Features: Episode Guide: August 2002


The following episode guide has been written (where possible) after re-watching the episodes in question. These episodes are immediately obvious because they feature screen captures alongside. Where there is a guide that is accompanied by images of the title sequence it means that the episode has not been viewed and that alternative sources have been used.




Episode: 300 Transmitted: 01- 08- 02 (Thursday)


The smooth running of reception is interrupted when Virginia has an argument with John which is witnessed by a large number of guests. John decides to call off the wedding.


Ever loyal Rocky chases after John in the car park to try convince him to change his mind but he's not prepared to put up with more lies. Helen later learns that her father was already married when Virginia met him.


Oona goes to Crossroads in an effort to try and stir things up with Virginia. She later offers Abbie the opportunity of being Holly's godmother at the baby's christening.


Abbie is understandably thrilled and suggests that Des would make an excellent godfather – “what Mandy would have wanted”.


Vic calls a meeting to lay out his plans for developing the hotel. He stuns everyone when he appoints Jake to be the Project Manager, for which he is pleasantly surprised. However there is bad news for Phil and Nicola when they learn that one of the first areas to be regenerated by Vic's plan is the very same spot where Brian is buried...




Episode: 301 Transmitted: 02- 08- 02 (Friday)


Vic moves into Suite 111 to keep an eye on the business and immediately picks faults in the various systems in place at the hotel. He wants to start development of the hotel in a matter of weeks - the sooner the better in his mind.


Upon learning that the development plans involve digging up the area surrounding Brian’s body, Sam decides that it's a good time to find out exactly what's going on and suggests stealing the plans. Phil “borrows” the hotel master key from Rocky and sneaks into Vic's room with Nicola.


Vic returns early forcing Phil to talk his way out of the situation. Nicola makes a photocopy of the plans and returns the originals back into Vic’s briefcase. Studying the plans carefully they realise that they have buried Brian right in the middle of the proposed building site! It leaves them no choice but to have to dig up Brian.


Elsewhere Minty gets caught up in Sam's illegal booze scam but is so preoccupied in it that he fails to complete his duties in the kitchen.


The hotel knows about Virginia's breakup with John and hotel-gossip Beena makes sure it gets spread about with ease.




Episode: 302 Transmitted: 05- 08- 02 (Monday)


Nicola learns from Jake that excavations for development of the surrounding land will be starting soon. A plan is devised to move the body and dispose of it in the middle of the lake. At the burial site they are horrified to find that a security fence has been erected. Sam and Phil climb over it to carry out their gruesome task. However they are spotted by a security guard. Phil throws the spades back over to Nicola and tells her to go.


Over at the Knockout Cafe, Dave suggests clearing out Mandy's old stuff but gives up when he finds some old photos of his daughter. Helen later finds Mandy's diary and then reads it into the night.

Minty gets Dave to buy some of the illegal booze he's selling for Sam.


Eddie receives an email from his son Paul and goes to the Cafe to use the internet to write back to him. Helen asks him out on a date.


Billy prepares to spend the night with Kate by hiding photographs of the late Patrick Russell.




Episode: 303 Transmitted: 06- 08- 02 (Tuesday)


Sam and Phil spin Jake a pack of lies about why they are walking around the development site. They claim to have been out clubbing and became lost on the way home. It seems to work, yet leaves Joanne convinced that Sam is seeing somebody else. Nicola is up all night with worry over what's happened to Phil.


The next morning Nicola sees Kate and Billy mid-kiss and is quick to deduce that they've slept together. The concern seems to be that they've done it in the late Patrick's bed, which is why Nicola is upset over the matter. She offers her mother an ultimatum to choose between her and Billy.


Virginia tells Helen that she no longer loves John. Unfortunately John then gets down on one knee and asks her to reconsider.


Mark and Sarah are set up on a date together to resolve their differences.


Minty becomes Ray's manager for the karaoke final, in which he wins £1000 with a rendition of 'That's Life'. The night is ruined when Sam and Ray end up fighting.




Episode: 304 Transmitted: 07- 08- 02 (Wednesday)


Ray returns to work with a black eye. Vic sees the injury and tells him to go home. Kate gets Sam to cover for Ray on the bar... In an attempt to get to the bottom of said fight, Kate sees Sam and Ray separately. Ray latter admits that he started the fight and so gets a warning.


After reading Mandy’s diary Sam tells Nicola that Billy is the father of the baby. He also tells Joanne about his illegal activities.


Vic continues to scrutinise hotel policy and not content with suggesting room service after 10pm, he suggests Billy is not good enough for the hotel. Vic is concerned that Billy and Kate's private life could spill over into their professional relationship.


The reunited Mark and Sarah plan to go on their travels together.


Virginia is forced to take drastic action. In an attempt to give John the brush off she kisses Rocky in front of him. It has the desired effect and puts John off her, but leaves Rocky feeling upset that he's been used.




Episode: 305 Transmitted: 08- 08- 02 (Thursday)


As Vic prepares to drive Mark to the station he is waved off by Kate, Nicola and Phil. Nicola is especially saddened at his leaving.


Nicola reveals to Billy that she knows he's Holly's real father. Later she runs off to tell her mother Kate who dismisses Nicola's allegation.


Later Kate talks to Joanne who sows the seeds of doubt in her mind. She asks Billy in light of the new evidence but he continues to deny it all.


Eddie goes on a date with Helen, but when she hears there's a “two for one” drinks offer elsewhere, she's tempted to go. Eddie chooses this moment to inform her that he's a recovering alcoholic and suggests they go bowling instead. Helen agrees but is visibly disappointed at not going to the pub.


Helen later gets it on with Sam, who secretly steals Mandy's diary.




Episode: 306 Transmitted: 09- 08- 02 (Friday)


Billy begins to move all his belongings to the hotel in preparation to move in with Kate. Nicola has other ideas, throwing everything she can at Billy to make him unwelcome.


Later Sam reveals the contents of Mandy's diary to Billy and asks for £2,000 in exchange. He later offers it to Nicola for £3,000 with a hint that it confirms Billy to be Holly's father.


Oona makes preparations for Holly's christening, checking that godparents Des and Abbie are fit and ready for their job. Abbie asks Oona for advice about sex before marriage and learns that Oona’s first experience was half way up the M6 motorway!


Elsewhere Eddie tells Helen about his son, Paul, and she tells him about her daughter (Rio) who is currently in Florida.


Kate convinces Vic to hold a conference about Crossroads at Crossroads and not in Birmingham.


Meanwhile Virginia tries to make amends with Rocky by offering him some shortbread.




Episode: 307 Transmitted: 12- 08- 02 (Monday)


Nicola, steals the master key for the staff lockers and then takes the diary from Sam's locker.

She informs the environmentally friendly Jaz about plans to develop the area surrounding the hotel and then pays a visit to church…


During Holly’s Christening Oona gives a moving speech about her late daughter, Mandy.


Kate, Billy, Ray, Beena and other invited members of staff attend the ceremony, while Des and Abbie act as godparents. Before the service is over, Nicola causes a scene at the back of the church. She produces the diary and tells Dave that it proves that Billy is the father of baby Holly. The rest of those present look on in shock at the news.


Elsewhere Sam gets promoted to head barman, a decision that does not go down well with Ray. In fact he storms out of the office. Meanwhile Jake is too wrapped up in his role in the housing developments to listen to Scott's requests in regards to school sports day.




Episode: 308 Transmitted: 13- 08- 02 (Tuesday)


Billy gets up and runs out of the church. Dave, Des and Ray start hunting around King's Oak after him.

Social worker Carol arrives at the hotel to have a look at the living arrangements offered by Jake and Tracey for their son Scott depending on which way the custody battle falls. She informs Tracey that the final decision will not stop with Scott as previously thought but with the judge of the divorce case. Jake has other ideas, bringing up all the low points of Tracey's past few months to put her down.


Billy turns up at the hotel. He is greeted in reception by an irate Dave who gives him an almighty thump before attempting to strangle him.


Kate later tells Billy that she could have forgiven him for sleeping with Mandy in the first place, but not for lying and then saying that Nicola was a liar all along. She throws his bags in his face and then throws him out of the apartment.


Meanwhile Minty is talked into selling Sam's illegal stock. Phil, meanwhile, continues to blast Sam for turning up late for work. Helen also finds out what happened at the christening and of course the entire hotel will know soon enough now that Beena knows...




Episode: 309 Transmitted: 14- 08- 02 (Wednesday)


Nicola turns up at the cafe to return Mandy's diary to her parents. Dave informs her that her revelation would have been more suitable at any other time than the christening. Later the sorrowful parents read through the entries in the diary, which is all they have left of their precious daughter.


Minty's deal with a buyer for Sam's illegal booze goes terribly wrong when the buyer turns out to be an undercover Customs and Excise inspector.


Minty is arrested on the spot with conspiracy to sell duty-free drink. After being released, he runs off to Sam in a panic.Sam offers to pay Minty's fine in exchange for his silence.


Nicola later meets up with Jazz, and they chain themselves to one of the bulldozers – supposedly in protest at the “Eco-Rape” but obviously Nicola has another motive.... They don't reckon on Jake who gets in contact with Jaz's mother who doesn't take long to talk her wayward daughter out of her actions. It's all Nicola can do to watch as the bulldozers start their work and head towards Brian's shallow grave…




Episode: 310 Transmitted: 15- 08- 02 (Thursday)


With the development work started there is now an even greater need to move Brian’s body. Phil, Sam and Nicola decide get on with it. Nicola distracts the security guard while Phil and Sam climb over the fencing to dig up the body. Tension between the two men comes to a head because they're still unsure on where exactly they've buried Brian. Phil snaps and quits on the spot, but he is seen by security who give chase. Nicola and Sam race back to the staff room of the hotel in a panic.


Billy talks his way into Kate's apartment to explain his position but when he suggests that Nicola came between them he's back outside the hotel.


Sam gives Minty some money with which to pay his fine to Customs and Excise, and this clears his debts with Dave. Tracey, Helen and Eddie spend the evening out together at the cinema, while Rocky considers taking a vacation to Russia. Virginia expresses disgust at the sight of her daughter in a kiss with Eddie.


When Sam returns to the hotel he talks to Nicola. She runs away down the fire escape to confess everything. Sam gives chase. Nicola, in her haste, fails to see where she's going and thus falls down the stairs. Billy hears her scream and comes to the scene where it immediately looks as if Sam has pushed her down the stairs.




Episode: 311 Transmitted: 16- 08- 02 (Friday)


Sam claims that Nicola fell down the stairs, though it looks as if he had some say in the matter. Nicola has stopped breathing although Billy is able to restart it for her, he orders Sam to get an ambulance.


Sam breaks the news to Kate and Phil about Nicola's accident, though the latter strongly believes that Sam had more to do with it than he's prepared to let on. At the hospital Nicola has a brain scan for signs of damage, and it's later revealed that there is swelling of the brain. Poor Phil and Kate are devastated. Phil decides to keep vigil at Nicola's bedside while Kate goes home for much-needed sleep.


Elsewhere, Oona and Dave consider getting Billy to help fund Holly's future and consider her University prospects for 2020 by building a nestegg for her. They still can't forgive Billy for disowning his own daughter though. Meanwhile Minty tells Ray that he was arrested for dealing Sam's illegal booze, while Ray announces that he plans to go back to Australia.


Jake dishes up dinner for him and Scott with no flavour or taste. When Jake is called away to investigate the intruder on the development site, the boy leaves litter on the floor, having decided to find his own dinner of crisps. Jake explodes at this leaving Scott to think that it's one set of rules for him and another for Jake. In the end Scott just gets up and walks out, announcing that he wants to live with Tracey.




Episode: 312 Transmitted: 19- 08- 02 (Monday)


The doctors inform Kate and Phil that Nicola needs an operation on her brain to stem the bleeding. After the procedure there is still a fear that Nicola might not pull through. Poor Kate is devastated.


Elsewhere, Billy learns that he'll have to prove himself if he wants to stay at Crossroads. Vic offers him the chance of running a conference at the hotel.


Tracey and Scott move out of the hotel to live with Vic in his house. Jake puts a brave front on as his son clears his room and leaves the hotel but nothing can hide just how much Jake is going to miss seeing his son.  Scott, on the other hand, isn't missing Jake. The swimming pool is evidently the highlight of the day for carefree Scott. Later Helen and Eddie drop by on Tracey's invitation to use the pool and everybody gets wet.


Ray and Minty decide that enough is enough so far as Sam is concerned. They look for the stash of booze in the shed and eventually find it in Phil’s van. They decide to shop Sam to the police.




Episode: 313 Transmitted: 20- 08- 02 (Tuesday)


The heat is finally catching up with Sam - he's desperate to dispose of the illegal booze - unbeknown to him the police are on their way. Des is forced to play for time to stop him driving off but then Joanne turns up. As the police roar into sight Sam makes a break for it, but it is too late and he is eventually arrested. Joanne accuses Ray of being jealous of Sam.


Rocky and Virginia spend a few hot and uncomfortable hours trapped in the lift and poor Virginia is claustrophobic. The pair generally chat while calling for assistance. They are eventually saved by Ray who replaces the fuses. Rocky and Virginia stagger out of the lift in a state of some undress which leaves some of the hotel staff under the wrong impression…


Ray himself, meanwhile, is packed and prepared to leave for Australia. He hands Des a covering letter for Kate and wishes to leave with little fuss.


Kate and Phil are up half the night with worry over Nicola. The hospital calls with news that Nicola  has regained consciousness. When they visit there are signs of life but the monitoring machines go into overdrive. Poor Nicola has lapsed back into a coma and is dependent on a ventilator because she can't breath naturally. Poor Kate and Phil are devastated.




Episode: 314 Transmitted: 21- 08- 02 (Wednesday)


Des and Minty’s day gets off to a strange start when they find Helen in the staffroom. She goes on to tell them about the previous night with Eddie. Later she turns up at the café late for work and unsuitable appearance-wise which leads to the first argument of the day with Oona. Tempers later flare up when Oona catches Helen and Eddie kissing on her sofa. Helen gets the sack and is forced to leave her room at the café.


Back in the hotel, swift progress is being made on the King’s Meadow development. Several delegates have arrived for the conference. Virginia offers her assistance to Vic but then wishes she hadn't bothered when she's asked to become a waitress for the afternoon “Canape sir?”


Detectives arrive to question Phil about Sam using his van for his illegal booze. In the interview Phil denies that he knew anything about Sam’s plan. After the interview Phil learns that Vic has plans to show his delegates the site of current excavations.


Back at the cafe Billy arrives to write a cheque for the Stocks. Meanwhile Jake learns about Ray's sudden departure back to Australia and hauls Des and Minty into the office to explain. Tracey suggests to Eddie that he should get in contact with his ex-wife Maria.




Episode: 315 Transmitted: 22- 08- 02 (Thursday)


Despite Dave’s numerous attempts to persuade Oona to take Helen back the sacking remains. Eventually Helen is forced to accept Virgina’s offer of lodgings although things don’t run smoothly for the mother/daughter relationship.


Sam is released on bail which makes Dave and Oona worry that he has told customs about his customers. He is given his job back as head barman at the hotel but only because its too late to organise appropriate cover. Vic gives him a warning, but Kate is not happy that Sam is still at the hotel in the first instance. He goes and informs Minty that he knows it was him who tipped the police off as his expression gives it all way.


Meanwhile Helen and Tracey attempt to revamp Abbie's style. They transform her into a stunning young woman. Des sees the result and believes he is lucky to have such a drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend. Minty (on the other hand) seems to think that the “new look” Abbie might be too good for Des…


The mayor of King's Oak pays a visit to the development site to see work in progress. Unfortunately Brian's shallow makeshift grave is discovered.




Episode: 316 Transmitted: 23- 08- 02 (Friday)


Jake arrives at the development site to discover that it has been taped off as a crime scene. He is furious that work has been held up as it is costing him money. The hotel staff speculate that the body may be that of Adam Chance who disappeared months earlier, however the police later confirm that it is indeed the body of Brian Noakes.


Several delegates get cold feet about the development deal and start to pull out. Jake suggests to Vic that they get the press on their side to turn the situation to their advantage.


Elsewhere, Phil decides to turn himself into the police, convinced that such an action is what should have happened in the first place. Sam catches him and talks him out of it although clearly Phil is beginning to crack under the pressure. He has earlier asked Kate to take care of Nicola if anything should happen to him.


Eddie is upset when the birthday present he sent to his son Paul is returned. After several failed attempts he manages to phone his ex-wife to try to resolve the issue and she agrees to meet him in the KO cafe. Meanwhile Minty gets a call from some solicitors about an inheritance.




Episode: 317 Transmitted: 27- 08- 02 (Tuesday)


The revelation that the body is that of Brian leads to even more questioning for Phil. Jake reveals that he caught Sam and Phil on the building site which further points the finger of suspicion in their direction. Worried that the police are getting too close Phil refuses to take part in a DNA test. Sam realizes that agreeing to the test will help him to look more innocent.


Eddie meets up with his Italian ex-wife Maria in a deserted KO café hoping to be part of Paul's life again. She tells him that she is going to take the boy back to Italy to live with her parents.


Minty receives his inheritance which turns out to be a bad-taste jug. Meanwhile Oona asks Abbie to move in to fill the space left by Helen.


With the police becoming increasingly suspicious Sam decides to frame Phil for Brian’s murder by hiding Julie’s locket in a cassette case in his bedroom.




Episode: 318 Transmitted: 28- 08- 02 (Wednesday)


Brian’s murder case continues. The police take Sam down to the station and question him further. They reveal that DNA samples taken from Brian's body are a perfect match with his. In order to get out of the frame, Sam changes his statement and describes a false version in which Phil is responsible for the murder.


Minty sells his china jug inheritance to Virginia for the princely sum of £10. Meanwhile Tracey arranges a secret meeting with Maria in the Knockout Café to discuss Eddie.


Des and Minty help Abbie move into the café. Minty has a heart to heart with her over his inheritance. Abbie feels sorry for Minty and cuddles him in her own affectionate way until Des comes back in and immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion…


In light of Sam's new evidence, a search is conducted of the Russell Apartment. During this search they find the locket in Phil's room. Phil is arrested for the suspected murder of Brian Noakes




Episode: 319 Transmitted: 29- 08- 02 (Thursday)


During police questioning Phil learns that Sam's statement accuses him of killing Brian. He suggests that they either charge him or let him go. Phil is released but lunges into Sam in reception accusing him of setting him up. Sam denies everything.


Julie talks to Phil and asks him whether he killed Brian. Unsure as to what to believe, Julie informs her son that by killing Brian he's no better than his step-father was. The key phrase "you'll never need to worry about Brian again" comes back to haunt Julie. However Kate believes Phil's version of events.


Abbie manages to fix things between Des and Minty with three words: "I love you". Meanwhile Virginia does research and finds out that the antique China jug she bought off Minty for £10 is actually worth a cool £3,000!


Tracey engineers a meeting between Eddie and his son Paul. The pair are overjoyed but they're still going to Italy. Paul asks Eddie whether he'd come and live in Italy with the family. Eddie agrees to leave Crossroads, but this leaves both Helen and Tracey upset. Tracey admits that she thinks she loves Eddie.




Episode: 320 Transmitted: 30- 08- 02 (Friday)


Nicola gently wakes from her coma but before Phil can find out any more about his wife he is taken back to the police station.  On returning to the hotel, Kate explains to Jake that she thinks Sam is responsible for Nicola's accident. Later Sam becomes twitchy at the news of Nicola coming out of her coma. Jake tries to sack him but Kate would rather have Sam where she can keep an eye on him.


Minty receives a credit bill for £1,146.37! In an attempt to try raise monmey he decides to sell his record collection. Virginia makes an offer of £1,000 for the CDs and Vinyl, but Minty sees this as a charity gesture and refuses the offer. Feeling guilty about buying the vase she later reveals its true value. She returns the vase to Minty who rewards her with a (large) bear-hug.


Eddie leaves Crossroads for Italy. Tracey is sad to see him go but she does reveal her true feelings for him. Meanwhile Abbie tells Des that she feels guilty about him spending so much money on her.


Kate learns that Nicola cannot remember the events leading up to her accident and is therefore unable to prove that Sam was involved one way or the other. Finally, after being taken back down to the police station Phil is charged for the murder of Brian Noakes. He is remanded in custody and breaks down in tears.














Thanks to Tony Wilson for providing DVD copies of the episodes from which screen captures were taken.