Features: Carlton Site “e-card” Gallery


One of the features available on the original Carlton Television website was the option to send “ecards” to family and friends.

Each design featured “flash” animations of various characters from the show. Although they are no longer available as ecards we present them here as a gallery. Unfortunately the animations featuring “Jill”, “Ray” and “Tom” have not been saved… so if you were a lucky “recipient” then we would love to hear from you…




Adam Chance

“Happy Birthday”


Bradley Clarke



Jake Booth



Rocky Wesson

“Happy Birthday”




Doris Luke

“Have you Heard?”


Virginia Raven



Sarah Harvey

“Don’t go changing”


Beena and Minty

“Merry Christmas”




Ray Dobbs

(Missing from archive)

Tom Curtis

(Missing from archive)

Jill Harvey

(Missing from archive)