Features: Episode Guide: April 2002


The following episode guide has been written (where possible) after re-watching the episodes in question. These episodes are immediately obvious because they feature screen captures alongside. Where there is a guide that is accompanied by images of the title sequence it means that the episode has not been viewed and that alternative sources have been used.




Episode: 246 Transmitted: 02-04-02 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Scott, as we saw last time, has phoned Jake to tell him of where he and Tracey are. It turns out that they are only an hour's drive away from Crossroads. He gives the location details out but has to quickly hang up when Tracey awakens from her sleep. Jake has promised to be there ASAP. So to pass the time Scott makes enquiries about Tracey and her own parents. It emerges that Tracey's parents emigrated to Australia and that she has broken off contact with her mother due to past conflicts. She was given the option of flying out there with her mother to start again or stay behind with Jake and she chose the latter. Scott was only half of what Tracey planned, she wanted a brother or sister for him but because of the doomed marriage it wasn't to be.


Meanwhile Jake and Kate drive off to the flats where Tracey and Scott are. Jake tries to bash the door down and gain entry the forceful way, ever impatient as he is (such actions prompt other residents to contact the police in regards to Jake's violent behaviour on the premises). Inside, Tracey is horrified that Jake has found them and immediately tweaks that poor innocent little Scott contacted his father. He admits it and gets an earful of abuse. His actions of helping the situation has now made it worse.


Elsewhere, Mark has been accused by the insurance company of fraud. They won't pay to replace the salon equipment or meet the cost of any other aspect of repairing the salon because the company believe that the fire was started deliberately, and that the wife (Tracey) of one of the managers (Jake) was involved in the fire. Add to this the fact that the hotel is in a deepening cash crisis and there is no chance of getting any financial assistance to cover the salon repair costs.


Rocky is taken down to MAD FM headquarters (read: campervan outside the shed) in a blindfold where he makes an appeal on the station for whoever has Ebony to return her. Mark heard the broadcast and immediately tweaked that it was Minty on the airwaves. So Mark goes down to the van and informs him that while he was in support of the idea for Rocky's appeal, he wasn't in support of the hotel funding the electricity for the project, so now Minty has to find enough money to pay for four months worth of electricity (plus cooling supplies for the transformers, since Rocky used to do such a thing when he was in the Army).


Back at the flat, a scene developes around the back window (since Tracey has blocked up the front door with the furniture) with Jake trying to convince Tracey to let Scott to let him in. Scott is aching to let his father in to resolve the situation but is forced to stand there waiting while Jake dictates and Tracey cries. Scott is convinced that Jake is being genuine but Tracey accuses him of lying. Quickly changing his young mind, Scott draws the curtains to block Jake out. Jake himself runs back round the front and manages to get inside.


He clambers over the furniture and hunts round for his son. But there is no sign of Tracey or Scott, the pair have escaped again. In an attempt to follow them Jake jumps in the car just as a police car turns up to investigate reports of violent behaviour (Jake trying to get inside the flat earlier).




Episode: 247 Transmitted: 03-04-02 (Wednesday) Written by: Pippa McCarthy


The situation with the two runaways reaches its conclusion with quite dramatic results. Poor Tracey is in a constant state of upset on her run to escape her husband, the pleasure of her son's company seems to be all that is keeping her going. On their journey, they wind up in a disused quarry in which the only way out, bar the entry road, is down.


Kate gets coffee when a tipoff arrives from other sources that they've seen Tracey and Scott elsewhere. Jake follows the police car to the quarry, leaving poor Kate behind with only her coffee for company. When Jake arrives at the scene, he's horrified at what he sees. There is Tracey almost on the edge of the quarry and there's Scott right in front of her trying to talk her down. The police are standing around doing not a lot and Scott's doing all the talking. While Scott converses with Tracey and edges closer to convince her to come in away from the quarry edge, Jake slowly sneaks up behind Scott and grabs him to pull him back. Tracey gets more hysteric at seeing her husband wrap his arms around the midrift of her son and screams at everyone involved to stay away else she will jump off the cliff edge, almost certainly to her death.


Rocky has received a tip-off from a girl called Jasmine. She called MAD FM after Rocky's appeal on the station. He's delighted at the prospect of being reunited with his pet, until he hears what Jasmine has to say. She suspects, based on what she knows, that Ebony has been stolen to be used in illegal dogfights. These are organised by people who "take no prisoners". Poor Rocky is devastated at the idea that his beloved pet, his lifelong companion, the one thing that makes his day at the hotel, is being used illegally.


Mark reveals to Nicola that the cost of repairing the salon, buying new equipment, redecorating and so on and so forth will cost £5,000. A lot of money for a hotel in recession. Nicola also gets Mark to cover for Rocky so that he can go and visit Jasmine who has a tip-off in regards to Ebony. Elsewhere Sarah invites Billy and Beena to dinner.


Back in the quarry, a despairing Tracey gets closer to the edge of the cliff in floods of tears. She has no hesistation in turning round and jumping off if the police come any closer, worried that the police are only here to take her away and lock her up for good which is the only reason why Jake arrived with the police in the first place. It is all Jake and Scott can do to watch as the drama unfolds.


Scott breaks free from Jake's restraint and runs back to where he was before. He continues to slowly edge towards his mother and she continues back until her next step would take her into freefall. Scott talks to her, reassures her, tries to persuade her to come forward again and back to safety. He made a promise to look after her and by God he's not going back on it. Scott knows that he is now the only one who can save his mother, since he understands exactly what's going on due to her confiding in him earlier on, and he's not prepared to let her jump that easily. Finally, after realising that her only source of trust is right, she comes back in from the quarry and into Scott's arms. This also allows the police to move in and pull the pair well into firmer ground.


Jake, impressed that his son was able to keep such a cool head in this situation, is informed that the police think it would be a good idea to section Tracey to a psychiatric due to her mental instability. He's not going to stop them although Scott has promised Tracey otherwise as part of his bargaining to get Tracey to safety. Scott is put into the panda car first and he can only watch as the police put Tracey (still fighting their motives and screaming her son's name for him to come and help her) in another car to take her to accommodation elsewhere for her own safety. Scott can't stop them since Jake is standing in front of the car door and so Scott can't get out.




Episode: 248 Transmitted: 04-04-02 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


After the ordeal at the cliff edge, Tracey finds herself waking up in a psychiatric ward and being comforted by nurse Eddie Weaver. She wants to go home but her request is denied by Eddie.


A team of psychiatrists and social workers question the salon manager, about her, about her life and her son. Jake's interrupting doesn't help matters and Tracey refuses to co-operate until Jake is asked to leave. Tracey is questioned about the salon fire and admits to not remembering actually starting it. The same goes for a set of cuts on her arm, from when she broke the vodka bottle that she was carrying yesterday when running through the quarry with Scott - she doesn't remember that, either. From their conclusions, the team decide that it would be best to keep her in the hospital for 28 days. She sobs at Jake that he's won in their long running feud.


Scott, on the other hand, is dreadfully upset at being denied access to his mum and thinks that there is a conspiracy going on for his dad to get rid of him and Tracey on a permanent basis. Scott thinks that Tracey has gone to jail and no amount of explaining or reasoning can change his mind otherwise. He's not happy at being packed off on a holiday to Salcombe either and locks himself in a bedroom in protest, but eventually comes out and totally ignores his father and then gets the huff with Kate as well when she talks down to him about why they can't go to see Tracey.. "Will you stop treating me as if I'm stupid? I know you don't want me to see her," says Scott who can't understand why all his relatives think that he's thick.

Phil and Nicola, in the cafe, are all over each other again. They go and pay a visit to the Family Planning Clinic, a visit which leaves Nicola in a very grumpy mood. She blames it on the situation with Scott and Tracey, having been talking to the former while packing his things for his holiday.


Meanwhile a frantic Sally runs on ahead from Birmingham only to find that she's booked the wrong week for her mother's seminar session and is horrified. Des isn't horrified at finding Sally in the hotel and is pleased to accompany her to her room. After pleading with Mark, he reproposes to another client to change their arrangements with a 50% discount throuwn in for good incentive. Sally is over the moon that she might get the days she wants after all. She and Des jump and hug in the staff room and jump apart just as quickly 




Episode: 249 Transmitted: 09-04-02 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Beena offers Jake a shoulder to cry on. He takes advantage and pours his heart out to Beena about the recent trouble he's been subjected to, in regards to Tracey and last week's quarry scene. He compliments her on how well she gets on with Scott (only because he has a crush on her) and he's happy to drink publicly in the bar and in his own apartment with Beena. It is there that Jake's natural charm, passion and instinct takes over and the pair kiss.


Also in a romantic mood, Des spends time with Sally Hamilton, the gorgeous daughter to Seminar-driven Lorraine. Des is encouraged by his best mate Minty to get together with her and to just go for it, basically. He has no hesistation in doing that, but love reminds him of the deceased Mandy that he used to like before she died. But to get past that, the two young lovers head for firstly Des and Minty's room where the passion is spoilt by rotting food, so they head to Sally's room that she is sharing with mum and this is where the fun can really start. They fall on the bed in a kiss, happy as larry.


Tracey is not happy, the idea of spending 28 days cooped up in a hospital does not wash with her. She packs her bags and makes plans to leave behind Eddie's back. This is thwarted when she finds out that the doors are locked and she can't leave anyway. She telephones Jake and asks him to bring her some new clothes, he's not going to bother since he's too busy with Beena. Tracey has also called the hotel to try and speak to her son Scott but learns that he's gone on holiday to Devon with Kate. This she interprets as an attempt to use her son as blackmail against her.


Elsewhere Jenny meets up with the gang of Minty, Rocky, Phil and Nicola with a cut lip. We learn that she's suffered a lot of physical violence in recent months in an attempt to make leeway on her campaign against dog fighting..




Episode: 250 Transmitted: 10-04-02 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Poor Tracey is not happy at being denied access to her favourite liquid substance and while she eats her breakfast, her withdrawal from alcohol has a bad effect on her as she throws a glass of water over her nurse Eddie. This is followd up later by her medication. When Jake pays a visit to drop some of her clothes off, she hints to him that Scott doesn't like him while he hints to her that Scott doesn't like her even though he still loves them both. It promopts Jake to ask Beena in her room if he's a bad person.


Des and Sally spent the night together, she enjoyed it. She tells Des about how much her mother Lorraine interfers in her life particularly in the boyfriend department. Des leaves snd sees that Lorraine has returned early, he gets Sarah to move her into the bar area while he runs back to tell Sally the news that her mother has returned early. On his way back out, he's caught by Jake who is so close to sacking him but just stops short. "If you're going to sleep with a guest, try not to get caught", says Jake.


But of course, Jake himself has slept with Beena, the atmosphere between the pair is evident to Sarah. She deduces that they've slept together, Beena cannot help boasting, particularly when she's given some time off from reception which she hadn't asked for. "You don't need to ask when you're sleeping with him", says Sarah.


Sally and Lorraine don't see eye to eye on the conference arrangements, when Mark lets slip that Sally booked the wrong week initially. Unhappy that her daughter can't do anything without going against all of her own principles on the You philosophy, she asks "When will you be able to do anything right?". Sally runs off to Des for support until Lorraine collars her again talking to him. He's asked by Lorraine to help her out at the seminar. Despite Sally advising him to say no, he says yes.


Jazz returns and makes Rocky feel uncomfortable about her aims in regards to her stance against dog fighting, he's against the idea. Phil doesn't want Nicola to go any further into this stance. Jazz, of course, is undeterred and says that her recent thump in the face is nothing compared to what has gone before.




Episode: 251 Transmitted: 11-04-02 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Jake can't help smiling and being happy every time he's near Beena and he later invites her to his apartment to "check the rota". That's not all they're going to check... Sarah, meanwhile, warns Beena not to be so cocky just because she's had a one night stand with the boss.


Des can't get enough of Sally and arranges to drink a bottle of wine with her after hours, until Lorraine ruins everything by dragging her daughter away to arrange the next seminar. Des, when he rearranges the seating arrangements at her seminar, gets rapped for it, but it doesn't matter as Lorraine decides to try the new arrangement out. Lorraine is more than happy when she hears Sally's outloud wondering if Des already has a girlfriend.


Rocky gets Ebony back to him but the poor dog is worse for wear. His beloved boxer bitch has been in a "taster/warm-up" dog fight for the actual dogs and poor Ebony has come off worse. Her owner gets Phil to phone around for a vet but they are all closed, until one vet agrees to look at Ebony as long as they take her in. It is diagnosed that the dog torn muscles and the shock of the fight could have killed her. Needless to say, Rocky is devastated at the prospect of possibly losing his pet, it is touch and go for the dog.


Tracey has had enough of the regime of the hospital and decides to go on hunger strike by hiding her food in a bag stashed under her pillow and by disposing of the medication given to her by Eddie. Jake also pays a visit and is told to go away by Tracey, but he also tells Eddie about Tracey's recent violent outbursts, back when she hit Scott andd possily before that.


Eddie himself learns the hard way that Tracey hasn't been eating when he finds the bag of food under her pillow. She pours her heart out to him over her concerns that Jake wants her disposed of and that Eddie wants her dead as well. She panics, causing Eddie to have to try and calm her down, at which stage she falls unconcious having not eaten or drank for quite some time now. The nurse pushes the emergency button to bring attention to the room, as Jake rushes in to comprehend this latest twist in the tale.

Elsewhere, Mark encourages Nicola to visit the STD clinic and Phil snaps at Jazz's attitude towards Ebony and and her other campaigns 




Episode: 252 Transmitted: 12-04-02 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Yes, the loveable dog of Ebony is going to be okay! Hurrah for animal lovers. Rocky is delighted at the prospect and has brought his pet into the Staff Room for everybody to wish her well.


Tracey is not doing well either, Jake has spent all night in the ward with her waiting for her to wake up. He goes home soon enough, and Tracey awakens to find herself hooked up to a drip. She is pleased. Not. She spends ages accusing Eddie that Jake's got him wrapped round his little finger and all the usual comments of "I want to go home". It doesn's stop her actually hitting Eddie again and boy, does she lay it on thick for him or what? So much in fact that he's forced to stop her trying to escape and when she whacks him one he quickly retreats to make Tracey feel sorry and lonely.


Jake, meanwhile, returns home tired. Beena asks about him and his proposed date this afternoon to which there is a blank look. Sarah cannot resist rubbing it in about Beena and Jake, and the victim is getting to the end of her tether with the talk. Come the afternoon, being hacked off at the talk goes out the window and she jumps into bed with Jake in the Russell apartment. It doesn't take much, honestly. Although Mark arrives, spies Beena's jacket on the floor and throws open the bedroom door to find Beena there. He puts two and two together and is not surprised to come to the conclusion that the pair have slept together.


Another relationship looks set to get more complicated too. Lorraine invites Sally and Des to tell her a secret they wouldn't normally say. So Sally tells Lorraine something original - that Lorraine is the problem for Sally, being so perfectionist and expecting too much and so on. Not that its going to change anything, of course. Des admits that he wanted to be a singer but that he can't sing. After sending Sally packing, Lorraine gives Des a hefty tip for helping her, offers him a job with her and then catches him off guard with a kiss after telling him that she herself finds him attractive! In the corridor, Des looks up to the heavens and thanks the Lord for what's just happened. Sally catches him outside, he comes up with some excuse as to where he's been, and is understandably perplexed in what to say when Sally asks "So, what did my mum give you?".


Meanwhile, Nicola talks to Jazz about her worries in regards to her possibly having caught a sexually transmitted disease. Jazz offers support by asking to accompnay her to the STD clinic. Support that Nicola wants. She's busy with Jazz making posters in order to protest against a sportswear company using third world slave labour to make products. Phil demands Nicola to tell him why she won't stay near to him, with no success. He is now losing patience.


Poor Oona is devastated because it would have been Mandy's 18th birthday. She is upset that Dave didn't mention it and when he explains why, she says that he's got a brain, but he's too thick to use it. As if looking after Mandy's baby wasn't hard enough for Oona, having to get through what would have been a significant day in her daughter's life is also tough for her. 




Episode: 253 Transmitted: 15-04-02 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Mark is quick to deduce, after last time's scene, that Jake and Beena slept together. So he confronts the both of them. He claims to Beena that such an affair will rip the family apart, particularly his sister-in-law Tracey and nephew Scott, while Jake hears that Mark thinks that Tracey was right all along in her accusations. He threatens to tell Kate when she returns from her holiday in Devon with Scott.


Poor Beena bears the burden of this terrible secret all day and finally confesses to Sarah that Mark caught her and Jake in bed. Much as she'd love to rub it in, Sarah resists. Jake then meets with Mark in order to discuss staff cuts and is quick to suggest that there is no need for two receptionists on the desk. So he suggests that Beena be let go.


Elsewhere, Jazz organises a protest of water bombs and eggs to be thrown at representatives of a sportwear company holding a conference at the hotel. She stands up for her beliefs in wanting to protest against a company using child labour in third world countries and also throws and encourages on the majority of the protest. Unfortunately for her, her father is part of the delegates and wastes no time in getting his daughter and wayward sidekick Nicola to clean up the mess they've caused. Jake sees the danger at the last moment and gets Rocky, Phil and Des to try and contain the protest but there is too much mess. After being scolded by her father, Jazz pleads Nicola to not blab about her posh background including a horse which would go against the picture she's painted of herself to date.


Des himself, meanwhile, finds himself double booked between Lorraine and Sally. They've both booked him to be in their room at thte same time so he is now torn between the two females. So after spending months not being hitched and then finding Mandy and then losing her to God, poor Des finds himself with two woman in two different age ranges!


Tracey manages to escape from Eddie when he's distracted by having to break a fight up between other patients. When she is returned, a drink in her hand is claimed to be lemonade but its smell reveals it to be mode vodka. Eddie is at the end of his tether with this patient now.




Episode: 254 Transmitted: 16-04-02 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Eddie has been accused of negliegence thanks to Tracey's escape last episode. He takes her down to a scheduled appointment with a specialist doctor but comes out of it ranting and raving abot it being a total waste of time, in front of the other patients.


Beena is informed that she is to made redundant in an attempt to save money at the hotel. In revenge, she fails to perform her duties on the desk and then tells Mark that Tracey collapsed once due to lack of food intake. Horrified, he gets round the hospital with a bunch of flowers to see her and pays witness to her ranting about her appointment. When she sees him, her pleas for him to go away are answered. In a subsequent chat with Eddie, Mark informs him that Jake told nobody else about the collapse and is not surprised to see that Mr Weaver is well and truely wrapped round Jake's little finger.


Beena last time informs Sarah that Tracey has been sectioned, so now Sarah tells Billy this, which is overheard by Minty who also, off-camera, tells Des. They walk through reception, their conversation on this topic is overheard by Jake who is not happy that Beena with the big mouth has opened it.


Elsewhere, Jenny returns Minty's stack of CDs and arranges to meet him at the camper van. Des, meanwhile, has also arranged to meet Sally at the camper van so the two females meet. Jenny gets the wrong idea and assumes that Sally is Minty's new lover, which she isn't. Jenny starts threatening the poor Minty, apparently not happy at the idea of him being with other female companionship so soon after their breakup.


Sally wants to complicate matters in the life of Des White by telling her mother that she and Des are more than friends and that she wants the opportunity to settle down in King's Oak with Des. Des plays the idea of telling mum down, but Sally replies "What mum doesn't know can't hurt her". The same could also apply to Sally, for Des is still torn between mum and daughter.


Nicola has had the test at the STD clinic with Jazz as support, but she's running out of excuses to not be with Phil. He is now seriously running short on patience and understanding and Nicola had better watch her back.





Episode: 255 Transmitted: 17-04-02 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Beena researches her rights via legal means and a solictor after advise from Sarah. In doing so, Beena learns that she could take him to a tribunal for sexual harrassment and unfair dismissal. Despite Jake's gauding that his receptionist won't be there much longer, it looks like this is not going to be the case.


Jake himself, meanwhile, arrives at the hospital to visit Tracey but is thrown out by Eddie who heard that Jake is using intimidation and blackmail (as well as not telling his family about Tracey's condition) in order to get her out of the way to pave his way to winning custody of Scott. Jake realises that he's heard this from Mark and Tracey herself. He himself agrees to postpone his persuement of custody after solictor advice that this is the best thing to do.


Des tries to end his affair with Lorraine but either she's too persuasive or he's too weak. Either way, he gives in to her seduction attempts - and then Sally walks in with the intention of telling her mother that Des and her are an item until she sees exactly what her new boyfriend is doing. In a fury, she berates the pair of them and flees the scene. Des tries to convince her to leave on a happy note but this is strongly rejected.


Jenny informs Jake about Minty's pirate radio station with a view to losing him his job, but Mark saves the day by informing his half brother that Minty is to pay for all the electricity he has used and hence saves Minty his job. Jenny doesn't give up easily though and has arranged for MAD FM to go off-air full time - by crushing the campervan.




Episode: 256 Transmitted: 18-04-02 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Nicola has a sexually transmitted disease. It doesn't stop her from quickly disappearing everytime her "boyfriend" Phil walks into the room though. He has all but forgotten what she looks like having seen so little of her recently but she arrives at his room to tell him about her disease but bottles out when Phil tries to kiss her. And so he deduces that she is seeing somebody else. Eventually she can't bring herself to inform Phil and so quickly leaves. She later cries on Mark's shoulder and Jazz continues to offer support and advice.


Jake informs Mark that he has changed his mind about sacking Beena, a decision not, he hastens to add, related to their escapades in the bedroom department. Mark has threatened to tell Kate all along until he himself makes a mistake of offering a client a 20% discount on a price that was already 20% discounted. So Jake threatens to inform Kate about that as well and Mark quickly catches on that this is a case of "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours". Kate need never know that she's missing all this which is the whole idea, ironically.


Rocky rushes Ebony onto the hotel grounds which is against hotel policy but only because he can't find anybody to look after her and give her the antibiotics that she needs to get better. Unfortunately Jake finds the dog and orders Rocky to remove it or he'll personally put the dog out of its misery - down the vets. Rocky convinces Phil to temporarily house Ebony in his room but the pet still isn't eating. Rocky himself, meanwhile, is introduced to the world of the Internet, in particular websites of well-groomed pets complete with chat rooms.


Eddie is convinced that Tracey had no need to be sectioned, but it was her husband who drove her to drink and hence the sectioning. She lightens up at the idea of being able to appeal against the sectioning, and has asked Eddie to dispose of her wedding rings. She later meets Rob who is also an alcoholic. But he has sources that can sneak drink into the hospital at a price. Needles to say, Tracey is keen to hear this news but can she resist?


Ray suffers Oona's wrath again when he gives Holly some medicine. The problem is that Oona has already given her some so now the baby is overdosed - Oona blames Ray for being unable to read the label on the bottle but he claims that it was her fault for not informing him of her already administered dose. An argument ensures in which Ray storms out of the Stocks household because of Oona's wrath and unforgiving stance over forgetting about what would have been Mandy's 18th.


Minty, meanwhile, rants on and on about the crushed campervan and says "I will never get over the loss of my sound system". Sarah and Billy squabble over a sofa for his flat, but she orders one anyway and ponders about how to get Head Chef to pay for it.




Episode: 257 Transmitted: 22-04-02 (Monday) Written by: tbc


Nicola plucks up enough gull and courage to tell her boyfriend Phil that she has a sexually transmitted disease. Her gull takes her further than that though and she says that she slept with Steve from earlier this year, and also adds that Phil should go to an STD clinic to be treated as well. To say that Phil is upset would be the understatement of the year, he's absolutely furious that she's been behind his back and that she could have given him a disease. He literally throws her out of his room.


When Mark learns about it, he goes up to confront Phil and doesn't like to learn that Phil thinks Nicola is a tart and a two faced cow. They get into a fight over it which is broken up by Rocky. Mark is fiercely protective toward shis sister because he knew of her condition first. He then spys Ebony who has been living in Phil's room for a bit and orders Rocky to get her off the premises or Rocky and Phil would both lose their jobs. So he moves her back into the Staff Room.


Billy challenges Sarah to a game of pool in order to decide what kind of sofa they will have in Billy's flat. Sarah wins hands down but her enjoyment of winning is overshadowed by the news that Beena is trying to persuade Jake to to sack her instead.


Elsewhere, Dave invites Ray to return to the cafe where Oona apologises for her snappiness in recent weeks. She thinks that it would be much better if Ray started a new life somewhere else away from Holly, but he's not so sure because of the promise he made to Mandy before she died that he would take care of her baby.


Jake, meanwhile, is not exactly pleased to hear that his darling wife is getting better and that she is planning to appeal which would get her home sooner rather than later (Mark thinks Jake doesn't want her home at all). So in his usual manner, Jake goes round the hospital to stir things up as per usual and informs his darling wife that it is too soon for her to come out in his menacing tone that reduces her to tears. The poor woman is dreadfully missing her offspring Scott, a reason in itself to get out.


Mark pops round to the hospital as well to see how she is doing and to drop off some more clothes for her. He later suggests to Rocky that he can keep his darling Ebony in the shed. 




Episode: 258 Transmitted: 23-04-02 (Tuesday) Written by: tbc


Phil decides to go to the STD clinic, gets Des to cover for him and this gets Des into trouble with Mark and Phil doesn't fare much better either. He is still upset at Nicola and makes this point very very clear indeed.


Dave learns that a 'For Sale' sign has appeared outside the Knockout Cafe and pulls it up only to learn that Tom Curtis is selling the business. An initial valuation by Dave reckons that it would cost £60k to buy the cafe but the asking price is 101k. Oona is upset at the prospect of having to move out and can't see why Tom wants to sell the business now when he was happy with the state of it on his last visit.


Tracey considers selling her wedding ring in order to buy drink from Rob and she's still waiting on the appeal hearing and will not tolerate the mention of Jake's name and throws Eddie out after he gives her back her wedding rings.


Billy, meanwhile, organises a curry tasting competition in the Staff Room and burns the mouths of everybody taking part. Sarah berates Beena over her attempts to get her sacked and Jake gets frustrated at Beena's inability to deal with self adhesive labels.




Episode: 259 Transmitted: 24-04-02 (Wednesday) Written by: tbc


Eddie is not at all happy to find Tracey drunk in her hospital room and drags her to get cleaned up with less than 90mins to her hearing appeal. He has reasons to suspect that it was Rob who put Tracey up to this and so confronts him. He denies it and threatens Eddie. In a deliberate attempt to get the hospital worker into serious trouble, Rob attacks him in the corridor of the hotel and manages to make it look as if Eddie is attacking him as opposed to the other way round.


Tracey, meanwhile, attends her appeal hearing to put her case forward, but wiht only seconds to go, Jake wanders into the waiting area, his mind fully intent on screwing everything up for Tracey, but she tries her best to totally ignore him. At the hearing she uses Scott as her reasoning for wanting to get out - she misses him dreadfully and wants to make it up to him for the last few months.


Scott himself, meanwhile, has returned to Crossroads with his grandmother Kate after his vacation to Devon. He is almost literally crying out for his mother and is still blissfully unaware that his beloved mother has been sectioned.


Kate, meanwhile returns to find the hotel in chaos. A broken freezer, dirty bar, the sudden disappearance of Beena and Minty (they've gone to Wales to see Beena's sister Kully get married), no Sarah on reception (she's in the kitchen discussing with Billy the idea of selling her shares and starting her own business) and every nook and cranny in arrears. "I hope this isn't what you normally get up when my back is turned", she says, not at all happy at the state of the place.


Meanwhile, Dave looks into the idea of getting a bank loan in order to buy the cafe but there are no assets and no money so there won't be a bank loan. They get Mark involved to fill out some of the online forms in order to hel them in their quest to buy the cafe. Of course, he's up to his eyeballs in hotel documentation as it is but somehow finds time to help out.




Episode: 260 Transmitted: 25-04-02 (Thursday) Written by: tbc


Dave applies to the bank in an attempt to get a loan to buy the cafe in order to keep living there. Unfortunately, he is turned down due to the cafes lack of current money and assets and potential buyers are soon knocking on the door. He consults with Oona who agrees to his proposals to contact Big Tony who has contacts for other loans. These are unsecured loans and come at a far higher price, as Oona found out from Dave's notes on the phone. But he has now managed to secure, contridictory enough in itself, an unsecured loan in his desperation for the business.


Tracey has a new nurse in the hospital, Rhona. The pair have an uncomfortable greeting and Rhona has a alternate, no nonsence approach to her work. Tracey later finds out that Eddie has handed in his notice to quit the hospital, fearful that he's going to do something soon that he will regret. She doesn't want him to go, considering him as a helpful aid during her time in the hospital. He thinks differently, hoto eo ever is still interested in Tracey's appeal hearing, a decision due soon.


Rocky plays matchmaker again between Phil and Nicola by asking each of them to go and look after Ebony in the shed. Sure enough they meet and Phil apologises to her for acting the way he has done recently, the icebreaker being "You put us up to this [meeting], didn't you [Ebony]?" followed by "Woof!". Rocky later justifies his actions by saying that there is a difference between being alone and being lonely, referring to one of his many fabulous anecdotes about the first love of his life. He went into training in the Army in order to be with a girl who's parents didn't approve of him. Of course, when he came back, she had found somebody else so he stayed on in the army.


In other areas of the hotel Scott has gone into the exact opposite of how he was before. Today he slept in (on purpose we think), snapping at Sarah on reception and then playing truant from school by hiding around the hotel. He is eventually caught by Kate in her apartment when she returned there to pick up paperwork for a meeting between Mark and Jake. She suggests calling the school to check up on his early homecoming excuse (lack of teachers) but Scott begs her not to and then pleads with his grandmother to see Tracey and demands to know what's happened to her. As has been the case for quite some time now, he has no hesistation in ordering Kate to stop patronising him as if he's thick. Every day poor Scott gets closer to actually crying, such is the hurt he feels without access to his mother's love and his uttermost hatrid of being talked down to.


Kate mentions Scott's truancy to his father prior to their meeting to discuss staff redundancy plans. He threatens to take things into his own hands (which, as these things always work out, will make the situation worse. Kate puts it to Jake that he cannot withhold Tracey's whereabouts from Scott for much longer, it is not doing the boy any good and his recent vacation only pushed him further into his shell.


At the meeting, Jake has no hesistation in suggesting that, in order to meet Kate's wishes of only one receptionist on the desk, they should get rid of Beena, or at least demote her back to her old job of waitressing. Legally she would have the right of appeal unless she agrees to such a move. As Jake says, "Leave it to me". This should be good.




Episode: 261 Transmitted: 29-04-02 (Monday) Written by: Patrick Melanaphy


A very moody Scott plays truant for the second day, preferring the scenary of the Knock-out Cafe. He assists Rocky in the basic mechanics of an internet chat room. The head porter is still finding his way around the Internet and gets into contact with another veteran of the Falklands War. He educates young Scott about his role in the war, about how he was fighting for what he believed in.


Mark advertises the position of Sous Chef in the staff room. This reminds poor Ray of Joanne but Billy's been ranting and raving for the position to be filled for weeks now. Des is overally keen to apply for the position and is hanging around all day in search of the holder of the sacred application forms.


Kate pays a visit to Tracey in the hospital and offers her some temporary accomodation in the Russell apartment when she returns to Crossroads pending the appeal hearing. This is a guarantee no matter what Jake does or says. And we all know that Kate does not break her promises. Tracey confirms that what Scott said to Kate during their trip to Salcombe in Devon in regards to Jake were all true.


Sarah is in confrontational mood today and wants to know what went on between Kate and Billy in the past after she heard the way they were talking the other day. She learns about the affair they had some eighteen years ago now and is happy to leave it at that. He does not need to be in love with Kate when he's got Sarah. She herself arranges for the Head Chef to attend a job interview in London as part of her plan to run her own business bought with the proceeds of selling her mothers shares in Crossroads.


Dave and Oona pour out a sob story to persuade the Estate Agent to be more lenient whlie selling the cafe. She hears tales of Tom Curtis and his so-called incompetence and his desire to make the Stocks homeless. The agent says she will do what she can to help the situation but with no guarantees. Meanwhile Phil organises a date with Nicola until Jazz decides to put paid to that with her plans to attend a demonstration.


Scott overhears Jake on the telephone to the hospital. Jake tells him that his mother is getting better but, cruelly, tells Scott that she's not well enough for visitors yet and quickly changes the subject. Scott, sick and tired of this charade by now, demands Jake not to keep subject hopping and repeats his demands to see his mother. Jake, to get his son off his back, tells him in a quite cruel way that Tracey does not want to see him which is why he hasn't been taken to see her. Jake quickly leaves, not happy at having to lie to his son. Scott does not buy any of this and decides that if he's not going to be taken to Tracey (and Tracey clearly isn't going to come to him) then he's going to have to go to her. He uses the last number called feature on the telephone to get the hospital address and ward number…




Episode: 262Transmitted: 30-04-02 (Tuesday) Written by: Patrick Melanaphy


Scott plays truant for the third day now, intent on seeing his mother whether Jake wants him to or not. At the hospital, the doors are all key-locked but this is easy enough to get around - wait for somebody else to go through first and follow them through. He hunts for ward B95 but is stopped by Eddie who says that he cannot let the boy through without special permission. The easy way round this obstacle for Scott is to simply hang his head and look upset. He is told to wait outside.


And so Eddie brings Tracey outside and round the corner to her waiting son who jumps into her arms, overjoyed that Jake's revelation of Tracey not wanting to see her son was not true after all. Scott is so so happy now, as is Tracey who has missed him. The opportunity of a great big hug is emotional for mother and son but its over all too soon, but all Scott wanted to know was that his mother was okay and that she was coming home soon. When he quickly leaves Eddie realises that his boss was watching the entire scene and so Eddie is in so much trouble.


While happy that his mother is safe and coming home soon, Scott is still not happy that a) he was lied to over Tracey's whereabouts, b) that she was sectioned in the first place and c) that he was not told anything whatsoever about Tracey. He announces to a shocked Jake and Kate (since he is home early which suggests that he hasn't been to school again) that he has been to see Tracey and makes his feelings quite clear that he resents being treated like a thicko by father and grandmother and that he is never told anything that affects him. Followed by door-slam.


Kate tells Sarah not to listen to any gossip that she heard on the hotel grapevine and says that none of it is true. She sticks by this until she learns that what Sarah knows about Kate and Billy's past came from Billy himself. Kate immediately runs off to Billy and wants to know just how much he's told Sarah about their past. Sarah thinks that Kate still loves Billy, an accusation that Kate is not quick to conform or deny. The manager is still happy to know that Sarah still does not know about their fling prior to Patrick's death


Kate is not happy to have to give a refund to the hotel guests due to the inoperability of the salon, which still has not been repaired due to lack of funds. There is at least one other guest in Mark's queue that wants use of the salon and of course he hasn't told them that they can't have the salon. Kate eventually decides that the salon is no longer financially viable and that it will not be reopening.


Nicola is well and truely wrapped around Jazz's little finger when it comes to demonstrations. This time Jazz has persuaded Nicola to attend a demonstration against animal experiments, though she still has time to sneak a good kiss or three both before and after the event. She and Phil go into their bedroom for some well earned privacy.


Oona decides to take matters into her own hands in regards to the Knockout Cafe being on the housing market. Her well thought out plan is to trash the place by making it look like a bomb's hit it. Plug sockets hanging out of walls, dustbins everywhere, nothing working, a complete pig of a place. This would be enough to drive any sane potential buyer off in ten seconds flat, but as luck would have it, the current person being shown around this dump is heavily into DIY and can fix everything himself. Oona is visibly dejected but there is still hope in the balance for the asking price is too high and the buyer hopes to be able to haggle for it.


Elsewhere, Ray receives a letter from his parents asking him to visit.


Kate is working late in the office when Billy comes in to ask her whether he can have time off to attend a job interview in London. Kate is upset at the thought of losing her best friend…










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