as more of a date with the lovely Beena). Jake then filled Tracey in on what was going on, she was annoyed that Scott hadn't said anything. And so she storms into the reception area and loudly accuses Jake of having an affair with Beena. This she denies and argues her case before Kate steps in to end the argument. Scott storms off upstairs in fury, Beena runs off crying and Jake thinks he's seen it all. Scott confesses to Nicola that he blames Tracey for the recent trouble in the marriage and then pushes past Kate in a rage when she overhears him talking to Nicola.


Jake is working on his scheme to win custody of his son Scott. He goes to see the family doctor and tells her about Tracey's drinking problems. It is this sort of document that will help Jake win in a custody case. Later, he winds Tracey up again, she has the rose-tinted view that things will work out fine when it's just her, Mike and Scott. Jake doesn't think so and tells her than in her current state she's got no chance of winning Scott. This is greeted by an attack with the contents of a vodka glass, she apologises profoundly but Jake replies with "Thank you for giving me my son".


In other news, Adam asks Kate if he can have a job at the hotel. Kate tells him that there's nothing going. However a reporter comes along to chat to Adam about his trial acquittal and offers a five sum figure for his story. Adam turns the offer down, but the reporter doesn't give up easily and approaches Adam again later in front of Sarah. Adam threatens him with security and asks Sarah if he can meet her to have a little talk. Sarah isn't sure, what with having found some old papers on top of the wardrobe reporting on her mother's death. These are thrown into the bin.


Mandy expresses concern at the lack of room in the King's Oak Cafe now that there are five members of the family there. Ray tries to convince Dave to move into Oona's place with no success. Dave has the idea of renting out Oona's place, a proposal she's not happy about. Then the suggestion that Ray and Mandy move into Oona's house goes down well with Mandy. Oona realises that the baby isn't registered yet and drops hints. This would mean that Ray puts his name down on the birth certificate as the father as Mandy wishes, an request Ray isn't happy with since he knows full well that he isn't the father. He talks to Joanne but she tells him to deal with it himself. Meanwhile Dave has asked Ray if he'll be best man at the re-marriage of Dave and Oona.




Episode: 220 Transmitted: 13-02-02 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Sarah gets chatty with a guest, Mr Hancock who is a suspected undercover journalist but he claims to be a murdery mystery enthusiast. He's fixated though since he sneaks into Sarah's room and when confronted, blames it on "vibrations". Sarah throws him out along with said vibrations as well. The same man also asked Sarah how to get to the lake, the scene of Jill's death. With this, Billy suggests that Sarah move in with her and asks Kate for leave for Sarah which she grants, and then Adam shows up again, until he's thrown out in regards to the newspaper reports.


Kate expresses concern at Tracey's vodka attack which has apparently left Jake with an injury. He instructs his mother to never leave Scott alone in the same room as Tracey, this is agreed after Kate hears about Tracey slapping Scott last year. Due to the way these things work, Scott soon pipes up wanting to go to his room to get a jumper and moans loudly when Kate denies this. It doesn't stop Scott going to get his jumper anyway and Tracey catches him. She's delighted to see him but he's clearly uncomfortable at having to tell her about Jake's new rule and quickly scarpers. She confronts Kate who lays it straight - give up the drink and you can have your son. Tracey thinks she's going mad.


Holly's middle name is discussed in the Stocks household - they settle on "Elizabeth" which just so happens to be the name of Ray's sister. Des has no hesitation in announcing to the kitchen these developments, Jo departs quickly at this news.


Elsewhere, Minty's date with Jenny is a success, could it be true love? Oona reminds him, however, about his 500 debt to Dave and plots to get more credit cards until he's stoppped by Des who pays him 20 towards the DNA charges




Episode: 221 Transmitted: 14-02-02 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Kate puts it to Sarah that she could come back to the hotel, at least until Beena dumps Sarah's things in the kitchen which Billy quickly shifts to his flat, unknowingly followed by Adam in his quest to find Sarah. Kate herself is disturbed to hear that Sarah has always fancied Billy, and Sarah learns from Billy that her mother tried to commit suicide and she is concerned over what little she knows about Jill, eventually concluding with the phrase that she hates her.


Adam meets Doris at the local church which is a nice surprise to her even thought she can't wait to get away from this man. He's staying at the local vicarage, so he says. He then goes back to Billy's flat which scares Sarah but she invites him in, thinking that if she listens to what he has to say, it will shut him up for good. It is here that he tells her about Jill's attempted drugs suicide overdose last year.


Mandy brings her baby Holly into Crossroads to show her off and, with any luck, rub Joanne up the wrong way. Tracey makes a snide comment about having a child "taken off you". Kate has to remind Tracey about hotel policy of not discussing family matters in front of the guests but she retaliates with arguing about current arrangement re: Scott and thinks that Kate has no right to deny her access to her son. Meanwhile Mandy is not happy at Des hanging around Holly and stops him holding her and he and Oona have a squabble over it until Ray puts paid to it.


Chloe tries to talk Nicola out of dropping the charges with no success, she goes and does it anyway. Phil also tells Nicola that he wants them to get back together.





Episode: 222 Transmitted: 18-02-02 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Poor Adam is traced by Mickey and his loan sharks, firstly to his work at the Vicarage in exchange for lodging and then to the chapel of the church. He is told at the first encounter that his original debt of 50,000 has now gone up to 80,000 thanks to interest rates, and wonders where on earth he's supposed to get this sort of money from. Second time round, he's about to present Sarah with a jewellery box when the sharks come in, find that he hasn't been able to get the 80,000 and so beat him up in front of Sarah. Mickey tells the pair not to flee King's Oak, nor to go to the police. Sarah takes Adam back to Billy's flat, a decision not liked by Billy when he returns home from work. Sarah expresses her desire to nurse Adam, while Adam refuses trips down to the hospital for his injuries.


Meanwhile Kate expresses concern over Tracey's relationship with Mike and orders her to put paid to it. Tracey expresses desire to see her son Scott, and then accuses Kate of imprisoning the boy in her apartment. Kate retaliates with the fact that Tracey's in no fit state to be left alone with Scott and tells her to grow up. Tracey responds to this with a court "Stop nterferring in my life" followed by the slamming of the door from Tracey.


In other news, Phil plots to take Nicola away on holiday somewhere as a surprise, while Chloe expresses how much she hates her job at the King's Oak Cafe. Mike suggests going away to Chloe and maybe becoming a tour rep. Meanwhile Nicola tells Billy how glad she is that the pair have split up - "Not for you [Billy], for mum"!




Episode: 223 Transmitted: 19-02-02 (Tuesday) Written by: Marvin Close


Billy has booked today as holiday to take Sarah out somewhere nice. She turns this down in order to care for Adam who was beaten up by loansharks yesterday. The sharks turn up again today at Billy's flat and smash it up. Prior to this Sarah was reading some of Jill's old letters and then she found a suicide note. And from here on in the loansharks took over...


Billy offers the day out to Kate instead, and she is quick to accept. There is evidentally still a strong bond between the pair. They return afterwards to find the glass smashed in on Billy's front door so rush inside to find the trashed flat. Sarah and Adam, meanwhile, are nowhere to be seen...


Meanwhile Phil talks to Ray about how best to plan a surprise holiday to Amsterdam for Nicola. He meets up with Nicola and Chloe in the cafe and is exasperated to learn of their plans to go travelling together and is not at all pleased to hear that Nicola plans to drop out of college. With this he quickly leaves.


Elsewhere, Dave and Oona make plans to hold the reception for their wedding at the Crossroads Hotel and inform Mandy and Ray that Oona's old place is to be done up so that Mandy, Ray and Holly can move into it. Mandy is over the moon but Ray doesn't look too excited by the news. He later stands up to Mandy and tells her that he wants his life back and reminds her of the agreement they made prior to getting married. She responds by going to the telephone and calling Directory Enquiries to contact Immigration, Ray calls her bluff but she's deadly serious.


Minty introduces Des to Jenny, who tells him not to build his hopes up about being Holly's father since the DNA results are due soon. Des isn't prepared to listen, insistant that he is the father.




Episode: 224 Transmitted: 20-02-02 (Wednesday) Written by: Marvin Close


Things go from bad to worse for Sarah and Adam. After fleeing the loansharks, they wind up locking themselves in the church crypt which is possibly the last place a loanshark would think of looking for them. Sarah takes the opportunity to ask Adam if he really did murder Jill, this he denies, which says that she fell into the lake as opposed to him pushing her under. He leaves her under the impression that a businessman has 80K with which to pay off the debt and goes to collect it, Sarah having promised not to telephone Billy. In reality Adam has gone to pray to the Lord.


A frantic Billy searches all over for Sarah with no joy. It is when he's sitting in the church that his mobile rings, it's Sarah calling from the crypt. Unfortunately there is little mobile phone reception down there so the call is not as long as Sarah wanted. Adam overhears this and when returning to the crypt with blankets for an overnight stay, he tells Sarah that God told him she'd broken her promise, and then proceeds to destroy her mobile phone by throwing it to the ground and stamping on it. So now in effect Sarah is Adam's prisoner! What happens now?


In other news, Chloe and Nicola discuss the potential of working abroad, the former having secured an interview for just such a position. Nicola throws down more suggestions, really keen on the idea, but Chloe's happy with the one interview for now. Meanwhile on the next table Minty scolds Des for his attitude towards Jenny last time round and asks him to treat her with respect. So the DJ and the fan end up sharing coffee together as Des looks on. Meanwhile Adam's loansharks threaten Billy in his own flat about Adam and Sarah's location with no luck. It's time, they say, to find Chance and put an end to this debt.


Meanwhile Tracey causes an argument at reception by telling Beena how to do her job on Reception. Instead of like last time where the scene was witnessed by her son Scott, this one is witnessed by a waiting guest and Billy. Later, when Kate comes up to the Booth apartment to find out what was going on, Tracey says that she suggests that there's something going on between Jake and Beena although she'd said earlier she couldn't care less about what Jake gets up to. Tracey chooses this moment to topple over and Kate pleads with her again to cut the drinking out for Scott's sake, a plea just as likely as ever to fall on deaf ears!




Episode: 225 Transmitted: 21-02-02 (Thursday) Written by: Marvin Close


Billy is missing Sarah dreadfully, he can't understand why she is still with Adam. They are still in the freezing cold church crypt wrapped in blankets. She keeps asking him to call to arrange the money, which he blames for this mess in the first place. The cold conditions make him call Sarah Jill by mistake and remembers the wedding day last May.


Adam eventually "calls" the bank manager but Sarah sees through it due to the lack of mobile reception down there. She is not happy and realises that there's no way for Adam to pay the debt after all. He made up the story of sorting out money to buy time. He then contridicts himself re: meeting Jill at the lake. She realises that it was indeed him who murdered Jill and panics when he admits to it. Sarah wants out of the crypt for food but Adam won't let her go. In fact he puts forward the " devil's posession" idealogy for Jill's murder, while she puts forward the idea of going to confession to help them both. But then Adam suggests something much better - they must both die.


Ray tells Joanne that he is 100% prepared to turn himself in to the Australian High Commissison in order to be with Joanne. He is happy to be jailed if it means that afterwards he can have her. He regrets marrying Mandy now, even if its her mad-in-the-head family that causes more problems than the daughter. Oona and Dave discuss their wedding plans - to have it at Crossroads would bankrupt Dave, so he says.


Chloe is ready to go to bar work on the Mediterranean and invites Nicola along but she wants to be with Phil so bottles out. She thinks Phil is unhappy at her going away until it is learned that Phil was actually planning to take her away on holiday as a surprise.




Episode: 226 Transmitted: 25-02-02 (Monday) Written by: Andy Bernhardt


Events in the church crypt gather pace when Adam ties Sarah up to a pillar and then prepares to gather kindlewood in order so that the pair of them can die to go to Jill. Adam links it to "If Jill won't come to us, we must go to Jill". Billy, who has been hunting for Sarah all this time, ventures back into the church and finds his way down to the crypt which is where he finds Sarah. As he struggles to help her escape, Adam knocks him out with a plank of wood from behind. So they're both trapped in the crypt now with Adam Chance, Billy's rescue mission having gone horribly wrong.


Elsewhere Minty is receiving copious amounts of email from his fan Jenny. Des tells him that he should let Jenny down gently about his real life off the microphone, as it clearly doesn't match up with what Jenny thinks. And so Minty informs his fan that he's a kitchen porter in a hotel and that the studios of the radio station are nothing more than the back compartment of a camper van. Jenny is unswayed at this and throws herself at him in the van. Minty backs off - to shut the door. And so they throw themselves at each other.


Oona and Dave have a debate on cost cutting at the cafe and their forthcoming wedding. She wants the works and is not happy when Dave dubs her accessories as "rubbish". She's adament that to cut costs, it's time that Chloe was sacked from the cafe, a motion Dave isn't happy about at all. It turns out that he doesn't need to worry since Chloe has been offered a job position in the Canary Islands so will be leaving anyway.


Elsewhere Joanne tries to persuade Ray that jail is not what he wants, but he's adamant that its the way to get him out of the mess he's currently in re: immigration, Mandy and her baby, Holly.




Episode: 227 Transmitted: 26-02-02 (Tuesday) Written by: Andy Bernhardt


Location Filming details HERE


Sadistic Adam ties Sarah and Billy to a pillar in the church crypt and dictates that the chef will bear witness to the final testament. Billy's mobile rings though and Adam has no hesistation in destroying the thing. In the next chamber, Adam builds a wooden pyre which will act as the sacrifice method for him and Sarah. Eventually the time comes and they go into the next chamber leaving Billy to struggle with his bonds.


Adam prays with The Lord's Prayer wile Sarah thinks desperately on how to get out of this, preferably alive. As Adam pours paraffin on the pyre, Sarah tries desperately to buy some time with prayers and so forth but Adam produces a naked flame anyway which he will throw onto the pyre to start a fire. Sarah puts paid to this by overpowering Adam and knocking the lighter free. Pushing him over, she tries desperately to get out but the door is locked, thankfully from the inside. Adam, in his struggle to get up, knocks an oil lamp into the pyre which ignites the paraffin. He grabs Sarah and tries to pull her back but she's too strong, pushes him into the chamber and then slams the door shut as the fire rages around the now trapped Adam. She unties Billy and they quickly escape the smoke filled chamber.


In other news an american business guru, Lorraine Hamilton and her daughter Sally arrive at Crossroads to host a motivation seminar at the hotel, while Des receives the results of the DNA test to the depressing news that he is not Holly's father after all. Meanwhile Minty has fun in the campervan with Jenny.




Episode: 228 Transmitted: 27-02-02 (Wednesday) Written by: David Joss Buckley


Billy and Sarah get out of the church crypt in one piece having left Adam behind in the burning crypt. Sarah is talking to the police about what happened and they take a statement, while Billy plans to take Sarah away for a week to Paris to recover from her ordeal. The police officers put paid to this by saying that they need Sarah to stay in the country in case they need to clarify any of her statement. Things are not helped when the police turn the tables and begin to imply that she murdered Adam because she shut the door on him even though it was clear that it was on fire! Billy sets the rumours straight by announcing that Sarah saved him, not that he saved her.


Lorraine Hamilton is busy giving her speech to her sample audience of the staff of Crossroads on motivation, a speech interrupted by Oona's late arrivance and subsequent comments. Des is hauled up on stage to join in with the chanting of the style of the speech, though Oona's presence is not making the experience any easier for Ray. He has an appointment tomorrow in regards to his earlier call to the Australian Immigration, a day Joanne is not looking forward to.


Poor Scott is bullied at school by other pupils who know about his mother's affair with his teacher Mike. Scott rushes straight to Kate and seeks her help on the matter. She takes him up to the apartment where he's almost in tears when Tracey arrives. When he goes off to do his homework in the next room, he doesn't even have time to shut the door before Tracey's shouting at Kate to keep her nose out of her business. It's almost as if Tracey couldn't care less that her current affair is affecting her son through his school peers.


Kate finds Jake at Lorraine's speech and tells him about the situation with his son and makes it clear that while she will remain neutral between Jake and Tracey, she will not hesistate to step in if their actions affect her grandson Scott. She urges Jake to do something to resolve the matter, he phones the school to make an appointment to see the headmaster, a move which will surely get Mike into trouble.




Episode: 229 Transmitted: 28-02-02 (Thursday) Written by: Leslie Darbon


The police continue to question Sarah, continuing to imply that they think there could be a murder case here, particularly since there's still no sign yet of Adam's body having been recovered from the crypt. Kate drops by to visit albeit briefly, before beng told by Billly that he's worried too about the way the police are questioning her


Des, pumped up by Lorraine's seminar on self motivation, goes to ask Mrs Russell if he can have a pay rise for all the good work he's put in. However, due to the current cash crisis at the hotel, his request is turned down by Kate, but she makes up for it by saying that he's going to be the first in line for promotion when the time comes. Later he meets up with Lorraine's daughter at the bar, who looks deeply depressed about her mother's constant preaching on self motivation. She gets to meet Jenny who is going to the cinema with Minty, though Jenny's subsequent comments aren't exactly helpful.


Mike is livid that the headmaster knows he's having an affair with Scott's mother. Mike tells Tracey that they should cool things down between them, a statement that Tracey thinks means she's being dumped by him. Meanwhile Jake informs his mother Kate that he will pull out all the stops to win custody of Scott. He later winds Tracey up by saying that no man in his right mind would want to wake up next to her.


It's Crunch day for Ray. He's travelled down to London having turned himself in that he's a deserter from the Australian Army. Jo promised to be with him but almost failed to make it having been refused time off from Billy. However, Des steps in to take over Jo's position temporarily so she can go and join Ray in London. But what have the authorities said about Ray's position? He's come back out the office so it must be good news - mustn't it?










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